The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 28, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 28, 1818
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a chancery.. , - SiaU oftfea 1 erk, u. IN parwanc of M order of iliii honorable t - ourt, bearing data the ?7tli dij of June, 1813, - will be sold at public auction, at lbs Tontine 'Cfee House, inherit of New York, under the direcUo of tlie subscriber, a wie of U iua - rr of thi eourt, oa the Slit day oi July next, at - 11 o'clock at noon, all those several blocks, pie - ' ces'or parcel of gronod, tituate, lyiuj a 0 - 1 being in tii township of Brooklyn, ia the county! v KhgMud of New - York, aforesaid, and kaown d distinguished on a map made by JM ciah Lotu the 19m da of March the folia in boundaries, to wit, northerly in front by Watr - stree.t, oottierlj in the rear by , r roai - itreet, easterly on the one tide ny ,'sou street, and Westerly oa the other aide by Gold - street, containing tour quaresor block oi ground. Also all those certain water lot, Jyin iiemeuiaK.iv in irons oi tuc oerore uv,iv blocks, bounded at follows to wU - - aler.y by Jacknn - treet,oiithrrly by Water - street, and westerly by Gold - sfreel, containing m hreadib oa Walor street tbedistaiice between Gold - and t Jai - kion - stieet, and runniug into the East River ,'s sr.r a the giant of the corporation of the - city rf . New - lorn extends, aim me sppuricnouw Dated Jane, 111 18. "" - ''. , JAMES A. HAMILTON, i ' Master Jo Chancery. ' "' Not.The above property will be told in lots ' tad parcels, according to a certain map u - tonne tnereoi, wdkh win os nhiiiiik Coffehout one week before the day of sate. J) lawsfwdlw. - i T of 'be above property ia postponed to - the Seventeenth day of Aujnst next, at the tame ' hour awJplaM. July list, 1818. t.Le a ti 1 lift TAV 'Idtd. Matter in Chancery. ' IN CHANCERY. . Dorothy Hacklin, , "J ' ' t. . , v liuat, Catharine Hunt I ' - , - nr.d othera. v . , J . . - . - f - . ' ' IN tursaaoca ot an order of thl TouYt tuade in the above cause, wl be M al , ,oWic auctioa at the Tontine Coffee tiouie, n thetityof AewYorkj on the Uih dayof July i inst at li o'clock at noon, under the direction , of the tubscriher. aU those five IfiUof rrouod, sit uate, Ivinff nad beiru; i the eighth ward of the ity of.ew York, beinj forineily that part ol the property of (.Vichola Bnyurd, Esquire, Una 4" kn wn br Ihtr' of Bayard's Farni,. lying weuward ol woaiway i said son of inc uens - rated on a mnp of said farm, made by Casinier Tk. OocrcIC, then one of the City Surveyors, by the number 1147. tl 48. 1149. MjOand 1 151 to - Uicf with the herediumtiila ad appurtennn - c!iouie aaose neioiigmx or in uujrwc ayt - - THOMAS BOLTO.V; J 3 lawtJytOJUs. Mshr in Charvctry. U CHANCERY. . State of New - York, . ' pursuance of an erdor of this honorable court, bearinf date the ttlj dy of Januty, il?t - Td at public anction, at the Tontine CmiW IIuum; in the city ol !iew - Yorr, under 4ti direction ot thesuhicribe, as ooe of Uie luas im at ibis i oiirt. ia utarale lutt or partrlt, on "Thursday, the twenty third day of July next, al . twelve oVIock at noun, " AH those Certain pie. cei or parcel ami tracts of land, known at the north cast secliod of the tcuth town - hip, in the twelve towns in Tioga county, being lott Ho. " $, 27, 2tf, 29, 30, 32, and 38. Lot No. 26 coo - .' rams about eighty acres ; lot io. 27, about one hundred and five arret : lot No. 23, 29, 30, and Ihirly two. each containing one buudred and four acres, three fourths and 3o rods of land ; lot So. HQ contains 90 3 4 and nineteen rods. Also, westfaalfof lot No. 24, whiLh half contains 61 acres. And also lots Aos. 1, 3, 4, 6 rind 7, on the gore lying westerly and adjoining on laid inorttieast section, and wat survevrd and ad - ' ded tu said section to make a deficiency in . nul ipriii h mutake in a formes. survey. Said laU M - j. I, , 3, 4 and 6, containing about fill acn t each ; and lot No. 1 about twenty five . n, . i l . n i . ' . i . : acres. 1 oeioor wiin ail ilia uu - uwi, mc nuteiand apiiartenances'. Dated April 13, 1818 : JAMES A. HAMILTON, n !!l lawtdt Matter in Chancery. Thetale of theabnve property iapo!Uonedto i tlie 7in instant, at the tajne hour ami plnce. I July 3d, lUltt. i. J. A. tlAMIblW.l, . i. J Jtllis - , AJasltrin Chancery IN CHANCERY. . v - - State or Ann - IV. . IN pursuance 'of an' order of this honorable 1 court bearing date the fi.'tetnth day of June, 1818. - will be told at public auction, at the ' hou - e o' Moset Bar", luu - keeper. in the vil J.ige xH' Utii a, OneiJa Count, .i the Sd day . of Stiiteiuoer next. at. 12 o'clock at noon, un tier the direction cf. Uie tubtcriher All that tract or uarcci of lan.l, Ivine and being situ a . ted ia Um town of Rome, couutv of Uucidn, tta'enf New York, begimiiii? at a walnut ttaup "st.iii .ii'g ia thesoutlt side ol tt, NonawK river, at tlie uiirthtfasf corner of lot 4, i i the third al 'kdiBTit of tlie Oriskany 'patent, and ruunl:. t!.tn soul i J3ce'recs 10 minutes, west alon '. sjutheas. touudsof lot No. 4, 139 chains and 8d 'J.ikst.i a beach tre cornered and ma - ked li fcivil 4; thence north 74 degrees and 40 minutes.! west along tue fou'.neny oounui oi sain 101 i, n .liaini lid .iuks to a slaku ttandinz 12 links B. Vf. of an iron wood Ire, coiuf red aud ui.rkel - P. C. M B. ; tttence north thirty nine degTees 10 - miuutc, eat aloog a linit of Durkcd tree to ih tleltred land now ownerfhy Frederick istandev. aud alons the esst si - le o.' his firm, at the rence no ita. - the port road leadins to the t il lag o( Fori fctnnwirk ; tT.ent e westerLy a tiie ls. ii J load runs, 7 t naiiit in linns ; norm 39 erer 10 mi notes, etM along the line ol laid btnnrlley 's farm I JO rhuni 94 links (.in the whole line) tithe tmili hank ul tne nioiiawic river 1 thi'bce at the s iid river wind and runs to iIh 'TlateofberiiMiintf (i:ent one litre, sold am ileedtd bv ti ler Colt to Abel Burrows, adioio inj i'ut south tide of the road aod U.e lauds ol lie - ii - e Ci jTk ) tkwtaining 654 arr, more or Ich ; ti l.irin lately owneoroy tier "am! sr.LI li lo lhe5aid 0or4 ;i icriba. To redmr wilb all un - t lingular lae here - ditaments to lUt same Vlon - ;ii)g or m arjy ise appertaining - DattdJuiy 20ai, its is. '''JSO lw6w Matter in tliaocery " ITlAIir.Rr ASHezekiahKellefof tl town iVi ot Uroukivu. bv Iu certain indenture ol - toortg tge; bearing - date the twenty - fiest Any of Jjeptemiier IBlO, tor u.e neiiersecuniifi u ja - mejit of tlie ssnt of three bundr - d and tAy dol - Mr, la rmt nunti of the Uuited Slate of Aiuer - ifti tviicin with tlie lawful interest for the awe according to Uie cmdiliont of a certain bowl bearing ev.n date with tlie said xontgaRe. - did rrant, Lrin and elS unto John Crapser, ' Of the city of New - York, house painter, all tbat certaiq lot of ground with the building tliereon, being part of a parcel ol gronnd in the ity m New - York, dislisjuisiiea ana aoawn uy n ..... r rH WmiI Tarm. and ii Dartieular - U d tiioated in a map thereof made by C. T G vrck, by rumber three hundred and forty five, . Um areel sida of Canreiu - st belsneen Broome and spring si i eels, and oourded easterly ia fr.:nt by Laurens - strcet, westerly in tbe Mar by tot auiolitr three buiweeq ancmsij - iour, imtjis.rly on one side l y pr t of the said lot, mn - . ber ilw - e l.uti''rd and firty iie tod nortiiMlf , lot uuiutnir three hoblred ti - .d l - 'rty - fcix ; roulai..i it w front nod rear twelve fn;t ia width ai d ia ltglb ou each sirl ciif huixlreel f. - et oe the same mo - t or less, wbicb taid lot uf n'e - ind v. is ii Id - Vl Crporauon ol laid city tu Wm I.. siinf - . - ,tvi arrears ol taxts, onl'un UilielkTui June iKIl, lorthe term ol IC , jer;"m th I3!li Ms ol iniJ vear, and by tin said Wm. 1.. S.fct - ri cotiveveii to trie said . Jt4 tr:iper fa tbe lh Msrtli 1KI? ; A.rt . 'ueras ileiaiiUhat bwa tnnU; iu th p - ivo'entof' t.r uu m'erei cue in said liooJ and vl'rvZ' I .. - . ...Z, T V. Z"i r::;V'""V.' 'I" of or t. the it sell be and in nt 12 in of se in 'it is t - :.7.: a.; .uiute insrBcaT;.t. j"t rius . t 10 o'clock p. .. ..iivLxrn,...,. .11 k ' i - i yihU - oactioa orvcwlu op die fit.hdy arv i at twelve o c. ck at a.ioo, - it fit Too - tiir - Cile ll'' - iuiiie city of New - York. Dated, Ju4s2Jthl8 "5. JOHN CRAPcER, " Pktbk Iu Witt, AOaroey. Jy 1 la Cm 13 CHANCERY I JtTHEREASJaiue Jam, oftl Iowa ftf fcoatlifield, count y of Richmond, aod tat ol iw lor, beuig indebted onto nenry vavi, of the same dace, m and by a certain bond or oblix - ation. beano; date the bantu dar of Decern ber, in the year ot oorLord, ooe thousand eight huudred indMirnlMB. in 1be penal tumol twelve hmidr. f end nioet one dollar, (awful money Of the United Malta, conditioned for the payment of hi hundred and wrty nve cioiiarsanu unj kkii lawful nuww aforesaid, with lawiol interest lor the tame, oa or before the tenth dayof May, then nut .Dsuiu the date of said bond or obligation, tor the better securing and more sure pat meat of the said sum ol money mrouooea in tue bui bond or obliEation. according to trie true iaieut aod meaning thereof, did, together with Abigail his wile, on the raid tenth r!ay of December, in ttie year aforesaid, mortgage to the said Henry Davit, all that messuage, larm, plaiUtion tall meadow and premises, tituate, lying ana Dting in th&towa of Soulhneld, coanty aoeT state alora said, and is butted and bounded at follow : be Siaaiag by the eastermott corner of the laud of Cornelius Van Buskirk. and. Fanning from thence by hi line, north forty seven degrees and thirty nuoutes, west thirty nve cnains ana sixty link; thence by laid highway, north thirty - three decrees and twenty uiioutet, east fourteen chaiiisn to the corner ol the land ol Isaac Simon ion i tbence by the hue of the said Isaac Simon son aod l'erine, south forty seven degree and thirty minutes, east forty one chains and sixty link, to the land of Jacob Vreelandi thence a - long taid Vreeland't line, toutli fifty one'direet and forty five niiuutet, west twenty tb.te chains and sixty links to ft place of beginnsog ; con. Ulijing within the nounus and limits tntreoi eign - tv eient acret aod one half aa acre of land ; oouadea souiBwesieny oy ine taia comeuus Van Buskirk'i land : northwesterly by the taid highway ; northeast by die land of the said Isaac aiuioritoo and renue, anu touueast Dy toe tanii said Jacob Vreelaod. Also, a certain piece parcel of salt meadow, lying in said town, near a place called Via i own ; beginning at or near the corner of Cornelius Martmo's meadow. and running from thence south twenty nine de grees, east fourteen cliaiut and fifty links j thence north seveuty four degrees, easi one chain forty three links c thence north twenty nine degrees, tast fourteen