Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 4, 1931 · Page 3
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 3

Mason City, Iowa
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Saturday, April 4, 1931
Page 3
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APRIL 4 1931 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE iitaim (EUy . A Lee- Syndicate Newspaper - ·: Issued Every Week Day by tie " MASON CiTX'GLdBGAZETTE COMPANY 121-123 East State St. · · - · Telephone No. 380u the gerrymandering responsible for the present dis^ tricts ,!s even aggravated by what is proposed In tlie house bill.-- · · ··'· - . ' · · · ' · · ' ' · "'· WILL F.. MUSE. ...Editor \V. EARL HALL Managing Editor LEE P. LOOMIS ...Business Manager MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Tha Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to the use for publication of all news dispatches credited toil or not otherwise credited In this paper, and also all local news published herein. ____^_ ONE STEP AT A TIME TT WAS probably too much to expect the legislature to pas's the driver's license law, Already it has passed a measure requiring lights on horse'drawn vehicles "at night. That's progress. But 'passing the driver's license law--which any reasoning person knows is needed--would be hurrying'the.legislature too fast. Fast isn't the-way'that body moves." THE OBSERVING ^""*1' y " lf Miat m . . . . . . SUBSCRIPTION BATES Daily, per year · Daily, per week...; · · · · Outside ot Mason City and Clear Lake Dally,' per- year · by carrier.-....:,.. Daily, .per week, by ^'carrier.'. 'Daily, per year by mail ti'"" en 6 months,;$2.25;i3months, ?l-25; 1 month....... .50 Outside 100 mile zone, daily, per year.: -«·"" 6:months $3.25 -,- .. a,months 75 Entered at the Postoffice at Mason City, Iowa, as · Second Class Matter If you wish to preserve your secret wrap It up In frankness.--ALEXANDER SMITH AftK any question' of fact. Write plainly, Inclose 2 cents In roln or stamps for return postage and address the Globe-Gaictte Information Dnreaa, Frederic J. Hn»Wn, Director, Washlnston, D. C. N E i \ i GOOD OLD UNCLE U NCLE SAM, by a great many .in Central and South America, is regarded as 'a brutal, ruthless, selfish arid grasping invader. But when trouble comes to these same people, it is in the record that Uncle Sam is first on the job ·with help, unstintingly and without thot of recompense.- The Managua earthquake affords a case in point. From 'time to time for a generation American marine's have been sent into Nicaragua to keep order and protect decent government from the depredations of grafting'Nlcaraguan politicians; or to protect life and property from desperadoes whom the government of the country was too feeble to oppose. On every occasion the landing of the marines has been accompanied by an outburst in Latin America against American "imperialism."~The outburst has"~always been echoed in the senate at Washington by the group which was opposed to the administration--both major parties have been in power when, it became necessary to land marines and they have taken turns criticizing each othen . . Probably some people in Latin America take the criticism seriously, just as some people in this country take seriously the criticisms in the senate. But the truth is it is politics in both places. Hostility to the Yankee is a stock-in-trade of Latin American politics just as hostility to the administration is a stock attitude of all non-administration politicians in the United States. Then comes hurricane, earthquake, and what not-and Uncle Sam's marines cease being devils and become angels-of mercy. President Moncada, for. example--elected to office on a-'platform of hostility to the United States--is begging that orders withdrawing marines be cancelled. In Santo Domingo last year when the hurricane struck the hostile natives fell on th'eir knees in gratitude when our warships and Red there'was a strong L "Porto Rico--but after the "hurricane devastated the island,'and American organization, sanitary measures and money rescued thousands from starvation and pestilence, the independence movement died a sudden and conspicuous death. , .