The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 31, 1939 · Page 15
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 15

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 31, 1939
Page 15
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FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 1939 ; ; ' MASON CITY GLOKE-UAZETTE "~ " ' " ~ " ' - - - - T _ U _ - L _ . . , _ ,, . . _ _ _ , , , -- ' _ . . . . . _ _ _ ^ _ _ _ ^ .,_, _ _ , _ . _ lO Heavy Selling Smashes Stocks I to 5 Points Charles City Globe-Gazette SWINE PRICES STEADY, STRONG Cattle Market Steady Nominally; Fat Lambs Weak to ] 5 Lower CHICAGO, (IP) -- Hogs were steady to strong Friday, aided by receipts that were lighter than expected. The cattle market was nominally steady and fat lambs were weak to 15 cents down in an active market. Hog receipts in the open market totaled 5,000, or 1,000 less than advance estimates. The market topped at §7.45, but this was paid sparingly. Prices were 5 to 10 cents higher than Thursday's average in spots, with bulk good j and choice 160 to 240 pound kinds getting from $7.25 to S7.40. (U. S. Dept. Agr.) -- Salable hogs 5,000; active on weights 220 pounds down; steady to strong; spots 5 to 10 cents higher than Thursday's a v e r a g e; heavier butchers slow, generally steady; top $7.45 sparingly; bulk good and choice 160 to 240 pounds ST.25 to S7.40; 250 to 280 pounds S7 to S7.25; 290 to 340 pounds $6.75 to $7; good medium weight and heavy packing sows SB to S3.35; light butchers kinds to $6.50. Salable cattle 500; calves 300; market ; steady; receipts all class meager; being confined to truck- ins; odd lot steers SI 0.50 downward to S8.50; several loads steers offered Thursday, removed from trade; odd lots heifers today $9.50 downward to $7.50; few good beef cows $7.50; low cutters and cutters $4.50 to 5.75; practical top weighty sausage bulls $7; selected vealers $11; light weights $9.50 downward; stockers and feeders scarce. Salable sheep 13,000; late Thursday fat lambs steady to stronger; wet fleeces considered; some weighty offerings easier; bulk $9.25 to $9.65; 100 to 112 pound averages S9.10 to $9.35; today's trade active;, weak to 15 cents lower; bulk wooled lambs $9.25 to $9.50; top $9.60; sheep quotable steady. lambs steady to strong; load lots good and choice fed wooled skins 59.25^9.43; load JOS Ib. average $9.25; deck fed clips SO Ib. averase. SB.15; 2 lots held around S38.10; package 71 Ib. native spring Iamb3 511; fat cu'es scarce; choice ted western ewes quoted around 55.75; load 86 Ib. feeding and shearing Iambs 53.10. KANSAS CITY LIVESTOCK (Friday M«rlccn KANSAS CITY. !?,--(U. S. department of agriculture)--HOGS: 450; fairly active, steady lo 5 cents lower: largely a packer market; top $6.95: good to choice 160-230 Ibs.. S0g95 cents; 260-290 Jbi., 56.60 "3 6.15; sows $5.83 S 6.10. CATTLE: 100: calves 100; supply slaughter cattle insufficient to test prices; venlers weak to 50 cents Jov.'er; stocker and feeder classes slow, moderate carryover in dealers' pens; vcalers 511; £ood to choice S9 10.50. SHEEP: 1,200; slou-. Jitlle done; opening sales fed lambs and native springei-a steady; native sprint- lambs S10W11; fed lambs around 59; best held above 59.IS. Livestock Markets MID-WEST HOGS Livestock prices at midwest markets Thursday : AUSTJ.Y, Min 150 Ibs. -- Hogs Heady; 140. O ; 150-160 IDE. S5.S5 ·SS.25: 160-170 Jbs.. S6.20tt6.50: 170-160 Ibs.. $6.4536.75; 180-220 Ibs.. $5,6036.90220-230 Ibs., f6.45S6.75; 250-2TO Jbs.. S6.30 66.60; 270-290 Ibs., S6.10G6.40: 2M-325 Ibs., 35.93^6.25; 325-350 Ibs.. 55.60g6.IO: 350- ·100 Ibs., 53.705*6: packing sows, 275-350 Ibi.. 55.6063.80; 350-425 Ibs.. S5.50«5.80; 425-550 Ibs., S3.40 St 5.70 ; 550 Ibs. and uo S5. MS 5.70. A L B E R T LEA. Minn. -- Hogs arc steady; H8-I50 IDs. 55.65S5.30: 150160 Ibs.. $666.15: 16J-170 Ibs.. $B.40g6.5j; ]70-lSO-lbs.. S6.70-S5.85; 180-220 Ibs.. 56.80 «!6.05: 220-250 Ibs.. S6.CO'u6.75; 250-270 )bE., S5.40gC.55; 270-280 Ibi'.. 56.2036.35: 290-323 IbS.. S6.05gO.20: 323-350 Ibs.. S5.90 96.05; 350-400 Ibi. 55.7585.90: son's, 275- Local Livestock MASON CITY--For Friday. HOGS Eleadj-. Good liiht lights HO-150 53.50-j.60 " · ' 150-160 S6.M.6.10 150-170 SG.40-6.50 170-180 S6.SO-6.70 180-200 S5.80-C.90 . 