cnauit and uity hoes, io ice fence i Uieoce sou to twenty lour degrees, west one chain aod forty three liuk to the place of beginning ; cootamiog two acres ol salt meadow ; bounded southwest by Cornelius Mariino'i : toutheatt by the creek , northeast by John Ket - tictas, and nortnwtit ny mcaaow or otepiitD .Martino. Also, tbnt certain piece or parcel of salt meadow, situate and lying ia me town oi Aiortnfield. county and state aforesaid, on the easterlide ot i uuiton's creek (to called) and Cherry Tree Creek i bounded westerly by the iind two creeks ; noriAeriy and easterly oy meadow f Captain Kitbard Courson, and southerly by meadow of John Merrell ; containing two acres aud a half of snlt meadow, be the tame ninre or - s t together irith ail and lingular, the edifices. building?, rights, members, mvi,'eges andappur - teoaaces, thereunto beloturinir or in any wiie'np pertaining ; with a power in the said morte contrived, tbht il default thnuld be made in the payment ol trie tid sum oi money mentioned in ili." condition ol the said bond or utilisation, and Merest which should accrue the i eon, at the time specified for the pnyment thereof, that then should he lawful for the taid Henry Duvis, hi heirs, executori, administrator and tisigus, to and dispose of the said preinin ,t public auction, according to the net ol the It enlature intuch cases made and provided ; which thonlJ a Perpetual bar, bo:h in law and equity, a - gntn.'t the laid James Jainci and Abigail In wife, their heirs and assigns, and nil other persons claiming or to claim the said preuiiits, by, Irom or under, uieru, or any ol uirni. And whereas default has been made in the pay ment of tlie said priuripnl sum of tix hundred forty five dollars and City cent,' and the same with the interest thereon remains due arid unpaid notice it nrreny given, mat punaunt to the ac t sucb case made and provided, all aiid lingular the premises above particularly mentioned. with the hereditament! and appurteiiancet, will sold at puimc auction or vendue, at the Ton tine Coffee tioune, in tbecity of New York, cu Wednesday, toe 4tn day oi noveiuoer next, at o'clock at noon. Dated the 14tlidavof May the year oi'our Lord one thousand eight hundred hto eijtnieen. my 151 - twtim - HKMti IiAVla IN CUAKCERY. - - Shite of JVew - l' IS ptiriurtDce of a decretal order or decree of the honorable tlie court ol Chancery or tlie stale New - York, ill be sold at public auction at tiie i online uccee houm in tne city ol new York, on Wednesday, tlie I wentv sixth day of Au gust next, at It o'clock at noon, under Uiedirec tion and superuitendance of John l owl, one of ttie masters in chancery of the laid state All that certain tract, piece or parcel of land end premi tne buildings thereon erected and being, iituoleri, lyinj and btii g in the town of V or. ken, the county or we?tchtstr, and winch in an indenture of mortgage executed and delivered by John union to I ttomn alrnline, and dated ilie 12th ol rebruary, llo, is desctibcd in the words lollowing, to wit: ' All that certain farm true? of laid, situated, lyiiig nud ieinf ia tlie Iowa oi Yonkers, in county ol' .Vet ClieVer an.l slate ot .ew ork, cfntuiuin seventy Jit 'es (a said) be the sauic inorn or less ; anil on wlm li laid tract oi a i eel of lnd it erected sumiry dwelling home', and grirt mill and other i. - urovurjentf.aud is butt - d and bounded and lied as follows, vii: Northwtittrlv by Saw - Mill Kiicr. northerlv by lands now ol K i tali Valentine a'terly by lundl now or lab - of t'e'er Nodine, and southerlv by lauds now or Lite o John Cou - shoiig, and lands n ;w nr late of Abraham VVood ; with the property in road and lights of way, leading to or froui said premin - j to I lie Turnpike Road, I'ommonly called the Highland ,1'uinpike road, fatiri tilio toother highways or elsewhere" 'i'ogpllier wiih all aod singular the he reditan.enti aod uppurtcnauces thereuntil belonging Dated Uie seventh day of July, 1818. . JOHN TOVVT, J 7 lawtd . Master iu Chancery. I I1EGKAMMA1ICAL BAR. T IIEiiDOortauce of a correct knowledge of . - Grumuiar, is too much acknowledged to need k(iuraent. The uosetlled aud deiullory manner, in hl b it n taught in common schools, it highly exceptionable. I'o have arbitrary iu!e ann uenuiiioos iarraiiiieecoiiiiuieieu ui memory, learned nod conned by role witbout comment ot elucidation, it found to be generally void of utili tv ; for o lone as the pnn iple ol rules are not understood, they can never be applied to actual use. Under tecb impressions and influenced by a desire to promote so useful a branch of education, tlie subscribers propose a remedial system, iu the undertaking, they are conscious of no oilier motive, than the prouioli - nof a branch of knowledge, which is an indisieuible pre requisite in every other. Tbe subscriber onticipa e many ohtectinn to so complete a deviation Irom the antiquated track, which custom bas long since sanctioned as tlie most eligible : but, to obviate them, they aik a thorough and candid investigation oi lit principle. It is a dictum, that with out a knowledge of the reason on which law are made, no one can know the law. A conviction otit truth formed tlie most powerful inceotivefo the i o vent wo of the G ra mm alica! B ar, w b ic b con vey! to the miud through the medium ol the eyi the reasons the whvt, and tbe wherefores. T be short, it employs tbe perceptive faculties, tbe fT.urner eeoiiirei a habit of attention, his rudEe - mitil is exercised, and he advance ith case and delight. 