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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 28, 1818
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ft - ' " "T ; r - . - ... " ; N U f etiiy tuesdavjoly 2o,id?r . ..: ;;..,,,No.Hm..m1m.T TEAS. MINES and liROCERIES. f LARRT.i - 40 doien '.if.' V SIB.! ILATS LADlKS ACCTJtlJV HK'Olt. ypHCiubKriberbM coasUntly og baud a gtn - ' '. vUi1i will be disposed of at a moderate advance. . Te 01 urn quality . Sugars do ' tlu Genuine oM Cbjnac Bran(!j " ' - ' - ,. Holland Gio - , '. Jamaica and other Spirit v . . Wine of the variom kind ' , Pin Apple Shrub Lemon, Lime and Orange Juice . Sailed Oil in bettie and bottles ' ; JM Brown Stoat ; Bottled Ale and Cider Double Gloucester ' ' ! Holland and American Cheese . - Cordials Spices, Essence - . Sperm aad Tallow Candle Do. Oil for Lamp Coffee, Rice. Barley and Mustard A few boxe Sicily Lcmou, in fine order Raiiini, Almond, Prunes Fig Baiket Salt, Sic. r....i.h JAMES P. ANDOE Wanted to purcbaia, a quantity ofeecoud band iriae and porter Dotiiei. . J i f a WHli K LKAi, Sc. SC. OUU kege London White Lead in oil . 30 barrel doDtf W biU Lead , toa Had Lead 30 barraU Briatol Red Ocbre JO do Venetian Red (1 tontllae Litharge ' 80 boigbcada - Wbitinc 60 caakt Pri White i t bbd. VerJirii 60 Uereet t rwcb YUow Ocbre . 5 fceifj Vefw'"'0 4 caek Pruinaa Clue, 4001b ; ' Citwe YeUour; Fattat Vtllow . hptifli Urowii , , Vtnfitin Red, Yellow,; . VINOIL. Black, i . I Verdigrit,. . Lnmibl;n'K ( Ivory Black ; Parple Crown iint Turpentine ; tutMied Oil 400 boaee Wiodow Ulaii. ajsnrted Vortal" on the lowest teiuit, for cab or at i liort credit, ny . Ptl'ER SCHEUMERIIORN It SONS, " my I 4 1 Walfr - tre - L KtlLCKX TtmACCO, 274 falidi. prime Kentucky Tobacco, landine thie day Iron Blip Grand Seizor, from New Oriean, for le) CM AS. L. OGDKN, aud J 13 ' ABRAHAM OGDKM. Uj AKKAM'tl BULTl.NO, CLOTHS. ' A lare aiortroentof every description, fUutcb Bolting (Jlotln, warranted to tie of the lit Quality evar imported, and at the luost re - liiseduricea, forialehy ' . . JNO.M'CRCKArf, J 11" 82 l - i larl - tret. PITT SAVVjj, A tniall invoice ot C.iM bleel Fit I Sawi, jnt rfceived and forinle by AOERSO.V & tellf'.ARKK, Jtti 131 Water - treet. BY Doniinichino, Murillo, Snyder, Salvator 1U, (iuatpar I'ouisio, 4c. Also twoclejraot In - oiaas ; a marble figure, tire of lile, of a aleeitn Cupid. For tale or exrhance br TUOMAi G 1MB REDE, Jy 18 9 33C Bmailway. ,,rillTE LEAD, BLUt VITRIOL, AL V . LUM.ic Received per Chaunccy and Celuuiliia. from Bristol. (Eng.) and for tale by tte turner! I r,' on dnVgeou tetait, via. - X80 hn;fOuiD grouad wluto Lead ia 881b. ken . - . 30 caik bait dry White Lead ia cuke 5 to t cwt. each . .30 do IUd Lead in catk from 1 to 3 cwt ,ir ench ' " iTtAviJiBroinftoon3to4cmLaach - " ou n't ivory umrniroiu toocwi . t do Roman Vitriol from & to ftewt each 35 do Venetian Red from 2 to 3 cwt each It liercei Allum from 7 to 10 cwt each 10 bhd. 5 tiercel and 8 bhla Rotton Stooe ' KreaiJi Green, Lamp Black, Purple Brown Colcothar Vitriol, Bath Scouring Bricke ApjJyto A. CHURCH, J IS , 1H4 Bowery. FOR SALKforone hundred Dollars, a dtrk (;ray PON V, four yean old, (ait, sound and kidd mi haroea. Inquire of CHARLES H. BELLOWS, i IS tf ' 54 Leonard itrcet. rO . DRYOOODS, &e. O Boxes muslina 10 do. 4 - 4 & 7 - 8 Irish linens ' it dor pink ginghams 1 do. shawls ' 4 do. brown platillas 4. Scotch osnabarg . r 7 bales mutation sltceting 4 do. drown linen . t d. linen bad lick I da. 5 - 4 cotton checks 1 do. carpeting. 11 :ALSO, ' " Sail - cloth, Cotton bagging ' ' Twilled sacking - Sk twine For sale by " GEORGE JOHNSTON, : Jalv 2 No. 1 Sloat - lane. HARDWARE, CUTLERY, fcc 2 caiki Scotch ipring Lncki 5 casks plate Lx lis, 1 do Steelyards ' I do chest handles. &c. I do screw plates, scale beams, tc. 1 do brass cocks tec. 1 do bell metal kettles and skillets . 1 do tin'd poti and sauce pans . I do fiaepadlocks 4 do Ba'ibury locks, hinges. Sic. J do hammers, pincers, locks, fcc 2 do HL hinges, fcc 4 do anvils 1 do hammer and sledges) " J - do black St bright vices, - ? do filw 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives , 4 do sbam buck and bone table knives :' 1 tlo bnttons ' iW do cat nails and brads, from SJ. to 20J. aJo, a large and general assortment of goods toa th shelves, ibr aala at the most reduced hy ADAMS Si BLACK WKLL; V 7 , 215 Feari t PV.LEDYARD & CO. 104 t'earl - atrcat, offer for sale, ia addition to their former ex - "Mt usortment of Hardware, the followins 'VUs.rer'd by the Martha, from Liverpool naret.nains pades aad Shovel wasi Kettles " o Candkslitks Cocks da Hails ft Hinges Wt Coat Buttons of up. qaahty, "ble for merchant Vlors paanedCandleUcks fai Tacks Stf , Clout Nails 8 arul 8 barr'd Currv Combe . ' 6 barr'd Mane do ' Iron Wire, No. 4 to 10 Steelyards Fine Guns Tnmk Lock Drawing Knive Bingleys Pateat car tier's knives warrant ed eqaal to Cox's gen nine. ' .LVCAS, rKLYKTS, tie. I VERY handsoma . aortmot of Seleasia J Unens, consisting of Platillas, Rnyalea, rSoes, Estopillas, Dowlas, Creas and Cho - SeiilkTiveU 0 muskets boiH (owlioj pieces J casks Steuerark scythes, douUe sword M kegs Dntch herring a noxa assorted glassware The abav ar - "tctrUed t t.Ki. CB TtTin1i?0. 