200-220- SS.80-6.80 56.63-6.73 S6.50-G.60 S6.30-6.40 Good light lights Good lijtht lights ... Goodilight Mghts ... Goo4i.ll2ht butchers Ceodllfeht butchers , Gftwl Joe. vrt. butchers 220-230 · -Gooditne. wl. butchers 250-270 GoodJmE. wt. butchers 270-21 -3oCK»me. wt. butchcf?200-313 .56.15-6 Good m«. wt. butchers 325-35U J6.M-G.10 ' hea\T butchers .. 350-tM 53.8,"-3.95 pscklng sows ... Z75-J30 S3.80-5.90 GrXB sows 330-425 S3.70-3.60 Gopci saws 423-300 So.60-5.70 . ' i d sows 500-jiO 53.BQ-j.70 (The above is a 10:30 truck hoc market good and choice hogs.) CATTLE Choice lo prtme steers, Jieivy 510.00-11.00 Good to choice steers, heavy 5 8.50- 9.50 Aledlura to Rood steers S 7.50- 3.50 Fair to medium steers S 6.30- 7.50 Plain to fair steers S 4.00- 6.00 Choice to prune yearling* s 9.00' 9.50 Good to choice yearlings ... s 8.00- 3.00 Aledlum to good yearlings ... S C.50- 7.50 Good to choice heifers ...... 5 3.00- 9,00 ^Medium to good heifers s 7.00- B.QO Fair to medium heifers S 6.00. 7.00 Plain to [air heifers S S.OD Good to choice CQU-.S heavy Tvledlum to goad cows Fair to medium con's ., Cutters Cannera Good to choice heavy bulis S 5.50- 0.00 S 3.0Q- J.30 J ^.30- 5.01) S 4.00- 4.50 S 3.00- 3.73 S 5.50- 6.23 S 4.50- 3.00 \ Light bulls . . . . ; \ Calves, good lo choke 130-190 S 7.00- 8.00 Calves, rned, in good 1.10-190 S 5.50- 7.00 Calves. ijUer. to med. 130-190 I ±5Qd'wn SHEEP Genuine spring lambs, to choice ., 1Q-SO S 8.00- 8.50 Spring lambs, £Qod to choice 70-30 S 6.50- ".00 Spring lambs, m e d i u m to soon 70-90 S 3.50- 6.00 Sprins; Jambs, common . . . . . 5 4.50- --50 Native ewes. £0cd to choice S 1.50- a^-i Ciill ewes, ,. SOctoSl.QO OW bucks 5Qcto$1.40 Jgs sicady to 5 cents tnhcr. Butchers steady. Packing sows, 273-320 Ib?,, 55,95516.03: 350-423 Ibs.. $5.70if5.30; 425-550 Ibs., S5.70fi5.80. , Cattle; Tone steady. Prices unchanged. CEDAR KAPJD5, (^}--Hogs and catllir unchanged. COMBINED HOtV RECEIPTS DES MOINES, if)--t.U. S. department of agriculture)--Combined Jaog rcceipis at 20 concentration yards and 10 packing plants located in interior Iowa and FQUthern Minnesota for the 2i hour te- riod ended at 8 a, m. Friday were 15,200, compared xvith 24,400 a wcel: ago and 22,600 a year ago. Moderately active. mostlv Mcadyt loading shade heavitr than Friday's 35,- 20fl. Barrou-5 and siHs. fiood and choice. 140-160 lbs. r unquoted; 160-1SO )bs. JG JU *7; 130-2SO Jbs., $6.70^7,10; 220-250 Ibs., $5.5567: 250-290 Ibs., $6.306,B5; 290-350 Ibs., 56-g6.53. Packing sows, GOOti, 275- 3JO HUT., 35.90tt6.15; 350-425 Ib-., ^5.70^ 6.05; 425-550 Jbs., 55.45'S5,9D. T.IVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO, (,P»--Official estimated livestock receipts for Saturday: Cattle 300; IIORS 100; sheep 3.GOO. PRICE RANGE IN WHEAT NARROW Estimate of Larger '39 Production Is Offset by Tension CHICAGO, UP)--A preliminary unofficial estimate sugge s t i n g slightly larger 1939 domestic winter wheat production than most traders had considered probable offset indications o£ improved international demand for wheat in market dealings Friday. The result was a narrow price range, \vitli quotations only a shade higher than Thursday. Wheat closed unchanged to ?j higher compared with Thursday's finish, May 68!g to 68^4, July 68 to 68',s; corn unchanged to J j up, May 4 7 I s to 47=5, July 49S to 49,i; oats Vs off to up. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (Frldiy Marfcel) CHICAGO, (J/--Cash wheat. No. 3 hard, tough, 69. Corn: No. 3 mixed, 48'i: No. 2 yollo'.v, 43!i«49; No. 2 while, 34651 1 ;. Oats: No. 1 white. 33liQ34. Sample srade . white, 28!i^31?;. Soy beans. No. 2 yellow, 89. - Barley, malting, 52360 nom.; feed, 34 45 noni- Timothy j.eed. 52.33^(3.15 nom.; red clover. S13ftl6: red top $9.25^9,73 nom. Lard--Tierces. 56.30 nom.; loose S5.67 nom.: bellies. 59 nom. Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Friday No. 3 white oats 22c No. 3 yellow corn 34c New ear corn 30c Barley 25-33c FRIDAY GBAS.V CLOSE CHICAGO. I!F Representative Sales WHEAT-May 5 July Sep COBN-- May July Sep OATS-May July Sep. . . . . . ... SOY BEANS-May July :.. Oct RYE-May July L A R D -Mar Slav July Sep AS .49'i .50'., Low 5 .6T1 .47'i .W«° .U1 .27', CHICAGO, Friday: Art. Xo. Wft. Heavj--- SB 2.2 57 . 274 . 46 337 Medium-- G3 -216 32 221 55 216 Steers-- 20 113B Fat Lambs-220 BO 200 96 200 IfJO 108 118 VP] -- Representative sales H O G S Avr.lLighl-- Prlct! 64 133 7.40 46 1S4 7.35 $7.20; 51 1(2 7.30 7.00 Light Lisllls-- 6.75] 24 156 ' ' 7.23 ! 17 142 7.00 7.45; 7.40' 7.r' CATTLE ! Heifers-310.50; u 340 9..SD 10.25| 15 R05 9,00 9.50] 12 7SO 8.50 SUEEr I Clipped Lambs-$9.601 42 73 G.2J 9.nO-Slaughter Ewes-9.40; 21 115 5.75 S.35| 11 160 5.25 Miscellaneous OMAHA LIVESTOCK (Friday M a r k e t ) O.MAHA. «·--V. S. department of ar- riculture)--Salable hogs 1.300: steady to 5 cents higher; lop ?6.90 for 190-235 Ibs.: under 210 Ibs. scarce: ISO-150 Ibs.. S6.75 «56.50; 260-350 Jbs.. 56.50g6.7i: 350-420 IDs., S6.3oS6.50; so\v3 56.13^6.33: stags 56,50 down. Salable cattle. 500; fed steers, yearlings, heifers nominally slcady; other killing classes steady; stpckers. feeders, nom- JrtaHy steady; plain and medium yearlings, light steers, $8«|9; beef COWR 55.7je6.50; cutter grades, S4.2jS3J3; liults S6S6.CO. Salable s*eoj, 5,200; 1st lambs slow, early bids 13^23 cents lower, asking steady: native spring lambs 511^11.25: bulk fcdwooled lambs bid 59«3.23, held h!s»cr; California spring l.mb.s held Above S10.73; choice, fed western cu-cs up to J3.SO, CHICAGO POTATOES (Friday Market! CHICAGO. (,PjU. s. deparlmcnt of agriculture*-- Potatoes, ill; on track 408; total U. S. shipments D23: old stock Notlhern Whites slightly weaker: otr.rr varieties, all sections, about steady: supplies rather liberal: demand slow: sacked a civt.. Idalio Russet Burbanks, U. S. No. 1. few snlcs. S1.6M'U.G5: Nebraska Bliss Triumphs. SO per cent V- s. No. T. S2: Wisconsin Round White?. U. S. commercials. SLOr,; North Dakota Cobblers 0 per cent TJ. S. Xo. 1. fcv.- sales St 2.V BlLj.i Triumphs. 00 per cent U. s. N'o. l. 31.33; Minnesota Red River section Cobblers. U. S. No. 1. tew sales. S1.2fl. Kcw stock: Steady, supplies liberal- demand light; Florida Bliss Triuroplis. U. S. No. 1, bushel crates, lew sale* 52.20. SL'GAR MARKET KE\V YORK, ti?i~~Domestic su^ar futures advanced on Cuban buying Friday Mid-day prices were 152 points nci higher. May sold a point ahead at 1.36 and July moved up to 2.00 lor a ncl Sain of 2. World futures strengthened and at midday Were 1 1o 2'i higher. Jlay was ahead 1 at 1.20 and Hay, 1540, ivas up most at HSV=. The raw market u-as active. Nearly all offerings of duty frees at 2.B8 cents were reported sold \vith other supplies available at 2.M. Refined ranged 4.40 to 4.gO cents. SOUTH ST. TAfL LIVESTOCK Frid»y Market) SOUTH ST. PAUL, V?,--'Federal-Stale Market News Service)--CATTLE: Salable 3,300; slaughter steers slou-- and weak; medium kinds S8y9.l5; good lo choice steers held around sa.Sog 10.7i; s!ie stock steady, medium and Rood, heifers S7.235t ».25; plain to Rood cows So.J5e6.SO; low cutter: and n.ltcrs $«'6i3: bulls Heady. ui mostly S6.50 don-n: stoekers and feeders r ·weak; ^ood fecdins steers held above I 53^5; calves 3,000; vcalers 30 cents lo;\-er; practical top SIO; Jew strictly choice $10.30. HOGS: Salable 5.000: total 5.700; opening fairly active lo all Interests: steady to 10 cents higher: lop S7.10 on choice 140-180 Ibs.; sows J6.10S6.lj.- pigs S'8 SHEEP: 1.300: buyers talking lower on fat larnbs; early undertone mostly stcady on all classes: good and choice wooled lambs Thursday S9S9.40; bulk fat Iambs $9.40 to all interests. · 6.32 6.47 6.65 Close $ .G3'i .63:; UW, .47'i .30i .33'; .86, .42 .43' .44! 6.25 6.35 6.30 6.67 O3IAHA GRAIN (Friday Mkrkel) OMAHA, (.P/--Wheat: Sample dark hard. 63: hard. Ko. 2. 67: No. 3. 64^69 3 i; No. 4. 636i;69\i; No. S, 62Si62!i. Corn: \Vllite. No. 2. 43. Oats: Teed, No. 1. 1'G; red. Ko. 2. 33'i white. No. 3. 23«i!a'b: No. 4, ZT.'i'S.Xl^ Barley: Sample, 31'.j^33. Rye: None. MIXNEAPOLIS GBAIX (Frlday Marktl) MINNEAPOLIS, (f, -- Wheat rcceiols Friday 11C ears; 2D a year a«o. Quotations \\ cent higher. Cash: No. 1 heavy dark northern 73r*^j."B l /*c: dark northern No. 1. 