The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 25, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 25, 1818
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r.T MADEIRA ft GIBRALTAR. r fTv American brig POCAHOSTAd, 4.ui a V , ' flr wnHlmT. nam rtaav for MS. "f. Lrht - tx Madeira or Gibraltar, TVerfi - O bbbv - Apply to ;. JOHN HEFFERN AS, - ' JySS 3t - ' ' '34.Soui - L U 1 0A8C - S. ttt) nd. Molasses, landing tVI I - ,., aiouo Adeiia. at Bnrltog slip, for sue A' " . , J.OaBOaN. . J5 28 Soutb - stret. ttt joavfcccv. yiNo. 1, branded " T. M. Deaue Jc.',m" landing from the schr Biilliant, , Richmond, and r.''g'iiio. 1 ' "1 Tobacco of Toilers, Ege, ' fi'mo. 8 Fletcher, Holtz, Miller, 8't no. 3 Gibb, Daucy, Russ, Dut - 1 - 8 lb. rolls' too, Labby, rlar, tluglics i j i mil' 1 Si Co. Bradv.' Cantor Si , LaJiu twist I Sholtoa.aoJ Williamson's Cavendish J brauds wr sate ny Jy25 8t CORNELIUS DU DOIS. S...I - - I I ( - Cotton, lauding from ship Rising Slutes, i I 1 , - A r m a .a , - iJiiitTtl i LJ 1(111 now Savannan lf.lnrbv Tnhirrn will be landed on H I J ' - j - Monday, from the schr. Mary Aon, Irom New ROBERT GILLESPIE, t4 ' ' 112Fronl - "treet VTiini x Mil .assks bo uuiicliaons uue lid i voured Antigua Rum, and 50 do good tailing Wolassei, will commence landing this ernuon, from brig Francis, from Antigua, . iWkl WHIP Vt 1 'lk re af for I j 44 Soulli street M ALAGA MALMbliV WIN E. 210 quur tar .!; iiv cmwriAr nnlif r. fur sale 11 niiantiiiftt to suit Durcbasers. Also, lti ar. casks bid sherry wiue, ior stie iy J 15 BOOIIMAN A JOHNSTON K1C11MOND TOBACCO. 30 hhdi prime quality, landing from tchr Brilliant, BKcIt, nmtur, ior sale iy J 85 OORMAN Sc JOHNSTON, AjV stCCUUMTAXT UrAATD. WANTED by Commercial House in tits ciiv. a Touti man who is a first rate BKk - keeirr. Testiinonials relative to charac ter will be required, and one of the gentlemen ioitructea and taamioed by tho subscriber pre ferrtJ. Ai'pljr at 4U Fullou - st. J. BENNETT, Accountant. jur Zrt If HVE HULL AH H R Ell ill I), T OST tliii morning, supposed in I'earl - st M - S between Conee - liouse - slip and Beekman street, Ticket Ko 1394, in the Medical .Sci ence Lottery, 5 111 class. Said ticket was bought this morning of I. Gillespie, and was endorsed on the back. M sold by D. Gillespie, So 111 Broadway, opposite the City Hotel." The pnymenl, should it draw a pristv lias al ready been stopped, consequently it can be of so value to any but the owner. 1 he finder till receive the above reward by leaving it at this office. J 25 3t As undivided moiety in t!.e following lots af land in K vans' Patent" Delaware County, state of New - York, vis : Lot No, 50, contain, kg 16 aeres ; lot No. 58, containing 134. Win, aa undivided moiety in tbe euui half of lot No. 40, eontauiing I04j seres, and in lot No. 37, in the same patent eontaining 105 1 aeres. The above lots are well timbered with pine, See. fca. and their continuity to the ictit branch of the Delaware river render them worthy of the attention of lumber tactchants. They will be sold reasonable for cash or approved notes. For fur. tfier particulars apply to THOMAS ADDIS EMMET. Esq. counsellor at law, No. 85 - Pine tercet, New York, (whs Is authorised to make anti - sets for the sal of the above lots) or to the saUchber, ter whom an unquestionable title will s riven. - . MARTHA BRADSTREET, . . . Hammond street, Greenwich. .Ksw York, July 4th. ills. - tKy - TU Propriclots of the Philadelphia ( Freeman' Journal are requested to publish the . hove (or two months jo tneir paper and send thfir bill to Hie sutiscriUr. , J 85 dgm cgm DR. DE ANGELIS, formerly practitioner of Medioine in the MlliUty Hospitals f Ns - pies, and admitted a member of the Medical So - eitiyof New York, where he itaa resided since the year I7bS, aod his reputatioa and success in practice is now established in the kno ledge (if tbe public by near twenty years experience, continues to be consulted at his office, No. 23? Water street, opposite Crane whrf. In Rheumatic and Venereal cases, Dr. De An - (tlis has been wunlerf"Hy suceesstul; and the sanst terrible effects of those disorders hsvc fre - w.itly bfm cured by him m s short space of vme witniLt ineonvenitnre to the patient. Obstrnctkxts, alcers in the thniat and palate, tt&ieis in the joints, pains in the limbs, eruptions tribe skin, together with a numerous train of e - vili anting from neglect or improperly treating f tht siost insidious of maladies, have given way to sis node of treatment in almcst an incredible suaser. His extraordinary success is, in a great Measure attributable to his well known Anu - 'aetmatic end Antt - syphilie Syrups, which whilst aey eradicate every form or disease, restore tne esnciated cati - nt to visor and bealta. ' N. B. All ttl. rs fniin the eoantry (post paid) 3) be attended to, ud ti e necessary advise and aediune wilt be given and sent to say part of the son. N. ANTHOY - sTKLti NDllCE. OTlCE is hereby given to all