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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
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Monday, July 27, 1818
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NUMB EH 5328 MONDAY, JVhY 2?, 181G. NO. 49 WILUAMTREET. TEAS. WINES and GROCERIES. Iiinl fLATB LADIES AUCTIOST ROOM.) ipJiEaubacriberha cmiataoily ou band a gen - - i erti aaaoruueni 01 uie lonowiiig aruciea, which will be disposed ui at a moderate advance, . - Tew of first quality ' ' tugar do do Genuine old Cognac Brand Holland Gin Jamaica and other Spirit Wine of the various kinds I'ine Apple Shrub Lemon, Lime and Orange Juice ' ' Sallud Oil in betties and bottles L. Crown Stout Bottled Ae and Cider Double Gloucester ' Holland and American Cheeie Cordial Spice, Absence - - Sperm and Tallow Candle Do. Oil lor Lamp , Coffee, Rico, Barley and Mustard A few boxes Sicily Lemon, in Gne order Raisins, Almondi, l'rune, Fig Basket Salt, &c. . r..i,hf JAME3 P. ANDOE. Wanted to purchase, a quantity of tccond hand wine and porter imti - . STijT - WHITB LEAD, Uc. He. OvJvr krg London White Lead in oil 30 barrel do Dry White Lead , 8 ton Ked Lead 30 barrel liriatol Red Ochre 20 do Venetian Red ; 2 ton fine Litharge . 80 hoagliead Whiting CO casks Pari White ; 3 hlida. Verdigris 50 tierce t rench Yellow Ochre 5 keg Vermillion 4 cask Pruasiau Blue, 4001b. Crome - Yellow ; Patent Yellow . Spanish Brown, Venetian Ked, Yellow, IN OIL. Black, . I Verdigri, J . Lampblack ; Ivory Black ; Purple Crown Spirits Turpentine ; Lintieed Oil 400 boxt Window (JIms, aasorted For tale on the lowest term, for caib or at bort credit, by H"ETER SCHERMERHORN tc SONS, ' my 1 24 1 Water - treet. K" ENTUCK TOBACCO. 274 bhd. prime Kentucky Tobacco, landing Uii day from thip Oraod S iguor, from New Or leant, for tabby CHA3. L. OUDEN, and J 13 ABRAHAM OGDEX. it' ARtUNTEO BULTINU CLOl'HS. W A large aasortmcetof every description, of Dutch Bolting Cloth, warranted to be of the btit quality ever imported, and at the moat reduced price, for ale by JNO.M'CRACKAN, J 11 B2 1 - 2 Pearl - street. WHITE LEAD. GTON3 English Wh.te Lead, grouud in oil, in 114,50 audi 15 lb. kegs. & Too dry do. do. for sale by TUCKER k LAURIES, July 20 29 3niith - lret. , 1JI1T S.tVVS, A small invoice ol Cuet Steel 1'itl Saws, just rece ivrd and for tale by ANDERSON Ai SHEARER Je C5 131 Water - treet. VHlULV.iL fAIATlAGS BY J)oiniuichino, Murillo, Snyder, alvator Rosa, Guaspar Pouwin, ic. Also two elegant brouzet ; a marble fijurt, iae it lf, Of a tlecping CupiJ roc sale or xchaoge by ' ..THOMAS Gl IMBREDE, 3:16 Broadway. JJU.Vl i SUGAR. 170 peuclieons at. Croix ' XV kuo. li hHili icst of superior quality and i 4 .(hi fcjrrap. now lanhax from brig Leopard, at Tier So. 1, lorsae hi - U. & II. LEWIS, J 14 f w 87 South - rtrert. ' MI1K LLAP, IIL.U.: ViruioL, A I. Reived int Chauucer find Columbia, from Bristol. (Eug.) and for tale by the aahecrilier, on adviolHgeou terms, til. 3G0 kes genuine ground white Lead in 2Mb. kti SO caak beat dry White Lead ia cask 5 to 6 cwt each ' 30 do Red Lead ia casks from I to 3 cwL each M do Spanish Browa from 3 to 4 cwt. each 30 do Ivory Black from t to 3 cwt each 11 do Roman Vitriol from 5 to 8 cwt each IS do Venetian Red (mm t to 3 cwt each It tierce Allum from 7 to 10 cwt each 10 hhds. 5 tierces aud B bhls Rotton Stone French Green, Lamp Black, Purple Brown Cokothar Vitriol, Bath Scouring Brick Api.lrto A. CHURCH, i 15 181 Bowerr. FOR SAt.Eforoue huudred Dollars, a dark iav I'D.V Y, four ytar old, fast, sound and kiadu haroea. Impure of CHARLES IL BELLOWS, il5tf 84 Leonard street. 13 DRY GOODS, tic. 1 0 Bote mtnlin 10 do. 4 - 4 b 7 - 3 Iriib linen . 1 do. pink gingham 1 do. shawl 4 do. brown plalillas G do. Scotch mnaburz 7 bales itnuatioa sheetings 4 do. brown linen 2 do., linen bad tick V do. 5 - 4 cotton checks I do. carpetii. also; Sail - cloth, Cotton bagging Twilled sacking Seine twine For tale by GEORGE JOILYSTO.V, July 2 No. 1 SMoat - lane. pOUNTING ROOM. A pltasant Mid enr, J venient Counting Room in Jfouth - alro t to Apply at29 3ouUi - street. J 7 ITARJJWAKE, CUTLERY Sc. cask JL bcotcb spring ljocks casks plate Lock, 1 do Steelyards J do chest handle. A:c. J do screw plate, scale leamr,c. 1 do hraaa cocks, ftc. 1 do hell metal kettle and skillet J do tin'd pot and sauce pan do fine padlock J do Banbury locks, hinges, ke. 2 do hammers, pincers, lock, &e. 2 do IIL hinges. Sic. 4 da anvils 1 df hammers and ilclge 3 flu black & hriirln viM 9 An AIm 4 do pocket, pen arul double blade knives j uo auatn buck and bone table knives 3 ilo bntton 'JO do cut nails an. kr.. V kt i n.t Alio, a Urs and general assortment of good Woe th shelve, for ml at thesnostre&iced ".yr ADAMS U BLACKWELL, ' 315 PchH - sL P'tUTARO CO. 104 I'earl - etreut, ' ,ur ,a" w addition, to Uieir former e veusortment of Harrlwar t)ia falltwin fr!L 7.'d h' Martha, from Liverpool r"ce Chama Jdesaad Shovel ioui .ai 6 an J 8 barr'd Carry Comb . 