Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on May 8, 1934 · Page 6
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 6

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 8, 1934
Page 6
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MAY 8 1934 228 TO RECEIVE HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMAS HERE MAY 29 RAYMOND GRANT TO GIVE ADDRESS FOR GRADUATION Bagley to Present Diplomas, Irons to Introduce 1934 Class. A total of 228 boys and girls will receive diplomas from the Mason City high school at the commencement' exercises to be held at the high school auditorium Tuesday ev-ning, May 29. Graduation exercises will mark the concluding ac- -tivity for the class of 1934. The Rev. A. Raymond Grant, pastor of the First Methodist Episcopal church of Duluth, Minn., and former resident of Mason City, will address the members of the senior class In. the feature of the graduating program, as announced by high school officials Tuesday. Processional, irrvocation by the Rev. William Galbreth of the Olivet Methodist church, and selected music will precede Mr., Grant's address. Will Present Class. Following the address to seniors, Supt. R. B. Irons will make a presentation of the 1934 class, and W. G. C. Bagley, president of the school board, will present diplomas to the members of the class. Principal ·James Rae of the high school will then announce scholastic honors for the past year and for seniors earning the highest average in their four years of high school. Mrs. F. R. Mahaffey will then make a presentation of Legion Auxiliary Scholarships .and a government medal. Ralph Lloyd Jones of the American Legiori, and representing that organization, will confer Legion debate honors and award Legion scholarships in the final announcement of honorary awards of the evening. The Rev. B. T. Erholm will conclude the graduating program with benediction. Seniors who will receive diplomas are-as follows: GIHI.S Juanlta Allison, 216 Seventh street southeast. Eunice R. Anderson. H. F. D. No. 5. Buth A. Anderson, 512 Eight* street south- ·wesi. Jeanette Arnold, 410 South President avenue. Evelyn Atkinson, 1122 East State street. Wandalee Beardsly, Central Heights. Frances Beaver, 405 West State street. Zona Bell, 1012 Eighth street southwest Josephine EllUck, R. F. D: No. 4. Wanda Black, 18 Twenty-second street southeast. Ardltt Blackwell, 103 South Jefferson ave- i nue. J Virginia.Braby; 41* .North Jefferson ave- ^/oue.- .;;·,·..·:·: . - . . · . - ' , - ·i/t.eonaine Breese, 27 River Heightj. ' Roslyn': Brogue, 721 North Delaware :ave- " Hue. ;' .."·:' Eva Buck, 515 .North Pennsylvania avenue. · ·Helen Buehler, 1216 South Carolina ave- ·mie.. .Audrey cahbell, 516 Souti Van Buren avenue. Mary Chin, 411 second street northeast. Nellie Christensen, 529 Eighteenth street southeast. Betty Clark, 229 Tenth street northwest. Ida Mary Clauson, 139 Tenth street south- .west. Helen clawson, SOS North Delaware avenue. \ Gertrude Clemens, 644 South Federal avenue. I Mildred Creekmur, 418 Sixth street southeast. Georgetta Davisnn, 326 West State street. Elizabeth De Voe, 1010 North Jefferson avenue. Erna Doering, 1308 South Carolina avc- cue. Dorothy Bunlavey, 28 Fourteenth streel northeast. Kathryn Dye, 1311 North Washington avenue* Helen Elchraeier, R. F. D. No. 1. Mabel Erlcson, 1446 North Madison ave nue. Marian Ferguson, 707 North Federal avc sue. Gertrude'Flcken, R. F. D. No. 3. Betty Fox, 1432 East State street. Elsie Friends, 420 Fourteenth street southeast- Mary Jane Gamble, 1016 East state street Frances Gashel, 304. Fifteenth stree northeast. T June Gaylord, Hotel Hanford. Margie Gephart, 320 Sixth street south "jKa'thertnc Oolbulf. R. r. p. So. 5. Harriett GonulM, No. 3 ,orthwestern Clarice Greserson, 1310 Fourth street I'llMb'eth Haddy. 