-. ." . ' ~~ Uncle Sam is a pretty good uncle to his little neighbors when they are in trouble--a pity they can't remember his kindness when their skies are clear. , THE VALUE 6p REPUTATION T HE durable quality of reputation is well exemplified in the case of road-building. Fifteen years ago Wisconsin took a lead in surfacing roads with gravel and gravel binder. Today Wisconsin has a reputation for having excellent reads. The fact Is that Wisconsin's-roads are probably poorer, considered as a system, than any to be found In. the Great Lakes region. Only this past week, as a pa't of a 4-cent gasoline tax bill, have the trunk roads' of the Badger state come under a unified control. Up to now, road building has been piecemeal, every county for itself. And a road is no better than its weakest link. The same point could be made with regard to Minnesota's highway system. An early start was made there in graveling roads. But It was in the matter of marking the roads that Minnesota achieved an early ascendancy. For several years Iowa's neighbors to the north have been coasting along on reputation. Iowa, Illinois, Missouri and numerous other states have pulled themselves out of the mud but Minnesota continues to rely, except for a few inter-city roads, on gravel. The Impracticability and the inexcusable expense of gravel for densely traveled highways has long since been proved. In spite of all this, however, there still linge'rs in the popular mind a belief that Minnesota and Wisconsin are progressive road-building states. Credit this tc the value of an established reputation. For the converse proof of this rule, Iowa is a cose in point. To the world a few years ago, this state-particularly the southern part--became, synonymous with mud roads. Not simply mud roads but gumbo roads.' Since those days there has been a veritable revolution in our road-building methods. Last year more miles of new paying were laid than in any other state In the union. In. spite of this, however, an lowan touring thru the east encounters a belief among persons who would be expected to know better that Iowa becomes a lake of mud every time there is a heavy- dew. . If there is a moral to this tale, it's just this: The state--why not the Individual?--can get away with murder if only he Is possessed of a good reputation. Q. Did Walter Johnson pitch big league baseball longer than any other pitcher? C. D. A. Cy Young pitched a year longer. His total was 22 years, Johnson's 21 and Grover Alexander's 20. Q. What is the average cost a mile of constructing a concrete road and n dailroad? R. U. A. Concrete'road, ?30,000; railroad, between $30,000 and 535,000. Q. Why aren't English skylarks Imported into · this country ? E. M. G. A. It is considered undesirable. Q. In Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, which character is the fiend? E. D. - A. Mr. Hyde is the bad character. Q, What Is tho weight of the skeleton of adults of average size? H. W. A. From 10 to 12 pounds. Q. Was Christ born on Christmas day? M. E. for one would like ^ l o see the police department campaign for the next month against motorists who violate stop signs. .Parking rule" violations'" ;db not .often involve a hazard to liEe and limb but the violation of rules for moving traffic always does. The motorist who deliberately and habitually ignores these signs, whether they be electric or mere buttons on the street, is a menace to the public. Let's clamp down on him--and give no quarter to the one who yelps. The excuse that "everybody else does it" should have no weight. have a note from A. M. F. in which It ia suggested that the person who found and kept her purse and its contents, lost downtown a couple of weeks ago, is of a pretty low order, this in spite of the fact that the finder would have been welcome to keep the money contents if only the other items were returned. "I get so peeved when I think of how small some people can be and how Inconsiderate of other people," she writes. "There are times when I wonder if there is such a thing as an honest person anymore." This is probably an unduly pessimistic conclusion, and yet Incidents such as the one described cer- alnly do discount one's faith in lumanity. from the Forest Park school and this goal will not be satisfactorily achieved until paving takes the place of the present bumps, mud or dust.. . ' ' am sure that every news paper and magazine editor stands obligated 1 to the pub lisher of the Tsin-Pao, at Peking China, for this painless rejection "Your highly venerated manu script I have read with ravishment But if I published it the readers o Tsin-Pao would immediately command me to take it in future as a model, and never again have the audacity to publish anything inferior to It. "My long experience of literature, however, convinces me that pearla such as yours cannot be produced more than once in 10 million years. That is why, etc." DIET and HEALTH Bv LOGAN CLENDENING, M. D. Author of "THE HUMAN BODY" A r e s s o r . , Clone-Gazette. Write lEgthly and not more than ZOO words. A BIT OF RELIGION By THOMAS ANDKItSOV _ "MfnllUrv First Congregational Chilreh, Charlei City. N O DAY means more to the thotful than the day, upon which men celebrate the anniversary of the rising from the dead of Jesus of Nazareth. It is the £jf ^thTdaf w^en^ ^t"SSST NO COMFORT FOR FAT FOLKS! ,,.,, ,,,,, ,, _ F AT PEOPLE know their efficiency is low. There Is heartB uj ta again the