6 barr'd Mane do - trosi Wir,No.4tolO Stoelyards Fib Guns Trunk Lock Drawing Knives Bingleys Patent cur - rutr' kniVe warranted eqiul to Coi's :ea - Kettle ndle,ticks . Corks Urlor, fc'chaot '"nnedr. LARET. 40 dozen very superiourClaret, V tor sale at fio the dozen, by GEORGE JOHNSTON, je 30 tf No. 1 gloat - lane C CHEMICALS, COLORS, Ac J EporaSalta,incaikof2cwt Lump Marueaii, in case Do do (mall squares Calcined do in phial Rochelle Salts, Acid Tartar Citrie Acid, Blue Verditerin firkins Patent yellow, King Yellow Resniluiof Antimony GUS, BUTTOXS. &c. Fowline Pieces, assorted, well finished Do do in wainscoat case, finely finished wim apparatus complete Duelling Plato's, incases Gold Epaulettes Naval and Military 8 word Belts Gilt Coat and Vest Buttons Copperplates lor engravers Mathematical Instruments Rolling Paralcl Rulers Mariners compassrs, telescopes Opera glasses, microscopes 3 setts splendid clu ssmen carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tea caddies Patent corkscrews, silver pencil cases, for sale by J.LAMBERT,, je 18 3 Courtlandt - slreet. NEW IRISH LLNEN GOODS, &c. Acc. Y & C. BHYDAM, are now receiving, per a. the ship .Neptune anu Dric; KdviJera, Irnm Dublin, SEVENTY THREE Packages Uiu spring bleached l,ineof . ' They eon;Ut of 7 - U & 4 - 4 Irian Linens, variety ol assortments, 54 do. Sheetings, ' do. 3 - 4 Si 7 - 8 Demi Long Lawn, BirdVrye Diapers, 5 to 10 - 4 Diaper and dunnsk Table Linens, Extra supor d imu.k Table Cloths k Napkins, 3 4 brown Linens mid grey Lawns, Linen Checks and 7 - 8 black Linens,. Irish 6ail Cloths, Durks and DrogheJas, &c. Alo, corns to hand per the Pacific, 3 Case elegant new pattern uioghnms, 3 do. do. furniture Si balooo Dimities, 3 Cambric Mu - Iins, part undresicd, 3 A'uper Load. Clotbi and Cassimsres. Tho above for sale, by the package, on rtasoua - Die terms and credit. Also A general atturtuient of the above goods opeued for piece and retail sales, at No. 61, MaiJen - lauc. JyC2 2w Uf ILL lm ool'l by public auction, on Tliur - day the 3011, mtt. ut 12 o'clock at noon. at the lower aide of Walnut street vWmrf, 1 ne mriro of the ahip Pacific, lust arrived from LC.ii. ton, coniisUng of very excellent TEAS, a follows, viz : 68 dies' - , 125 iml! chests, f 515 botes 10 catty, ami 70 b' - xes ol 5 tlty, Youi.'g Hyson Tea. ISO hali che.t. r"Tfa. tauo chfftt iivaon Skin 'IVa TS half ih - lt. i 3i7 boses, and Imperial Tea 14 cases nl rannistnrs ) 'IVcati.ter.(" - Tea. 3615 packaees ofCacsia 17 boxes Rhubarb I G do Vermillion. i ru - a j I x JOHN HUMES & i & W. Lit FINCOTTS, Auctioneer. Philndelpliia. Jxlr 16. 181?.. J 2? 6t 1URN AiEAL UJhhds. Onaiit yellow kiln Kj dnod Corn Meal, fresh from Ihe Mills, lor Hfiy . TUCKER & LAURIES, J 17 i 29 South - street. UM frUOAK. 50 lihda Rhode Island Rum, 10 boxet wl ile Havana sugar, for sale by JAMES D'WOLF, Jun. J 2J 54 South - afreet. LlJS'tfiS, Vi.Llr r.l tie. 4 VERY handsome assortment of Selrtaia Liaens, consistiujr of Platillas, Royales, Mretsgnes, Ettopillaj, Dcwias, Creas and Cho - hslts 2 ca5sIlV velvets 5000 muskets 2 boxes fowling piece 3 cask Steucrark scythes, double sword 150 kegs Dutch herrin 4 boxes assorted glassware The above ar tides entitled to debenture. 3 ccroons indigo, I box tors and a few pie ces Dutch cijth For a!e by C. ZIMMERMAN, July 11 lm 77 Washington - st. GERMAN GUODS. RECEIVED by the ship Triton and the ship Elbe, from Hamburg, and other late import ations, an asaorlment of German Linens, such aa J latillits, white and brown Bretagnes, Creas, Dowlas, Biown Checks and Shirting Linens Hempen Osnahurgs and Tickl. nbuigs, Hessians, Burlaps, Brown Rolls, Rag, Tapes, fumifine Broad Cloths tNapkins, ilk Galloon and Pound Ribbons Collee Mill. Slate Pencils Looking; Glass Plates Pocket and Stulia Glasses ren ill And an assortment of Cardwira. Also oo hand, A few ton St i'rters'iurg Hemp Hist quality Holland Sail Cloth, aad Sixty boaes l'ategn,ss Cheese, tutilled toiJe lK - ntUTe. For alc on reaonable terms, hr GEO. & THEO. MEYER, J 15 lm 129 Washington street. "iOT'1 ON. For sale a lew bale of Cotton, KJ su uitablefrronufcturinz. Enquire at 14J Psarl street, up stair. Cl.Ol Ha. bOMUAEl'Tb. YHE subsjribers nave just received by the J. tlups Julius Lxarand t aciuc, 14 bales Cloths, of A. Rhodes and Co's ma nufjcture lo aa llomnazetts, 1 Q M(, Hind S(nith Co'., manufacture Which llv off. lor sale at No 16J Pearl - it. LAVERTY, SI1LLTERS4: KING, J 10 2w VMERICAN CLOTHS. 