420 Twentieth street 'rwlly'Halsor, 123 South Carolina avenue. Lorna Hanson, 510 Ninth street ·TM'heas · Arlcne Hart. 212 Filth street northwest. Wllma Halhaway, 406 Twenty-.eventh ^Marian" Ha'ycs, 325 South Pennsylvania *vfin'frKl Heiderlcb, 730 Fifteenth place Anita" Herman. I. 0. 0. F. home. Evelyn Holt. 827 South Carolina avenue. Mildred HotchXin, 807 North Delaware "eclV Hubbard. 302 .South Rhode Island % vkla° Huff. 828 Sixth street southwest. Dorts imlay, 908 Eighth street south- "jhelma Jacobton, Ml Nineteenth street Briber 1 " Jensen, 521 Tenth street north- a vi'valorc Jenson, 522 j Twentieth street °Ann M Adell Johnson, 118 Twelfth street orthwcst. . Violet Johnson. I. 0. 0. F. home. Doris Kappleman, 641 South Adams ave- U Dorothy Kappleman, 641 South Adams Lillian Kali, 1126 Second street north- 'wargaret Kern. 28 South Vermont avenue Margaret Kinncy, 1002 South Delaware venue. Eva Kllsls. 28 Linden drive. Jean Kitsll. 1111 First street southwest. Emma Kohler, 425 East State street. Virginia Koran, 313 South Louisiana ave- ° U Babe Kropman, 325 Seventh street north- : Es"ther Landjren, 524 Twentieth street °cmce II Larson, 417 North Washington ave- ° U Dclourlse Layman, 324 Sixth street north- "·Leah Jane Lee, 30 Second street north"viola Lemker, 521 Twentieth street south- Ca Marjorie Letiring, R. F. D. No. 1. Maxlne Lewis. 711 Crescent place. Lois Ludcman. R. F. D. No. 3. Beatrice Lysne. 818 East State street. Avlce McArthur, R. F. D.^,'0. 4. Margaret McAulcy, 8 South Adams ave- DU Lols McKcnzy, 1125 Second street north- Ed'ylhe Maxson, 1450 Second street south- Ca M'a-rgaret Maynard, 805 Twelfth street n °Eveiyri':iIead, 2504 South Washington ave- ""ida Melsh, 540 Seventh street southeast Edith Jlodlln. 716 North Monroe avenue. Eva Morae, K. F. D. No. 1. Colleen Mulhern, 903 Twelfth street north- ea Mary Kathryn Myers, 516 North Delaware aV Ru U th Nalan. 1306 North Jefferson avenue. Henrietta "Nelson, 723 Tenth street north- lie Lorls Nuddleman, 312 Twelfth street ""CTeTogden, 317 Eighth street northwest. Vernie Olson, 1403 North Washington ave- "Martha Peterson, 1312 North Adams ave- U Louisc Pierce, 110 North Jefferson avenue. Lucille Pierce, 110 North Jefferson avenue. Madalynne Powell. 322 Beaumont drive. Irene- sadunzel, 546 Fifth street south- Audrey Rhodes. R. F. D. No. 5. Myrtle Rles, 634 South Jersey avenue. Pearl KoberU, 1002 North Pennsylvania T £orothy Koblnoon, . 1534 North Federal TO PARTICIPATE IN GRADUATION EXERCISES Colonel Plersol. 686 Wrat street «outh- east. Dick Price. 1020 North Delaware avenue. Victor Purlnston, 915 Eighth street norm- cast. Carl Ready, 318 North Jefferson avenue. Haakou Rlvedal, 325 Tenth street north- ·est. · Fred Rose, 20 seventeenth street southeast. Marian Saug, 730 North Federal avenue. Melvln Scherr, 1519 North Pennsylvania avenue. Howard Schweer, 409 Fourth street southeast. Cayman Scars. It. F. D. No. 1. Arnold Slnnott, 311 Seventh street northwest. Lawrence Somers. 414 First street north- cast. Max Steece. 416 Twelfth street northwest. Idrls Thomas, 717 South Jersey avenue. Bob Thompson, 1102 East State street. Robert Thome, 302 Second street northwest. George Tlcc, 125 Ninth street northwest. Frank Walker, 1626 South Carolina avenue. DouKlas Weaver, 212 Louisiana avenue southeast. Willis Wcyrauch. It. F. D. No. 1. Dale Wllle.v. 414 First street southeast. Clare Wllls'hcr, R. F. D. No. 5. Lloyd Wilson. 409 North Monroe avenue. Clay Woodhousc, 221 Thirteenth street southeast, Edward Woodward, 507 East Slate street. Ernest Vfyborny, R. F. D. No. 4. Wilbur Yurges, 424 Fifth street northwest. 