The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 29, 1945 · Page 7
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 7

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, January 29, 1945
Page 7
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MONDAY, JANUARY 29, 1945 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE lOUEYSPEAKS IN ARMAGEDDON Two Audiences Meet [for Holley. Lectures capacity crowd filled .the gewood room of the Hotel nford Sunday night for the first Iture on Armageddon. As soon "the lecture was completed arid audience had filed out, the [iditorium was nearly filled again W. Roger Holley repeated his cture on the battle that he said be "the war that would |eally end wars." Mr. Holley said that Armaged- n will be as much worse than orld War No. I and World War It as those conflicts have ex- ded all previous conflicts |novvn to man. He said one reason was going to be so much more lerrible svas because that in the lidst of it God Almighty "was to take a personal hand in lestroying the wicked nations of larth. He cited the events of Rev- |lition.l6 that go with the battle Armageddon such as the great irthquake mentioned in verses 18 "20 which shake down the cities earth, and the great hail men- loned in verse 21 which beats [own and flattens what the earth- |uake does not destroy. "The final completion of the attle of Armageddon," Mr. Holley [lid,, "is described in Revelation .. ' He promised to make that the hpic of his lecture next Sunday pght He said that the only ones ho will be delivered-in this day : God's wrath will be those who ave the seal of God placed upon pern. He promised further that i the near future he was going to xplain what the Seal of God is. In his next lecture Tuesday vening, Mr. Holley will speak on he subject, "A Sudden Surprise (.waits the "World." He promised i give a 45 page booklet entitled rist or Chaos" to every family |iat is represented at the lecture at evening. CARRIERS PROWL PACIFIC--A U. S. destroyer pulls alongside one unit of a light carrier task force moving toward a battle mission somewhere in the Pacific. |elson Rites Held [atufday Afternoon Funeral services were held fo N. Nelson at the Rock Creek /itheran church south of Osag [iturday with the Rev. Mr. Gun son, pastor of the church, ant Rev. Alvin N. Rogness o nity Lutheran church, oUicia t ' - . 'allbearers were Peter B. Lar, Elmer Erdness, Martin Maak- it, Herbert Johnson, O. K. Hau- and Kalmar Klamessed. Organ .sic was played by Miss Ruth onheim. Burial was at Rock ·ek cemetery. -' The Patterson funeral home -was charge.' l ··.'':-. : \'i: : ·. ·''·': .-, ··. BOMBERS STRIKE WESTERN REICH 1,150 Planes in Daylight Operation London, (U.R)--American Flying ·"ortresses and Liberators Monday struck another heavy air blow at western Germany, raising tal fo allied heavy bombers over Germany in the past 24 hours to more than 3,000. More than 1,150 Fortresses am Liberators with an escort of mor than 700 Mustangs and Thunder bolt fighters carried out Monday' daylight operation. They followed up a night attack by nearly 1,000 RAF bombers and a daylight attack Monday by American planes in which about 1,000 heavies participated. Ask Revision of Iowa School Code Des Moints, (IP)--The senate's special school code committee Monday introduced 3 bills providing for revision of the Iowa schoo' code--the first of 20 anticipated revision measures. In the first 3 bills the committee took only oiie exception to the proposal of the Iowa school cod commission created by the las legislature. Instead of approvin £7,200 and $4,800 annual salarle for a superintendent of public in structlon and deputy superintend ent, respectively; the senate com mittee recommended salaries o $6,000 and $4,000. The first bill sets up a deparl ment of public instruction and Monday's targets were 6 railroad yards and the big nazi tank works at Kassel. ' The rail centers included Hamm and Minster in northwest Germany, Coblenz and Siegen, northeast of Coblenz, and Kassel. In addition to the "rail yards at Kassel the heavy bombers struck at the tank .works which produces Panther, and Tiger tanks. Targets of Sunday night's RAF operations were Stuttgart --· the southwestern rail hub--and Berlin. jiEST