The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on May 8, 1934 · Page 13
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 8, 1934
Page 13
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BASEBALL Corwith baseball club will come to Mason City for next contest of Coca-Cola Cubs. Game on Sunday list. SOFTBALL May 10 is deadline for entries in Mason City Softball leagues: league play tentatively scheduled to begin May 21. __-- TUESDAY, MAY 8, 1934 Out of the PRESSBOX Uj 4L MlTC'RtLL Ultra-Violet In Dubuque, young fellows who ·work in offices through the winter are taking their ultra-violet rays and vitamins from, the sunlight, in the good old approved method. Through the co-operation of the Y. M. C. A., they've made it a "roof garden" proposition. * * « ' Several strips ot light wallboard have been placed on the "Tf" roof for the sunbathers, and the service Is of course free and available at any time of day. Last summer the idea, proved a, popular one, and there are many office workers getting In their moments ol sun at present. * ·? * It's a good idea, this sunbathing, but like all others, it can be overdone. There is certainly an "overdone" feeling around tho shoulders of the dry-skinned fellow who goes out in the early summer and spends the. day at the beach under a broil- in; sun. * * # Start the sunbathing in the spring, as soon as weather permits comfort out of doors in the proper sunbathing costume or lack of It. Then take it gradually, protecting yourself from burns by oiling your, skin on the blistering days. A suntan acquired In that way is something healthful as well as ornamental. Semipro Tt's the professional athletic career that interests Wally Gaddis, I who starred in the court and baseball field for Dunkerton high school in the last two seasons. With his sch--· baseball season over, he has joined a semipro ball club, the Blumer team of Waterloo, and will go in 1 - action Sunday against Oelwein. * * * He's not interested in college athletics, apparently. Perhaps he'll make the pro grade, perhaps not. It's a big step for a high school boy to the profitable jobs in organized baseball. Personally, I'd rather see him enrolled in any state school, or college of recognized standing In Iowa, than playing semipro ball. - Compromise Although the reason has been ob- I'scured, Softball players near Fairmont, Minn., are going to play on two sizes of diamonds this season the smaller of the two being used in the city league, the larger in a county organization. v * s And in addition to the failure to set one diamond as standard, neither of the fields in use will be official according to any of the common rulebooks. A 45 foot baseline witli 30 foot pitching distance will be used in Fairmont. In the county league, a 50 foot baseline and a 35 foot pitching distance will be seen. That's a shade worse, than the small controversy that has arisen in North Iowa over the advantages of the 60 foot and 45 foot diamond, with a 37 foot pitching distance. LOCAL SOFTBALL PLANS TAKE SHAPE MAY 10 SET FOR FILING OF ENTRY IN CITY LEAGUES Managers to Gather May 16 j lor Discussion About Official Field. With May 10 set as the deadline for filing of entries, and May 16 as -he date of a managers' meeting, Softball plans for Mason City are .aking shape for the summer. Ivan A. Barnes, Y. M- C. A. physical director has 18 teams lined up for league competition, and is ready to go ahead with scheduling when two doubtful entries are settled. The list of probable entries includes: Mier Wolf's, Marshall and Swift's, 40 and 8, Baucos, Decker lowanas, I. 0. O. F., Bell System, State Brand Creamery, Wagner Motors, Blanchard's, Sterling W. W. C. A., Very Best Dairy, Maytag, Afcel and Son, Decker Beef department, Swift and company and Hermanson brothers. Will Settle