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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Tuesday, July 28, 1818
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. i - a rebus ten mz LAi)!p3 - - Frlf - ereeied, fell hast eoree, " Totcrik tmch vtun pi. uderduCdy . ; Aad oi that aembef wuwl ,. r idkjiov ssx "Alas' ! haw touts eWperree, " ' For wtikA they oft Mverele rem. And ia their bwil end boue too, : : .v ; . - : - - Can two "To me owe oweehmeright, Tbeeartejr.twa, andaUlbseewi, , Aid yet i sue swi worth Pi .'.' . . To any. ... .. - Tto West Witt a tbt mind cm wfll. Of ttiMtf rLnriw&ici tIL' ' fTi treJj etiaege Fas wen IMWll) Bysmaoy. The shires maids that trip the gieeo, With graceful air aedmodest u foaeMadoraMkhaTtofteii toceii Forsaken TUa deity I have more power - ' Can dnoktk ocean Uaa boor, . Aad make even floea to dewr ... , Fat Bacon. " ' - sorniA. jtEtr - roRK ErtKUfQ post. TIJESDAT, JULY 18.. u staessar, Under the act which pas - ted the last seseloa of Congress, but which we hare no before tu, against fitting eut wilrtary ; armaments in ear porta with hostile intention against uatiorai with whom the United Statea - are it peace, a warrant was (noted on Satur day bat to arrest the twe captains of two arm - ed eorvetts, which were then lying in the north .river, ready to sail; the process also includ ' ed the agent for Spanish patriots who was in ' town, and who was also taken. The eorvetts . wcre recently bttlll at CorlcarVIIook, and are remarkable line vessels of theb class t their . crews are said to. amount to 100 men ecb. . The cause is to come before Judge Livingston t fur a Luring this day at 2 o'clock. Poimcoo. W ar credibly Informed, that the Epao'uh minuter bat made a demand in form, of our government, that Pensacola be, without . - delay, restored to the Spanish authorities, as woll as all other places in South America, lately - and at present occupied by the United States v troops, under the command of gen, Jackson. ..Jhas the negotiation has bmgun how it will "end, See wIU not undsHak positively to pro - noonc j We renters, bowerer, to conjecture, ; that tbarewill be no blood noses, latbeissua we shall acquire the Floridas. .... 3 SpmisK Squadron. We lean from Captain ftit, m 42 days from Ttncrtk, that a Spanish t squadron of two frigates, a sloop of war, and It - transport, "with a tout 3000 troops oa board, had toached at Santa Crux, and aailed from thence on the 2J of Jane, dsstited it was said for ChilL ' W shall always receive the favors of oar unknown, bat highly esteemed correspondent, with no common pleasure. tor Ih Arte - fere Evening Pest. Te enact aud carry into effect string of com - eternal regulations, is almost as difficult as to lay down e system of edocbtioa, and adapt it to tha various dispositions of yovth. 1st the appli cation, nnfci eseee obstacle present themselves, .end cspessseo only teachee us the impossibility of le sweating, w - en convenieer. Jnterett luid i ercjuihce, are opposed to itssuccets. Yet there thA i required Is dexterity ia the proper as of l&em. - We certainly cannot Com plain of the free as of either by theframers el our late collection laws. If we are to have the worth of our goods determmed this country, why not abolish the form of an invoice refue altogether I Now, the ' "drone is allowed 10 sit in his hive and py the fb - i reign, sanefactorer an exherbitant profit, nnd , his invoice b made the Hmndari ot' the value in . those markets j while the m.tu of enterprise is ; reduced nearly if not quite to an equality, by be log liable, if his goods are well bought, to have them loaded with SO per cent ia addition to in voice cost, and the regular duty charged on the Whole 1 Who in the end b rut) these burthens ? It it not the consumer? On the contrary, wbo H pruuicu uj m hit KumpvuuOD I I J 11 DOl UlC .r consumer ? We will suppose, (as is frequently ., the case, 1 uutt a man i vc aa ord r for an arti cle from Europe, which, as, in Uie regular course . ef his bonne, be must bare it, he leaves uuli mi ted i in the mean time, unlocked tor specu latiou has driven it up there to an onusual va iuo ; it is purchased, boworer. and before ship. mtnt it dspresMs sjaia to its former standard - Would our collsctor preserve his gravity, if on . arrival die nn; - tcr snoulu request to be char? ed with duty on ill value at the time aud place ; of shipment If, on the cou'rary, bis luck is rcrerscJ, the gnvemmeut ckqis its paw oa the ', profits and pocktts it. There appears to be a w - tut of reclpiocUy in this that looks very much lia a sraator consistency.; 1 will beg attention to another point. After having with all due simplicity aad so - . letuaity made oath to the cojrectneie of your invoice, the Collector is obliged by law to say 'to yoii, iuVffoct " ir,"This may nil be vary ' true : 1 would certainly take sour oath ia an " atlur of lite and death, I wpuld credit your . m tejtiuiooy in relation to an v tact, however mo st aien'.ous ; but, sir, yeur entry here of S bales of tJombaieltef, oinouoting to 1 50, and pay - s iiiff a dutv of 15 per cent, must be looked kilo; "one of them must be sent to the puUic sum, u t0 jcertin whether you have or hav not ssworu to a MithooJ." - Cut if he reiue and