The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 30, 1936 · Page 22
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 22

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1936
Page 22
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TWENTY-TWO MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, Al'RIL 30 · 193fi TO 10 CENTS HIGHER -MIIMVUST 1IOCS JI:'j: prices :tt miKvc:;t in:ti;: ( 1'JDAK HAl'IDS-- '-K' ^ll.^j. llilMVU id*. High Lamb Prices Draw Big Receipts and Force Values Down. CHICAGO. i!P--The high level of lamb prices, with values the best in six to seven years, attracted the largest Thursday run in more than a month and this sent the market .lower. Business was very slo «", buyers and sellers being- unable to get lo- 'gcthcr. Shippers were inactive. The bulk of-bids xvcrc around 25 cents and more lower but sellers were unwilling to unload at this concession and held stubbornly to their lambs. The bids on good to choice medium weight wooled lambs ranged from $1.75 to S12 and on clippers early bids were only 510. These offering prices compared with Wednesday's "top of S12.SO on choice wooled lambs and 511 on lambs without fleece. The market was forced downward about 25 cents after these high prices were established Wednesday. The sheep run was expanded to 15,000. Local killers had six cars of Arizona' and 26 cars of California spring lambs on direct billing. Hogs recovered somewhat and prices ruled steady to 10 cents higher. The top was 510.65. A contraction in cattle receipts as a result of the slump in values steadied the market for beeves. The bulk ' sold at ST.75 to 58.00 and some '. steers grading good to choice got up · to 59.25 while the outside on yearlings was 59- Sy.^K-i'It.'lO; 32."»-300 II;;-. Si pucker.*: ^70-lTjOib :;, SS.IHI l!\s. SS.-10('i S-tifj; -rjti.rjui) I ioo-ri.'n HIS. U .-YTEHUJO-- li'j^s 5-JO GtHKl to cJibkc MU-JOO Uj.s. 1W ib-?. SS-'JO^D.^S; Hit)-] y.Tfj: isii'i;oij Ibs. sii.vutM 27U-UHO Ib; . SSO-dL'O Ibs. SS3S''/-S.C5; -125-55(1 Ibs. 'H S.SO. Al'STIX-- M a r k e t ;. cents cli'Jice, 180-^20 Ibs.. .-iy.70 t at ~ coiiniM-jn HO: !KS 1IOINKS. ·-!·;-- U-'J i K r i c u l L u r e ) -- Cnmiiincd lio ciHiucnIruliDn yards ant] hcatt-d in i n t e r i o r lou'a a:irl southern .Mm nrsnta for Ibe 21 bour pt-r;.iri ended at S m. Thursday \ecre l - j , f i O ( ) . ciilr.p-'iml u - j t h 16, (iOO H u-eck ace and 9.5011 a year Active, steady to 5 e.enu: lusher, -sjiot;; u 10 ccnt.s" nver \Vcdni-silay 1 s average; loaditi inilieatcd t t t l l o et;anf;ed. Quotationi: follow: Ijipht ti^bts i l l O - l G O I b s . ) , sood an( choiCL', SS.S- r i to sy.GO. Li^llT. v.-ci^llts (100 1S(1 i b ^ . t , j:'.'0d and choice. ?y.50 to S10: (ISO "00 Ibs. I, f:ood ;jnd choir?, .S9.75 to Slll.20 medium \yc!j:hts (200-220 Ibs-}. KQOd choice. ?9.75 to $10.20: 220-250 Ibs.). and choice, $9. (15 Lo S10.20: heavy we (25(1-290 ibs. I. c ood and choice. S9.30 lo 510 (2JO-:35o Ibs.i, ^ood and choice, $-·* to ?9.70 packia^ sov.-s (275-350 tbs. ), KOod. ?S.05 t SB.05; (3,')0-]25 Ibs. 1. cwnl. SS.-KI to 5S.90 -I125-550 !b-;.). Rood. SS.lfi 1.O .SS.70. Mason C5ty Livestock MASON CITY--For HOGS Steady. Good litfit lights . . . . MO-3GO Good lights 100-iso. . Good Jisht butchers .. 1SO--U1 . Good i'Snt butchers .. 2()0-22 Guod mcJ. \vt, suit)iers 220-230 Good rned. wt. butchers 230-270 ' Good mcd. wt. butchers 270-2UO Good heavy butchers .. 230-320 1 Good heavy autclicrs .. 32S-3jn CJoud heavy butchers .. 35U--10tJ , Cood packing sows .., 275-351) Good heavy sows .... 350-125 'Good hib hy. sows ..... -325-500 * Good l)i^ hy. sows 550 and up (The above is a 10:30 truck lios marlcct ! for £ood an d choice hops. The d i f f e r e n c e In ·price is i'or short and Jony haul hogs.) 1 CATTLE.. .Steers, pood to choice ....... 5 7.50- 3.50 'Steers, jjcdium to pood J 6.00- 7.50 Steers, fair to medium «. S 1.50* 6.00 ' Heifers, good to choice 5 5-50- ft.50 i Heifers, medium to good ...... S 4.75- S.OU ·Heifers, common to medium ... S 4.00- 4.75 .Cows, good to cm:ce -- 5 4.25- 5.00 i Cows, fair to good S 3.75- 3.2. r i /Cows, cutters ..S3.25-3.7 .-Cows, canners ,...-+--. - 3 3.00- 3.25 Bulls, heavy S 4.50- 5.25 Eiills. -lUht S 4.00- 4 SO Calves, mcd. 1 IP"pood 13Q-I30 s 6.5U ^Calves, mcri. lo yood Io0-I90 .? -1.30- S.-lfJ ^Calves, jnfer. to com. 130-190 S '1.50 down r Lambs. pood to choice . 70-9g $10.00-10,50 Lambs, medium to good .... S S.QO- 9.00 Xumbs, fair to medium S (i.liii- Common to fair S ii.25 down 'Yearlings, guud to choice 70-90 5 i.uu- u.uu "Yearlings, mcd. to good 70-90 5 5.00- 7.0L ·Yearlings, £alr to medium S 4.00- 5.0U Culls * · - S 4.00 down Native ewes, good to choice ... 5 2.75- 4.01 Cull ewes S 1.50- 2.. l .'J BUCKS ,... S 1.00- 2.fiO Wethers. 2 years old -. * 6.00- 7.00 Wethett, poor to best $ 4-00- 7.0U Buck iambs S! tefs. - · No dork on lames. - Quotations subject to market fluctuations. ply. lit My steady: vcalcrs and calves liuli thanked; stocUcrs and fccdpra scurcc, steady early sales mcOium to soori rod steers $T?i S.^3; cli'jicc medium weights held n r m i m ,?9.25; sciiUcPiiis heifers find mixed y:ar Jings down from 57.7. r i; butclier cowp 55,2:1^ G; better grades vcaler? !J7,oH'"j9 SIIEKI', 2,000. LfiOO 'iircci lo feed lots fed larnrts 2fi^/3. r ic lower; si'rinK^rs tincvcnlj 3. r .^ line lower; natives o f f most: odd sheep weak; tup wool liimbs U shipper: .'11.75; others to packers SII.