73','»ti1o'.lc; fancy No. 1 hard Montana 14 per cent Drotehi 7B 1 ,4fi79Vlc. No. I dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana \vinter 71U5i7aUc. Hard amber durum No. 1. 65'/4li'BOV*c; No. 1 red durum 59!* Corn. No. 3 yclSow 42',itH4c; quotations \ cent higher. Oat?. No. 3 white 27*.-£2Sc. Barley Prospective Acreage of Corn 1933-1939 120 60- 60 20 1933 1935 ! 1937 · l?39 ' 1»J4 l«8 t Of DATA: u. s. PtH. Of ASKCUtUI K \ Stock List KEVT VOBK STOCKS (B The Associated Pros) F r i d a y Finat Q u o t a t i o n s 27-*. "'.i 3 5 Air Reduci A\ Ch Dye IGfl Allied Stores 7* Am Can gg Am A: For P 2 l Am Loco 17" Am Had i- St 11" Am Roll ilill J3 J Am 5m Ref 35' Am Stl Fdrs 22·' Am SUE Rcf 17 T Am Tel : T 153; Am. Tob B 32 Am Wat wki 9' Anaconda *3' Ann 111 41 At T A: S F Atl Refin Auburn Anio Bait «: Ohio Barnsdall Bendix Aviat Beth Steel Boeing Airpl Borden 151 Borg-Warner 21" Bridgpt Br 9* Budd Mfg 4* Can D G Ale 4 I » Can Pacific .i? Case 75" Cater Tract -11' Cties Ohio 31' C A: N w ^ C G W a C 51 St P P = C R I p i Chrysler 6?" Coca-Cola ii£|i Col C E 6 Coml SoK- 10 Cnnvlth Sou I 1 Con. Edison 29 Con Oil Con Can Con Oil Del Corn Prod Curt-AVright Deere Co Deere pf Dougbs Air duPont Eastman 3S 41 39' I D ' 8 37 24 en HI'. 16.1 El Pow Lt . , Fairbanks Mo 27 Firestone 19 J I Gen EltL* 34'.- . 40 KANSAS CITY C H A I N (Frlda,- Market) KANSAS CITY, (P,--\\1icat 89 cars: *\ cent lovvcv to \\ cent higher. No. 2 dark hard 75!ac: No. 3 nom. 6AV*^ 81 l ,*e: No. 2 hard nom, KG'i'ijBl^ic: No, 3, GSGSc; No. 2_red nom. bTA'tl G9!"«c; No. 3 nom. 65U 1 Corn 13 cars: "k lo 'i cent higher; TCo. : white nom. 47UG48c: No. 3 nom. 46'/« ii-n^c; No. 2 yellow nom. 43 3 *''iii"c: No. r. 4G^*e: No. 2 mixed 46'.^c; No. 3 iiom. Oats. 3 cars: r i to r i ctnt lower; No. ' vhlle nom. 23^^30^,0; No. 3 nom. 29 rO»itr. AHIo mauc, nom. 73'o."3c. Kafir, iiom. 7.t:(V9L'. Rye. nom. 39i/ Me. Barley, nom. 3^ = 'a-loc, Relative of Victim of "Tarzan" Lives in Home at Decorah DECOHAK--Heporls liave it that John Digerness, 80 year old inmate of the Aase Haugen Home, is the grandfather of John Cawthrop, the teller of the First National bank of Powell. Wyo, who was killed during a hoidup last week, by Earl Durand. Mrs. Gawthrop is the daughter of Mr. Digerness, and the family home is at Cody, Wyo. Mrs. K. O. Eittreim of Decorah, is a .sister of Mr. Digerncss. Goldfield Church Congregation Has , R Reception for Two J eacn B TM tr ° ck Wms in bpeihng Contest SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK (Friday M a r k e t ) SIOUX CITY. I.Tr-CATTLK: Saiablc receipts. 600; calves, salable receipts 30; nm mainly small lot tnickins: quaJJty larjfely medium; most classes moderately active, little chanjccd; car tood J.O-W Jb, yearlinss $9.65; scattered other sales medium to good S3.30a9.50; prime minted above S12.SO: small quota medium grade heifers up lo J8.S0; limited share medium to good cows S3.75fi7; cutter trades S.!j «S3.25; stockers and feeders scarce; strictly choice Quoted above 59.50. HOGS: Salable receipts 3.500: 7nodcr- *tely active, largely strong to -i cents fcishcr; top S7.03 to shipper.*: good and choice 17r240 Ib. butchers S6.90«i7; park. crs sloppintf at SS.90: 240-300 Ib.t.. ss 63 fls.90; 300-350 Ib. heavies. S7.MS7.65r £0od sows mainly 36.10^fi.l5: itass 5530 doun; feeder pies ST^ SHEEP; Salable receipts 1200- fit GOLDFIELD -- The congregation of the Christian church gave a reception at the church Tuesday evening for the Rev. and Mrs. C. Harris who were recently called here from \Vorthingtoti Minn. Mrs. Albert Hansen gave the welcome from the congregation with the Rev. J. V. Wright, pastor of the Baptist church welcoming the Rev. and Mrs. Harris to the community in behalf of the other churches. The Rev. Mr. Harris responded to the welcome addresses. The program was completed with a vocal solo by Mrs. Clifford Olson followed by the reading of several originarpoems by Mrs. J. M. Sherk. Refreshments were served a social hour was enjoyed lowing the program. and fol- Landmark in Vicinity of