qijanrity U tn be arcrrtiLied by revenue oriu - rrs, oi" hat ciowibl u I o'!id ask, is an oath. and trii? ike me at all i bine men cannot bv bflissej, would it Art b roudticiv to moraHtj , aud rel'gmn to dipeu sdtojuher with th aa fui cerennj, wnich tvcai, digued to mi i uo wMy pr e e bet to be afterwards thro i . in rourlKtn? - By the law, it Is thed - J'y of our atpr sers to aarorUin the quantify coDlaioed in, as well as the value of, every paceageseut to public store, L' this, or can this at vays )e done.' If not, the law t a farce., j'akr, for instance, U case a harlirarracruot - be rwetVes a general as - ' sortmvul m hi Uueoeotldi pacicagee, contain - - ine, awl, nl - tnf, knifing eeedlee, ecrews, Wki. Uiimblvt rw ctnttel, is sent t the vib - lic store: if our orervMr do their duty, erery etl: met b. niMnied. W simumI Uien be prwiteU w Oi tin 1'i.ticrous sptctac! of two Uicn:fLl gietlemesi i!inj cros - legd, SmiJ - t the coiif Ji - n ol pirsae - , papers, aod ttraw. queUooin each ottir praely " 8ir, did you fiod Ihow tlnmbiet rihl? Uee't you matr tture gimhlets a hall a dnsea over. i'hill i Check eft" these brad ewlii" I ltiieay towrit - coreof saetira fcr pre - - eeatioeary lair, but It i not 'Jy diOi ul! to u ' lore them agoinrt rogue - , but sdmH impovibl . ' tor honest men to comply with Ueai. - ' A MERCHANT. ' " C0'JMU5rCTI0N. VVbcOCorToot ground is Uken it should at the by oi of ol be MiaUiaed in any event, otherwbe, cobb - etcaauos trritum solely wiia stew io oeaeui the public, tend t injurs the writer. ' Yen are so ootu well (ware mat irnveuen in rsoend on the terauoaUaa of n vexatioos Hoansey, rather tha caution others to avoid im - pseuigB,conteat UweMnms wUn tae pieauug ss - eOioa that they he ve bad their tare end leave o - thenUtakacsjreeftheaseelres. In conseqaence, eppositioa stages, when they coeuaence ronuiuf, are kdourabty conducted, oat soon tecoate ao bettar than tetmmtiaUan tchct vehicles capable of carrying six pttmM with convenience, into which fittlrt are usually crammed ! By the paragraph in your paper of Thursday last, a v toientwo was not to ceosura ine conduct of cept. Deforest, or the driven of the stages, bet to state lor the benefit of the community difficulties which then existed, and which still exist. When a line of stages is establifhad, and the public informed that passengers will be landed anfgiotn hour, it is Immaterial, if tbey are disappointed, whether it arises from the boat's being employ sd in conveying a party of ladies and gentlemen from a fort, or individuals on excursions of pleasure all Confidence must con - seqaently'be lost, and Jew, if any, will subject themselves to a similar inconvenience. Capt. Deforesfs excuse tor leaving the pott tkmttmnd Kvrui, is certainly reasonable, and on part of our passengers I will venture to say IBM every gonuemaa was equally as williug as himself to accommodate the ladies but he is wrung in sating that I stated six o'clock as the hour tor the boat's starting from the Istand, for referring toViy communication, he will find that boor mentioned for her arrival at New - York ; and I again atfirm, that we were detained ens hour mnd farty minute from the time we arrived in the chaise till we embarked on board the Nautilus. - , OuSatardiv evening, footwilhitandiuz there were no turtle dinners,) the boat was uot at the lUsnd on arrival of the carriazes, acd tho pas sengers Wej - e slowed on board a rmall pactet ooat, wncre tneir lives would have been m dan ger during the pasta had the weather been o - UierwiM lhau moderate ; aud on nnrivin? in this city, thry were under the necessity, like mvself. icarcoinj iot carriages auii porters at a lais nour. ... . e irregularity of this steam - boat, from what cause is of little coniequpncn, together with the mow, crao - iiKe motion of a hnrie team - boal, croi sing lbs strait separatism the bland from the main, renu&r tne water camas on the "om - chaitt" rout the tnoet uoqestain and uopleataot any in the United .State;, with the exception too lagoons, on the Altainaha, in Georgia, anu ine canai oi tne Uimal e warn p. in Virginia. M The jiautngtr in last If 'tdjusday't iage." JVrte - Fer Imtiiutianor tht instruction of tht Deaf and Dumb, July 16, 1818. Sylvanus Miller, Kiq. iu behalf of the committee appointed lor that purpose, reported a circular, addressed to the citizens wberenpon an order was passed, that the same be accepted and published. CIRCULAR. SIR, The directors of " The New - York In stitution Air the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb," are impelled be a sense ot dutv. and a dture to promote the welfare of those unfortunate persons committed to their superiuteuding care, to make this aLial to a charitable acd be nevolent public. To their drug are entrusted some of ih moet interesting, innocent, and helpless children of the human family. Depri ved of the sens of hearin:, and the power ot speech, they possess all those seusibilities and af - IfcCtxins hll tho?e feeliogs and sympathies, which aaorn, un ni ana Uignily society. W ithotit the fostering car of beeevolent instruction, nnd the stsudy and kind supervision of endeann; friends, inese matt unguisn in ignorance, remain the moonments of negligence, of inattention, and