mighty song, "He Is Risen, a general impression that their mental alertness lt i 3 on Easter day that the .fires of hope are tea is not up to normal, but the overweights will chal- anew and the fuel that has burned low in the lamp lenge that. Their mechanical efficiency, however, can of humtt n needs. It is the day when °» r - h « arts -. a " be measured accurately. . · awakened again to a full realization that the grave In-fact, it has been. A cruel- hna bean conquered and death overpowered, minded Chicago experimenter has Before us there comes the great scene which brings had obese women and normal . tl)e knowl( ,dge that men are more than play- weighted women pedaling a sta- *·. o£ chance to be buffeted about by fate, as tionary bicycle and has calculated | s re Mown across the Jawn by vagrant winds, the amount of mechanical efficiency sands are beaten about on the shores of the they displayed. This was compared . .. comme . an d B0 i n g of the tides. There is with the efficiency of some thin the assurance in the story of the resurrection of "The subjects. Galilean" that men who die will live again. Upon that . These obese subjects had a.per- the door of the tomb D e c omea, not just a centage overweight of from 12 to ' J£ tn j t the dar i, n es3 of the place of UO. Their actual weights .were "M Head love but the lens thru which we, can see, with ; to 262 pounds. .... the eves of faith, into the place of "many mansions. _ s»S|3f ff| s.Ks£5r«swSHS Dr. Clendenins 1 3ulr" *TM "-'- *-"* " t *"" "° nf e erea seas iS IX gUUU £JJ.UJJUL LIUU* F» CH J,itilU^V* I a -- ; «-· , men seldom showed more than 28 to 30 per cent ef«-| toe^inusiB^f^the^ieart.^...^ --- m ~ re 5f th(J troa . nous?' average of aU th« .obese subject, A. There are no data which would prove' conclusively the date QE birth. Many believe the birth occurred in March or October. The fact that at the season observed as Christmas now a great Roman feast was held which had been held for centuries, probably influenced the early Christians to celebrate the birth of Christ at this period. Q. To what part of the western world was the name, America first applied? M. H. R. A. To Central Brazil, in honor of the Italian Amerigo Vespucci, who claimed he had discovered it It was first employed for the entire western world by Mercator in 1541. BO-BROADWAY By JOSEPH VAN RAALTE understand there is a solicitor in town who gains entrance to a house by hold- 1 EW YORK, April 4.--In the matter of female fashions Mere Man, as a rule, pursues a strict hands- off policy. He seldom butts in. Once In a while, however, there slips into existence a vogue so outlandish that, in the interest of outraged charm, Mere Man takes the bit in his teeth, gets his tall over the dashboard on' cuts loose. That's what occurred In the case of those brimless bonnets. the girls have been affecting:--little'" mortified patches of vari-colored felt jammed down over the back piazza of the skull, devoid of decoration, not even a wisp of hair showing, the forehead bulging with all .the verve and abandon of a loaf of Vienna bread. Had it not been for the earnest protestations of millions of beauty loving males' in millions of American homes, ao far 'as their womenfolks go, this would be a nation of Greta Garbos. Thus it is that the following advertisement of a swank Fifth Avenue Ladles' Lid shop yesterday gladdened The Pastor's eye: "Modern Hats With a Touch of Old-Time Grace." ng out a book and explaining to the housewife that he has a gift for her. I hope somebody will take lira at his word -- accept , the book and close the door in his face. The rest of his story is that he's a deserving boy who wants to get ar education (the old- baloney) and that he has something to. sell. "' would direct special atten tlon to a law passed by the legislature and signed by Governor Turner making it com pulsory to ' carry, lights on. hors drawn vehicles at njght. Goyerrio Turner remarked on. signing it tha it was a good bill. And so it is Farmers have been,' prejudicec against it in the past, thinking It would be a bother for -them. Time will -show, however, that it Is for their protection for the records will prove that in a mixup between an automobile arid a horse drawn vehicle, the latter usually come out second best. The law. is .that horse drawn vehicles "shall - during the period from an hour after sunset to i half hour before sunrise,- when on the highways of- this state* display one or more white or tinted lights on said vehicle, which shall be of wants to No. 161: \^.°^ °" -JATM~» ,,,,!,, n ,n,,f haic na «fftn.iimt- reveal itself to you and the great truth of the years. out cut down brush, | clean out storerooms, disinfect cel- ar, clean out attic, wash floors, jolish floors, wash windows, clean woodwork, clean wallpaper, wash| household linen; wash ceilings, wash clothes, iron clothes, polish metal ware, beat rugs, tidy up yard, iron I household linen, clean shoes daily, ny about half as efficient. I reveal itself to you ___ --- ,, - ous^to be efficient in the race of | sink into your ^oul.