Question. The managers' meeting on May 16 will settle the question of the official diamond, one vote being allowed each team, and has been set at that date so that league play can begin May 21 if weather 'permits. Entry lists and entry fees are expected by May 10. The eligibility lists must be limited to 13 players, and may be revised between the time of filing and the date of the first league game. Fickle Baseball Gods Pull Carl Reynolds to Swat Honors "FATE MAY REPAY AMONG THE TEAMS IN HISTORY Wolf to Open, Softball plans other than those for the local league include the opening of the Mier Wolf's lighted Softball diamond on May 15. The field, located at the old Hanford ball park on Nineteenth street southwest, is equipped for the 45 foot game, and will se« a doubleheader on the opening night. The Wolf club will meet Decker's lowanas and Marshall and Swift will battle with Wagner Motors during the evening's games. The club was also scheduled .this-Tuesday, .a 'practice contest with ''the .Wagner team, and will meet the L; O. O.'F. outfit Friday night. The lights were a.Iso to be adjusted Tuesday evening, although the practice games will be twilight affairs. Schedule Fast Clubs. The Wolf club has scheduled fast cut of town- teams, including Schukei Motors of Waterloo, the Waterloo laundry, the Cutchall Moors, of Fort Dodge, who formerly vere the Olson Jewelers, national .hampion team, and Mier Wolf's of Austin, Minn-., regular visitors at he North Iowa-Southern Minnesota ournament. Fay O'Neil will put a Budweiser team into the field for both league and independent games, he announced Tuesday, and the nine will schedule a series of games with organizations both in Mason City and other North Iowa centers, playing four or five games each week. Hansell Ends Season by Defeating Dumont Team HANSELL, May 8.--Hansell high school defeated Dumont by 10 to 2 on the local diamond, cracking out 14 hits while Straw struck out 15. The game closed the season for the local team, in which 8 contests of 11 .were won. Carberry, Buttjer and Pyle will be lost by graduation this spring. Carberry Wt a homerun, double and two singles in the game. Straw and Missildine were the local battery, Mirens and Considine the Dumont battery. The visitors made 4 hits and 4 errors. Hansell made 6 errors. DR. H. K. JONES DENTIST SPECIAL X-RAY (Complete Upper and Lower Exposures and Diagnosis) FOR jCff 00 ONLY *5- UU EXTRACTIONS $1.00 Make Appointments Now DR.H.K.JONES 151/2 N. FEDERAL PHONE S25 RucJd High Wins 6-2 in Contest With Plymouth RDDD, May 8.--Rudd high school on from Plymouth high 6 to 2 or :he local diamond, hitting safely !: :imeg, while Finch set down the visitors with 3 hits. Each team made 2 errors. Willard Roberts' 2 hits, ac counting for.3 runs, were the high spots of the game. Finch struck out 9, and Woodhouse and Yezek whiffed 5 for Plymouth. Muller caught for the home nine, and Snell was behind the plate for Plymouth. The victory was the fifth in eight starts. BOSTON SLUGGER FOR PAST TRICKS Bill Dickey Shattered Hope of Gaining Top Ranks Two Years Ago. BOSTON, May 8. UP)--Tho Fickle baseball gods, who hit him from behind many times during his seven years in the majors, now appear to be pulling Carl Reynolds along as the Boston Red Sox outfielder races for the American league batting honors. Reynolds is several laps ahead of his closest rival, with a slugging average of .507 for 17 games, and going strong every day. It would seem that repentant fate is trying to repay him for the cruel trick played upon him two years ago when, while Reynolds was hitting a .340 clip for the Washington Senators as late as July, Bill Dickey, New York Yankee catcher, shat- AMERICAN LEAGUE BOX SCORES MONDAY'S GAMES LOUIS--1 AB II I'O A CH't 3 b 5 1 1 3 It {urns Ib Fewer ct 0 i 1 7 r Melillo '2b Hcmsley Itrance Btaeh'er Knott p a xl'ucclnello 1 Wells p 0 xWest 1 Tolals 34 rf 4 2 I 0 3 1 1 4 4 2 2 4 0 6 II t) 0 1 I 1 0 0 II 0 0 0 0 0 0 ^ 24 12 NEW TOKK--U Alt II PO A Comb, ct 0 2 3 (I 0 a 0 Itulfe s- Until rf Hj-ril rf Gellr!).