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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, July 27, 1818
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- . - .rti - ... unMiiV. ilil.V 97 We received last Saturday evening London papers of the Cih and Liverpool of the 101 U of. Jane, brought by the ship EuflirtU. They are deatiiuleofixsuifcaj talclligeitre. Tho Duke of Wellington arrived at Pan oa th 31 of Juue AccoudU from St. Helena, represent Booairte t continuing ulky, and refusing to be eu by any Engliih visitor. Too Princess of Wale bid tar a.ered from her late Indisiiosittua. A fraca . . ' ... - t ; tot lilac at the lloyai Uivery owner in lxiu'iuu. tad before tha battle royal, coded, mud order could be rcttoied, there Were several bloody noses nd shirts, and waitcoat torn. Drury - Lana Theatre ha become to embarrassed in it finances, a to determine tha proprietor to abut it op : It b stated to ba in debt 0,000 pound sterling. The President frig - ate, (formerly American) being sound rotten, b breaking up at Port mouth. " . n i Tl J . T? R.Vt. t imr r! Vtnt w n - t wuk . - - j . l - Current of June 6th, which we have received by the Euphrate, it appear "iat iitn hatl been imported into that port this year, up to that day, 2i,2i'.4 bale of cotton, from Sooth Carolina " 40,lififroin Georgia, and 18,591 from N'ew - Or - lean ; making a total of 81,231 bale. Import - d into Liverpool, Irom all other part in the tame period, 88,352. It therefore appear that the iiuporli of cotton from America alone, to thii ' in$1tj port in Great Britain, i nearly equal to . that from all the ret of the world. Notbiiig can icore fu'ly thow than the above fact the value of or trade with Great Britaio. Flour trade Ten thotnand teten hundred barrel of American Flour were imported into Liverpool for the week ending June 8th. The whole import into that place from the United Slate tliii year, up to the 6th June, amounted to '250,293 barrel and 7,305 quarter of wheat Stock of tobacco in tho kiiu'i warehouse, Cth June, 18)8, 8555 lihdi. . Anwiean Fundi at London, Jane 6 3 per cent Ti) to 7 1 1 Xew Loan 6 per cent 102 to lOi 1 - S ;7 pcroets 109 to 109 1 - 2; dividend from the - lit of April. Louisiana 6 per cent nothing done. Bank Share 32 10. Femli adrirlutd at Lieerpiol June Slh for I ht Untied Statu. For New - Yoik - James Munroe, Watkinion ; Aoii'y, btanton ; Elizabeth, Sear ; Orient, liar Itard; Tom Haiird, H jldridge j Dawn, Colfer; Importer, Ding Icy ttr - gjn, Hahtead ; Andes, Member ; Mary and Jane, Thompson. For Charleton Sally, .Watson Octavia, Wilson ; Friends, Jeffcry ; Sybil, Turner ; Mary and Henry, Grealoa - For Boston Triton, Ilolcomb ; Pbcenis, Low. Robert, Uooch ; Nancy and Mary, Bainicoal; Aimwell, Uoucb ; Clio, Heath ; Stafford, Roger i Resolution, Jewett ; BeUey, Cox, Hautooia, Rollins. . - For Baltuno're Cumberland, Odioro ; Mecha nic, Kinliel ; Belviilera, Uooson; Arininii's, Gib - oa ; Fiankin, Gmtiatu ; George Wathingion, Alleo ; ThotOM Gilbon, Brewer. For Phiiuiieipliia Superior, Il.railton ; Fac tor, Hamilton s Lancaiter, Vet ; Little Cherub, AI'Eten jNaheila, Earle ; C'amillu, riuwlaiid. For Virginia A ferica,Lutkett ; Indian Chief, Watt - ioi Hero, Holme ; Virginia, t'liur j Ma ria, iUorrell. I' at aatauimbPallt tVifcox i Mary Ann, Stubh. . , Tot .Vew - Or!caDJ Diana, Jackton ; Columbia ; William, Wihiama, Brainard. V3teli arrived at Liverpool in the week ending the 8lh Juue : 'loan Hiiaard, Holdridge, N York i Recover, Owen, do ; Evergreen, Halh - bose, Co i Merchant, Swasey, do; ilautiUon, Grcenoogh, do j Aally, Handlry, Savannah ; jronigomery, Riley, do; Ja - ou, Cox, do ; 1'r.iuk - lin, Gruhaui, Ualtiaiore ; Naucy & Mary, Bar nard, Boston ; Octavia, Wilion, Ualtitnore ; Ho - riion, Johnscn, Charleston ; Blauchy, Webb, Norfolk ; Loan, Fosdick, N York ; Montgomery, Ward, Charleiton ; Merchaut, Odiorue, New - York ; Jamca .Vonroe, Vatltinon ; Mary, Douglas, Savannah ; Belle Savage, Rustell, N Yoik ; Amazon, Divers, 1'hiladtlpaia ; Commerce, Pat - tenon, 6'avannah. The Fanoy, Forman, has arrived at the Clyde from N York.". Vessel pokcn I7tli May, the Ariathie, (rom Baltimore for Rotterdam. 27th, the Henry, of Whitby, bound to ?i York. 12th May, ihj Valiai.t, from Hull, lor Amr - rica. 30th, tue Neptune, M'L'ran, from Dublin for N York. Vetli untereJ for loading in the wei ending the Cth Juuo incliuive : America, Luckct, for Alcsandna; lialbon, Stiles, Baltimore; Mechanic, Nnghtl, lor do ; Frederick, Collin:, Bos - toa ; i'.me, Dauiler, Newhuryport ; Emulous, Chase, N York ; Brother, Leddell, for do ; Bet - scy. Cox, for Nol ltloroujh ; Factor, Hamilton, FliiladelpUia; Resolution, Jewett, TorUmouth; Virnia, Fuher, Virginia ; Hope, Arnold, do ; Hero, Holmfs, do. Vessels entered for loading at out ports : At Hull, iue WiUiam Howlaud, Southampton, for ?f York. At th Clyde, the Niagara. Lombard, for J! York ; lh Harmony, Speoce, for do. A rived ol Flymouth on the 3d of Jnne, Fran tu, lle - jfietta, Irom N York. At Falmouth, 2d William, S Oriean. At Clyde, May 30, Lcda, Kerl, Savannah. At Clyde, Curlew, Youi;i, At Swinemunde, 20th, Aid, Pott, Bistao. At Copenhagen 19th, Two Brothers Charleston. At Quilleboeuf, Canteleau, Ameri ca ; ;ancy, iJ lirothers. Cliariestoo. At trei, Uni ), NcKiorL At Marseilles, Juliana, Wii mingtcn. LIVERPOC.L. June 8. The J?3iand fur colln hxi been nsrular. but by no ueu, Inuw . the ale. awuut lo about br. LtiVilv Va UlamU ai 3 3d Ut 4s - id mi Ot Uao at 20 3 - 4J io 2.W, m.I l0 al is Id : ISoObyweJs at JtO 1MJ to 21 .. .nj mi ht 41 wr - 41. Thetrai ,t the only buyors, and Our tobacco market reaj without alt it - . tinn, and preieot rate; ar: f.d'y !upK)rud inlhe . tnC.u; sa!a occaton'.ty ojhJ but no quinuiy Cvui uc ru4 wiin'iui a rejacu.?i. i,ere ,s la.r J ."niaad tor (wa. - l a'he. - , t:u "the clurf stock bejrj now roiifloed to one a io L Ihey are hek S". a which rale w.nt? on': Kii ,afe tw ' tU'Ctr - l SO hbi Aiw - YoW pti hvchawi pu clkue.1 at SJ ! cwt ; Ml Ubb American Ur oH.t1 ly au'.