2 bales seperCne Americaa Cloths, just receireil and for sale 11e COMMISSION COMPANY, Jjl8 143 Peail - street. tiRKAT CCAIOSlTt. MAMMOTH II O O. TH!S asiiiual i one of the Dost ettraosdt - JL nary productiH.s of nature, and ha been bro;, - ht bere from Ireland, at a very considerable rxpeuf e. He ia 4 ret 6 inchea high : length of his hoilv 0 fet 6 iucbe : cirtb 7 iect 10. and weigh about 1500poand ; a most unpre edrnl. ed tveight for uj of tlie specif. A further description m unnecessary. Every person of curiosity will be well satisfied with the view. This wt aJerful animal will be exhibited for a few days at No. 92 Maiden - laae, when he will be taken to the countiy. Pric for grown persona, 25 cents, children half price. J2lt TO LET, A convenient two story brick House, nearly opposite PL Mark's chur. - ti, with coachhouse, stables, lie. together with a garden and yard of about two and a Ulf acres of ground. ., To Sell or Lease, a number of lots ou the 1st. XJ and 3d Avenue. Applrte NICHOLAS W. STU YVES 4 NT. J j 6t J Areoot. TO POCKET BOOK MAKT.RS. TWO men who understand their business, may have constant employ in the above Business, by appl) ing - at 18 Wall - street July 15 Aary Agta? ('Jut, Aew - ler;. LOCUST TIMBER WANTED. WANTED, a quantity of locust timber and tree - nails. Apply to the Navr AzeaL at 81 Washington - street. ILr Ihe publishers of the New - Brunswick Times, Newark Centinel, . Long - Island .Star, New - Haveu Journal, aud New - London Gazette, will please publish this advertisement one month, and send their bills to the Navy A geul's Office. jy io in FRANKLIN'S l.lf'E AMJ A1I6CELLANE - OUS WORKS. CHARLES GALLAUDET, New - York, has in press. The Miscellaneous Works of Drw Benjamin Franklin, with the life of the author. Embellished with a handome ensravine of the imeness oi tnai celebrated man. The work will be handsomely printed in an octavo volume of from 410 to 500 pages, with a new type and on good paper, and delivered to suDacrtbers at in boards or $2 25 cents neatly oounu aim lettered. To non - ubcribr trie price will be advanced 50 cents. Jy22 lw JO Til K tUt LICK. 4 GENTLEMAN from France would wish lw to draw the attention of the citizens of New York to his ue wly established Laboratory of Co lours for walls, prepared lor immediate use, and accompanied with directions for laying them on. J he colours are of the brightest tints, and pre pared so that no diaappoiutmrnt can take place. &t. John's Hall, rrauklort - st. N. B. A vi ry superior quality of Recording luk manufactured by the same persou.' Julv 2 - 1 tt FOR SALE, The HOUSE aud LOT, No. 27 Orchard - street, now occupied by the subscriber. Tl, lot is 23 feet Iront and rear, and 100 feet deep. A further descnption of the property is deemed unnecessary, as it is presumed no oue. will pur chase without first viewing the premises. Il'not sold be lore the lat of August at private sale, it will on that day lie put up at public uui turn. Immediate twssesiiou will be givcu. Twenty - five percent of the purchase money uiust.o paid on delivery of the deed, the remuiuder may remain on bond anu mor'gage on the premises. JAMES KNOX, Jy 22 lw 27 Orchard - t. VuH S.1LE, 11 EN acres of groirid nrar the Botanic Gar - JL den, boun Jed on the east ty sixth avenue aud the cat of Thomas Addis Emmet, esquire, on the west by the UloominsTiple road. One third is in young wood. The laud being high make it a iletirable situation for a country resi dence, and as it v ill be sold at a reduced price. Wo close a concern, it is an object of speculation. tor particulars, apply at 139 Chatham, corner of Mott - streets. TO LET, A DISTILLERY, calculated for .grain or molasses, with dwelling house, wharf, stills, worms, mash tubs, cutenis, machinery, pumps, Sic. Apply as above. Jy 21 lw A; I ONT - A LTA For SAiEor to LE I', and LVA immediate poaaeasioii given, tlie beautiful ulace called Mnut - Alta. seven miles from Ihe City - Hall, on the North River, adjoining Lord Courtenay's. It contains 20 acres of land under improvement, with, a large garden well stocked with vegetables a variety of fruit, with every convenience for a family. For terms, which are very reasonable, and if sold a Ions credit given if wanted, ipplv to N. K D. TALCOTT. 64 Sooth - street. Je 12 I REWERY. For sale, a bargain, a Brew - J. J cry & Malt House counected, in the city of Hudson. The buildings are stone, and par ticularly wetl calculated for the business. It is situated in the midst of a barley country, and has many other advantages. v It u certainly an object lor those wishing to engage in th'S imsi - nrss. It is the only brewery in the courtrr. 