The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 30, 1936 · Page 18
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 18

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1936
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

EIGHTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, APRIL 30 1936 CUT RATE GROCERY SAVES YOU MONEY "Our Prices Are Never High" Same Prices at Both Stores 30 EAST STATE PHONES 112-113 512 FIRST ST. S. W. PHONE 114 Prices Below Good for FRI. and SAT. | Brown Sugar, 4 Ibs. 19c | Get Sour Cigarets at West Side Cut Rate CKCAMERV. BBOOK11ELU BUTTER, Lipton Tea on Sale -Here Pure Cider Vinegar, gal. .. 29c Raisins, pkg 10c Brooms, good ...39c, 49c, 59c Mac. or Spaghetti, 3 Ibs. .. 25e Weal Dog Food, f or .... 25c English Walnuts, 2 Ibs. ... 35c Pearl Barley, 2 Ib. pkg. ... S5c Marshmallows, Ib. 15c TABLE SALT, rs- 15c Mackeral, Sardines Ib. can lOc Try our new bulk coffee, Ib. 19c Oranges, doz. .. 19c, 29c, Soc Tuna Fish, can .-....' loc Shrimp, per can 15c Red Salmon, per can lOc Red Salmon, 1 Ib 25e JOo Light Bulbs, 3 for 25c Vanilla, 8 oz. bottle lOc 100% PUBE 25c Ammonia Ss, 19c Mr. Farmer: Bring us your Eggs. They bny more here. LEMONS, SunWst Dozen 28c FLOUR Oma Flour, 49 Ibs $1.48 Sunbeam Floor, 49 Ibs. . $1.89 Seal of Minnesota, 49 Ibs: $1.95 Omar Flour, 49 Ibs §1.95 White Flour, 5 Ib. sack ... 25c Whole Wheat, 5 Ibs 28c Graham, 5 Ib. sack 28c Whole Wheat, 10 Ib. sack . 48o Corn Meal, 5 Ib. sack ... -15c Park Bye Flour, 5 Ib. sack 25c MATCHES, 6s 14c Honey, full cakes 20c Miracle Whip, quart jars .. 37c Toilet Paper, Eagle, 9 rolls 25c Napkins, 100 in pkg lOc Catsup, large bottle lOc Tapioca, minute, 2 Ibs. ... 25c Tapioca, Pearl, 2 Ibs 25c Pop Corn that pops, Ib. .. lOc Fancy Fig Bars, 2 Ibs. ... 3oe Fancy Ginger Snaps, Ib. .. lOc EXTRA SPECIAL 25c OK SANDWICH SPBEAD Salad Dressing i£!, 16c EAT MOKE Vegetables Radishes, 3 Ige. bunches ... lOc As.paragus, bunch lOc; 3 for 25c Peas, 5 cans 25c lOc Corn, Peas, 3 cans 35c Sweet Potatoes, quart cans 15c lOc Pumpkin, 3 cans 25c Head Lettuce 5c and lOc Celery, large lOc and 15c Green or Wax Beans, can.. lOc Green or Wax Beans, 2 for 25c Tom. or Veg. Soup, gnt. can lOc Asparagus, 18c; 2 cans .... 35c Jack Sprat Corn, 2 for 25c Ubby's Tom. Juice, 3 cans 25c Baked Beans, 5 cans ...... 25c Baked Beans, 3 giant cans 25c 15c Tomatoes, 2 for 25c Tomatoes, qt. urns, per can loc Carrots or Spaghetti, 5 cans 25c Cut Beets, quart cans .... lOc Tomato Soup, 5 cans ....'. 25c 15c Spinach, 2 cans 25c Libby's Fancy Beets, can .. lOc Lima Beans, large cans .. lOe Spaghetti, large cans lOc Saner Kraut, 3 large cans . 25c Hominy, quart cans lOc Corn, Peas, Tomatoes, can lOc 15c Corn, Peas, 2 cans ... 25c Jumbo Peas, delicious 18c COOKIE SALE COOKIES, 2 Ibs. 35c PureOIiveOilbottlelOc Prunes, 2, 3 and 4 Ibs. .. 25c Olives, quarts 25c Sweet Pickles, quarts .... 25c I Dill Pickles, quarts 15c I Peanut Butter, jar lOc, 15c, 25c Dried Apricots, per Ib. .. 1'Jc Crystal White Soap, 10 for 29c j Lima Beans, 3 Ibs 25c [Pineapple. 3 cans 25e 'BUTTER-NUT COFFEE! |PERLB.CAN..2fe 12 LB. CAN..SSc| Drip or Regular j SO E. State St. Phone 112-113 I 512 First St. S. W. Phone 114 I Cut Rate Grocery Clear Lake Globe-Gazette OFFICE PHONE 239 HELEN HENDRICKS, News Editor LEE DEWIGGINS, Circulation and Advertising Residence Phone 310-W Residence Phone 67 BUTLER TO BE PARK CUSTODIAN 70 Pairs of Brood Bass An Placed in Lake Nursery Pond. CLEAR LAKE--Ray Butler, custodian of the Clear Lake fisl hatchery and the bass nursery pond will also become custodian of th( State park on the south shore, ac cording to instructions receivec from the Iowa State Conservation commission. It is an economy meas ure of the commission to consoli date the work for this department it was explained. Mrs. Butler has arrived from Arnolds Park and the Butlers an moving this week to the residence at the State park. Thousands of persons have visitec the fish