(MN), - rt withitraii. for w'.nc ISa 4 - J wuieruMd bb!s very due t.nerk turpeu'me were iit at 5i, and 'M) tl,: t,i thiri (, at lit 31 per cwt. Carolina rice far Uoaj auoituoo couliuues in r jui Ja - Oil our not in for the but and iug the his Ins lie a in lo to ;v be - Sir all masd at 45. Quorcitren bark i dull, and our quotation barely nopported. Flour, American, 2 7stot 9; saurXl 13s to Is 19 . lve have bad ronsidurable activity this week in our coca market, and nearly all descriptions have advanced. American flour has beea in gnat request, and. has improved fully 4s per bbl. HOUSE OF COMMONS, June 5. dmeritam Loualifa - Mr. VV. Smith said be was drsirouioi Dattine question to the right nonortthlegenDeuino opposite, with respect tu old and Ions; conies ted subject, ne wa a - ware of tlienoaucial dilEcutiies ol the right hon a Ue gent, and he bad a t Uierefore made any motion ou the suoject. i lie claimants were so worn out Iry tusnente and expectation, that it were belter for them to be deprived altogether only of their claims hut of their existence. Four or five toicides had been occasioned by brokennes8 of heart. He had differed from them their political opinions, yet be considered that Ihey had a claim ou the faith of the country. He witlied to be informed if any thing wasto be done them next session. The Cham - elk of the Exchequer said, he felt force of the observation of the hoo. gpnt. that be could bold out no hope a to the claim in question. Yesterday a meeting was held in the Cmwn Anchor Tavern, lor the purpose of no - niont - a lit and proper person to succeed lord Cochrane, as representative lor the city of Westmin ster. Lord Cochrane came forward amidst loud ap plauses, stated, that a few days ago notice had been riven that the people, (at leant those in po pulous towus,) would have an opportunity of declaring who should be thoir representatives. tlntugtt it was deeply to be deplored th t so few places cxcrcicd thrir rights properly. The nnuse of commons could only be reformed from without, 'for uoleu this was the case, the same system of corruption would stil' continue, and indeed he was much afraid that no salutary rn - foriu would ever be effected till ministers brought people to that state ol degradation and distress which could do longer be tolerated. A glorious precedent of reform bad once taken place in that house, by means of one, who, to ue a vulgar phrase hud usurped the rtignt N vovtrnmenl. anil he was firmly pcrsaadrd no thini; could do now but a similar procccdiug. Lcavuif the country now lor tome time, forrra ods which they would afterwards hear, he begird Id assure them, that though parliament hut not been dissolved, he would Mill have resigned seat, convinced that he should uot have done duty were he lo act otherwise. Now that addressed them for the last time, he hoped ihey would indulge him with a few observations about him;elf. Here hi feelings overcame him. Tho conduct of no man had been more misrepresented than bis had been, and it was not difficult for hi in to eiplam to what source that was owls;. Before this he ei( cted lo have done it, but be could assure them thru thauld hate all Hie particular! tun. When h again visited his country, be Imped to see public spirit rekindled, and' that apathy annihilated winch at present disgraced liu people, who, in stead of looking to that bouse as the seat of corruption, were too apt to view it as a place whence justice would emanate. Upon his re turn, if there should be occasion to rouvey their o;ipre:fors to the rock where they bad placed tnai m'lgiiammoiM individual whose greatuess ol tninu mcy coum new equal, and whoce worst crimes ltu - y had exreeocd, he, if no other pernio was found, would willingly perform the ser vice. If ever the people tuoiild be oppressed bv corrupt parliament, he would like to do what other times had ben done by CROMWELL. semi ir.eui from the place Ihey were unworthy fill. Thanta were then voted to his lorddiip ; after which he retired. A rtlr. MarUy then prnpncu .Vr. Hunt as menberraiid wis rcciiid by tialc Jones. To describe the confusion watch touk pl - .ee is utter iuipo'Mble. Mr. Hunt slatrd tint sir Francis Curdeit and lord F alkstone, were in favor of universal suf - Va?e. Lord Cochrane has slated, that he expects to a bent from f.njland i;ht:en months. f Jn the Sd orTUDif lord Cochrane presented to the briiish houi ot' common;, a petition by Wm. Cobbed, in favor of aoiiu d parliaments and u - liiversal SJlTrage. Parliammlacy lirform. On the 2d of June, Frances Bardctt, scoi. JrJ by Lord Coch rane, moved the following Resolutions m the lloue of Com'notis : I. That it i. expedient fin.l nrccs - ary to adoiit to a participation in tho electino suirrage, such persons as, bi - iujof the mnle sex, ol mature ac, and of sound uii - id, hill, tV"irin a determinate time antecedent to the iliy of ehction, have been resndcul, tit.icr 3 houchoMers orin - :tte, wiihm Hie district or I laco in which luej I tre railed upon to vote. "2. That tha territory of Great Bri'ain and elaul taken ti'l',er, out'.it to tc div.dnd into x huudred and