The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 4, 1931 · Page 10
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 10

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 4, 1931
Page 10
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Page 10 article text (OCR)

'APRIL 4 Wm 1931 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE 11 BUILDERS FIND TRIPLE ADVANTAGES IN CONDITIONS SUPPLIES, LABOR BOTH AT LOWEST JGOST, IS BELIEF Construction at This Time \ Will Also Promote \ U.S. Welfare. .' The entire industrall world la unanimously in the belief that there is no mort sound, temuneratlve form of investment than that dealing- with property. The development of that property by means of construction, and where construction has already heen made--the constant improvement of hoth structure and land is the one means of asurinjf the constant advancement of their value. If you are a private businessman who has recognized the possibilities of land ownership--if you have built an office building or a home which is a source of profit to you by means' of rentals, It is easy for you to see that it will be to your own benefit to bring them up to modern.standards by means of new additions and general improvements. Today's Advantages. 1 That this must be done sooner or later ia undeniable, and 1 that there are distinct advantages to undertaking the work now is equally undeniable. As has heen frequently stated, prices have never been lower, hut in a business world that need not be taken for granted merely on hearsay. If you want to spend an interesting hour or two, make your rounds of the various building supply distributors and .contractors in town . . . compare the prices on various types of lumber .': . bricks . . . roofing . . . shingling . . . flooring . . . estimates on construction Jobs. If you recall the prices, of just a few years back, you .will readily realize how decided the decline 'has 'been. '; Not only will you yourself be ben- efitted from a monetary point of view, but you will also be giving your tenants a better place to live in or to work in, You will, in making your purchases, be putting money into circulation--an economic stimulant which the entire country cannot have too much of just at the present time. Everybody Must Help. -.There is much talk of prosperity, and there is every indication to suggest that by the end of this fiscal year the country will be in a financially more sound position. ; But all of the burden cannot he shouldered at Washington. It is, «£ter all, the Individual who makes the nation :»nd it- is up; to the indi- .viduftl- to realize the pergjnal ad- ·T*'"-«- · _ ' _ » .-.» i nijtimTP-r''"3~*TiT~ j^r~--Jii"- _-. ty promoting A MAN IN MILLIONS Here Is Emilto Sfcala, who is closing his small confectionery shop in London, to go back to sunny Italy because a $2.50'In- vestment hi the Grand National Sweepstakes brot him §1,772,720 when Graklo finished first! Some 40 relatives shared in Scala's ticket, however, so the winnings' will be divided many ways. Basement Modernization Helps Restore Employment The unemployment situation can in large degree be alleviated by a nation-wide program of basement modernizing and repair. Owners of commercial buildings, industrial buildings, apartment buildings and homes will profit by keeping their property in good repair and up to date. Furthermore, it .may prove more economical to have this work done now, as later, with general improvement in- economic conditions, labor and materials may be more difficult to procure when panted. The home owner can greatly enhance the use and value of his property by converting the huge amount of space in his basement into work shop, recreation room, laundry room, or even a smoking room. These things can be accomplished by the use of wall boards and plas- HOMEOWNERS GET OPPORTUNITY Time Now to Make Changes in House, Construction Experts State. Whether your home is a.modest one family bungalow, or a mansion on an estate. of many acres, there are many things 'that can be done to improve its appearancj . . . t o improve the' soundness of its con struction .". . to modernize. its fittings so that they can give you a. maximum of comfort and efficiency, and to increase its value aa an Investment. . . . ' ' Among many interesting things we may suggest arev the reconstruction of cellar and attic, so that they can serve worthwhile purposes. Make 'the attib a play room, game room, or library. Make your cellar a; gymnasium . . . play room . . . complete modern laundry . . . or miniature night club. .These things can all be done by expert plumbing and' carpentering contractors, and you are sure to.find that you have overestimated what the cost of suctv job will actually be. Pat In New Flooring. Have new flooring put In your living-room. Drab, dull colors detract from the beauty of your furnishings, 'and at the present low prices even a parquet floor costs comparatively, llttte. Have all of your walls -painted in the. lovely new colors that add cheer to any room, no matter how old its furnishings, and let some of your Walls be papered In the new, modern types of paper whose. designs and hues are as new as the first flowers . of spring. Step into your bathroom,.and try to imagine what your impression would be if It were the first time you were seeing it. If it looks-antiquated . . . if rusted, ugly plumbing Is jutting out in every corner, If it is all a dead white that is as uninviting as it is old-fashioned . . . If its fixtures are heavy and