The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 25, 1818 · Page 2
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 25, 1818
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JtEtr - ruKK HAIXQ POST.. , SATURDAY JULY SS. f may b expected la result (rots nch measure That claw of peoplei who loM fVir the r - striots of lb law, will Uar to respect them; oil the approbation of ell good citizen will be tae htting reward of the labors of those msg'a - . ... k . r - 1.11? i w uar puma w iiwriaw aiw mi b.w Frmch inlet - A twm.bcr of exiled r rwncb l0 ml . , conducive to the fciUrest. ; e&etn, to whom coogr, iecliD for thair mis - respectability, aad lasting tranquility of all. At fcrtmt,latlr made airraid oflaad in Ute AIaba - P" ( rT' - et o tt it, but on true) oof city I lM Oak. ... ..Ilk a Bv.aWil f unlamnt i - - .a. a 'a a . I tMW PUVftCU UIJU Willi UM.VI Bit territory, which lhy a toaocr got poewsuoe I ronlM. lo ' . civil and reliriou. com - of than they told to I peculator, and moved offlm unity, and which, if tuAeiwd to procr. will further touth,oa other had belonging to the U.S. led inta ditorder, from whkh it will be still have, ell al nnra. tat., if lm .heir head to aet " "r V T"' , op as independent military government tor the as el rea, tad pledged their lire to defend it by tore of armi against all tha world. The bill of A CITIZEN. Copy of a Letter dated, Lisao. 6th June. 1818. WrhaH thanleaa.,.. nr ..i u I.., right of the patrioti, and their form of jo - 0n the 6th ult since when, a we expected, remount, will be (bond in this evening's paper. I some improvement in prices of Wheat took " . . . I piaer, out considerable suppliei, particularly WalaarnfWimtha.OaTanBah&enublican. that I from the Mediterranean, bavin? Mirrrciivrlv tha Praaimt of tha United State, bat issued or - rP00 ?ur market ha. felt the effects or a .... r.L w . - a......k ,t,K,tt"noraent the extreme Umidity of aen to in mannal 81 to unmet oi savannan, I purchaser, renders - am . mi Mr a a .1 . . 9 I . - . w 10 arrest vapu udm wngni, lonnwiinj anai me appearance cl the harrest throughout that a special court it alto ordered for hi trial, paiit u most promising. The stock in the to l lU in September next, atMiUedgaviUe, "''""XtJr ff . "T"1 . . ..... 'lOiense; and thesreneral as7ect issodiscoiirai'. ft vhwh im at Iha JnnM aT 4ha Mnrtrma I . a . , - " - a - r 1 "'g, mi witiiinui naucr ouririves wnn cones laon are to presiue. tvngni m cnargou wiin i iiiiprorcmeni. uiir toct or vv heat may now hirio comaulted murder at tha destroction of "e "iaiea at .0.000 moys. of barley, rye, . - ... our nd Indian corn, it is very small, mid the " " - i" - " uuer article has met with an usual brisk de - who was arretted come time since eltmand, at from 560 to 7i0 rs. accoijirp to .jwuteugerute, By order 04 Uen. Jactsoa, tobep trUd by . mmury coart H on th. . nZ TTVZSX barges as stated abore - bnt who, tbrongh the but few sule can iww be effected at the above interference c Ae Gorernor of Georgia, was prices, vi heat we quote from 6i0to 800rs. taken out af tha hand oath odicer. and set at L111 at price the very best hard Wheat - i naa nn emi.i u i i i i . . KK - rf - k.i i. ! . I uuru, aiiu couw noi now ue "wi4f. w.v. iiHivj ht i command ea. - av, viu giM u van, flbiva uiu i vi ); ui uuur aiiuueu 10 in our iast ws not saccced in gatting bin to the camp, sorifhet. . ' , on BOar. "! more remaining 330rs. on board fine hard Sicilian hat been sold A rmlLnn arrirl t Srnnh fm jo. "uia commana 0 to 500rs - ,o i oo ooaru. . '. .. . . 4. .. .. ... . ... I . - .wu, ww kw uw in rai nun ui Carolina nee we remain destitutes Bra - that there are not more thaa o hundred men I maimaint it price and East - India has been in iH&l 4h xr. k.lf .11 I "u MW proT.wD - wgv.ryaear.a.a scarce. f rem fo Richmond Enquirtr, 11 pentraoicu the. report, that preparations The speculation. i Bm. w, r. :.4 .U - IM. - l... r .. .wWr ( u in u nawncan troops,!" ii nnoi oe reau Dy any man, who .toouia tney make aa attacjt 1 on the contrary. I "a""! cm racier or booetty, with - it was otvanlrarowad that if a deman.l m. - u m" cuco an Amencan , . , 7 " lunuwiwiwuun - from the idea, that the Pre.. iw uacurreouer, ojgtu. jacason, ue borernor ueni oi the United States is ruiltv of tha mau wookl give it up ! We alo learn, that no re - 1 10(1 nachiavelian policy ascribed to him. What ! scl, with prorWow and money for the garrison. ST" T . a T,r Preten of chauiog the i J . .... . v" - "' &"""i I Lkhan,, fcut reall. to malce a provisional occh - itaa amrea at Aagnitwe, ae was reported a fewl potion of Florida. hirh 1 I ... .. - I" . . . UV1U1II uays swca. , a coooner, wiin provuion, from aHU permanent seiswe 7 Such desisns. such Havana, bound te Aogoitine, was captured near " crooked line of policy, may suit the latter port, by . Patriot privates, in May SL1 TJJZ? last, the woviion taken out and the vessel rent to the hish - mkxled 'an,i ', m . . I Ik!. . t.1' . ' scuiuea. i acre were a numoer or American "Puuuc0 people, if we conceived, for At Angnstine, oo the ft. John', and elsewhere VvP , our 00,11,1,7 WM eaI,!ble ol in tka riarMii.. ... 1. .u. j.TT' v" " wo nuu "lusn lor her ' , rv - uj, iuu, uiiinr uw i ueeneracy. etpectation that the province would soon fall in. I The Messemrer seam. In ikmV iko tk. - I I 3 w ..... . HU . I to th ponession of th United Slates. 