lil.y - ei 'lit Klection di?tri::t, as ueai ly e.pjal to each other iu population as ren in ten tiv rath local ronveuKiiL they mav be; and, that each such Election district ought to return one Representative, tmlns more. J. i hat for the prevcotiou of unnecessary elar, vexation. aadtipcuse, as wcllasol fraud, violence, disorder, and void elections, the el' - c - lion in each district ought to be begun and eml - d on the same dor, and that day oulit to he the same for all the li:trict ; nnd thai for this purpose not only the proof of title, but also every operation, requiring mote lime than is neces - J ry lor the delivery of tho vote, ou;ht to be ac - oinpluhed on some day or days, antecedent lo the day of election, and that the title to a vole nould be the same for every elector, aud so imple as not to be subject lo dispute. "4. That for the more clfccluallT seenring the attainment oftbeaNivc objects, the o'.ecti'm listrit ls ou' - ht to be subtlivided into sub - oi - tncl', for the reception of votes, in such autobcr and ituations a local convenience may r. ipiire. 5. i hat for secunngithe freedom ol elec tion, the mode of votiug o"?!it to he by ballot. 6. Tnat for more ctlectuallv securing the nity of will and opinion, as between the people and thir Representative, a fresh election of the tembers) of this House ourlit to take place once in every yeir at the least ; aving to the Crown s prerogative of disjolvms: l arliaurnt al any time, and thereupon, after the necessary iulerral, suanoioning a fresh Parliament." On motion of Mr. uroiifiihm, a celebrated op - potation member, but who disapprored of the Resolution and the doctrine ol lruverai am - frage, and Annual Elections, Ihe House passed lo th order of the dsy 106 to 2 (Sir F. and Lord C.) .a a w a las i he Koyai tfiwarn, oi wrerpnoi, ami me nng sse. ol A vr. bound lor .iforth Ainerira, sailed a slinit time ago Irom Ueifast, with 467 emigrant passenger on hoard. Both vessels werr - , a lew iiunrs ai'terwtrds. detained and seirt into the a his majesty's ship Wutine. Thede - irnliau of these (hiDS Was in const CUrnce oi their laving a greater number o' passengers on lioard than allowed ny act ol parliament, ann noi nat - ogt ieive weeks provision on board I r eacn pas - sei ier, wbK tl render trie master ana owners u - a') e in nsiiti. - s amounting to x.. uw Vfmrrtran t renc'imou i lie uumin evening Post of Toextav has trie following carious para - ernph We "have heard, and have soaie reason lo btlir ve tlie statement true, that Jos. i,uona - parte sent to France no' less tha u lO.tXH) invita - uons individually, to frenchmen to join mm in mertra Orders are rereived at Porlsmoo'h lo Ct the The ewcsiN, at Cha'b.un, i ordered lo be I .id t7 f ,r li monh. The B ijoe, 93. i to be - i - m - erl t hit p t The Presi.lut (formerly Aineriaii) b - iiif . ond rotten, is breaking up. i ne iwo ing.i i .a,, in - piy ordered ti he built t'i - r ,r v. he calVd the fansrer rd T;ecd. 1 .1 nyp r - .n is ! be Gt - d tor rmamiMirMi tfl'ti't tm - rra'MH We hve In tourh more ban once uu lais pauJuf topic, aud wear again d a u .1 a impelled lo revert to iL ' Whatever onay be t real cause, it is to true that th mania ha taken deep hold of the populatiou of I hi pert aad the neighboring parte around, large tortious at wbu.h have resolved and are resoU ing to haccSse inhabitaaUof tha American land. During vu past and present week in particular, many bare emrarked: amoo other. Mr. Hornbrook. a woollen manufacturer, from the neighborhood ot Tavistock, who is raid to have taken the whole of bis establishment, ronsistius of sixteen men and apprentices, and four women, for the avowed purpose ol carry mr on his future concern at ritt - bareh, Ihe Birmiuchatu of America. We could mention other names, which the publie woald hear with aims surprise. A silverssartn at Flvoiouth is emuloved almost Irom morosa: lo nUrht. in furnishin? the euiizraota with cold and silver in exchange for bank paper: and' were we to state the amount thu exchanged, and which thenceforth may be considered as to tally lost, as well as the possessors, to the mo ther country, it would be quite evidence enough, any b wntiu, of the spirit of calibration. Ou Tuesday morning the attention of the inhabitant of l enrith was attracted by the ap pearance of a large waggon, stupendously Udcu with household furniture, tec, and with women and children ; by the tido of winch walked a number of men the whole comprising several families, Who were proceeding ffom Alston U Liverpool, there to take chipping for America. The sight of nearly 00 of our lellow - couutry - men, compelled, by the privation attendant oo rtmanfletiiyttetn if profmeiuu and taxation, lo bid adieu forever to the land of our father, could not fail to awaken in the breasts of the spectator sympathetic emotions. . LONDON, June 6. The soccess of the late George Cooke. Incle jii, aiiu l lliili'8, iu tuieili a, liu iijuuMu t - al others of the Corps Dramatique to follow their - v.. - . .1 I) L . 1 1 : : a : i. j. .,,.! u..aa example, ainonz wuicu number u waiiaca, oi Urury lane theatre. U the most recent accounts from Spain, it ap pears that a change in the administration ol trie Government is much whispered in Madrid ; and it is added, that the vi 'or, uimne, and jud mi nt of the Duke of San Curios, are so generally applauded, and so often approved, in conversa lion, by the Kinz. that tiie public opinion is, that his Excellency will soon return a the 1'rune .vi mister oi hi sovereign, whose irieud ami la - vorite he has long been. Spain never needed an energtiic and wise Administration more than at the present moment, when affairs are so deeply involved with her own colonic, with. Portugal and North Anieiica. The king of Pnfesia left Berlin on the 27lh ult, for Morrow, where he is expected to arrive on the IGthJuue. I he rhief military command is given, in his absence, to prince William, his majesty's socond sou, and the chief direction of civil affairs to prince Hardcnhrrg. Hamburg exchange on London 32. 