The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 26, 1945 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, January 26, 1945
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

12 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE FRIDAY, JANUARY 26, 1S45 Order Army to Operate Utah Railway Company Washington, -- President Roosevelt Thursday ordered War Secretary Stimson to take over and operate the Bingham and Garfield Railway . company -in Utah "for the effective prosecution of the war." A 16 line executive order, dated Wednesday, gave no details of the seizure action, but the war department said a strike of engine- Friday Saturday CECIL 7 ^MARIA M O N T E Z - J O N HALL ; . *'"G¥!PSY men and firemen became effective early Thursday, halting operations of the line. Although the railroad runs only from Bingham to Garfield, Utah, a distance of 20 miles, the department said it is responsible for carrying a substantial part of the nation's copper ore production from mines to processing mills, StacyviUe--Pvr. Roman Schumaker, who has'been stationed at Fort Ord, CaL, left for overseas service the past week. He entered the service in August, 1844. For Good Tender MEAT The Soda Brill Asks Bill to Permit Change of Time Washington, (ff)--Senator Taft (R., Ohio) introduced Thursday a bill to permit the interstate commerce commission to switch any section of the country from war to standard · time where circumstances justify a change. He said that no savings in electricity have resulted from war time in many sections along the western part of the eastern zone "because the light used in the morning equals that saved in the evening." 5HADY BEACH-^ 8oiU Shore. Cleu l*ke % DANCING EVERY NIGHT Steaks - Fried Chicken Hume Barbecued Rib* Fried Fish C*aee--Try Ou Ddldtu PM« HOG MARKET STEADY, ACTIVE All Good Animals Sell at Ceiling Chicago, (IP)--Virtually all good nd choice hogs scaling 150 pounds and up sold Friday at the ceiling, 14.75. The same grades of sows, n all weights, held against the top 14 in a steady and active hog market. The impending embargo on astern railroads, which goes into ffect Friday night, slowed pur- hases of cattle and sheep, and the bulk' of supplies went to local myers. (WFA -- Salable hogs 9,000; otal 14,000; m a r k e t most- y steady and active, small num- We Specialize in Lunches ·ad up DANCE RUDD, IOWA Sat, Jan. 27 Music by Roman Rexac and Hit Band Midwest Livestock DANCE at RIVERSIDE BARN DANCE 7Z5 North Kentucky Saturday, Jan. 27 MUSIC BY EARL'S RHYTHM BAND ALSO PABAMOUNT NEWS BEACHHEAD XO BtBLLS CABTOON COMEDY WILD EXCITEMENT -- RECKLESS CONQUESTS! For Ixve-and-Lauthter STARTING SUNDAY "Cyclone Prairie Rangers'* with Chas. Starrett -and . "Dancing in with Fred Brady - Ann Savace Try Our Evening Dinners Added: Disney Cartoon Matinee Saturday at 2 p. m. SUN. - MON. - TUBS. The Covered ( Wagon Now Showing Ends Saturday Late Show Sat. Nite »ASHIN0 ·ULllTfl CHARLES COBURN ITS GOT EVERYTHING! LOVE - LAUGHTER - COMEDY EVERT PICTURE A SMASH HIT! ItwoMwwt Added: latest News Continuous Sunday 1 to 11 LAST TIMES FRIDAY SCANDALOUS ATROCITIES "ENEMY OF WOMEN" and GLORIA JEAN "RECKLESS AGE" HKHMB DIX JANt ·VYATT Chapter 10 "Balden of Ghost City" Flos Cartoon TWO MORE BIG FIRST RUN FEATURES STARTING S A T U R D A Y Starts San. "Bride by Mistake" - "Escape to Danger" FOR ALL AGES MALEK'S ACCORDION Band, FRI. RAY GRAY and his Orch, SAT., SUN. ANNUAL MASQUERADE BALL TUBS., FEB. SPONSORED BY. DANISH BROTHERHOOD DANCE AND STAY YOUNG LATE BUS EVERT FRIDAY and SATURDAY S T R A N D WILLIAM GARGAN LEON ERROL Vivion Austin Milbum Stone CONTINUOUS SHOWS EVERY DAY a wvman... and tho t»rang*it man · woman «v«r Uvidt LATE SHOW EVERY SAT. NITE S T A R T S S U N D A Y D O N ' T M I S S BOX OFFICE OPENS 12:30 P. M. «itk MILS ASTKEft HELEN WALKER DON AMECHS DANA ANDREWS CUAALES BlCKFOKt (FRIDAY'S PRICES) Albert Lea, Austin, Mian. Minn. Trend Steady Good Butchers-- Steady JW-150 lb«. ...(11.10 tlOM iso-iao (be. «u.oo iiijo 140-1TO Ibe, (11.40 IU.40 170-1W UK. $13.15 »1J.