oftentimes, of wretchedness. The period of instruction to man, as far as the elementary prin ciples of learning are concerned, is limited to the earn number of years, whether the pupils are favored by mvideece with, or are deprived of the full power of utterance and locution. .TLfr Deal and Demh,n thoe principles and ideas. which elevate man, should not be permitted to attain that period, when exertion and instruction would be useless end unnrofitaHo. Thev mu,t be taught in early hT their leader minds mut be nurmred, and improved by moro than pa - renof attentioo, solicitude, and care. It is but a few years since the benevolence of man has been applied with active ingenuity, in forming systems of instruction for these unfortunate members of society ; and the first emys were coauuercd, as an experiment, of doubtful issue. Hut experience soon demonstrated the charm ing consequences of the benign undertakings, and the mind of man, deprived of what was considered essential to its successful improvement, developed resources and powers, which at once delighted and astonished Uie nio.t sanguine. It was discovered, thist the privation of speech and of hearing, did not, in any sensible degree, impair the elastic qualities ol Uie human intellect ; and the advancement of the pupils gave the most choering evidences, that in their iuitructinn, their preceptors ami patrons, were to bo rewarded by the most sati'laclory results. huttu' ions for the instruction of the "Deaf and Dumb," were multiplied, aud their success has been commensurate with the exertion aud labor brstowed upon a subject of such deep and vital importance. The establishment ofinstitu lions of this character, in our country, nee of re - ccntdjte ; and their nature and usefulness may not have been duly appreciated by enlightened America but duiroos at ail times to better the condition of man, and emulous to further Ibose objects which ar so ultimately connected with desirable exntence ; in imitation ol those philan thropists who have manifested to much anxiety, and have been remunerated by so much success, in their application to these objects ; the institu tion otcr which we are the directors, tras found. ed in the bumble, but anxious hope, that with the aid ot lb chantable, and under the di; en salion of au over - ruling providence, it would be' come instrumental in restoring to usefulness, and rational enjoyment, those who have bet n visited by (what has been deemed) Ihe most serious calamities. In Ihe prosecntiou of their arduous duties, and to give th mwt extrusive usefulness to their institetion. they rely, with well - grounded ctHifi - taice, upon the liberal countenance and muoilicrnt dispvition of their fcllow - Citix'ns ; 'e a ducendug and rhsritahl public, they apply, f - ra "portion of th good things of this life," whrrehy, thry may i the better enabled, to ac complish the htud.ibl purposes of instructing the Deotaed Uamxs. To those who hive never witnessed the pro gress of impmv - ment in the minds of such as are depvied of the sense of hearing, and the organ, or power of speech, there may appesr to be risurmounuoie aimcunics ; tnucro, without witn sdntr their progress, or examm mg profoundly th faets, the attempt and sm - tern an pear paadosu L KUt ror our cncotir - asrement renlity and ees nple are before us. To give permanent and expensive euect to our wannest wishes, and most anxious pursuit, we ask with earnest soloeitat ion - . the patronage of a discerning and benevolent people. In an est bluhment recently formed, under circumstance well calculated to advance the objects of bumanitv in its most interesting, u well as most innocent character, it U frndlr hoped that there w II be telt m stong. i nd genera', disposition to fur her the (Treat oljects of improvement to uch as are placed u'.ilrr t. cir rharjre, nd thus enable those "atflic - ed" children, to become useful as el ei ornu,entil - to be the monuments of bene - vol - nee. the evidence of the liberality and atrouagr, of our beioved countrymen. " . In the institutions ercranieed'ir lion ofiAe Dtaf mod h,m" there appear eo have been two systems adunted t end uMiu other discoveries of e recent date, svme differ - eiice ef opinion exists as te the juat prcfereece a limited and temporary experience, seems to yield to the method of comnaunictioA by sound as well a token. . The director of " Thp New - Totk Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb," have engaged a preceptor of ackwow lodged a - bilities, of kind and affable demeenoc, whose assiduous attention will be devoted to the in mediate instruction of pupils put sasder bis charge. The director feel ereat confidence in bis qusS.tcaUons and fitness, and aettcipate reasonable success, in the education ot sucn aa are placed under hi supervision and in - struction. It is the desicrn of the directors of this in stitution, to cumbine all that Is practicable iu the method of teaclting their pupils I to unite, as far as is possible, the sinrle. with the Ore himdej alphabet. , Ihe celebrated watson, who teaches a school of the u Dtaf and Dumb" near London, is considered as the most able preceptor of tne present age and bu system will be adopted in the government of the " New - York Institution