10. 33. 1. LONDON, Jnne 8. Our private correspondence of this dsy from Paris, is of extensive interest and importance It is therein stated, that what are called the ultra - royalists in France have appealed to the allied powers against the present ministry, and the system pursued by them ; representing the danger that must re.ult lo the existiug settlement, should tho army of occupation be withdrawn, while the king continues in their hands, aud is directed by their councils. This is indeed bold measure ; proceeding, we would hope, from exaggerated tears, though we can readily conceive that men wbo have suffered to the degree to wh h some cf those have suifcred, to whom a - too ardent royalism is imputed, may feel from past experience that they have strong cause for future apprehension. Would to God that those whom they consider as their enemies, may prove to Ihom that Ihcir fears are ffroundles Our readers may recollect a passage in one of Mr. Burke's pamphlets, wherein he charees Mr. Fox with having au agent I at St. Peters - ' burgh, with a view to procure support for his own iiolilical npiuions fioiu that court. The act im puted to tho persons mentioned in our private correspond' Lee is cf a similar nature, but is rendered much more important by the lime and cir - cum.thiices under which it is performed - Urury - Lane Theatre - . Aweeiingof (he com - uMiteeof tiie proprietors of Drury - lan Theatre was held May 30, with the performers. The Duke of Bedford, the Earl of Essex, au I Lord Yarmouth, were tho co. - ninittee. They stated to the pei formers that the Theatre mujt be clo - ,eJ, unless those actors and actresses who had hih salaries consented to their reduction, some V, seine S3, anj tomo 23 pr. ct. Mr. Dowtou indignantly rejected the proposition,and exclaimed, " let the. Theatre be closed thf n." He said, were he a nobleman he should be ashamed c f making smh a propofition. That if they wanted j money he would lend them 500. which would 1 enible them lo r.o on foe a little while, and that the performers would phy oa credit if lec urity was tpvtn them. He said he was hini - e'.f the proprietor of fever - ,1 Counlry Th';.ttres, by some of which he ln.t 40. per week ; but be never thought of relrenrhins the performers' salarie.. Talk of n. blemtn '. Other people were as rk.xI as noblemen '. The giving security wa objecl - ed tn. The propo - itiou of the committee was rejected, and we presume the Theatre will be closed. Drury - Lane Tlttat'e Thn special committer appoiuted on Tuesday, consiitinjf of twelve, a - inong whom are the following the hnn. Douglass Kinnaird, Mr FaHowiicld, Mr. Crorlier, Wr. Welch, Mr. P. Palmer, Mis Shakrspear lleaiU Mr. Hay, iIr. Colcralt,..Vr. Kobms, and Mr. Rohson had a meeting on Saturday, for the purpose of receiving th reports of two gentle men, namely, Mr. Crocker and Mr. Robitk - hese report were rad, but neither resolved upon. U:ie urgea tnat ins tny:'rc coum notex - t witlinut a different tort of management ; and tins was mobt strongly impressed, upon the ground that one etlicient person could do more than a committee ; and ihe name of Mr. Col - man was introduced, as l gentleman highly capable of every thing appertaining to the management of a theatre. There was a proposition that tho theatre should be rlnsrd on Saturday week, by which time it wa considered the principal actors and actresses would have taken their benefits. 'dr. Kean, it is said, will, on the closing of i rurv - Theatre, proceed to several of the prinripi - 1 cities and towns in Yorkshire, where he is engaged to perform rmay of his favourite characters at a high salary. From thence he will go to Glasgow and Edinburgh. Shortly after his return to London he iuteuds making a tour thronjh Italy, France, tc. The passe ugers, who went on shore at St. He lena with an expectation of seeing Buonaparte, state, that he still continues sulky, and will not allow himself to be seen by any English visitors. Average price of wnett, from the return re ceived iu the week the OOta of May, is (Ms lid per quarter. i'AKIS, June 4. The duke of Wellington arrived in Paris yesterday eveoin;. Liverpool, June 10. JTvdnphMa The preent warm weather, as it increases tl.e danger from it, has powerfully drawn the pub ic attention toward! the ducovery of a prevenUtive or a remedv for this direful malady. But, - fall the specifies whxb have been hitherto disc ivc - red, none can be im - nlicitlv re:U - d on e a certain preventative of or cure for cnine mudoes. Great praise, we think, is due to one of our contemporaries for the xeal with which be has repeatedly in troduced to the notice of the public the disco very, made by a ltisi;.n peasant or Simbirsk, ofa plait which is reputed to be a never - failing cure for ilie bite of a rapid dog. This specific is the tinibous part of the plant called, by b.itai'its, .IMUM FLadag,or tlie Great Hater 1't.uit un. .By a erracioiu ordination of Provi dence, the ant te never lies fir from the poison ; ami. to add 10 Uie value ot tiw ico - very, Una plant grow in every pari oi tvuropc. i it of it i 8, U veiretatej