^: P ; ; choice na- t i v e sprms lamb.':. SU.GO; 71 !h. Call fur- niiis fll.arc five loads Ari^jiiu.s -iMoId. .SOUTH ST. I'.U'L UVKSTOCK TlttirMluy .tlarkcl) SOUTH ST. PAUL, i.r,-- iu. S. department T jtgriculiunn -- CATTI.!:--ICO: native fee ;;LC(?rK oycniiis abunt s t e a d y ; undcrlunL 1 \vt ;ii medium ^rado Canadians; feu- modiura ^uO(! n:ilivcs, ?ti-~5 lo ?S-2j; hcst iiclrt above ·'Jy; bulk ot sti'crs srUablt a r o u n r i S'.fiO down aim tiocti nbmit ni?a.cly; nicfiiunt (o t'-jor htifcrs. Sfi 10 S7.20; hulk tcirf IMW^. .^t.7; lo SG; few. Sfi.^j; low cuUcr? and cutters. .?3.7f, to -··!.:0; bulls, steady to weak; majority common and m e d i u m , .s-i.-.'i to §5.50; I'cv.- bid i?. r ).7r f : stocKcr? slo\v: onriy nntlt-r- tont- abtiut steady, calves--L'.IOU; s'teady i n ivcnk; desirable vcn !r-rs. .;17 to .?$: »:huice r^dps. SR.-W; common to m e d i u m , ?" to .f.0. MOfiS--jj,2()f); very Flow: b e t t e r 190 ibs.. i'.vn f u l ! y ' « l c u d y U shippers, few sales a tid most oiils 190 Ib.-. up and pack i up sows, ly cents Rnvcr; ;;ood t o ctirjice 1-iO-l'JO Ihs.. .?i0.2r, trj shippers; ic\v sales hnttcr 11)0-^0 lb.«. h i d . 59.-10 to S9.7S: sows. .'tS.Gr. lo -SS.SO; j few SS.90; pigs scarce; average cost \\ p ed- I licsrlay. S3.75; 2"i2 Ibs. SHKKJ'--500; .supply very small; noUnrip done early; huycrs talking sharply lower on slaughter lambs; sellers rcsi?tinp decii host wooled lambs held up to ? i j or abo slauphter cv.'cs salable about p f » a ! v or up .^fi.L'rj on woolecj ?i;ins a n d $n.iJo nn siior liin'ls; ch'ijce clipped Iambs Wed net-da- 510.13 to flO.40. WHEAT PRICES IN No Deliveries to Be Made on May Contracts at Chicago Friday. CHICAGO. (.T)--Notice that no wheat whatever would be delivered Friday on Chicago May contracts went hand in hand late Thursday with I 1 .TM cents jump of prices. Predictions were current too that deliveries on. May \vhcat contracts at Minneapolis arid Winnipeg would be light. Minneapolis wired that it was evident mills are ready to accept delivery of good quality wheat. Wheat closed firm at the day's top, "ifl.l'.i cents above Wednesday's finish, May 99S/99 ! /s, July "'* ·??'·'!!, corn U ??Vs up. May 63!i ;s. oats unchanged to y, o". and provisions unchanged to 15 cents Jccline. Stock List NEW YORK S'UM'KS Thursday i liml tluutullciiiK. (l!y 1'lit- Associated I'irss) Mr Reducliun GO Lib 0 F IS-' M Ch Dye Am Cart Am sm Ke£ Am Sugar A T T A m Tob B Am Wat Wks AniicomUi AtcliL-ion A u b u r n Aviat Cort B 0 BiunstiaH Bend A v U t 6'eth Steel Bordens BorK Warner Can Dry C;in Pacific CHICAGO CASH CHAIN " (Thursday Market) CHICAGO, m--Cash wheat--No. 3 mixed, S'.'i. Corn--N'o. 4 mixed, GU lo 61: No. 2 yellow, 5 to tjr ; ;i : JNu, ;t yellow, 6^ to tH-"i; Ku. 4 ·ciluw, 604 (o 62; No. 5 yellow, , r i$ to GO; ;o. i white, GS; No. 3 white, ei'.-j to fid 1 ,;; Jo. r white, Gl 1 ,!-; sample grade. 3S to 5S. Oats--No. 3 white. ;fi to 27'".;; No, 4 vhitc. 21 ! ,i to £ 3 " i ; sample grade, 2i to 13'. '·. No rye. Soybeans--TCn. 2 yellow, S"; No. ?. yellow. :·!; No. -1 yellow. SI; nil track Chicapo. Barley iced. 35 to -IS; m u l l i n g . . r i3 to 93. Timothy seed. S2.70 to S'J.Sfi a cwt. Clover seed. Sl-l.TIj to $22.2:1 a cwl. Lanl. tierces, .f 10.70; loose, S 10.07* belies, 5ii. Mason Csty Grain MASON CITY--For Thursday fo. 3 yellow corn 47c :o. -i yellow com ,. ,4Uc !ar com .40c VhiLe oats. No. 3 201-^c "ceding barley 2o-4Uc . 2 yellow soybeans ,..56c c N w c o w c M st p C K I P Chrysler Col G K Com Solv Comwlth Sou Cuns Oil Con(l can Contl Oil Del Corn Prod Curt ivricht Deere prd Du Pont Ctn Klcc Con Foods Gen Mot GUlelle Good year III Cent Tnt Har t n t Nick Can I T T Johns Manv Kenni'colt Krcsce 12 Loews -lit' MaylaE 1G 1 , : ML-KCKS Rob 9 Mid Cunt Pet 18', Jlont Ward 3S" : Murray Corp 10 : Nash 171 . Nail C«sh Reg 23 · Mat! iDairy 21', Nail Dist 2 e ; , Nail Pow Lt 10 N Y Cent 311 i Nor Pacific 27 r ; , Oliver Farm -IS , J C Penney 73 Pcnn R R 29'/i Phillips Pel 42'/ R C A 10 li rrej) KLCC! IS I: Rcy Toll B OOTi Scars Roebuck fi. r Shell Union is So Vac 13'i So Pacific ^OV Stan Brands . l.V/ std oil cai ysv St(! Oil Ind 3'lTi Std Oil N J -IS"; Stewart Wnracr 38',; Stone Web 7 t " i Studebaker 5-"?i Swift and Co -OVj Texas Corp Texas Gulf Sill Tim Roll Bear Un Carb Un Pacific United Air United Corp United Dru£ U S Gypsum U S Rubber U S Stcci Warner Fix West El JAig Woohvorth Wriglcy 33"! 20 50 : f t i c s Service Mr. Drue .Ibb-y McNeil Nat.I Leather thwcst Bane ) -STOCKS lal Quotations, Quaker O.ils Swift and Co swirt mil U t i l i t y and 1m Zenith 33 S 31 57 77'/i 124 "fi'-t 11 Vl S6'4 28 57-Vi 16% Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LAIVISON BROTHERS AND CO. Mason City Office in Barley- Beck BIdff. Telephone No,* 7 ' J J I L K S D A V K R A 1 N CI.OSK CHICAGO, .(it ·! .fill-. " Close · .9!* ,61-' .60" C'HK'AGO LIVESTOCK (Thursday Market I CHICAGO, UPi--U. S. tiepartment. ol" asri- "cuiiure-- *" HOGS 15.000; including' -1,500 direct ^Steady lo 10 cents hijzher Uian Wednesday 'nver^ge; weights below 225 Ibs. generally r "a-70 cents up; top $10.65; bulk 140-250 Ibs. r$10.25 ^'10.60 ; 250-30 !bs. ?9.SO@ 10 rllO : Hittlfi done on \veigh:s above 300 Ihs, ; sou-:; *59fVg.25: few S9.35. *·; CATTLE -1,500; calves l.SOO: ferl steers f and yearlings slow, steady; steers agnin »re-' Kiominatirti; in run: bulk soins at S7.75S? '*5.50; btsl weighty steers 55.25. these srad- Jnz ZOQ-.I to cboice: outside on yearlings S-9; ^liphts steer--) and yearlings scaling 9f)0 !bs . ^Jcwnwatd in broader demand than any praties of steers scaiicg 1,100 Ibs. upward; ^jeiferf steady ; best around SS.SO; bulk .57. 