1 he suliscnheii bave taken a conveo ieut room in Fultoo - sreet, No. 139, where chil dien, yoang lauie ana gemieruro may acquire a eiirrei t knowledge or Jnglisn grammar iu uxty hour. A correct knowlr - oge of parsing will 1 given to new beginner ;. il not, no pay will oe re quired. A ntw clast to begin on Wednesday, . J I ROWN, Jn. E. D. CROSSFIELD ft. B.' Yonog gentlemen, who bave lieeu io struct) d in the short term of sixty hours, wiil be presented lor examination each day at b n'cloc X. P - . Scholars received Ml intlrecled at aay I e'oituitioBrjiadeltaownattlieatKv men - j"001" - J HO Im A LOT or ground on Broadway, between Walker - street and tanal - stntt,"26 fret coe ww ana 173 feet four. Inquire of , , A. JAY, J 1 !9. Zl Pure - itreet. a to M VALUABLE KEALT t9 : FOR SALE, IN TBE I ITT OF alW - tOBK. LIVE lots of ground on the west sidsofGwea - V wkb - ttreet, between Vestry and Desbros - ses - streets, 20 by 80. ". . , i'sur do in the rear of the, above, fronting oo the east side of Washington - street, C5 by bW. Eiglitdo io the block oelew, bttweeu Wasb - ington and West - etreets. - ' , ,. " ' ; ' In MontgomerwCosnty. ' . 6000 acret of Land in Lawrence's purchase, near bait Canada Creek, on the iterta etdeoi ttie woiiawk. - : ? v In Franklin County. 15,162 acret of Land, ia the town of Mount Biorns and jJaytoo. In Esssv County. 7832 acres of Land in the town of Barry mor In the Couutv of Lewis. 1250 acres of land ia Caiterland, Cbassauit Purchase. . ; . .,.,. . In Saratoga County., . 2600 acre in Palmer's purchase.' - Enquire at the office of the subscriber, . 34 Ce dar - itrett. ' BEV. ROBINSON. mh!7tf . . U.aAUNUEK'a PATENT RAZOR bTROI' .You that wish to thave with ease, Buy of Saokdkri if yon please . , Hi Raxor Strop's, peculiar such. 1 nat sharps the ivaxor wiin atoucn. G SAUNDERS respectfully solicits those who have not ent hit Patent Raxor Strop, to lurnisa themselves with hit new tovenred Jva xor Strop, and Metallic Composition. No ceo tleman who once makes triaLofoneof the strops now oUered, will ever try any other: and eucJii? their formation, that ever so much use will not Kive the raxors that roundness which render the nest of them useless, and which is well known al ways to follow the application of all those hitherto invented. Tne above strops are ia general use in New York, and are distinsoished from all others. Barbers who have used them say more in their praise thau 1 can myself. ' - 18 W reef - Also for sale. Rarer. Soap, and every ten - il for Shaving, of the first quality, with a superior assortment of Perfumery, Hair - Powder, He. from Smyth's, New Bond stieet, London. . a. a. I he most liberal allowance to dealers. my 22 r?OR the above troubleirme ami oltcu latal C complaint, Hamilton's Elixir is offered, with confidence implied by twenty years uccesful experiment. A tingle trial w ill ynre tbat it dis lodge and evacuatei the touch viscid phlegm or mucus, strengthen trie weakened vessels ol the lupgi,sheaihe tlie acrimonious humour which irritates Idem, and finally dischareei it. Thui striking at the root of the disorder, tne symp toms are of course effectually and peminnentlv conquered ; the reverse of common medicines which weaken the constitution, and give itrenglli the disorder, for the sake of moderating for the T sent some of its painful effects. TOr - AllKNTS, who have cl.ildren nfflicfed wi'hlhis dread'ul malady, this it a discovery of the first magnitude, as it affords iinii,eiliito ie. lief, checks the progress, and in a short time entirely removes the most cruel disorder to which hildreo are liable. The elixir is so pcrkrtlv a - greeuhle, and the dote to small, that oo diflicully rises in taxing u. lie particular to ask for Hamilton's Elixir, im itations of which are offered to the public, hut none are genuine without tbe signature of II Lee. For sale at LEE'S medical warehnne. No. 40 1 ijilen Lane, and by every respectable Drug - ail in New York. J 10 ! UTU A If I N SL' RANGE CO M PA N Y OF TtfVX X1TY OF "TEW - V0RK. (Tluoldett lnslilrilim Tor Insurance tgairntfirt tn tfut ctlu,) FiSL'RE osaiaiit Lo or Damage hy Fire, Dwelling llouiei. Ware Houses, Buiieliugsiu general, Merchandize, Ship in )ort and their Cargoes, Itouseboiii rurm ure, anu every oe - fcrii'lionof iersonal property, on term as favo rable a similar wiiumons in misciiy. Phi Company is tneonmrated solely for the purpose of insuring against losses by tire, and ha circiiiafcribed its opeiation chiefly v ilbio this city and immediate proximity. In addition to uie iapuai siock, which is secured by bom I and Mortgage unreal eftutetind public stoc ks, this Company MssetM:i a handsome surplus loud, inveted iu like manner : parties assured may therefore repose the ful lest confidence in tbe solidity of it capital, awl that ant losses or damage will be settled with nroruDlitiide and liberality. The diderent rate cl premium and condition of Insurance are imifcim with thole of the other Fiie Insurance Ollices io Ihiscily. I he I'ublic are referred lor articuiars to Hit printed proposals in circulation, aud which may be had on application at no bi vt an street. GAliRIKI. KURMAN, 1'rct - ident, JOHN l'INTARD, Secretary. may 28 WAN 'I 1), A WHITE e - irl or woman to do the cooking, il &c. in a small family, consisting of four mown persons, liruitr in a pleasant partot the city, she will have tbe assistance of a little girl and a boy. None need apply without good (commendations. Apply at tuisotuce. J 16 tf JfcWKL.Lr.KV. WA1CHE?. A:c. CASL of sundry Jeweller, Cutlery, Silver Hunting anl ITain vntcbes. Dressin Cases and Ladies Work tfoxet. 