iti - watcriTiarhe,lfciea, ad US' nant pooN. and. we believe, it to be found m such ituationa in almot every district in Eng. land. A epecimen ol lni piani waa guicru, W few day ago. in a pit in the lane leading to Wet De. by. in fcngiana iue aranou ering is in the month of July, Augiut, and Sep - ember. It reay be gathered at any time, but is best when it i flowered. Tn r.ermanv. aa well as in Russia, the extra - r,nr nnmerties of the Alitma in the cure the hydrophobia is aid to have been esta - kCcht kv the nhvsieal woria I ana, we nopr. k. nh..;e,nc t our COUntTV. Will, without delay, acertain it qualities, and give to it, if found efticaciou, the sanction oi wieir auuius - ity. The Russian counsellor of atate, Lew - ehein, ba lately published a report upon the snbiact, in which he bear ample testimony to J. - i . i . I i c - .1 - etneacy, at:a prescriuen mo nmnnu ministerine it. The root, which, when dives ted of the tuft of fibre, resemble an onion, must be reduced to a powder, which powder may lie strewed on a slice of bread and butter, and given to the patient to eat. Two or three doe, it is aid, bavealway been found sum cient to effect a cure, even after the hydro - nhohia i declared in ihe patieut, whether it . . be man or animal. . An article from St. Petersburg, dated .May mentions an instance that occurred in the tepritnrv f Cherson. where a mad doe bit four individuals and seven animals. The authorities administered, as an antidote, the Alima PUmtago : several of the animals died, but none of the persons who were bitten have exhibited th? slightest symptoms of madness. This, we think, is a decisive and satisfactory proof of the efficacy of the plant as a preventive of the efl ects of the mania. The following receipts for the cure of the bite of a mad dog were met with by a rever. end clergyman in bis literary researches. He forwarded them to our respected and excellent Chief Magistrate, who has permitted us to publish them for the information of the public. JV the bite of a mad . Wasl, the wound directly with cold water, and keep clensing it for twelve hours, changing the sponge and the water every time. Alter being bit, give one - fourth of a pint of vinegar with a small piece of fresh butter stirred into it, repeat it every six hour till it has been aken three times, then take it once in twelve hours for two days more, which will be sufficient. Uot, at the next change of the moon, take half the above puantity once for three days successively, This has cured after the hydrophobia has ap peared. Or the spirits of salt diluied a little with water applied to the bite, and some drops taken in a glass of water ; or dry salt rubbed into the bite immediately after the accident In the Southern provinces of Spain, they use a strong decoct iou of the bark ana wood ol the Celtic Onsuatis taken inwardly. EDINBURGH, June 5. Wednesday morning an Ox, belonging to Mr Ronaldscn, butcher, in Leith, became furious iu driving to the shambles, and alter a circuitous rout thro' (he town, pursued a man up the ttairs of a house, in Bath street, to the height of four stories, including the attic (tory, and entered t garret room, the mother ol'tlie man it had pursu ed, was io bed; she fortunately escaped from it fury, but Ihe anniinal remained till he tore to place the bed clothe and bedding, broke the beJ dead and every article of furniture in the a pirtmeot ; and it was not without considerable difficulty be wa GiiloU - 'ed and taken duivu stairs. PETERSBURGH, Mav 6 The ycung Prince, child of the Grand Duchess Nicholas. h.,s received the name of Aieiander. talmuulh, Junt 3. Arrived, the UrummouJ, mtton, frm orfolk, in J3 diys, lor orders. lno veres puoi uon, wr.n pas - scngers n Ilka Am. thin ltinn Whilnrv femn lha U!a nl France lor Amsterdam. She spoke, the Portuguese Indiaman Caroline, from China. Also ar. the Am. ship Edward, from Norfolk ; and the Am. brig WUiuun, from New - York, beio; both for orders. Lou of the Ship JV'uma. The editor of the Baltimore Patriot has been favoured with the following letters from Cap'.. Sherington, late commander of the ship Numa, of Baltimore, to his owner, Jacob Adams, esq. detailing the particular of the loss of that vejscl : fri!,'rte Fettide, Brut, May 1, 1818. Jacob Am.xs), Esq. - It is with much pain that I have to address you oo the subject of Hie lo's of the Numa. I lift the New D.ep on the ill'h day of March, aud hal a very fine time, uutu tho 14th diy of April, m bit. - .0, 3o, l.'ng. 3), W, W. at 'i A. M. saw a ilrange sail comiug don hi fore the wind, thu wiul N. N. ciy ship riding W.S.W. with my sl.irlnitd tack on Lo - ard, under double retic'l topsails, fore r.ndm'iu cour es set; the ship appeared lo . - ii - cr directly for my beam, as il he iutcneel to run me down. I instantly put my helm up, took the trumpet and hailed him, told him to put his hrdai a - st .ruoard of he would run me down ; but as my ship kept off, he still stetrcd right for me, and struck mc just before the gingway, cut me down three streaks below the beods,' and tore my sails anJ rigging into a most shocking condition. With much difficulty we kept her up until day - light, when boardiug him with my boat, found him to be the French frigate Ntreide, cf 44 guns, Com. llu'tellic, from ths West - ladies, bound to Brest. I demanded of him some assistance, which he refused, but told me he would give me live minutes t get all my things out of the ship, if I meant to leave her. I answered, that the ship was sinking, that having rereived damage from him I would abandon the ship to him, and be might do with her what he pleased, lie then gave orders lo burn her, sent his boat lo ber for that purpose, but before the fire made any progress, she sunk, and bis boat had much difficulty lo get away before sho went down. I have found, siuco I have been on board this frigate, that they aw the ship at least fifteen minutes before she struck me, which was about the time I saw the Nereide, but the olMcer on watch at that lime wa a niidihipman, and he would take no advice: the petty officers all told him if he did not (larboard his helm he would run that ship d wn, but he told them be had the command, and if they did not bold their trwae he would knock them down with the trumpet. 