The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 28, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 28, 1818
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tuna A3 &W f fcfti'i tp,w. 1 hi Jos rcivJ, Pi 41 rJtfaf broad and narrow Diaper rT,Li f .na. Ac. which, with his former itotk, SSmV coapUti assortment of every article of iJUs ntsfacture. AUot which will be Sd co reasonable terms." July 28 ot cmc jut received JOS. 08BORN, t8 South - street. J8 WILLIAM TELL. TC9T published by JOSEPH WILLSOS, 14 I Maiden uaue, William Tell, as snog by Mr. Fbllipps, Bay of Biscay Ot Incledon, Bewikter'd maid, ' ll Mr. Burke's, Mr. Incledon and Mr, ftulipp's songs for ,ftJei wi,n every a'('cl" in ,h iliri line. J281w TEAS, WINES tt OROCEKlEs. Na. 7 Park (late Ladici A action Room.) rnjit subscriber keep constantly for tale a general awvi IIKBI VI Ul.l , U vaiwvt fof ItQIliy UK. piUUUSl WHICH are Gunpowder Imperial Hyson, Young flyson Hyson Skin. - Souchong li Poorhone TEAS of first quality aud latest - importation. Loaf, Lump, i SUGARS. Havana white and brown $ Doable Gloucester, rncroF Holland & American $ m - 1" - " Lemon Juice , Sicily Lemon in pood order 4tli proof Cognac Brandy (genuine) Unllanri ( .in and Jamaica Spirits 1 1 Madeira. Port, Clnret, L. P. Teneriffe, Sherry and other Wines Sweet Oil in Betties and Bottles Spices W. I. Pepper Hibbert's Brown Stout Srwrm Oil nnl Candlea : with many "'her articles too numerous to specify, which will be old at a moderate advance, by JAMES P. AN DOE, Jfm WANTED TO MAT, ai!:!l A convenient twostorv brick house, mo derate rut. wiUu'n 15 minutes walk Irom (he Park. Apply at ahove. J 211 it TKOAUCLOIIli it KKRaEYMfcltr.,!. 4 JL bales aborted Broadcloths 1 do. do. Kerseymeres for sule by JNO. M'CKACKN, J28 3t 82 1 - 2 Pearl - street. WANTED, 1 GIRL about 20or more years of asa. capa J. tile of doing the cooking k other work, of a Willi family. The but recommendations win be required an to hnarsty and character. Enquire at the store Mo. 1 1 1 Chatham - street. Jy8H 3t : ChK.HK IfANTe.D. A YOUNG MAN of about 18 years of age, who can be well rrcom mended, is wanted si Clerk in a Fancy Hardware Store. A line addressed to A. Y. and left at the oilioe of this piper, will le atteadeJ to. It is expected the opportunity he will have of obtaining a knowledge of tilt business;, will bo cbutiJcrrd as compensating for his services. , Jy 2H 3t LUNli - LOST. DRIFTED or STOLEN frm tre, ship MARY, when laying at Bioohlyn, on the 4th instant, a Spanish built Long - lioat, pn nted bl.ieb, about 2l feet Ion;. Whoever will deliver mid bout to Capt. Maltit, on board ship Mary at Albany Basin, or at 44 south - street, shall be li bemlljr rwardd. Jy 20 St IMPUKiAAi" lu ADVENTURERS.!' Mcas! read! hear!! NEXT Tuesday commences dranii.g the list class of the MEDIC AL UKXCE LOT - 1 E R V, and we icel confident it ii the lust Lot ry that will be drawn in this city with a capita! P00j000 Ibis manincent Prie will be purchafed by treonrnoe for jps - ewha will out take a chance Cttt tt? THE SCHEME CONTAINS, 1 prue of 100,000 DOLLARS. 1 dj of 6O.O11O do 1 do of 20,000 do 1 do cf 10,000 rlo 1 do of 5,000 do 2 do of 3,000 do 45 do of 1,000 do With a larce proportion of imt.ll rriirs. Only IC.OU) tickets, lest than 8 blanks to a pni. Lowest prite $30. On Tuesday next at the opening of the wheels lb managers will in the rre'rnce of the fuhhc put in the following capital floating Prizes, via 1 of 20.0V DOLLARS 1 of 10,000 do 1 of : 5.000 lo 41 of 1,000 do AJveuturer will obvrve that there iKrer was ufftred greater inducemmtt to purhae a Tick - et at the commertremetttofthe drayinj, as these Ptisei may be drawn the firnt daj. Titkets and Shares will continue at the present price nntil the npenini; oi" the wheel, when an tdraore is conteaiplated, at ALLEY'S Truly Locky Office, 152 nrnadway. Where have beeusold within a "hert tune, Trial of $100,000, 30,000. 30,000, CS.OOO, Si.OOO, ,00O, tO.000. 15,000, 10,000. 5tW0. .Vc. io. 5.B. All Tickets sold at ALLEN'S will be (Sdorsed nn.l paid by (hem. Managers nf (his Lottery appointed by his Ex - rtllency the Governor. Dr. garni L. Mitchell. Moss Kent. F.a. Gen. Jeremiah Johnson, Isaac Denciston, E - q Oen. Jnho M'Leaa. JSSit Utt.aiti AT HAND. On Tuesday next. It is the text. The Lottery begin a drawing, . Themnji tUU JVe pay in Gold," It certainly ha a flaw in VIEDICAL SCIEFCF. IX)TTF.RY. Xo. 5 L1M. the largest ever authorised by the Stale of New - York, will positively begin drawing on Tuesday next, and continue reirularlv until ftnislicd. The promptness heretofore observed a our Lotteries, puts all qtf ei'.ijru otits tegti lirity beyond a doubt Tickets, and also