for the Instruction of the Deaf and Dumb." Th pup i will be instructed in sensible ob jects, by means of pictures, or representations of nature, lacutiar to their ?iw ; end, as they advance, in the knowledge of the connexion, and tiguilicatioa of letters, to tbeir oses ia spelling aud reading, and the power of arithmetical nam tiers, combinations, 'and actual calculation. By means of this knowledge, they will be enabled to read print and manuscript, and to per form, with accuracy and expedition, the various duties ol oooic - iteepuig, and to do ail that is re quired in the general course of business. A Chun, having acquired the preceding attain meots, can, with great facility, aud will, with more than ordinary correctness, communicate tne objects ol errauds and messages, on a common slate provided for the purpose, return an swers, make bargains, receive and pay money, and generally pci fbrm all that is required ot' a y null Jul agent. Vj a natural and usual progress of young minus, they become capable of acquiring abstract ideas, and the principles of ethics. Their con dition and improvement soon enable them to know that they owe great duties to their bod aod society, and to comprehend also, that they are accountable, as well as rational creatures. Haviug acquired the necessary information. and arrived at tho cuitomary age, they may be apprenticed, or employed in any of the useful arts of mechanical, agricultural, or other pursuit?, where the senses of touch and sight are particularly necessary they may acquire the knowledge of sculpture, painting and drawing, and the highest attainments ia the graphic art the trades of a tail - maker, tay lor, printer, aud cordwamer, Kc. as well as those of a farmer, aidener, or other useful and respectable occu pstions. in cases where th scholar shows the power of utiog or improving the vocal organs, and where his friends dc;ire it, he will be instructed in ob taining the power and iulluenc of articulation an J speech. It will readily be perceived, that it is not pos sible at this time, to go into a more full devel opment of the manner of instruction, and the reasons ot its performance and adoption but actuated by a strong desire to be useful in their undertakings, the directors have deemed it their duty to apply to a liberal - minded people, for aid, in the lurt iterance ol an object of such concern and imporUiicc. 1 he people of these Uuited States, are cha racterised by generous, noble and benevolent feelings ; and it may therefore be anticipated, that a liberal disposition will be manifested in tht support of ao institution, tbo benefits and u Ulity of which, cannot be too highly apprccia. ted. ' While the virtuous efforts of the nntion are actively employed in UleamcT"'(Jfy4p, libernlity is still viaib iblr extetnimg itseji to a great variety of praiso - wor my objects, we call the attention and solicit pa. tronage, to a subject inferior to noo in interest and usefulness. Our littlo unfortunate innocents, " sons and davghtm nfflicliuti," who have never assailed the ears ol (he public with their forlorn condi - tion, now nppral to tbtir elevated charity and it is devoutly hoped, that their interesting call will excite the commiseration, and find access to the best frrlitig, and the most teudtr considers - ions, which mio.d the hearts of men ! With the meant afforded by their benefactors, thry will be instructed to appreciate the magnitude of their obligations to pour out their bles - mgs on those.twho, to the plenitude of oodoe enabled them to improve those useful facilities, and cultivate those intellectual endowments. which emanate from " tftt great source of tight and lust The donations bestowed frr the benefit ol tli" Deaf and Uuuih, will be disbursed with economy and rare, 'i'he ' etprtssive ileoce,w but M imploring hands" of" little children, appeal with fervent hope and anxious expectation to a charitable world ! Without their timely and f ncirnt interposition, they must be doomed to draw out the" measure ol thsir days, in wretchedness and ignorance ! destined to prolong a life ot misery and sorrow, without the power of en - joyment or Ihe possession of thwe exalted ac quirments and laculUrs which eudear ns to lite, and ihstinrtiish the human as superior to the uruie creauoa . In such an appeal, we cannot implore wiUiou tuccess for such purposes, the best wishes ao'l srdent prayers of (be good will ascend to heaven to tui'coar discrete, and relieve the miseries of tne innocent, and the criea of the helpless '. By order of the directors, AMt,. L. MITCHILL, President JOUS B. SCOTT, SecreUry. Copy of a letter from Dr. Samuel L. Mitchill, te Thomas M. Evans, Esq. of New - Brunswick, (N.J.) Aev Tork, July IliA, 1C18 Uear sir, I this day received your letter of July 1st, irking what is th scientific name and tystemn tic place of Ui sailors dolphin, and wherein that creature differs from th cetaceous dulphin, or aotpiiin oi ine ancients : My conception of the matter is, that the for mer m m reality a eomnhtne and e nth. breath. ing by gills j whUe th latter it the dolphin r roper, respirmg like land animals, by lutiss. It is one of the concerns and duties of science to correct vulgar errors. It is a vulgar error to call a eorgpntne a aAphtn. 