1 x" toys and, a few ine - - wjui - . i cr sale by J.t . C.ZIMMERMAN, U 77 TYashinjton - iL very auperiour Clare t, w tut aaia u f ia me oaan, y. '. GEORGE JOHNSTON, ' je 30 if . No. 1 6lot.)ane CHEMICAL COLORS, ftc ) Ioa Salti, in catiu ofScwt ' i Laup ftlatoeiia, in catei Dtf do tioall iquarei r; Calcined do in phiali RocbelleSalta, Acid Tartar 4 Citric Acid, Blut Verditerin firkina Patent yeHow, Kingi Yellow ' Rttuiwof Aiitimpny UU$i BUTTONS, &c. Fowling Tiecut, ai sorted, well finished Do - do m WaioscosU casei, finely finished . wib apparatus complete ' Diiclliiif; t'liitoU, iacaset joldEpaolettea ' Naval and Military Sword Belta Gill Coat and Vest Buttmit Copperplate for engrater . MalheiBaticaUkistruiueoU Rolling Parulb) Rukri Mariners cngipwst'S, telcsoopei Opera glasses, microscopea ' S setts splendid chfismen carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tea caddies Patent corkscrews, silver pencil cases. For sale by J. LAMBERT. je 18 . 3 CourUaodt - street NEW IRIsH LINEN GOODS, tc. tc. Lb C. bUTDAM, are now receiving, per . the ship Neplone and brig tielvidera, from Dublin, SEVENTY THREE Packages thu spring bleached Linens. They consist of 7 - B K 4 - 4 iruti L.iiieD?, variety or assortments, 5 - 4 do. iVheetins, do. 3 - 4 & 7 - 8 UeiniLong l.awns, Bird's - eye I'iapere, 5 to 10 - 4 Diapers and damask Table Linens, Extra super damask Table Cloths Nakias, 3 - 4 brown Linens and grey La wo?,' Linen Check and 7 - 8 hlark Liueos, li iih Aad ClotU", Ducks and DrogheJru, tc. Al'O, come to baud per the Pacific, X Ca - 'ies elegant new pattern Ginghams, t do. do. furniture & baloon Dimities, 3 Cambric Jlu lm", part undrewod, t ' AiiiperLond.CMh; aidC:stiniiT!i. The above for rale, by the package, on reasona ble terms and credit. Alio A general assortmr ut of the above goods opened lor piece andreiail tales, arNo. 01, Maiden - lane. Jy 82 2w J ILi. be soH tiy public auction, mi Tburs - V V day. the 30th inst. at li o'clock at nouo, ut the lower side ot Walnut slnet wharf. The cargo of the ship Pacific. iut urn vod from Canton, cousistius; of very excellent TEAS, as ioiiowi, vix : Vlii clM'Stf, rst, ilf chests, f, xes 10 catty, andr txes of 5 catty, 1 545 hoie. 10 cnttr. and YounS " Te 70 boxes 100 chest, and Hw.n - , 150 hHlfcht - its ) HjionTea. 1600 rhrsts liyson Skiii Tea TJ hall cnests. 327 boxes, and Imperial Tea 14 cases oi cannisteri 9e i , t 'I .'canni - tersl Gunpowder Tei, offfiiSouchongTca. ' 2615 packages ofCassta 17 boxes Khartarb ; 6 do Vermillion. JOHN HUMES i J W. LIPPINCOTTS, , . ' Aurtimera. Pbiladelpkia. Jaly 1C 1818. ' J ti 61 - . rtOU.Vi'LSG HOOM. A pltasaut and coj KJ veniint Counting Koom In Soutb - atreet to let. Apply at t9 Sonth - itreet. J 7 TI KCLIVED I)V U.e sr.iDrriton CLIVEDhy Uie sr.ip friton and the liip It Elbe, from Iwimhurs, and Other late import ations, an assortment ol German Linens, such as rlali. las, white and brown Hretagnes, Creas, D'iwIui, Mrowu Cherks and Shirting Linens Heiapen Osnaburgs and Ticklenburgs, HesMans, Burlaps, Brown Rolls, Bag, Tbh - s, Pupetfine Broad troths Napkins, Silk G:illoons and Pouud Ribbons Cotlre Mill. Slate Pencils liookirg Glnss Plates Pocket and Statia Glasses Lead Pendls And an atsortmcat of Cardwire. Also on hand, A lew tons St Peterslmrg Hemp r'irst ouality Holland Sail CMh, and Sixty boxes Pategrass Cheese, entitled to debenture. For tale on reasonable terms, by GEO. ti THEO. MEYER, J 15 tm 129 Washington street. fO 1' 1 ON. Kor sale a lew bales oi Cotton. J suitable fr manufacturing. Enquire at 148 Pr arl street, up stnirs. J 14 CLOTHS, BOMBAZE1 IS, :c. MHE suhs.iriher have jut recused by the L (hips Julius Caesar and Pacific, 14 bales Cloths, or A. Rhodes and Co's ma nufacture 15 do Borabarelts, ) of dn A Hin(1 Smitb lt$S. Co... nocture. W hich thev offer for sale at No 163 Pearl - st. LAV ERTY, SHELTERS KING, J 18 2w .TO fOVKtyi' BOuK JtUKLHS. TWO men who understand their business, may have constant employ in the above Business by applying at 18 Wall - street. July 13 THE subscriber having permanently fixed hit residence in the town ol St. Louis Missouri territory, offers his services as agent, either in the purchase or sale of lands in the Missouri or Illinois territories : he will also act in the capa city of agent generally, and execute such tom - misnoos at (nay be entrusted to nun. Persons having landed property in the Atlantic states my make favorable exchange for land in the territories above - nienuoneu, uj ay nllrttinn In h nharrihvr. and furnishing A. Par ticular description of the property offered for exchange, with an estimate of its real