2 . U ni PaT "P00 he fc of I ""u V' . Iler nave occnpiea r loriJa. At ao former period ha the emleration from I ' , wil1 ""linMate the monarch into a ur - Eope toCanad. bare ..v eompariao. with th. YaSr preset yer. From th. 8th to the 16th Jly U rain. We ru:"'Zn I "IT. settlers arrived at the port of Quebec, and the high - minded character. What credit shall we l eiegrapa announced below two thipt more with 10 " uli comphcaUon of fraud and durc't ecttler from Limerick. , . Cotton was selling at Augusta on the 10th inst at ti a 30 cent s Tobacco, 5 50 a 7 25. Urand Concert. Last evening the lint of tar graad rnarerU mm gaaaa Thoatre. , Such a oonstellatioa of musical talents bad natn. rally axcitad tha higtatt txpectatioos, and drew' a numerous audience, erea at this unusual sea. son of th year, f long before the time of peror. mance, the boutw was crowded. It it not our design to enter into particnlar ; It would be dif - fcult to speak of individual without appearing tolall into invidious comparisons. We shall Content ourselves with observing that great at was anticipation, it was amply gratified. Never httd an American public ao fair an opportunity to hear ao many fin voices, under the guidance of i ae much taste and science, on any sua occasion. Terhaps when the concert are finished, we may take lb liberty of venturing upon some few re marks. We trust the public will not let to fa Vorabl an opportunity ptisi for improving their taste in music j aa opportunity, which, it Is hardly probable, will ever occur again. v ' V Trk,24tJuly, 1818. Ma - EniToa, . I have seen ia your psper of yesterday a complaint, by one of the Poit Chaise paste ten, that the Steam - Boat If aulilu did aol leave Staten Island ea Wedoesdty evening etactlr at the boor appwoica, waica a dbii past o o eioaK, and not at e o'clock, as he represents. When she came to the Island from :New lork, the Past Chaise had not arrived, and I vent down two miles farther. to take In a Urge party of nary, army, aad other ottieers and citizens, who had no other meant of getting to town, lb boat was there ia season 10 nave rciurneu ia ner wnari By me time appointed for leaving the island, but owing to the dimeulty of assemoliag and getting on board a large eoneourte of people, she did not arrive at the chaise wharf U I SO minutes after the regular time of starting. All the gentlemen of the party will do Bat tbe jastie. to tear testimony to my anxiety and exertions to hurry tbe eomaoy on board in time to jet to th chaise wharf at half past six, iu iiHuw ucibt vBwn oceurreo was naavoidi we. i aey eaa an near witness mat tbe steam boat was crowded with passengers that to hsve taken on board a Post Chaise aad 4 horses would have greatly Meetnmoded, if not endangered. three) or roar nunarea respecuMe ladies and gen tie men. I therefore submit lo the nublia whetb. er the least eensar oog fat to attach to me, for s ociay nt a few minutes, by wmeu neany inrve nunurcg persons were greatly aeeemmodated. JOHN DEFOREST, ' Captain of tbe Nautilus. COMMUNICATION. ' A lady was ran ever oo Wednesday afternoon, In th upper part of Broadway, by a person on " - vw was uve extent of injury the received, the writer of this was unable to ascer - tain. On Thursday evening, one of a pair ol Worses Ufor. a canlage, was killed, in the same r0!i'?VtJi.Corn"r 'Leonard - street, by the shall of a chaise ronnmg into hi. breast? It - HtHV !W y?Q the chaUe, PLc d da4 nccur b, TJ "wefdrivinj i hroogh Use Streets ef oar city. If j, nj,. - honld etamina the statute books of c - urTJtt ' Md city, kf mniimUurallv cawciuda thai ik - u " em oftbe best regulated otttet ia the world ; yet, ' Bielhiafct, a more intimaLs acfoaintaace with os ' evenid induce him to believe, and that with pro - - . prtoty.tiat it iedeciJedly the reverse. Let good and wriesesome law be ade, and none others, aad let them be oircd. .Are the maiu - io - eTjfirw 1 rrwtrrexrrtions hemvle, and at aQ kaaard Jet gooii laws be wU execnud . If Jthe expense of the uwderfatjii should be great, wtS ba a caviaa tkd peraianent leneSt aurea too upon a nation like 6paiu .'Away wun such machiavelian principles. More wonderful still than the tlandnrt cf a Bntiih press ! we find even tome of the American papen countenancing thct aspersiout by the language which they now maintain. Oue me Deiore n says mug over IL they will ia time intern j and shew 7 VVhatlivar I r not con&ned to the cabinets of kin. Sarh events cannot be be result of chance. One thing - - uaiu HMruuu . inai in. mr - ni u.n I. ni. held by tbe troop of the U. S. will never revert to the crown of Spain ; and we venture to gueu, Uiat bribrea year has revolved, a new Star will w auueu io ine r eueral Uonitellation, anj that ttar willle the itateol Florida." Cod grant it may become so, by tair and honorable meaot! By tnch mean as this editor darkly hints at, we hope never. We want Florida it will become ourt at no distant day. We despise Spain, and we resent the wrongt ih has done us. But war, open war, declared by the representatives of the people, rather than the intidious polity : ich thii editor thadowt out, or the London Messenger ascribes to ut. Spain had better cede the Floridas to us at ooc. It