^hat^you^onen^e door of your do\vn. 1 hea rt and let "The King of Glory Come In. WITH NORTH IOWA EDITORS TIME TO QUIT. Storm Lake Pilot-Tribune: Isn't _ __ , j L ownm jjjiiiu *. nui.-Ai.iwiino* j*ju. i. saw . _*?* P'il^JkJ;TM,,^^ U about time to stop the university farce? For the last 10 days, 3-calIed investigation has been or not Prexy . e children. sew and mend clothes, wash and polish auto, press " outer clothes, darn stockings, deliver packages ^^ .,,. ,, bring up coal, wash dishes, care for Jesaup6was responsible for Io',va be-,.=,,* ^^ ousted from thj Big Ten a couple of years ago. Just as If it really am sure that the new J mn .k?s any difference whether he street signs provided by the was O r whether he wasn't. The city will be accepted by OU ster. is water over.the dam and residents generally as an invest-1 r r0 m all we caii judge from talking JUST FOLKS n; RDCiAR A. UUES'L" THE MASTER They seldom show Him with a smile. Always His face is sad to see, As if a jest could never be Nor He be merry for a while. The kindly humor that could pat The brows of boys He chanced to see And say: "Let children come to Me!" No brush has ever painted that! The Man who loved a little child And walked the common ways of men', Tho troubled often. Now and then With those about Him surely smiled. I fancy as I read His word I hear Him chuckling-, soft and sweet, Telling to Mary, at His feet, Some curious thing He'd seen or heard. He must have had a twinkling eye, Which danced at times with gentle mirth, So greatly to be loved on' earth, So bravely on the cross to die. sufficient illuminating power to be visible at a distance of 200 feet from the rear direction." --o-presume the value of this release from the Iowa Lions clubs lies .in its timeliness. It's an injunction against carrying an umbrella over one's eyes. "Many accidents, both to children and to adults," it is pointed out 'are .caused by crossing the street during a rain with an umbrella held closely over the eyes. 'An umbrella reduces your vision 50 to 75 per cent. "In "carrying an opened umbrella special caution should be used at all Intersections. ."You have poorer vision in a rain --the driver also has poorer vision --and in addition to that the wet streets tend to make a car skid- make the action of the brakes questionable. . "A wet street is always'danger- mis. ' "Do your share by always carry- Fellowship of Prayer A Daily Lenten Feature Presented in Co- Operation With the Federal Council of the Churches of Christ in America SORROW'S CHALLENGE: (Read Luke 23:55-24:10. Text, Luke Zi:5). Why seek ye the living among the dead? ·THE DEVOTION and courage of. women! On the I way, to Calvary women of Jerusalem had braved the mob to give Jesus friendly companionship and sympathy. And these women of Galilee had not fled with the disciples. The last at the cross and the first at' the tomb! It was fitting that they should be the first to get the glad tidings. It 'came as a challenge to their sorrow. They were looking for the- One they loved, but looking In the wrong- place. This challenge meets iis all at the 'graves of -our loved ones. With POLITICSSHOULDBEFORGOTTEN rpHE congressional redlstrictlng bill passed by the '-"· house this week has little to commend it beyond the matter of temporary expediency in politics. 'Members of the house seem to be.of'the opinion that preserving a job for a congressman is of more importance than considerations of geographical compactness and other things of lasting influence. The fact that the districts decided upon, now may continue for forty or fifty years, as has been the case with the illogtcaUy arranged district now existent, ought to invite the deepest thot on the part of representatives and senators at Des Moinea. A glance at the map picturing the proposed rearrangpment will show at once that loving care we tend these hallowed spots in God's Acre, putting flowers there, and = watering them with tears. We want to do it; it eases a little the ache in our hearts. But there is' a greater comfort for us, whan we remember that our dear ones are not there In the ground. Our faith has burled them, not in the earth, but in the sky. The grave contains their dust, It cannot house their spirits. They themselves have not tarried here, where dust returns to dust, but have K one on into the Silent Land. They are not dead, but alive-- probably far more alive than we are. Why seek we the living among the dead? This day, consecrated to sad memories, is still more consecrated to immortal hopes. It points us to the coming time