«0 1BO-JOO Ib*. 114JO $14.30 200-MO lb«. C4.40 $14.40 JJO-MO lot. $14.40 $14.40 240-170 Ib*. $14.40 · $14.40 270-100 Ib*. $14.40 $14.40 300-130 Ib*. 114.40 (14.40 330-3W l!v (14.40 (14.40 Good ftdtiat earn-arc-so* ibe. (13.84 tut*. 309-UO Ib*. US.Si . ttttS 330-HO Ib*.' 113.65 *13.(9 MO-400 Ib*. $1145 S13.W 400-4SO Ib*. S13.5S K3.U 490-900 Ib*. MISS (13.e5 WO-5JO Ib*. S1155 Waterloo Steady «3.20 SUM W4.15 (14.45 (14.45 (14.45 (14.41 114.45 (14,45 (13.70 (13:70 $13.70 $13.70 $13.70 *U.«D Cedar Haold* Generally Study (11.90 (14.00 114.43 (14.45 (14.45 (14.45 (14.45 (14.45 (14.45 (11.70 $13.10 113.70 J 13.70 $13.70 I5.«o ber underweights strong, higher;! now virtually everything' weighr ing 150 Ibs. and up grading good and choice at $14.75 ceiling; all weights good arid choice sows $14; early clearance. · Salable cattle 2,500; total 2,500; salable 'calves 700; total 700; all killing classes steady; bulk sold on local account due to impending embargo on eastern railroads; very moderate supply cows and steers sold to ship east, steady; good to choice light steers $16.10 and $16.35; common and medium steers very active on local account at $13 down; moderate supply cows not bought early by eastern shippers sold later to local killers at steady prices, most canners and cutter $6.75-8; and beef cows $9-12.50; good cows to $14 and better on outside accounts. Most sausage bulls steady at $11.50 to $13; vealen unchanged at $15.50 down. Salable sheep 4,000; total 7,000; shipping outlets' curtailed due to transportation, difficulties east of Chicago; market slow, scattered bids around '25 cents lower on slaughter lambs; however, 3 decks good and choice native and fed lambs mixed carrying a small medium and sold -straight at $15.75; these not a full 25 lower; generally asking steady or up to $16.10 on good and choice fed wooled westerns; scattering native ewes steady at $6.50-8 for common to choice kinds according to grade. WALL STREET CONTINUES RISE Bethlehem Steel Prominent in Comeback New York, MR--The stock market continued to reach for recovery Friday with considerable success registered in virtually all departments. Transfers were in the neighborhood of 1,300,000 shares. Near the close gains of fractions to 2 or more points were widely distributed. One of the wider jumps was Bethlehem in reflection, of a pleasing financial s t a t e m e n t . Prominent on the comeback were TJ. S. Steel, Santa Fe, Southern Pacific, Delaware and Hudson, Warner Bros., Paramount, Chrysler, Omnibus corporation, Wilson and company, .Douglas Aircraft, Sears Roebuck, Goodrich, Anaconda, Dome Mines, Westinghouse, Du Pont, and johns-Manville. Secondary railway bonds revived. School Forces Try to Kill Tax Proposal Dei Molnes, VP) -- School cod« ' forces fighting for return to "full payment of the state income tax Thursday sought to kill a senate proposal which would continue for 3 more years the 50 per cent income tax forgiveness vote by the last legislature. The school cod* forces, led by J. Kendall Lynes (R-Plainfield) filed an amendment that would continue the half rate of payment for only one year. It would apply to the tax due this year on 1944 income. The move was considered a com-, promise attempt that, if success- 1 ful, would still leave the way open tor appropriation of $12,000,000 a 'year in state aid for schools. Sharp debate on the proposals was interrupted by the noon adjournment for lunch. Local Livestock -- BOGS ' MASON Cm--Tor Steady. Good li«ht ttjhta 140-150 $12.00 Good iiht l!(ht* 150-180 113.00 Good ll(bt lljhU 190-170 113.50 Good Ught IgMi 170-180*14.00 Good light UfhU 180-100 »M.« Good light Ughti 200-290 114.40 Good med. wt. butcher* . 220-340 114.40 Good med. wt- butcher. . 110-370 114.40 Good zned. tn. butehen . 370-390 S14.40 Good zned. wt. butchers . 300-530 JM.40 Good med. wt. butcher* . 3D-380 114.40 Good sowa 270-390 113.13 Good sow* 300-330 M3.SJ Good torn 330-360 S13.S5 Good *aw* 360-100 $13.65 Good Km 400-450 1I3.S! Good *owx 450-500 SW.S5 CATTU MASON CTTY--For Friday Good steers end holers H3.0O-14.30 M«d. itcen «nd hellers I10.CO-11.00 Com. itetra «nd h«u*m .... 