will in om way or other he a bone of contention between ui and Ae had better let in have it without further delaybut to wrert it ftona' her in the inwJious way which it here pointed out, suits our ideas neither of tmn.t nor of magnanimity. it e nave not tbe mosL distant ri - .ni. thni the M essenger is correct iu the assertion it makes that Mr. Alonroa w nvu 'j IUC r loriOAS ; or that he has nrJnrl th ,fP i - .., . T: ..77 . "!'" v. . cuukuio. ,T e nope, out it is a hop drawn Irom our own feeling, and not from any Uett - uiui uo wiuoruer me imuieUiitte e racuation of Pentacola. In uUering some of these sentiments, we may ww .us luuiuriuoo io amor irom some we retpect. But Uiot will allow at tt ame privilege of thinking which they claim iaw,n, ni may err but all we can iieu iu our excuse, u a heart alive to the ho - oor and constitution of our country. Fromtht Baltimore Federal Gazelle, Jdy 2J Alfhmi. .Ail,;., .nt. - t i l . .... .. . umiiui. ui.ii.irti UH, ni.n niiriit.ii.i .. to the result of th late mission to iouth America, report .ayi, that there hat not been a pcrlecl uiijuiiuiij am on 5 me comniL'Sioner. ; two of incm navmguinered expressly and openly in o - pmion, at to a part of th procee libg., the third hat been trying to remain neuter, until ha ran ascertain which side will be mon in f1Vor at nome. From the Baltimore American, July ZZ. Geort fTaltenlon. Librarian of tda IV;i,' States1 Library, has ackoowleJ - tfkl himraair IK. auinorof " juetteri from Itashircton, bv a Fo - mgnr," originally published iu the National nvegisiarat asbington. The. letter bare been varimnlr ait to Mr. Paulding, Loll Selkirk and others, and are taiu io n ingenious and ttnkiug tketchet of tne public characters alluded to. It ia th. author's intention to publish them. ' rem the Dcmieratit Press, Jdyil Mr. Bam$ send mo for nubliraiinn. rxtractsfrom amanifrsto, which hat b?eo pul Itshed by tbe French Officers, who hava lt.i. Mf.K!..l..rl Ik... ...I. - n . Province of Texnt. It woald teem from the Un - or or the pruciplet announced, that they have Ukenpottrssion s. tovereijtns, with intention of - ..uisaaiTim - pewjent power. Tbey have con ' ""' muxiarg torra of gnvemment. and de - r,.J.. J,k .,rin. ,10" jtfr their occa - IT. 77," " Tory. ny rms. It wjU be re - whV St m,nT rf tbM 'h person, A,"h. . 7" V - "led tract of land ia the TVvh..i.i rT nn.o very favomWe. mVSfi? out ,hir pfcelator. trar. 'h .?. &nm. ev'th .i - .L - "7 wcupy. The United SUtrs i 1 rOTIflTBAI "I aaet... I..I. rit . . wnder tf.e tre.f. ".Y"" lDe ? Tha f T' Pares ine new lulonj, u o !) n Liuiiana. tions, iv e ask peace and friendship with all who surround u : and will be trratefiil fur the amunrsj, wmcn win be extended tu us. We will retpect the religion, the laws, the man new, and the usacres of civilised nations. We will respect the indeDendeiice. the rminmi the mode of life of the Indian nation, whom . Tit . . . a . ww win not restrain, either m t ier iiint n". . ' .. . - . . . o or many ouier point ol their exwunce. we will maintain with all those, to whom it win be expedient, social relations, and good itciuuuruuuu, as wen a cutnmeiciul pursuit. Our deportment will be peaceful, active and laborious j we will be useful to the extent of, our power s and will render cool tiir mm.1. But if it be Dotsible. thar OSP ait UH I ion he nnt . - . respeetcd, and that persecution mar follow ui lo tbe deterti where we hava aouvhf a . k - r . i i - P . .. a ii ui an rcawnLiiie men i wbat dtlence would have been more legitimate than our. 1 It will be uiai oi tbe mntt entire devotiou. Our retolu lion it taken before litnd. VV. have arms. The care ol our preservation I. as forced it oo us. to fur you wun them, as men in our situation always have dene. The lnod, en which we have placed ourselves, will behold us prosper or bravely die. There we will Uve honorablv and frn. or will fiud our tomb ; and jutt meu will grant uram7 t etieero to our memory, but we Lave right to look for a more happy result, and ourfii'tt care ought to be to merit the general assent, in tracing the simple regulation., which will be a guarantee of our dispotittoiit. We will name the plsee, where cur colony is situated, Clump D'Azile. This denomination, in recalling to us our reverses, will slto reeal the necessity of filing our cle.Uny loftettiorun'aniiwourhiiaaGhulit in a word bfsreaUBg a new country. uc noiony, essentially - acTieultural and commercial, will be military for its preserva tion. It will be divided into ensmrtn ? Etch cohort will have a chief, who will be mluu tu "P a register of the persons, who .wiiiFoi,c ii, ana to preserve it in order. A general register formed frnm thai f ,. cohorts, uill be kept by the Direction of the ui.iijr. I he cohortt will be coll rr.fl .it trrn bin. place, that tliev mav be the better nrntrrt.,! from insult, and that each one mav live tran. iHHiy unuer me protection of all ...v.., auu iu euro me evu inteiitiuna of the wicaen. Extract from a letter written 6y major - general John Floyd lo the execotiv. of Georgia, da - iea r airncld. (near At. Marv'.l Juna j garrets. 0n whole family, l3ii wife or Aupws - . II V ..... 