Plymouth Razed PLYMOUTH--The old barn, on lots in the northeast part of town, recently purchased by J. O. Hanson, is being torn down. This barn is an old landmark having been built in 1877. CALMAR -- Jeaji Buntrock of the Calmar public school was the winner of the spelling contest held in that school and will enter the county spelling contest held in Decorah on Saturday. April 8. Dr. Oscar L. Olson, protessor of English at Luther college, will be the pronouncing master snd Justine Hammond, Jr., A. C. Bishop and E. C. Baily will be judges of the contest. The winner will go to the state spelling contest. Water Tower Project Discussed by Group TITONKA--Mrs. Roy Budlong, chairman of the betterment committee of the Woman's club, gave a report at the last meeting concerning the project of the water tower area. The club voted to plant a shade tree and make a canna bed this spring. In the absence of Mrs. Ray Krantz, Mrs. Howard French had charge of the lesson, and discussed "An Appeal to Sanity' 1 by Alfrcd North Whitehcad. Gen Molars 41'* Gillette 6 5 ^ Goodrich 153^ Goodyear ZG It Nor Ry pf 13"'i fiomestakc Hupp Motors Til Cent H or vest Inl Nick Can Int Tel ic T Johns-Mauv Gl 1 , .1 i»: H*i 54 46 Keunccolt Kresge L-amberl Ub O F Gl Lo DWS Marsli-Fiuld May lag Midcont Pet Mont Ward Nasli-Kelv Natl BUc 24^i Nax Cash n i?» B Nal Dairy Pr 13 l: Nat Distill 55'^ Nat Lead 13'i Nat POW 3c Lt 7 ' » ^' Y.Cent 14V* No Amer Avi 13^4 North Amer ID^i Nor Pacific S'j Oliver Farm 17^ = Otis STevator Otis Steel Owens 111 Gl Packard * Param Pict Penney Pcnti Ry Phillips Pet Proct i: Gam, Pullman Pure Oil Radio Hem Ratio* Repub Steel Rey Tob B Sears Roeb Shell U n J O L i Simmons Socony Vac ' Soti Pacific Std Brands Sid Oil Cal Std Oil Ind Std Oil N J - Stc\v-\\'arner ^ Studcbaker Swift ic Co Texas Corp TCK Guir sui Tim Roll B Transam erica XJn Carbide 73*; "Union Pacific 91 Unit Air Lines Q ' J Unit Air Corp 3.Vi Unit Corp 2Va Unit Drug ·'i^b U S Gypsum 8! U S Ind Alco 10 U S Rubber 3tf* U S Steel 50 Walgreen 17 Warner Pict 4=i Weat Un Tel 33 West El : ME 94 , Wilson Co 3 J i Woolwortli 45 ',4 AVrigley J r To Yet Tr i: C UH YngsL Sb . T 36 EUROPE TENSION MAKES REACTION Early Rally Attempt Becomes Disorderly Retreat in Trade NEW YOKK, yP| -- Heaviest selling in five months Friday smashed stock market prices 1 to more than 6 points as Wall street's fright over Europe apparently turned an early rallying attempt into a disorderly retreat. Gains ran to a point or so for leaders at the start, but the forward move soon gave way to a blast of offerings that put the ticker tape several minutes behind. Transfers were around 3,000,000 shaies. Word that Hitler would make a speech tomorrow, with the possibility of touching off the much- feared explosion, was blamed partly for the turning of the market tide. In addition, business news was none too comforting and happenings at Washington provided scant stimulation. Fading of the late rally, brokers said, reflected renewed fears o£ what Hitler might say in his speech Saturday. Bond Market la a^ 58', 3! 8 31V 6 12' 15' 37- cn I B ' 38 Hides Quotation* rurnltied b j Well Bros,, li: «» Fifth Street Seatbvrtxt UOBSEBIDES Horschidea ·GSEEN BEEF 10C5 From l.l Ibs, up ni 15 3br, daMTi Bull hides r Sl.'.'S OFFICE PHONE 1052 O f f i c e at 603 Riverside Drive News Correspondent, Phone 318 Don K. Sandell, Manager 1 Residence Phone, 937.-J. APIARIST TALKS FOR BEE GROUP Iowa State College Man Explains Bee Keeping Problems CHARLES CITY--F. B. Paddock, extension apiarist from Iowa Stale college, Ames, met with the Bee club Wednesday evening in the high school. About 40 members and parents attended. Only 10 of t h e members have had previous experi- e n c e i n b e e tending. Omer Johnson, s c i- ence instructor in the high school, is the leader. Mr. Paddock explained the in- troducL-on of packaged bees into the hives and problems of bee keeping. F. B. P.ddock u NEW YORK. W.