2 cares Ladiei Corsets asiiirted. Forialeby J l - A M BERT. Jt 34 il troriiiri.i meet, "VNE with a trood supply of milk, and wlw KJ can produce satisfactory tetimoiiUls of character, tic. will meet with encouragement! by applying at MRS. SAIOLEUS, J 10 tr Ao. 3b llroadwsy MNIIl WAftLL IL'BLIC NOTICE is herfbttiven. that tl Assessors of the Niuth Ward bave comple ted their Assessments, aod that a copy thereof is lelt with one of lire A'sessors, at the Louse of Da vid Hueitt. Harla - ra. fcr five days, the other five at the linuse ot Uavid I urvey, itowery - iim. where the same may kcieenaodexaiuined by a - nvoflhe inhabitant durine tan days from Hie date hereof, arid tbat the Assessors will meet oo r riday, July 24, 18IH, at tbe bouse ol, I'aviu I urvey, Uowery - Hill. to review tneir at testment.. on tbe application of any person con ceivint: himself serrieved. Hour from 10 to 3 on ech dav. JOHN ADRIANCE, Asors of the JOSEPH WILLOLGIIQI Ninth Ward. July 14 JU IUK tUBLILK. A GENTLEMAN from France would wish to draw Ihe attention of the citizen of New. York to his newly established Laboratory of Colours fcr walls, prepared for immediate use, and accompanied with direction I laying them oo The colour are of the brVfhtett tints, and pre pared so that no cliraf pouitraent can taXs place St. JohnS HalL FrankiarVst.' ' K. B. A very superior quality of Retarding Ink toanuraclored vj laexuit rxceotu ;ly tf , t in of POST CDACft io 8TEAM - E0AT LINE, FUR ruiLnuiirniJi. . t VI or BMIABETHTOWir FOIST, (Through in One Day.) . : A KEW Line of Pott Coaches with every coa Air Unssnrera and baceaxe, OB Snnrn i larl. fmis til CoAch - tlfficBa No. 1 Cnartietsd - ttreet, wear Broadway, New - York, every morning, (Sundaji excepted) at 5 o'clock, in the Steam Boat Atalnnta, via Elitahethtown, Brunswick. Princeton, Trenton and Bristol, and arrive at Philadelphia the tame aiieruwu, 4 o'clock, i '.' 1 . . A teoond line of new Port Coachet will .tart from New - York every morning, (Sundays ex .ml. A ml in nVtnrk in the Steam Boat Atalaa ta, lorlgeat Trenton, and arrive at Philadelphia, in a Steam Boat, next sw'rning at 10 o'clock. Fare 6 dollar!.. P. 8. t - assengen are requested to call and take their beau ut tbe orocc iso. s !onrf N. V. Uuited States Mail Coach, for Philadelpliia, Baltimore and Washington City, wiin every coovenienre for pasteugeri and baggage, on springs. The U. S. mail coach Will start from tlie coach office, No. 1 Courtlandt - it, New - lorn, every day at 2 o'clock, P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia next morning at (o'clock. Only 6 passengers admitted. ' for seats in the above named Line, apply to THUS. WHITFIELD, at the old established Coach, and Steam boat otnee, no. i vonri - landt - itieet, near tbe corner ol Broadway, new - York ; or to A. T.GOODRICH & CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - street, and at No. tf Whiteliall - .treet. New - York. fr7 - Al coorlt and baegaee at tne risic ot tne owner. JUSkfrl L.iu. awo at w, N. B Expresses sent to any part oi me od tment,by THOMAS VVHITFIELU. Je 24 SWiFT SURE MAIL COACHES, yon, raiLS.Dti.rHiA, ' every morning (Sunday'sex - ,cepteo; at ooxioci, nira arrive iu Philadelpliia next ay to dinner. The puhhek houses are rood, and reasonable their r.'iarees. The drivers, horses and coach et are not inferior to auy otheri now running be tween these two cilie. l oe nenuttiui couuirj - , and the excellence of the road on this rout, con nected with the safety, comfort, and reasonable expencet, are helrived to be strong inducements to traveller hi giving this line a tieciuea preier ence. The itrictest attention will be observed by the proprietors in giving general satisfaction. All baggage and packages will go at the risk of the owner unlets insured and receipted for by the clerk of aid office. Stage fare only $5, with a generous allowance baggnge Parties wishing to travel at their leisure, may engage the Coach on reasonable terms exclusively to themselves, by applying ooe day previous to starting. For seat apply at Northern Hotel, No. 79 Courtlandl - itrcet, New - York. LYON, SONS, CO. ap 2 Proprietor. UNION LINK FOR P II I L A D E 1. 1' II I A. Twenty - five mile land carriage, via New - Brunsiiick and Trenton. Iu neiv pott conches $5 Do goodste.gts 4 50 Do iorecustle. or deck passengers, 3 50 Connected by ti e steam boats olive br&kcix and pni.ADKi.rniA. The sle - ara bnat Olive Branch will leave New York every day, Sunday's excepted, from the north side of tiie Battery, nt 11 o'clock, A. M. Passengers will lodge at Trenton, aDd take the steam boat Philadelphia, to 8stonrrive in PhiUdcMiia at lOo'clnck the n'xt rooroicg, in time to luke the Union Line Halliiiiore steam liontt. This line has a connection with the best boats on the Delaware and Chetapf - eJce to Norfolk t also those of the iortb Kiter and sound ; ami tfeir several i rival are calculated to cause tit tle, if any delay. - l ' I fun a speeeiy ana ceriainiy ine moiicemve - ient route, a the paenger will leave New - fork after tlie banks open, and arrive in Phila delphia before uSe hour of hu'inees, without fatigue in trat tiling or want of deep, the land carriage being much less than by any other route between the two citie. ' For teats in the above line apply to WILLIAM B. JAQUES, At the Union Line Steam Boat Office, in Mar - ketficld street, north tide or the Battery, between Greenwich and Washington streets, or to The CAPTAIN oa board. Q3 All goodt and baggage at tlie risk of the nwnr. ap4 HO I ICK. mym For Ihe further accoinmo - 1 . datioa of the public, the de - - - - nf a rir.flv frOIIl I I .t. J t. .7 . . .T - . 