1 . .I'll . . . I tin nuoic, wiu ciiuuren, were pt eeipitstea in Ue flood, along with their house, and drown, ed. - several other houses and barns were carried away, or damaged, hut we have not heard of any oilier lives beinjr loaf Many of the in habitants have Install their cattle, and a great portion oi me' live stock of the whole settle. ment is drowned.. All the bay being generally along the river, almost all the train, is des troyed. Sand and heaps of drifted timber, now cover the fields, on which the unfortunate owner contemplated wltfi oleasui e. only the .evening before, an abundant reward ot his labour, or ax least, a fair prospect of future tuDiutenee lor Himself and family. The river rose 7 feet in twelve minutes, an about 18 ft - et above its usual level in a few hours ; from a stream of about 3U feet, it be came a river of more than h mile in width , . i . i , . . iurc up uy uie root elm trees ot three teet in diameter, and has made gullies throughout the fields to the depth of six feet. In many place, its course is changed i Uie main bed of me riter now runs where the house of one An tome Couture stood the dav before. It was five days before it retired within its bank. There had been no rain of anv conauenr a St. tiilct lor more than a week befura tha ni.nw ditatter. The cause of the tudden oveidowiug of (he river, it supposed to he the heavy thunder shnwcit of the preceilinz dav. onions tha uiiiumaiiit on ine touin tnore, lowarilt the sour " " oi. oiks, i eopie who were woriiuig in ljrt,j! Roudi leagues up the waters of uie oi. ir,ies,anu innie that came in Irom Brouirb - tou, report that the rain fell in torrents in those pans on ennuay afternoon and during the nieht in uroulilnn the course of a river wua rh. - mH by its overfiowinsr. the road, rullied. anil hri,u. - ..iic.i away. i. acemett 10 mention, tnat a - wng me si. Oiles, hardly uny road) or bridces rs - tntairi i - .ii.. wiovunprincini ina namla. I Uiimcuc e in it. ... ... n A I .r.kf. ir - . I . 1 jwii f ' ' "" inonenti ve frontier settlers, unless tbe I Hour a on French Burr. ,u ,ull 5euera, governmenl adnpts suitable BMaaar. toilers at Raccoon, ii.sure tlie umi cuvn'r tu wen u mtmrmrw i faniYi iiini am - k it. l. - - J m r vnvu uu. ,. m sia - our territorial jorlftiiet ion, and their proceeding v Translated for thw Democratic Prrsa;) 4 . Champ lAsBe, Province ol Tf.aa. " . .Maw lith. 1H18. : Re - united bv a teriea af tha mi calamities. which nave torn vt from oir home, and tcattered u suddenly lo different countries, we have resol ved to seejt an asylum, wberc w may be able to rcmi uur nuisiorioiies, tbai we may araw uom them useful lessons. ' 1 .' - A vast country presents itself tout : a country abandoned by civilised men, - wheroisooly to b ueii, tome pojots eccapiett er traversed by Indian ttibea, who coutented with the chase, leave wiunui cuiuTsuon, a urriiory as lertue a extended. In the adverti ty, of wliich we boast, far from it humbling our spirit, we exercite the first right granted to man, by the author of nature, in cuauiiwing ourselves ou Wis fertilise it Dy uur moors and to demand trum it Uic products, it never refuses to Per.evrranr. We attack no one t we bavejw hostile inten AHP ntfon. tion bas been particularly draw. a to the 6'llh Msni - iniauirv nreunent : it beine arrmnrkahlv fine body of young healthful looking men. Yesterday morning at sdn - rise, and fr some noun alter, ine town wat covered with a sattron coloured hair, to the treat surprise of manr. sod the atTrishtof some. It is not. however, tha firi time that we have seen the atmosphere so colour - ea, particularly in eelipset ol the sua. On the disappearance of the htte the orb of day shone out wun nn usual splendour ; with which we nave, for tome time Putt been blessed in an extra ordinary degree, and latterly with alternate true - uiying mowers, at is evinced by the verdant ss - pect of the country, vegetation veaerallv beine in a very advanced and nourishing state. The bests have been uncommonly intense for so earlv a tea. ton at the end of June and the beginning of July. BotToir, July S3. Jrwitttr to Ruisia His Excellency Mr. Campbell aince his arrival in Boston, has received every mark of personal respect and attention from our citizen. Yesterday being the day asigned for his emoaraaiion, ne was wailed upon at bis lodg ings in Uie bxchamre Coffee House, bv the principal naval and military officer on this station, by numerous other public characters ana Dy tne Secretary of the navy, and Judge j, irum oaiem. At nan past 1. ne em. A Colonial Code shall forthwith be made, to barked on board the Huprriere fi lo - ,.! .,n,i.. tr,i,P,,.l.. , ... . ' . . , . o - I D - '"v. aiiu jruieriy io prevent and I .cucrai saiute. to repress wrongs j to secure the peace of just m.n ,.H.t ... k ... .. - . . - - . Accident. .John McLean, a labourer, was accidentally k illed yesterday niorninor in Mann " uy uic i.uiiioi sonic pians He has been a soldier in the 41st U. S. regi - ment. His connections are remiKtrd m rll " l"c omce, corner ot cnerry and Jeliersou ine practice of dnvmirrattU fmm ainha. streeta Fur r.,.th.. nn..: - ..i. .. i . ... IT . ...a I4I..1 I'M llbUI.I..VliCr. .im), way has beeu lately resumed, it teemt. bv disfo. lute characters from both tidet th St. Mimi. I J?trr Mill Stn r.M. vi.:n.. river, who have had tome tkiromhinz with th m leer to a irentleman residinir on Canton. Indians, in which three or four Indians are re - 0hl0 ay. " I have used for many years past ported to have been killed, aad one ol the whites Raccoon Uurr Mill Stones. The flour made ty Um nam of Vmsan. at my mills is considered, at Uie New - Orleans V w w vm UDUreAwrtKta innt a merin Afne. I marCFIL frltial tv anv nM h. : s Y l. t,, M , " ... . 