-T!,e bond market, alter an uneven opening, tended downward Friday as financial circles studied Prime Minister Cliamljerlain's declaration tliat both Britain and France would lifiht. if necessary, to preserve tile tearity of Poland. Fractional gains and Josics were sprinkled liberally throughout the list, but near noon some issues were, a point more lower. Dou-n 1 or innre were Great Northern -Is of -JS "G." Illinois Central -Pis Amci- 'f an ?'!? Farel sn Power 5s, and International Telephone 35. Tlltinc up a sliade against the general trend were American Telephone 3lis of Ce. National Dairy 3?is of '51. will* warrants, and BeHilchcm Slecl 3'ls. Unllcd States- governments edged away from recent peak levels with losses among some treasuries as large as 9-32ncts of a point. Among foreign do/far bonds. German 5lis of 'IS and Japanese 5!is were up -lightly, tvhlle Belgian Us were a fraction down. Italian 7s ot '51 lost 1\. on sale of a bonds. Smedley Services to Be Held Monday in Christian Church ' CHARLES CITY--S. M. Smedley, New Hartford, a former resident of this city, died in the Alien Memorial hospital in Waterloo Thursday forenoon. The Hauser funeral home went aftei- the body and services will be held in the Christian church, Charles City, Monday afternoon and burial will be in Nashua. Mr. Smedley lived at 303 Eighth avenue for several years and-later moved to a farm near New Hartford. POEMS APPEAR IN ANTHOLOGY Digest Published m New York Honors Mrs« Elizabeth Bentley CHARLES CITY--Mrs, Eliza-* beth Bentley, poet and song writ-, er, has been again honored by having two poems printed in the Poetry Digest Anthology published in A'ew York. One is a new poem, "The Com- Produce Open House" Held for Public to See Schmidt Building CHARLES CITY--Earl Schmidt owner of the lately remodeled building at 609-011 West Clark street, has "open house" for the public Friday and Saturday. This building was formerly the O'Harrow garage which had a double frontage on the north side of the street. Mr. Schmidt has rented part of the west half to the Reelz Shoe shop and occupies the remainder ·with his display room for plumbing work shop in the rear. E. C. Hardwig, attorney, and A. R. Mclrose, insurance agent, occupy the east half of the building in the..front and middle sections Esther's Beauty shop is the third establishment on the same side. a daughter, Hull), and son, Ralph. Mrs. W. J. Julian Is Honored for Working in Church 35 Years CHARLES CITY--JJrs. \V. 3. Julian, who has worked in the missionary society in the First Methodist church for 35 years, was honored by being made a Seventieth Anniversary member at the anniversary party held in the church \.Vednesday evening, j The local society contributed $70 | e ck lo the cause in order to confer this honor on Mrs. Julian. Mrs. Coburn Chapler made the presentation speech. -Country Dusk" which has been used in two other anthologies, This is the fifth year the Poetry- Digest has issued an anthology,! · Mrs. Bentley has written a number of song poems and composed I the music for them for which she has received more than local rec-t ognition. MASON CITY-- For Friday .(.Quotations by Swift Co.) Heavy hens over 5 pounds ...14c Heavy hens over -t pounds, including a pounds i3c Light and Leghorns it);Eggs, Specials iTc Eggs, No. 1 13 C Efigs, Under Grades 1Q C Mcrchanis Quotations Eggs, in trade .. : 12-14c* Eggs, cash '. .. . 12-14c Butter, lo\va Slate Brand 30c Butter, Corn Country 28t; Butter, Plymouth 3Q C Butter, Very BesS -s c Butter, Clear Lake \'. r 8c Butter, Brookfield 2Sc Russet Potatoes, peck 34c Early Ohio Potatoes, peck ..32c 'EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were ob- ta'.ncd by calling several grocery stores. OOVKn.VMEXT UOXnS NEW YORK, i.p--U. S. government bonds cJoscd Friday: Treasury 3Us. 46-43. 110.30. Treasury 4 1 .**. 47-52. 120.7. Treasury 3s, 51-55. 109.17. Federal Farm Mtfi. 3s. 42-47. 106.21. Home Owners Loan 2 J ,s. 49. 101,25. Home Oivnerj Loan 35, 52. 108.6. BOSTON WOOL BOSTON. (Jl--|O. S. department r/ agriculture*--A limited amount of business was transacted Fridaj- on spot territory wools, bnt much ot the business xvas on odds and ends. Smnll quantities of graded half blood territorv \voots in loli comprisins staple and Freneh comb- iscn lengths moved at 65fiS7 cents, scoured basis. Limited quantities of 12 montris 1 Texas wools sold around 66xi ..S rents, scoured basis. 