1 fo - l a pleasure ia pointing out to yon the ra dical sum ttsenlial diOcreoces between the two. Io toolory, th sailors dolphin is known as the coryphama hippttris, a fish of th thoraete order ; while the real dolphin is classed with th cttaee out animals, as the eUlphinvs dilphis. Truly and respectfully yours, SAMUEL L; MITCHILL. From the Batten F.venine Gazette, if ah 2T The U. 8. Irigate Guerriere, eot under weigh this morning, and passed the luglit - houseat i o'clock: The Guerriere takes to sea some cables made of the patent rope, manufactured by - Messrs. I PDavtSand inslow Itr t fx Co thev are tlie first which have been made in this country, and we are happly to hear the advan tages attending them are so great, that the fill est testimony in thi respect has been grven by Captain Hull and Mcdonough and the UmmisineTs of the Na y, have ordered the ships now fitting out here to be supplied with 'patent ropes aau Cable. Lin ire. and about one kafm Urge tsiles - " - Th. yarns com po. - . ing the etrands of the new , ofdiflerent lensrths. according as they JTwi..nnm t be Disced upom the outer, or inner OaM 01 we tiru i ew - wi;tbeasanewalitramattkeametime. , i th rftninjoo cordare, ali the yarns in the trtd are of the same length, and when twist - i Mut nni shrink ud. while those en ike outside hsvinr a larrer circle w mut, must bear tlie whole weight, until they arp broken or strained every sesunea knows, ttut opening of the rope or cables; th inside nn finim! cuite souna na pnmi, i not extuorung uie lease ipcMm.t v, Hietflined a weight. The superiority of patent cordage is not merely ia strenguu lor is en ables the owner to reauce ue weigiu uvu cables and on the mast. - In CAble the tesaeninff of weizht is or mucn mmmnee. u tlie siie is so irreatly reduced that it requires much f - wer men to handle them and to stow mem away nciwccu new, frsm the SacJufs Harbor Casette (July 21 Extract of a letter from s a officer of the Frank lin, to a gentleman of this village, brought to New. York by the U. S. ship Washington of T4 guns, com. Chauncey. which recenUy arrived in that port Irom uie Aieunerranean aaceu . " U. S. ship Franklin 74, at sea, April 15, 1818. ( " Dear Sir We sailed from fessina on the 4th iustaot, and arrived off Tunis on Uie 6th, after some difficulty rot into the harbor and anchored for a lew hours finished our business with the cootul, the nature of winch was, to forbid th boarding of American vessels by any ol tne Bar earr powers and sailed for Algiers. Had t good passage until we com witma stgui oi tne town, when Uie wind increased and changed a htadandcontiuuedto for two days, after which it became more favorable, and we got into the harbor, aud anchored within two miles of the town, on uie evenine of the 12th The consul cam off to know our business, and af ter being informed by Mr. Ebaler, whom 'we hrousht with us from Messina, tne boat return (ed to the town and was to come off in Uie morn. ing, whit h the did punctually. The deputy consul informed us, that the All Bashawor Uey was wulwz to comply withanv demand ol ttus kind, (prohibiting his cruisers irons boarding a merican vessels.) and that ho was favorably dis posed towards the United States and farther, that he bad signed with his own nand tne articles ef th treaty between them and the Unit' ed States. As th Dey wbo mad the treaty died of the plague the first of March last, this is something very uncommon ; lor on tne ac cession of their new Deys, severally, they do away all former laws and treaties. The plagu it destroying fifty persons a day in Algiert, and all vessels Irom that coast are put under a rigorous quarantine for a length of time. Wc bad a gale of wind when we lell Algiers, and bad to beat out of the harbor, the frigate Urn ted State lost her mizen top gallant mast with. out there beiug auy sail upon it. . We ftlt our selves fortunate to get out of tne harbor, lor tne Wind was blowing directly in, and Ihe land did not afford any shelter. V ar now bound Leghorn all of us in rod health ship in fine ordor. We have been two davt from Algiers the wind bat been ahead until to - day. I most close, as the boat which it to bear th letter to the Washington is about shoring off." frm the Washington City Gazette, July 25, Yesterday evening, Mr. llambly f who wss the beaver of dispatches from Gen. Jackson to the executive) left this city in the steam - boat Washington, accompanied by three reminolr Indian Chiefs, namely, Cochran, Geo. M'Pher - son, and Jnhn Qiount, the former a full - blood IndLm, tlie two Utter half breeds, for their settlement near Pensacola. They appear wel satisfied with the indemnification granted by the government for depredstions committed The sums received by the three sufferers were inconsiderable, and does not amount in all to 52,000. We nnnerstand that James II. Blake, esc, appointed by the President of the U. States, Keguterot Wills, .vc for the count v of Wash ington, vice John Hewett, deceased. RICHMOND, July 24. The officers of the Congress report, fiat the cavalry at liueeos Ayres is excellent thnt the horses are uncommonly fine, aud tha troopers Lthe very great nams to improvo themselves CatUe and horses are incredibly abundant and cheap 