valu. To the etiuuirie of such a are desirou o emigrating to eiUier of the territories, he w HI cheerluily mate prompt answers wiukhu nj charge ; postage ol letters t him being P' SL Louis Mi'souri Territory, 1st June, 1818. Messrs. Irving, Smith & Holly, Cbeeseborough k tatterson, I neieren - Rathhon Si Downer, ce5" John Ratiibone, N. York. Ogden Wwardi, Dq. i 15 diccSawlm FRANKLIN'S LIFE AND MliCELLAAt - OL'S WORKS. CHARLES GALLAUDET, New - York, lias in press The Miscellaneous Works of Dr. Benjamin Frauklin, with the lift ef the autnor. Embellished with, bandsoma engraving of the lilrnM of that celebrated man. The work will be handsomely printed in an octavo volume of Lorn 4jO to 500 pare. wlla nw me and on rood paper, and delivered to subscribers at fl in boards or $t 25 cents neatly iwinn.t ami lettered. To non - saDscnoers u P' ice will be advanced 50 cents. Jy 21 lw .MarcKY COACHES. FOR Select Parties, from Elitabeth Town Point, br Philadelphia, andthe Steam BoaU at Treoloo aad Biiatol, and the Mineral Springs at Schooley's Mountair - Notice sent t" No. 5 White - HaU ttref,New .r II AI.VT STILrS. Efiiaberfa Town, h nail, or by .. - II the ateam - Doat Aia'ania, "in be iamciiateij attended to. lOr those who Any wish to erect three elegant L Dummijs or lactone. OTS, 77 fret by SO, more or less. wUft te buUdines thereon. In ib centre of Vm.cV can be parchased separate ot t&jcthar. ' , ALbO. , A An elefant LOT, witblhe Bmldinjf IW. - wa, 1 1 Bowerv. 42 bv 125. score or less, neat f Xmi. ham - street the whole on accommodating kraa npnj ai jj Vnawam now, near BeesunajMt - ',1 he advertiser ha three small mortgages to dirpose of, one of 3.000, one of 41000, one ot' f 100, all in this city. . J . AMERICAN.CLOi Hti. U bales superCo American Cloths, just received and for sale by The COMMISSION COMPANY, Jyl" , 148 Pearl - street - TO LfcT. 'n 1 - 1 " A pleasant back room, at bo. 56 Wall treet, suitable for a lawyer's office. PossesiMftom tie well, auay be seen tliousauis of animal - immediately Apply in the front office. je 4 OH SALU OH TO Lots in the 5. 6. 8. and 10 Wards: man ol uiiicb are on regulated and paved streets. Nt money win oe required under ten years, if sold, iutteti excepieo. .. : HOUSES. Several two and three store bosses, on which a gicai panoi me snoney remain oe mortgage, r, uinunuai RdUtlUOa, i i An excellent stand for business, with im krru of land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, aton. i ouse and barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - LIaven, with 40acresof land, and a never faihog stream, upon which 20 mills may be erected, with a sut&ciency of water for each. Appiyai no. zureeowtch street. Jan ia tf 1 CLASSICAL, MATHEMATICAL undftlEH' CASTILE ACADEMY. rESSRS. KELLY ti TUOMY respectfully IV J. inform the iiuhlic. that thev have lately commenced this establishment in the large and airy rooms, no. i reari sirret a lew uoora In in the corner ol Chatham street. - Ttii - ir comse of education comprises the Greek, Latin, French, and English languages ; Coinpo'itiuif History, Geogrttphyheusr ol the Globus, Book - Keeping. Antiunetir, with the other practical brauches of the Matheinatiia touni; l.adies hair u room airnrniinnted to themselves, where they will be taueht a rceular course of female education, together with plnia and ornamental Needle - work, by a lady ol rxem - plary conduct and long experiencaiutnat deport - men I. t'.efercnceto Robert Adraio, P. M. and N. I. Coliiinliia Coliegr. PATENT GRAMMATICAL MIRROR. Vera. Kelly hi. Tuomy bfg kave also to inform the public, that their Grammatical Mirror is now completed and organised, and that they are prepared to undertake it application to the duties ol instruction. The Grammatical Mir rot' is a machine constructed on such priuciplea, niv actuated by such laws, as to exhibit a nixnifi'st representation of all the parts of human speech, in all the variety of their inflections aud all the Jiversity of their combination! ; it is calculated to impart information more expeditiously than words, whether conveyed by writing or by ut - terark e : letters and sounds are the arbitrary i symbols not the resemblance of ideas ; but the Grammatical Mirror presents uu exact imitation of the agent with its cases, of the object w4tfc its pasaiuoi, oftneir substitute with its genders and persons, and of the action with ill maunera, aad its times. The other parts of speech will make their respective appearances iu the revolution of this extraordinary machine. It is no less u lul to the .teacher than to the pupil and while it expedites the progress ol'the one, it will facili - Should any person object to the practicability of its application,they challenge the in ventilation of opposition : they cannot couseut to au indiscriminate inspection : but any person wh.i shall be qualified to diicussits merits they are willing to admit, and prepared to answer his objections. Though