7 y 9 - i , 7 i wfi uic cvx 1 1. in cm. a uav t i3jk UVT eharac - o ooubt ifyou get good ttones, for there ia can makcas rood tne mm sione ma stones thev make. pymii ann nr miiii. . . . iinKi. .rik.. Mm ... . I O " M II.MIW l WW Takintr mlA .. - ... Ik. t . I - 7 ....... ... . . . um Bicm nnirn n.ra iiir mi. mm n ninm. . . r . n . .. .1 ( - . . 1 . - ' - I I - .... .in. illlll, .llVI Mill Uf lor uie 1 last ten yearr, been committed on thefron - 1 termmed to use Raccoon Burr indeed, ifl tier. of thit count vbv tha Indian, ami a, f had thnir .1 h. ..m. k. i ..k' .1 . ih.m; r " . 1 - 1: p.. v, wuuiu wacuic uuw ui tuicufuiarv Deace. 11 wnniii an. 1 Dest Karrnnn h.t ih k ... w . r r I " niv uiiiib. pear tnat no part Of our exteutiva biwdsrann thai The Rirmnn II, ...... ... .A. :.. l - :Ci 1 k . - " . , . - I ..wa. Mw uiau vm .raiiuciu ihi .ironger claim to governmental county, Ohio, protection, rendered tlio more necessary from the thinness of population and proximity to a From a London baber or June 3 neighboring government, who, regardless of th Drury lam Theatre. A large body of the wnctity or au existing treaty, hare, it is believed, proprietors of Drury - lane theatre metyester indulged ,a hidden hostility toward. u by direct - day to hear the report of their general nd - - . vwiuiui mcir suo - committee. 1 lie two reports were etiual - terntorial h mitt) to acU of rapine and murder of lv deckled in their ilh;min. fih. ,.?..a ii' "yy ' ; 'he tender mnubilitie ofmany Ute of the finances of the concern , the debts 7 i. are; nd the reach of the tcalping knife were calculated at tO.OOOI. and the loss per ami lomanawk 1 who have never witneaied th niwlii w.. .... im. mni:,Tt? of omonlv to the the - tre seemed the only alternative, and TtiZ1?1 - "P - rchaser could sc.rely be expected to en vicums to a misguided suspiqon of their hos - come forward under present circumsUnces, it " I d,lr. a. fc L .. . . , ??emed to b.e considered as the most advisa - dia; of thVnnrntl, l" t3J?JnV ttt p. the theatre clo.el, after the colour: butth.. Irr t' prei" ,eason. ul1 the incumbrances upon it .nL,t S Ik I P T ? of publ,c P'n"n h!u cr removed or alleviated. MeaiiwhiuV the uuiwtesST &" "cations, a. the only mode public sentiment mn.t eventa.iWr.J ZZSZ 1' n. an consequent y, the only to prejudee acesoiiable ca,e. ia nrVr "... i'"' lue lne"e cretioo, to say the least of it. and ' u Z Z ."' V ln.e cour,e of u!e cu.s.on, sta. m mrvriirx - , : u f - ii . . . . i uiax, lllOUen is an actor he must rcnphh :'r" :r.7 01 mow WU J,8 - deKradinB proposal of reducing the laVie. fi pnicnsity for injustice. " Major Bailey imormt ma that thrra man had recently raturn.d from Alauchawa, who - - UW.B uic. iu. pnny w wuicu uiey were atUched confuted tJ ten men ; that about an hour alter dark, on the ni'hloftha Itith iiuoroiituui rmanu the performers, vet he and his brotherhnnd felt so much for the impoverished state of the theatre, that they had offered to play three " irrauitmsiy. litis offer, however, ha1 Deen rejeciea. As a proof that lie did notdes ware lookimr after thair w... .iv,... '.r ? ",e """ire. it properly manageil, he one hundred and fifty yard, from their encamp - J l'urfcu"eu anouier aw. snare. meut, the remaining 7 men were tuddenlv t - . i tacked bra lanre Dart, r,f ln,,. IV'.Z... . .. f '? "" Gazelle, Man 30. 1.... 'k...,.?i ' ... . - - 7 At the Uourt of Caritoo Hnuui. th. crm i'f, - Jhy had previous to . Whereas, by ae, p.i i the preat se, n . iT i i ull'ani which 'on parliament, entituled an act to allow for ...v, ...... ,u. piiMuio iwo tmaii parties. They inre yrs, and until six weeks after the eom - luruter state, that from the ouantiiv nf In.i;Bn nteneemeut of the next seition nrn.rii.m,n ,i. sijn in almost every direction, their numbers '"POrtation into portt ipecially appointed by hit mutt be considerable. Cam in fnn. r..m tm I m.jetty within the nrovincet of Nnva Semia ami dert HiU, hat marched, I undcrtland. with 40 of the arueles therein sname or 50 men to ascertain particulars and burr the ea,..","a. Ul fe - poruuon thereof from such dead. ' Ports" it is enacted, tbtt it shall and mv be law ful m any British built thip or vessel, owned aad 'a'ur' "".tu'Itihip or vessel, owned aatl "It is .vident tliat ten Jtrk.on' r;imna; ha, affonled no tecurit? 2. ' w Crce of th. ..." V any sovereign or each." Qrt.ic, July 14. state in amity broken bnt raihar ir. i k k nol.'?ten WK? n, m,Je"7. into and export from whaffrefa - nX ,a,CIa(J y the fU;,tive. weh port, w.thio the of NWScotia or wbonai.o.ntd them from other towns ia their N.v Bmtitick as shall be ipecially appointed tlignt irom th. tmnoein? force of tha arm. ..1 for that DUrnoae. un.l. .mL.i.. .i...:j ... Ik..V, - I " ... - VI ai i - canuuior. upon inm part or th. froo - """iwi auy mmg in any law to tbecontra - wiU,pedieutto keep upagarrisoo jJ.BOtw'thnliug. - Hit Ksyal Highncts the ai iruncr - i nui. on lb. si. nlar'. riv.. .n.i "V""! J virtue oi me bower vetted in on tbe Buflalo, oa the ialilla, of at least 50 men .'