50 @ S. 50. wi tb lower prades relat i vciy ^liglier Ujan good and choice kinds at 57 down to £6: cows a^a-in very scarce, steady: 'cutters setting mostly at So down: bulls . stead v with practical top weighty ' . 'offerings S6.iii: vcalers * at S~.50 . . . *" SHEEP Iri.OOO; market at standstill; bid- "dinTM around 25 cents lower tban Wedncs- May.'s close: shippers inactive; soori to choice "Siedium v. f eight woolcd lambs bid Sll-To' 1 / 1 12; holding best above $12. 3S: choice weighty 'clippers bid S10; a^cd classes very scarce, -about steady; few wooled cv.-cs 55.7536-25. OMAHA LIVESTOCK (Thnrsday M a r k r i ) '- OMAHA, i.l'i--(U. S. department of agri- ^.·uJtarej----HOGS--5,000; steady to 15 cents *lower ; 160-230 Ibs., S10 to top. -?10.20; 230-2CO Ibs., 59.50 to $10; 260-300 »lbs.. S9.23 to $9-75; 300-350 Ibs., ?9.10 to "J9.30; 140-160 Ibs., S9-SO to SJO-10; pigs, r S9.GO to $10; sows, 5S.SO to SS.90. « · CATTLE--1.000: calves, 300: steady to -·stronc: steers and yearlings, S7.25 to -SS-So; heifers, $6,25 to .«S; cows, $5,25 to S6-2ri; 'cuUcrp, $-1 to S5; bull?. ?5.oO to S5.S5; veal- f -crp. SS.."0; odd head, 59 to 59.50. ' SHEEP--9,000: lambs slow. 50 Jo 75 cents lower; sheep about steady; fed woolcrt lambs, ^ll.SO to $11-70; best held above 512. SIOl-X CITV LIVESTOCK (Thursday Msukrti i SIOUX CITY, 1 l.Ti--(U, S- tlcpartmcnt nr ;.-^-ni-ulluret -- CATTLE -- S.SOO; slaughter 'steers, yearlings and f l i c 'stack fairly ,ic- r tivc. EIrong; other classes f i r m : ear 1130 j lb. beeves ^S.7."; -175 Ib. ycariinps ?S.. r iO; nu- r ineroii5 loads ST^S-'-o; cocjl year.Mnp Sieifera "ST.^.T^ 7.50; bulk beef cowp $ 6; ciiUer ''sradcs ?l^'-L7.j: stockerp and fecilcrs active, stronc: to .«liadc hifrfier; common and me- 'dinm Jots SS.75 down. '- HOGS, 3.000; FUiv.-; scatlorcrt early sales 'to Clipper?! fully steady: better ISO to 220 !h, hutciifrs SW'f 10.10; early top $10.10; -J(!Q 'lots 140 to 170 !b. ivcrapcs 59.75^10; packers talking lower on weight? above 250 !bs.; 'sov,- ? SS.S")S.90; feeder pics up to §10. '. SHEEP. 2,500. i n c l u d i n g 600 billet! throusrii; no rar'y action; ifiJltinp 50c or more lou-cr for lambs or under ?12 on waolcc skins and below 510 for tec! clip?. Representative Sales KEl'HESKNTATl VK sA LES (Tliursduy .\l;irk«'() CHICAGO. \.'["--(U. S. department of agriculture)--representative sale.-; A\'". NO, nx-t. Hi: aw-- 2S " 3-1.1 21 31fi 62 2SS Mediums--- 27 219 7G 20$ HOGS Av-. L;K 9.S-"i i2 11-l- r Lisli 10.30 ui 10 16 ion - Lishts-- li.". 10.10 10. 10.60 10-6: 10.3. r 10. 10.50 CATTI.K Ht'ifiTS-- Miscellaneous POTATO .MARKET J CHICAGO. 1,1V--{U. S. department of agri- culture)--Potatoes--10S arrivals; 1 259 on track; total U. S. shipments. 56i ; old* stock, supplies moderate; demand slow; slightly weaker; sack Bale^ carlots outwsigVit and in- ·oSce weight packed a cwt.. Idaho Russet. U. S. No. 1. S2.3f to S2.15; U. S. No. 2, $2: Colorado 3l'\i*s Triumphs, u. S- No. 1, Sl-75; Wisconsin P.yund Whites. U. S. No. 1, tor quality, targe size. 51.70; Minnesota. Cobblers and Early Ohios, partly graded, 1.15 to SI.55; North Dakota Red River section Cobblers, u. S. No- 1. SI,60; Bliss Triumphs, u. S- No. 1, $!.7r; new stock, sup, moderate, demand morterptc, s t e a d y ; Manama 100 lt. sack?. U. S. No. 1. Bliss Triumphs. $·:.,"'» la ?2.7r. a r \ v t . ; U, S. No. 1.", ;t cwt.; Louisiana BUs* Triumphs. Oct. . . BELUE 0-MAHA. i 2 h J i r f j . £)6 hard, S6. Corn--No. No. 2 yello (TlmrMliiy .MurUf-n V-- -Wheat-- No, 1 hard. 9S; No. to OS; No, i hard, St; No. 5 while, 'efi 1 ,-'.; No. 1 yellow, 62; GO to 6(1).;.; No. '.', 'yellow, 5S to 60; No- -I yellow, 51 i-i to 58; No. 5 yd- loiv, 52 to r6; .sample yeJi'-nv, .13 to 19. ,0ats -- No. 3 white, 23 'f-; No. 4 wbite, 22 1 -. | 00\V JONES j Inds. Rails I Close 11,1.67 -13.2S 1 Total sales 2.310.000. CHICAGO STOCKS Bullcr Brns Sli Marshall Fields Cord Corp 5 Walprcen Co Kalam Stdv SE AE1V VORK CL'RR Am Gat Elec 34 U Hud B 3C S Am Cyan B 32vi Humble Oil Co Am Sit Po\v Co 2]f Ark Nat! Gas A fi',;, Asou G J?I A 1-"; Can Ind Alk 7"l Can Marconi l"i Eisler Elec 2"i El Bd Share IS 14 Ford Mo at Can 22 Ford Mo of EnK 7":' a NE\V VORK STOCKS Alaska Juncau 1-Hs I n t t Carriers Allegheny 2-"^ Am For Pow fj;,^ Am Cry Bus Co 23',; Am C .v: K.v Co 3I 1 ,;, A.m Pow Li 9 r j« -\m Koli Mills 27'i Am Ra S Co 19 UA m c r Ton Co Nia p Hud Pow ' Niles-Bern-Pond 3: Pcnnroad Cp ' S 0 Ky Co * 1 J Un Gas Co 1 Un Li Pow Co : Util P 1J Co : KANSAS CITV GRAIN rrimrsauy Market) KANSAS CIT^*, tVPi--Wheat--62 cars: unchanged to i-j wnt lower; No. 2 dark hp.rd SI.OS',' ( ; No. 3. S1.01V-; No. 2 hard. 99 to Sl.OOfc; No, 3. 9S to 9 9 U ; No. 2 red nom. SO to SI.02; No. 3. SI. Corn--53 cars: J .i cent lower to 'A cen 1 hiEher; No. 3 white nom.. 69 to 71; No. 3 69',-j: No. 2 yellow, 64!» to R5: No. 3. 621: (o 63; No. 2 mixed nom., 62 to 63; No. c nom.. 59 ! -j !o 62. Oats--S cars; iinchangrri to Vj cent lower: No. 2 white nom., 25V- to 27l' ( : No. 3 nc 2.1'i to 26-}i. 29 27% 17 rip, 31 13 r-: G R A I N Thursday M u r k r i ) MINNEAPOLIS. (.D--Wheat--SB cars: I', nts hiplier; No. 1 heavy dark northern spring, "60 Ibs-, Sl.M'i '.o -?1..2S*-i: No. 1 dark northern. 