Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 14, 1943 · Page 4
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 4

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 14, 1943
Page 4
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Page 4 article text (OCR)

3 J XL 318]ESS-:s;3VIEW, LA i 3 CITY, IOWA La Porte City Personals Mr. and Mrs. Ray Barrows had inducted i'.so :re arryv Eeslcfs a fare-well dinner on Monday Mr. and Mrs. McC' We- o:he- night in honor of Forrest Me-1 daughters, Darler.e and R-_?y Clung, their daughter's hnsbacd, Borrows, all of Waicr'.oo. a~er.o- vbo left that same night to be ed. 25c GOODWIN'S FOOD MARKET ONE DELIVERY AT 10 O'CLOCK EVERY DAY -- PHONE 24 -- HILEX--gallon SAUERKRAUT--2i j can NAVY BEANS--3 lb. bag CRISCO--3 lb. can SANTA CLARA PRUNES--10 50 size, 2 lb?, CRYSTAL WHITE LAUNDRY SOAP. 8 bars OLD DUTCH CLEANSER--2 cans NABISCO SHREDDED WHEAT--2 boxes A AND H SODA--2 pkgs. Sunshine Hyde Park Cookies--1 Ib. pkg. Tendersweet, W. K. White Corn--2 No. 2 can? Your Choice Blackberries--2 No. 2 cans TESTEX PAPER NAPKINS--pkg. WATER MAID FANCY RICE--2 Lb. pks. RINSO--large box CLINTON STARCH--Corn or Gloss--2 pkrs. 17c 27 C 23c 23^ 15c ENRICHED ROBES' HOOD FLOUR 82.09 TEXAS GRAPEFRUIT--Lar?e 5iz*-^5 for 25* JONATHAN APPLES--3 Ibs. 25-c FRESH GREEN TOP CARROTS--bondi I(c LARGE HEAD LETTUCE--head Good Luck T H££ E "· 29c Closed Wednesday Nights Until'April 1 M'-. V v - J-\ X - v -. v r-..- :·:.-· i... "il": '.M'. ?'-:-.c,v for her .om I s.:":i7 vs-. ; . : jr a vvook w i t h her', oV Mr. '\ .!.· c~.-i::-\ to . · - · - , ,.- v; .' · -···! n c. . - --U-. ::- A. C. Car-lvJl. N .» V i r k . !"u o\*)cc:* to be :·:-.- c x I-..-.Ztr J... - i...-: ,·.;-. -- ' M-- ,~ -: ?. -.r- - · ^ TsV;-_ s i--- -.-,-,- · ~iL 'L P. c .v? -. · -··· ' : ::--:= x. ·- v. : -.:_ : p --- f u r --- - L '-i n · · = - r' :;-. " ' - "·.:.'. N:i · V. .icconi- - · i"," L V - ' ! ^ ' T . ' IV:i«. jr.. "'... · ,u T ; C ' u - s »;· c l i n g in ^.. r " ^ i t K - . v ' I 1 K n v e t o n i p h t . : J;iA-c"i Sju';i C i i o ' i n a , w h e r e '.i' i- j-i.uii^ui "nil ini- r.-filit,il i i'p- ';."· LI r? :i v.ctk'= f i n - '·""js'i '.v":h hi- p s i e - i ~ . ''·'.r. ami ?:·- \V r»cn ?·,:-- 'r i d ni- t w e n t y i i ! - t l'.ir J a n u n i y " fo- i.i- pin k=it r n t i n ^ t h a t he 1 :;- nil o..'1-V. . j-i'. t from Sunday - L - n n ! foi i \ , i - . t \ - o n r \c. r=. Rtv. r "'MM'ck R. Pa-^ltr pi i ^crtod the ·"'i I'unm t' n .e church S L I M C C . Wt^rd ha- b r 'Cii icc^ivorl hcic by f. .'.0- thr.t Ka: inond Hitt, who '.a- - ,'ioncd « i t h the army air efp s at Lotti.. Fic'ld, Denver, Crlo.. r c r u c ( i a dischaigc f-'i"i *hat 'vsrch of service 1 . Pvor to t! f 1-1 month- he seized r. air c n j p = ho '^!i= employed by 'he H:r!i Pad; rj,- company in i.i'.i. T I ' r i , cfi.'.c in San Fian' -co r ' I ' f . \\: is uncertain as to h - f ,u -e jjlant. He will ic- 71 as'i i" DOT. cr foi a =hoi t time, "(^r. .Tid Mr 1 ?. Anclicw Gonncr- ^"~i a; cl (laupptci 1 , A r l e t t i, cn- ' . 1 . C'rl a feioup of relatives on J r '!ay at a dinner in honor of i verbal v of Mrs Harry Bookmeier assisted he mother, Mrs. George Fell, iniertain club ladies on Thursday .ind was present during- the seri- ou- accident suffered by her fat h e r when his heavy leather jacket c\.' crht in :he pears of a coin .