Halves. Quarters. F.izhths and Sixteenth, in variety numbers, fvr sale U. CRANE'S Bookstore and Lottery Office, 85 Cherry street where less than SCO tickets in the last tlau was sold ; and yet the second Hiches Priae, 410,000, was sold in quarters, and promptly paid (but rtt in Gold ) A correct check book of the drawing will be kept, and cah paid for prizes as soon as drawn, or received in payment, together with Prises in former lotteries, far warranted undrawn tickets. J 28 3t $l0u,uuo. ,tmo. 10,000, 1ml i nf II kin It.lUn HE above are the caiital prizes in the 5Ui and ouly class in the Medical Science Lot - J"y, which comtneoces drawing on Tuesday t. Priies euaranteed by Vm state, payable days after the core - 'Mk , ol tlie drawing rremtltt great demai.ibr those, it is prt - ssu - W that there will be very few fur sale at the incemnt of the drawing. Those who wn lor chances cac be sanplied at GILLESPIE'S - , ' Lottery and Exchange OITtce, AO. 114 Broadway, nprcHite City Hotel. 1 RESENT PRICE, Tickeu J Half 14 Quarter 7 t I'jghth 3 M Sixteenth 1 75 - T"1 ho wifh for chances had better apply i ? u ckeU will advance soon. 1 1 Iaii1ja1 inii mi i I ITOTlCJi is hersey giveo to the respecliye o wsiers of If soilorwine lots of land in the khj os iiew - iorKrwat uej are hereby required iopy to the treasurer or clianiberlatn of U said city, withoat delay, the several soma of mo. aey annexed to the following description jf the premises - fieing ue sums assessed trow re onaining unpaid upon the sane, for opeiliag, re - gulatittg, and pavioc sundrr streeta. and for con structing wells and pumps therein l together with toe interest thereon, at tha rate of seven ner rpnt per atinua, from the time of the confirmation of the respective aum meets to the time of pa mailt, with the charges of this notice aooVad - veriuemeDi. . . , And they are further notified, that if default shall be made in soch payment, the said lots, nie ces or parcels of land, will be sold at public auction, at the city - hall of the said city, on Tuesday, the 3d day of November next, at H o'clock. A. M. by virtue of au act of the legislature of the state of Mew - York, rassed the 12Uidayof April, toio, enuuea - ad act tor me more eneci - ual collection of taxes and assessments in the citv of New - York," for the lowest term of years at i7 h 1 1 K ,,11 nANfln stall nffnm In . I . ....... in consideration of advancing the ruin assessed thereon, with the interest thereon, together with tlie charges of this notice and advertitement.aad uie ccruucnie lease, ana luriner aaveriisemeni required by the said act, and all other costs and charges to accrue under the saU act. Name of tlie retpettive oirnert; Number of hit; on wnat tlreel ; in ichtcti ward; for what at - teutd; and the amount. To Lawrence, or Mrs. Rogers, lots do. 634, 635, Delancey's farm, on Third street, in the 10th ward, assessed for paving Third - street $50 75, and auljcct to assessment for a cistern 2 40. John Halstead, lot no. 103, on Fulton - street. in the d ward, assessed for opening Fair - street, now rui ton - street, 3334 5U. I'atnck t agiien, tw j lota, on Manhattan - strcft, n the HUi ward, lor opening IZMh - slrcet, $2 00. Do. four lots, on Lawrcuce - st. 9th ward, for opening lSothetrect, $4 00. Charles smitn, a plot of ground between J. Lorillard and W. W. WooLty, 9th ward, rc - gul:ttin;70th - st. $13. Garret Van Waj&enen, a plot of ground on Greenwich - lane, Olh ward, foropcuiug UUi ave nue, 20. Chiles Dcbevoice, lot No. 57 Leonard - st. 'ilh ward, wid!iiipg Chapel - sl. $'0. Do. do. do. do. opeuiii' - Canal - s(. $13 31. Andrew Stockholm or Aaron Uckboim, two lots, Cross - street, otu ward, uavuig Crosi - t. $3 10. i)o. Jo. subject to, widening Cross - st. $73 12. Charles Dickenson or Kichard Dickenson, no. 33, 35, 37, Oran; st. do, paving Orange si. $100 I I; opening Canal st. $ - 23 04. J 10. do. do. do. widemn'' Orange st. $317. Abi;nh Ardeo, no. 49,'Mulbetry st. oih ward, paving intersection ol Cross st. l 38. John 11. Livingston, Slots, Lima Water st m the 6th ward, regulating, I5."i 01. Do. do. subject to, widening Croi ct. $75 04. Do. do. do. in the Cth ward, opening Caiial - trcrt, $IC4 01. Aaron Stockholm, 6 lots, on Little Water - st Oth ward, assessed for regulating Little Water - s.ret, $111 70. Do. Uo. subject to, filling lots, $27 12 1 - 2. Df. do. do. assessed for opening Canal street, i57 34. jonn 11, iivingstrn, lota no. 40, 42 tz 44, on OraDge st. Clh ward, assessed for paving Orange st. I17 S3. John R. Liviugtton, M'Carly l(s?e, lot no. 54, On Orange st. 6th ward, assessed for paving Orange st. 4 76 70. Do. do. '.wsoiscd for opening Canal st. $20 16. Do. da. assessed for widening Orange - street, ?93 00. Do. do. subject to aucs'mcnt lor well and lump, 3 00. Do. do. tor tilling op lot, ''9fl 50. Do. do. for regulating Leonard - it. "49 10. Estate of Rob't B. Norton, lot no. 13, Orange it Cth ward, assesied for paving Orange - street, f 31. Do. do. asicscd for wiuepmj Orange - street J'ctcr Bchennxrliora or - Deminick X.voch, 8 lots, Oraogo st. Cth ward, awessed for paving lirangeu. . T 71. 