59 Ibs.. S1.12VJ to 51.27""j ; 5S Ibs., 51.10-"-; to 5I.26-".i; No. 1 hard Montana. 14 per cent protein, 51.1-1 *i to 51.16?!: arrive, $l.i3-*.i to 51,l5-'r'i ; grade o£ No. 1 dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana, winter, to S l . O i " ; : Jo arrive. 97" t to 51.03-Ti; 1 hard amber durum. 9.V-'. to S1.12V-: No. 1 rcrj durum, 79V1-; May, 51.01^; July, '-"i ; Sent... SS 1 ,;. Corn--No. 3 yeilow. 57H- to f9U. Oats--No. 3 white. 23 to 25'-;. Brothers Market Loiter Hides and Woo5 Quotations Furnished by Wolf Bros., Inc., SOS Fifth Street'Southwest WOOL Clean bright ; , . . . ..26c Rejects and western 22c Pulled woo] and No. 2 rejects ^....ISc ·iorseMfles . 53 uo ·OREEN BEEF HIDES Up 10 25 Ibs e£c 2.1 to 4Tt Ib? ,, ,, sc More than 60 Ibs. fc Bui! hides - ,. $ c ·Cured hides half cent tnore a pound, (On above prices n cent higher to wholesale dcalurs In wholesale lots.) KANSAS CITV LIVESTOCK (Thurwlay 3I:irUet · KANSAS CITY, f.Tv--U. S. department of HOGS: 1.SOO. ISP direct; fairly active, uneven; opened strong (o me hi^lser ih^n W-erfncsday's avcrapp lo shippers on 210 Jhs. ^OV/R: later trade mostly ptoiirty: lop SlO.^'t; ^r.O to ."0(1 Ibs. S:'.7rjT;'in.O.".: h i t l e r prarle HO 3r,0 lir, f n pfl'ii' 10.15; S',I\VB SS.7.")ii !· stock piK? ,?f. 7'' rloivn. MARKET Wheat--Tlie t o n e in wheat Thursday \va f firni. prices s t r p n ^ i ] i c n h = sraritj.iiiy as me session progressed, !he market heinc at its host at ii:e clo:ic. Tne Etrengtli in the Jiay was perhaps the chief influence. There was active buy ins of M:iy against purchases of September at a difference or around 1.1 cents. The nearby month %vns also botipiil arainst pale? of .Inly and there was more ftr Jcfs .·.·vri;."],? if; m (he former, w j f h ,-c-'(t- I f r e r i shorts cover inc. I n mort instanCL's, it was thouirht. holder? of the Txlay iransfvrrerf i n t o l a f f c r months. K.-tnr-],i.; City'showed con- sidrrablr im pro vein out a:u'i \Vinuip?2 scored r tn:]dinc in ihe nv.T n i ^ h i nev.-^. some f:ir- thcr rains in Xeiir;i.' ; Ka rimi at one or l\v» ' i f AVOOL M A K K K T 'Tliiirsilay ,M:it-lirl BOSTON. I.TI--(U. S. d e p a r t m e n t of a ?ri- c u i l u r o i -- A l l ,tratios ,» ileccp wools: were q u i e t . Nominally, qnotaiion;; vrcrc about tin- chRnyeU I'roin last week. Some strictly combine hricht fleeces were offered for delivery w i t h i n the next few weeks at ""i cent? in the pn.ase. Most housw were asking S6 to 37 cents, btil mil]? showed l i t t l e interest. I.'fcrs of wool, especially a few top makers, wore m a k i n g offers on f i n e territory wool of averape to pood French combing length in original hai;s at VS lo SO cent?, scoured basis, f'.r delivery within a lew weeks. Asking prices, however, ranged mo?Uy 52 to s:i cent.---. ?c'urci h.tsls. our Co A t l Ref Be! Herainf:way Baldwin Lnco ife Co Byers A M Co Caterpillar Trac Cerro do Pasco Ches Ohio Chi Gt W pfd CMSP P pfd Coca Cola Co Com Solvents 17 : Cont Motor . 2 Cudahy Packing 39 Curt-Wri Co A 13 Dist Corp Seas 29 Douglas Airc Eastman Eaton Jlfp Co Eiec Auto Lite Elec Pow Li Srie R K Cf Fire'e Ti Ru Foster-Wheeler Frceport Tex Gen Am Trans Gliddcn Co Gobcl Gold Dust Graham Paige Gt Nor prd Hudson Motor Hupp iVrolorR Indust Rayon 28 Kelvinator Co 20 Lambert Co 20 Lehich Port Ce IB Liquid Carb Cp SiV Lorillard 22 Mack Truck 29 Malhicson Alk 2S',- McK Hob pfd McLcllan Stores Minn. Moline Im M K T Ko Pac -2'..', Motor Products 29 VI No Amcr 2'1 '.'i No Amcr Avi 7% Otis Steel Co 13% Owen $11 Class Ml SV- ·tVi Packard Motor 3»i Park Utah Cop 14 % Plymouth ~% Proc Gam Pub scr of N J Pullman Purity Bakery R K 0 Rem Rand Reo Motors Simmons Co So Calif Edison Sperry Corp St G B Tide Wa As Oil U S Ind Alch. U 3 Smelter Util P L A Vanadium Un Gas Imp Warren Bros Western Union Worth'n Pump Yellow Truck Youngs S £ T 15S "31 ' 13V, 32 1-1 ·T'-'s STOCKS STEADY IN LATE TRADING Recover After Sharp Selling Spasm Sends Issues to Lows for Year. NEW YORK, OT--After a sharp selling spasm, in which many issues droped to new lows for the year with losses of 1 to around 4 points, stock market prices Thursday exhibited steadying tendencies. At the approach of the final hour extreme declines were halved in many instances or replaced with small advances. The ticker tape at the peak of the decline, fell behind floor transaction. The activity dwindled subsequently. Slocks that improved included du Pont, Montgomery Ward, U. S. Steel, Bethlehem, Consolidated Edison, Kennecott, Southern Pacific, Northern pacific and Delaware and Hudson. American Telephone was again a weak spot, adding 2 points to its 6-point slump of Wednesday. Case vas off as much. Jobns-Manville, General Motors, Douglas Aircraft, American Smelting, Loew's, Dome and Westinghouse were down as much as a point. The late tone was irregular. Transfers aproximated 2,000 000 shares. Secondary bonds turned rather leavy. Commodities were mixed, as were leading foreign currencies in terms of the dollar. MPENRUBYMIJRDE CHAPTER 31 I felt very sorry for Joyce after Van Every bad told Captain Keyes tiiat Joyce's father was a convict. Sorry for Van Every. He had had to bear--much. "Joyce thinks her father dead," Keyes muttered. "I told her he was killed--an accident," replied Van Every. "Her mother?" "She