.lmje,ty bjr l.he boT ""ed act, is pleated, s aa " w autcai I In tha name as a .rT awaw 1... L. I a. - wsaw. eaiaa via ucuaii Lat nil miiIIV sail rtw tnd with the advice of hit mi irtf v'a nrin amn. cil, to order, and it it hereby ordered, that from anuaueruie date of tint order, and during the et above recited, until further iUI lurther ...... - - v. u cioca in tne morning, the in - order made thereoa. it shall beUwful in Hri. in anv Bri - r t - .i . . . ' "v , wwncu aau navinieu ao - ments of which extend two lme mA . eordinr to law. . i. - , . . , .. , . n - - - .i i . - - ..ii. . ivnci uciwiKina along the low grounds on the banks ofa river ,0.,,,e whjeeu of soy sovereign or tute in mity oftbe tame name, fallin intn iK. h...: I with hit maiestv. to imnnri Im. ik. rsi.i: above the Falls, perceived that the river was ?,n No, Seotia, sad the port of Saint Johns, rising with extraordinarr it .o ! Bruntwick, any scantlinr. nlaaks. taves. overflowed ita bank, and extended over the ."T M"t "". horses, aest mwgTwinus,mawaveofconideraL ebeighth. strL iaV V ' J 'BJ moving tatter Uian a man can walk. Th,? lThr!l Lw,tt or' beans, pouio. tie ia the field, were either immediate! v. went PiuCur:,"". T'?. 1. way.orretirwgto the eminence toon wr - I'rovuled, th '...b ele. tbVlt i. all e.Vkiw' rounded and overflowed, were drowned. The " shall be imported ia foreign vessels, be inhabitant remained er took rvfus - c in tha;. the rrowth. nradura or r .k - houes.reneraIiv buiiton the h; ,.i. I eoaatry to which the vewarl. imnnr.;.. .... in expectation that tbey would be Safe . but u. blfi nd that k that! be lawful in any Bri these also were 9O0 wrrounded. A. the HJ " aavigated water rote ia the bouses .ween;. ' u - . "PTt from the mid pent any - rKntly iacl.d ia'thinj around theo, they tended ipt, V&'tXZX ZIXLSZ Bri F am ku Hereby urther ordered. That it ha'I ! sn, . Eepiu, B.ta Maitr, nd may b lawful In any British built shin or res et, owned aad navigated according to law, or in any thip or vessel belonging te th subjects of any sovereign or state ia amity with bis msjetcy, to spon irom ine wort M nanus la Ikova bcotia, and st, John in Aew Brunswick, any Cypeuni, Grindstones, or otter produce or Manufactured' tne taw rrovineet, ana a'n any produce or ma nufaeiure of the United Kinzdom. or of hi Ma jetty! colonies or planutiont in. the West Indies, or any goods whatever which slwll iiaye keen legally Imparted into the said provinces ; provided tnat none oi tne sua articles shall be exported from the ports above - named, to any foreign country or pJaee, in toy foreign vessel, nales such foreign vessel shall belong to the country to wliich the Mid articles shall be espe - rted. Abd the right bouorable the lords eomrousicn ers of Lis majesty's treasury, and th lordt eiyn. misionersof lb ailmirahv are tit rive the neees sanr au - eeuons nereiu aceonlmfly. voigucu; 3s. UUL.UC.U. A cuution to gentlemen and otheri, who are own en ot vuluable lionet. It is a well known fact, that manv coachmen and grooms, who have the rharce or care of iiorses commnu - d to them, are continually ad - ministering pernicious drugs or medicines, or, what ii called spkeinsr horses, which ha a tendency to inflame the Llund. and ultimatelv destroy the constitution of the horse. This treatment will tsuse them, for a time, to grow ui, make them high - spirited, and the coat to look hue, but it often haimena. that the ser vants no have eiven thete medicines ami In the cilr of WilliRmihur?. nn WaJ..i,u. the 15lh intt. the Rt. Rev. John H Ir.n nt,t,l P..a . r,: i a - .t.. . .. - "'"'. niicaiaui i - .iiM.oiai vnurcn m tne city of Rich .nH.I . n .1 . .... 1 1 I . .? ... aaav.iu, uiiti lur ninny years uisnop 01 tile Virgin lamocete, and frtsulent of W illiam Si Marv HrEJflXQ POST MARLYE LIST. CLEARED, Chip toward, 1 aber, Cihrallar . 2. Wbitner Unon,Burn Amsterdam H A tJG Coster taronn. Ann, Fainter Liverpool i.owianu AZ lira ine Zodiac, Aj - mar, Liverpool ... J Ogden ; I'lantcr, Hurd, Oporto n, Li. ot o. tiriawoid Auraia, Adams, Savannah Schr Sea Serpent, Cole, Mother, Curran, Southern Trader. Nancy, Kelly, Union, Mtrsereau, Caroline, Menereau. Sloop Ann Jobnton, , Thos. C Butler, inn. David rorter, Shiars, Mobile I hos. C Butler, juu. Ilcllen, rrost, Gibraltar 3 Agnew William, lUlhbone, Surrinam E Burrill W Cahoone Charlotte, Rartlett, Gibraltar fa a market Norfolk Kingston, Jam Wm. r.niKoa. St. Andrews Philadelphia Norfolk Norfolk Norfolk Virginia 1 rader, Hickman, Alexandria ARRIVED THIS fVHE.YOO.V. Schr Washington. Murphv. 5 davs from Newbern, N. C. wilh naval storm, to Warin? fa Kimberly. 1 he bnr Nymph. Smith. 49 davs fmm Rel. fast, for this port, with passengers, put into New laonuon on i uursiiay last. AT QUARANTINE. Schr Eliza - Ann, .N eaves. 