duty tor bids tlitm to acknowledge their own inferiority yet, they rely not on their diligence and zeal others may have as much ; they rely not on their erudition and talents, others may not 'have less j but they re ly oil the co - operation of their metnu, ulncli they contend to be superior to any that can no employed to attain the object it contemplates. Tho'uch they entertain no doubt of its superior general utility, they conceive that for such as cannot all'eril much time for study, or whose different employments, must confine them to interrupted and desultory lectures, it must possess peculiar advantage. .Several literary charact. is, w ho have iiifcpcc ted this machine, have been equally astonished and delighted, and doubt not that experience will realise the must sanguine exportation that are entertained of its advantage and success. ' Under these iropressiona the proprietors of the Grammatical .Ifi'rror recommend it to pub lie notice, and they are not more desirous of acquiring1, than they are confident of securing the patronaee of the public. N. 1. They have for general convenience determined to deliver evening lectures, trom half past live till half past seven, on any of the abovementioned branches ot literature. J 10 Im A KEVED HARP. J A. GUTTWALDT respectfully invitea . the amateurs of music to inspect at his Piano - Forte Manufactory, No. 75 Maiden lune, a musical instrument that perfectly equals the harp iu sound and lur surpasses it in point ol e y treatroi nl, as it is played like the piano by means ol keys, and consequently has all the ad vantages of brilliant modulation ; the only one in the United States. Also, an elegant Piano - Forte of fine tone, musical variety and workmanship, wunan assortment oidiuerent kinds, whose good qualities bave been testified by the undersigned eminent professors : we the subscribers, protestors oi music, ao certify, that we have carelully examined Mr. J. A. Uuttwaldt's piano - fortes, which, for ingeaui - tv and excellence ot workmanship and uniform brilliancy of tone, we deservedly recommend to public patronage. Messrs. utiles, f.tienne, ltd Meets C. Thiuault, Charles GilierL" J 7 . ANTIJOMY fcTUEET NO I ICE. "VTOTlCE is hereby given to all iiersons in terestcd that the Commissioners of esti mate and assessment, appointed by tbtt Su preme court of Judicature ol the people of the tale of New - fork, to perform.certain duties re - lati 'e to the opening, enlarging and improving Anthony - street, in the said city, have completed their estimate and assessment, as well of the loss and damage sustained by the owners and parlies interested or and in the land and premises required fur the said improvement, a also of the benefit and advantage received by the owners and parties interested of and in the land and premise not required for the aid improvement, and that we the said commissioners have deposited a true copy of our report of estimate and assessment in the clerks office ofthe city of New - York, for tbe inspection of whomsoever it may concern, and notice is hereby further given, that the report ofthe said commissioners ofes i mate aad asseas - vnent, will be presented to the Supreme Court of Judicature of tbe people of Uie stale ol New - York at the capitol ia Uie cits of Albany, on Friday the 14th day of A'isust next, at tor opening ef the laid court on that day, or as sion thereafter a counsel caa be heard theteou. . Dated this 21tb day of July, 1818. fAcopy.l JOHN FoKBES, WM - TORKEf, " JStKL - LAWKL'SCr, J S5 lOt - Cfnmiwoitri. V EOLAR MICROSCOPE. v A T toe New - York Piiksoliical Museum, JTX. Medichl, Electrical and Galvanic Room, p. n Chatham Street, (in the front hall ot vnawam uarueni mav be aren the wonderlu e6ct; of the aalar microscope that maf.aifie one hundred thuusand time, aad h one ol' the best inairementi oi tee Kind ever shewn m Aoerca. - A derription of this instrument ia unnecessary t suffice it to aar that fortv r.enons mav at tpf same time sit and see its operations without tbtfinconveiiience of looking tiiroueb a lens or glass of any kind. : The following (it is presumed) will be sufficient to give ao idea of the effect prod'iced hj oiii great examiner ot nature : J lie head ol the common Flea is magnified to look as largo as that of an elephant ; its proboscis or sting two jeetlonr iters ekbt feet t bair on the leas six terhe. , . . in a glass Tube of clear water, taken directly Villi, fill aVitMt knma mm.Ull ..... f.,4 ula, all alive, some of which are two feet long jb common vinegar anu in almost all vegetable ascirts or wine may be seen Animal from one to three feel long. . i tie cin. viBiinn oi ine nmoa i GiBuncuy seen in a variety ol bin and insect. The wing of the malleit Musquito will appear from X to 12 feet long, (hewing distinctly the saifillest fibre. ., . The wing of the common Butterfly can be magnified to) he enormous size ol'30 feet. - The proprietor ha lately been