when Memory and Hope shall meet and clasp hands. We shall find our loved ones, but not in the grave. In the wise words of David, They will' not return to us, but we shall go to them. " ' ..... ' ..... Prayer: O Lord God, the Light, of the faithful, the Strength of those who labor, and the Repose of the blessed-dead; we : bless Thee for all Thy saints who have witnessed in their lives a good confession, and especially for those dear unto us who have fallen asleep in Jesus. Grant us grace, O Lord, so to 'follow their good example that we may be one with them in spirit, and finally share in their eternal rest. Thru Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.. -Common Worship ing your umbrella BO the lanes of traffic are plainly visible." wish there.was some way to determine, what type of newspaper picture is of greatest interest to the average reader. Iowa has one newspaper which goes in for "pretty girls," particularly if they are in bathing suit or other scanty attire. One Chicago paper dotes on weird subjects. The victims of the Valentine's day massacre a year or two ago gave it a great display. Perh'aps somebody less intimately connected with the Globe-Gazette than a member of its staff could tell his peculiar likes or dislikes m photography. I only know that I never can find myself much Interested in the blurry telephoto pictures which look as if they had been taken about 300 yards away from the subject during a heavy fog. The Viking rescue pic- lures of a few days ago were a case in point. Somehow there is something common to all these catastrophe pictures. A view taken aftnr an Oklahoma tornado of a dozen years ago could have been used as applying to almost any tornado anywhere since that time. So It is with these rescue pictures--always three or, four men in a rowboat outlined against a gray background. Every newspaper ought to keep a few of these on hand for emergency ment well made.' They seem to combine pleasing design, easy legibility and durability. Besides being helpful to Mason Cltyans themselves, they, will prove of value to the visitors who come here. I've often heard it said^-and I believe it to be a.-facfc--that few other items are .of greater importance than adequate. street signs in giving the transient a good impression 'of a town. All of which is why I'm expressing' my belief that their purchase constituted a good investment. have before me a clipping from an Iowa newspaper in which the editor agrees with a correspondent' "who complains that church services are too much given to entertainment these days. He wants his religion, straight, free from all side issues. "When the desire .to participate in divine worship replaces the desire for Sunday morning entertalnmen in the church 'programs' of this country," he writes, "then will the people be attracted to regular and sympathetic church attendance regardless of golf, autos, Sunday dinners or what not." All of which reminds me of a discussion once In this column of the same subject. Then a Mason City woman argued with considerable force in favor of cutting down on sermons and giving primary stress to the musical side of the service. It would be interesting to know whether this suggestion of "more with residents hereabouts, they don't give a hong one way or the other. BLOW AT BROWN CHURCH? Kossuth Cotiiity Advance (Algona): Reece, of the Ravings col- urrm, suggests something that probably most people hadn't thot of efore, including perhaps the pastor of the Little Brown church: The new 5-day marriage license notice requirement is likely to put a good- sized crimp into the golng-to- tfashua-to-be-married stunt. FEWER SUPERVISORS Wright County Monitor (Clarion) A bill has passed the senate which would reduce the number ot supervisors from five or seven, as now constituted In most counties, to three members. The taxpayers o: TRUCK DRIVING COURTESY Forest City Summit: We followed a big truck 12 miles the other day, that hogged the road every foot of the way, unmindful of the fact that in those 12 miles six autos finally were trailing the truck at 30 miles an hour, any one of which was more than anxious for.a safe .opportunity to pass. INCONSISTENCY Swea City Herald: A curioua turn In the editorial mind is illustrated by the scribe who loudly laments increasing taxes and waste In government yet turns squarely arounc and demands the state set up a highway police. ; MORE SAFETY HERE Waterloo Courier: Tho American Railway association has reported .hat fatalities-from crossing accidents were 465 less than in 1929, a reduction of 19 per cent. Other highway fatalities increased about' 4 per cent. - NO PARACHUTES? Marshall town Times-Republican: Do passenger planes equip their passengers with parachutes? If not TRIBUTE TO PAMMEL . Spencer Reporter: His life was truly one ot