persons in terested that the Comminiooers of esti mate aud aesrai - nt, appointed b the S' preme court of Judicature of the people of the state or New - York, to perform certain duties re - rati m to tha opening, enlarging and improving Anthony - aire t. in the saidcitv.havecximuleted their estimate and assessment, as well l the losr sad damage sustained by the owners and parties ' iaterested of and in tbe land and premises required inr the said improvement, as also of the bench ad advantage received by the vwners aod parties intftvsted of and in the lands and preuih m net required for the said improvement, and that we the said commissioner have deposited a tme copy of oor rv port of estimate and assess, avnt in the clerks office of tbe city of New - York, fir the inspection of whomsoerer it ma concern. lad notice ia hereby farther given, that the report f the said commiasioncraof es'imate and asscts - et, will be presented to the Supreme Court of wucaisre oi trie people of tne state oi Hew - s ork t the Cauitol in tlrit nt A Ikanv. M PnHuv ft 14th day of Angu't next, attiienpeninecf Nia coon on mat a ay, or as soon tnereatter counsel can be henrd U - ereon. Dated this 5itK aAM i. - i - iAm r - .M. - ij ui juiy, ioio. . (A copy.) JOHN roRBES, 1 WM. TORREV, Commissioners j JXOL. LAWRENCE, S MR. LEE'S SELECT J?c6oL FOR BOYS, No. R Pur PtiTi. 'THE course of instruction pursued in this Jr. nuiutution embraces every department Literature and Science recessary to a libe - dticaton, (the dead languages" exccpteJ ) The public is aisurd thut this School shall - "stof i number of pupils, never exceeding - ""j - nve. Ao pupil will be admitted who J00! re eonnecte lly and write legibly, uo in not acquainted with the rirt hve nues of arithmotick sciiool hours from t - 2 past 6 till 8, and from ' i o etock. Terms 12 dollsj per qr. I s1' abul 'tat POINTER CR 7 two years o'd, called aoco, Bissau .;i . w... ? . . larrs um rimer mnz, eowr ' - h (event u,.v, it . ' . white f . urir t.oiorvu spots, a aw xSL, U Paes will be paid to a "wnostdl give informaUai w a hoc liberal it taa a. i any left at lwr ARRATIVE of an expedition to explore tn river Zaire, usually called (lie Couro, in Sorrth Africa, in lb IS, under the direction of captaiu J. K. Tuctey, K. N. ; to which il added ttie Journal of Professor midi, aud souio giin - ral observations on tha comity and iU inhabitant 8ro price $2 50. Just received aod for sal by A. T. GOODRICH & CO. No. 124 Broad way, corner of Cedar - st. opposite JJ Zo the City - Hotel, JUS 1' published and for tale at tb a new Law Book Store, corner of Kate au and Spruce streets, Blake t Practice of the Court of Chancery (new work.) The trial of Joliu iVI. Trum bull against 1 nomas Gibbons, for a Ubcl. And alto. The Brownie of Bodsbeck, and other Tales, bysmjfg - ,authorofQaeen's Wake,c tic. july 25 ttw CORPORATION NOTICE. NOTICE is hereby given to the respective owners of the following lots ofland in the city of New - York, that they are hereby required to pay to the treasurer or chamberlain of the said city, without delay, the several lutns of money iionexed to the following description of the premises being tlK - sums assessed and now remaining unpaid upon the same, for oienicg, regulating, and paving sundry streets, and ior constructing wells and pumps therein; together with the interest thereon, at the rate of seven per cent per annum, from the lime of the continuation of the respective assessments to the time of payment, with the charges of this .notice and advertisement. And they are further notified, that if default shall be made in cuch payment, the said lots, pie - res or paicels of land, will be sold at public auc tion, at the city - hall ol the said city, on l ues - A. M. by virtue of an act of the legislature of tbe state of iNew - Vork, passed the lilh day of April, liiiG, entitled " An act lor the more tUect - ual collection of taxes and assessment in the citv of New - York," for the lowest terra of years at which any person ibmi oner to take the same, in consideration of advancing the sum assessed thereon, with the interest thereon, together with the charges of tins ootice am) advertiseiuent.and the certificate lease, and further advertisement required by the said act, and a' I ether costs aud charges to accrue under tne sain act. A'smrj of the respective ttmirs ; JVumber of hit ; on vnal street ; in uracil vara ; jar utuit as if r Jed; and the amount. To Lawreucc, or Mrs. Rogers, lots no. 034, Cda, on Third street, in tbe 10th ward, as sessed for paving Third - street $50 75, and for a cistern, 2 4U. John Malstead, lot no. 10.1, on Fulton - street, in tha ?d ward, asicsred for opening Fair - street, oow Fulton - street, 334 50. Patrick Fajrheu, one lot, on MauliaUah - street, in tbe 3th ward, for opening IZJilh - street, Z OH lo. one lot, on Lawrcnce - tt. Slh ward, for opening IZith - street, 4 00. Charles bnutb, lot between . Jorulard and W. W. Woolsey, 9th ward, regulatin,j 