8ol..suon Wbeeler, lots no. 407. 4M, 4P0. SOI, Bayard's east farm, on Oranjre - slrf the 6th ward, assessed for pavioe Orauc - street, i 63 20. Solomon Wheeler, lots no. 497, 493. 499, 501, on Bayard's farm, in the 6th ward, assessed for openingCaoal street, 64. Unknown owner, said to belong to the estate of neatly, lot no. n rL on Bayard's lartn, Urangc - street, in th 6th ward, assessed for pavin; O - range - strect, .17 3, npenio Canal - street, 1C. well and pump, $ 50, DnsBinick Lyncli, for 33 feet, opposite BayarU - street, in tlie 6th ward, assessed for paving urange - street, ;40 48. Domraick Lynch, for 125 feet, north of Frank lin - slreet, in the 6th ward, assessed for paving Urango - street, Spill 82. Domuuck Lvnch, for 02 fort, wlow Bayara - trcrt, iu the 6th ward, awefsed for paving in - tcr - eition of Orange - street, 1 1 50. Unknown owner, said to belong to the estate of Ready, lot no. 46G, Bayard's farm, Orange - st in the 6th ward, attested for paring Oiangt - st 3 13, opening Canal - street, , 16. Mrs. Dale, 130 feet, 6'tate - street, in the 1st ward, xsssd for paviug J'ta le - street, S08 CO, - John R. Livingston, 375 feet on each side of Lcwis - etrert, assessed for regulating Lowu - st. between Rivington and Stinton - st. SI470 31. And 14 lots of the above property is attested lor a well and pomp iu Lewis st. near itauton st. 74 00. Anthony Lamb, 1 lot on Norfolk - street, west side, 100 feet sooth of Grand - street, in the tenth ward, assessed for well and pump in Grand - st 5 75. Unknown owner, 1 lot, on Rirington - st. next to the corner of Cannon - st. west side, io the I Oth ward, assessed for regulating Rivuigton - st. ,42. Isaac F. Cox, 1 lot, No. 59 Bayard's wnst farm, 00 Broadway, In the Cth ward, assessed for paving Uroadway, 70 5s. - Estate ol Solomon M. Cohen, S lots, not. 1118 Mid 1251 Board's east farm, 00 Broadway, in the 8th ward, assessed for paving Broadway, 117 64. John llora, S lots, nes. 1179, Uf.O, and 1181, Orelc man's farm, on Broadway, in the 8th ward, assessed for paving Broadway, - xzl 45. By order of the Common Council . JOHN MCOMB, Street Coamisioner. S. B. A considerable portion of the above property is subject to back teres for several years past, which will be fully explained on the day of sale, or by calling at the collector's office, So. 2, City - Hall, where every iofcrmxtioa will he given. Street Commishner's Office, I JnlytO. 1812. July 8 !aw3a NEW YORK STATE LOTTERY. ON Tuesday nsxt will commence drawing Xedical Science Lottery No. 5. Capital Prises. 1 of $100,000 I 1 of $10,000 1 50,000 1 5,000 - 1 20,000 I t 2,000 45 of 1000, &c. kc. Tickets and shares, in a variety of numbers, for sale at the book store and lottery office of No. 19 Peck slip, comer of Water - street . Prtttnt Price. Wholes $28 ; halves 14 quarters 7 ; fMhs 3 50; sixteeathil 75. 1 "r 1 fTbiwu t jt s!oa shl ecgra r au JjeweT X . ler, N..1G6 Broadway. CoaU of arso, crests, cyphers, tgrvcd ou stoneV V - ' - "A ' ' ' DiamotjJ?, amethysts, topaies, crrslals, 1c, bought or cut to any form. v - . .. , ;j Ladies seals eogsaved wUh mottos, devlcas or crests.' Cooks ofberaUnr kept with upwards of 60.000 names..'; - . . ;i .. ... . A large assoriment of fine gold seals, chains, and other jewellery. 1 Jy3 1m MEDICAL SCIENCE LOTTLKX begins drawing ess the 4tb of August' 000,000, ; 50,000 dols. 0,000 dols. 10,000 doU. 5,000 dols. nexthighsft. Only 16,000 tickets, not two blanks to m prixe and the price of Tickets only 28 dollars. Halves 14 dols. J Eighths 3dols50cts. Quarters 7 dols. 16ths 1 dols 75 cts. To be had in a variety of numbers, at WAITE'8 Truly Fortunate, Lottery ti Exchange Office, No. 54 Maiden - lane. Where has been sold the greatest number of capital prizes than at any other omce in the united States. A iew of them only are selected, vis. 1 of 60,000 dols. ; 1 of 40,000 ; 1 of 35,000: 4 of 30,000 ; 3 of 85,000; besides a great many of 20,000, 10,000, tc. All shares of tickets, signed by O. tc li. TVaite, will he as promptly paid as tlie whole ones. J 28 LOTTERY MOTIVE. THE offices in Broadway are now In labour, having conceived the idea (the great sea serpent having returned with its little brood) of charming dame fortune from Wall - street One has brought forth