completely lacking In charm, decide to give yourself the inexpensive lux- estlngly adjoined to it. And don't let a shabby roof ruin the entire iffect of your home.. All of these things can be done so quickly, and now, so cheaply, that every one-.of us can enjoy the delights of a beautiful, well appointed home. Finest Materials Available, The finest of materials are at your command. The most, skilled workmanship is ready to take up the cause of your home. Everywhere we turn, We are confronted by values that make the spending a joy and actual means of economic satisfaction. The fact that we take BO much pride in our homes has made us stand out Internationally : aa a nation more devoted 16 its hearth than any other, and some are Inclined to wonder at the urge that keeps us bound together in the name of The American Home. It is no longer necessary for you to ait back, planning, visualizing, hoping--that some day you, too, will be able to have a home that you can be proud to live in, proud to Invite guests to, and one which wil bring you a handsome profit should you have to sell it. Never before has it been possible to have so much for so little expense, and as our financial position, becomes more definitely. stabilized, and prices start gathering momentum In reaching higher levels, if you have not taken advantage of the wonderful opportunities offered you now, you will regret having lacked the foresight to do so. First Block of Road Bonds in Winnebago to Be Sold April 15 1AKE MILLS, April 4.--Winnebago county bonds totaling $300,000 will be offered for sale April 15, the first block of the primary road bonds to be dated May 1, 1931. Auditor David Skiitle has been notified by the auditor of the state highway commission that it will be necessary to dispose of the first block of the bonds so that money will be on hand to begin the work soon. He suggested the sale be held April 15 and that $300,000 be dis- posed of .at this time. The bonds will be. sold in $1,000 lots with $30,000 maturing five years from now, and $30,000 each year thereafter until the $30,000 has been paid. The sum of $300,000 is expected to keep the road work going until midsummer or early fail when another block of bonds \ylll bo sold when thsy are needed. The bonds will carry 4% per cent Interest. Relict Quota Passed. DUMONT, April 4.--Dumont sent a total of $168.55 and 14 cases'of eggs for the Red Cross Drought Ke- llef fund. The quota Was $50. the riatlon's-lntereats. Sayre Is Again Head of Schools at Goldfield j. GOLDFIELD, April 4.--Supt. L. , |,B. Sayre, who completes his second ijyyear as head of the local school ' / t h i s spring, has-been re-elected for ;; .next year. At a meeting of the irj /members of the school all the present teaching force was re-elected. The contracts will carry the same wages as in the past year. tic paints and the waterprofing and paints floors. At. the .same application of preservative to basement walls and time the. heating ury of a modern bathroom. The new fixtures are BO arresting in their colorful and interesting designs, and ara so much more efficient than old types, that investing in them is a decided economy. If you-are a woman, the kitchen is the part of the home you use most. And .if you are a man, you may as well be gallant and consider the energy that your wife Is wasting if she's working under the handicaps of inefficient fixtures ftnd plumbing. If your home is crowded, and if Plans for Activities in Winnebago County Made by Syndergaard LAKE'MILLS, April -4.--Edward Syndergaard, 'Winnebago county's new Farm Bureau agent, has arrived in Thompson to take up his work and has Completed plans for several Important Farm Bureau activities. He was graduated from Iowa State college March 20, receiving bis degree in animal husbandry. Mr. Aaberg, -the former county agent, left March 1 for Pocahontas county where he is farming. In the meantime A. B. Myhre, president of the Winnebago county Farm Bureau, has been spending some time at the office in Thompson and directing the activities of the organization Eleanore Hagenson, who assisted with the work at the office under Mr. Aaberg's supervision the past year, will continue in the employment of the Farm Bureau. The TWO-BY-FOUR Jf VOL.1 APRIL 4, 1931 NUMBER 5 Council to Hold Meeting. DECORAH, April 4.--The first meeting of the new council for.De- corah, will be held Monday when the /new mayor,.B. O.'Marsh'and the \ two new aldermen, Ralph Allen, i second ward: and J. B. Bourlaug, ''third ward, will be sworn in. system also should be given a thoro overhauling' and cleaning..Cleaning the heating system, which in days gone by was a dirty, messy fob, ia now one which is of little concern to the home owner, except so far as the benefits to be derived from it are concerned. The home owner who keeps his heating system thoroly cleaned and in good repair will find that It will give more satisfactory "heating; service and that the fire hazard will be reduced to a very minimum. Is Elected at Webster. FREDERrCKSBURG, April 4.-Hadwen Zoller, son of Dr. and Mrs. ___ ______ w m _ ,,,,.,,,,,,, ,,.,, ,, it's'archTtectiire i's* laakTng"l'n inter- 1 3- B. Zoller of this place has been est, why not have a new wing ad-j elected principal of tho consolidated dedi or a 'porch' or- inter-: I junior, high school at Webster. Band Starts Rehearsals. SWEA CITY, April 4.--Local bandmen arc starting rehearsals for a band that is to be organized from local talent for this summer. The local organization will be supported from the funds available from the hand tax voted three years ago. T. F. Mitchell will be the band director. 