70th - st. 13. Garret Van Wa?e;eiirot lot on Greenwich - lane, 9th ward, for opening 8th avcuue, 20. Charles Debevoice. lot Leouard - at. 5th ward, widening Chapel - st. SO. Uo. do. do. do. opeuiusr Caual - sL. 13 34. Andrew Stockholm and Aaron Stockholm, S lots Cross - street, 6th ward, pavin; Cross - it. 63 10. Do. do. do. do. widening Lross - st. 73 L2.' Charles Dirkenson and Richard Dickenson, no. 33, 35, 37, Orange at. do. paving Orange st. 100 14 ; opeuin - Canal st. 23 04. Do. do. do. do. widening Orange st. 317. Abijah Ardcn, no. 49, Mulberry st. 6th warJ, paving intersection of Cross st. 1 23. John R. Livingston, 9 lots, Little Water it. in the 6th ward, widening Cross st. 75 04. Do. do do. in the 6th ward, regulating Little Water it. 155 01. Do. do. do. in tbe 6th ward, opening Canal - street, 184 0L Aaron Stockholm. 6 lots, on Little Wster - st Cth ward, assessed for regulating Lhllc Water - street, 111 76. Uo. do. do. Gin ward, assessed for ailing lots, 17 12 1 - 2. Do. do. do. 6th ward, assessed for openm; Canal st. 857 34. Jobu R. Livingston, lots no. 40, 42 & 44, on Orange st. 6th ward, assessed for paving Orange st. 117 98. . John R. Livingston, M'Carty leste, lot no. 54, on U range st. 6th ward, assessed for paving Orange st, 76 70. Do. do. do. 6th ward, tusesseu for opening Canal t. 80 16. Do. do. do. 6th ward, assessed for widening i)nnge st. 93 00. 1) . do. do. 6th ward, assessed lor Well and P.imp, 3 00. Do. do. do. 6th ward, assessed for filling up, 95 50. Do. do. do. Cth ward, assessed for regulating Leonard sL 49 10. Estate of Rob't B. Norton, lot do. 13, Crane st. 6th ward, ancs. for iiavins Oranjre st. 48 31. Do. do. do. 6lh ward, assessed for widening Orange it. 217 00. 1'cter scberaierhoro or Domimck Lynch, lots, Orange st. 6th ward, assessed for paving Orange st. 97 71. Solomon Wheeler, lots no.49, 4!ili, on O range - street, in tbe 6th ward, assessed for pav - uig Orange - street, 63 80. bolotnoo w heeler, lots no. 499, 501, on Bay ardhfarm, in the 6lh ward, assessed for opening Canal - street, 64. Uu known owner, said to belong to tbe estate of Ready, lot no. 612, on Bayard's farm, Orange - street, in thy Cth ward, asiesied Tor paving U range - street, 17 3, opening Canal - street, 10, well aod pump, 1 50. Dominick Lynch, for 38 feet, opposite Bayard - street, in the 6th ward, assessed for paving Urange - street, 40 43. Dominick Lynch, for 125 feet, north of Frank lin - street, in the 6th ward, assessed for paving Orange - street, 212 82. Dominick Lynch, for 92 feet, below Bayard street, in the 6th ward, auetsed for paving O raarcstreet, 11 50. Uokuown owner, said to belong to the estate of Heady, lot no. 466, Bayard's farm, Urange - sr in the 6th ward, assessed for paving Orang - st 23 13, opening Canal - street, 13 Mrs. Dale, 130 feet, State - street, in the 1st ward, assessed for paving State - street, 208 80. John R. Livingston, 4 lots, on Arandle - street, in the 10th ward, assessed for well and pump in Division - street, 2Q. John R. Livinsston, 7 lots, on Divirion - street, in the 10th ward, assessed for well and pump iu Divistou - sL 58. John R. Liviozstoo. 14 lots, on Lewis - sL in tbe 10th ward, assessed for well and pump in Lewis - street - 74. Anthony Lamb, 1 lot, on Grand - aL in the 10th ward, assessed for well and pump in uranu - st. 5 75. Unknown owner, 1 lot, on Rivington - st. in the 1 0th ward, assessed for regulating KiViogtoo - si 42. Iae F. Cot. 1 lot, on Broadway, in the 8th ward, assessed for paving Broadway, .0 5. Estate ol Solomon Cobee, 2 lots, on Broad vry, in the 8lh ward, assessed for paving Broad' war. 117 64. John Flora, 2 lots, on Broadway, in tha 8tb ward, assessed for raring Broadway, r"l 4a. By order of tbe Co mm on Council JOHN M'COMB, Street Commissioner. Street Commissioner's Office. ) July 23. '318. i July 25 law3 - w OXE HU.YDREIi T10USJLVD DOL - LARS. ft TEDICAL SCIENCE LOTTERY, will LfX commence draw'mar next Tuesday week, on that dar the tickets will advance to 30, any time previous they can be had at GILLESPIE'S otfice, No. 114 Broadway, at 28 dollan. . . . . . . - - . QFOR SALE, The HOUSE is LOT, No. 333, Broadway. Tbe lot is 28 feet front and rear, and luO feet deep. Tb bonis Is 6S feet deep, CuiJied in the best manner, aod replete with conveniences for a large family. On the premises are a brick stable, two rain - watur citterns, (one of which is brick) and a well of excellent water. Tbe situation is considered equal to any iu this city. For particulars, apply to lienjumin G. Moil urn, on the premises, or to ' ROBERT BOWNE, Jy25 1m No. 256, Pearl - sL M E1J1CAI, SCIENCE LOTTERY No. 5, begin drawing 4th of August. $100,000 HIGHEST PRIZE. 