COLD TIGHTNESS I of children quickly loosened up '· Penetro--Grandma's old- oemutton suet idea developed r modem science into a coua- li-irrHut, vaporizing nlv» for ' krtlief.25c,doabkK»35c. METRO RICH IN MUTTPH SUET HE'LL HATE TO HOOF IT New Bedford, Mass., (U.R)-- George W. Pittsley, 17, of New Bedford is going to get plenty of exercise walking in the next. A district judge recently sentenced him to a year of no bicycle riding after he pleaded guilty of stealing a. bicycle. i;'h ENJOY TREE-RIPENED CITRUS FRUIT Shipped by fast express the same day It is picked from RIO RIFE CITRUS RANCH, McAIlen, Texas. Following prices include express to any point in Iowa, Nebraska, and Illinois. Hair Busbel BusbeT Grapefruit--Choice $3.75 $2.50 Oranges--Choice $5.50 $3.25 Comb., V* Oranges and T /2 Grapefruit $4.60 $3.00 Mexican Basket--Ideal Gift--'/i Bu. 4.35 (filled with oranges and grapefruit) Keep healthy with this wholesome delicious tree-ripened fruit. "Vitamins for Victory"E. R. B A I R D Grower fir Shipper, McAIien, Texas No C.O-D. Orders Accepted * board of public instruction to have general supervision of the'public school system. The board would consist of 7 members appointed by the governor and confirmed by the senate for 6-year terms. The board would elect the superintendent and deputy superintendent for 4-year terms beginning in January, 1947. The 2nd bill increases, the minimum wage of teacher from $65 to $80 a month. The committee's 3rd bill proposes an amendment to the present statutes providing that In event a contract is not renewed by the board the' teacher may request a bearing. The senate passed 4 measures Monday morning before adjourning until afternoon. One of them would increase from the present $150 to $3GO the amount of yearly state aid given to orphans of soldiers for their education. Another would permit disabled firemen and policemen to draw disability payments after 5 years of service, instead of 10, the present minimum. SUMATRA OIL FIELDS RAIDED Claim 145 Carrier Planes Made Attack By The Associated Press The Japanese-controlled Singapore radio reported Monday that 145 carrier planes raided the rich oil fields around Palembang, Sumatra, Monday. i There was no allied confirmation of the reported strike, presumably by the same British force which hit the area last week. The broadcast, recorded by the federal communications commission, said that bombers and fighters swarmed over Sumatra for 2% hours at midday, concentrating on the refinery section. It claimed 44 attackers were shot down. ' lowan Gives Reporter Sleeping Bag By FRANK MILES · Somewhere in France, (IDPA) --Electric lights were shining brightly in the dining hall where a group o£ Americans--flying and ground officers of the air forces, female f e r r y command pilots, f l i g ' h t nurses a n d a f e w others-were e a t i n g n e a r a , Paris airport one eve- ing. I was with 4 C a n ad i a n flight officers at a table. A sergeant rushed in and MILES switches. "Blackout, 1 the silence which ensued. Some diners continued to eat by the light of cigaret lighters and a fewjised lighted matches to find their rood. ' Most of us went outside where we saw American planes, carrying wounded soldiers from the front to general hospitals, \circling foe a landing. Sound of explosions in 1 direction revealed the approximate whereabouts of enemy craft. 1 ' Pilots and nurses on the evacuation ships said they were certain the Jerries had pursued them. "They would fire on anything," gritted 1 youth. "I was on a hospital plane they fired at only the other day," said | a nurse, whose natural beauty had been marred by ordeals she had undergone. The 50 casuals brought in were face and arm cases. They were taken .to the enlisted men's mess hall to eat-before going to bed. I turned the light he said quietly in this vegetable, of which, in my opinion, we make entirely too little use. Patlijan A La Naz 10 slices eggplant, V* inch thick 1 pound lamb shoulder ground 1 onion 1/3 cup parsley Salt and pepper 10 slices bacon Salt slices of eggplant and let saw them there, quite frankly through tear-dimmed eyes. About 10 wore white medical masks, through which they could see and breathe and feed themselves. Each I patlent wou ld