7.00-V.oo Good to choto* cow* «».00-10.00 Med. COW* .; 18.00-8.00 Com. cow* » 7.00-7JO Butcher boH« 110.00-11.00 Botofn*. bun*, heavy 1 8.00-S.OO Walker Nominated for Another Term as Postmaster General Waablncton, (ff)-- F r a n k C.1 Walker was nominated by Presi-l dent Roosevelt Thursday for 'an- 1 other term as postmaster general.] His is the only cabinet position} whose term is fixed by law. It I lasts as long as the presidential I term plus 1 month, and hence re- 1 quires a hew nomination at least I every 4 years. I For a time there had been ru-l mors that Robert E. democratic national Hannegan^l chairman,[ Produce MASON CITY--For Friday (Cash quotation* By E, G. Hone) Eggs, current receipts 30c Springs, heavy breeds 23c Leghorn springs, 2 Ibs. over 21c Heavy hens 20c Hens, under 4 Ibs. 17c Cocks 14c Ail No. 2 poultry, 3c less Merchant Quotations Eggs, at retail 45c Butter, Iowa State Brand 49c Butter, Corn Country .;....48c Butter, Brookfield 49c might succeed Walker. Hanne-U · gan, however, has announced that^^ he intends to remain as democratic! chairman. Bologna bull*, medium . * 7.00- 1.00 CHICAGO POCX.TBY (Friday Market! , «·]--(W. P. A.)--Live poultry £lnn. 8 trucks, no care. Prices unchanged. CHICAGO PRODUCE · (Friday Market) Cilcaio. C5^--Butter, firm. SOT.S7S. Market unchanged. Receipts receipts 7,«5«. Firm. Dirties Checks 32 to 34c. Cutter*, Heavy » e.M- 7.00 Cutters, light * 8,00- 6.50 Cancer*, heavy - ....... S S.OO-eXOO Cannen. light » 4-00- 5.00 Fancy, (elect calTes 31100-13.00 Calm. (d. to chain 1X-1M 111.00-1100 Calves, fair to food, Calm, 130-1M S 9.00-10.00 . $ 7.59- »M . S 4J»d'«m MASON CITY--For Friday Ottiuta* *p. larcoa, ja. to eb. 1UJO-14J5 Genuine sp. lambs, mad. to gd. niM-HM Cull lambs * 8.00 d'wn Fed ewes, good to ehoie* 5 5.00- «.00 tOO- X.OO . Bucks ........................ f .75- UO NKW 1TOXK ntODUCE (Friday starlet) few Y«*. W)--Butter M3.I30. Prices unchanged at celling. Chees* 352,139. Nominal. No quotations. EgC* 16,185. Firm. Current general wholesale prices follow: Mixed colors: Extras. No. 1 to No. 4. IS Ibs. and over 40.3Q42.3c: medium, 40 to 44 Ibs. 39.3c; standard! No. 1 to No. 4, 45 Ib*. and over 37.3S38.3c; current receipts 37.Sc; dirties 41 Ibs. K.Be; checks 3S.Sc. ESTIMATED LIVESTOCK · BCCEIPXS (Friday Market) Chicago, (SO--(W. F. A.)--Officially estimated salable livestock nctipta for Saturday: Bogi HO; cattle 500; and aheep ALL GRAIN FUTURES FIRM Commission Buying of Rye Influences Others C h i c a g o , (5) -- Commission house buying of rye futures, causing gains of well over a cent a bushel at times, influenced trade in other pits Friday and all grains were firm. Wheat also showed gains of more than a cent at times. At the finish wheat was 1% to 1% higher than Thursday's close, May $1.61%-%. Corn was up % to 2%, May $1.12%-%. Oats were % to % higher, May 66%-%. Rye CHICAGO POTATOES (Frl47 Muktt) Chieage, *}-- (W. F. A.)--Potatoes: Arrivals 42. on track 119. total TJ. S. shipments IK: old stock: Offerings vtry light, demand exceed: available offerings local trade market; market firm at cell- Ing; very lew reported aales. New stocks: Supplies vary light, demand exceeds supply; market firm at celling; Idaho Russet BurbarUu. U. S. No. 1, 13.47; Colorado Bed McClures. U. S. No. 1, »3.42; Montana Chippewas, 17. S. No. 1. $3.48; North Dakota Bills Triumphs, Commercial, S2.91; Wisconsin Chippewas, U. S. No. I, $3.04. Pacific Veteran Says U. S. S. Enterprise Bears Charmed Life Somewhere in the Pacific--(De-f layed) --Marine Corporal John Fogel, 27, of Hawley, Minn., convinced that the U. S. S. Enter| prise bears a charmed life. Corporal Fogel has been aboarj the "Big E" for 28 months. As trunion operator of the marin'J gun crew, he has participated every engagement with the exce tion of the first--the batUe of '' Coral Sea. And in all that time he has ne\ J er been