1'his property will be sold cheap. Terms libe ral ; title good. For further particulars apply to M. MULDEN, No. 78 Maiden - lane, New. York ; or J. NIXON, Jr. near the premises. June rj ti TO BUILDERS. Or those who may wish to erect three elegant ouiuungs or lactones. FOTS, 77 feet by CO, more or leis, wilh the J llllltna ll.nninn Sn fhn fii.lra tt V', .rU.IUHI.. II.. I I II III. II.IMI f. I SWJ - ,1. can be purchased separate cr together. AI.SU. An e'.eeant LOT, with the Building thereon, 1 1 Bowery, 42 by 125, more or It si, near Chatham - street the w hole on accommodating term Apply at 33 Chatham Row, near Beekman - st The advertiser ha three small mortgage to dispose of, one of $3,000, one of $1000, one ol fUOO, ell in this city. Je 9 HACKNEY COACHES, f?OR Select Partins, from Elizttwth TowsH V Point, for Philadelphia, and the Steam Boat at Trenton and Bristol, and the Mineral Springs at stnootcy's niountii. Notice ent to No. 53 White - Hall frett. New York, or HALEY & STILES, Elizabeth Town, by mail, or by the Steam - Boot Atalanta, will be immediately attended to. J 14 'JO LEf, A counting Room, in the most centra! part of Pearl - street. For particular enquire at I'J i, tip stairs. J MM li WARD. PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given, that the Assessors of tlie Niuih Ward have completed their Assessments, aid that a cony thereof is led with one of the Assessors, at the house of Da - rid Huestis, Harhrm, lor five days, the other (ire at the House of David Turvey, Bowery - Hill, where the same may be seen and examined by a - nyorthe inhabitant during ten da) from the date hereof, nnd that the Aaseaior will meet on Firy, July 34, 1818, at the houae of David Turvey, Bowery - Hill, to review their (aid aa seraments, on 'lie application of any person con ceiving himself aggrieved. Hours Irom 10 to 3 ooeaciidav. ' JOHN ADRIANCE. Assessors of the JOSEPH WILLOUGIIBYi Ninth Ward. July 14 IO LET, A tleannl back room, at no. 56 Wall - street, aaittble for a lawyer's office. Possesion immediately. Apply in the front office. Je4 QtOH SALE OKTOLE.1i, lotsin the 5. 6, ft, md 10 Wards; many ol winch are on regulated and peved streets. No money will be required under ten years, if sold, interest excepted. HOUSES. Severn! two and three story bouses, oa which a great part of the money remain oo mortgage. LANDING AT RED HOOK. Aa excellent sand for busineaa, wilh ten acres of land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, store - nooae and barn. a) I TON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40 acres of land, and a never failing stream, upon which 20 mills may be erected, wilh a umciency of Witter for each. Apply t No. 2 Greenwich - street. janlJtf FOR SALE, A LOT of ground on Broadway, between . Walker street and CaoHl - itreet, 26 feet 10 inches wide and 15 feet long. laquir of P. A. JAY, Jj 1 tf No. S7 Piae - tre'. SOLAR MICROSCOPE. AT the New. fork Philosophical Museum, Medical, Electrical and Galvanic Room, Nn. 9'i Chatham Street, (w the front ball ol Chatham Garden) may be seen the wonderful etfct of the icilar microscope that magniues one h1red thousand limes, and i one of the beat lina'rument otthe kind ever tbewnin America, ' description cf this instrument i unnecessary , sudice it to say that forty person may at h 4B time sit and aec ill operation wiihout tm.aScorrenil'.nc of looliin llirnaoh a ni git is of aay kind. '1e folio wing (it is presumed) will be turn - cie - '.t to give an idea of the effects .reduced by lbi great examiner of nature The head of the c: - a,oa Flea i mayuified to look a large as iiwioi aneiepiiant; its probotcuor (ting two fee' lone ; less einht leeti hair ou the .x inesie. U a glais Tube of clear water, taken directly from the well, oaav be seen ihoussnd of animal - eula, all alive, some of which are tro feet long. w tuiamon v inegar and in almost all vegetable ascids or wines may be seen Animals Iroin one to three feet long. s ue ciremaiion oi me tiiood is distinctly seen in a variety of fili and insects. J'be wing of (he smallest Mosquito will sp - pekr from 7 tn 13 feet long, shewing distinctly the smallest fibre. The wing of the common Bottirflv magnified to ihe enormous size of30 feet. Tlie proprietor has lately been presented by a gentleman of this dry with an IntucU idaced on the ol.ject hi's of a common luinroacojie about six yeais since ; when first taken it was about 4 of an inch lone, and on it uiay no w be tees by the help of the solar tulcrutcopr., thousand of insects preying anu receiving lood Iron the dead car case. The Cheeie Mite, though e tussnll cn icscrt that it is almost impossible to discern tht m with the naked rye, is made to aipear as large as a turtle ten inches long, and very much rescinding Hurt annum. 'Ilie collection of anima!cula and inserts in general in possesion of I lie oerit((ir is considerable, though should any l:ily .r gentleman, Utit - ing tlie inuseuiii, bring with tl.eii an insect, nil) stance or fluvl,. that tiny wish to examine, it win ne inewn. Tie Snlar MicriroTe will lie hewn from leu oVJr A. M. h.OI two P. M. A. 4mi(iaiice lctijl ; children, under twelve yeMs.liaif price. tyrvn viaiting the museum ore requested to noirx nai me microjcope caunoi ue anewn un - ItsJ'Bes.mUioes. 