17 of 19 Teachers at Garner Offered Contracts by Board GARNER--All but two of the 39 teachers in the Garner grade and high schools were offered contracts tor next year at a board of education meeting held Wednesday night in the office o[ Ally. F. E. Blackstone. secretary. Officers said the two teachers not yet offered contracts may be given a chance to sign at a later date. Following a custom, the board offered raises in salary averaging about 5 per cent to all teachers \vlio will be returning for their second and third years in the local system. Supt. R. C. Wood is completing first year of a three-year the contract which was ; spring. him last Teachers Re-Elected by Board at Wesley WESLEY--At a school board meeting this week, all the teachers were re-elected. Supt. E. D. Ravlin had been re-elected previously and the remainder of the staff includes Coach Paul Nedwig: Principal Dorothy Shannahan; Mrs. Dorothy Bender: Miss Rosamond Eckstein: Miss Gesina SchuUer and Miss Agnes Boycr. NEW YORK ( F r i d a y Msrktl) IVZV.- YORK. 1.7,--Eses. 17.173; weak. Mixed colors: Exlrn fancy selection 13'- 'ciZI'.i: standards 18; lhs\, 17; mediums Ia^«-;il6; dirlics No. I. Kv; averase checks ISUIJ'.i; storage packed lir-ls Bultcr: 410.082. weak. Creamery, higher than extra 23^i'ji24'«; extra (92 scorc W-.; firsts 188-91,, 22.iS33; seconds 131 bi 1 . 21^; 22. Cheese-- Ij6.m. ·jncnangcd. a b o u t steadv; prices CHICAGO irrifliy farkc!) C H I C A G O . (.!·-- Poultry, live SO tmeks; chickens, f i r m ; balance steady; broilers. Plymouth Rock. 20; While Keck 20: fryers. Plymouth Hock. 21: White. Kock. 21: ducks. 4!i ]bs. up. colored, 17- white, IS; other prices unchanged. CHICAGO PRODUCE irridlj- Mirketl CHICAGO. W-- Butter. 937.S37, weaker; creamery specials. 193 score!, 22 23: extras (021. 22',i; extra firsts '30-911 22'.i; firsts 188-89.. 21i«22; standards t90 centralized carlots). 22i. Es8', 33,076, steady; prices unchanged. fr.ODL'CE FUTURES CHICAGO. I,?,-- Butter futures, standards, close Friday; Nov., 2 luturcs. refriscrator standard?. Oct., 18! storage packed firsts, April, Ji'i. torage Public Utility and industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. SCHA.VKE A CO. Telephone 1300. Mason City Mrs. McDougall Is Re-Elected Head of Osage Women's Club OSAGE--At a general meeting ot the different departments of the Osage Women's club held Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Henry Friek, Mrs. Morgan McDougall was re-elected president: Mrs. Vcru Tenney, vice president: Mrs. G. E. Swanson, corresponding secretary; Mrs. Ellen Coi'des, recording secretary and Mrs. Bert Simpson, treasurer. Miss Aillee Hcndricks of Hice- ville, county president, gave a talk; Mrs. Charles Kathan sang a solo accompanied by Mrs. G. L. Horton who later played a piano solo. Mrs. Ben Roien/eldt read a paper; Mrs. F. W. Lee read an Easter poem. The program included a religious play, "It Happened in Seventy Years," acted by seven of the members and Miss Mildred Mason, president o£ the Evening Auxiliary. A candlelighting service and cutting of the birthday cakes were included in the play. Music was furnished by a male quartet. Loud noises and foul smells are nuisances, from which the law protects us. Don't our eyes deserve Voreck Is Reported to Be Seriously 111 CHARLES CITY -- R. T. Vork, a well known resident of this city, is very ill \ n the Cedar Valley hospital. As he is past 80 years of age his condition is seri- equal Times. protection? -- Davcnnort Mrs. Henry Graven Speaks Before PTA Meeting at Britt BR1TT--The March meeting ot the Parent Teachers association ivas held in (he high school auditorium Monday night. The speaker \vas Mrs. Henry N. Graven of Mason City. Mrs. Graven was an instructor in a girls' school in Madras and talked on "Schools of India/ 1 Prizes lor the essay contest on ··Democracy" have been awarded to Robert Landsberg, first, and Chester Baker, second. OK TIRE WELDING · Tractor Tires · Truck Tires · Passenger Cars FARMERS: IVe can give you one das- service on all siic tire repair. You don't have lo send llicm out of town-bring- them lo us. All -\vork guaranteed! 