- 111 2 1 Ch'man If 4 2 2 0 Lazzrrl 3b fi J. 1 U Dlckry c 5 2 U 0 Hr.Ifncr 2b 5 Allen p 4 1 0 1 0 3 4 1 0 (I U TolalB 37 14 27 4 xBatted'fnr .Hnutt .lu. »eventli. L - ·sxllaMcd; f or Wclla In: nlntb. St. toul» . . . . 0 0 0 000 001-- I ew York 000 010 llix--14 Errors, Strancft 2: runs batted In, Heffiier 3, Bulb 2. GfhrlK .3, Dickey 3. lijrd, btranfie; two base hits, Lazzerl. Heffnrr; fhren base bll, Hemslpy: bomcruns. OcliriK, Illcliey; tluuble i»1uy, mat-holder to Clift to Burns; left on base, New York 8. St. Lonl« 9: base on ball.", off Allen 3, BuiehnUlcr .1, Knott 5. Wells 1: struck out, by Allen 11, Knott I: hits, off BlnclKlloer « In 1 2-3, Knott 3 In 4 1-3. Wells 5 In 2: wild pilch, Allen; loslne pltchpi-. mae.holtler. Umpire?. Kolls, Hilucbrand and Ornisby. Time. 2:10. CLEVELAND--3 AB II I'O A Porler rf Tytlak Averlll Vosmlk If Trosliy 111 3 2 0 1 ef 4 0 0 3 3 Kamm 3h 3 0 X xBurnett Moore 2h xxllolland K'k'b'r ss Harder p Bean p Totals 1 0 3 I. 3 1 1 0 II 0 4 2 2 8 ·i II II 1 1 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 32 8 21 17 I'HIL'I'IIIA--7 AB II PO A Warst'r 21) 5 2 1 n Cranlfr .M 4 2 S 0 McNalr ss 3 1 1 -I Foxx 1 b 4 II 10 II Cole'an Tl 4 3 I II Johnson If 4 2 2 0 Hlmctns 3b -I 0 0 1 Berry c 4 2 1 0 Cain p - 1 0 0 3 Totals 36 12 27 1'J Hayfield Loses Battle to Crystal Lake, 12-6 HAYFIELD, May 8.--Crystal Lake and Hayfield high school baseball teams played here Friday afternoon, the visitors winning 6 to 12. Corrensen and K. Scanlon did mound duty and E. Scanlon caught for the visitors. M. Taylor pitched and 0. Taylor caught for the locals. Brown, local first baseman, hit a homerun with one on in the sixth inning. r Kamm In nilllb. xxBatted for Moore lo ninth. xxxBatteil for Harder In seventh. Cleveland 200 1101 000--3 Philadelphia 130 »2» 10«--7 Krrors, Averlll, Moore; runs bailed in, Vnsmik 2. Kamm, I'oleinan 3. McNalr 2, Johnson: two base bits, Colenian, Vosmlk: three base hit, Johnson; homerun, Colcman: double plays, Warstler to McNair to Foxx 2, McNalr to \VarsUtr to Foxx: left on bnses, Cleveland 5, Philadelphia 6; base, on balls, off Harder 1, Tain 3; struck out, by Bean I. bv Cain 1; hits, off Harder 10 In G Innlncs. BTean 2 In 2. I'mpires, Donnelly, McGownn and Owens. Time, 1:83. fle.rc are the nine Sorleln brothers, of Bode, who made up the most remarkable mscbnll club ever to take the field In North :owa. They playd only Ihree eames a« a .earn, however, winning two from semlpni opposlllim anl loslnc lo Luther college 4 to 3 In 11 Innings. It had been the custom to have a Knme between the Luther college team nnd an alumni outfit Jit commencement, and In IHIH, when this picture was taken, six ot ;nc Sorleln brothers WTIO Had been Luther baseball men, aided by three brothers who ind not attended the school, came to play :he, contest. In the picture, taken at Dccnrnh before cairn! time, are: Mnnnus -Sorlcln. now n Bode, farmer; James, wllh Pllisbury mills in Minneapolis: Albert, farmer at Bode; Leon, teacher and director of music In Farpn, N Dak., hlch school; Carl, now with Ford SI. Paul: Henry, of IXTKCII, S. Dak., with the Federal land bank; Olven. Max, Dak., inlnlsier; Artie, courh and teacher In Canton, S. Dak'., and Oscar, who lives at 4111 OcorRla nveolie southeast in -Mason City and Is with tho Investors' syndicate. McLarnin to Retire After Three Seasons KEY/ YORK, May S. (ff)--Jimmy McLarnin plans to retire from the ring--but not just now. "I figure I have, at the most, three more good years," he says, "Then I'll quit. Sooner, if I lose the zip off my fast one. Then I'm going to