presented by a gentleman ot thi city with an intact, placed on the object (rials of a common microscope about six years since ; when first taken it was about of an inch Ions, and on it may now be seen bv Uie Uielp of the solar tnicruscopc, thousands of insects preying and receiving loud trom the dead car case. The Cheese Mite, though so small an insect that it is almost impossible to discern them with the naked eye, is made to appear as large as a tonic ten inches long, and very much resembling thai animal. The collection of antmnlctil.i and insects in general iu pns.fcAinn of the operator it considera ble, tliougb should any lady or gentleman, vim ing the museum, bringwiili Iheui nn insect, tub. stance or fluid, that they wish toexamine, it am ne snewn. Thn (Mar Mir.rocon will be shewn from ten o'clock A. Ad. until two r. M. Admittance 25 cents ; children, under twelve yeats, balfwce. IV.rsons visiiing the museum are requested to oonce, mat me microscope cannot oe snewn unless Uie sun sidiies. , NOTICE. f)r7 - The Physicians of New - Ymk and its vi rinitr, also the ladies and gentlemen how at tendi'ng for the benefit of Meet rk a I and Gakanu operation, rB respectfully informed, that the hours of operating lor medical purposes in future will be as follows : From six to ten in tin morning, and Irouj two until seven in the after noon The Electrical experiments will take place every evening as usual, should the weather not lie too damp or warm ly. irL.EE, rroprittor. Ami manufacturer of all kinds of Philosophical Appnraiui, nr iiiosi ui ine puonc ncieniiiK; institutions and Private Seininarit throughout the United State. J 21 lOt AlJVEIU'lsK.vlENT. PROPOSALS will be received at the Navy I Agent' office. New York, for one wick from this date, to supply a, quantity of Jercey Oak Plank average leugtb 45 feet. 10 to 16 broad, V to 4 l - S thick pith of hart must be out, aud clear numb.Tr j;;ie7 Ok Log's I long. 18 to 20 ioVhesequarV, of sap. Also, a trom. as to bo leet and a number of While Ouk Knees, to side from 8 1 - 2 to Vi incite, arm 4 l - i to 5 feet long, bod ie & to 8 12 long. 1 lie whole to be first unali tv, and tubjret to the inspection at the Navy Yard, and delivered there. fett FtWWkZ'Z required not to exceed 5000 than 50 Knee - as no contrac t ill VPMf, HIT&' ny individual to exceed one of the above named quantities; the shortest time, not exceeding 6 i , vvceas, uiubi ne iDRniinneu. money ii oe paiu n delivery. Any explanation that may be re - luircd, w ill he obtained at the Navy Yard, where a bill will be iriven individual alter he has contracted, mid by which he is to be governed. J 2? WKi : tr 07" The line uew sieain vessel FRONT EN AC, of 71X? Ions htirtheii, Jame' t""Ti 'i hi f Jiac Kiiuie, master, ta ill coiiiiutm k runiiing on tlie first day of.Vlay next, aud will leave King'ton, for York and Niagara, on the 1st, 1 1 Us and 2 1st day of each month, and Majiara, lor lork and Kingston, the btb, 16tt and ijlii dny of each month, during the season, 'vhere every ntteiition will be paid to the ease and comfort of the passengers. Applications for passage to be made to the cap - tail - on board. Kingston. 6th April. 181ft. J 7d&ctOc1 DLY'NCH, Jun. has a few pioei ofthe Wine . from the parishei of Cnma de Lobos am1 St. Aotonio, remaining, which he can warrant of a quality, superior to any imported to this coun try lor many years j and which be offers for sale on moderate terms. J - y?3 - !w pW"ARUM'IVE of an expedition to explore J 1 the Kiver Zaire, usually called the Congo, in South Africa in 1816, under the direction of Capt. J. K. TuckcrU. N, To which is added the Journal of professor, "Smith, and some gen era! observations or the country and its inhabitants pub'ished by premiss ion of the tarda, Commissioner or the Admiralty, Qyo. Just received and for sale by J24.41 COLLINS & HANNAY. AM BOY ON SUNDAY. The Steam Boat OLIVE BRANCH wiU tail for Am - boy on Sunday next, and St very succeeding 11 o'clock precisely. Mie will leave it at4r. M. to arrive at 7 o'clock. Paseigers mov either dine on board or at any ofthe taverns. Passage 50 cents going, the same price lor returning; dinner on board 7o cents. P. S. In ranking the trip sb will sail round staten isiuno. - j :tu 1 ONT - ALTA For fcAl.Eor lo EE T, and lvj. immediate pos - esjioo given, the beautiful place called Mont - Alta, seveu miles from the City - Hall, on the North River, udioininz Lord Courtenay's. it contains SOacrnof land under improvement, with a large garden well stocked wiui vegetables a variety oi truit, with every convenience for a family. For terms, whi h are very reasonable, and if soht a long credit gi tea if wanted, apply to N. U U. TALCOTT 64 South - street. . Je 12 IREWERY. rr sale, a bargain, a Brew JD cry & Malt House connected, in the city ol Hudson. 