1 he Nereide this day arrived in Brest roads, and is quarantined for S3 days, so that I cannot get on shore untd the expiration of that time. 1 shall then take with me the affidavits of most of the petty officers on the watch, and when I get on snore, shall take 'die advice of the consul or agent, and American or English mer chants, if any there. I have received the most uncouth treatment since I have been on hoard this frigate, that I ever experienced in mv life. When I obtain the extension of my protest, I will immediately enclose a copy to you, and shall return borne as soon as possible. I remain, Ike. WM. SHERINGTON. Extract ofa another lettee from Capt Sherington lo his owner, dated Harar, May 30th. 1813. M I am happy to infirm you that two days ago I got out of quarantine, and since that time myself and crew have been taken before the admiral and interrogated as to the manner in which the frigate run me down, endeavoring, if possible, to lay the blame on me ; but the case was proved to be so clearly afinst them, that all the evidence ihey can bring, even of the c ew of the frigate, is to tbeir disadvantage. The sgent of the American consul told me that the governmetv must undoubtedly pr.y For ;!.e ship, whit h I value at 1.(KX d.iilara, 1 morning em lose a copy of my log book and c ami for the value oflhesh p ; ,9 Gener;J m yn Bombay gaicttes, ! April last, have beta re - j ceiredat Salem f one of which, In remarking upon the enterprise of the citizens of the United Strtes, ayi . . - ' , " Nothing can better illustrate the enterpns - inr character of our anglo Americans, than Ihe - . k .1.1 - .1 .... vovage ol capu laucron, inmeurigiicaouui;,. 9h sent from America to Russia, thene round Cane Horn, to the N. W. coasfof America, and having procured a cargo oi sums, sne procee - acu to China, and having sold Ihem, she sailed to India, to dispose of the remains of her mtward bound cargo, for we understand she ba brought no Chinese produce whatever. The letter from Damaun. the port at which she had arrived, says, the arrival of a forrign ship constitutes an epoch. Her appearance, therefore, was hailed as a fortunate omen. Salutes were exchanged, and banners waved again over the fortress aud citadel of Damaun. The return of this vessel will give us the history of the port and of the adventure.1' A letter from Mr. Samuel Huntington, in Jac - qneniel, (Hayti) to his brother in Boston, dated July 2, says, "Chrhitophe is but 13 leagues from Port - au - Prince, on his way to make war with the republic, with most of his army. The people here are iu high spirits, ' ready and anxious to meet him, aud confident of success. . Estwick Evans, esq. who set out last winter on foot Irom New - Hampshire, to explore the western country, with dogs, gun, 4.C has arriv ed at Boston in the ichr Andes, from N. Orleans, on his way horn a. The beautiful ship CleopalraU - Barge," built by Mr. Crowninshield, aud in which be made the tour of Europe, i lo be sold at Salem this day to the highest bidder. This pleasure boat, when abroad, excited the admiratwn of all who taw her, and was pionouncrd to far surpass iu point of elrganco any vessel that ever floated COMMUNICATION. I would wish lo enquire, of what use are law if the v are not put in lorce. i nere is now in mi. city, to my knowledge, at least 15 or 10 billiard tnlilel wuii n are Hit i onsiant reson oi youug men, aud even hoy. Gambling, drinking 4ic. is now can ied on lo a great bcihlli in tins metropolis, and I have no doubt but shortly we shall he lamed as among in. - nrvi r&iniiii rs oi ii. - eRt. A word to the wise is sufficient may the lion. Corporation take Hie hint. From the - National htfelligenee r tf July 21. When the news first reached us ol tl.e unfortu nate attack on the friendly Indian village ol Che haw, by a party of militia headed by capt. Oba Wright, we expressed our earnest hope, I tint the government would, as far as in its power lay, redress the injuries inlhe leu on tins hapless peo ple. We are glad to bud we were uot disap pointed in a firm reliance on the just anu human di - o:it!Oiiiot those who administer our govern uirnt. We now learn, from an authentic source, that upon gen. Jackson's representation of the unau thorized destruction of the 1 hehaw villag prompt measures were adopted to relievo the sufferers from their di. - ti ess. The Indiau agent (Gov. Mitchell) was directed to assure them, that ample remuneration for their losses would le made. To effect this object, the sum of 10,001) dollars was transmitted to hi in six weeks ago, arcornpauied by instructions to ascertain, as speedily as pojib'e, the extent of the injury, ami apply the wbole ol 'hat sum, if necessary, to th relief of the injured and digressed. From a statement lately made iu the Georgia papers, it would appear, that that sum would abuudantly remunerate them for all their