be of the others had an arm in a cast. y, e University of The food had been cut so they could eat it easily with a fork In 1 hand. Sgt. Clarence Johnson, Eldora, a crewman on 1 of the planes, told me much about the victims of the nazi drive, which then was raging on the west front. I talked with a sweet-faced 19 from h the army in May 1943. He had been hit at Luxembourg in his right arm and back. "I could feel belter but I suppose I · could feel worse," he smiled. "Maybe everything will be * GUESS AGAIN! This apple isn't to keep the doctor away! Two- year old Michael Sullivan of St. Louis, Mo., now recovered from a crippling attack of infantile paralysis, learned that doctors . were very good friends. Hospital care for Michael and hundreds of other youngsters was, provided by The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis. The campaign for funds Is now on from Jan. 14-31. REVISE INSANITY COMMITTMENTS ' i Want Diagnosis by University Hospital Des Moines, (/P)--Revision of the entire procedure of committ- ment of Iowa's insane patients was proposed in a bill being drafted Monday by Sen. Leo Elthon (R. Fertile) for introduction in the senate. Under the measure each mental reated first at Iowa psychopathic hospital and committed to 1 of the state's 4 hospitals for Insane only after his case had been diagnosed as Insanity at the psychopathic institution^ Workers Rose in Revolt Against Nazis Moscow, (7P)--A small red pennant waving on a tall factory chimney greeted the red army when it entered Kreuzbui-g, Germany. Inside the factory, which was spattered with blood and smashed by guns of the Germans' own tanks, one man still lived. · Monday the communist newspaper Pravda gave this as his story: Vladimir Chesnokov. wounded In the battle of Moscow and again at Orel before he was captured and made to ply his trade as an electrical fitter on behalf of the nazi war machine, said he and his comrades had conducted organized sabotace since autumn; 1943, in the treat Opel autoworkers in Oppein, Silesia. His most successful "job," Chesnokov said, was when he exploded a charge in Orel's principal turbine a year ago, forcing a shutdown in production of German army vehicles for 3 days. Dropping sand and other items into gear boxes and crankcascs was the specialty of Stepan Zar- ubin, a former machine tool ex| pert at Orel. So carefully were their actions concealed in the vast factory that at no time were they detected by the strong force of military police, Chesnokov said. Occasionally suspects w e r e seized, but the series o£ "accidents" continued. When Marshal Ivan S. Konev's drive west of the Vistula river ushered in the great Russian winter offensive, the Germans ordered Opel employes dispersed. At least 6 soviet workmen he knew by name were shot Immediately, Chesnokov related. With his 3 friends he was sent by truck north to Kreuzburt. A miserable, half-famished collection of foreign workers was herded into one of Kreuzburg's factories where:a German director still lingered. All knew the red arm was swiftly approaching. Suddenly, said Chesnokov, the workers rose in revolt. Barricading himself in the attic, the director called for help, attracting the attention of the last At the present time county com- German army units remaining in YANKS SINK 20 MORE JAP SHIPS Makes Unofficial Total Over 5 Million Tons Washington, (U.PJ -- American submarines have sunk 20 more Japanese ships, including a light cruiser, in the increasing attack against Japan's constricting supply lines, the navy announced Saturday. These sinkings, on the basis of unofficial estimates, pushed the · toll of Jap shipping lost from all causes since the start of the war to more than 5,500,000 tons. The losses raised the total of. enemy ships destroyed by American submarines to 979. It was the 15th cruiser sunk by our undersea craft. The latest bag also included 13 cargo ships, 4 cargo-transports, 2 tankers and an auxiliary vessel. So far. submarines have accounted for 101 combat ships, in addition to 600 cargo vessels, 140 transports, 96 tankers and 39 miscellaneous vessels. It was the 2nd large haul announced this month. On Jan. 18, the sinking of 24 Japanese ships by our submarines was disclosed. The new sinkings further emphasized that the closer proximity of U. S. bases to the Japanese empire has enabled our underseas craft to operate with greater efficiency against the enemy supply lines. 