a piece to the soft music of Ewleens Dower; the other after a bard labour has likewise brought forth a piece to the sharp notes ot 1 lie rig in the uate, which are said or sung' to their customer (rrat's. The Mint uih! Press are likewise in labour, the former will soon produce an addition of $rjU,000 in Eagles, and the latter $50,000 m Hank Aotes, winch will be ready tor delivery in a few days, to the possessor of Prizes pur chased of the subscriber. Recollect the $100,000 I $50,000 20,000 I 10,000 and the lottery fortnnes alreadg made. Tickets will soon rise. Present pric - SJt8; Halves $14, Quarters $7, with a haiitUome discount to uiose who purchase 10 sell again, at 11KNJAM13I UU I LfclfS, Exchange & Lottery Office, 27 'Vall - st. J28 tf ' F.DICAL, SCIENCE TICKETS have advanced to 38 dollars. The untianlleled sale of tickets io this favorite lottery, hi already occasioned a scarcity, and consequently the above early advance, rvo km. tery granted in this couutry is perhaps so tlcseiv edlr Douular as this state lottery. Its truly com mendable object viz. promotion of medical science, a source of health ana happiness lu scheme, for brilliancy and magnitude unetjuaued. The regularity and promptitude with which the managers h.'ive conducted me previous classes, together with the guarantee ot the state making the payment of prises certain in 40 days after the drawing, and il demanded within 6 years, exhibit a coiubinaficn of advantages, which ii' duly estimated ly adventurers, and immediate application will he made for Tickets, daily enhance - ingin value, and which lis anticipated will command a greater advance than any ever sold iu this city. CAPITAL PHIZES. 1 of 1 of 1 of 1 of 1 of 2 of 45 of $100 000 50,000 20,000 10,000 5,000 2,000 1,000 Commences drawing: on Tuesday next Tickets a&d Shares for snle at . CRACUVS 148 Broadway. Where a number of capitals of M00 WOO, KHiO, inc. in former lotteries, hsve been sold and pud, - ........ Outers from a distance promptly executed, J SO QUALITY IAPXfES i3 MR. FRUMENTO has received a box cf (lie best perfumed Naples Shaving Soap, which he warrants to be of (he first oualitv. and which he will sell any gentle man wishing to make me trial 01 it, at no. t wan street J x lis I I' I 11V A.. lit bull, ,.u Orluuna ('.ill KJ ton, landing from brig Mary Ann, from New vrieans. 'In Store. 165 pipes 5d prool Holland Gin. 19 no 1st do du do 200 pieces Holland Duck 200 bales NOrleans Cotton for sale by N. &D. TALCOTT, J 27 - 64 South - street. SEASONABLE DKY GOODS, c. 2 bales superfine clothes 2 do.cassimers, ldo. fine plains 1 do. fancy toi linett Waiktcoatings 3 do. white flannels 1 do. ladies pelise cloth 2 do. low priced plains 3 do. superfine cassimere shawls 2 trunks damask shawls 5 boxes steam loom shirtings 6 do 6 - 4 & 9 - 8 cambricks 1 do. figured satins. Just received per Pacific from Liverpool, and lor saw at.o. an t - cnv rionse sup, ny LAJDLAW, GIRAULT k CO tar iroax. 3 bales Bomhasets 2 bales superfine Black Cloth 1 box French Cambrics 1 do Boot Tops 40 bales Upland Cotton 20 hhds. Kentucky Tobacco. , J22I0t nn ixjualcu J 7kegs 8's No. 1, branded T. M. Deans ft Co." now landing from the schr Brilliant, from Richmond, and 8's no. 1 Tobacco of Eoders, Ege, 8's no. t 8's no. 3 I - t lb. rolls 1 - 4 lb. rolls Ladies twist Cavendish Jy 5 8t Fletcher, Holtz, Miller, Gibb, Dancy, Ross, Dut ton, Labby, Star, Hoghes IL Co. Brady, v, an lor s Shelton,and Williamson's brands for sale by CORNELIUS DO BOIS. COTTON & TOBACCO. 12 bales Upland Cotton, landiag from ship Rising States, from Savannah 27 hhds Keotacky Tobacco will be leaded on Monday, from the schr. Mary Aon, from New - Orleans, for sale brRoBERTGir LEgn; JtS UtFroet - street. ssyrk TOBACCO. 4 J hhds Richmond tobacco, some of it of the first quality, and suitable for the Irish market For sale by Jy 24 W. k 8. CRAIG. SHEET BRASS. A small outetity of this Shct Braes, suitable for gnn mouatings or umbrella makers. For sale low by . C. O. HOWLAND, J 24. 67 Waxoicgton - strtet. tor Biaktly swi MiAUe, (oos of the Use of packets,) The wed knwn, fad saiUor schooner SAi DUSKY, capt. Weeks, bavfas two thkds 6f her freight engaged, wiifjneet "With all co vesjlcntdisjialcb,, Fur the rtmaindrr, or pas sage, having superior accotnmodations, apply to , l'i - 1pu t. iipunmu - re7 . , ' - 89 Coties - ilip. f f K The brig HERO, Capt. Marston,151 - tons, 7 years old, budt in Duxburv. Mass. ,. te Will be told very low on a liberal credit, or exchanged for merchandize. A p. piy 10 , . ,;. . v W. D. TALCOTT, J 27 '. - ' - 64 Sooth - street. rf9. Tor - JVI'.iV - OltLtLANS, J$ ThebrigMARY ANN.C.aptScWor, - J.,n.r.nli vessel, about 2 years old. sails very fast, and has good accommodations for passengers. ' She will be dispatched with out delay, and take whst freight and passen gers msy oneroy tne 5th August Apply to tne captain on board at wharf, or 10 . J. Ii. LAURENCE & CO. J 27 Iw . 