looses. Theagcut was also directed to assure the warriors, that measures would be immediately a - dopted to bring the commander of the expedition to trial uoder the laws of tho United Slates. A commission has accordingly UueJ to the j'udges of the federal court, as the Savannah paper has correctly stated, to hold an extra seuieu for bis trial. From the MMlesix (Con.)';. We were very sorryto hear that the hon. f . XV. Dana met with another accident on the ro J from Philadelphia ta New - York, by which he received an ajdiliooal, though not very serious ui)ury. It i said that the driver began to run his hones, auJ, upon being demauded by Mr. D. to stop 'lieai. was unable to doit, otherwise than by turuiu; them into a meadow, where they were unable to procec . It happened near the place where Mr. D. received his wound in the wiuter. " BOSTON, July 15. The United States frijate Guernrre, Com. Macponocgh, sailed yestorduv afternoon lor Russia. She ha on board His Excellency Mr. Campbell, Minister to the Court of St. Peters burg, his Lady, and three children. '1 ho Minister, we learn, has expressed his thank for the hospitality and attention paid tiitn durn.g his slay here. We have alreudy mentioned instances by a number of our diitir.guithid It l low citizens. Immediately ontSc Minister' arrival io town, the Hon. Mr. Crowninshield. Secretary of the Navy, came op from .ale:n to give direction for tlie accommodation of himself H family ou th'ir inssBge : and on Thursday introduced him to the Ituieptmlcnte, 74, und Ihe frigate in which he has taken his passage. On tliitoccaHun, iuccmpli - j ment to the Si cietary of the Navy, both these! men of war had their yards manned, the sailors being iu new uniform, and Gred a national salute ou tin entrance on liosrd, and departure fromj each vessel. This mark of distinction, we learn is paid only to the President of the United States and the Head of the Department. A plendidj and sumti.oi.s collation was provided by Commodore lidinori.lge oo board the Independence, oo the occasion. On Wednesday last, the Minister, and hi family, cmb.irkt - d on hoard the frigate, when His Excellency tva cnn.plimented by a national salute, the marine presenting arms, and the drums beatin; a march. He wa accompanied by the secretary of the Navy, Commodore Hull and Mai - douough, nnd other officer of thu government, and citizens, who thsre took leave of him. On Sunday the Minister visited the residence of the Secretary of the? Navy at Salem, and was received there with the hospitality of that ancieut town. TI Gucrriere, U'one of fhe most efficient frigate ever afloat. She has, we understarrl, a full crw, right Lieutenants, and twenty - lour Mid - shipaien ou board, aud after landing li e Minister at Cronstandt, will proceed to the Mediterranean. The weather becoming squally, the Guerricre anchored off icng - Iland head, in the outer harbor last evening. We think it lortunate that she did anchor, as the storm would probably have o - veriakeu ber in uie .arroivs. B ALTIMORE, July 24. We learn that the person who were convicted of robbing the mail, effected their escape from prison iat night, but were - taken and re committed this morning. FRO - M OUR CORItFSPOXDE.T. Office of tiie Courier. Charleston, July 111, 1818 J Ry the. sclir. Hover, arrived on Saturday morning, we received our regular file of Jamaica papers to ths 23d ult. They furnish n.itliing of much interest. Mr Aaron .Mendex Solas, an old irentlenun in the 82d year of his age, was murdered in his own tviime in Kii.stisn .. ,k. .r. ... ul. .iihi viij '.varr.iow, vi., - i ikoass, ihe 23th ipL, and property to a large amount I - ,e - lh' , M Whreilmw, Mary V ',","JT in jewel, fct. carried off. No clue to Catharine Wheelhouse, and J. 'j'T w,ts thediscovery or detection of the murderers, liwi been buiu. suajiun. lie was of the Hebrew per - Kiscstos, (Jam. June 16. ' Arrived, ich. perseverance, Louis, it Jjgo de Cuba, 2 days. By tl.e P. we learn that the American brig Charles, arrived at St. Jago a week before her departure, after a passage of 60 days from New - Orleans. Oft Cape Cru she had been boarded iby an Insurgent privateer, which plundered her of several barrels of flour, and took from the passengers some specie ana waring apparel. A letter from Ad. Drion, dated at Five LI. ands, the 1st ult. toa gentleman at St: Thomas, eavs " The last accounts state that otir armv had been increased by 4000 men, and I ca'.cu. lateby this tune they are about 10,000 near the Caracas, not including the forces under generals 1'aez and Ccdeno, and rny presence oft' the coast will, I hope, conclude the affair with the Koyalists. I he only refuge for the .Spaniards is Puerto Calicllo. I am about en - forcing a rigid blockade with my squadron viz. tl.e Vittoria, (flag ship) 36 guns, two cor! vetts of 24 guns, and various others ofless ca - libre, independent of smaller vessels. In tew days I shall be on the coast." Extract from a dupatch from Ad. Drion to tie Com'dt at SL Thomas, dated 1st ult. " Being in thee seas with the arrester nirt of my squadron. I agreeably to orders, inform your government that the ports of Cumoru Laguira, Puerto, Cabello, and Maracaybo, Ac. in the possesion of the Koyalists, are declared in a state of blockade, so that your Excellency msy give notice of the same to themerchsnta of vour island. One llodson has armed and fitted out pri. vatecrs without any authority from the Venezuelan government, I therefore declare nun a pirate, and as it would be very desirous that he should be apprehended, 1 shall give directions