50,000 dols. iO.000 doll. 10,000 dols. 5,000 dels, next highest. Only 16,000 tickets, not two blanks to a prize aad the price of Tickets only 28 dollars. Halves - 14 dols I Eighths 3 dels 50 eft. Quarters 7 dols. Idihi Idols 75 cU. To behadin a variety of numbers, at VAITE'3 , Truly Fortunate, Lottery & Exchange Office, No. 54 Maiden - lane. Where has been sold the greatest number of capital prizes man at any other office in the united States. A few of them only are selected, viz. 1 of 60,000 dols.; 1 of 40,000; 1 of 35,000: 4 of 30,000 1 3 of 25,000 ; besides a great many of 20,000, 10,000, Ac. J 25 MEDICAL SCIENCE TICKETS have ad - vsneed to 28 dollars. Tbe unparalleled sale of tickets in this favorite lottery, has already occasioned a scarcity, aad consequently the above early sdvsitee. No lottery granted in this country is perhaps so deservedly popular ss this state lottery. Its truly commendable object, vis. promotion of medical science, a source of health and happiness Its scheme, for brilliancy and magnitude unequalled. The regularity and promptitude with which the managers have conducted the previous classes, together with the guarantee of the state making the payment of prizes certain in 60 days after the drawing, and if demanded within 6 years, exhibit a combination of advantages, which if duly estimated by adventurers, and immediate application will tie made for Tickets, daily enhance - ing in value, and which tis anticipated will command a greater advance than any ever sold in this city. CAPITAL PRIZES. 1 of $100 000 1 of 60,000 1 of 20,000 1 of 10,000 1 of 5,000 2 of 2,000 45 of 1,000 Commences drawing on Tuesday week. Tickets ai d Shares for sale at GRACIE'S 146 Broadway. Where a number of capitals of MiOO, 2000, HKHt, tee. in founer lotteries, have been sold snd paid. Urders from a distance promptly executed. J 25 O. L. V. INDIA MADEIRA. EDWARD DUDLEY, S65 Pearl street, has 2 pipes and 1 half pipe old L. P. Madeirn, of tbe celebrated brand I. H. M. which be offer foi rale. This wine was orizinaliv tptnaitu ttlfrtr,!, and has just - arrived iu the Essex Junr. iroin Calcutta ; this being its second voyage : Connoisseurs have adjudged it highly superior. J ZD Iw GOLD tV.i TCH .i J - A UCTIOjY. JOS. C. COOPER will sell to - morrow, at 20 Wall - street, an invoice of gold and silver patent lever watches ; musical snuffboxes, some cost 70 guiueas each ; do seals ; gold chains, fcc. 4 cases ol r rench chairs, bureaus, 4ic. 1 case ol German toys. Goods intended for the sale will be received until 6 this evening. Catalogues will be ready at 8 to - morrow morning. Jy 22 TUCKETS in the GRAM) S1A IE LO I' - X TERY, which coromeuces drawing one tM.oIr fwvinm .! 'V itnmA - tho 4fU ti Annual ftl i.'O : parts in proportion, with a liberal discount to those who pureliase to sell again, for sale at BENJAMIN BUTLER'S Lxchange and Lottery Office, 27 Wall - street. Genlltiinen who hare so often beea disappoint ed in the Tickets purchased at the Fortunate Lucky, and Truly Lucky lottery Offices, are informed that Dame Fortune has taken her resi dence in Wall - street, and ii'the adventurers court r ortune they must seek ner here. Look at the Gentlemen who have made princely fortunes within the last three months, and are now grow - iug fat under the weight ol gold in this little street of only 100 houses ; yon see one that has drawn a prise of 70,000. 1 of 20,000. 1 of 10,000, I of 5,000 ; several of 1,000 and 500 ; and tbe capital prise CT $35,000, in the Millord and Owego Lottery, sold in the street ; such instances of good fortune have rarely occerred. Faith, grounded on Uie above circumstances, warrants the subscriber iu reconimendioghis tickets to those who purchase lor pront. uood lortune is in tiie street, and points to No. 27, where all the Capital Prises are expected to be sold, and if th public will not attend to the call the proprietor will be compelled to retain the Goldeu Prizes now offered. J t.le .dtr ADVERTISEMENT. PROPOSALS will be received at the Navy Vent's office, New York, for erne week from this date, to supply a quantity of Jersey Oak 1'iank average length 45 feet, 10 to 16 broad, 9 to 4 1 - 2 thick pith of hart mutt be out, and clear of sap. Also, a number of Jersey Oak Logs, trom 35 to 55 feet long, 18 to 80 inches square, and a number of White Onk Knees, to tide from 8 1 - 2 to i inches, arm 4 1 - 8 to 5 feet long, bodies 5 to 6 I 2 long. The whole to be first quality, aod subject to tbe inspection at tbe Navy Yard, and delivered there. The proposal! are required hot to exceed 5000 feet ol Plank ; nit more than 10 Logs, nor more than 50 Knees as no contract will be given to a - ny individual to exceed oue of the above named quantities ; the shortest time, not exceeding 6 weeks, must be mentioned. Money to be paid on delivery. Any explaaation that may be required, will be obtained at the Navy Yard, where a bill will be given each individual after be has contracted, ami by which he is to be governed. J Yl l)ii, 11 NOTICE. A ITEW ESTABLISH 31 EST. THE subscriber respectfully informs his friends and the public renerally, that be has removtd into the bouse No. 107, owned' and lately occupied by chief justice Thosason, two doors west of St Peters Church, in