8-STAR SERVICE FLAGS Chlsholm, Me., (U.R)--Two local war workers have a total of 16 children in the armed services. Mathias Bonnevie and Stanley Doiron have 8 service stars on each of their flags. tuns drew up to the entrance andjwgan blasting H elping the omemaker By CHARLOTTE ADAMS D GO RIGHT TO FIRST NATIONAL SANK Potato Salad 1 pound firm, fresh potatoes, 2 hard cooked eggs 1 teaspoon salt White pepper to tatse Yn cupful vinegar · 1 pimiento {chopped fine) 2/3 cupful mayonnaise 1 small onion sliced 2 tablespoons chopped parsley Boil potatoes in skins. When cool, peel and cut in quarters. Then slice or dice. Add vinegar, mix well and let soak. Slice onion, and pour salt over it. When squeeze out all the juice, and wash salt away with cold water. Mix onion with'potatoes; add pimiento, eggs, salt and pepper, parsley and mayonnaise. Mix well and let stand in refrigerator for some time before serving. The following is an eggplant recipe, named for George Mardikian's wife. Armenians have a stand for % hour. When soft, wash in cold water. Mix together ground lamb, onion, parsley, salt and pepper. Place 1 large spoonful of this mixture on 1 each slice of eggplant. Roll up, wrap bacon around each roll, and fasten with toothpicks. Place in baking pan, add 1 cup water and % cup tomato sauce. Bake for 1% hours, turning rolls at the end of 45 minutes to brown both sides. Baked Lamb Chops 8 thick loin chops 2 large tomatoes, quartered 2 large onions, sliced 2 cups water 1/3 cup parsley % teasuoon paprika 1 tablespoon salt Pe^Ter to taste 1 teaspoon oregano Set chops in open baking pan. Add onions, parsley, tomatoes, salt, pepper, paprika and water. Bake in oven for 45 minutes. Remove from oven, turn chops over, and bake for another 30 minutes. Roast Shank of Lamb 4 shanks of lamb 4 large pieces of potato 2 tomatoes quartered 2 teaspoons salt 1 teaspoon paprika 2 cups water Wash lamb well. and let it stand in clean water for at least 15 minutes. Place in open roasting pan; add tomatoes, salt, paprika and water. Cook for half an hour at 375 degrees, turn meat over and cook for another half hour. Now add potatoes to same pan and roast with the shanks for 30 minutes, then turn both potatoes and meat and let cook another 30 minutes. Meat should cook for 2 hours all together. Serve with its own juice as gravy. ail right with me some time." The flight surgeon said the arm amputated, on duty, at the base clutched my arm. "Christ, they're young and I've got a boy up there somewhere tonight," he said. I didn't sleep so well that night for thinking of those youngsters and the thousands of others slain and maimed since Dec. 7, 1941, and those who will be before victory is finally won. Flight Officer Howard G. Lenning, Thor, and I talked this over missions determine whether a per-1 the bombed town. son should be sent to a hospital for| Tanks and self-propelled insane. Mental patients also can be committed to such institutions by the courts. Elthon said the plan would necessitate enlargement of facilities at the psychopathic hospital at a cost not yet determined. 'But the saving to the state in care and treatment of hundreds of persons will more than offset the co«t of additional hospital facilities," he declared. "And rqfardless of the expense, I think It's the thine we should." He said at least 25 per cent of the patients now treated in Iowa's hospitals for insane were curable. "The policy of the state Of Iowa has been in the past simply a pol- fonght back with a handful of rifles and, connecting a firehose to a tap of boiling wafer, they sluiced infantrymen as they approached closer. Sibirko was wounded six times before he was killed. Suslov, his right foot blown otf, continued fighting until fatally shot through the head and body. Zarubin also fell as the battle entered its fifth and last hour, but not until he had tied a red signal flag, to the factory chimney where all Kreuzburg might see it. Chesnokov was hot hit. The German tanks finally withdrew to try to make their own escape from the red army. particular genius