151 Fourteenth street north- A. BAIMOND GRANT Speaker WILLIS G. C. BAGLEY Board President SUPT. R. B. IRONS To Present Class PRIN. JAMES KAE To Announce Honors Ruth stilwell, R. F. D. No. 4. Dorothy St. Peter, 34 Twentieth street- southeast. Margaret Sullivan, 1307 South Pennsylvania avenue. Hazel Thomas, 812 Third street southwest. Gertrude Towne. 715 North Delaware. Mary Vlcart. 320 Sixth place southwest. Elizabeth Wallace, 918 Ninth street northeast, Ruth Waller, 1218 Slith street southwest. Avis Walter, 617 South Washington ave- Maxtnc Walters, «21 North Delaware ave- Betty Ann Webster. 87 River Heights. Anlbel Wilhlte, R. F. D. No. 3. Darllen Williamson, 9 Ninth street northeast. Dorothy Wlnchell, 1429 North Monroe ave- Bcrtha Tuikovlch. 805 South Tyler avenue. Kheon Zack, 1022 Fourth street southwest. BOYS Vernett Aldricn, 322 Second street southwest. Floyd Anderson, R. F. D. No. 5. Clayton Atkinson, S12 North Fllmore avenue. James Bailey, 616 South Monroe avenue. Herbert Barland, 446 Sixth street southwest. Hilton Barren, 536 Seventh street southeast, Claire Bellows, R. F. D. No. 1. Bill Bennett, 421 North Adams avenue. Harold Bond, 202 Fifteenth street southeast. Norman Burgess, 221 North Jefferson avenue. Kobert Burns, 105 Twentieth streat southeast. Lowell Case, 324 South Vermont avenue. Wayne Chamberlain, 641 South Georgia avenue. Jesse Chase, 213 South Monroe avenue. Charles Chin, Jr., 411 Second street northeast. Bill Daly. 411% South Federal avenue. Jack Daugherty, 218 North Delaware ave- Keith-De Lacy, 326 Twelfth street northwest, John Dougan, R. F. D. No. 1. Glenn Evens, 1118 North Hampshire avenue. William Everts, 1922 South Pennsylvania .venue. Gordon Findlay, 853 East State street. Walter FiUpatrick, 924 North Monroe avenue. Paul Frelund, 326 Twenty-tilth street southwest. Louis Garfin. 408 South Madison avenue. William Garrard, 109VJ south Federal .venue. Harold Gllchrlst, 416 South Massachusetts avenue. Emerson Gianville, 2012 South Pennsylvania avenue. George Grant, 901 Eighth street northeast. Truman Gravelle, 614 Sixth street south- Vcrn Griffin, 2050 North Carolina avenue. Dick Grupp. 210 North Hampshire. William Gundlach, 115 South Hampshire aV Bob C 'Haasc, 704 South Federal avenue. Le . Roy Halverson, 405% West State Jack Harpstcr, 204 Second street north- Kenneth Reimlndingcr, 310 South Taylor Allen Hendrickson, 1611 North Washington avenue. Harold Hencman, 1214 North Adams avo- ""jferrm Herbencr, Apt. 31. Central Annex. Earl Hill. 721 Third street southwest. Earl Hoffman, E. F. D. No. 3. Bob Holman, 15 Oak drive. Cedrlc Howell. 1012 East State street. Dick Hughes. 302 Ninth street southeast. Lyle Humphrey, 15 Fourteenth street southeast. Jim A. Irwin. Box 444. David Kaufman, 312 Second street north- W Raymond King, 1442 North Hampshire P-alpii Knapp, 318 Third street northwest. Don Koffron, 708 Eleventh street north- Ca cyrll Kopecky, 230 Twelfth street south- Haldane Lllley, 203 South Madison avenue. Emmett Lynch, 330 First street northeast. Vergil McKee, 1641 North Washington Dick' McNutt, 128 Ninth street northwest. Jerome Mark, 123 South Jackson avenue. James Marlnos, 10 North Madison avenue. Mike Martin, 903 Fifteenth street south- w'illiam Martip, Jr., 621 South Van Buren .venue. Raymond Uidness, 1505 South Federal Everett Miner, 803 Eighth street southeast. Ralph Miner, 118 Eleventh street north- James Moore. 631 South Polk avenue. Patrick Mulcahy, 214 Ninth street north- Donald Nelson, 1706 North Delaware ave- Ployd Nesje, 108 Twenty-eighth street southwest. Arnold Kctzel, 1230 North Madison avc- lue. George Nicol, 230 Third street northwest. Sam Nicholas. 