7 NOTICE. 027 The I hyaician of New - York and it vi cinity, alao the ladiet and gentlemen now attending for the benefit of Electrical and Galvanic operations, are retpectfully informed, that the hours of operating for medical purposes in future win ne as ioiiows : r rom six to ten in me morning, and Irom two until (even in the after - uoon The Electrical experiments will I tike place every evening as usual, should the weather not be too damp or warm. S. TYLEE, Pmprirtor, And manufacturer of nil kinds f Philosnpliirr.l solutions and Private teu.iuariti thrni.gliout the United fctate. J 21 IM ADVKRTISEMEN 1. PROPOSALS will be recefved at the Navy Agent's officv. New York, for one week; from this dale, to supply a auantiiy ni Jetter Oak flank averaee length lect, IU to 10 nronu, u to 4 1 - 2 tliiek pith of hart must be out, aud clear of sap. Also, a numner ol Jerae UH liOii, irom aa to ia leei long, in in inrnee square, and a numiier of White Oak Knee, to aide Iron, 8 1 - 3 to 13 Inches, arm 4 1 - 3 to 5 feet long, bodies 5 to 6 13 long. 1'he whole to be first quali - t IT Stl subject to (ha inspection at tint avy Ynrd, and delivered there. The proposals arercouirrd not to exceed 5000 reet of nnhk Oot more than 10 Loirs, nor more man an rvners nocooiraci win tw giro soa - ny individual to exceed one of the above named quantities ; the shortest time, not exceeding 6 weeks, must be mentioned. Monev t) be paid on delivery. Any explanation that may be required, will beobtaihed'at the Navy Yard, where a bill will be given each individual utter he has contracted, nnd by w hich he is'.o be governed. J XI UKt II tjy The hue new aleaiu Irv vessel r tiu.i l tiiAt.. oi rCTftw s i r 701' tona burthen, James . 1 - , M, lac Kinzie. master, mil commence running on the first day of May next, and will leave Kingston, for York and Niagara, mime in, uui anuziscuay ol racumomii, an ! Niagara, for York and Kingston, the 6th, J6tl and 25th day of each month, during the season, where every attention will be paid to the eaae and commrl of the passenger. a ppucationt lor passage to be made to the captain on board. Kingston, 6!h April, 1818. J7d&ctOc.1 A IEACHER WANTED. T,r NTED at the village of Belleville, New V V Jertev. a srentlemitu capable of teaching the higher Brnncbe of Learning. One io ever respect qualified to superintend nn Academy, would soon be at tlie head of a respectable est ah lishmen. Apply to 8 VAN RENSSELAER. or Mr. L I OMfKINS, Belleville. J 23 DiiC3t JUADEliJj WltfE. D LYNCH, Jun. has a few pipes of the Wine . fr.m the parishes of Cam a de IajIios and St. Antonio, remaining, which he can warrant of a qusiuy, superior o any imponen io mis country for many years ; and which he offers for sale on moderate term'. Jv?3 lw OA DULL AH REIVAHU. RANAWaY from the subsciibrr, on the 23.1 inst an indented apprentice to the saddlery business, named PALMER VAN - DYNE, aged about eighteen years. Any per son returning1 him to his master, 41 Kowery, or securely lodging hiro in jail, shall receive the above reward without charges. All per sons are hereby forbidden to trust, harbour, or employ him under the penalty of the law. J 24 ol IRA B A It MM. "Vf ARRAT1VE of an expedition toexplose J.1 the Hirer Zaire, usually called the Congo, in South Africa in 1815, under the direction of Cspt J. K. Tucker, It. N. To which is added the Journal of professor, Sm.lli, and some gen eral obsei vat ions on the country and its inha bitants published by premiss ion of the Lords, Commissioners of the Admiralty, 8vo. Juat received snd for sale by J 24 41 COLLLVS & HANNAY. AMBOY ON SUNDAY. The Steam Boat OLIVE BRANCH will sail f r Am - Vr. yfTy hoy on Sunday next, and - Xii - ' - .Ut,.rw succeeding Sunday .at II o'clock precisely. She will leave it at 4 P. M. to arrive at 7 o'clock. IVseiigers may either d'nc oa board or at any ot Hie taverns, rassge mi cents going, the seme price for returning : cumer on board la cents. P. S. In making the trip she will sail round ataten laisrui. jziu SITUATION i wanted by a youug man as XX clerk in a stopping houae or wholesale grocery store. He has lived in a counting houae (ut the laat three year. A small compensation will be asked. Satisfactory rcconimeuJ - tlions can be given. A Una addressed to A. and left at thia office, will be immediately attended to. Jy24 3t OWEGO LOTTERY. THOSE who sre indebted toO. C. GRAC1E COw foftirkn m tiit above lottcy, the drawioc oi which ct.rd on the 17th iistHPt, are irequeatrd to nkl pnytmntet J4 Uroddv - sy. 1 J 34 3t Jfli