hattehery during the pas two Sundays. The gill-netting sea son has just closed and with a larg quantity of pike eggs. Prospects point toward a 30 million hatch thir spring, according to Mr. Butler The first eggs will hatch around May 10 to 12. The seining crews are out every day at the head of the lake fishing for carp and rough fish, with gocx results. About 70 pairs of adult brood bass have been placed in the has nursery pond north of Clear Lake These are taken from the seines while fishing for the rough fish ant placed in the pond. The number will be increased to about 100 pairs The purpose of this'is for the bass to brood their young and grow to fingerling stage before being deposited into the lake. Skating Rink Opens at Bayside Sunday CLEAR LAKE--The skating rink at Bayside addition operated by C. W. Broeffle will open Sunday, May 3, with skating in both the afternoon and evening, and continuing the same hours daily. The rink was remodelled when it was set up this year. MRS. OTT HOSTESS TO CIRCLE FOUR · Circle No. 4 of the M. E. Aid society will be held Friday afternoon at the Mrs. George Ott home, South Fourth street. Assisting hostesses Mrs. S. J. Ott Mrs. John Smith and Mrs. 1 H. Furleigh. Members will bring tea towels to the meeting. * * * ORREN PORTER FETED BY POSTAL EMPLOYES Postoffice employes held a dinner for Orren Porter, retiring mail carrier at the local postoffice, at the Watkins cafe Wednesday night. J. C. Davenport and Joe Palmer, postmasters under whom he has served, were guests and W. Z. Button, a retired carrier, was also a guest. Kellogg's Wheat Krispies have something that you never tasted before. Just enough rice is blended with nourishing whole wheat to add remarkable crunchiness. They actually stay crisp after you add milk or cream. Buy a Lig, economical package of Wheat Krispies from your grocer. Enjoy them for breakfast tomorrow. Made by Kellogg in Battle Creek. Retiring Lake Carrier Started Work in 1910 Orren Porter Has Traveled Quarter Million Miles. CLEAR LAKE--Orren Porter, rural mail carrier at the Clear Lake postoffice, retired from service Thursday, April 30, . after having served 26 years. He reached the retirement age of 65 years on April 20. The routes out of Clear Lake are being consolidated so that there will be only three instead of four beginning May 1. Lee Erickson who formerly carried route 4, will take over Porter's route 1-and part of. his old route. Fuller Bailey will take route 2 and part of the route 4 and Wesley Hill will take route 3. Started in 1910. Mr. Porter was born at Gramrille, Pa:, and after reaching manhood worked in several of the mid-western and western states. After his marriage to Dorcas Pester in 1907, they settled in Clear Lake where he was employed by the Woodford- Wheeler Lumber company until' April 1, 1910, when he entered the postal service as rural carrier. Mr. Porter first served on route No. 6 which was 28.5 miles long and served 60 families. On July 1, 1915, he was transferred to route 1 which he has served until this time. Route 1 serves the entire south shore, Oakwood, .Bayside, P. M. Park, Methodist Camp, Bishop Morrison Lodge, Tanglefoot and Dodges^. Point districts, as well as about 2" miles of farming district. In th summer this route is no doubt on of the heaviest and most difficulu routes to serve due to the constan changing of patrons in the summe resort district. This Most Severe Winter. la the 26 years and one month o service, Mr. Pprter says that th jast winter has been the most se vere one. Only one time while i the postal service was he forced t spend the night on his route becaus of the impassability of the roads, a he did the past winter. He is look ng forward to' next winter when h :an lie in bed in the early morning and listen to the howling blizzarc without thought of having to fac t: In years gone by when horse feec was high and wages low Mr. Porte considered trying some other means of