State - street, and near the Capitol, where he continues to keep a tioardtnz House lor the accommodation of those who may favor him with their custom, either by the day, week, or year, where every st - ention will be paid to render their stay agreeable while at Ins house. Ladies and gentlemen passing through this city may be accommodated as shove. Breakfast tic. will be provided for parties on the shortest notice. The subscriber has lately added a number of single lodging rooms, which render this establishment very commodious for travellers. Good horses and carriages provided for his customers, on the molt reasonable terms. J.W. ROCKWELL. Albany, July 13, 1818. J 22 lw (gjT The tine new steam vessel FRONTENAO, of 700 tons burthen, James Mac Kinsie, master, will commence roomng on the first day of May next, snd will leave Kingston, for York and Niagara, on the 1st, 1 1th and 81st day of each month, and .iagara, for York and Kingston, Uie 6th, I6tt and 25tn day of each month, during tbe season, where every attention will be paid to the ease and comfort of the passengers. A pplicatioai for passage to be made to tbe captain on board. v Kingston, 6lh April, 1C15. J 7J&etOcl FLOUR. 200 bbl. Richmond Sweet Flour, wraaded Variety, will be landed this day from bhtr Betsey, from Richmond, for sale at Si Couee Bowse Slip, by J 24 . D. CETHUNE CO. A Pilot Boat Schooner, Bcnnutlian built. - copper fastened, aboi.l 27 feet keel, was blown off from the Llaad of Bermuda on the Strt of May last, with seven Negroes on board. be was fallen with, abandoned, in the gulpb stream, on the 3d June, by the ship Octa - via, arrived at Sag - Harbor, the captain of which found a letter on board atating that tbe Negroes had been taken out, iu lat. 31 and long. 72, by the Patriot armed schoouer Hornet. Any information towards the recovery of the Boat aud Negroes, will tie Uiankfollv received : or sheuldtbey be restored, the expenses will be pam Dy applying to Betijamtn Jiatiicn, esq. m the Maud of Bermuda, or to the subscribers in the city of New - York. TUCKER it LAURIE5, July S3 5t 29 South st. For HALE, The brig JOHN, 1 11 tons, built in Massachusetts, in the vcar 1308, and rebuilt in Philadelphia in 1316, a staunch ciod vessel, and well found in sails and rigging ; ucs ai ttrooKi; n. ior terms, apply to JAMES D'WOLP, Jun. J 2:1 54 South - street. for CHARTER, A British BRIG, burthen 21S tons British, or 2100 barrels : now at Phi ladelphia ; will proceed to tins, or a southern port, to load for England, or the West Indies, and can be despatched within three days notice. Apply to ROGERS It POST, J 6 51 South - street tor tiLAKt.LX tt MOBILE. The superior fast sailing schr ANTE' LOPE, John B. Clement, master, hav tug nearly all her cargo engaged, will sail iu a few days. For freight or pasrage, having good accommodations, apply ou board, east side of uuqtug - slip, or te READE & DE TEYSTER, Jy0 Iw 31 Old slip. HrjtKlEU TO CHARTER, A good fast sailing VESSEL, of 1500 to 2000 barrels burthen. Apply at 57 wnhmglon - street, to Jy 23 G. G. & S. IIOWLAND HAXIE1) TOCUAIUEH. A British BRIG, that will carry a bout7U0 bales Bengal Cotton, to load lor Liverpool. Apply to J 23 ARCH'D GRACIE & SONS Bor LIVERPOOL, (One cf the line of packets,) The coppertHl, New - York built shin PACiflC, John Williams, master ; has elegant accommodations for passengers, and is intended to sad, according to a fixed arrangement, on the 1 0th of next month. For freight or passage, ap ply to captain Williams, on board, at r ullou st. wharf, to ISAAC WRIGHT & SON; or, FRANCIS THOMPSON. P. S. Beds and bedding are found at the ship's expeuse. Jy ici tor CADIZ, The irood substantial ship MARY, Jas. Maffit, master, having the greater part ol her c.rgi) ready to go on board, will be dispatched immediately. Freight will be taken if ottered within 4 days. Apply to GUODHUL K CO. J 21 44 South - street, i - or JArtHPUOL, Tho elegant fast sailing Coppered ship DRAPER. Wdliain Adams. master; she is 291 tons burthen, only two years old, and will be dispatched immediately on discharging her inward cargo. For freight or pa - sage, ap ply to the master, on board, east tide ol r ly market wharf, or to E. W. rlOUKKS Si co. Je 16 235 Pearl street. for Stile or Charter, The brig HERO, Capt. Maiison, lies at Murray's - wharf, burthen 151 tons, 7 years old, built ui Massachusetts, may be sent tp sea with little exneuce, and will be sold very low. " 'Apply to S. Si D. TALCOTT, J 22 64 South - street Hunted tit CHARTti, A vessel of about 2000 barrels. Ap .ply to MARCH Si BENSON, Jy2l Iw 47 South - street. POJi SALE, The ship AMERICA, built in Phi ladelphia of live oak and cedar in 181 1, copper fastened and coppered to the bends, decks nd aides copper spiked, burthen per register 464 64 - 161 tons, carries 5500 barrels of flour, sails fast, and is one of the best buNt shins in tbe United States, (or terms, apply to ARCHIBALD GRACIE & SONS. J 21 Iw tor Hale, freight or Charier, The staunch good ship MIRROR, 314 tons burthen, is in complete order to receive a cargo, and may be sent to sea with lit - tlerxpencc. Apply on board, west tide Bur, ling slip, or to Pi. L. ti U. UK19WOLU, JySI G6South - !t PA USAGE for A'EWORLELiATS, The fine fast sailing; new brig RESIGN, Capt. Wheeler, will positively sail on Sunday next for New - Orleans. 