service. He was evet ready to render service to any who were seeking Information or guidance in the great work to which hi9 life was consecrated. A FOREGONE CONCLUSION Sioux City Journal: Whatever tha outcome of the present democratla chaos may be, It is considered o foregone conclusion that President Hoover will ba renominated next year. * RAULROADS SHOULD PROFIT Cedar Falls Record: With tha wreck of another air transport and loss of lives, the railroads should enjoy at least a temporary spurt in the passenger business. A FAR-SEEING ANIMAti Mitchell County Press (OBage)J The groundhog knew beat, after all. He was looking ahead farther than :iis usual six weeks when ho saw: this blizzard coming. PROTECTING JESSUP Hurdln County Citizen (Iowa music and less preaching" would fall within the ideal of the editor who wrote the preceding paragraph. am reprinting herewith n. most plausible set ot figures to show that the average of us mortals puts in only one day of work a year. The table was sent to me by a reader who doesn't believe in the proposed five-dny week: There are days In the year 36!) You sleep eight hours a day ...12?. Balance You rest eight hours a day . . . .122 Balance .................... 12 .1 Sundays In a year ............ ·*· Balance : Half-day Saturday all year Balance Legal holidays in year 26 12 Wright county would welcome .this law as a solution of the present sit uation, which has been far from sat isfactory for several years. ABILITY NEEDED Sac City Sun: It ia not going to be an ensy task to select the proper men for the board of education who can meet with the approval o£ two- thirds of the senate, but they certainly should be men of the highest caliber, whether or not they are personal friends and active supporters of the governor. SMALL HOPE Buffalo Center Tribune: When questioned as to any word or clew received regarding the person or persons who caused the death o! Emma Flesenberg at Buffalo Center on Sunday, Feb. 15, the sheriff stated that It looks as tho there are small hopes of apprehending the guilty parties. STATE INCOME TAX Decorah Journal: If Iowa is to have a state income tax, It MUST BE a replacement tax, according to Governor Turner's promise when he was a candidate. In other words, the Income tax MUST reduce property taxation. It hasn't worked as a replacement tax In Wisconsin. THE GOVERNOR AGES Currlo V. Lucas In St. Ansgar Enterprise: Altho so busy with the cares o£ the state which I could not jut note has aged him. in appearance, our governor took the time to greet me cordially and expressed a desire to be remembered to all friends in our vicinity. INSURGENT DEMANDS Cherokee Times: The insurgents' why not? The chutes were not in evidence following the plane crash that claimed eight lives on Tuesday. Balance 31 One hour a day for lunch ..... · 16 Balance Two weeks' vacation Balance came across this list of April catastrophes a day or two ago and reasoned that you too might be interested in it: Sinking of the Titanic (April 15, 1912) Ass'osslnation of Lincoln (April 14, 1865). San Francisco earthquake and fire (April 18, 1906). .Bubonic plague In England (April 26, 1665). 'Sinking 6 if steamer Sultana in Mississippi (April 27, 1865). Mississippi floods (April, 1927) Ohio prlson'flre (April 21, 1930). --o-see no good reason for delaying · further the paving of that two block stretch on the A. Y. P. route between Second and Fourth, streets southwest. The Intention ia to divert traffic am glad that occasionally one -can find an oil station whose builders haven't pro ceeded to action after asking them selves this question: "What colors and color combina tion can I use, what style of architecture can I employ to make my "- ..... -- proposal to the democratic party is very simple. It can be put in a few words. Let the insurgents select the democratic candidate and write the platform and the insurgent group will vote democratic. That's all. But what a price! THE WAY TO REDUCE Marslmlltnwn Times-Republican The senate Is trimming Iowa's bud get In an effort to reduce state ex pensea. Reducing expenses is the practical road toward economy. The best way to reduce taxca is not to make necessary so much money for taxes. THE TRUSTING FARMER AJtn. Advertiser: Within another month he will be out there in the fields, stressing every effort to raise 60-bushel corn and 75-busbel oats, even if the market is flooded and prices at a below cost basis. TWO DEATHS LOOM Roclcford Register: It begins to look as i£, the deadlock which has developed between the senate and the house .in the Iowa legislature would kill both the county assessor and income, tax legislation. THE PARLIAMENTARIAN Emmetebiu-g Democrat: Representative Allen of Pocohontas county is credited with .being the beat parliamentarian in the Iowa house. He is always called