1 IOW/o HAVE BEAUTIFUL WALLS VTOU, too, may have beautiful Milbtone can tt Spfagr Jm~ printing tmdSamlf ling. BtaHtiful effecti and designs can be tariff atui tconomicalij tt- -L walls, by · selecting the proper paint and by choosing colors to harmonize with your furniture, woodwork and draperies. LOWB BROTHERS MEU.OTONE is just the paint to use, for it meets both essential requirements. It is a quality paint, and when applied produces a rich, Telvety finish that lends dignity to the -whole room. Also, its colors come in soft, pastel shades, designed to harmonize with many raried types of homes,--and it is washable. We would like to help you secure beautiful color schemes; call us by 'phone or stop ioi CURRIE-VAN NESS CO. "MAINTAINED BY MERIT" 11 North Federal Avc. Phono 17 '' Let This Book Help You Plan The satisfaction you get out of your new home will depend on how much thinking and study you give to it before you actually begin to draw the plans because the finished building will then come nearer satisfying your wants and likes and will stand the acid teat of use much better. B e a u t i f u l Homes That E n d u r e '' is an excellent book for your preliminary thinking. It gives you reliable information and sound advice on several important things , which should receive careful con- - sideration before you even begin to draw floor plans and elevations. Mail the Coupon the Book Is Free MASON CITY BRICK TILE COMPANY MASON CITY IOWA Please send me copy of your Free Book, "Beautiful Boroca That Endure" (My Name) n.o. . (Town) (State) A p r 1 1 -- the month ot shower*. It's usually all wet, but we like 11 Just the sara*. M o d^ r n homca have Hardwood floors. prosperity Isn't promoted by Keeping money out ot circulation. Buy the things you -need. Prices are lower than they have been Jn yeans. Our Idea of a real monopolist Is the guy who cap lures toth arms oi hl« theater seat. The real reason a cedar shingle Is one of the most satisfactory on the market la that U has natural weather-re els line qualities which no olher ahi has. We think a lot of our cedar shingles unrf so i the people who havi shingled their rooTa with them. This Is absolutely th best of the absent-mindei professor Jokes. Nurse: "It's a boy, pro Xeatort" Prof.: "What Is?" If you buy it In Mason City the men you buy com help to support our ichools, our lodges, and tur local government. It won't do any good to ipank Blrl after she's ilxtcen, but It must he iota of tun. "Can you tell a waffle is, Teacher: me what Thomas?" Tommy ; ' L Yes'm. It' a a pancake with a nonskld tread." When tha tired businessman can retire to the farm and the tired f a r m - er can retire to the city, both believe they will be happy--but they won't. L. A!AGE LUMBER CO. PHONE 4R He pro (Us most who serves best," la the Idea we are following. It we please you with our a*r- ilce, our hUfllnEsa ·will grow, naturally. Buying cheap products . money IB like opping the clock to nave lime. Ona man tells us that last winter he carried out two load* of Bh« tor every load ot coal he burned. H« wasn't burning Dana, coal last winter. He's'just ordered Hid tlrtl load of Derm drtd will soon Join the 1st at boosters, Safety hint: Never slop to tie your *hoe a t H n g while going thru a. revolving door. Tv/o Email boys slariiiR In a barber shop window of London earnestly looked on as lha barber went over his cutlomer'i hair \vllh a torch. "BJimeny, Bill," one of them ejaculated, "he'a looking lor 'am wlv light." We Can Save You Money on Your Decorating.... By our own economies, and efficient methods, and large- scale buying of materials, we can help you save substantially in re-decorating. your h o u s e this Spring. As ahvays, we insure the highest caliber of workmanship. You will find our new selection of wall papers replete with the smartest of patterns and colors. ESTIMATES GIVEN CHEERFULLY LOWNSBERRY CRAIG BROS. Painters -- Paper Hangers -- Interior Decorators PHONE 2910 PHONE 1583-W G.-G. WANT ADS. BRING RESULTS This Faithful, Untiring Servant Works For Eut A Few Cents A Think of it! A servant that requires no supervision yet works 24 hours a day for but a few cents per person--a daily wage that amounts to less than the price of a cup of coffee. Yes! Automotic Hot Water Service does all of that. There's never a time that the hot water faucets fail to respond in the home that's equipped with a self-action gas water heater. What's more the cost is certainly reasonable enough. And'speaking of convenience--What could save you more steps than a hot water supply that never runs dry --. particularly during the Spring, Summer and Fall? This New Lower Priced More Economical Water Heater only Be Sure to ^ 3ce It Soon Installed No Payments Until June 1 Then Only $5 Monthly Upon investigation you'll find that this new, lower priced automatic water heater is designed in every detail to furnish hot water at less cost. The'burner, for example, is smaller. The flue is built to assure maximum utilization of heat. Besides, the tank is insulated with a thick blanket of rock wool on the sides and top as well--and for that reason holds heat like a thermos bottle. Why not come in tomorrow? The season during which hot water is hardest to get, yet needed most, is right at hand: You Can't Be Clean Without Hot Water PEOPLES GAS AND ELECTRIC COMPANY P. G. "" E. "For Better Appliances"

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