100 uncommonly tin head of black cat tle wero selected lor the Cungreas, at ;5 per head. The finest horses may he obtained for &rom 15 to iS) dollars. The country, which is waving and open, abounds with cattle. One Cum is said to hive 00 it 70 odd thousand. Wood it very scarce. WILMIXGTO.V.JulylfJ. The schr Donite, from St. Oarthoiemews, has been detained by the collector of this port under sutpiciout circumstances. On washing ber stem the words " Mediterranean, of Balhmore,n were visible. This latter circuoutance may lead to a further knowledge of the character of this vessel. On Uie 10th inst. the Donite was in tight of a schooner off Uie coast of Florida. Oa Sunday there came on a squall, and the schooner upset ; heat op to ber, aud took off the crew and a num ber ot passengers ; 4 were drowned ; there were in all 16 persons saved ; 7 of this number, in cluding th captain and mute, took Uie boat of the schooner and proceeded lor Cumberland Island; the balance remained on board of us. The vessel upset was the Swedish schooner Os - ttroian, cspU Place, from it. Thomas bound to Charleston. Amvtd sloop Afecbanic, Nye, from NYork. Rochutbr,(. y.) July 21. Gen P. D. Porter, one of the commissioners to determine 011 the 'lines between tlie U. 9. and the Canada s, passed through here on the 8th inat. for his residence on the Niagara. From him we learn that thry have proceeded ai br as the place commonly known by the name of the Thousand Inlands, in the river St, Lawrence j where they - are now engsged. We are informed the commissioners confidently expect to progress as far aa lake Eeie or the Niagara river, during the present season. INDIANA, (Pa.) July 13. The hstsnan found. We hav great pleasure ia stating that Mr. II. Shryock wat found, alive, est Thursday evening last, in the wildernes, about fear miles from th Cherry Tree. Hi sppearaec was frightful in the extreme he was crawling along with a stick Ul each hand, is a state of menial derangement, his body and hit limbs entirely destitute of clothing, excepts small remnant of his shirt which hung arouud he sbquUers, and bad neither hat, shoes nor steckiugs on ; his feet aod legs are dreadfully la - erated and swollen. From his great debility of body, having been in the wilderness eleven days and elevcu nights without sutwtlcnc but tqt obtained from berries, he could not hare survived much longer. He reached hit own hjuse, in this borough, on Fridiy evening, per fectly tane 10 mind and in good tpirits, and we hive no doubt but that in a few days h will be entirely recovered. ; ' . CHARLESTON, July 20, . A letter received yesterday from St. Mary's rays "rieveral perrot arrived lire last night from Cumberland Idand their boat hns been sattcd. They ttnte, that the trbooaT in which they cam (a proe) it itmk in 4 fathom water, 1 UO.3 wrtk dry gjodsn but tbeir ttofy t j rerjl us(iciout oue. asmumt pnxe sctuxaaaw - ii hAfii i .aainarnna 1 uh civw uuunm i " : . . a , t... i Drixe - mastcr st up ner na cacpcu mwh He states te mm upuy doucow, - caDtnred by th General ion Marti commo dore Slaflbrd, and ordered to Eamana ; that b wes directed to keep ia tsght entil next moromg, whea his commUsioa would be giyeo him ; that lam? nthine more ef th 6. Martin t nnd jatx IM crew muumeu, tmu ctuihii - hour - but none of them beiog navigators, tbey u uuii him. and nr mm a umiicu uma i hrin hm to tha North end of Cumberland Id and. They arrived yesterday, and hav landed the cargo, consisting of tilks, powder and brandy, on Cumberland, cut away in mans oi we x - ur. mi nt hr s.inft. he. nowerer, uruisu in side, and is now in tli manb near tltn. rioyd'a Uie crew are armed, and appear determined to defend the property. Gen. Floyd has gone in a barg from th baranac, to taxe mem." A small slosp - rigged Boat, full of water, wat driven a?hor on th front beach of bullivan'i bland, on Saturday night. ihe is not known as belonging to this harbour. - Hnorl nt Jtrltutl Snlrl for trttk Witt. Cotum iJea Island 73 a 75 cenU per pound ; short stable, 3 1 a 33 cents. Flour Camden, (.sup. JIU lis n rnu delpbia 10 1 - 2 a 1 1. asnsKss. Dry Goods and Groceries No essential vana timi in lh former. In the latter. Com e has im nroved a little : Susrar and Rum continue annul the same as last week ; Molasses in rather better . . u ,n t. ri:n Ju - i:,.;. Rice ConUoues steady at $6 1 - 2, and that of pnme quality scarce. ' ..I., nTSoo laUnrfa; nnd verv liltli, tininw in Ifnlanrla. T,.!.rrn anil a vat Stores Verv little buti - ness doing in these commodities, aod no altera tion in prices. , Flour nnd Corn Continue at the pncei quo itu in mir fott. FrfiliU Verv dull U ll eifwicwu ma wrae will mneeed half loaded: Id per lb. for cotton is asked but not easily obtained. rsr A. Rodnev. Esa. late commissioner to South America, arnveu ai na reiuuc - w u - mingtoo, on Monday last, iu good health. . . . . 1 :.. JU:l John A. Mitchell. Esu. American consul at MarUnicu. arrived at Norfolk on the 2td inst, in th Frsuch schr La Florstine,from that port, We ar crediblv informed, fsays the George town paper of Saturday,) that Richard Young, wbo broke jail in this lowu m April lasc, wnue under sentence of death for the murder of Clark Unr - eM. arrival at Jamaica hbout the 28th May, in an English brig from Charleston. A material for roofins is used in England which it cheap and durable. Itit formed by slipping . " - s 1 is . 