get married." In the meantime, however, the Canadian-born Irishman who now is an American citizen, insists he is hitting harder than ever and prom- iE2- proof of it when he defends his welterweight championship against Barney Ross, lightweight titleholder, here May 28. He said he had suffered from brittle hands for some time but that they now wer toughened up and stronger than a' any time in his slugging career. McLarnin will start training a' Atlantic City Thursday. Ross wil a'-'ve here Friday night from Chi cago and begin his workouts a Ferndale, N. Y., the following day. DETROIT--8 AB H TO A II 2 0 2 (I Fox cf 0 flosllu rf 5 Walker If 5 Gehr'er 2h 4 Grecn'g Ib 4 RORCll SS 4 Owen 3 b 4 1 0 1 Kayw'th c 4 1 r 2 Hochrane c 0 (I 2 II 1 4 0 IS 0 1 Emmons Wins and Loses m Sunday Baseball Games EMMONS. Minn., May S.--The Emmons independent baseball team defeated the Tenold, Iowa, team Sunday, 15 to 1. Emmons lost to the Waldorf college, Forest City. Saturday, 13 to 2. Many who suffer from rectal t r o u b l e s would quickly seek relief if they but knew or were familiar with modern rectal office methods. Modern rectal office practice cuts the cost, does not cause confinement, is painless, efficient, and satisfactory. Dr.R.W.Shnltz,D.O. 218, 219, 230 First National Bank Building Sorrcll p xCllfton Rowe p Totals 40 8 33 19 BOSTON--6 AB B PO A Bishop 2b 4 1 2 4 IVerber s s 4 1 3 1 MorEan Ib 5 0 7 I R. J'son If 5 1 1 n Reyn'ds cf 4 3 4 0 Soltors rf r, .1 r, II Fcrrell t- n 1 7 1 Walters 3b 4 1 3 3 Welland p 3 1 1 H zCooki- I 0 0 II Welch p 0 0 0 0 Totals ·!(! 10 33 10 xBatted for Sorrell In seventh, zBattcd for Weiland in ninth. Bostoi 001 020 003 02--S . . . 1 0 1 003 010 00-- Krrorf, Walker 2. Werner 2. Soltcrs: runs betted In. Gchrlnger 2. Bone. Gosllu, Reynolds 2. I'erreil. Walters, Welland: two bast- hits, Goslin. Gchrlnser, Reynolds: three base hlls. Jtteynoiils. \Vclland: homrnm. Kowc. itolcn base. Walker 2. Solters: double plays. Fcrrell to Bishop, Bishop to \Vcrber to tMnr- fcfln, Walters lo Morcan: left on base. Detroit 6. Boston .',: base on balls, nff Wclland 5, Sorrell 3, Welch l: struck out. by Wclland 3, Sorrcll 1. Bone 4: hits, off Sorrell 8 In (i. Roue 2 In 5, \Vclland 1 In 9. Welch 1 In 2; hit by pitcher, by Worrell (Reynold?.*, by Welch (Oreenberc): \vlnnlnj: pitcher. Howe- Ir-sinc pitcher, Welch. Umpires, Summers and Dlnneen. Time, 2:41, Directory of North Iowa Ball Clubs SOFTBALL Marshall-Swift Cleaners. Manager, Ben Murray, Marshal and Swift, 210 N. Delaware street Mason City; booking agent, Erdi: Swift, Marshall and Swift, or 10 Fourth street northeast. Telephon 788 or 2871-W. Team wants nigh or. twilight games away from Maso City on week days, afternoon night games on Sundays, or twiligh games in Mason City. Budweiscr. Booking agent: Jaclc Utter, Chap in-0'Neil Coal company, Mason Citj Telephone 1606. Team wants tw light or night games either in o out of Mason City, also Sunday con tests. CHICAGO--7 llhalt cf Hans rf Swa'on If Bo'ra Ib ApMIng ds Dykes 3b rh'r'n 3b Hayes 2b Kress 2b Pnsek c Hevlnp p Wyatt p Lyons p Tlctjc. p aBord'ray Tolals A B I I ro A 3 2 .1 0 5 1 0 0 3 2 0 (I 5 0 0 1 o 1 1 3 2 1 0 2 1 1 0 0 2 1 2 t 1 1 0 1 4 2 7 0 0 0 0 II 1 0 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 1 0 II II WASHINGTON--17 AH H PO A Kllhel Ib 5 1 14 II Myer 21) 3 1 1 5 Mannsh If 3 3 1 0 Harris If 1 0 0 fl fronln s s 4 3 4 4 Schlllte cf 3 2 Stone rf Dncas rf Boken 3b Bfrj: c Klumpp c Weaver p 5 1 I 0 0 2 5 3 0 3 1 (I 0 3 NATIONAL LEAGUE BOX SCORES MONDAY'S GAMES IILTIUA--II All II PO A nrtpll «s 4 1 IS -I hlnxza 3b 2 0 2 2 Men cf 4 M 0 1 Mrlck Ib -I (1 111 U r.Tlch rf 4 2 0 1 ·llson c 2 1 - 1 1 nllle l( :l 0 3 1 ·ffrh-s lib :l 0 0 " ollcy V S (1 II 1 " ' J (I 0 It 0 I) II I) HaMIn 'avis p Totals 20 \ 31 CHICAGO--2 All EllMl ill] -I \V. H'nn 21 4 Klein It 4 tnylor t! tered his 'oatting championship dreams with a right to the jaw. Minnesota to Begin Season forFishermen May 15 Sees General Opening Through Whole State. MINNEAPOLIS, May S. (,W-Minnesota's thousands of fishermen, anxiously awaiting the opening of the season on the larger game fish, will be free to cast their lines into favorite pools May 15. Resort owners have been busily preparing for the season for several weeks, overhauling boats and cottages and in other ways getting ready for the tourist season, which annually draws hundreds of thousands of visitors from all over the world to Minnesota. Muskie Season On. May 15 will see the season for wall-eyed and northern pike, pickerel and yellow perch underway over the entire state. Also opening on that day is the season for muskel- il ro A ii 1 1 2 t 4 i 3 ii i i o Slaln'ck cf 3 II I II Jnriff. s s 3 0 1 4 Camllll Ib 3 2 IB 2 Iliirlnclt c 2 1 3 0 L e e p 2 0 1 5 Totals "-t - 2 7 1 6 Illatted for Holler In eighth. 'hlladclphla ma °°» 00 °--« ,-hlcago 01)0 001 10x--Z Error, Chlozza: runs batted in, Klein, [artnctt; (wo base lilts, Klein, Cnnlilll, InrtncH: three base hlls, W. Herman 3; nerlflceK. Chhiim.; double Dlay», W. Icrroan lo Jlirgcs to Canlllll; left Ml bases, hlladHphla 8. Chicago -1: buso on nntls, ff Holley I, f-ee 2; struck mil, by Holley . Davis 1, Lee 3: l i l t s , 0(( Holley (1 111 7, ff Davis 1 In 1; losing pitcher. Holley. Jmplre.s, Illgler and Stark. Time, l:-8. £W VOKK--3 AB H I'O A te M'rc, If 1 1 3 II Jin. 2h ss 4 1 1 I Grant'm 3b 0 II II II ·erry J b 4 1 9 0 Itl rt 4 I ft o "son ss Co 6 1 Vatklns rf {i 2 'erect 3h 2 0 ·cO'Duul I 0 ;rJtz 2b 2 I) 1 0 I 2 Richards c :t 2 4 1 lubbell p i 2 1 5 Total, 37 11 27 1 1 CLNCIN.VATl-- 3 AI 11 I'll A Com'sky If 4 M'ra rf /.Flowers Shiver rf K't'ley Ib Hafcy cf Knenlir :ib l^o'bardl « I'let 2I Sliido »s l-'rey p zzAdams Total* I n II 0 1 II 0 t) 0 0 2 II II 12 0 1 0 0 3 U 1 1 2 I 2 2 5 0 I 0 11 27 Hi xBatted for Verse/, In sixth. zBatted fur John Moore in seventh. MBatted for Frey 111 ninth. New York 000 001 002--1 :lnclmmtl "00 10" 010--S Krrors, Joe .Moore: ruin batted In, lltt 2, O'Doul, I'lcl 2: two base hit. Ott: stolen base, Ryan; sacrifice, .Toe Moore; left on base, Xaw York 12, Cincinnati 10; base, on balls, off Hubbell 2. Frey J; struck, oul. by Ilnbbcll 3. Frcy 1. Umpires, Burr, I'flr- i and Magcrkurth. Time, 2:lr». BROOKLYN--C AB U I'O A Boyle r f 0 3 3 0 Frcy 3b 4 1 0 II Taylor cf 4 1 Wilson If 4 0 Ch'man If 1 n Leslie Ib 4 1 C'c'ello 2b 0 0 Lopez c 4 3 Jordan ss 5 Benge p 5 0 0 0 2 0 8 II 2 6 3 0 2 I 3 1 0 2 0 0 0 0 I'crklns p 0 0 0 0 Leonard p 0 0 2 I Totals 40 12x27 9 ,--7 AB H I'O A Jensen c f - 1 2 1 0 I'. W'er rf 4 1 II 0 L'd'rom If 3 0 1 0 Viihan ss ft 3 1 fl Suhr II) 4 1 11 1 Lava'to 21) S 2 0 4 Th'now 3b 4 2 2 1 Grace c r» 2 8 0 *7.Flnney 0 0 0 0 I'adden c 0 0 0 1 French p 3 0 0 3 zTraynor 1 0 0 0 Clmgnon p 1 0 0 4 Totals 4113 30 19 xNone out when winning run scored. xxBatted for ISenR« In elshtli. zBattcd for French Hi seventh. zzftan for Grace In ninth. Brooklyn 015 1101) 000 0--G PIUslHinth O i l 003 010 1--7 Errors, Frcy. Jordan, Perkins, LavaKclto: runs hatted In, Jordan 4, French, Wilson. Tlievenow, Jensen, vauKhan, LttvaRetto, Leslie; tivo base Mils. Boyle, f. Wancr, Lopez 2 Grace 2, Jordan; three base hits, Jensen, Vm«lran 2; stolen bases, Taylor, Leslie, Boyle; sacrifices, Thevcnow, Taylor. Leonard; double play. Thcvcnow to Lavasclto; left on buses, Brooklyn 10. vlttsburKli 17; lasc on balls, off «en E c 4. 