preparing that evening. He' hadn't been overseas long but he had seen considerable. "How I wish this thing would finish so I could get to the quiet of an Iowa farm," he said. In London he had by chance run across Lt. Thomas Thorson, Thor, son of the Rev. T. B. Thorson. The next day on a flight south together Lenning, who was going where he wouldn't need his sleeping sack, gave it to me, something I had wanted and tried futilely to get all winter. One needs a couple of them some nights in the Apennine mountains. His brother, Staff Sgt. Henry Lenning, was at Camp Shelby, Miss. "Yes, I'm going to get married right after I get back to Iowa. Girl all picked out and has said yes," the flight officer grinned as I bade him goodbye in Naples. That night I used his sleeping sack in a Naples hotel room, the only one I could find. The bed was twisted out of shape and was without blankets. Lenning will.have a warm place in my heart. icy oj feeding and clothing the unfortunates with mental diseases," Elthon asserted. 'There has been some attempt to cure some of the unfortunates, but the vast majority of the patients have little or no psychopathic treatment." ' Elthon said the present county sanity commissions might not be eliminated, but t h e y no longer would serve as the final authority on a. person's mental condition. "In other words'," he declared, "a person will not be · convicted without a scientific hearing." i (Wru ojrTomofc) Soup ' a dish, by itself -it's delicious I used as a sauce -its superb Heinz Cteatn, ojjlcnndtb Soup Yanks Have Theme Song for Philippine Advance With American Forces 40 Miles From Manila, (U.PJ--Capt. John McCury, of Des Moines, led the spearhead of an advance by veterans troops of .the U. S. 37th division to the loudly sung refrain of the popular song, "San Fernando Valley," against that key city, crossroads of Luzon, Sunday. Capt. McCurdy was in charge of a motorized reconnaissance outlit. Klemme--Mr. and Mrs. Henry Jost visited at the Ola Thompson home in Grinnell a couple of days to see Mr. Thompson who is ill. President Warren G. Harding was the first chief executive to broadcast through microphones which in those days were called "enunciators." A Good Way to Pay a Debt If you are able to pay off a pressing debt gradually, out of income, the First National Bonk can arrange to advance enough money to pay it immediately in a lump 'sum. Come in and ask us about a Personal Loan. PERSONAL LOAN DEPARTMENT FIRST NATIONAL BANK l O F M A S O N C I T Y l Republicans Remember McKinley's Birthday Washington, v(/P) -- Republicans in the house blossomed out Monday with ted carnations in their buttonholes, commemorating the 102nd birthday anniversary of former President William MtKin- ley. Ohioans distributed the flowers. Rep. Ramey (R-Ohio) told the house McKinley "reflected his beloved Ohio as one of the first inter-nationalist presidents." . One tin of soup, plus one tin of milk or water makes four bowlfuls delicious soup I for meatloaf and spaghetti, Heinz Condensed Cream Tomato Soup gives a flavor folks simply can't resist of LOVEtY WAT TO DIE Dallas, Tex., Ol.P.) -- Arch L. Hawkins accidentally swallowed a piece of steak he hadn't chewed and choked to dea^h before a doctor could arrive. JAP BOMBER FAILS IN ATTACK ON U. S. CARRIER^-Swooping toward a U. S. carrier in Philippine waters, a Jap dive bornber (circled) speeds through a curtain of antiaircraft shells tossed up by the gun crews aboard the flat-top. Smoke from the guns covers the vessel's deck as the enemy plane comes ia fast. A split second after the photo was made, the flak gunners found the mark and the Jap craft was blown apart. Official U. S. navy photo. O'DEA COMPLETE FINANCE service for retailers, distributors, jobbers, manufacturers, Individuals. * FAST EFFICIENT LOW COST SERVICE · r.B.A.Tlllel · Farm Implement* Zqalpmcnt Account* Rome Appliances financing Z.«ftni t*r Indl* rtdnal reqatr*- mcnts C. F. KRIZ Local Representative P. O. Box 32 -- Phone 2259 MMon City *2O FREE Merchandise of Customer's Own Choice , With Purchase of Any 4-Piece Bed Room Suite Prices Range From $115.00 to $229.50 BEFORE YOU BUY SHOP AT TYLER-RYAN'S 29 2nd St. S. E.

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