died at the child's She could have saved my brother. I aiow. She was gentle with Ward, dnd, patient. When she was gone, he went all to pieces again, and 1 was gone, too. No balance wheel. He's comfortable in--prison. I try to do everything I can. Cigarets, occu- jation--he's been a trusty for years. There's a chance that in a f ew years he may be paroled--at 20 years, you know. I'm working for it, quiet- r ." "And jf he is, what will you tell Joyce." "He will permit me to tell her the couch, indeed the spot where Margalo had been sitting was in perfect range of the door. Soon, who was preceding us. knocked softly at one of the three doors on the third floor. A sleepy voice bade us enter, and we found Joyce dressed in a lavender satin negligee, tiny mules, frothy with swansdown pompoms on her feet. "I'm horribly tired." she yawned. "Mr. Maughan works me too hard." birth. | "Captain Keyes knows, Joyce," I Wall Street still had its worries ver the French elections, the cor- loration tax bill now before the senate and other more or less intangi- ile influences. But the largest ques- ion mark was back of the theory advanced 1y analysis that many quity prices may have outrun bus- ness and industrial progress. There were plenty of arguments on both sides. Curb Market played Thursday. Gains of a point or so by Pittsburgh Plate Gl NEW YORK, [/TV-Curb market stocks dis- steadier tone in light trading were registered Lynch corporation. Pan American Airways, Hudson Buy, United shoe Machinery, and Lake Shore .Mines. Fractional improvement was shown by American Cyanamid "B," Creole Petroleum, and Flintkote. A number of issues acted inditterently and either held uncbanpcd or dropped a shade lower, including international Petroleum, Gulf Oil, Newraont Mining, and Pioneer Gold. nothing more than that lie is dead Once two years ago, I made som excuse about visiting prisons, an took Joyce with me to Ossining. shouldn't have done it, but he want ed to see her. A terrible experienc for a youngster. He saw her from 1 distance as we planned, but Joyc did not know. She cried for week after. Her first experience like that I was sorry and glad, too, I ha taken her. I could do nothing else That's the only time he has seen he since she was a year old. I've had b be quiet about everything concern ing Ward because of Joyce and m pretense to her. She has a picture o: him on her dresser, taken years age --I had it made into a miniature for her. She worsEips it You won't giv me away?" He seemed frightened "Of course not. But I must see Joyce. Unfortunately she was near by when both of the ruby murders were committed--" "You don't suspect tor a minute --" Something in Van Every's eyes sent a shot of pain through me. 1 coulld see plainly what he was thinking. The blood--Joyce's 'nheritance. The thing he had always been afraid of. , quickly remarked. "But not uncle?" "No." "Thanks. My feet- -they still Bond Market NEW YORK, milled around -Bond market prices a narrow trading range Thursday with the trend a little lower in ails nut fairly steady [n other divisions. U. S. governments reached a stage of vir- lat stagnation, only three of the 30 odd Hed issues gracing the tape during the first wo hours of trading. Railroad bonds attracted most of the light rftdinc in the corporate division. Utilities and industrials were generally inactive but sufficient buyers appeared to ieei the trend steady. American and For- ign Power 5's, American Telephone 5's, and Youngstown Sheet a nd Tube 5's were among he issues in demand. Columbia Gas and Slectric 5's yielded fractionally under light fferings. Foreign bonds were mixed. GOVERNMENT BONDS (Thursday Market) NEW YORK. i.T'!--U. S. bonds closed: Treasury -Hi's, 47-52, 117.27. Treasury 3%'s. 43-47. 10S.2. Treasury 3%'s. 46-49. 105.20. Treasury 3's. 51-55, 104.12. Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted by A. M. Schsnko ana Company, Telephone 1300, Mason City. duo to tile rlc^irr to tabulate comlllions closer to Ilic first ot lHo month, which should teller reflect changes hroupht about bv talc A p r i l rains. Tiie s t r c n - t h In the May is to on ,,.,,,, slKcp. Bid and asked Thursday: Cent st El 6 pet pfd (S25*par) 12 Cent St El 7 pet pfd (S25 par) n Cent S* P £ L 7 ' p c t pfd ..'.. 12 "iharr.plia Ref la 7 pet pfd .. 75 ireamery Package com ,, 2fi'/i learst Cons A , 2.1 A Jlormcl A pfd flS Geo A Hormel B pfd 95 jeo A Hormel com in nterstate power 6 pet pfd .... 20 !nterstatc Powar 7 pet nfd . . 2:! "owa Electrit; Co 6'-j pet pfd 5fi ;owa Electric Co 7 pet p f l .. .17 '.a. Klec Lt Pow 6 pel pfd fifi a Elec Lt Pow 6',;. pet pfd BB a Elec Lt Pow 7 pet pfd .. 71 a Power ·. Light fi pet prd .... 97 a Power Light 7 pel pfd .. 102 Public Scrv fi pet pf:] 1 ". ... 01! Public Serv fiU pet pfd ., $3 a Public Serv 1 pet pfd .... !?B Soiilh UIH fi pel. pfd . ..... fill i* South U t i l fi'-l- pet pfd SB South UIH 7 pet pfd 52 inepota P -. j j 6 pel pfd .. 7.S inesota r i, 7 pet pfrt ... Rfi ^'orLhern St Power fi net pM 7.'i "Cnrthcrn Et Power 7 prt pfd SH ^ W Kcl! Tel r,',?. pet pid ., 11R ' St Portland CemcnL .... 2.1 i Parkin,: fl pet prd 99 lath Packing 7 pet prd inn Sious City Gas 1C) 7 pet pfd R7 United Lt i Rys 6 pet pfd . . 