1'erklns 3. I.eon- :'rd 2. French 1, rhnsnon 3: struck out, liy French G. rhnsnon 1, UenRo 2; lilts, off French 11 In 7 Innings, ChaRti'in 1 In 3, Uensc 10 In 7. Perkins 0 In 1-3. Leonard 3 In 1 2-3; winning pllcher, OhuKnon; losing pitcher, Leonard. Umpires, Stewart and Klem. Time, 2:34. The blow for which Dickey drew a long suspension, caused a fracture which limited Reynolds' 1932 average to 102 games and caused his batting average to slump to .305. Its aftermath, a stomach disorder, probably had much to do with his transfer to the St. Louis Browns late that year. He was far from his best last season and that prompted Rogers Hornsby into letting him go to the Red Sox for Ivy Andrews and Smead Jollcy. Hornsby, like most ballplayers, even rival pitchers, is pulling hard for Reynolds this year and joins' Eddie Collins and Bucky Harris in hoping that nothing will cheat him out of his just batting deserts. His sensational slugging, however, is no surprise to his Boston bosses. Panthers Take Off on Road Trip, Plan to Meet U. I. Team CEDAR FALLS, May 8.--The Iowa State Teachers college baseball team will take to the road again for tbe second time in less than a week when they go to Fayette Wednesday to meet the Upper Iowa ball club. The tilt with the Peacock nine will be the third time the Tutors have met an Iowa conference foe this year. In their first loop engagement against Simpson, the Panthers were victorious, 14 to 0. Last weekend, the Teachers college nine lost to Luther, 7 to 1. Two days of intensive drill were scheduled by Coach L. W. Whitfortl in an effort to improve the hitting power of his club and tighten the Panther infield. It is doubtful whether Don Blanchard, Lonerock, veteran shortstop, will be able to play in the Upper Iowa game. Blanchard's injury in the Iowa game has caused almost a complete shift in the Tutor infield. In the Luther contest, John Champlin, Iowa Falls, was used at third, while Kevin Bowen, Cedar Falls, took over Blanchard's duties at shortstop. Dick Rollins, Fredericksburg, southpaw pitcher, will probably see service in the outfield again if he is not used on the mound. Leland Wins Fifth Game in Seven Starts, 12-8 LELAND, May 8.--Stealing W bases while Forest City stole 7. and taking advantage of 13 walks by a pair of Forest City pitchers, Leland won its fifth game in seven by Vi to 8. Wolte, Anderson and Brighton were the local battery, while Forest City used Brown, Stevenson and Ir.dvik. Leland got 14 hits to 10 for Forest City, and 7 men went down on strikes while 4 of tlio visitors whiffed. lunge, the "tiger of the north." The six counties barred to trout fishermen with the opening May 1, will on May 15 be privileged to fish over the entire state. These six counties, Lake, St. Louis, Itasca, Koochichiog, Carlton and Cook counties, contain some of the best trout streams in the state, the season being delayed in them to give the fish ample opportunity to spawn. May 20 Opens South. Bass, crappie and sunfish can be caught in the southern section of the state beginning May 29. The southern section comprises that part lying south b£ a line drawn from Browns Valley on the extreme western edge through Morris, St. Cloud, Princeton and Cambridge on the east. Fishing for these species will open in the northern zone June 21, the exception being in Goodhue county, in which fishing for sunfish will be allowed starting May 29. License Fees. Resident fishing licenses are 50 cents for individuals and SI for families. Family licenses are defined as for "husband and wife, or guardian and children under 18 years having their abode or domicile with such parents or guardians." The catch limits of fish are: Eight wall eyed pike, pickerel or northern pike a day, with 16 in possession; two muskellunge a day with two in possession; 10 crappies with 25 in possession: six bass with 12 in possession; 15 sunfish with 25 in possession. League Standings NATIONAL L-EAGUK W. I.. Pct.i W. T.. Xew- York 13 4 .7fl"» Boston 8 8 Chicago 13 B .7221 Brooklyn 7 1 0 Pittsburgh 111 Ii .112.1: Phlhl'phla 4 12 St. Louis 9 8 .B29I Cincinnati 3 14 .112 .2,111 .176 AMEIlIf'AN LEAGL'E W. 1.. Pct.i W. r,. Pet. Xew York 12 G .7011' Detroit « 8 .IUIII Cleveland « 0 .B7I| Phila'phla ft 9 .471 Wnsh'irton 10 8 .IwlVSt. Louis .1 10 .3:13 Boston 9 8 .329!Chicni;o 4 10 .28B AMERICAN ASSOCIATION" W. I/. Pet.! W. L. Pet, Min'olls 13 5 .7221 Colll'lms 8 K .50fl Lou'vllle 10 7 .r»88!Toledo 8 8 .Bill) Ind'polis 9 8 .47liiMHw'hee 5 11 .313 Kan. City 9 8 .