7 VTdCT'l New - York and Newburgh will be in luture on Ihe following days : l.cavo New YorH on Monday, Wednesday nd baturdav. at 9 A. M. Leave Newhursh oo Tuetdav. Fiidsv and Sunday at C A. M. I he above arrangement win commence ny tne Firtfly leaving Newburgh on Sunday, the 24tb May. , . 1 lie wettero stage teavet rewnurgn imme' liatcly after the arrival ol the Firefly. my it KASIOB AUD BKTBLKHKM HKW LISK, VIA , ., SCW - BRUM WICK. ' 5! li' 1 OCj Passengers will leave Jinan i mmm, , - jtw - iors every nionaay t; t gand Friday, at II o'clock, in gS - A. M. in Uie steam boat Oiite Branch ; lodge at New Brunswick ; leave there early next morning, and arrive at Easton at 4 o'clock in the nllernoon. Keturning, leave Easton every Monday and Friday, at 5 o'clock, A. M, lodge at New Brunswick i arrive at New York at 10 o'clock next morning, iu the steamboat Oiive Branch. The stage connected with this line is a eood four - borse stag. rassage from I. Brunswick tot.aston, jjou ; from Easton to Bethlehem, 75 cent. For teats in the above line,npply to WM. B. JAQUES, at the Philadelphia Union Line Steam - Boat Office, north side of the battery. KUbLtil L.t i cu., l roprielor. Jel3tf FOH till LA D&Ll'HIA, F.LIZA BKTU - TOHX POIJCJ C 1 1 "C - lOaT - COACH LINK, TTtrmteh in a day and by day - lieht, T EAVES New - York in the it earn - boat Ata - - A lauta, from the foot of Whitehail - street, urarthe Battery, at 5 o'clock, A. M. Enquire at No. 1 Courtlandt - street and No. 53 White - ball - street, at which place teat may be taken. Je20 - tf JUST published and for rale at WILLIAM 9J Liu BOIa' piano forte and muuc tlcre, Na. 12S Broadway, Thine am I mv faithful fair; the soldier's bride xnd from childhood! dawn to noon of youth a sun by Mr. I liiliptis. Ab can 1 e'er forget thee love Tbe celebrated echo toug The inspiration, tarred melody Tbe Saxon air, with variations hy Cramer 1 1 ay du celebrated cenzouet, My mother bid: me bind my hair, at a i ondo Twenty four sonatas, for yoang perfwraiers, by N. H. CMltoner. The ax Cohoar waltz, with variations The Sophia VValti The storm rnndn, by Steibelt J 12 K7 ANTED, a lad about 14 t - ar of en. I V a un apprtntic to the printing basihci. appiv at me comer ei ouui aaa spruce - it. Jy Ti js C - Vr. "T. r ecxtxaasssss Via .4 i - - T - - ; ' Tili6uj"bsTtJM boa r - iJv i.r.f.w v IM pfopnewrsrwi'n a i (i View o accornmociatkng tbe f public, by extending titeune jto N'orwn b, intend making tbe e penmen! Mib the Fulton, Cm. Law, aud this route (if found practicable) will be couiintied daring the leasoo t . ' The line will in future be from New - York to Norwich, a follow : 1 be Conoocticot, CapL Bunker, will leave New - tork every Jitniay, W'Anada? and Friday, at 8 o'clock in tbe morning, for New - Haven. Tbe Fulton, Capt. Law, will leave JS'otviek at 6 o'clock in tbe morning of tlie same days, touch at Aesr - Jtowrfon and depart from thence for Jftv - Havtn at 8 o'clock. The boat will meet M Atv - Jferen, autiuepartfroHsliience tutay Jiauiiiy, W nines - rfnttand Friday, at 7 o'clock in he evening the Connecticut tM.A'eu - fark, auif tbe Fulton for JS'tW' London and JYeiuich. ink 17 and ashiaioo a m sil - siaok - THUS TIKfKk A WKKK. I EAVES Newburgh eve. J ry Sunday, Tuesday, land Thursday mornings, at 'three o'clock, run through Montgomery, Bloomingburgh, Monticello, by White Lake, Cothectou, Mouut Pleasant, Great Bend, Chenango Point, Owejja, Ithira, and Geneva, toCaaaudaigua. . Returning leaves Canamlaigua. every Mon - dsy, Wednesday and Friday mornings at three o'clock, and arrives at Newburgh, the third day in time to take the Bteam - bofts which arrive in Mew - York the following morning. XT nury 4 trpecttd thai eJ alt hmtitchen tlit tUam - boalt alter their ieyt of running, that this luu will alter to a$ l meet them. - ' Tlie whole route will be perfomed in three days, from the first of May, until the first of November and from the first ot November until the fifteenth of December, and from tiie fifteenth of March until the first of May, in four davi and from the 15l)i December, until the fifteenth of March the same line will be continued to the city of New - York and run from thence to Canandaigua in four dav. l'assenger travelling1 from New - York to Csnaneiuigui, Niagara or Buffalo, can leave N. York in the evening steam - boats, and arrive in Canandaigua in three days a distance of three hundred milts. The lijie is well furnished with good, new carriages i good hones, and ctrefirf and experienced drivers Every attention will be paid to render tlie passage of the traveller safe, easy and expeditious i and it is believed tint the accommodations on thii line are equal to any line in the state. fj FARE from Newburgh to Canandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. 