7S United Lt Rys G.3H pet pfd RO United Lt · Ry s 7 pet pfd .. S7 Wcpfern Grocer pfd S3 Western Grocer com "^ ".IV* 100 9S ISli INVESTMENT TRUSTS (K.v Tile Associated Press) Hid anil AsM Thursday. Corporate Tr. Sli 2.r-2 Corp. Tr. Sh. AA Mod :i.0t Corp. Tr. 31:. Ae. Ser. 2.11 Corp. Tr. Ac. Scr. Mod .'1.01 Dividend Sli 1..')3 M'aryland Fund! .Vationwide Sec ,'l.SR N a t i o n w i d e Sec. vie l.fiO N'T. Tr, Sii 2..'IS Xor. A m c r . Tr. Sti. 19.Vi ... r,.lti Q u a r t e r l y Inc. Sh l . i r Selected Am. Sli. Inc M l Super Coip. Am. Tr. A ..... 3.2S t'. S. K.I. L, A P. A 17.2.', li. ?. K l . L. £· P. B 2.M U. S LI. L. 1'. Vic 97 85 120 ir.l 1112 S9 89 SB No No 1.65 19.01 Nil l.fill l.Iil 2 62 1.01 Produce MASON CITY--For Thursday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts 16c Heavy hens, 4 Ibs. and over ...15c Cinder 4 Ibs I3c Cocks 9c Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 17-lSc* Eggs, fresh 16-17e* Butter, Iowa State Brand 36c Butter, Corn Country 35c Butter, Kenyon's 35c Butter, Very Best 36c Butter, Brookfieid 35c Potatoes, peck 33c and 45c 'EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. NEW YORK PRODUCE (Thursday Market) NEW YORK, t.pi--Eggs 27,968, barely steady; mixed colors: Standards and commercial standards 22S22',ic; other mixed colors unchanged. Butter 9,49'1. easier; creamery higher than extra 2SUGr29c: extra (92 score) 27-}i('ti28c; firsts tSS-91 scores) 27®27=ic; centralized (90 score) 27VJC. Cheese 152.531. slow; prices unchanged "No, I don't suspect anything', only I must see Joyce. I would rather you would not be present.." "You won't--hurt her?" "I'll be as kind to her as 1 know how. You've no need to worry, Van Every. Seems to rne you've been through enough. May we RO up now?" This was the first I had beard that I was to be in on the interview. L wanted to tell Keyes I wouldn't go with him. Couldn't. It was crazy suspecting Joyce. Crazy. I had DO choice, however, because the captain took my arm, piloted me from the room quickly. I just had time to glance back at Van Every, sitting, his head bowed, his shoulders drooping at the dining room table. My heart bled for him. We stopped to glance in the library on our way up. It was brightly lighted and unoccupied. My eyes lingered on the couch where Margalo had been murdered. For the first time the vantage point of the open door struck me. The back of ache. Tomorrow I'll be all right--" she murmured, sinking down into * satin chaise longue. Her room was charming, a gayly painted green bed, lavender rug and long lavender satin drapes at the back windows. "Randall will scold me when she sees us here in my bedroom. She'll say I should take you into the sitting room.' . The sitting room, I found out later, 1 was the front room, furnished entirely in the modernistic spirit, a riot of disturbing colors, but beautiful withal. Joyce seemed to fit into it perfectly. She had only recently changed the staid real wood furniture for metal, inlaid with cloi- sonne. Van Every had given her on her eighteenth carte blanche birthday. However, I was anxious to see how Keyes would proceed. I hoped he wouldn't shock Joyce too much. "Miss Randall out?" "She wasn't here when I got in--" she rose and trailed the satin negligee over the floor to a door on the east wall. Her beauty seemed to - - - · - - · ' - All Alta Vis la Teachers to Return Next Year at 10 Per Cent Wage Raise ALTA VISTA--The last Of Ua signed contracts was returned Tuesday and consequently the entire corps of teachers of the Alta Vista high school will return next year. Supt. T. C. Ruggles will return for his second .year as head of the school. Coach Lloyd Seaver, who made a fine record in his first year as athletic director, will return for his second year, Miss Mertle Lind, junior high school teacher, and Miss Mary Katherine Meilitz, high school teacher, also will come back to teach their second year and Miss Genevieve Flatjord returns for her sixth year as a member of the faculty. All the teachers were given an increase in their salary over last year. The teaching budget for this year is S4.263.75 and for the coming year it has been raised to S4.713 an increase of $449.25 or slightly more than 10 per cent. Win in Dcclam Contest. HAYFIELD -- The local junior high declamatory contest was held at the auditorium Tuesday evening with the following winners: Oratorical, first, Marjorie Taylor? second. Jerome Kalvig; dramatic, first, Eunice Schroer; second, Gladys Rokos; humorous, first, Eunice Blank; second, Norraa Dean Pringle. Business Notes Live poultry changed. i-eak; all freight prices un- C1I1CAGO PRODUCE (Thiiroiluy Market) CHICAGO, U 1 '--Poultry, live, 2 cars. 1 a-. 21 trucks, steady; liens. 5 Ibs. and less. H : more than 5 Ibs.. 19: No. 2 hens. 37; Leghorn hens. 19; No. 2 i-cphorn hens, 15; npj, Plymouth Rock, 2S: White Rock. 27; colored. 26: fryers. Plymouth Ruck. 26; White Rock. 21: staps. 17; colored. 21: bare- ·k.«. '20 to 22; Leghorns. £2; roosters. M ·(.; hen turkeys, 22; young toms, 20; old U'tns, 211; No. 2 turkeys, 16; heavy old lucks. I 1 -:- Ibs, up. 15; heavy young ducks. Ibs. UP. 17; small white ducks, H; 'small colored ducks.. 13: pecse. 