1. n liepu 01 coarse paper ytucn ouuwi luaaci. tar. And naihne them on boards nr Intha. exactly in the manner of IlattS. The whole it sitkTwardt coated over with a mixture of pitch and powdered coal, chalk or brick dust, Hoois covered in inn way n auiu ui , ed M years witnoui icpairs. FROM OUR CORRESPOJYDF.XT. Patriot and Daily Chronicle Odke,) Boston. Julv xti noon. S Arrived, briir Alert. Snow, 10 days from Charleston. Bri? Boston. Know cs. from Kit hmood. Vi nunrantine. schr Milo. St. Juso S Arores r , u;n AJ.u. Vnrlr hrif Ma. rv. Archer, of balem, Irom liavana via a sora Schr May - flower, Freeman, Plymouth N.C Rnvhn. - k. Craiulall. New - York. POK I'LAND, July 24 Arrived, brig Cor f. lin. Totman. lt dart from Havana kii.ju lv G ahioa Hero. Cole. Boston 10 d ,vi I Merri - j - T r - . . ..... D - .l... mft, k. jacKson. aiscnnrsinc 1 nriea oruiui l(arrt. lor Roeton. in S davs s l'slafox. Max wrll, Irom Bach, disch ; Hare, just arrived from Boston, and abonl b or 10 K - Island venelt tak - i.. mnrnM. J ul v 19. lat 39 45. Ions 70, spoke hin .ului. from AmttcTdain for New Vork. Capt. T. states that the lower class of people at the Havana were ret cross and surly but government continued favorably disposed. It eat the opinion of many reppectahJ .merchants thst II' pOn TaUII SIHWTTy - ClOSWI. wiuibk,uk,ii and scarce coffee do S5 dais twL sogar plcn - Brig PorUsnd, Minot, from Havana. Arrived at Gloucester, bri Fanny, Elwell, days irom Lisbon. FROM OUR CORRZSPO.sntfXT. Tatliot i Mercantile A Uertiser OfBce.J Baltimore, July i I P. M ) tliip Madison, Cuuninshnin, of this port has arrived at llamhirg from Havana. Arrived, schr Kcnnehnnk Trader, Csrr, from HaMowell, (Mp with 3"00 bii'hels wheat. Also, brig Robert, Maulf, 45 dayt Irom Lit - bon, with Specie. Lett there schr Sarah and txuia, Murphy, cf Baltimore lor Teneiid'e in 4 days ; ship Niagara, of New - York, in a days ; brig Aurora, Host, of Baltimore, ready for tea ; bri. Jot'ph, Munlove, for I'hiladel. in 4 days; brig Snartao, Cawper, for Petersburg, in 4 days, ship Morgiuana, Sampson, Boston 7 days ; schr Edward, Col burn, Hartford, 6 d. - iyt : brig Chats - worth, Carnet, Baltimore, at quarantine. Jane 30, Ut 39 5U, long 43 13, spoke brig Olive, ol Boston hound to Madeira, in t days. July 12. lat 37 57, long 61, brix Fraocis, Irom Rhode It - land for - .out 5 d:iyt. 2Hh, lat 35, long 70 40, ship Greyhound, West, Irom N. York for St. Domingo. Schr Roxann, Ginn, from Pcnobsr.of ScbrArgo, Chamber!, lxdays Irctn Philadelphia, with Clymer's celebrated Columbian 1'rcss, I jr ti;e Patriot Ut&i.e. The brig Margaritta, hence, hat arrived at O - porto. The hrigt Criterion, Jencks, and Renown, Uallet, heuce at Oporto. The City Inspector reports the death of 73 per sons Imm the lRth day of July, to the2jthdsy of July, I!! 13, of the following diseases. Abscess 1 ; apoplexy 1 ; casualty I t cholera morbus 4; consumption 13; convulsions 3; contusion 1 s diarrhoea 4 ; drinking cold water I ; dropsy in the head I , drowned 1 1 dytentery 4 ; fever, typhus 11; dux, infantile 1 ; hives or croup I ; inllammatiooof the liver I ; insanity I; locked jaw 1 ; measles 1; mortificatioo 3 ; old age 5 ; peripneumony I i schrofula.or king'sevil 1 ; sprue I ; still born I ; tahe meseiitcrica 4 ; teething 1 ; unknown t whooping cougli 1 ; worms I. GEORGE CUM1.VG, City Inspector. MAKRJM), . r - In Trinity Church, on Sondaylhe 2Sth inst. by th Revd. Mr. Onderdonk, William A. Coffey, Esq. to Mits Anna Isabella Molyneux, daughter of Mr. Joseph Molyneux, formerly of Dublin. U1KD. At Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, the ttd inst. in full reliance upon the a.eritt of a Saviour, the Rev. Henry Steinhauer, the much esteemed Inspector of the ettablitlinieot for female education at that place. He bore his extreme sufferings with exemplary resignation and fortitude, enjojing mcrc - ny, w an eminent degree, mote sweetett oi consolations which are peculiar to the Christian. His age was 38 years - . - VXO POST MARIM LIST. iCLLAKEl), Ship Braganza, Newcomb, . Bombay ACracie & So is Chauncey, Mackay, Pacific Ocean J Cyr Brig Louisa Cecile, Shears, . Balinnore Brig Factor, Noyes, ' MaUnxas Goodhue & Co. Schr Betsey, Tyfe, Cuba G. A, Clark. Cleared on Saturday last, brig Resign, capt. Wheeler, for New - Orleans, by Joseph Jones. Arrived at liavana, brig Sea Inland, from New - York. - Arrived at Philadelphia, ch Jamrs Munroe. 18 days from Port - au Prince. .1RHH HU I.AST iCKtLVI.V. Brij Dee, Mix, 42 days from Tcuenfle, srith k - - a Tht sch i'sruifbrd ii William, ssded S das - r r... - r. v.c - . r - - - - - Brig LexenC Wood, 5 days irom Ssvxrmafi, iith cotton, Slc. to Tho.. Bsrrpn.' owner. T Webster h Co - Teters t Harrison, A TripM.' w ww t Sir. 1 rwt i Aopnsan, aeicnum a. T ecu, ana t vyoodruri. ssscnTers.Alr. A Saiiih and family, Mr. and Mr. Kopman, Mrs. Sheared, Mrs. Cyckmae, MistShefUll, Messrs. Peters, Morton, Wood - ruff, Watts, Water, Dimond, Jtques, Mrs.: Parker, and 16 in the steerage. Sailed on Tuesday morning - Brig Alonxo, Green, sailed day before for Philadelphia. - . The brig Regulator, Fkzbugb, from Dema - rara, reported yesterday, left there, July), sch Countiess - Dalhousie, Cor.klui, Jbr Halifax ; Henry iiveu, Anurew, ior oosion istb, ; brig Prince Kegeiit.fjrdo : Loaisi, Hobby, HsJLris . Clear Air, Adams, fov St. Juhn; John and Thomas, for N Vork, next day. The brig Klisa Ann, Neavts, 14 day9 front Porto Rico, reported yesterday, spoke. Jul. 17, lat. 27 31, long 69 44, sch Ontario, 9 day from New York fur Mobile. 