The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 25, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 25, 1818
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iN 'OMB ER 5027 k wr'fd, fiui i;UOTPVlK3. - rt 7rA't: (I.ATK LADIE cnofc ROOK.) r 1 'HE wbtWiber lu constantly on hand a gun - I eral assortment of the following anle, Tta'0' first quality , ' ' gagar, tic do ' . : Ouuine old Cognac Brandy ! Jioilaod d ia, j. Jamaica aud other Spirit Wines of ttie various kind , Pise Apple i""ib . , . ' ' Lemon, Lirne and Orange Juice ballad Oil in bellies and bottle ' L. brown Stout . Bolt led Ale nod Cider : . . , Double GJouceter Holland and American Cheese Cordials Spices, Essence Sperm Bad Tallow Caudle l)o. Oil for Lam)i Coffee, Rice. Barley and Mustard 4 - ' ,. A few ooxe Sicily Lemons, in dtie order ' ' - Raisins Almonds I'i unet, rig forlely JME9 P. ANDOE. Wanted to purchase, a quantity of tecood hand wiri ant iortrr hiitlu. J 1 W i WHITE LEAD, Sc. ftc jUU keg lHidon White Lead ia oO 30 barrel do Dry White Lean ttoiu Red Lead $0 barrel Bria(d Red Ocihre HO do Venetian Red ; t ton fine Litharge M botghtad Whiting - " W ciU Pari While hhd. Verdigris W tien t r ren - b Yellow Ocbre 5 keg Vermillion 4 casks Blue, 400M). Crome Yellow; Patent Yellow Spanish Brown, ' Venetian Red, Yellow, IN OIL. Bl:k, . I Vtrdign, J Lampblack ; Ivory Black ; Perpla Brown Spirit Turpeutine ,' LinUeed Oil 400 boxes vvindiw Glass, assorted Forale on the lowest terais, for catb or at ihort credit, by PETER SCHERMERHOltV H SONS, my 1 f - U Water - street. KENIUl . K.Y TuSaciO 274 buds, prime Kentucky TjbeC' - o, landing ibis day k.a 'hip Craud.St'inor, Ir ora .Nnv Orleaiu, fur glehy CM AS. L OGIK.N, and J'13' ABKtHAM OGIIKS. V V A larpe aiortiin'iit of .every ileKription, c Dntcb Boiling Clutlit, warrnittd to be of th ttit quality ever imported, and at the moat re - 4meil price, for tale by JXO.M'CRUJKAtf, ) 11 8 1 - t'earl - itreet. WllirKLKU. 6TONSEnlifh WhdLr jJ, ground in oil, in 112,56 aad 115 1b. kt;e. i Ton dry do. do. for tale by TUCKEIl & LAURIKS, julr 20 CD VMith - Mrect niTT SAW?, A tiiitil in voire trt C.t aietsl I Pitt Saw, iMtrK - mi d and foroul by A.Sur.RSO.V bz SHEARKK, , Jc t5 131 Water - ftrert. UAG.V.vI. t:iL'Ji.Gl BY Dooiiiiichinfl, Alurillo, SiiyJer, Salvator Rof, Guapar I'ouuin, Ac Also two elegant bronzes ; a marble fi jurr , six iclifc, of aUi'inj Cupid. For tale or exrhanje by THOMAS GIVBREDE, Jy 18 336 rhxwdway. I)UM U bLUAH. 10 puiK liton it. Cruif it Vvuw . 4J bhd ingBT of unperior qtiality an'i 4 do Sviup, now Inndini; from brij Leop - trd. at fier No. i8,raie ir U. & II. LEWIS, J 14 Sir 87 Snutli.tirt. Wiiltt. LhAll, til.Ui. l 1 'tK'U, Al. Keeeireil pei Chanm eT Hnd Columbia, from UriMol, (Krg ) and 'or nle by the lubtcrilier, on adranueeou term, vir. tOi kej geauioe groumt wiiite Lead in SBlb. keg 20 catk bet dry White Lead in cask 5 to 6 cwt. each 30 do Red Lead in catk from I to 3 cwt. each . If do Hpaniih Brown from 3 to 4rwt.each 30 do Ivory Mack from t to 3 c! each 11 do Komaa Vitriol from 5 to 8rwt each ti do Venetian Red from i! to 3cvt each 12 tierce Allnm fruoi 7 to 10 cwt each 10 hhd. 5 lien e and 8 bb! Rotton itone French Green, Lamp Black, Purple Brown - Colcotbar Vitriol, Bath Scouring Hrick Apply to A. CHURCH. J 15 ' 184 Rowerr. FOR SA LK for one tiundred Dollar, diirk gray PON V, four yar old, but, tound and kindu harnei. Inquire of CHAKLbS II. BELLOWS, J 15 If S4 Leonard tnt. 10 I) HY GOODS, kr. 1. 0 Bote mnslin 10 do. 4 - 4 ft 7 - 8 lrih linana I do. cink einchami 1 I do. thawl 4 do. browuplatilla 9 do. Scotch osnahurs 7 bale imitation .betting ' 4 do. brown linen t do. linen bed tick I do. 5 - 4 cotton checks I do. carpeting. ALSO, fwl - dolh, Cotton hajpny Twilled lacking Sia twin For al by GE0RC.E JOHNSTON', J"15 No. 1 S'oat - lana. POUNTIVli ROn1 a r.l...nt ...I r reoient Counting Room in toutn - ttreet to appiy at 29 South - itretU J 7 HMiOWAR CUTLERY &C. - 2 caik SroK'h nrinr I ..w.b J tuk plate Locks 1 do Steelyard Jo chert bundle. 