11. A branch oCtlie same line runs three time a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a line runs from Owego Tioga I'oint; thence through Newtown and Painted Post, to Bath, He. I BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk of the owners. David Godfrey, Bloomingburgh,") E. C. tit. Jhnf Mount I'leataiit, I L. & R. Manning, Cbeoaoeo, K Proprietor. Luther Gere, Itluca, ! Samuel Green I iff, Geneva, Oliver Phelps, Lansing, J mh 14d6in rOrl tLIAoM tllOWN POINT, X EAVES N York each ' , , - f M - A day, 5uudays except - ..."Jafd. from the foot of While. hail sueet in ar the battery, at 5 o'clock and 10 o'clock A. M. and 3 o'clock P. M. : leaves Elia - bcthtown Point at 8 o'clock A. M. and half past 12 o'clock aud half past 4 o'clock P. M. Je?0 tf HlV&H bl K.iM - HOA IS, Cir On the llthof Mar, comuienced runuiug four time a week. A Boat leave New - York oo Tues day, atyi clock, A. M ; Wednesday, atS P. M; t'firiay, at 9 A. M. aud Saturday, at 5 P. M. oj each week ) and n boat leases Albairy on Monday, Wednesday. , Thursday, and Saturday, at 9 A. M. Tbe Fire - Fly leave New - York on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. for Newburgh, aud returns on .Monday, Wedueidsr and Fridav.atbA.M. ' - Je 20 ; J - Ot SALK, A farm of between sixty and seventy acies, situate on tbe west bank ol Lake Otsego, and one mile from the village of Cooperstowu. On it are anew stoue house 64 fert square; a uew arm houe, barn, tec. It loruit a desirable e tabluhiuent for a gentleman wishing to retire iuto the country, as its situation, at to proFpee t, convenience to market, tic. it net turpasted by any in tlie interior oi tne date - it mil oe oiu low lur cam, on a credit, or exenangea lor property io tuiicitv, goods, a;c. Apply to tl. D hi R. SEDGWICK, mv 7 I" Luw Kuildibs. I Oil N HEWITT still resides at No. k42 W a J ter street, where he has a very LaoiUouie and ushiotiahle assortment of Labinet furniture on hand, which be will warrant to be of the first nality. He solicit bis new I ork and southern nendsto ei.e him a call, a be flatter funnel! they will not be disappointed. Orders executed at the shortest notice. Je Si tf WHOOPING COUGH. OCTOR IrCOTT'S Pectoral Mixture, which it a safe and effectual remedy for the whooping cougn. it it ouiy ten veart since ii was offered to the public, aod tome thousands of children, both in England and Scotland, bave been cured by it, alter every other medicine bad been used without etlect. it it held in the hizh est estimation for ilt excelleut and salubrious virtues. It promotes gentle perspiration, removes viscid phlegm by an easy and safe expectoration, and i highly salutary to the lung : it strengthens and deiends the stomach, gives greater liberty of breathing, and produces the iuot sale, talutary aod happy e ntcts, by preventing those distressing and convulsive coughs, to which thousand of individuals, in consequence of neglect, prematurely fall a sacrifice. It is not by exciting a temporary stimulus of relief in those violent paroxysms that its qualities are manifested, but by effectually removing those distressing symptoms, by giving vegour to tlie weakened fi ame, i'ld renovated health to tbe afflicted individual. .. Sold wholesale and retail, by It Robertson, A pot h rary, No. 83 Broadway, and J. C. Mori - ton, Dructrest, ao. 10a breenwicn - street. N. York. Druggests throughout the United Mates, may be supplied with the Pectoral Mixture, at either of the above places, at tlie lowest wholesale price, Jy j 2m A HORsE WA.VihD. 4 GOOD active Horse, about tix yean old Xi He it wanted chit - try at a gig bone, in which harness be must be perfectly gentle. A Bay would be preft - red. Apply at No. 24 Greenwieh - treet. J 6 . WANTtD. GIRL from li to 15 years of age, of good x.t - cnaracter ami sienay nanus, to assist in family. Apply at 74 Leonard - street. Je29 tfOAKI'lfSG SCHOOL.. THE MISS BENNETT'S bave opened a boarding school for young ladies, on the south tide of Powlrt Hook, in a situation very healthy, and altliougb cosrfenient to Die city. quite le - lired. The usual English branches and needlework, r renco, aiu - lc, Liancin; aud Oraw inr, ate taught, by themseliet or by approved masters, ror terms ac. nfipiy to Mr. U. 1 GREENE, S4 Wall - street, or at the school. J 14 tf . . 'I'O MAbOiVS. PROPOSALS will be received at No. 153 1. Washiogtoa street, for building a house, a - greeahly wnb apian there left, for a tavern, on the eoratrol tbe Bowling Green and Stale - "n" JO lii I.LOUR. - siutlblib. Richroond Sweet Fl ' branded Variety, will be landed Uiis c mr, day Irom brig JJetsey, from Richmond, for tale at Coffee iiK Slip, by Hi 4t4 D. EETHUNE& CO. i wm 7r A dhMttuf, fnblickaow fcew ta'dlidAi uub h. , v J'' dif er. Jj efthe city of Londoa - sji oiemberoftbe faculty of nbVl, ad.eTger7ttieTe,deeaulthid". . rwh, iiidiswiminale, and tuiquaC tied, use toereof, Has been proout live of infinite snisrhw. ovrT uuj. ii - .. . .uua. iMTOinsiuea tint of evi i nce. The disease we have in view owes its r". " tal results chiefly to thii source. What anit. (tat young man, the nopei of bis rounUy,1! tbe darling of nu parent, should he inxtxfid . way from all the iirotpects and enjopnerflWuE by ir,e cocsequeoce ot one engaaided momenc and by a disease not in it own nature fafjJL mJ which only . proves so from isegleet or improper treataient."" A geatlemair, (late Dr. H', ' tient) now