wounded, has never se4| an enemy bomb fall closer to " ship-than 100 feet away,.or a to pedo go by the, heavy aircraft caj] rier. No wonder Corporal Fogel phatically states, "I would rathj serve on the *£' than any otl ship.'It bears a charmed life.TM Holder of the presidential citation, he has participated In engagements. The carrier has a brilliant con bat record. It has 12 engagemen within 90 days, the last 8 in c nection with the invasion of Philippines and several sea battle]! which followed. The carrier's Scoreboard shot?] 52 ships sunk, 150 damaged an! 664 planes destroyed. The Minnesota marine' is th'l son of Mr. and Mrs. Amiel, o I Hawley. His wife, Florence, re-'l sides at that address. He enlistee] in April, 1942. . STATE RITES HELD Clarion -- Services were held I Wednesday afternoon at the Eylei funeral home for Albert State, 72, who died at his home here Mon^J day. The Rev. Louis H. Preul, pas- il tor of the Methodist church, of-;| ficiated. Hides and Wool Calves, gd. to enolcc 14O-1K) $!1.CO-13.00 Qcotatloni romlsae* kj Wolf Bm_ lac. 30* FIR* Str.rt Soithwat Bun bide* ........................ . it Prom II Ibs. up .................... ioc From 15 Iba. down .*--.........».,.. lie Rorcehldas ..... ... ...... . ...... - ., |OQ was up Barley was y to $1.09%. to 2, May $1.13%-%. higher, May CHICAGO CASH OKAXN Frid«T Market; Chleaie, (SV-Wheat: No. 1 red Sl.Tatt. celling. Com: No. « yallow $1.0«@1.10; No. 5 yellow fl.CV«; sample grade yellow BS'.'.igMttc. Oats: No. 1 mixed 77^ic. Barley, nominal: Malting Sl.1531.37i4: feed S5cS$I. Field seed per hundred weight, nunlnal: Timothy M88J5; red top $15«1«; red clover 131.30; sweet elovtr (10.65: al- ilke «28.50. Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Friday No. 2 white oats, 32 ibs 70c No. 2 shelled com, old $1.02 No. 2 shelted corn, new 96 He 12 Yanks, 2 Tanks Hold Alsace Town Against 3 Day Attack Weyenheim, Alssce, Jan. 24. (Delayed)-- (AV-This key front line village six miles west of the Rhine still is in American hands Thursday because 12 Yanks with two tanks, one driven by Corp. Hobert Mitas of Montezuma, Iowa, stood their ground when the Germans threw attack after attack at Of the 133,000,000 acres of private industrial forest lands in the XT. S., more than 45 per cent are, under management providing, for a continuous replenishment trees by scientific production. O f J the town last Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The battle of Weyersheim may not rank with the greatest in the war, but the stand made by the j little group of Yanks held an im- ! portant sector of the Alsatian front and it is stands like this that add up to victory. J. R. DORSEY AUCTIONEER 2592 CHICAGO OKAIN CLOSI (Friday Market) Cbleage., {ff}-WHEAT-- High Low May l.tlH July i 1.53K Sept. I.UH 1.51 Dec 1.52*4 I.alii CORN-May ..: 1.12V, 1.1114 July 1.12 1.1 Wt Sept. 1.11 1.0SH OATS-May .ss/, .6554 July O .8014 Sept. .58 ! A .5714 BYE-May 1.13H 1.11H July 1.10 1.08 Sept. l.MVi 1.04ft Dec. 1.0«y« 1.04V4 BARLEY-May 1.09*« 1.09 July 1.03 1.04!i dot* 1.61H l.U'A 1.11% 1.10'A .MS i.uv. . l.M'.i 1.09H 1.05 LcRoy, Minn. -- Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Anderson celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary Sunday at the West LeRoy Lutheran church when relatives and friends gave a dinner. AUCTION SALE at the LUND SALES BARN MASON CITY, IOWA Monday, January 19 We had a record sale this week and everything gold at very good prices. From present liiUnn we will have another food sale next week. We will have plenty of buyer* for all cUnes of livestock. Oar sale next week will contiit of the usual run of good ipriaier cows, fat cow*, butcher cattle of all kind*. AUo f at ImtFf, ewes and tracks. We will lufve about IM head of food feeder pin, broad sow* and boars, We have lilted for this ute one S-year-oId Rtfistarvd Swin Bun. Far prompt retains and satisfaction--eonsirn yoat Uveitoek to us this week. J. R. DORSEY AUCTIONEER

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