14 davs from Portn Rico, with sugar, molasses, Sic. la J J Labou - isse. No new. BELOW A bris fi - om Edenton. N C. and a ship. ARRIVED LAST F.rF.VISG, Ship Aii, Sutherland. inad. from Vt.m. with planter and dry pood, to Laidlaw, Girault ft Co. owners, F. fall. Sheldon. C. H nm R OesoUry. f. Varet 6t Son, Cmiit t Lamb, F. Her - j iiieir puces, and their successors omit to con tinue these medicines the consequence is tbe horse falls off. loses Lis annttur. and no - thing can restore him to his former state of health. Ho will appear like a person that has ue in me naoit ol drinking ardent spirits. Wien a retenarv sura - eon is called on to at tend a horse in this situation, it baffles all hi. experience to find out the horse, disorder, and the person who administered the.e medicines takes care to conceal frnm the farrier the cause of the complaint. A large portion of tnese diug have lately been found concealed id the stable of a gentleman of thia city. Many of iuc uaexney masters nave suflcred greatly bv this practice : and Mr. Edward Yates. Maiden - ine, in particular, who gives me the liberty of iimtr nis name. Hie late Lord Fembroke. who was tbe admirer and lover of the Iiore. and who studied the constitution and economy oi mai nouie animal, remarked, that " any geo uk - man wna permuted Ins rruom to rive hu horse any thinir but irruel and mashes, would soon find himself on loot.' It is trantporta - wn, m England, for any man to administer spice to a norse belonging to another person It has been my intention fur some time past, to write something on this subiect. that the oifners of horse might not be thusimposed upon. The public, and my fellow cilia ens at large, may rdv with confidence that I have stated truths. Facts are stubborn things. WILLIAM CARVER, Farrier, New - York, July, 1818. P. S. Great Care and caution J be oh. served by those who purchase horses from the hands of persons called dealers, or horse - joo MAKKIKII. W. O. . ?? T.nul?day 'roing last, bv the Rev. Archi uaia mac lay, Mr. Wm. U Murphy, to Mist .Tiary Davit. dSUL'hterof Thoma. Ilaul. hnti. r unsciiy. At ritttfield. Mr. Wiliinm nni... .riv.. York, to Mitt Caroline Wnli - nit flnM,! ,, of 'ri.nn... i - iu i - , ... - . v. . uviun. XIUIII, CS(a U1EU, i lUS mormns Mrs. Ann Bnrert. Iter fri.n. ana acquaiutnuce are requested to attend her iw - f. Ju - U,urrow aitemoou at hall past six, at t'v a AWUwagwl (, - tri. . VeaterdaiTa of a linrTtwrinwr illnasM t Qei m.l y. oioirt agca xi. Hi fnendi and acquain tUQCtfa at alkO iKlMf Af hi - IalK - . 4'am.tasl ftf Mi , . . - aaviaaa.wa WHIUNtil 111 t. I VS and hit brother Jolm O. MotL are reanerWulla - invited to attend hit fune meet at the house oi twa rauier, iiu. zu Lnntr - nniii. ihla .11. twmu a u kiu a, to move at 6. lo Botton. on th. 15th instant, after a short out painim 111019, Mrs. Abigail Wilhamt, the amiable consort of th Be v. Eliaha William, in ine outn year ol ner aze. St.. adorned everv character th .u.taihsd io lite, and augmented in loiicity ol all around ner. In br yon t w a pattern of filial duty. AJelitv to her friend, love to her husband, affection to her children, and unfeigned piety to bar God. Bv Him tha had c - eea divinely tausbt. that " one Uunir was need. fol," to that the intruding care of connubial l:i - . ... . . uie mierrupitu not ner nomaee to the sreat parent of a 11. At Coventry, (Vt ) Mr. Geonre Dorr, aired 49 years. He was one of the first settlers of j that town, and a member of the Baptist church. His death was occasioned br a fatal accident. on the 12tli June, as follows : As he was drawing timber, the hook of the chain caught the upper part of the calf of his leg. and tore off all the flesh from the back part of it to the ancle; it then fastened amone the cords of his ancle; in wliich situation be was drawn by hi cattle over slumps and timber, upwards ol eighty rods and most shockingly bruited. He wa at length relieved by his bosom eomnan ion, who, bcarinir his cries, ran and .k. j .l . . ' .77 rr .ut wacii, urcw out tne uook, and helped him . i. ... . . imu me noutc. ne continued in irreat dis tress until the 15th, when mortification took puce. r. UotjatJ. F.1t.Rinn. a" Stikuj. . cjtjn, 3 1 tret - are raaarnra. - M - Vi?r.J.. ana the I" the BrilM, ObamH.l,wa run foul ef by an eirlxbUne. wbh caiTieJ awuytbr Asea'i hgmt ked, i.tfW tteiii, and torn oflbe riMmr. bpoke artET' Bng Newton, Green, Li day, from Ixmdon. deny, with O. S. Momord. )W eors, M. - s.rt. E Crook, JaineeCmry, and 88 j the sieeraee. Ship Grand Turk railed , Spoke, Jly 29. lai. 44, 52, lo. 4t, 15, a briff flouI Ltverpool lor New - York. July S, U.. 4i, 1 C A, brig John Si Hannah, from Boston for oLrta Ulh, Ut. SS, Ion. 63, ship Ceres, S day, ftaailJi' on lr Havre 22d, lat. 30, Ion. 7SJ, whr. lterii lator, 12 days from Hahfas for Alesiudria Bug Coinnaerce, Dajreeit, 5 days from New. Orleans, with cotton, tobacco, fcc. to Jaroet veil., at the Turn, (besidet Uiose bcttT, rrporleil,) brir Gipey, Horn Boston, and brir Aueona, from Providence. Sh gow, for Livcriiopl.wat beloW the Turn, wlihL." of rudder. Tbfc tchr. Brilliant, Kelloer, fro!!,..h,N.,lr.d th.p Kideli., Ashley, Penacola, passed the Balne 58ih Ji.,.."ci." Andrs, and Coiitn llaiion, for Boston, sailed from the Biilise '3ih June in co. with the Commerr. I .. ,' k..A . I 1 1 til . "".ikC ..i.,. ic, .iuu iiiiii - , iisnn, ior new - York and stlir. Hninel, for Wert Indies Spoke JnlJ 10, off the Tortueax. Iri Chauutev. .'