1 be builthcgs are stone, and par ticularly well calculated for th business. It it titnatrd in tbe midst of a barley country, and has many other advantages. It is certainly an object those wishing to engage in ths busi ness. ' It is the only brewery in the cout try. 1 lus property will be sold cheap. Terms libe ral ; title good. For further particulars apply toM. MULDEN, No. 78 Maiden - lane, New - York; or J. MXON, Jr. near the premises. June 13 tf A'ary Agent's Ojpre, - Vete - I'er. LOCUST TIMBER WANTED. TClfANTED, a quantity oriocnrt timber and T T tree - nails. Apply to the Navy Agent, at 81 Wa - hmgtoo - streeL . rXThe publishers of Ine Kew - Brunawpci Times Newark Centmel, lyxig - lsland itar, .Nrvllmn Journal, and New - Looloa Gasette, will please publish this advertisement oue month, and send their tills to the Navy A'Wt's Office. Jyl9 ltn y. 1 4 Lew regulating the Cutging and Inspecting ofl full Ot. raased March 31, 1818. TCP He it enacted it the people of theilatt of srew - iork, repreiented in if note ana assembly, That th penoa adiuibisteriug the goteriuaeul of this state, by and with the advice awl consent of the council of appointmtut, shall from time to time appoint one person (or the city of New - York, whose powers shall extenJ to, and include the village of Brooklyn one parson for the city of Ainauy; and one person for the city of Troy, whose powers shall extend to. and include Lan - singborgb and Walerford. to be ruasers and in spectors of fifh oil. Jinibtxl further enacted. That it shall be the duty of each person appointed by virtue of this act, to provide bimself with proper instruments for guaging and inspecting nil, and whenever called on to gnag aud inspect any parcel of Ath oil, within th place for which he was appointed, it shall also be his duty to inquire diligently an! seek out any parcels of fithoil within his district, anu guage anu inspect the same.and lirand legi. bly on the head of each cask be may so goagr uu hwiwi, eh own name ana? uie name oi ine place for which he was appointed; also the wlale uuniber of gallons the same shall guage, and separately n om eacn outer the quautity or tv ler, the quautity of sediment, as well a the quantity of pure oil he shall And therein, and shall make, subscribe and deliver to the owner or holder of such parcel ol ell so crueeed and in. spected, a certificate, exhibiting in separate co mmits the quantity of each of the aforesaid enumerated ingredienls the whole parcel shall contain ; for all of which guaging, inspecting, brand. ing and certifying al'oretaij, he shall receive from the owner or bolder of the oil so guaged and in spected, twenty cents for each cask, he the samt small or large, the one half of which shall al wavf thereafter be chargeable upon the purchaser of ine same. Jind be it writer tnoclei. That it shall be the duty of all per - Kius owning or holding fiwh oil, to put the same in a convenient position for guaging anu inspecting wnencvr thereto required by an authorised guager and inspector. A nd b( if further candid, That any person or persons who ahull counterfeit, alter or change tiny ot tne Dratius or marks aforesaid, on an) cak of oil so branded or marked, or who shall mix or in atsy manner adulterate any cask of oil so branded or marked, or who shall buy, sell or barter auy oil within the districts or places a lore - raid, except the tame shall have been guaged, inspected aud branded at cording to law, or who shall ship, export, or otherwise couvty or cau - lo be con vet cd any oil out of, or trom the dis trict or places aforesaid, except the same shall have been guaged, inspected and branded no cording lo law, such person or personto offending, shall forfeit and pay tho sum of Iweniy - five dollars lor each cask, the brands cr marks ol which shall be so counterfeited, altered or chan ged, or which shall be so bought, sold or bartered, or which thall be so shipped, exported or otherwise conveyed contrary to the true intent aud meaning of this act: 'ottrfr, nwertheltss, that uothing herein cobtaiued shall be construed to prevent auy r?on or persons from buying or selling oil by measures legally sealed And tie tt fur titer etmcted. That it shall be the duty of any person or immwou who shall Ose or otherwiso enii'ty the content of any ca - k of (Uh ' 'X to K - gr. and in. epector 's marks or brands from the same, under. wo pcuaiij . ,VIVU1J1C UUIltll a. .nf ie it further enacted, That any ( u ret arising by virtu of this act, may be sued for and recovered by action of debt, with costs of suit, in any court having cognisance of the sain, to the sole use and belwof uf any person who shall is ftercuy given. tnat tne itinscnoer has been appointed by the hooourab. the Coun cil of Appoiutment, Guager and Inspector of all Fish Oils in the City of New - York and Brooklyn, and has opened his office at No. 