to my ci uiers to intercept him. I com. municate this information, wishing to preserve harmony with the dillcrent Government in amity with the Independents of South - Ame - ilea. . Jcvx 20. The brigantine Mexican Congress, of 12 guns, Capt Parker, having on board Com. Anry, came to anchor oh" Frank's Key yesterday fore - noon, when Capt. 1. came ashore to request permission from the Governor and Admimal to come into port for the purpose of obtaining a supply of proiiMons and sater. The Mexican Congress i. we learn, from trom iviona I'aisairr. where she had beenerni. ing for some days, but without taking any cap - turts. The squadron under Ad Hrion" were Icftai author off the Five Islands, and the vessels attached to Com. Aury's division had been itctaclicdtocruizeindilltrent directions. Extract of a letter from Lucca, dated the 16th inn. ' On Tuesday last as Mr. Aleisn. dc - r M'tUlum was acting in his Magisterial capacity at the clerk of the peace office, him. sell along with Mr. Keys, the clerk of the peace, were shnt.Oie former in the right breast, and the taller in the head, by a white man named Donald .M'Ca'lum, owner of a small drogher. It appears that the perpetrator of this horrid deed had a dispute witii the Cpt. of his vessel, and on the Magistrates deciding against him, lit; deliberately took the pistols from his pocket and discharged them st the unfortunate gentlemen. He was immediately apprehended and is now in safe custody. .Icxx S3. Permission, having been granted to the Mexican Congress privateer, cupt. Parker,witli Comiuodori: Aury on board, t i come in and receive a supply of provisions and water, she approached Pnrt - Koyal on Saturday forenoon, as if with the intention of entering, but short, ly after she suddenly hauled upon the wiad, stood through the South Channel, and for reasons with which we are unacquainted, proceed to sea with all sail set THE PLAY BILL. irii vr.SfSiT fi vr.Annl araf aoTASV By iiis Mnjesly's Company ol Coiaetliau. 'lie last eight, because the company go tomor - - row to Wnterford. On Saturday, May 4th, 17V 3, ill lie performer), by cmiinsnd of s. repeclahle people in this lehtjied nietrop .lis, fur the benefit of . Mr. Kearns ' THF. TRAGEDY OF HAMLET ; Ori,;inallv written and composed by the celebrated Dan. layer, of Limerick, and inserted in Shakepe3re' Work - , llarnlet by Mr." Reams', (being hi first p - pe.irance in I liat character,) who, between the acts, will perform several solo on the patent hag - pipes, winch play two ti:ne at the same lime. Ophelia by Mrs. Prior, who will iutroduce se - veril fpvouute air in character ; partirolarlv " The Lass of Rii hmond HilL" and We'll all be uiihnppv together," from the reverend Mr. Dibdin's Oddities. The parts of the king and queen, by direction of the revd. father O'Caliaghan, will be omitted, as too immoral for any stage. Pnlmiius, the rotuicrd politician, by a yetwc gentleman, being hi lint appearance in public The Ghost, the Grave - digger, Laertes, by Mr. Samps 'O, trie great Londou comedian. The characters to be dressed in Roman shspes. To which will lie added, an interlude, in whirl will be introduced several 'ii;lit of hand tricks, by lb celebrated Surveyor H nt. The whole tocoocluHe with the farce of MAHOMET THE IMPOSTOR. Mahomet; Mr. Kearns. Tic kets to he t ad of Mr. Kearut, attbesujt of the Goat's Beard, in Castle street. (py The value ol the Ticket, si usual, wiDbe (if required) in candles, bacon, toap, bailer, cheese, - Sic. as Mr Kearus wishes in every paitictilar. to accommodate the public. N. ti. No peraon whatsoever will be admitted into the hose without shoes or Stockings. I'lED. . ., . Tl.,. mnrM'nr at 9r.' IrK - Sr. nf linferinC ill - m is ol 2nr. Mr. Mart 1 crrLK.ths iwifeef .Mr. Sethi utile. Her Inend and relsuonsanu those of the famitv are rtques' - sd to attend ntr funeral tins alttruowi frain No. 91 rlarmaa - trte,t. ' EFEfi'LYQ POST MAR WE LIST. CLEARED. Ship Manchester Packet, Burke, Bordeani" J Bell Brig Eliza, Hanifen, Jerome, Mills, West hdi Havana andamsrket A P Edwards George the Third, Lewis, 'ass,NC Fish k Grianll Sloop Harvest, Emery, CharUstcO .IRHII'EU 1ST FJ'EJflftG, : Ship Euphrates, De Cotf, 42 days fr0W'!'Ti nnul, with coal, ciale, dry goods, ;c. to Giimiell, owners, P. V. la dvard & Co. H - Wnpgri.en. Cornel) fc Noslraud, W. W. R M'i Osboru k Cornell, Willis fc White, lMtr. lender, Van Uieson, Siephciis i Co. J - 41 - ;.1" iint;, A. Wvckoff, Man Lin.ley. (Mis U S ose li Low, M;j..r k Gilleiie, T. Tid Wmkiisson. Il.Hemhi. ks, J. Heard, Shil Lord, W. Wilson, D. Haddrn, W. Wild, i Brvce, J. S. liarrison, f. Wrielil, Day, V " te Co'. Ziibreiske il Parsons, Calder, M'L W. Manks, T. Dison, J. Dixan jr.T. & J reoce, E. 1. Marsh.J. Wij;tinm, G Dumnier l 1. Ai A. IV. tl. rosr, annas, s - poourr : - R . .. , l... W.Ca.rus, uraauini"! li. Haight. - (.ii B. J. Taylor fct bo" ;ff in, PisWiitJoddHrd,! Blown, A. BritKW " r. &lCo. b. Corp. i.. Stansme. n - i""V. BIn - irv, B. F. Babcock, P. Co burn i van J uha.n, J. Cariow. J. Bates, J. r,i3, . .. . ri' 1v.nllj.1r it servl. tain, and lo or.ler. rniwnrers, - ""si - j ! - I . I . .a.M.. - a IT M ..Ml JU K , II." . - - - i Die snrire. Ssi Belri 'ere, for Bahimore, i u. i A ir". , ' N ;Vo,k. , llP ,w., Paww. ne. lor ti. 1 Xork sailed 9th I brig Financier, M ' . ... ft RiHIKSBS ail, li. l..lilce, It. Kuuiev ti " - - " vd J.k X. Haidit, Haitrirk,I.eeii - - JT. i Co. B. Marshall, I.. Uixuners, .. - i. Co W. C. Holly, Hepburn r?'rrZ ve u r - iii Ji. r.. vun 1m. I h

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