55 Pine - street. For HAVRE, 'The ship DIDO, having been detain - '"" by the weather, she will positively sail on Tuesday next. 8 or 4 more passengers can oe accommodated. - Apply to J 25 - a , - . HOYT & TOM A good vessel, bound lo NEWBEKN. kN. C. may have 20 tons on freight, by applying to K. ii C. W. DAVENPORT & CO. Jy 25 - 35 Peck slip. for MADtlUA k, GIBKALTAH. Vv Ths American brig POCAHONTAS, ilA. Clark, master, now ready lor sea, will take, ori freight, to Madeira or Gibraltar, the bulk ol 13UU bbls. Apply to JOHN HEFFERNAN, Jy 2.1 3t 34 South - st. A Pilot Boat Schooner, Bermudian buiU; copper fastened, about 27 feet keel, was blown oil from the Island of Bermuda on UicSldt of May last, with seven Nogroesoo board. &he was fallen with, abandoned, in the fulph dream. 011 the 3d June, by the ship Octa - via, arrived: at Sag - Harbor, the captain of which found a letter on board stating (hat the Negroes bad been taken out, in lat. 31 and long. 72. by '.he Patriot armed schooner Hornet. Any information towards the recovery of the Boat and Negroes, will be thaukfullv received or should they be restored, the expenses will be paid by applying to Benjamin Baxden, esq. in the Island of Bermuda, or to the subscribers in the city of Now - York. TUCKER k LAURIES, inly 23 5t 29 South - st For SALE, The brig JOHN, 144 tons, built in Massachusetts, in the vear 1808, and rebuilt in Philadelphia in 1816, a staunch good vessel, and well found in sails and rigging ; lies at llrookl) 11. For terms, apply to JAMES D'WOLF, Jun. J 23 54 South - street. r'o - CHARTER, A British HKIG, burthen 213 tons British, or 2100 barrels ; now at Phi ladelphia ; will proceed to this, or a southern port, to load for England, or the West Indies, and can be despatched within three dxys notice. Apply to ROGERS St POST, J 6 51 South - street rvANliLU TO CHAlli&tU , A good last sailiDg VkaSbLi, ot I JUU to 2000 barrels burthen Apply at 57 Watliingtou - ttreet, to Jy 23 G. G. & P. HOWLAND. WANlk.U lUCHAtatti. A British BRIO, that will carry a - ibout 700 bales Bengal Cotton, lo load lor Liverpool. Apply lo J 23 . . ARCH'D GRACIE : SONS. Jior LiyERtOu . (One cf the line of packets.) i The coppered. New - York built ship t'ACirlC, John Williams, master ; baseieiraot accommodations for passengers, and is intended to sad, according to a fixed arrangement, on the I Hh of next moiiUi. r or Ireignl or passage, ap ply to captain Williams, ou board, at Fultou - sl. wharf, to ISAAC WRIGHT K SUi ; or, FRANCIS THOMPSON. P. S. Beds aud beddiug are found at the ship's expense. Jyzi CADIZ, The good substantial ship. MARY, Jas. Matlit, master, having the greater part of'her Cargo ready to go on board, will be dispatched immediately. Freight will be taken if od'ered within 4 davs. Apply to GOODHUE & CO. J 22 44 South - street. rF. tor Hale, treigUt or (Jliarltr, M The staunch ?nod sliiu MIRROR. 311 Ions burthen, is in complete order to receive a cargo, ahd may be sent to sea with lit tie ex police . Apply ou board, west tide Bur, lius sl'is or to N. L. k G. GRISWOLD, Jy 21 CO iouth - rt For KLVUSTUsS. Jamaica. The fine coppered schr. CLAREN DON, John G. Frith, master, is now lortdiug, and will be dispatched without delay For passage only, apply on heard, at pier No. 9, tast - Htver, or to TUCKER S LAURIK3, iuly 24 29 South - st. fl PLATE, kc. J OX BOXES Tin Plate, assorted, &dJ 50 boxes S V X and D X, 20 boxes, XX, 12000 lbs. Iron Wire, 1 5000 India and 6 pane h Clock Tin, For sale by ANSON G. PHELPS, July 24 : 183 Front - t. It 1 PL - IIC I 1 . ! . SMALL roll containing (he field notfi of a. a. iuiv in uk town ui iiuiuer, w irgii nuu V'lii cinatut. Delftware countyThe finder will re tetve uuiin yf ic is vine www m inr. "hkw ui E. W. BRIDGES, J 27 3t City Surveyor, Law Buildings. T OAT, about tour weeks since, a POINTER M - A DOG, two years old, called Sanco, large lor his age, tad cut, but rather long, color white. with several light liver colored spots. A liberal reward and all expenses will be paid to any per soa who will give information in a line left at the ulnoe 01 tn Evening roet. J y 5 1 1 w BAR IRON, Ac 5 tons Bar Iron 5 tons Sheet Iron . 20 doren Frying Pans - ' Patent Chaff and Drawing Knives Iron and steel Shovels German ani cast steel mill, pit k band saws Coach spring bt el t or sale by ANDERSON &t SHEARER, . At 131 Water street, rpURPENTINI - - 590 bWs soft Treotine, X afloat, ana sr sale by R. k C. W. DA ENPORT K CO. J 27 85 Peck - slip. rk COTTON. 