rrgulaJmg ihe Gvoging and Intprcttng of tuh Oirfr. rassod March 31, 1 UIU. (7 he U tnaetkd iff Hit people of the title of - ' cw i otk, Ttprisw tat senate ana auemoiy, That the person aduunisterm; the government of tiii state, by and Vilh the advice and consent of the council of appointment, stall from time to time appoiut one person lor the city of N e w - York, whose powers shall extend to, and ibciude tlie village of Brooklyn ; one person for the city ol Albany ; and ooe person tor the city of Troy, whose power shall extend to, and include Lao - stngburgb and Watertord, to be guagers aud ia - speetorsoftuhor., , , AiUbeitfutthertiatttd, Thatitsrwll be tlie duty of each person appointed by virtue of this act, to prevwla himself with proper instruments for guaging and inspecting oil, and whenever cat led on to guage and inspect any parcel of Ah oil, within the place for which he was appoinud, it shall alao be hi duty to inquire diligently and eek out any parcels of fish oil within hi district, and guage and nisjiect the aoie,and brand legi - my oo iuo neau ol each niMc he may so guage and inspect, fcis own name aud the name of the place aor which be was antioiiited ; also the whole numbor of gallons the same shall gwgc, riud separately irom eatb ether tho quantity of water, the quautit? cf sediment, as well a the quantity of pur oil ho ahull fin J tlie.Viu. and shall make, subscribe and deliver t i the owner or holder of such parcel ol nil so guaed and in spected, a certificate, txhibilmg in separate columns the quantity of each of thy a(.rea!d enumerated ingredients the whole parcel - Jiall r.ow tain ; for all of which gnawing, insiectiiig, branding and certifying afoi e tai I, lm t JihII revive from the owner or holder of the pd so giugd and m specled, twenty cents r each iH'k, be the ssmr small or larc, the one half of which shall alwarc thereafter be chargeable upon the purchaser of in same. And be it further tnaelei, That it shall be the duty of all perrons owning or hoi Jiug RJh oil, to put the same in a conveuient position lor guagmg ana inspecting whenever thereto i squired by au auuierised guager and inspector. - A nil be U further mar ltd, 1 hat any person or persons who shall rouuterft it, alter or change any or the braud or mai ks a lores aid, no any cukk of oil so branded or marked, or who shall mix or in any mauuer adulterate uny cask cf oil so branded or marked, or who shall buy, stll or tarter any oil within the districts or places aforesaid, except the lama shall have been guaged, inspected and branded ai cording to law, or who tliall ship, export, or otherwise conveyor caue to be con vet cd any oil out of, or from the districts or place ufuresaid, except the same shall have been guagrd, inspected and branded ac cording to law, such pen ou or persons so offend - ing, shall foi frit aud pay tho ruin of twenty - five aoiiars lor each cask, the nraniia or marki oi which ahull be to counterfeited, altered or chan ged, or which hall be so bought, sold or bartered, or which ahull be to shipped, exporUd or otherwise conveyed coulrary to the true intent and meaning ol lh act : Provided, titveithiltji, that nothing hureiu coutaincd thall b construed to prevent auy person or persons from buying or selling oil by measures legally sealed. W;id oe it further macttd, 'I hat it shall be the duty ol any per - on or persons who shall use or otherwise empty tho contents of any cask of fish oil, iwimeihatolv u etTsce the guager's and in spectorTs mark or brands Irani the same, under the pcnnlty'of tweuty - hve d ilUrs. A fid be tt furtlur enacted, That any forfeiture arising, by virtue of this act, may be sued for and rtcsvawl by actios i dht, with ciKts cf suit, in any court having cognisance of the same, to the sole use and behoof of any persou who shall sue tnerelor. NOTICE Is hereby given, that the subscriber ha been appoiuted by the honourable the Coun - ' I f a . '. i . I t . . i - ii cii vi niiHiuiuit:iii, uuger snu sijprcior oi an Fish Oils in the City of New - York and Rrooklyn, and has oprncd hi office at No. 07, Wa'er - .t. where he will receive order from 7 A. 1H. to 8 P. M. every day, Sunday excepted. JAMES MAURICE. N. B. Dealer in FLh Oil are hereby uotiGed, that any infringement of the above law will be prosecuted. July 20 lm TRAPS. fIMIE newly invented pair nt Box Trap for sale at 1.10 Water - street. Je 13 J - 'uii, A farm on the Hudson, about a mile Newburgh, containing llki acres, 33 ol Jtf trt froui irout isewuurgn, toiiiuining ijj Hires, jj cm which are Woodland, the rest is divided by good fence into a due proportion, of meadow, uruhle and posture land. The buildings are partly new ; the house convenient for a small family : it situation is equalled in beauty by lew on the river ; the advantages, from tlie vicinity of a flourishing village, of public worship, society and good market, with the facility ol tommuniration with New York, render it a desirable resilience for a gentleman. 