-Viler mangling his left arm quite badly, but at last reports u will not be necessary to amputate the arm. Mr. Fell is a patient; in tht Allen Memorial hospital. I In .1 letter to his parent-?; [ Mirk Chalupsky of Kansas City ! Mo. mentions the fact that one of the soldiers at the Missouri A v i a t i o n Institute, where Merle is an ; n«tructor, happens to be a i member of the school band lead by Lt. Kenneth Witt back in 1331 Mis. Amanda Kahler, Irene and Ida, were among those honoring Third Class Cook Charles Myers ..t the- home of his mother, Mrs. Kate M j u i s of Waterloo, on Sunday. Mr. Myers will l e p o i t back to Xew London, Conn, for f u r - ther ciders at the end of his f u i - lou;rh and spent Wednesday in the Kahler home before returning. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Senft jnd Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Kahler of near Brandon were also guests Wednesday in the Kahler home. Pvt P Allen Chalupsky will lepoit back to his work in Kansas City, Mo. after a furlough cntil 15th, tendered him after the Clnistmas holidays, leaving Wa- tc-iloo Wednesday evening. is indanger of being estimated as,seven national days of as to be useless, to remember the' authority of president elementary fact that under God mation--all of thorn occ nothing has infinite value but major wars, m a n " | -^ ,, , - . . * * * ! Why wait? Sell il no The Lnited States has observed tl-e want rdst --_ :c=-.-U -'j ·'- = Crr-I Z.TT''-= -«as K".cn t! c ~~-~'g '.'. EerzE2".: :\" iir.-t of :·--. -.^- £". w · *·-=·.,' Icca'icn ,\f C:_~-l Be-.:-.. Ti/.;.-. He i*. th', =.-- -i M-. '·· Mr- P.a;. Euno.'.s. Vr= F'f ',: G'a-.cnror" tnter- ~^.T'-. i ZT'J-V of frinicK on 7 ----- ::£ y a: a 1 o'clock d'rncr, i U r 2'"it'i vttld.rg n n n i v c r ·.. Gorreiimns and Lhe birthdavp of Mis. G o i i n n r m a n and Mis. H c r i y G u n d o i n'an of Dyait. Thc-L w h o attended w e i e John G o ' i i c r r r a n , Mr and Mrs. Fred A;CE-CT and daughter, Mairrarct, Mr and Mrs. H u n i v C J u n d e i m a n , Mi and Mrs. Will Snell and f a m - | d;. and Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Scc- bach. all from Dysart, and Velda Stainbrook of Brandon. Farm Machinery Preparedness Day WEDNESDAY JANUARY I-Cr;. Lee P.oy La.==en was able ·-o o^ brojghi ronit from Vinton 5^i2T -shc-jv; t h e had ui.ricr^cn" EI rp'r-rjr G'j^rauon at the; h r , L p i t a l -.',e *:r?~. 01 last w e e k . Mrs. P.sbh Eallard of R e d w o o d Ti^l'.B, llinn., i* a ^ue~r of ho «is- ·T, Mr= David Hi^o, and hijii- !:v. She returned home on ^Yecl- r.«--iay. Mrs, Fred Klingci of Chicago Bruce Center Mr. and Mis-. .1. J. Shanda of ' "nr E'.beion spe'it the past ten -^ilh the-ir clnldicn, the Elmer Shanda ard Paul Chalupsky families. Mr Shanda assisted his son put up wood. I Mis. Wesley Jcbe accepted a iob in the Byam's ten cent store in La Poi te City. Dean, young son of Mi. and Mis. Donald Burrow 1 ?, has recov- ' c i e d f r o m his iccent illness of binnchiiil trouble. Catholic News And Views Opinions expressed herein are lliusc uf iho writer, and may or nny nol conform to the editorial Ucwjs of the Progrcss-Reilew. r.