1UU bales very prime upland oottoo, lanJ - ' ing from brig Speedy Peace at Crooklj n 14S do Uoia store at isrooxiyn . 151 do do do in the city. Fersaleby J0A1AH STURGE5, Jy2t ,6t . ' r , 113Pearl - st Rice.Immoor Q J 23 61 Bouia - suwi, . MR. mVfEtVd LECTURE. AT Taoi.asuy Hall, toiuof row (Taesday) ereaing, July the SJJth, 1818, hit Dwyur will repeat his iforniance ; who, anxious Uil the attendauce of ladies should be as numerous as possible, to honor hts exhibition, (which fiun its wit, refinement and delicacy is so well calculated to amuse thrm) respectlu'ly informs hi friends and the public tnat each ticket will henceforward admit a ladv and eentleuiaa. . . - . In addition to the lecture, the lollowine readings and recitations. . K head of GENERAL WASHINGTON, and a sketch of his character, in which a comparison will be drawn betweeo Cuicinnatus aod him ; written by Mr. Dwyer. A if ead of aod Monody on the much lamented Capt. Lawrence; Dryden's celebrated ode 01 Alexander's Feist or the power of music. - 'J'ickets at 75 cents each, children half price, to be had at Tammany Hall, the City Hotel arm tiankCoflee House, rerformtuice lo commence at 8 o'clock. J 27 2t tF"X ton s.ilv. 4m.J An undivided moiety in t!e followinglots of land in " Evans' Patent" Delawaie County, suit 01 new - lorn, Tin Lot No. JO, containing 176 acres , lot No. 6S, containing 134, Also, sn undivided moiety la tbe eiui hall of lot No. 40, containing I(Uj acres, and in lot No. 37, in the is rue pslent containing 1031 acres. 1 ne a Dote lots are well timbered with pine, See Sic. and their contiguitj tothetoesf branch of the Delaware river render them worthy of the sttrn - tion of lumber merchants. They will be sold reasonable for cash or approved notes. For fur ther particulars apply to THOMAS ADDIS KM MET, Esn. counsellor at law. No. 2$ Pine street, New York, (who is authorised to make contracts for tbe sale of the above lots or to the subscriber, by whom an unquestionable title will vc given. MAIU IIA BRADSTREET, Hammond street, Greenwich. New York, July St ih. 1 8 1 8. OCT" ' lie Proprietors ol (he Philadelphia Freeman's Journal are requested to publish the above for two months in their paper aud sella their bill to the subscriber. J 25 d2m e2m t'UK HALL. A FARM, containing 300 acres, on tbe bauks of ths North River, a mile south from the village of Hyde Park, and eighty - six from New, York. The land is equs.1 in quality to the best in Dnehess county, and is in high order and good fence. On the premises is a good ptain farm house, a good baru and other appendages necessary to conducting a large farm. Also, a build. tug spot commanding an extensive and beautiful view of the North River. Within half a mile of the farm house is an eminent Academy, and within two miles an Episcopal' antl a Presbyterian Church, in each of which there is regular service physicians two landings, one of which the Steam - boat advertises as a landing place, stores, Ac. kc. The whole will be sold together or divided In suit purchasers. The terms of payment will be made easy, and an indisputable given by the subscriber. . WILLIAM BARD. Hyde Park, July 24 tf lt. DE ANGELIS, formerly practitioner of U Aledisine in (he Military Hospitals ot Naples, and admitted a member of the Medical Society of New York, where he has resided since the year 1795, and his reputation and success in practice is now established in the knowledge of the public by near twenty years experienee, continues to be consulted at his office, No. Water street, opposite Crane wherf. In Rheumatic and Venereal cases, Dr. De An. gclis hss been wonderfully successful ; and the most terrible effects of those disorders have frequently been cured by hira in a short spsce of lime without inconvenience to the patient Obstructions, ulcers in the throat snd palate. stiffness in the joints, pains in the limbs, eruptions nf the skin, together with a numerous trsin of e - vns arising Trom neglect or improperly treating of the most insidious of maladies, have given way to his mode of treatment in almost sn incredible manner. His extraordinary success is, in a great measure attributable to Ins well known Anti rheumatic and Anti - syiihilie Syrups, which whilst they eradicate every form of disease, restore the emaciated natiant to vienr aud health. - ' N. B. Alt letters from the country (post paid) will be attended to, and the aeoesaary advtae - aDd medicine will be given and sent to aay part of (he union. JSS MU. LEE'S SELECT SCHOOL FOR BOYJ, No. 8 Panic PciTE. T riHE course of instruction pursued in this X institution embraces every depsrtmeot or Literature and science necessary to