perfecGy hearty and well, nad bi.1 auder physicians of general practice, si iHl. aod repeatedly saUvab d j Vhea reciatMnJ!I?' Dr. H. (b, gentleman this citX.! were cariout, and hi Aeh i dropping from fW hi friend declared he coald not pewjUy um - IwOBonthilongf.r. Thotmand. eWrJ! know with what ease and safety Dr. u L.T P cates the severest case, and connna the tution. The Doctor's plan (advertishir ' cessary to guard the public against the Vbuif, Ii mercury, aud other fatal dilutions, hels1 forth Person, .therefore, having contracted a rate tliwrder, or suipecting latent poison, ? admonished not to tamper with their couii,!: lion, or conceal the disorder, till pest reco. ry j otberi having the remains of an old e - or other impurities of the blood, M well uaHZ tt complainU of a delicate mdure, u tiuT! ' sex. .hould remember posterity, and do iuIS?. to their conscience, by making aDnli - .i;! to Dr. H. at hi old and MtlffiS liihment, No. C4 Water - aireet, fow houses .... of Old - elip, to obtaia that prompt asmtucl , lone caU - ulated tb Ptevent ditcloture. And hen - laiinyour erioM alrtioReB "J" a tuperficial cure it no cure at all j aoleti the b. .i.e.. is radically done, yoU will certainly bsv, the disorder break oat again with redoubled m, IiKhity. at some future period ; perhapt then "'y betwfatefor reiiiedy. Don't yoa often meet ia ! the ttreett mierable, mublated brint. without ecbhVo.,re0nthei'aC, Takwami Dr. H. character for skill and stubborn ints - grity being umverlly known in, tine 1804, guarantee to Datieora Umi h.i.. j crecy hitherto unknown, and having confined hit practice for yean vast, exclusively to the cure el disease of the blood tyrlm, they may lately calculate rw the most decided advantage iacoa - Gleet eradicated In tw or three week Stricture removed without bouziet nr anv ik. er instrument ( and all debilities i likewise all old ulcerations, fistula' Ate. A plurality of olhcts are provided, and to tits - ate d that patients are not exposed toes, h mh.. . observation. Open till half past 9 in the evenki. All pcisont concerned are invited to he free ia calling, and speaking with Dr.H. which it iu. of cost. And here the Doctor cannot avoid the expression of gratitude for innumerable remnr. mendationt, and for the decided preference (it ia presumen wit njusi cause j long given nun by a ludicioui puhlic N. H. All letter mutt be post paid. Dr. Buchanan. Auu 27 Iv xtiitiKU quack any VOJ LVtUil. Jtvjr. DR. EVANS taper, method ofcuriieacei. tain Disease, iinownnireV tally acknowledged in tb city : his mode oltrenharet is perfectly mild, safe, ej - lieeiiuoo. and nit chtrgi reasooabl. In every u Htance he warrant a car. and will return the pay if I a doe not perfom agrtcxb a - to contract, .... . There are tne ny person in this city and hs vi cinity, laborinc under various chronic disetsea, such a cancer., old inveterate ulcers, scrcfela or king evi', fiitul, disease! of the arethry, bladder and kiAk, old eomplica4e1 caonpfaias ' of a certma Mtare, thlioe and other ousta. lions, rheumatiNn, Ac. which they consider im. rable, they caa certainly be cored (in genera!) by apply'1 EVANS'S Medical Store, fa, 9, Peck - slip, hating practised ia extehiv hospitals in Europe 12 years, under eone of the Unit Srtirgeon ',d Physicians in tbe world, una mnde those obstinate disease hi constant Hi dy for f') vears. , Oct II AFRUMENTO, No.T Wall - street, geotfe - . men's drrtsiiig loom, has for sale a few Razors of Damask c'teel, made by tbe celebrated Marguin, of Paris. He hat alto received an assortment of the best English ftasort, which hi warrauti good. If proved to the contrary, money refunded. ' Also, cut and dreise hair in the latest atyle and in a manner to at to adapt it to the pbjiwg - nomy. . . Mr. FRU.MENTO return his sincere tbaaxs io his customers, and tbe public in general, for tbeir very liberal patronage, and aoliciU t coa tiouance of tbeir favours. . He has likewise procured a very fine hoae, ami engages to restore raxors to a very keen edge and should they noi cut weu ne wui receive av recompenre. '. L ' Gentlemen who subscribe by the quarter, will have their apparatus kept excluslteij for them eivet. ACOHITAII tappryoflai diet Beaver Hats fresh from the M nufactoty, luita - ble forth soew - ere market, and packed at the shortest .aotice, j! WILSON'S, - IfiOBroxdwaj. may 17 O. iv bar, ' i Acountine Room, in tbe most central pi.rtofPearl - trett. For particular enoin Itl7 ni, .t - ir. JeI5 1.1 ifjuvr hOHTKH. JOS. WILaON, 14Maiden - Laiie,(hiJB"r - ceived by the Venus, a large eor.lBeotjtf excellent llano Fortes, Patent Flutes, FW lets, tic. tnaoulaclured exprestiy lor mm j menli ti Co. Loadon. Alio, Piano I ort fctrwf in ett , new tnuiic, and every article in tot tical line t instrunieaU taken in excbai innunmiiiiui. mr''' NAILb, ICKS, ANVILS, c. Wf fine drawn Roe and Clasp Sail, fixe ' , . . . S cask black and bright Vice . ;.' 3 do band and tledge Hammer ' . 500 do deck Spike, from 4 to 8 intbe 10 tons bolt and squre Iron assorted re For sale at 81 Pine - street, by . J 18 HENDERSON ft CATRj" - 7XJLH.T. A dry Cellar, ander tbe bo eet. Enquire of MR. SMEDES, So. t'lue - street. Enqui my 11 ti 134 Peari - stree. NEW - YORK: PRINTED AXD - tWLl&HZD ; M1CUAEL BUKMBJM Jt CO. No. 49 Vu.u.M - STaT orrosiT T BamI CorrKK - iioaiB, mm II

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