12; plucked and 'wan pccsc, 10; capons, 7 Ibs. up, 28; less han 7 IDS.. 27. Butter--12,852 tubs, unsettled; market iin- ilianpcd. Kpts--31.929 cases, steady; current rc- :cipls, 19V;; others unchanged. With approval by stockholders of Amalga mated Sugar company of the recapitaliza tion plan in which two plants are sold American Crystal Sugar company for £270, 000 and 710,096 shares of Amalgamate Sugar common stock, the position of Amer lean Crystal Sugar is greatly strengthened American crystal Sugar has converted investment that was. previously frozen. Th cash outlay of S270.000 will not affect th working capita! of American Crystal becaus the deal included the acquisition o£ all th unsold and undelivered sugar and by-product of the two plants as of March 31, at cos of production. "A considerable amount of this sugar ha already been sold for the account of Ameri can. Crystal Sugar company and, based upo the Crystal Sugar company, and. based upo the present market price of sugar, it Is an ticipatcd that when the balance of suga is sold, a profit will be realized for Arneri can. Crystal SuSar approximating the S270, 000 cash payment made in the transaction.' said Claude K. Boettcher, chairman of th board. The acquisition of these plants will increas the output of American Crystal Sugar b, from 800.000 to 1.000.000 bags a year. Th capacity of the Clarksburs. Cal.. plant i: expected to show a minimum of 600,001 bags while 400,000 bags of sugar are th average output of the Missoula, Mont., plant This will boost the total production of thi company from around 2.200,000. reportet production for the year just closed, to a expected 3.700,000 bags for the coming year FREIGHT CAR LOADINGS SHOW INCREASE Freight car loadings for the week cndw April 25 are estimated to approximately 25.000 cars. have increaset or about 4 per 1'tlOnUCK FLTURKS (Tlmrsdity Markc!) CHICAGO, i/'l'--Butter futures closed: Storage standards. Nov., 26«1; fresh stan- -irds, Aprii, 26; fresh standards, June, 25. £K£ futures: Storage packed firsts. April, :i ri i,: storage packed firsts. May. £l ! *i. refrigerator standards, Oct-t 2 2 - ^ . M I N N K A I ' O M S FLOt'R (Tlmrstiny M n r h r l i MINNEAPOLIS. .V -- Flolr u n c h a n g e d ; float] lots, f a m i l y patents., Sfi.60 to ?6.SO a arrel in S p'tinci cotton sacks. Shipments. ari.iiiiO. T-.irc brnn, SIR to Slfi.. r 0. Standard middlings, .516.50 to $17, cent, over the preceding week. Should this estimate be realized it would bring total car loadings f o r last week to about 667.657 cars, representing tbe best loadings for any comparable week since 1930 and the second best weekly total this year, The estimate is based on car loading reports of twenty-three major carrier? which ordinarily account for between 90 and 9r per cent of the total weekly loadinps. Last week's estimated figure would com pare ivifh 6-12,657 cars the preceding week, an increase of 3.92 ner cent, and with SS6 cars for the corresponding week of 1935, an increase or 19.16 per cent. Cumulative loadings for the first seventeen veelts of this yrar would tola] 10.t"i2,S76. Ln increase of 7.02 per cent over the 9.'6(5,911 cars handled in (lie same period last year, and a pain n[ 5.5:1 per cent over the 9.902.770 cars for the corresponding 1931 period. FROM UIKAPEST TO BETTER Those who make or sell luxury goods--long out of luck in the depression--may derive a modicum of satisfaction In the most recent figures of automobile registrations. The aftermath of the 1929 economic debacle was an increasingly dominant market position for the cheapest cars. They stil" hold top position but the high-price and moderate-price cars at last are creeping up in the race for consumer preference. In January and February, Chevrolet. Ford and Plymouth cars had 67.34 per cent of the total market, in *he same months of last year they had 71.32 per ceni of the market. The bigsest percentage gains from a year ;ipo now center in' hiKn-price and moderate price cars, although comparison is distorted by the ]o\v bti?e from which the contrast is made. Nevertheless the apparent d r i f t of demand from the cheapest to something better ts significant not only to the motor industry hut to business generally. It ref J f r t s both Incrpftsed purchasing power and increased will lo indulge it.. me more fragile, more precious than ever i n her dishabille. Her golden hair was not combed, and her small white face was drawn, pale. She knocked several times, then opened the door, and looked in. "No, Randall's not in. Probably downstairs eating or something." "When did you see her last?' "See her last? Why--at break- :ast. We had breakfast up here in ;he sitting room as we usually do. Only I got up earlier than usual--I was afraid I'd be late at the store." She smiled, .th e playful, youngish smile of a mischievous child. "What time?" "We breakfasted at S, or a little lefore, I think. She brought my breakfast up here, as she usually does." "You didn't see her this after- ,oon?" "No." "Not on your way home from rribbel's?" "No." "Did you see anyone you knew all ay--after you left the house?" "Mr. Maughan came into the store looking for me--and I saw Mary Walsh at Gribbel's. But as I didn't want her J;o recognize me I turned my back. I knew she would say something about it Jater, perhaps before uncle, and of course I don't want him to know I'm at Gribbel's --yet. What she was doing in the basement at Gribbel's I don't know. I thought nobody'd see me there. That's why I was relieved when I found out I was to be in the basement. After a week or so, uncle won't care." "What time did you leave th store?" Keyes hammered on. "What difference does it make?' "A lot of difference. I'll