41100 dollnts ol the purchase money may remain on mortgage j the payment of Ihe rest will be nindu easy Io the purchaser. Apply a Ihe premise, to J23lf I. VF.RPLANCK. tOH bALL, A QI 2 Acre ol Land, situated about one farW hundred rods from the town of Jamaica, on Long - bland, fronting the turnpike road; about 1 1 arret of which is corercd with wood the remainder it in a high state ofcullivation, aud lias a very cluible situation lor budding. Alto, Ten Acres of salt meadow, distant about three miles from taid land. The above will be sold on reasonable terms, or exchanged lor property in this city. For further particulars, apply to Jamtt t viler, jun Io. 73, couth - it. or to tbe subscriber iu the town of Jamaica. JAMES FOSTER. JySI 6t PUOSPtX'J'L'S for rcBi.isniso bi scbsi Rirriosj A MAP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA ' 1 1 1I E publication of thi M a p has been umler - X taken wiu the impression, that it will ex lutiit information, highly inttniting at this eventful crisis, and the valuable Map which the u - t1 or tin procured, durip lnteveral tour through !ici. in tlie year lime, inui, ioiz, sou, Ujl; - , ICI6, and lb 17. induce him to bel.v. that H e Map, with even all its imperfection, wilt r.e much the most rfect whithna apewcd before the public. , . This Map will contain the latest aad best information from the discoveries and possessions of the Aineti, an, Sjwnish, Russian, Britnh and French traveller and navigator and representing the claim of their respective irovernmtnts on the Nnrlliwe'tern coat of America. Tbn Map will include that portion of North America, which lie oetween the Isthmus ol Da - rien, uad the4ath degree of Noilh Latitude, and f.omth Miasitsippi River viestwardly to the Pacific Ocean. In sise the Map will be ahout six by fire fert, and will be projected on a scale of 40 miles to the inch, to he delivered Io the subscriber al fifteen dollars sacb. Natche. MHrch7, 1R18. tip 7 I. til eECOND w ard. NO PICE iltiehy civcr, that the neori of the second ward have completed their as1 sossments, and that n cory thereof m le!t will: Abraham Valentine, No. Irtl Front itrect, wUie the (ante may he seen anu examined by any of the inhabitants, during tea dT front this date, and that the stressors will meet ut ettid plitre ou the. 27th July instant, to review their aid aaae - mnts, on the application of any pe:oa cocctiv - icg bioiself nrcriceed. Af!M. VALENTINP.) Assessor of lh x Wt. v. FOX, t i: ) 21 wsrl. OT The new FERRY POATS fromt! - foot of Walnut street, New York, to H e loot ci Lit - tlettrett, Prooklin, tear It Navr Yard, will commence runiiiug on Sunday, the Plhicsl. Persons croising to Prookljn irom the upper, part of the city, wj;l find tlw dittaiue utm h shortened by titm: tins ferrj'. my 14 NO IKK - . . (Ki - The Rising bun Sail Boat, Nonpariel, and industry, from the Elisabeth, town fi,i,it, icr'lrcm Market tit W - street, f nleia the Sttaij - hout Atalanta fnrnierty catre to.) tl 10 O'clotk, ol each ray. rastage li I I ctiitf. Eoouire al tt fc'earu boat llo'ell, ol , f VANLtdl OOLAt i'HlLLir. ray 31 tf - j rTT JuilN PhTiMf OR, Jl'm.J.106 Liberty - , ofl ere liberal ar.ticipat'dtuun nropeuy conaigu. ed to hi friends in tht Mrdittrrauran. tur further particulars, apply as above, or to i ABRAHAM Jlr.l.I, Je 6 tf corner of Chfi'& Fulton - sis. . LA.Ms. frt - STEPHEN B. MLNN. No. 2C5 H arl - atteet, New - York, puri'hrr - ea Lands in tiic llliu - oi Teiritory; vthicl, btn set hpaufur tie luteArmy. l.elttrs Irnui lie ccui.tij pi wig a desrriplii.0 ot the patent nnd the puce asked lol each ml, w ill b alt i. tided to, if Pott paid, my 15 if iSO'll'CE. (T Alt person t.a vii.; i t.iims aeintties !ht of Jot.n Linen, diM ehn), are 0e.airet to pr sent thiui lor scttu uicbt In tn suLscnU r, those ilnlel'led to snid cst.iletue r't t.uctud to uiaie pjyuitut, tohii Wlt"llt in - Uy. J.VMLS M'tlijDE, Jef9 1m Artin? I'leruliir. - . . A CArtD. OO" Al the piutirular lolicit.itlnnsuf U L. ly aubu ril era, th New - i oik SSall Water Flont - ing Both will be removed to hen Id st.itionat the foot ol Murray - street, this diy, where it will continue open every dty, from timii e in the morning, until 10 o'clock at idht, Curii g the bathing season. It it hoped when the Ladreenf this city know that thia lar building, yhirh will arconitiicdate two or three hundred person at a time, is exclusively devoted to their enjoy on Ji ten Monday anu Wednesday ol each aek until 2o'clw k, that the kiu thrl ecor - SKement which aucb sn apprc prmtinu deacrvea. On a'l other day they have