-1711st. Paul 5 12 .284 BUGS WIN GAMES ON SHEER POWER IN ELDER LEAGUE Extra Base Blows, Hits at Timely Moments Aid in 10 Inning Battle. By ASSOCIATED I'HESS The heaviest batting attack in tlic National league keeps the Pittsburgh Pirates close to the top of the standings despite a combination of misadventures that might have proved fatal to a club less potent at tho plate. Despite the loss of Capt. Pie Traynor and Lloyd (Little Poison) Waner through injury and illness and the inexplicable failure of Larry French to round into form, the Corsairs have played winning ball from "the start. Out of Contest. French essayed his fifth start of the c a m p a ig n against Uic Brooklyn Dodgers Monday and for the fifth time the veteran southpaw was not around at the finish. Drubbed for 11 hits in 7 innings and trailing, 6-5, Larry gave way to a pinch batsman and Leon Chagnon mopped up to receive credit for the 7-6 victory the Pirates eventually pulled out in the tenth on Harry (Cookie) Lavagetto's single following Arky Vaughan's second triple of the game. The victory left the Pirates in third place, a game behind the Chicago Cubs and a game and a half behind the champion New York Giants, both of whom won. Mel Ott's double in the ninth drove in the two runs the Giants needed to shade the Cincinnati Reds, 3-2, give Carl Hubbell a decision over Benny Frey and extend the Reds' losing streak to eight games. Uncover New Twlrler. The Cubs uncovered a new right- hander. Bill Lee, who gave the Phillies 4 singles and shut them out, 2-0. Ed Holley pitched well enough Ito deserve a better fate but fell victim to the Cubs' extra base hits. The St. Louis Cardinals regained fourth place with a 10-5 victory over the Boston Braves who dropped to fifth position. Terrific batting by the New York Yankees and Washington Senators marked American league warfare. The Yankees backed up Johnny Allen's seven hit pitching with a long- distance attack that included homers by Lou Gehrig and Bill Dickey and trounced the St. Louis Browns, 14-1. Nats Move Higher. The Senators moved into a virtual tie for second place by pounding four Chicago White Sox chuckers for 15 hits and a ]7-7 triumph. Nine bases on balls helped roll up the score. John Welch allowed only one hit in the two innings of relief pitching against the Detroit Tigers but that one happened to be a homerun by Lynwood Rowe with one on in the eleventh and the Tigers won 8-6. The Philadelphia Athletics belted Mel Harder and Belve Bean for 12 hits and sank the Cleveland Indians, 7-3. League Results BOSTON--5 A R K P O 5 2 0 1 Ernmetsbui-g Club Wins From Rodman by 7 to 2 EMMETSBURG, May S.--The Emmetsburg baseball team defeated Rodman here Sunday 7-2, batteries for the locals being Peterson and Branagan and for Rodman, Banwart and Kahlstcad. Peterson allowed no walks, and got 11 strikeouts on Rodman. The local team is anxious to book games with other towns, James Clark, manager, slat- ied. Totals 33 13 27 12 .iBattcd for Tletjc In ninth. Score by Innings: Chlcasn ..010 00(1 006-- '. Washington 311 144 00*--17 Summary--Krrors, I.jons 2: runs halted In, Boken 2, Hayes, Cronin 2, Mantisb 4, Berjr, Schulte 2, Stone 3, t'halt 2. Swanson 2. Bonura: two base hits, .Mannsh, Boken, Berc, Schulte 2, Stone: three base hits, Appllng, Weaver, Mannsh, Swanson: stolen bases, Sn-anson. Bokcn: double plays. Myer to Cronin to Kubel 2: base* on balls, off Hevlng 3. Wyatl 2. Lyons 2, Tletjc 2, Weaver 4: struck out, by Wyatt 1, Lyons 1, Vrb'skl ss 5 T'mps'n rf .