708 South Van Buren avc- Vlncent Nordahl, 129 First street south- Odeklrk, 27 Fourteenth street Merlyn Parks, 121 Twenty-third street southwest. iOUUIVrCBU. Jim Paulcy, 303 South Carolina avenue. .vest. Donald divorce without the restriction 'of a 300 day interval before remarriage prescribed by law. Because the request was made jointly, the court granted the divorce without restriction. Miss Hepburn will be notified of the decree officially tomorrow. Katharine Hepburn Gets Divorce, Can Wed Again at Once MERIDA, Yucatan, May 8. (.«-- Katharine Hepburn, movie actress, today was granted a divorce from her husband, Ludlow Smith, without restriction and with permission to marry again immediately. Both Miss Hepburn and Smith had solicited the court to grant the Graduates We Congratulate You You have well e a r n e d t h e honors t h a t are about to be given you. It is our hope that we will b e a b l e t o serve you in a musical w a y during y o u r a f t e r school years. VANCE 'MUSIC CO. M Schneider, Ul Sixth atttet outhwest, apartment 1*. ^ Enola skrinY823 : East Slate street Alice Srnedley. 824 Third street southwest Stena snyder, 303 Twenty-first street °lSs M Stevens, 631 South -Pennsylvania renue. GRADUATION SUITS ROLL The following Cigars have won high quality distinction: CHARLES DENBY LAFENDRICH EMERSON All the latest styles for Graduates Fine materials. New patterns. Styles' that Graduates adore. Lots. of- smartness and quality for $38.50. OTTO KAPS, Tailor 8 South Delaware, Mason City SEE OUR WINDOWS . . . COMPARE OUR VALUES^ For Graduation! "HUB" Wonder-Value ..SUITS.. We're ready to serre you splendid'? 1° S'°"r graduation · outfit. · An Incomparable selection of smart j'Mins men's tults Jn single and doable breasted models-- the popular graduation shades of olford greys-- cam- bridge grays and platinum greys. Beautiful all wool fabrics, band tailored, shown in student sizes. In Two Special Price Groups $17509215° · Smart Neckwear 55c - $1 · Dress Shirts ............... SL49 · Gen. Fur Felt Hats $2.45 · Sport Oxfords ......... $3.95 THEt^HUB CLOTHING COMPANY Lloyd Liesenberg Co DISXEEBtiTOR-- MASON CITY AAA to C_Widths 3 to 9 -- _-- --- ·- ·? We're'not boasting; from all sides we've been hearing how'sriiart, and how new these 1ovely ( shoes are?i Rough Rukka as above r smooth Kid, and popular Pique are out-' standing styles for' outstanding women. 4 SOUTH FEDERAL Mailorders Filled Of course we ate tinting the banquet shoes for the Junior and Senior girls FREE OF CHARGE. Seven new patterns to choose from--?2.59 to $3,95. Here Are Gifts to Please the 4.11 AIH ATE A BIT OF FINERY WILL WIN A RAPTUROUS WELCOME We Suggest the New McCallum "1905" CHIFFON HOSE 45 gauge, good fast color, clear uniform texture, permanent dull finish ... available in the popular new shades--Sunny, Peach Tan, Tobacco, Cuban, Mirage and others. Gift Suggestions From the Toilet Goods Department Perfume Bottles $1.25 to $5.75 Compacts - - 50c to $3.95 Perfume Sets, Hudnut, Yardleys, Coty, Bourjois -.- $1-50 to $8.50 Smart New Travel Kits, compact, contain jars and bottles for your cosmetics, $1 to $4.95 Dusting Powders in beautiful pkgs., 29c to $1.50 MAIN FLOOK GLOVES Kayser 'White Gloves--Fancy mesh with organdy cuff and hand fagoting trim . . . Lacy mesh glove with stiff cuff ... 6 button- length glove in novelty weave and with organdy ruffle, and other smart styles priced from $1 to §1.95. JEWELRY A good selection of 1934's smartest costume jewelry, including Brilliant Necklaces and Ear Rings for wear with banquet dresses. Stunning formal bracelets. . See our new bags in white--rough leathers, novelty trims and zipper tops-priced from $1 to §3.95. arnou

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