livelihood, but when the pension system went on the statutes, he de ided to stay with it. Traveled Many Miles. The pension system as it applie; o postal employes is, contrary ti he general opinion, really an annu ty, which the employes pay for ou if their salary. In figuring the distance has traveled on his route, Mr. For er says it will approach a quarte million miles. He drove his first au ornobile on the route in July 1934. postmasters that he has served under are: Mr. Gray, who died in office, J. C. Davenport, Joe Palm er, Matt Olson and Doris Carroll. ORREN PORTEK. Clear Lake Briefs 'or Kent: Apt. Avalon. Ph. 218. C. E. Ferson, who has been cus odian at the stete park at Clear e for a number of years, anc kfrs. Ferson, moved to a cottage ear the Tourist park Wednesday Butler will move to the stab ark to become the new custodian "For Kent: Furnished apt. Ph 12J. Mrs. S. E. Eldred. Mrs. Jennie Hubbard, South Third street, is spending several days with relatives at Sibley. Prompt, courteous dry cleaning service. Phone 312 -- Neal The Cleaner. Dr. A. B. Phillips will return Friday morning from Des Moines where he spent several days attending the Iowa State Medical association. Mrs. Phillips accompanied him as far as Ames where · she visited her relatives. Try our laundry service. Just phone 312--Neal The Cleaner. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Fuller are the parents of a. daughter, Ruth Irene, bom April 28 at their farm home southeast of Clear Lake. Send your rugs, drapes and curtains to Neal--The Cleaner. Phone 312. Mr. and Mrs. E. S. Selby moved i to their cottage at the Outing club Wednesday after spending several months during the winter at Mason City. Boys--Girls--Mothers! Look for new series of Mickey Mouse in Diamond Silver Cup Bread every day. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. W. Prescotr, Des Moines. moved into their cottage, No. 8, at the Outing club this week for the summer season. Mrs. J. H. McEwen, Mason City, has returned to her cottage at 700 South Second street for the summer. Mr. and Mrs. E. D. Miller who have spent the winter in the C. H. Plattenburg home, South Second street, have moved to the Wau'ghtal cottage at the forks of the road on the south shore. Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Borem, South Second street, arrived home Wednesday after a winter's sojourn in Long Beach, CaL They visited Yth Semite National park and returned by the way of the Redwood highway up to Portland. Ore., and by the Columbia River highway, probably the most scenic highway in this country. They stopped at Council Bluffs i to see a daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Deffenbaugh, and Mr. Rorem spent several days with his son and daughter-in-law, Dr. and Mrs. C. R. Rorem, who will sail for Europe early in June. Dr. Rorem is a former employe of the Mason City Globe-Gazette. J. D. Ezra is spending several weeks in Clear Lake on business. He is now located at Oakland and Sacramento, Cal. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Voistad, South Second street, have moved into their cottage on the south shore for the season. Mrs. Jennie Sanders ivho has been visiting in Santa Monica, Cal., with her daughter and son-in-law, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Haijsman, for several months, rstumed home this week. Her daughter, Gladys, has joined her in their home on South Fourth street. Clear Lake Calendar Friday--Circle 4 of M. B. Aid ao- ciey a,t Mrs. George Ott home, South Fourth street. Community program by four township Farm Bureaus, at Community building-, 8. Circle No. 6 of M. E. church at Mrs. Elmer Nelson home, 2:30. Mixed dance at Surf ballroom. U. Y. B. club at Mrs. A. 0. Sater home, 214 Holt street. Saturday--Dance at North Shore Country club. Dance at Surf .ballroom. AUTO CRASHES CLEAR LAKE--The cottage Of Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Madden on highway 106, Bayside addition, was damaged Tuesday night when an auto left the highway and crashed into the front door of the place, causing considerable damage. The Madden family sleeping in the rear of the house was not awakened by the crash and the name of the party driving the car was not learned. Estate Taxes Show Gain Over Year Ago DES MOINES, (3 1 )-- The state reasurer's office reported Thursday itate inheritance tax collections in Ipril were 5127,567.18, or .