318 NORTH DELAWARE MASON CITY ous. Mr. Voreck was in the shoe repair business for many years and formerly lived iri Rudd He is the father of Dr. W. E. Voreck dentist and Boy Scout official. -- WANTED -HIDES and WOOE HIGHEST PRICES PAID CARL STEIN 111 Sixth St. S. W. We Need... Poultry, Eggs. Calves and will pay over market price for them ATLAS MEAT and GROCERY Phone 465 629 Sixth S. W. DEAD LIVESTOCK We Poy for Days Phone 3758 Phont Calls Niahtc ^Lund Sales/ and Renderm MASON Tlid and Ajbed Friday Cent St Et 6 pet pf i$23 pan ' 7 g Cent St El 7 pet pf (S23 pan s It) Cent SI P i: L 7 pet pf 4i 41 Conlincntal Gas i: El pf 92 34 Creamery Package com 18*3 19' Hearst Cons A .. 5' 31 Gcorce A Hormel A pr 1M 107 Ceorpe A Hormcl com 24' 3 2-V Interstate Power 6 pet pf .. 3* a s ImeTjtalc Ppu-er 7 pc: pf .. + fi Electric Co 6!z pet pf 29 31 lou-.l Electric Co 7 pet pf 30 .12 la Eicc Lt Power 6 pet pf 61 Ja. E!cc Lt i Pou-er 6!i pet pf 62 la Eiec Lt Po\vcr 7 pet pf 69 la Power Light S pet pf .. J02 la Power Light 7 pel pf .. 10* Is Public Sen-Ice G pel pf 05 la Public Service 6^2 pet pf 97 3a Public Sen-ice 7 pet pf loo 26 1 South Ulll 6 pet pi , ~ . la South Util S'.i pet pf ... 27 la South Util 7 pet pf . 29 Minnesota P te 1* 6 pet pr en Minnesota P L, 1 pet pf ga Ivonhem St Power 6 pet pf fa Northern St Power 7 pet pE "1 ?TW Portland Cement com .. 23 Rath Packing 5 pet Jf 102 Sioux City Gas t El 7 pet pf 35 United Lt Power Class A 1": United Lt Power Class B M, United Lt *: Power pf 37 United Lt A: Rys ff pet pf 73 United Lt Jt Rys B.3S pet pf So r _ United Lt Rys 7 pet pf RR Western Grocer pf 75 "° ! Western Grocer com 3 63 64 71 104 106 93 93 102 28 lot 97 2',; 2!, 29 St 8fl 3 A man picks out B givl \vho seems desirable. A girl takes what is offered and gradually reconciles herself to it.--Wisconsin SUlc Journal. FOR SALE CHEAP! 3 F-20 Farmalls, all overhauled, look and run like nciv, new- guarantee. 5 Regular Farmalls, all first class shape. Satisfaction guaranteed. 5 Used F-12s with cultivators, cheap if taken now! g 10-20 IHC's, all overhauled, first class shape, cheap. SPECIAL DEAL An F-1Z with 9x40 tires, also cultivator and power lift. This tractor is new, used to demonstrate about a week. We will take a big discount on it. New type HammermlH with traveling feed table. U s e d slightly to demonstrate. Will rive S'S discount. We trade for Cattle, Horses, Hogs, Grain or used machinery on cither used or new machinery. Will grive 18 months lime on, approved notes. CLEAR LAKE GRAIN CO. George P. Newman, Prop. Your Best Market For W O O L We Poy Highest Prices tit All Timet For Hidei and Wool . . . Get Our Prices Before Selling. WOLF BROS., Inc. 300 Fifth Street S. W. Rhone 1148 ALLIS-CHALMERS ALL1S-CHALMERS ALL1S-CHALMMS Good Used Machinery 1--IV. C. Tractor on Rubber Tires with Cultivator and lower 1--F-20 with Cultivator. 1--Fordson with Cultivator, 1--John Deere Model B with Cultivator (Ifhe new). 3--Sets slightly used tractor tires. Horses--Several good Work Horses sold with a guaranty of satisfaction. R. L. DIXSON 627 South Federal 1 ALLIS-CHALMERS ALLIS-CHALMERS Phone 112fi ALLIS-CHALMERS PUBLIC AUCTION of DAIRY CATTLE On account of having been injured in an accident and rouble lo farm, I will sell at Public Auction my entire Dairy herd of hi»h' producing Holsteins at my farm located 5 miles northeast of Mason City; or 4 miles southwest of Flymouth- on MONDAY, APRIL 3 STARTIN'G AT 1 P. M. 30 --Head of Cattle-- 30 19 Holstctn milk cows, most of them milking, some freah. 9 black calves. One black Angus bull 3 years old. One Holsteltt hull 2 years old. 30 -- Head of Feeding Pigs -- 30 1 DC Laval milker. 1 IMcCorrnick Dccrlng Xo. 4 cream separator. Various kinds ot milking ulensils. About 5 feet of ensilage in H-fool silo. Those wishing: credit, make arrangements with clerk before sale. :so property to be removed unlit settled for. J. C. McARTHUR Ora BaykK. Aucf. First Natl. Bank of Mason City, Clerk

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