upon, when motions become badly tangled. WHAT DIFFERENCE ? Allison Tribune: What difference does it make to Butler county farmers whether the farm board protects the price of wheat another year or not? We are not in the wheat growing business. HOME TOWN THOTS talco Mills Graphic: The citizen of Lake Mills who invests no thot or effort in the improvement of his home town, can't expect his home town to return him any dividends of increased prosperity. THOSE WHO PAY ARE BEST Klemmo Times: A man who owns no property and pays no taxes, surely cannot show tho same economy in spending public funds, as the office holder who owns property and paya taxes thereon CHOICE POPULAR, Falls): The partisans of .the J nSs.tQ university are doing everything they can to protect the Jessup-education- I al board aggregation. FOR PARTISAN PROFIT Iowa Recorder (Greene): Tha ; question of redlstrictlng Iowa from 11 to 9 · congressmen ia meeting with schemes galore, so the parties will profit thereby. DON'T BLAME THE PRINTER Ames Tribune: Tho printer was wiseV than he .knew when he made his bosa say that the cause of busl- .ness depression was "overpredlc- completed structure and its surroundings wholly horrid to the eye of man and repellent to the esthetic sense of everybody who lives In this neighborhood." I can take you to two or three service stations in Mason City which are attractive in every sense. don't right at this minute . think of a better Insurance against motor accidents than a well' adjusted set of brakes. If this be advertising for the boys who adjust brakes, we'll just have to let It go at that. It's my story and I'll stick to it. MAIL BOXES Wright County Reporter (Dows): Postal regulations now require that all new rural boxes be of uniform shape and size. This ought to Improve the roadway scenery considerably as well as aid the carrier. However, the color is still left to the individual. ONE POSSD3LE CONCLUSION Marshnlltown Times-Republican: The 'man who cooked General Grant's meals during the Civil war is dead at the age of 92. Evidently he did not eat his own cooking. Grant has been dead these many years. Fort Dodgo Messenger: Selectiort, of MncNIder as a running mate for the president certainly would be a popular move in lowa.'It also would meet with favor elsewhere as Mac- Nlder is a national figure. NEVER A VOTE ON IT Gamer Leader: There never was a votd by the people ot Iowa on the eighteenth amendment as to whether the state was wet or dry. Our state legislature and Iowa congressmen voted Iowa dry. OVERPRODUCTION EXPLAINED Emmotsburs: Reporter: The overproduction of agricultural commodities, from which the whole world Is suffering today, is due to failure to control the agricultural machine's output. WHO WILL PAY? Wall Lake Blade: Just suppose our railroads would be forced to quit business, who Is going to pay the thousands and thousands of dollars in taxes now paid by the railroads ? DICK'S NEW ALIGNMENT Movlllo Mall: Senator-Elect Dickinson, "hell raiser for agriculture," has lined up with the conservatives. The Iowa farmers cannot expect much from him. DIAGNOSING YOUNG WIVES Boonc Ncwa-Rcpublican: The trouble with a lot of young wives is not that they are too delicate to cook, but tEat they are delicatessen-minded." : ALL THINGS MUST END Wnukon Standard: The state uni- verally probe goes merrily on and will undoubtedly land somewhere at the end--but who knows where? JUST A THEORY Nc\v Hnmpton Tribune: The state of Kansas has voted to restore capital punishment. What Inspired this --songs of tho radio crooners? CERTAIN TO HURT MrmHon Journal: Cutting out two congressional districts Is going to be a painful operation for a number of ambitious congressmen. HOME RULE: Upper Des, Moincs Republican (Algona): It now looks na tho the townships will be permitted to elect, their own assessors. DOPE BUCKET PREVAILS Wesley News-World: This Is the season of the year when every league baseball team wins the pennant--on paper. . SOVIET RUSSLV'S METHOD Manly Signal: Russia continues to dump her goods abroad and leave the Russian people In the dumps at home, IT USUALLY GOES UP Spencer News-Herald: Tax revision is a good deal like tariff revision. It's usually upwards. , ONLY ONE ROCKNE Cliarlcs City Press: Thero ara many good football coaches but there was only one Rockne. A LUCKY TOWN Dumont Journal: So far Dumont Is sitting pretty, with the best mall service we have ever had. THE VALUE OF A LAKE Esthervlllo News: A good little lake is a better as act than a few acres of poor farm land. IT HAPPENS SOMETIMES Dubuquo Telcgmpli-Heralfl: Many a boy poor at geography later puta hia town on the map. THE SECRET OF SPINACH. Thornton Enterprise; If you like vinegar, you're fond of splnacb.; that's the whole secret.

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