4 or 5 cabin passengers can be well accommodated, apply en board at pier No. 5, north river, or to JUSEFH JUNES, J 21 51 No. 12 Grcenwich - streeL For KIAGSTOA, Jamaica. The fine coppered schr. CLAREA" - DOA, John G. Frith, master, is now ioadiug, and will be dispatched without delay. For passage only, apply oo board, at pier No. 9, East - River.orlo TUCKER Si LAURIES, . joly 24 29 South - st. I71 TOBACCO. J hhds Richmond tobacco, some of it of the first quality, and suitable for the Irish market For sale by Jy 24 . W. & S. CRAIO. SflKKl' BRASS. A small quantity of thin ShMt Brisi. uiitahle lor eun mountings or umbrella makers. For sale low by G. G. k S. IIOWLAND, J 24 67 Washington - street. CU'I TOA WOOL MA CH IAE CA Di. 'I'HOS. WHITTEMORE has constantly on JL hand at his manufactory, No. 50 Ferry - street, next to Uie comer of Pearl street, a large and general assortment or cards ol every descrip lion, viz : Cotton Cards of 7, 8, 9, 10 W'ool do 5 and 6 . Machine da Clothiers' and Hatters' Raisins Cards All of superior quality, which he will sell on the lowest terms. im BEEF 60 bblsuf Boston Heel IV o 1, ol an excellent quality for ship stores, for sale by U. u. at a. nuntiiini, J 24 67 Washington - ktrceL 100, COTTOA'. ' bales very prima upland cotton, land ing from brig Speedy Peace at Brooklyn 1 42 do do in More at Brooklyn 131 do do do hi tha city. by . JOMAII STURGES, Jy22 6t 1 13 Pearl - st MADEIRA WINE. - n LYNCH, Jan. hasa few pipes ofthe Wine . c. i r i do coboe and St. AfHonio, remaining, wide be caa warrant o( qutitty, enpenor 10 any ""l - "1 - 7 try for many years ; and which he offers for sale on taoderate term. jVS - lw It CU RK MOORE CO. 5l 4loath - itmt. SEASONABLE DRY COODS. Xc 2 bales superfine cibtbrs . ' . 2 do. casaiu.era, ldo. fine plains. . , 1 do. fancy toilinett wistcoauugs '. 3 do. white flanneU . ( , ., ' 1 do. ladies pclise cloth '. 2 da luw priced plains 3 do. superfine cas&imere shawls - . ' U trunks damask sh.uls 5 boxes steam loom shirtings ,6 do 6 - 4 k 9 - 6 cambricks 1 d. fijured satins. Just received per Pacih from Liverpool, and iw caie at .o. vu couee iiouc np, by LAIULAW, U1KAUL1 & IU. Ill IToflE. 3 bales Bomhnzets ' 2 bales superC ie l.lack Cloth 1 box French Cambiirs 1 do Boot Tops , . 40 bales Upland Cotton 0 hhds. Kentucky Tobacco. J 22 lot i 'liF.. 6 pipes choice L. i Madeira VV Wine, branded S. P. C 2 liftlf or. casks do do Mahuu - v div 11 vera old au, ior sale By W. S. CUAlUi J T4 - BAR IROM, c. - 5 tons Bar Iron 6 tons Sheet Iron SO dozen Fry ing Pans Patent Chatfand Drawing Knives Iron and steel Shovels German and cast Heel mill, pit & hand saws Coach Spring St - el. For sale by ANDERSON k SUEARER, 2 At 1SI Wnter street. JAMAICA RUM. A i puncheons Burn, lanuuit; from the bri: Marshall at Cocnties ttip for sale by AADLKSON U SIIKAIIF.II, Jy 22 Iw 131 Wator - st PUH HALE, A country House and Farm, on the east bank of Hudson's Kiver, in Uie Highlands, about miles Irom INew - iork. lyini: lictwetn the country seats of William Dunning, Esquire, and apt. flumps, and nearly opposite VV est I'oint, Tha farm contains 121 acres. The house (which was built in 'Mt) has 12 rooms, exclusive of the kitchen, sue! possesses every convenience m ccssa ry lor a family. is also a farm house barn, stable and other out - houes, in good order, a garden and a great variety of fruit trees of the Debt kinds. A lurther description n not ctven because persons inclined to purchase wid no doubt view Uie premises ; lor which purpose application maybe made to Mr. James '1 hompson, on the farm. For the terms of sale, enquire of VvM. llhll.r;KSl., 55 Wall street, New - York. J 8 W&S 3dnalm GMILtltR I , meiiiiiei ol the iiendemy ol arts . in this city, informs the :uhlir, ih t his d - awing academy is closed uii'ii the 1st of Sep tember, being employed by his Fxt illenry ( Hyde de Neuville, the Minister from the court of France to the United States, to collect specimens of Natural History from this country, lor the mu - W seumofthe Royal Cabinet at Paris. Mr. Mil - bert will avail himself or that opportunity to complete the series of Picturesque views which he commenced last year, oo a tour at the expense of the U. tiled States. lie will give immediate notice of his return , the academy is situated at the corner of Maiden Lane and Green - street J 24 3t T! WO gentlemen have purchased a waon A. and pair of horses to take a tour to Niagara, Montreal, Quebec, tic. There is room lor two other gentlemen. If any such are desirous flf taking the tour, they will hear of the particu lars by addressing a line to No. 21 Wall - street. I o