% Bergcr cf 3 \Y'tney 3b 4 .Ionian lit 4 MC.M'S 2b 4 Mon-iy If 3 Spobrer c 1 3 0 1 0 1 1 0 1 9 1 2 0 4 Hogan 1 0 0 0 0 Orown p 1 0 1 0 Mangum 0 1 0 1 1 Barrett p 0 0 0 0 aWoRton 1 1 bK. Moore 1 1 cBrandt dG'sclman 0 0 o n o o 1 Totals 35 0 0 0 7 24 IS ST. LOL'IS--10 AB II I'll A Martin 3h 4 1 0 2 Kothr'k cf 4 1 3 0 Frlsch 2h 4 1 Mcilulck If 5 Collli:* Ib 4 1 2 2 H V. Davis c 5 t 3 I Orsnttl cf 3 1 3 1 nur'her ss 4 Tolals 37 10 27 10 aBatted for Spohrer In eighth. bBatled for Mangurn In eighth. rRan for K. Moore In eighth. dBntted for Barrett In nlntb. Score by Innlnp: Boston 000 000 023-- C St. Lonls .'.... 015 031 OOx--10 Summary--Errors, riuracher 2, Martin, Mowry. McManns, Jordan 2; runs batted in. Diirocher 2, Medwlck 3, V. Davis, Carleton, Kolhroeh 2, Collins, Thompson, Hogan. Mo\vry, Urbanbkl; two bate bits, Jlcilwlck, CUBS DROP GAME ON MIDWEEK LIST Mason City's Coca-Cola Cubs will not be in action until this week-end, it was announced Tuesday, a Wednesday game with the Hartford, Conn., Giants having been canceled. The next contest for the local semipro outfit will be with Corwith, and is a Sunday game carded for the North Iowa fairgrounds. Waterloo Cardinals will meet the local team here and at Northwood in a three-game, Saturday- Sunday series listed for May 19 and 20, according to present plans. XATIONAl, LEAGUE Vew York 3: Cincinnati 2. Philadelphia 0: Chicago 2. Brooklyn o; rlll-,liim:!i 7 (10 InnlnRS). Boston 5: St. Louis 10. TUESDAY'S GAMES Br'klyn at Pltts'rsb. X. Vork at Cin'nall PhlPphln at CM'nsn. Boston at St. iouls AMERICAN LEAGUE St. Louis 1: Kcw York 14. nevelnnd 3; Philadelphia 7. ChlCHEo 7: Washlneton 17. Iletrolt 8: Boston H (II l i m l n l t i l . TL'KSIiAY'S CA.MKS I h i ' K o at Wash'lon. Clev'nil at IMill'phla. lit. I.otll5 at X. YorU. Detroit al Boston. Dows Loses to Popejoy on Home Field by 4-1 DOWS, May S.--Dows high school baseball team went down in defeat Monday afternoon before Popejoy on the home field. Popejoy won by the score of 4 to 1. Kansii.s City 10: Columbus 5. Louisville 5; St. Paul 2. Minneapolis l: Indlnmipnll* 2. Milwaukee at Toledo, played In double header Sunday. TUKSnAY'S GAMES Mllvc'krc at Toledo. K. City at Columbus Mln'inilli at ImTolls. St. Paul at Lou'lllc Mowry; three base hit, Carlcton: homenins. Rothrnrk, Collins: stolen base. Collins-, double plays, Jordan to I'rbf-nskl to Jordan. Frlsch to Collins; bases on balls, off Brown 4. Mansnm 1, carleton 2; struck out. by Brown 1. Mangum 2. Carlcton 2; hits, o'ff Brown 4 In 2 1-3 Innings, Man- Kiim 7 In 4 2-3. Barrett 0 In I : bit by pitcher, by Carleton Ber«er; losing pitcher. Brown. I'mplres, McGreiv and Moran. lime, 2:04. The Day's Stars (By The Associated Tre**) (Monday Game*) HAKItV r,AVAGKTTO, I'l rates--S.n pled homi) wlnntnp run against Dodders In trnlh. JOHNNY ALLEN, Yankees -- Limited Itrowsn to "-f-vfti hits, f.innrd eleven. MEI, OTT, Giants--Donbled In ninth to drlvt* In rtjn« tnnt bent Itcds. LYN\VOOI JWMVE, Tlccrs--Held n«d Sox to two nits In five inning!* an rrllvf pitcher, tirltcd homer with one on In llth. HILL LEE, Cubs--Blankrd Phillip* with four hits. IIKIMF; MANI;SH. senator* -- uoutcd White, Sox pitching for triple, double «nd single, driving In fonr mns and Scorlnjt three. -JACK ROTHROCK anfl JTM COLTJNH, Cardinals--Helped heat Bnivrit with homc- nin*. ED COT.KMAX, Athletics--Collected home- run, double and single ngnlnst Indians. Buy a Carton of your favorite cigarettes so that you always keep a supply of your particular brand on hand. ^H i c k e y Brothers sell the nation's largest selling and most popular brands. Hickey Bros. Cigar Stores IN THE HOTEL HANFORD Mason Cily. Iowa

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