a noe - ral education, (tlie dead languages excepted.) The public is assured that this School shall consist of a number of pupils, never exceeding twenty - five. No pupil will be admitteu who cannot read connectedly and write legibly, and who is not acquainted with the first five rules of arithmelick. School hours from 1 - 2 past 6 till 8, and from 9 till 1 o'clock. Terms 12 dolls; per qr. J 25 2w T UST published and for sale at the new La if Book Store, corner of Nassau and Spruce streets, BlakeU Prarltte of the Court of Clutnee - ru (new work.) 1 he trial or John m. I rum bull against Thomas Gibbons, for a libel. And also, The Brownie of Bodsbeck, and other Tales, by James llogg, author of Queen's Wake,e ice july25 2w HOLD W.t'lXJtlLii AT AUCTION. TO;. C. COOPER will sell to - morrow, at SLF 20 Wall - street, an invoice of gold aud silver patent lever watches ; musical snuu boxes, some cost 70 guineas each ; do seals ; gold chains, &c. 4 cares of French chairs, bureaus, &c. I case of German toys. Goods intended for the sale will be received until 6 this evening. Catalogues will be ready at 8 to - morrow morning. Jy 22 DENTIaTRir. DOCTOR ZERAH HAWLEY informs the public (hat his office is at Nn. 91 Nassau street ; where lie extracts teeth, cleans and teti Htlh,uml performs every operation indestistry. The following certificate of skill, he thinks sufficient recommendation. whom it ma coiscr.air. This certilies, that Dr. Zeraii Hawley is a regular bred physician, and in good standing with his brethren in this place ; that he has paid particular attention to tlie art nf Drntulry, has studied the best European works on the subject, and has given very good satisfaction in this branch, to his customers, who are persons of the first re spectability in this city. We therefore, with entire confidpnrs recom mend Dr. Hawley, to the citisens ol New - York at a Dentist. f .f.neasMunson, rmfnsors of New - Haven. 1 Nalban Smith, f the Med J.ui.22,1818. )Kli Ives, f Inttitotion f Jooa. Knight, T Yale Col. I 27 Iw Cut TON H uoL ii MACHINE CArtDS I'HOS. WH1TTEMORK has constantly on I. hand at bis nianulactorv. .tio. SO ferry - street, next to the corner of Fearl street, a large and general assortment of cards of ever, description, vis : Cotton Cards or7, a, V, JU Wool do 5 and 6 Machine do Clothiers' and Hatters' Raising Cards All of superior quality, which be will sell on the !owct terms. 4 iw ITALIAN SEWING trunks, prw - cipallv black' and blues, for s.i!e wy 'j 27 P. KEMSEN ft X. ClOT'l ON. 85 bales prime New Orleans and 151 do Upland Cotton, Ibr sale by i S5 SAtjU AL,i - f.i,yo rne street If). JAMAICA RUM. ' JL A puncheons Ram, lantHnr from the brisH . 1 n . r - . , - c ii I nianaau av vuB - 3up Hr aaia oy ADrfUU 61 SHEAKEK, ' JjtS lw J3I Water it r 01 1 'C; ':. - BY PAXTON k Co. , . - ,. . On Wednewlay, . f At lOoVlotk, at Kirli U Won on !oig rooro, Wall street, a haudsome nstnrimcnt ol .'urnitutY, an - ong which are, one r lejjfiiil and r.v palicrii side board, with a writing I:sk,' set isli, - ', su - retius, Grecian Sofas 01 the latest loshiou, C urd, dining and tea tacles, wah hand a candle stands, fancy and whulMir chairs, locking glasses, Venetian blinds, 2 eaxy chairs, betUtesu!, mutraasea and beds ALo, 1 superb time) piece, 10 pair beautifully ornamented vases, : with a.variety of cut .class, fashionable mahogany hair bottom chairs.. . ' ' . 12o'chxk, 10 elegant first rata Gold Watchea with gold 'aces, atd I beautiful horizontal, musical aod repeating Watch, and 60 double tps'd slop'd and R - cooU siUet V.'aUhes, with gold hands. Catulogttes ready to - morrow morning at 1 1 o'clock, when the furniture may be vie Wed. BY MILLS, MlNTON fc CO. ' j - Thursdfl', A grneral assoriment of Dry Goods. ' At 11 o'clock, in front of Uu - Auction store. No. 1411 Pearl - street, 50 boxes cider,' of very su penor quality, packed 111 sand. JUAHHLb kull BUILUINU. te. TH K proprietors of the soutliern marble qua ties, mar King's - Hridgr, give notice, thai they have on hand, and are receiving, at the King't - liridge JUarlile end I.ime - iart foot of Beach - street, on the Hudson river, an extensive stock of marble for buildingfof the fallowing de scriptions, rit : Ashlar Watertable Steps Ilatfonni Sills, Lintels Arches Coping Foundation Stone Chimney - Pieces Facings Columns Also Lima of tbe hest quality. riT A constant supply of the above material) may be calculated upou 1 and those desirous of purchasing, or making angiitis ants, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW, Feb 11 At the Yard. U MQIlV IO LOAN. m fkDOLLARS to ioaa, In sums to J 1,111)11 suit applicants, on - bead with mortgage upon approved property, ' ALSO, 40,000 dollars on approved paper, guaranteed by hank stock. Enquire of WM. WILLIAMS, 137 Water - street. Where application may be generally made' through the year, aud mortgages disposed of. JeSifl if CORNELIUS DOGLKT, A TTOHNEY, COUNSELLOR AT LAP AND NOTARY PUBLIC. COMMISSIONER, authorised to take Ad - davits and Special Bail in any Court of Record of this State, the prool and acknowledge meut of Deeds, and discharges of Mortgages. Also Affidavits, Special Bail and the deposition, of witnesses decent ttse, in the District and Circuit Courts of the United States, continues bis office at No. 1 4 Cedar - street. jy 22 1m IV ALA HAM A MERCHANTS. PETERS k STEBBINS, Commission Merchants, BLAKELEY, Mobile - Bay. , HAVE extensive store houses and receive and forward goods, cotton, (tc. free of cartage and wharfage. Vessels and barges lay along side ot their stores. Shippers .will please apply to CALVIN SPEAK, Boston. PETERS Si DERRICK. N.York. EMLEN k HoWELL, Philadelphia. Jy 5 tf Wet nukoe. ftfr A young woman with a fresh breast of milk, will hear of a fcood situation by applying at no. ha wnrren - strert. none neau appij cept they can bring good recommendations. jy - ii at' , U3 JAMES D. STOUT, Engraver and fees! Cutter, removed to 90 Liberty - etreet, near Greenwich - street 1 ft 3m - For - Kngtmnd, tia Halifax, N. . ' LETTERS for His Britannic Majesty's Packet Queensberry, will be received at the Post Office till Wednesday afternoon, the 6th, day of August. ' . J 21 T. W. MOORE. Agent. (TT Wanted, a 2d officer for a ship to In dia. Apply to J. ti. ilOGERT, Esq. . Jv 23 Nb. 138 Wateritreet. AIKCHaMCS' BANK. OCT The Stockholders' are informed that a di idend of four per cent out of the profits for Iho last six months, will be paid on the 1st of August next. By order of the President and Directors. J 27 1m W: FISH, Cashier. if' tuhiwtlon Inturance Comjtany. THE Board of Directors have declared a dividend of four and one half per cent, on the capilol stock of the company, for the last six. months, payable at their oflice, corner of John and William - streets, on and after the first day of August. PETER HA WES, Secry. J 23 2w GI. NfcWbERY, 134 Pearl - slieet, resect - . fully informs the public and tboe ladies aud gentlemen who lately applied lor DETT - MER'3 SUPER. PATENT PIANOFORTES, that he has jost received a new supply per Ra dius, precisely the same as (he last, and oner them for sale on very accommodating terms. As Piano Fortes of this excellent maker have but lately been introduced into this country, for want of a correspondent, G. N. feels il incumbent to add, that their tones (by those who are acquainted with tbem) are allowed lo be full and expressive, and have hitherto given imirersal satisfaction. Mselsel's Patent Metronomes for sale. Also. London selected collections and sped mens o" M ineralogy , tic J 21 r aw la?; Vlnjl The first and second Boor In store No, 8 Fletcher - street The rooms are large; being 25 feet wide, 70 feet deep, well calculated torn wholesale crockery store, for storage, or for ethei business requiring much room. To be let togc tber or separate. Enquire on tbe premises, or at 148 Pearl street, sip stairs. ' Jy 24 FOR SALE, The HOUSE ti. LOT, No. 539, Broad. way. The lot is 8 feet front and rear, and 1 80 feet deep. The house is 65 feet deep, finished in the best manoer, aod replete with conveniences for a large family. On ths premises are a brkk stable, two rain - water ci - tems, (one of which is trick) and a well of excellent water. The situation is considered equal to any in that city. For particulars, apply to Btnjomin Q. Minium, on the premise, or to ROBERT BOWSE. . Jy25 In No. 256, Prari - sU NOTICE. NOW in the press of Wat. Far, nf Philadelphia, and will shortly be published lor II em - Durtlt and this, a new and sleract edition the Works of ALEX'R FOPF - in six volume o rorrespoad wiUi the Ncw - Yetk ed.tion oi the Uritisli Classics. Jy 27 tt 'HE Brownie of Bodsbeck, and other Tales, l)T James Hoes, author of 4The Q - jeen'a "aey - tc. mi: ALSO, Narrative of an expeditiTt, to explore the River Zaire; usually coltcd tbe la Soath Africa, in 1C16, undrrttic directi , ; Cap - y . taie 8. K. Tne key, H. N. ro which I, 1 k - d the ' Journal of Professor bmith, Ac tc.'. ' i mt pb lished and for sale by "P. A. MJuhlER ' Jyt4 6t .. ' WaU - streef. 111 M a - . - TWO genllemen have purchased a waggow and pair of horses to take a toer so Niara - ra, Montreal, Qaebec, &c There ss room for two other gentle met.. If any ofUking betour,U,ey wilie parttas - lars bv addressing a lon - to No. 21 TaT ' To start on Wednesday M1 24 41 PUULICSALE

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