start on Monday next. J 24 3t JO LET, The first and second door in store No. 8 Fletcher - street. The rooms are large, being 25 feet wide, 70 feet deep, wellcalculatedlora wbolesale crockery store, for storage, or for other business requiring much room. To be let loge ther or separate. Enquire on the premises, or at 14 rwrl street, up stairs. Jy 24 t uR H.iJ.E, A FARM, containing 300 acres, on the banks of the North River, a mile south from the village of Hyde Park, and eighty - six from New York. The land is egutJ in quality to the best in Oneness county, and is in high order and good fence. On the premises is a good plain farm noure, a good nam and other appendages necessary to conducting a large farm. Also, a building spot commanding an extensive and beautiful view of the North Hirer. Within half a uiilo of the farm house is an eminent Academy, nnd within two miles an Episcopal aud a Presbyterian Church, in each of which there is re.ilar service physicians two landings, one of which the Steam - boat advertises as a lauding pWce, stores, Ac. &c. The whole will be sold together or divided to suit purchasers. The terms of payment will be made easy, and an indisputable title given by the subscriber. WILLIAM BARD. Hyde Park, July 54 If 0YE DOLLAR REIVARD RANAWAY from the subscriber, on the 23d inst an indented apprentice to the saddlery business, named PALMER VAN - DYNE, aged about eighteen yean. Any person returning him to his master, 41 Bowery, or securely lodging him in jail, shall receive the above reward without charge. All persons are hereby forbidden to trust, harbour, or employ him under the penalty of the law. J 24 3t lit A B Alt NUM. NARRATIVE of an expedition to explosc the Kiver Zaire, usually called the Congo, in South Africa in 1810, under the direction of Capt J. K. Tucker, It. N. To which is added the Journal of professor. Smith, and some gen. eral observations on the country and its inhabitants, published by premission ofthe Lords, Commissioners of the Admiralty, 8vo. Just received ind for sale by J 24 4t COLLINS t IIANNAY. AM BOY ON SUNDAY. The Steam Boat OLIVE BRANCH will sail for Am - nov on Sundav neat, and every succeeding Sunday, at II o'clock precisely. She will leave it at 4 P. M. to arrive at 7 o'clock. Passengers may either dine on board or at any of the taverns. Passage 50 cent going, the same price for returning : dinner on board 75 cents. P. S. In nuking U trip she will sail round Staten Island. ti A SITUATION is wanted by a young man as XX. clork in a shipping bout or wholesale grocery store. He has lived in a counting bouse for the last three years. A small compensation will be asked. alirartory recommendations can be given. A line addressed to A. and leu at this office, will be immediately attenJed to. Jy 24 3 - ' I Ml b Brownie cf Bodtbcck, and other 1 ales, J by James Hogg, author of "The Queen's Wake," Ac. etc. .... , ALSO, NarraUve of an expedition, to explore the River Zaire ; usually called tha Car.r South Africa, in 1816, under e direction of Cap - tain S. K. Turkey, R. N. to which is added Ue Journal of Professor Smith, e. & c. Ja'tpub lis bed and for sale by P. A. - MEp'f - H , 1 - mA c, 28 Wall - street. PKIZK LIST. GILLESPIE has received at his cce. No. 114 Broadway, tbeMsnagers OfliciU List of Prizes in the Milford and Owcgo Lottery, where it is ready for any persons inspection, erd those that have drawn prizes cao get their cash, or have their chances renewed ia the Craod Medical Lottery, cootainu ; the splendid prizes Of $ 100,000, $50,000, $t0,l!J0, f 10,000, $5,000, and a great aimner oumaiier prize. j 24 a OWKOO tiTTRtV. m HOI?: WM are iadeSted toO. C GRACIF. X At CO for tickets in the abcr Voftery, tfn drawing o( which closed on the 17th instnet, are reaeeneo to tnst payment at 14 Broadway Z4 21 : . - - w , v e " - "MS:. . i PUBLIC SALES: BY'miLLS. frllNTON t CO." " Monday, At talf past 9 o'clock, at (heir auction store. a large assortment of British and French dry goods ; amouj winch are. 3 cases linen bed ticks. superior quality ; t do C - 4 aad 12 - 4 table cloths, ldo super, sheetings, 2 do 7 - 4 and 8 - 4 black and cil'd dmaek liawls, 1 do super. 4 - 4 India mulli, ens e - .se black Italian sewing silk, J do black and blue English d 3 ; 1 do S - 4 blue, ink and buff ginghams, I do bordered muslin oravaia, 1 bale India cheeks, case ivory stick t'aus, 1 do white thulle lace, Ste. etc Thursday, At 1 1 o'clock, in iront of Uie Auction store. No. 143 Pearl street, SO boxes cider, of very superior quality, packed in sand. .WARtiLU tOU RLILUJAU, c. THE proprietors of the southern marble qua ries, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that tbey have on baud, aud are receiving, at the A'ins;Vfirirf(,'e AJcrble and Lime - lmd, foot of Beach - street, on Uie Modsoh river, an extensive stock of marble lor building, of the following de scriptions, vir: Ashlar Coping Foundation Stone Cbimuey - Pievetj Facings Columns ' Watertable Steps