$31,180.09 more than in April, 1935. Gasoline tax collections declined rom $939,540 in April last year to 5832,632 in April, 1936-. Hearst's mark of approval on the Landon boom is generally regarded as another case of painting a Red Cross on an Ethiopian roof.--Baron's. PARK THEATRE TONIGHT and FRIDAY A Warner Bros. Picture "FRESHMAN LOVE" With Frank McHugh - Patricia Ellis - Warren HulL lOc and 16c. Roller Skating at Bayside Opening Sunday, May 3 Afternoon and Evening OPEN DAILY MAKE ARRANGEMENTS FOR YOUR SCHOOL PICNICS Write or See C. W. BROEFFLE, Prop. R. F. D. No. 1, Clear Lake, Iowa Mullarky and' Rutan Score for Blacks in Spring Grid Battle CLEAR LAKE--The Black team captained by Laverne Lewis, downed the Gold team 12 to 0 in a practice scrimmage at the Lions field Wednesday afternoon to conclude the spring- grid activities this season. John Rutan, fullback, scored on a run over the end zone and Mullarky made the second touchdown on a forward pass from Rutan and run. Phillippe and Schrocder. a 140 pound freshman this year, both intercepted passes in the game. The grid material is quite promising for the fall iineup. There were 35 boys out for spring practice. FRAZIER-LEMKE VOTE IN SIGHT 218 Names Needed to Force House Ballot on Bill Are Obtained. WASHINGTON, UP--The 218 names needed on a petition to force the Frazler-Lemke farm mortgage refinancing bill to a house vote were obtained Thursday. For two sessions democratic leaders have been seeking to forestall a vote on the bill, opposed .by the administration as inflationary. Some house observers traced the sudden signing up of the petition to results' of some recent primary elections. Lightning Struck Tree in George Frost Yard CLEAR LAKE--Lightning struck a large locust tree in the George E. Frost yard at 7:30 o'clock ThurEH day morning. Splinters from the impact were scattered about the yard fo r two rods distant. The tree is estimated to be over 50 years of age. t __ Plan Rites at Meservey Church for E. Harms CLEA RLAKE--Funeral services for Ernst Harms, 86, of Meservey, will be held Friday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock at the Reform church at Meservey. Mr. Harms died Tuesday. Robert Williams, Clear Lake undertaker, is in charge of the services. Hold Rites Friday. CLEAR LAKE--Funeral services for John Strandquist, Hanlontown blacksmith, will be held Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Lutheran church at Hanlontown. LAKE THEATRE Showing Thursday MAItX BROTHERS "A NIGHT AT THE OPERA" 1 C Friday-Saturday ·« n 1 U C Double Feature 1UC "Charlie Chan's Secret" "Singing Vagabond" Making a criminal is easy. You just employ a gambler who is having bad luck and let him handle your money.--Davenport Times, Serve Cheese Every Meal CHEESE--THE HEALTH FOOD OF ALL NATIONS Sweet Curd Mun- d ·» or ster Cheese, 5 Ibs. «pl.£D Assorted Glass n e Cheese Spreads, 2 for «J 3C Imported o Q Goat Cheese, Ib «J «/ C May 1935 Wisconsin *)n Cheddar, Ib LC German n j- Hand Cheese, 2 for fa DC Fancy Wisconsin IJmbuFger, Ib. .. 18c Bavarian J Q Bar Spread, Ib ft"C Fresh Colby -I c Longhorn, Ib 1U C Imported Swiss 9Q/. Gruyere, 6 portions .. ft v C Imported 8 oz. jar 9C -- Gammelost L3C. Philadelphia n r Cream Cheese, S for .. M 0 C Kenyon's - F r e s h Churned Butter--Potato Chips Made Daily. 