.,7 Vork, 2 days from Havana, for Iew - Orlellf, I2lh, off Malamas, hiig Adte, 'JO dt. fr Mobilr (T. Boston. lClh. lat. 29. loo. fcO. sclir. Ami... j " frnm New - Orlrniit for Bottnn. SUlli, off Hattrra, srhr Collettwr,7 days from Bermuda for Edenton oenr. ui iiiiani , Biota, o nay. Horn Kitbmond vnuui me .uiivi., wiiii imur aiiu lobacrn I. K Donaldwii, W. H linlay. D. Brtliune a. rl'm Cochran, S. Willianit, J. B. Uurand, C. H Dufiu' H. W. Fiehl..!. AI' rJT - .0' & Johnson, T. ft vi.., Wells U L'ptou, C. Dubul aud J. W. Srhinidl U Co. "ttl Br. chr. Biitunnia, firurr, 11 dsvs from Hal! f - i, ivith uhisler. fi - .li an.lS:: nu Stiikhop.' r " 11111 itoonorr Jane - Jlana, Van Hme,GOhourt from Walsh ii Gallagher, and R. M'Corn.iTk ' fct hr. Marv, Mmer, C days from PUmouib. N . t. wun naval stoies, to the cajitaiix Hchr. Sandusky, Weeks, 25 days from Mobile With COttOU. ill:. U Fetm - a H..,;.k j ..U,W a. . ' . . . . ...iiiv.i aim uinan rasseiirers, Middle, Mt. c. Biddle. cam.;.' toss, austn. d. ftl'Dorou, W.rd, KnapP; M: lone. Mason. Austin. IV li.m. ..ui u.n. AK' .. . schr. Rover. ChaDmau. ar. ai Ri.k.i. a .',. from New Vork. ' Sloop Adeline, Bradley ,3 days from Charleston, ilfi suirsr, inolu9tes. dm ....i k...i .1 S. Chaiiwick, J Johnson, Disbrow, Parith fa liol - brook, J Loirillard. and tlie master. Pattengert. Hon. J. Johnson, iwn ilnhi.. ....i and Mrs. Lhadwick, lieut. orrrt, midshipman Thoinpton.Miu J. Read. Metsrt. W. M. Rowland, J. Killam. K Butler, O. R. Butler, T. Hopkint.J Johnson, J . Duckworth, Burk, Thonra., Marie, Brthop, W. P. Beers, Laihier, Wittich. No! blc, and O. Swift." Scar. Charleston Packrt, Vail 1 2 days from N. York, and tchr. Hiram, 30 days' from do. were off the Bar, bound in. Sloop Dancn, 3 diivt Iron iNoi folk, with wood, arid i pavsengers, discharged teamen from th. frigate Congress. Sloop Halcyon. Bli,5 day from Newport, wilh run?, to KurriJI tiCahoone. Sloop Provideuer, Brown, i days from Piwvi - droc, with dry goods, linir.iic to sundries. a 11 a Ii I t - 4iV. ..iri .p. . ... iwi.tikiaoo wis, juiy 1 1. nrnved imp Abigail. Brown, Boston, 34 days. Oa the 18th nit lat dl 43, long 7354, spoke ship Farmer, Salter. 19 dayt from New Orleans, bound to liane - de. Grace. Oa tbe 6th imt. lat 33 68, long 77 30, poke thip Concordia, 38 dayt from Port. mouth, N. H. bound to Savannah. The A. ha encountered nothing but head winds, during the whole passage. Brig rugnm, Delano, Isle of May, 25 days, Tbe thip Middlesex. Adams, from Beaton, aa. chorsd in the Roads last evening. B03TOX. Julv Si. Arrived, tchr Sukrr. Oassett, from Alestndria. scar. Gold Hunter, Burnbam, 40 dayt tram St Ubet. , Sehr Ftnnv and Betser. Barnev. 91 Jan trow. Winton, N. C - Spake off Cspe Hatterat, trig Ho nier, IS dayt from Providence fwr Saveanth. Lam oat of Holme' Hoi Monday last, aad left ther ship Samuel, from BratM for Naalucket. aioop Mastacbusetts, Uean, from Oaraeoak. Schr Concord, Carver, from Grenada. Brig Samaritan, Grcely, from Mataosa. Qusasc. July 16. Arrived, aliio JamQk i MCarthy, - 49 day from Greanwntr. "Wtfll tt I aettiera. . - Brtr Brothers, lloore. 8 week from White. haven, with 74 settler. . . Bnr Favorite. Grttr. 58davs from Creenoel. with ia settlers. Brie Nancv. Korman. 2 ilava from Hull with $6 settlers. ' Sell Grace, English. 46 dat a from ColraiM. with 52 settlers. Brig Horsier Hill. Bucks. 54 davs from Sow J..I..7I . " ucriauu, wiui lj setUcr. THEATKE. SRCOXD LVXCERT. On MONDAY EVENl.NG, JULY V, Will be presented, - A GRanIi rn,rcRT Leader of the Band. Guliarhta Grand Piano, Mr. John Bianchi Taytor, true Overtor. the King's Theatre, London. PART I. Trio, Messrs. Incledon, Thilipps and Mr, tt man, Loved scene must 1 leave tne.n I. Welsh. Song, Mr. Burke. " Just like love." Davy. Song, Mr. Philippt, Th Blind MLuetrtl." - Bishop. Song, Mr. Incledon, The Lad of th Vinar.' Dibdin. Song, Mr. Ifolman, " Wbiltt with Villtp Maidt.M Shield. Duet, Mr. Incledon and Mrs. Burke, " Feryw my tweet Maid." Shield. Irish melody, Mr. Philippr, " Soldiart Bride,' arranged by himself. , i'oug, Mrs. Ilolman, " III Otver prove unkind. PART II. Siufonie, Haydi Song, Jtfn. Burke, "O Dolce Ccocento." tart. Duet, &Ir. Philippt and Mr. Ilolman, 'Ikt thee." BishoD." Song, Mr. Incledon, Sailor's Last Vbitt." Shield. - "Ike Echo Song," ,Vn. Holman, echoed if heraelf." lTuhnn.. Song, Mr. Philippt, Hail Temple ef Liberty." Moor. Song, Mr. Incledon, " Black EyMSutan.", reridge. Grand Bravura, Mr. Burke, JojomVP storace." Dnvt. Afenra. Philtnna ami fnrtadoB. " " . . . , r ' wen." uraham Door open at 7, and th concert cotWM precisely at 8, 2U ALAUMMA MkHCUAfTH. PETERS it STEBBIN, CoMttittioir MaacaasTt, BLAKtLEY, Mobd - D7 - I I HAVE extensive ttore boutetaod receiwaw. forward goods, cotton, he free I a . a . BMHU r and wnanage. vessels sod oarges j t side ol their t lores. Shippers will pteasa w lo GAL VIM SPEAK, Boston - , Jyi5 tf PETERS & UEHRICK, E.MLEN fc HOWELL, Ptliladlr, J.,.. UMIUFL i i ne tnip uiuu, navuifj . . j iied by the weather, he wUl P"urj tail on Tuesday next. Dwi more passcu. i can be accommodated. Apply to I J S5. HOYT S iu:ZJ A good veas.1, bound to NEWbtJ 3 i nn i.n. na rakrula .x. iv. may nare uj uu applying to ti.. it c W. DAVENPORT CO. Sa - Pcktli, y JY;r virqlyia flvuk. m m kairKiaala Atni. msilm from BW W received psr.tchr Jane Maria, and for l ..... .... ..a - a. a ntll D WALII ai UAlaLAunaei Jr 8J i Soulkt( f Lit. 11 ed, The s consist twenty - twinot vlwb . ese . Sclio, lull i ' - S5 T OS whi,,. ittistv, W00 th oflic

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