theirtwuapartii.tit only. The greatest jwaaible atteoiiou will be P'i'd. I he i;th at the Battery is open every CuT - froiu sunrise to 10 O'clock at night, lor Gentle - men only. Je 29 frfr - JOHN C. HAMILTON. Commissioner for lue at knowlcdgt merit of Otil. Ac. ha re moved to Ihe i.ihi , comer of Cedur and Nuraatr street. Law Buildinzs,' No 1 Je 29 lm EA I i J.E IHE CO.VFAjYt, OF NEW - YORK. - ' ffr - Notice ia hereby Riven, that a Dividend. . of lour nnd a half per cent nn the Capital Stock, ol this company, has been declared by the Board of Direclois ; sT ' I will bu pnid to the atorkhnld ers, on or altif the LI'li inst. J3 1m (fr The 1' nt ilit limif.iinc CiiLmhv ol New York, huve thi day declared a dividend of six per cent, on the capital dork, for the last six. months, payable al their cilice, No. 49 Wall - aU on the lOlli - . By order of the Board of Din tor. WALTER R. JONES, Sec'ry.. J 8 lm iNOHCE. OO" The public are cautioned against trusting, tin: crew of the British liriy Retoui) occ, John Garnet master, at no debt contrasted by IhvUi, will be paid by the captain or consignees. J 3 Oicau lu3ir.uie Oilier, Julv 6, IU18. S TCi The Hoard of Directors have this d.ty declared a divideud of three aud a half percent' on their capital stock for the last six mouth. - ,. which will bs pawabJo to the stnckpoldcrs or their legal representative on Ihe tenth iu. - t. ut the office of the company, 45 WiJI street. S.J.iJUI.L STANSLURY, Sec. July 7 lm AEIV.YOHK JXSl'HAXCE COMiWr rilllE President and Director have this day JL declared a dividend of five per cent on the capital stock of the company, for the last six months, psy.ble to the stockholders, or their legal representatives, on and after the 13th Hint, at the office, No. 34 Wall sti'eet. , Jjuly 6 lm C. G. 6IUPMAN, Secr'y. Vlnall And immediate potaeaaion ciren. that pleasant country scat, which ha been occupisd lor ii verul yean by Mr. Jame gcott, situate on the turnpike, ahout live mmute walk from the villuge of Jarnaua, Lnng Island, where there are two fumout acadtmit for young ladies and jenticmen. i ne house i two ttoiit bigii, and las five rooint on the ground door, a enud barn. a well of excellent water, Ac. 'I here ia about thirty five acre of excellent land, with a great variety of fruit. For r itn.iriihira iLply to Mcssr. JOcEI'll TITCTOMB K CO. No. 162 IViirl street; ELlslIA PARKS, at present insaid village, near the premises, or to Mr. Jol.a W. MEtfENGER, near acid estate. J15 2 LOTS Tt l.r.ASK A I i HENUH'i ii RIVER. SITUATE Itctween Barclay and Murray - streets, Chamber aud Recd' - streets, Jay and Harrnoii - slricU, and North Moor aud Beach streets, at a price very considerhbly lets than iu - teresl on their value, and at the expiration of the term the buildiug to bu fairly valued ati l paid fur, or a new lease granted. ALo, to let by the ycr at a low rate, several lots or yards on thi water, well calculated tot lumber, plaster of paris, A c. Apply to PH. RH1NELANDER, 31 Park, oear tlie Thcalre. freveral of the above lot will he sold at a moderate price nd ou a liberal credit. A io - 11 portion of the money only wiU be required. June II - tf MAHOGANY r - OFAS, CHAIR AND CAlli - NKT FIIKNI'IURE, Mo. 49 UEEKMA.V - bTRELT. T 'HE sohseii'nr beg leave to retuin l issi'a. cerethr - rks to those ladle Vt.n feu. acts uho have btea kind enough to hu - .r hirissi'h (h. - iri - ouininuds, and to u.'vfm tl tns, vnd l' f ml' tniiers of handsome furniture la Citeisd. it, at t.e has on hurnl sou,r very thesnt suls, tlsiin. card, pemhroke and ex'vnrlir' nt I'ininv ta - blea. erand aiihbotid, inLid nuiilJeb p.i.i.el - orn.iuiioLiI hrasf - Hoikand ro - v.t. i, urn la hie to soatrtl, Crr.ria rntMhrs, sobs, tltuse 'ounce, music tlotils, i t' . . A - eo, a Ii - . hrry supi htir, ILe utility r$i which he DM'dcis - Uiny recoiunenns. . - All furuume wananted tf tt.n bet qoaltty kb work uanthip, and oi the newest Esrcpcsft (nu - . ions. - - :' 1 Order rxecuted to ny of tte'tyoori .nT drawic, on the moat itakoualijV Uct S;ii pu:ic,tilitf fc - rc,iti. i Vii!','i," Ladies or g - ntuiuLth..ving (acy woccs msy hve tlitiu ui - Miuf. lurrd to any article tl ey wun, ny tipp'yini uonve. my 30 lm A. it. HAYWOCP. COOAT.tVO.MiO;. - - TTtrANlF.U, a nmn to da the eViwi I T wis'jin b id '.ioitit.g ahM.TegiH'to fake eare of child and , r.nair.iur a cn of A small tamily. Ci.q,UHeat 4o W klker sUeet. ;. J 14 . - .uAi.HvA.HLaE. . . ' OlX rip, rcu - siniHC irrttl,V'r,,.'70''.V '. a ci'ia, of tcott. Leughenn, 1 enfold i Cu'a uranrt, ekcted t - sriu'uiar;; lor private uae, and seiv upertor quainv, ir ny me 'Ui) . c i e n.'Tl 11 UI IICI'VV B'f - f pf Vittii REMSEN ft CO. ). I. III Hii .Vl'l.' : 'iVii r ' : ; ' , i i - ? : V 1 - I ' . I r 'V

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