4:c. crew plate, scale beam, Ice. ' hramtockt, He. 4o bell metal kettle and (killet ; tin'd pot and laace pan fine padlock J do Banbury locks, hinjre, he. oo hammera, pincers, locks, &c. HL binge. i:c. 4 do anvils do bammer. and le.lge j do black t briRht vicea, 2 do files J 4 Pf" nd double blade knive ' do ham buck and bone table knive nutton "Culn,;t....ll J. r a, oiw' ,,lar;e nd general awortmcnt of goodf dZ.. wwlvea, for tale at the ait reduced ??' A"AMS ft BLACK WKLL, TJ7 115 Tearl - tt. P.rfL.ErDUR.U ft .CO. 104 Pearl - .treet, teiir. In ttition to tneir former ex r",,Taortnn.n r.i' 11.. i ....:... i t rer d b the Mrlh. frn I ;.rrw,l " Je Chains I iiaAM..j . i 6 and 8 barr'd Curry Comb 6 barr'd Mane do Iron Virr,No.4lolO SteelyaTd Fine Gun Trsiak Lock : C.adle.tick. ntKaiSHi ""t Co M...1 - . f tup. ood.ty, Drawing Xaive Bmpkji Pateatcor - tier's knives warranted eqnal to CoV cea - iL - w r a. 3 If line. LARET. 40 doxen very auperiour Claret, V - fur tale at fig the dozen, by i . GEORGE JOHNSTON, ' fe 90 if No. 1 6bat - lane C1HLM1CALS, COLORS, c . . J KptoroSalt, in catk of Scwt. Lump Maxnetia, in case Do . do amalt square Calrined do in pbialt Hocbetle Salt. Acid Tartar Citria Acid, Blu; Verditerin Crkiol Patent yellqw, Kings Yellow Rcgulus of Aulimony GUS, BUTTONS, &c. Fowling Piece, assorted, well tinished Do do in wainscoat cases, tiuely finished ' with apparatus complete Duelling Pistol, ia case Gold Epaulette Naval and Military Sword Celt Gilt Coat and Veit Button Copperplate for engraver Mtitlieruntiral Instrument Roiling Paralel Rulers Mariners oimpassi. s, telescopes Opera glasses, micro.copca 3 aetta splendid ctiestinen carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tea caddies Patent corkscrews, silver pencil For sale by J. LAMUKR1, je IS 3 Courtlandt atreet XEVV IRISH LINEN GOODS, kc. &c. T ft C. BUY DAM, art now receiving, per M - d. the sliipNoptuoe and brig Belvidera, from Dublin, SEVENTY THREE Packages this spring bleached Linens. Tlicy consit of 7 - 8 ft 4 - 4 Irish Linens, variety of assortments, 5 - 4 do, Sheetings, dj. 3 - 4 ft 7.3 Demi Long Lawns, Bird's - eye Diapers, 5 to 10 4 Diapers and damak Table Linens, Extra super damask Table Cloths & Napkios, 3 - 4 Brown Linen and grey Lawns, Linen Cherlcs and 7 - U black Linens, Irith inl Cloths, Ducks and DrogheJas. &c. A l. - o, como to hand per the Pacific, x Cases elegant new pattern Uingbnrot, 12 do. do. furniture ft baloon Dimities, 3 Cambric Muelins, part undressed, 2 Super Lond. Cloths and CastimcriS. The above for alr, by the package, on reasonable terms and credit. ' Also A general assortment of the above goods i r i ' ' .. - i ... . . f i openru lor piece uuu I emu uiea, nuiu. si, Maideo - lane. " Jyt2 2w ILl. be toH by public auction, ou Tliurs - V V day Uie 30th inst. at U o'clock at noon, at (lie lower side of Walnut ttn et wharf, Tbecartco ul the ship ratine, jut arrived from Canton, runsistiug ol very excellent TEAS, a follows, vi; 6'.'8 cticsls, j 12j half chest, f v, ii.... - t 545 boxes 10 catty, and Vou"S ni,on Tea" 70 boxes of 5 catty, J 100 chests, and h..t. liO huli'rlifsts J 'j ton Tea. 15(10 rhrsts Hyson Skin Tea 7:1 half chests, . i 3v!7 boxes, and Imperial Tea 14 cases of cannisters y 7icreVca8nDn' - P - '' - Te.. 2615 packages of Cassia 17 boxes Hhuharb i 6 da Vermillion. JOHN HUMES ft J Jc W. LIPi lNCOTTS, A act lone rs., Jnly 1G. 1R18. J il 61 rlOKN .ilKAL. 140 bluls. bright yellow kiln dried Cora .Meal, fresh from th iliijs, for . . I ' r . ... VCIt. K bAlRltJ, J 17 2!1Soiith..treel. HUM he UUAR. 50 Ihiis Kliode Uiud Hum, 10 boxes white Havana ugar, fur sale by J A M LS. D' WOLF, J un. J - .tl 54 South - Mroet. A Y hstmhniua anrtniniit of Selwia Liou, c n.'tstuj? of Ptatillas, . Rnyalrs, Itretagnes, Edtopdlas, Dcwlas, