Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa on January 14, 1943 · Page 2
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Progress-Review from La Porte City, Iowa · Page 2

La Porte City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 14, 1943
Page 2
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Fife Six S CLASSIFIED ADS inrsday, Janus for 1C per ^ /ord CLASSIFIED RATES Classified ads are one cent per word for each insertion, with a minimum of 25 cants per order. For example, a 10-word ad will cost 25 cents for either one or two insertions, but only 30 cents fon three times. A service charge of 10 cents is added to "keyed" advertisements calling: foi replies to *e sent to this office instead jf the advertisers. Terms are cash except for business houses carrying r e g u l a r ledger accounts at this office. FOR SALE Miscellaneous STOVE AND 22c a gallon Station. LIGHT GAS-at L. J. Tutt'G 1-tf FOR SALE: 4 in 1 Baby Stroller. Like new. Mrs. Robert Langford. l-2p FOR SALE--Good violin. May be seen at Garrabrant's Jewelry Store. l-2p GREEN COLONIAL FURNACES. Phones: 297 and 50-11. W. A. Frankhn. 1-tf. USE BRIARDALE ·= COFFEE and your breakfast will be good. Brjst'a Grocery. 1-tf. EASY TO FEED--Sargent's Min- ral Meat Meal for hogs. Farmers Supply Co. 1-tf TWO GALLONS OF GOOD OIL-|1.20 at L. J. Tutt's Station. 1-tf FOR SALE ! Insurance Seeds FOR SALE NEW IMPROVED OAT AND SOYBEAN. VARIETIES State Certified TAMA AND BOONE Oat Seed. State Certified H I G H L A N D Soybean Seed. Reserve for Spring Delivery BLACK HAWK SEED FARMS Office: 119 Main St. FIRE INSURANCE on dwelling and households at surprisingly] low cost and policies delivered' to you in thirty minutes in a $35,000,000.00 company, w i t h losses adjusted thru this agency immediately. Phone- AMna W. Kober residence, Fo e sc Flat?. 1-tfcj FOR SALE: Tulips, Iris, Peonies. Better plant now than in spring. Taking orders for Glads, Dahlias and other bulbs for spring delivery. List Free. Waterloo Bulb Farms, Rt. 218. 1-tf NO HUNTING signs for sale at this office. Furniture FOR SALE--Several good used electric console and battery radios, in fjrst class shape. Five dollars up. Byam's 5c to $1.00 Store. 1-lc FOR SALE--Table model Zenith battery radio, in good condition. Ralph Foss. 53-3c FOR SALE: Oak dresser and full FOR SALE: Large size Enterprize lard press. W. F. Hughee. l-2c CLEANER'S SOLVENT AT L. J. Tutt's Station. 1-tf Livestock FOR SALE--Ten black Poland China brood sows, to farrow in March and April. Max C. Whitehead. Phone 13-41. l-2c FOR SALE--Young Shorthorn bull, two mare colts, two and three years old. Twelve bred Duroc gilts. Brandon. Frank Brooks, 53-2p size oak man. bed. Mrs. Julia Kctt- 53-2c FOR SALE: White kitchen cabinet. Weiscrt'E Garage. l-3p FOR SALE--Hobart and Kable piano. Phone 332. l-3p Real Estate FOR SALE: 217 acres well improved, close in, possession March 1st. Phone Jesse 0. Kober, Renlator. 1-tf · WANTED" WANTED: Either a black or B spotted Poland China male pig. Clark Hoyt, phone 16-31. l"2c C. A. Brust BRIARDALE STORE HOME OF FINER FOODS Dawn Fresh Frozen Food FRUITS VEGETABLES FISH Friday SPECIALS Saturday 89c $1.05 25c 25c 35c TALL CORN FLOUR 24'/ 2 Lb. Sack BRIARDALE FLOUR--No Better Milled 24'/ 2 Lb. Sack WHOLE WHEAT FLOUR 5-Pound Bag WHEAT GRAHAM FLOUR 5-Pound Bag . PURE BUCKWHEAT FLOUR 5-Pound Bag PURE LOUISIANA SORGHUM Gallon Glass Jug $1.69 NAVY BEANS 3-Pound Sack GREAT NORTHERN BEANS 3-Pound Sack IDAHO RED BEANS 3-Pound Sack GOOD LUCK VEGETABLE SPREAD Per Pound THOMSONS SEEDLESS RAISINS 2-Pound Sack GRO-PUP DOG FOOD A Kellogg Product, large pkg CRYSTAL WHITE LAUNDRY SOAP 6 Bars 25c 25c 25c 28c 2Sc 27c 25e BUY WAR SAVINGS STAMPS FOR SALE HERE FARM PROPERTY I N S U R A N C E , written on installment plan all actual cost through Jesse 0-1 Kober, Agent l-Lf[ FOR LIFE, accident ard hospitr;' insurance for entire family in on? policy see Jesse 0. Kobe: agent. 1-tfc FOR THE BEST INSURANCE in life, fire and nuto sec G. E. Lovclets. 1-tfc I FOR AUTOMOBILE insurance phone 31, Anna W. Kober. 1-tf :*A lAiti TIRES Pa=sengpr car inspection deadline--Jan. 31. Commercial vehicles inspection deadline--Jan. 15. GASOLINE "A" book coupons No. 3 (4 gals, ea.) good until Jan. 22. FUEL OIL Pciiod 2 coupons (10 gals, ca.) gi,od ur.ti' Ja-i. 20. Pcncd 3 co- pons (11 gaK ca.) good UP*:! IVj. 20. COFFKI: f ' o u p u n No 2i (1 Ib.) v.-il [ Jim. ·] to I\b. 7, SUG \ K Coupon No. 10 (3 Ibs.) e.\- p.rts Jan. 31. REGISTRATION All pcr.-ons '..ho do not I'old \V_i- Ration I-if-ok No. 1 (Sugar Book) nu.,t register with their local wnr price iiml rationing boards before Jan. l.j to be eligible for War Ration Book No. 2. and was employed as saleswoman in the music department of B Reading Cedar Rapids store. There ;h«r acquaintance with Bourke B. Hickenlooper, an attorney, was formed and their marriage followed. NEW DIRECTOR The absence of a faculty band -Vector does not keep the Lake Mills band from taking its usual part in school activities. Allen Shcimo, a senior student, is now directing the band and is doing well with the work. Allen has planned to continue with nu'sic and band directing after high 'chool days are over. SERVICES Work BODY, FENDER REPAIRING --Dents removed, repainted to match perfccty. Our work will please you. Drive in. Leo Motor Co. 1-tf | railroads traversing 40 slates. lie | has prepared train mciiK foi Ihree presidents, Coolidge, Hoover smd Roosevelt. Thompson, pero, ha.s a faim waiting for Melvin to take over when he leturns to civilian life, but Melvin says he hopes to see something of the other 8 states before settling down co farm life. Miscellaneous WHEN YOU HAVE poultry or eggs to dispose of, in La Porte Guy it's Fosse's. 53--lc FOR RENT FOR RENT: 7-room house in the third block below the bank. Inquire of W. N. Loveless, first house north funeral home. 52-tlc FOR RENT--Large unfurnished apartment. First hoi;se north of La Porte City Florence Harmon. State Bank. FURNISHED apartment downstairs land. for rent. Mis. Belle Oh- l-3c LOST-FOUND STRAYED to our farm--Brown Swiss heifer. John F. Rahn. 62-3p CUM GRANO SALIS George Denlingcr of Jackson county trapped a "polymonotisu- wat" but was denied bounty on it from the county treasurer on the ground that the statutes did not provide for it. The nnimal is a four-legged creature with head like a badger and tail like an op- posum. It's hind legs are long with large feet. The front legs are short with small feet. A local newspaper vouchsafes the information that the animal was known in the days of Pharoah Khufu and "discovered by his daughter while gathering a basket of weeds to garnish a platter of boiled dog for the annual com dance." GOOD DOG While crossing an icy street one night locently, Mrs. E. W. Hammer of Ames fell and broke her right arm. Her dog gathered up for her the scattered pieces of mail rind carried them into the postoffice. HEMP GROWER The important crop, hemp, will ' be grown by Father Leo Entringer · of Crundy Center this year. He | has signed up for 40 acres. He · will rent the land to plant into hemp and members of his congregation and himself will see that it is planted and cared for. They had been saving-the hose ^ both borrowers and invests] with the intention of making a'are urged to attend. 1-lc M- L. HAVEN, seci rug. NOTICE The annual meeting of the stockholders of the La Porte Building and Loan Association will meet in the office of C. A. Brust, president, Friday evening at 7:30 o'clock. All stockholders, NOTICE Annual meeting of the holders of the Farmers' ; Telephone company will bi at 1:30 p. m. Tuesday, Jar. the room over the telephone 1-lc ROY E. WAGNER, seC ] IOWA EXPERTS Robert Mayer, IB, and Wayne Barr, 18, Algona youths, mtnibera of thu Algona 4-H Dany Calf club, demonstrated cattle feeding at the 21st annual 4-H club congiess in Chicago the first of the month. They wc'c top ranking 4-H club members in state during 1942. FIRST ROBIN Ed Simmons of near Marengo pays this year was the first time he had seen a robin on his place at Christmas time. He reports he saw the bird on December 22, in a cherry tree. FROM BAD TO WORSE I Jimmie Thompson of Emmets- buig was recovering from a i broken arm, when he found it necessary to lay low again. This time the mumps. It is FIRST LADY revealed by the I NO NEW RUG i Silk and nylon hose that had Waukon]been saved over a period of many Democrat that Governor-Elect B.j years by Mrs. W. R. Rock and 'daughter, Marjoric, of Osceola, were donated in the silk and nylon salvage drive. They gave 250 pairs of silk hose, the largest number turned in by individuals. B. Hickcnlooper chose his wife from the ranks of Iowa's business womun. Twenty years ago Mrs. Hickcnlooper, rici; Miss Bensch of Landing, went to CcJar Rapids MERITED PRAISE Editorial comment in the Bel!e Ploine Union hits (he r.ail on the head in the statement that among the unsung heroes of this war are members of the local rationing boards who work long hours every day, sacrificing their own business interests to that of the public with no compensation for it, often disturbed out of business hours by calls fiom the public registering complaints, abuse or icqucsts for service, What we mean is, those boys handle grief and not only arc unpaid for it are often unthanked as well. M A R S Mm Irs Are Your CheJipwt Entertainment-- Come to the MARS for Better Moviw. FRI. - SAT. JAN. 8 - 9 AN EXCITING SAGA OF A DANGEROUS JOURNEY ACROSS ALASKAN TRAILS! ! "REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR" WASHINGTON'S NEIGHBOR J. C. Hunter of Adel has on dis play in the Dallas County Newt window one of the earliest deed; to land in this country. It recite. 1 the sale of 180C acres of land in Fairfax county, Virginia, by Ignatius Diggs, William Diggs am John Addiaon to George Johnson in 1775. The consideration was five shillings (obout ?1.20) per acre. The old deed has been handed do^n from generation to gen oration in the Hunter family for moic than a century. NICE WROK, BKEMER! Brcmcr county tops the state for the first 10 months in po capita amount of war bonds pur chased. The county average for that period was $78.05. Scot; county was second with on averag of $78.05. The calculations wen made on the basis of 1040 popula tion, and the Bremcr county lead would be even greater if baser! on actual population figures. BOOM IN IRON Test pits to discover possible iron ore deposits in northeastern county are to be opened by the Bureau of Mines of the U. S. De partment of Interior, it has beer reported. The region is part of tin only known iron ore deposits of Iowa said to lie at a 70-foot depth and to contain an estimated 10, 000,000 tons of ore. CHEF DE CRUISINE Pvt Melvin Thompson of Mitchell county is a popular, man at Ilia air base station^-where he if cook, according to .the 6i«e ine'ws-. paper. In private'.life he wat'chef de cuisine on dining cars^df six. TUBS. - WED. - THUR. JAN. 12 - 13 -14 It's a Hit Worthwhile Seeing!! SUNKIST ORANGES That popular 220 count size. Have been selling 45c to 49c. Very special this week-DOZEN 37 C TEXAS GRAPEFRUIT Fine quality Marsh Seedless. 96 count size 7 FOR 25c WINESAP APPLES tine 2'/ 4 to 2/ 2 inch size. Sound, juicy. 4 LBS. 25C CRISP HEAD LETTUCE, large head . J; CRISP CARROTS, Calif. Green Top, bch. 1( USE ANTON'S MILK, quart. TRY ANTON'S CREAM 8l TOMATO JUICE--Del Monte or Campbells, small cans, 3 for.. MOTHER HUBBARD PANCAKE FLOUR F L O U R More and more people are turning to home ba\ ing. May we reccommend our two fine flours-OMAR--The Wonder Flour 49 pounds . . . SEAL OF MINNESOTA--Every Bag Guaranteed, 49 Ibs. THESE PRICES ARE FOR THIS WEEK END ONLY. OMAR, 5 Ib. boxes 29 DEL MONTE CATSUP, large 14 oz. bottle 19 DEL MONTE COFFEE, 1 Ib. glass jar, Ib. P AND G SOAP, 6 bars SALAD DRESSING, full quart Pint--27c 31 25 43 WE WANT MORE EGGS I Drive Up Front or Rear Blow Your Hon STAGE SHOWS at 3:47, 5:49, 7:29, 9:31 SCREEN SHOWS at 2:29, 4:31, 7:59, 10-01 ON THE STAGE SUNDAY ONLY - JANUARY BUDDY STARCHER AND fflS FINCHVILLE JAMBOREE 10 - PEOPLE - 10 RADIO STARS OF RADIO STATION K. X. E. L. A MUSICAL -- SINGING -- COMEDY BEVUE FEATURING i=ON THE SCREEN= SUN.ANDMON. JAN. 10 -1 The Swing Show of the Swing Shift! ADULTS 35c CHILDREN lOc MILLER Picture with Betty JfunCOLONNA*" RHODES NEWSPAPER! ?APER.r

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