Platform! Sills, Lintels Arches Ato Lime cfthe best quality. fJ7J A cons taut sumily of the above materials may be calculated upon; and those desirous of purchasing, or making engagements, will apply to r - iSUA LUDLOW, Feb 11 - AttheYard. MthKr 'jo loaa: ... faT filYKLLARS toloan '"lumito J ff ,VfJJ suit applicants, on bond wiUt mortgage uHin approved property. ALbO, 40,000 dollars on approved paper, guaranteed by bank stock. Enquire of WM. WILLIAMS, 137 Water - street. Where application may be generally made through the year, aud mortgages disposed of. Je VS tf CORNELIUS IMJftEtvT, ATTORNEY, COUMStLLOIt AT LAW, AAD A'OTARY PUBLIC. COMMISSIONER, authorised to take Am - davits aud Special Bail in anv Court of Record of this Stale, the proof and acknowledge ment of Deeds, aucT discharges ol Mortgages - Alto Affidavits, Special Bail aud the deposition of witnesses de bciieeut, in (be District and Circuit Courts of the United Slates, continue! bis olfico at No. 1 4 L'e Jar - street. jy22 - lm 'JJ - JA E. 1). S'l OUT, Engraver and Seal Cutter, removed to 90 Liberty - street, near Greenwich - street. - Jv8 3m fy LET1 rJIS lurli.s Bntiiunic Majesty's Packet Queenaberrv, will be rtceived at tbe I'ost Olii.e till Wednesday afternoon, the 5th day of Ai'gi'it. j ti r. w. iwuutir., Agent. trj - Wanted, a id officer for a ship to In dia. Apply to J. G. BOfiERT, Esq. Jy 23 ' No. 133 Water - street. LlSSUhU t iUA OP t ARTA ERUUIP. ifr - The co - ihrtnership lately existine under the firm otjamri Urayti Co. is dissolved by mutual conseut. Tne business iu future will be conducted by Laurence Anderson ; James Gray will settle the business oi the ttite lirin - . JAMKS GRAY, LAURENCE ANDERSON. J 23 3t a I A b clX I CLM . blOCK. fjT We are requested to strttc,that this stock is transferred and certificate - are issued at the Manhattan Compacy, where the interest is payable quarterly, say 1st Jaauury, April, July and October. J 24 3t H ajuiii;fji Inturanrt Company . '"VHE Bourd of Directors have declared a div - X idvitd of four and one half per cent, 00 tha earn to) stuck of 0) company, for Uie last six uioqths, pnyahlu at their office, i - orner of John and William street", on and after the 6rst day of Auirn.t. PETER 11 A WES, Sec'ry. J 23 2v J OI1N II. DE FORKS'!' incruis his friends aod (lie public, that he has opened an office, as Stock and Exchange Broker, at No, 68 W all - street. J 23 4t a ECO NO NIGHT OF THE LECTURE ON HEADS. ON Sntunlnv evening, July 25th, 1818, Mr. DWYER will repeat Ins Lecture and Re citations at the Hack Coffee House, Performs ai to commence at 8 o'clock. Tick ets 75 rents earn, children had at the tfankCoflee House and city Hotel. 1 84 1. NhVvtSLKt, 132 Pearl - street, respect - JT. fully informs the public and thoe ladies and gentlemen who lately applied lor DFTT - MKll'd fcUl'LH - rAI.iMl riAU r UKlfc.3, that be has lust received a new supply per Ra dius, precisely Uie same as the last, and cflers them for sale on very accommodating terms. Aa Piano Fortes of this excellent maker bare but lately been introduced into this country, for want of correspondent, G. N. feels it locum - bent ti add. that their tones fby those who are acquainted with them) are allowed to be full aod expressive, and have hitherto given universal sntisl'ai - tion. MaclsePi Patent Metronomes for sale. . Also, Loudon selected collections and specimens of Mineralogy, Sic J 21 4 - ? O 157 South - street. 325 bags St. Domingo Coffee 50 hhds Kentucky Tubacco 49 hales iVt w - Or leans Cotton 50 pipes Catatonia Wine 10 pipes L. P. TeneritTe do 50 boxes White Havana Sugar 3000 Mogadore Goat Skins 100 tons Camp achy Logwood Jy 18 7t BEMP, YARNS, &c St. P - teraburg clean aad Riga Hemp, cargo of ship Elbe, in lots to suit purchasers 35 rolls Sh et Lead, 3 to 41 2 lbs. 40 cfcks Spikes, 4 to 8 inches 20 reels Kentucky Yarn 4 tons Bala Rope, Kayar Rope And a constant supP'y r f warranted Anchors, for sale by TUCKER t CA RTER. N B. CABLES & CORIJtGE, oftheirown manufaclurn, uiarle to order at Uie shortest notice, and upon tne most reasonable terms. , Jy21 lw TUESDAY WEEK!! 100,000 Dollars 50,000 Dollars 20.01) Dollars 10,000 Dollars 1 olJMOQ; 2 of fiOOO : and 45 off 1000. THE above are the rsrpitals in tbn 6lh Medical Science Lottery, the pet meitt vl Wbich isauarioted be tbe state of New York. The first drawing of this lottery, win be on Tuesday week 4tb August the 1st iicn.ber drawn will be rntitled to $1000, and on every following drnw - ing the 1st eumtar will be entitled toacafflalof not less man jjiuuii. l Kkels etid chares for sale at GACa? - . I46 Broadway. Whole Tickets ffxH, Halves 14. Qusrters ?, EighU 3 50, and SixteeoCis 175. Cash sicvs - ced torJOwego Pme Tickets - J 22 it A TEACil t Jt WANTED - WA NTED at V snrtagc 01 '''' - . J, Jc - ev.a gentleiwa epbteof , , the - irfhnr Bnofbrs of l - ri r"X7 resycl Qualified i nprf VAN KENS, Esq. r Mr. 1. Vli.N Bcdevi - fc

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