\ FI.OYD ANDERSON ODDS A N D ENDS Here again are a few items of interest, not enough for a ful column, but well worth noting. You will lemember the Doolittle laid over Tokyo, and the fact that the members of one crew weie taken prisoner. One of them is Lt. William Fariow. David Lawrence' recently quoted a memorandum.' which Lt. Farrow made in 1940, | about the time he took up aviation, Hiting some of his thoughts. Here :,re n few of them, worth remembering by all of us: "Stay close to God--do His will and commandments. He is my fiiend and protector. Believe in Him--trust in His ways--not to my own confused understanding of the universe." "Keep my mind always clean-allow no evil thoughts to detroy me. My mind is my very own, to think and use just as I do my arm. It was given me by the Creatoi to use as I ;r" fit, but to think s to do wrongl" In a recent column, Father James M. Gillis, C. S. P., wrote: "It is important now when man so much eannoirfodder, and human life may be thought so cheap e 1 //' '-· * f '! ' ' --T Remember- Chevrolet FREE Moving Pictures At the Mars Theatre AT ONE O'CLOCK Including "Target for Tonight," one of the best pictures of the bombing of Europe, and other outstanding features FREE PRESENTS All Farmers and Their Wives Invited SPONSORED BY Richards Richards Mast Implement Co. Gravenhorst Welding Shop L. H. Smith Shop - , *,, , of Cars and Trucks rf'/J #'.«·- GET A SKILLED CHECK-UP NOW I i/ Check and rotate tires V Check lubrication / Check engine, carburetor; battery V Check brakes V Check steering and wheel alignment V Check clutch, transmission, rear axle Chevrolet dealers have the leader's "know-how" In cervicing all makes. Chevrolet dealers have had the broadest experience--servicing millions of new and used cars and trucks. Chevrolet dealers have skilled, trained mechanics. Chevrolet dealers have modern tools and equipment. Chevrolet dealers give quality service at low cost. HEADQUARTERS FOR SERVICE ON ALL MAKES AND MODELS GATES ' H COMPANY eat Builds Health Meat Is 96 to 98 pet. Digestable MEA WHY NOT BUY THE LEAST DEMANDED M They Are Economical. Easy to Prepare and Nutriciou RATH'S SLICED BACON, lb. RATH'S BACON SQUARES, lb. PORK LIVER--Sliced Wafer Thin--lb. STICK CHILI, each PORK CHOPS (strictly center cuts) CHOICE BEEF ROAST, lb. PORK ROAST (Loin End) 2 lb. avg., lb. WE HAVE FRESH OYSTERS GRAPEFRUIT, 7 for . . ORANGES, dozen LETTUCE, each CELERY . WE HAVE CANE SORGHUM CERTAINTY FLOUR, 24'/ 2 Ibs. $ McKENZIES PANCAKE FLOUR, each OXYDOL (washes clothes whiter) giant size TOILET SOAP, six for LARGE SIZE QUAKER OATMEAL NOTICE We will not be open Wednesday evenings m further notice. Save Grease and Fats to Scrap the Axi SMILING SERVICE AT SNYDER'S WHERE YOUR DOLLARS HAVE MORE C Let Your Druggist Keep You \ 'Cll S mf J * · · */|**/J First Aid Kits T O I N C R E A S E R E S I S T A N C E TO WINTER Now ,: ((,, (im , , 0 , t . rt ( |,; n n abouf (,,.;,, ,,. mlancr to cold, ,1 Full ilr.nqth i( your di.t l.cb lh«e yifsmini. If, |h, \\ m , w s, n 1h . n , ld {Jr vif .. m.n. bocomei qreal.r. Her.', a ilmplt. ··» way to get n, c d,d Vilamini A tnd D in tibl.t fern. ftO» SWC PfffCOCOD TABLETS MADE OF COD LIVER OIL CONCENTRATED WITH PERCOMORPH OIL Of ° F QUIK-BANDS Bandages all ready for you when most needed. No need to bother with makeshift bandages. You got 16 individually sealed bandages. A TEES!! "oouct Ml* A READYMADE BANDAGE MILK OF MAGNESIA Fr«» from Mrihy fl«- var--«itra rtfinid 10 you g*l th« full b«n- ·fili in pliiunl-te- tlk» way. FOU MMT 35c Vicks . . . 65c Pinex . . . 75c Cherrosote 60c Alka-Seltzer 60c Pertussin SOc'Listerinc . . ;epatica '·SFAFERI .'SPAPERf

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