24 First St. S. E. Mason City Same Prices Clear Lake FEDERAL PACKING CO. Phone 746 We Deliver $1 Orders 213 N. Fed. Ave. Swift's Premium Half or · Whole ,,25c FRANKFURTERS, Ib.. 16c End Cut PORK CHOPS; ib 20c Short RIBS, Ib.. 12c Sliced BACON, Ib.. 25C Pork ROAST, Ib. 18c Canadian Style t£*i BACON, Ib 3OC Home-Made BOLOGNA, Ib.. 16c Beef ROAST, Ib 14c Round Sirloin Phone 312 § turnr GROCERS cc Phone 312 FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Folger's, Hill's, Batavia. Ib. 29c Mrs. Glanville's Home-Made Bread Mrs. Rogers' Home-Made Pies, Cakes, Cookies, Doughnuts and Coffee Cakes. Mrs. Fullcrron's Home-Canned Chicken. Rolls, ORANGES Fancy Florida 150 Size, Sg Dozen. . . 33^ GRAPEFRUIT Florida Seedless 80 Size, Bpj. 5 f o r . . . . 2 S ORANGES Fancy California 200 Sixe, -*«« Dozen. . . £lf\ Meat Department Everybody likes good meat. We carry the very best corn fed beef, genuine spring lamb, fancy veal, heavy chickens, Jones' Sausage. SPECIAL FOR SATURDAY--Fancy «£ M * « _ Beef Roasts (Chuck) Ib IPC IS£ LIPTON'S YELLOW LABEL TEA, '/ 2 Ib 45c The World's Finest SALAD DRESSING (Mrs. Boird's) qt. jar:.....',. 29c BISQUICK, large pkg 31c SEAL OF MINNESOTA FLOUR, 49 Ibs $1.98 ASPARAGUS, ««- Frce Delivery p ound Bunchds iy£ Free Delivery Omaha Bank Receives Ickes Letter Cutting Down Mullen's Fee WASHINGTON, (£--The Omaha (Nebraska) National Bank, Secretary Ickes said Thursday, has confirmed receipt of letters serving notice that the public works administration will pay Arthur Mullen only $20,000 for his sex-vices as attorney for the Platte Valley and Loup power districts. Lela Armstrong President. RUDD--P. T. A. officers elected were: President, Miss Lela Armstrong; vice president, the Rev. H. F. Mercer: secretary, Brandau; treasurer, Hofler. Mrs. · Otlo Mrs. Harold GROCERS MEATS FRUITS.VEGETABLES 2O IND ST.N.E. PHONES 42 44 KEMFMBE*,W£ DfLIVEff' Get Ready For Worm Weather and Garden Time. EARLY OHIO POTATOES U. S. No. 1 Grade Peck ............. 35e Bushel ............ $1.25 Hundred Pounds... $1.95 KIPPERED SNACKS, 4 cans SHRIMP, 2 cans. . . . . 19c 25c PINEAPPLE-- Broken Slices We ONION SETS GARDEN SEEDS CANDY Rum Toffee, Ib 19c Big Ben Jellies, Ib.. . lOc MIDCO A new, and delicious Ice Box Freeze for delicious Ice Cream. 2 Cons 25c PEACHES -- Jack 2 No. 2V 2 Cans ......... Sprat HIGHEST QUALITY MEATS BEEF POT ROAST, Ib. 18c COLD MEATS FOR LUNCHES and PICNICS Try Mrs. Osborne's HOME-MADE BREAD and Mrs. Rogers' HOME-MADE PIES, CAKES, ROLLS and DOUGHNUTS United Fruit Co 33 East State Street PHONE 749--FREE DELIVERY Fresh Fruits and Vegetables FRESH PEAS, Or 3 Ibs £DC ONIONS, new mudas, 5 Ibs. . . . . . . . Texas Ber- 25c ORANGES, sweet O C _ and juicy, doz /CiiJC CAULIFLOWER, head NEW POTATOES, grade, : T 5 Ibs BANANAS, 4 Ibs ISc No. 1 25c 25c CARROTS, bunch . 5c Yng. Onions, bunch Peppers, each ... 5c CUCUMBERS, long green, j Fresh ASPARAGUS, ex- hot house I A I tra large grown, each bunches SEED POTATOES--EARLY OHIOS, IRISH COBBLERS NUT MEATS, Ib. ONION SETS, 5c Try Mrs. Barclay's Home Baking 29c 2 ' b 56c COFFEE--Folger's or Hill's, Ib. can FLOUR, Gold Medal, £. $2.09 Avon COOKIES. 2 Ibs CORN FLAKES, large box . . . . . . . j j 11C WHEATIES, large box .. 11 ilC SOAP, P. and G. giant, 7 for . . . . OJ- «JC SOAP CHIPS, 5 Ib. box Clean Quick .. 01 J 1 C Cool Spring TOM. JUICE, No. 2 cans, 3 for ..... TOM., 25c FLOUR, Jersey Cream 49 Ibs Educator CRAX, Ib, box POST.TOASTIES, large box 11 I l C Yellow CORN 1 j- MEAL. 5 Ib. sack .. IDC SWANSDOWN, large box 0/» fciDC Silk Tissue PAPER (1000 sheets) 6 rolls .,,. Farm House PEAS, *)F No. 2 cans, 3 for ... faOC MONARCH FINER FOODS Monarch CORN, Golden Bantam or Country Gentleman. No. 2 cans, 2 for Monarch SHRIMP 16c Monarch BABY FOODS, 3 for . 25c Yacht Club TUNA . . . . 16c Monarch EGG NOODLES, Jb | r IOC Monarch CARROTS, BEETS, KIDNEY BEANS, SPROUTS, HOMINY, SAUER KRAUT, PORK and BEANS, large can ................ BEAN i n 1UC Monarch COFFEE, Ib. 25c; 73c Monarch PEAS, size 2 can ISc National Fruit Co. 101 South Federal Avc. PHONE 824--FREE DELIVERY ~ KM'

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