'XI, Water - at. where he will receive orders from 7 A. M. to 8 P. M. every day, Sundays excepted. JAMES M AURICE. N. B. Dealers in Fi - h Oil are hereby notified, that any infriugtment of the above law will be prosecuted. July 20 Im IttAPs. riHEoetvly invented patent Box Trap for J at 130 Watrr - ffreet. Je 13 fun aALL, A farm on tho Hudi' n, about a mile from New burgh, contuiuing 1U3 acres, 33 of whirb are Woodland, the rttt is divided by good fence into a due proportion of aneadow, urable and pasture land. Tbe buildings are partly new ; the houte convenient for a small fatuity : it situ ation is equalled iu beauty by lew on the river ; lite advantages, from the vicinity oi a flourishing village, of public worship, 'society aud good market, with the facility ot communication with New York, render it a desirable residence for a gentleman. 4000 dollars of the purchase money may remain nn mortgage ; the payment of the rett will be madeeniy to the purchaser. Apply on the premises, to JeS3 if I. VERPLANCK. r - UOSPECTlvS FOR rCBLISttlJO BY f OBrcfurTins) A MAP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. 'I 'HE publication ol this Map has been under L taken with the impression, that it will exhibit information, highly inttre - ing at U,is event - lul crisis, and the valuable Maps which the author hat procured, during his several tours through Mexico, in the years 1006, 18U7, 18!& 1813, 1815. 1816, and 1817. induce him to beleive that the Map, with even all its imperfections, will be much the most perfect which bas appeared before the public This Map will contain the latest and best Information Iroin. the diwoveriri and posseMiont of tbe American, Spanish, Russian, British and French traveller and navigator and represen ting tlx claims of their resective governments on ine norm western coasi oi America. The Map will include that portion of North America, whrrtt lies between the lilhmus ol Da rien, and the 48th degree of North Latitude, and from the Mississippi River westwardly to the 1 aciuc ucean. In site the Map will be about six by five feet, and will be projected on a scale of 40 miles to the inch, to be delivered to ine tuoacriner at u - teen dollar! each. Natches March 7, 1818. ap7tAnl UL - l'llllll ,44 A 11 f I "VTO I'ICE is heieby given, thyit the assessors of X. ine teconq warn nave "it" sessmrnti, and that a copy thereof is left with Abraham Valentine, No. 161 Front street, where the same may be seen and examined by any of , ; - h.hii...i. H - inv ! itava from thi date. aad ttnt the assessors will meet at said place on Uie Una July inriant, to review men . n,.it. nn th antJirafioo of aiivperiua cooceiv aTABM. VALENTINE,? Aisessors of the - w.vf. v. ru., i J 17 101 2d ward. t on fcALE, The HOUSE and LOT, No. 270rcbard - trect, now occupied by tne suoecnoer. ine lot is 28 feel Irvrnt and rear, and iuu leet deep. A further desolation ofthe property is deemed auneccD - ary, as it u presumed no one win ear - chase wiihuut first view'mg the prenibes If not sold be lore the 1st of Auguxl at private sale, it will on that day be put no at public auctiou. - Imuediate poisrnion will be given. ' Twenty - five !cr cent of ,lh purcbase money tnuat be paid on delivery of the deed, the remainder may remain oa baud and mortgage mi the premitea. JAMES KNOX, JjStlw 27 Orchard - it.. fr The new FERRY BOATS from to foot of VV alout street, New York, to the foot of Jit. tie street, Brooklyn, near the Navy Yard,' will. commence running on Sunday, the 17thinst. rersons cross's - to Brooklyn from the eroeE part of the city, will find the distance suueh. shortened by using thw lerry. s , v jay 14 JaOTlCE. " ". : Ctr The RUing Sun Sail Boat. Nonpariel. and lndustrjr, from the Elisabeth teAvsxjPoist, for, New - York, aiujfrcm Markttueld - trst,(wl era the Steam - boat Atalanta formerly came to,) att 10 o'clock, ot each day. Passage 12, l - S cents. Enquire al the Steam boat H of el I, of AADEKI UULS rfJlLLIl 'O. my 21 tf . trj - JOHN PROCTOK, Jc. 106. Liberty.aU offer liberal anticipation on property consign.. ed to us mends in the Mediterranean, tot, further particulars, apply as above, or to. . AUKAHAal liEM Je6tf ' corner of Cliff tz Fulton - sta. LAND!;. . . , , ftfr STEPHEN B. MUNN. r?o.' K8 Feark itiett, New - York, parcbaies Land in the Illinois Territory, which has been et apart lor the laie Army, i.euers trom the country giving a, description of the patent and the price aiked tot encn mi, win be attended to, li roil paid. , , my 15 tf NOTICE. ffy All person havine claims aeainit (be es tate of John Linan, deceased, are desired tq pre sen mem lor sctuenieut to tne uoecrtner, aaa . iuoh inaemea lo sola estate are tequestei le, nake payment, to htm without delay. - James M'bride, J 20 Im Acting Executor. A tAltl), QS At the particular solicitations of the La - rly subscribers, the New - Yoik Salt Water Floats lug Bath will be removed to her old station at the foot of Murray - street, this day. where it wilt continue open every day, front sunrise in the morning, until 10 o'clock at night, daring tbe bathing season. It is hoped when the Ladies of this city know, that