13th, lat 23 22, - lng 69 32, brig Orion, Perry, 7 days from N Bedford, for N Orleans, cant. sick. 21st jat 34 15, long 73 47, sell Mara, ll i days from St Bart for Alexandria, . . h THEATRE. THIRD GRAND CONCERT. on WKDBKSDAY KVKHIRG, JCtY 29, 1818. Will be presented, A CONCERT. PART I. ' Overture. Song, Mr. Inclcdon, Bay of Biscay, Davy son 5, Mrs. iioimau, I nner lotnenr," Bishob j;, Mr. PuiliLps," Bewildered Maid,' t rtnk,. 4oug New Bravura. Mrj. Bnrke, Th bun K iwnri, C&lSIil Song, Mr. Taylor, Thine am I my faithful Fnir" Wliitaker Doet, Mr. I'hihpps and Air Burke, "Together let us range, Dr. Boyce Song, Alts. Ilolman, ' Robia Adair," PART II. IrUhMe1 Sinfooie, song, Mr. Incledoo, " The Thorn," Ehieli Duet, Mr. i'bilipps, aad Airs, llolinan, Rly Mantling Srwrilt," T. Cook Bravura, " Mrs. Burke, Softly Wafty oouinern oreezes," 1IO0K Song, air. incieuon, " Scott wba ha wr Wallace bled." Written bv Burnt Bravura," Mrs. Holtuan, Sottly bisht," Msxzinglii Pohrcs, Mr. Philipps, M No more by Sor - .. row cbnt'd my 'Heart," B rah am Song, Mrs. Burke, " Hunting Song," Hook Uu et, ieurt. I'Lilippt sc inciedoa, " Airs wen.' cranam Doori own at 7, and Uie conceit commence precisely at ll. J S3 BfcOAU w a v CIRCUS. eooooOoouoe THIS EVENING, JULY J8. The penormance will commence with tie Grand Mameluke Entry. Master Coty, the celebrated Americaa hero, will distinguish himself with many brilliant tats of horsetuauship. Slack Hope, by Mr. Jvtsjr.e. Master M'Carn, Uie wonder of the ge, trUl, on one horse, perform many wonderful leatt foi a youth, only nine years old, leap over 2 garters, and conclude by riding on bis head, bis horse in full speed. Strength of flercoles by Mr. Caessin. He will on his leet and hands suppoit eight persons aad form twelve different groups, and conclude by support ing Ihe whole troop on his bands and feet, forming a beautitul group. 1 irunken Soldier, iy Mr. Biillen. The elegant Snanisn horse Romeo wilt, aftet leaping over boards and bate of a prodigious tiemhUi, conclude by leaping over one hone, with muster M't.'arn at hit rider. Mis. Williams, Ihe celebrated equestriat, w ill on horseback go through all ber elegant tea and conclude by the nx ukS ounc itoud5ivfird. Mr. Tatnell, tfie flying horsemsn, will on one hone pcr.'orm inuny t aiieriul frnls ami cos - elude by a wonderful leap through two hoji - heads. sjtill Vaulting by the company Cloivn Sir. C:iuipbell. i tie wiioie in cnuctuue wun ine comic seen e the Taylor's Journey to Brentford, by Mr. Bel - len. . Tickets may bo hnd st the circus, froa 10 o'clock, A. M. to I P. M. and from 3 Io 6. , A place it provided for people of colour. - Doors will hs open at 7 o'clock, and th performance coruiui - nce prcciey at 8. No aiuoakiag allowed. Checks not transferable. Gentlemen are rsquettcd not to enter tie ring. no i Ice. ALL per.'ons are requested to take notice Uot I will uot hereafter pay any debts except those contracted by mysulf, without a Wnlus order is first produced, signed with my ot htu.d. LEWIGUI PlAGGIO, Jv 28 In 24 Chatham st .4 fk nnfk DOLLARS to loan fat VJ, J KJ V M bond and mortgage tne property in the city of Nw - York. Apply to J. G. BOCERT, Jy 28 138 Watsr - tt - tOti tihlzJUt., i Th very supenor flew - iTort eoB copper fastened brig JIN US, 400tooi; wui positively clear on Fri Jay next. Forlreigti of about 600 barrels, or passage, having eatse sive and comfortable accommodations, spply hnrH. at Miirra,! wharf, nrfo rofTeZ M'KISNE, 56 South - street. Psatenrers nrovided with beditine. J 2" " Wanted to Lnarler, A vessel of about 140 Ions, fcr a voj - ,age to Teneriffe and back. Apply CAMUKfc.LL.vU St l'KAltow.', july28 t7Mo'h - st ar tiTAimht mr Charter. The Schr. Alli. - iTROSS, CoIBm. master, 100 tons burthen a first rats vesMi. APPly o CAMBERLENG & t'KAiwu.i, jnly 28 7 Sestt A NCHORS, weighing aboot IbOU lbs. each, XX for sale by JOS. OSBOR.t, 2fl 6odi - 'rt J28 .it .vi. tyhiiv ,in i..:.i i .am. hat for sale V V received by latest arrivals froa njt, 4 - 4 ImtlMion ludla Book .nusiin a a . a a a in. - Rich sewed Intertingt and FloeoceTrWW'"? 8 4, 7 - 4 and t4 bJack cotton damask kw" Uo blue aod red i. i - . i Do light grounds, fp W"' with chiots borders 3 - 4 and 6 - 4 light Ginghams 4 - 4 Drawing Muslm, for dresses ' 7 - 8 Linen Bed Ticking . . 5 4 to 14 - 4 Marseilles Quillings, assoftea Cbinls Hed Laoe, Scotch Loch Fine Herrings J su 7t 6V f ' nMll. ,rA - A labia KniVSS I do. do, do. Small Cutlery, Table Knives r - I with small cutlery ' Saws, Files do. do. do, do. do. do do. do. de. dodo, do. Eedg Tools do. do. do. Britannia Tea - pots, a r.wr, PamltaatickS. Bu't UlDgeS, Screwt, Cornmode Knobs, and 1 case B For sale, very low, by JNO. M'CRACKA July28 MMM Hi w u stiuc. s - cu do Aiuuicaii VCltS.1

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