appreci aate it, Miss Van Every, if you'l answer my questions." "I left at 20 minutes to 6. "Sure?" "Quite sure. We're through a o:30, but there are counters to cov er, and things like that. I hurriei like the others did. and when I Jef the store, through the employes en trance, I glanced at my watch. I was 20 minutes to 6. One of the girls in my section tipped me of; how to get out of the store in j hurry. If she hadn't dragged me along to the lockers, I would be there yet, I suppose. Nice of her wasn't it? A lot of decent girls work there. I like them. Much bet Will Meet Friday. SWALE3DALE--The Baptist mission circle will meet at the home of Mrs. Jennie Ingham Friday afternoon, with Mrs. Margaret Roser, leader. The topic will he China, Mrs. R. J. Carr and Mrs. Milo Hoskins will be hostesses. Returns From Illinois. HUTCHINS -- Frank Gahan returned Monday evening from a trip to Rockford, III., where he went to get a truckload of machinery for the Mullin Implement company of Hutchins. LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF THK APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOK STATE OP IOWA, Cerro Gordo County, f s . No. 4785 NOTICE IS HERESY GIVEN, that th» undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified aa Executor of the estate or Paul Suhumskie, Deceased, late o! Cerro Gordo County. All persons Indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment; and those having claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated, to the undersigned for allowance, and file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court. Mnrvfn H. Wicpman, Execulor. Frank w. Senneff, Attorney. Dated April Sth, 1036. S. H, McPEAK, Clerk District Couit- 3y--Margaret Riley, Deputy. . NEW VORK SUGAR (Thursday Market) NEW YORK, LT)--Raw sugar quiet again Thursday and unchanged at 3.75 for spots with no sales reported. Futures even to 1 point net higher. Refined unchanged at »5 for fine granulated. When Poisons Clog KIDNEYS and Irritate Bladder Flush Them Out for 35 Cents ter than the girls I chase around with." "You came directly flora?" "I--yes." "Are you sure?" "Sure." "Please tell me the truth, Miss Van Every. I have reason to believe you went over to Pift'n avenue anc that isn't directly home." He got up from the fragile, spindle-]eg-ged chair on which he had been sitting- and walked over to the window While his movements appeared to tie careless, I know he was watching Joyce. "I--walked over to Fifth avenue, yes. And took a taxi there." "Why did you walk over there?" "Because I wanted to take a taxi there." "Why couldn't yon get one at Thirtieth and Broadway in front of Grihbel's?" "Because I, didn't want any of the iris to see me. One of them, this new friend of mine, said she was walking as far as Fifth to get a bus. I left her at Thirteenth and Fifth, and walked down to Twenty-ninth where I took a taxi and came home. I had meant to go home on the sub' way, but I was so tired I couldn't Dear standing--" 'So instead, tired as you were, you walked four blocks over?" Yes I didn't want the girls to think me any different than they are, you see. I--well, that's why." "And you didn't see Miss Randall n a taxi also at Twenty-ninth and ·"ifth ?" "No; was she there?" "My dear Miss Van Every, she -as murdered at Twentf-ninth and Fifth avenue! At perhaps 10 minutes to 6!" The girl. didn't realize at first what Keyes had said. She gazed at ' im dumbly, and then as kindly as could I repeated what Keyes had aid. (TO BE CONTINUED) Go to your druggist today and get this safe, swift and harmless diuretic and stimulant--ask for Gold Medal Haarlem Oil Capsules and start at once to flush kidneys of waste matter saturated with acids and poisons. That's the way to bring about healthy kidney activity and stop that bladder irritation which often causes scanty passage with smarting and burning as well as restless nights. Remember, the kidneys often need flushing as well as the bowels, and some symptoms of kidney weakness are: Getting up once or twice during the night--puffy eye-cramps in leg-- backache and moist palms. But be sure and get GOLD MEDAL Haarlem Oil Capsules--the original and genuine--right from Haarlem in Holland--the price is small (35 cents), the good results will fulfill your expectations. Livestock Auction EVERY SATURDAY Consign your livestock to a market operated by livestock men who know the market on all classes of livestock. This week we will have a big run of butcher stuff with a lot of little stock cattle of different weights. We solicit your livestock for our sale this week. The Buyers will be here ready to give you full cash value for your livestock. Have 200 choice feeder pigs consigned for our sale this week. Can sell a lot of brood sows. Have some calls for boars. HORSE AND MULE AUCTION EVERY TUESDAY Receipts' of horses this week totaled 155 head. The market was active and strong on good horses with the cheaper horses : off $5 to $10. Top pair brought $490, and next high pair brought $160. Top single was S230, paid for a good sorrel! mare. Will have 150 head of real market horses next week. Consign any kind of a horse to our market. You will be satisfied with the price. All stock sold as it comes into the barn. Special Prices on Post. Marvel Soles Co. WEBSTER CITY, IOWA ft f I I Mi f'' ' '

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