this large building, which will accommodate two or three hundred persons at a time, is exclusively devoted to their enjoyment on Mondays and Wednesdays of each week until 2 o'clock, that tbey'will give that eucour - ageiueut w hich such an appropriation deserves On a'l ottier days they have their own apartments only. The. greatest possible attention will be paid. . . The Both at the flattery is open every day from sunrise to 10 o'clock at night, for "Gentle - men only. . Je itf C JOHN C. HAMlL'l ON, Commissioner lor the acknowledgement of Deeds ac. baa remedied to the office, corner of Cedar aodNnteau streets. Law Buildings' No 1 Je29 Im - 7rE VOMPAJS'X. OF NEW - YORK. ' - fh?7 No'ice is hereby given, that a Dividend: of ibur aud a half per cent on tlm Capital Stock of this company, has been declared by the Board ol Directoi ; and will be paid to the, stockholder!, on or alter the 15th insL , J 3 ltn 'iiulii. loturaiiee Uoannitnv iti IS km. Yor: Iiaye this day declared a dividend of six. pel cent, on the capital stock, for the last ix months, payable at their office, Nd. 48 Wall - St.. ott the 10th mst - . ' A ' i .k. ,t By order ol the Board of Directors. - ' WALTER, It. JONES, Sec'ry J 6 lm - ., NOI1CEjj. M. - rtui 03" The public are cautioned againil trusting the crew of the llrititb bug Recouiptnce, John. Gayneslnnt'.er, a no'debis contracted by Ibeui, wni uc uiu vj me tupieiu u( coniigDevt. , j - Ocean iutiiiauce Olfu - S f - . juty c, IB JO. , 17 Tlia BoarJ of Directors have this flar oufriefrcajjiTaf stock lor Uia faitsa' UQirnis - which will be payable to the stockholders or Oieir legal representative on tbe tenth inst. at. the office of the company, 45 Wall - street. . "SAMUEL STANSBURY, Sec. July 7 Im . - ... - .. MW.XUlik JA - AUJtAACH VOMfAJtY TVKWY. President and Director hare this day. A declared a dividend of. five per cent on the capital stock of the com pan v, for the last - six otoliths, payable to the stockholders, or their legal representatives, on and afteT ihe, 13th inat. at the office, No. 34 Wall - street July 6 lm - C. G. 8HIPMAN, SecrV tfX ' TO LUT OH atLt.: . '.. ;, j. ... . ' AfliJj And immediate possession given, that pleasant country seat, which b&s been occupied tor several years by Mr. James Ecott. situate on., the turnpike, about five minutes walk from the . village of Jamaica, Long Island, wliere there arc two famous academies for young ladies and gentlemen. The house i two stone high, lad lias five rooms on the ground floor, good barn, a well of excellent water, 4c - There if abqut. thirty fire acre of excellent land, with a great - variety of truit. For further particular apply to Messn. JOSEPH 1 1 1 COMB U CO. No. 162 Pearl itrcet; ELISIJA - PARKS, at present in said village, near the premises or lo Air. Jehu. W. MESSENGER, near said estate. J I5 2w LOTS TO LEASE AT 1 HE NORTH RIY ER. fjJITUATE between Barclay and Murray. streets. Chamber and Reed - itreels Jay ami Harrison - streets and North Moore and beach - - streets, at a price very considerably less tbaa interest on tlieir value, aad at the expiration of the term, the btuldiogs to be fairly valued aad. paid for, or a new lease granted. ' Also, to let by the year at a low rate, several lot or yard oa the water, well calculated tor lumber, jdaster of parts. Ate. ' Apply to PH. RHINELANDF.R, 31 Park - ,, near the Theatre. Several of the above lots will be sold at a moderate price and on a liberal credit. A small portion of tbe money only will be required. June 1 1 tf MAHOGANY SOFAS, CHAIR AND CABINET FURNITURE, Ma. 49 BtEKMAX STREET. "PHE subscriber begs leave to retura bis sin - . X cere thanks to those ladies and gentlemen, who bave been kind enough to honor hint with theircommands, and to iniorin them, and the admirer of handsome furniture ia general, that ha hai oo hand some very elegant sofa, chair. card, .em broke and extending patent dining tables grand sideboard, inlaid with high polished, ornamental brats - work and rose - wood, card ta - hies to match, Grecian cnticbce, sofas chaise, lounge, music stood, chairs tc. Also, a li - . brary itcp chair, the utility of which be Dartica - larly recommends. All furniture warranted of the best qaality and. wnrkaaanshap, and of Uie newest Caropcaa laah - tons. . . . Orders executed to aar part of tbe anion f n any diawing. on the moil reasonable Unas punctuality fur cash. iaaie or gentle met having rancy wood, DHiy - have them manufactured ta aav article then wish, by apply ing as above. m 30 tot . A. M. HAT WOOD. - COOJT AVD JWKSE. WANTED, a. woman to do the oookinr washrnr and iroainr. also, aririto tke - care of a child and do the chamber work f tmall rtmily. Enquire at 48 Walker - wU 114 ' 1 ' MADEIitA WiAE. SIX pipes rt - aiaioiag of parcel rer Low - cilia, of Scott, Lig"BaS feafold K brand, seltded part. elitrJy for ynrate m. vfr - t pii. ny Aenv c.tbtlpitcb

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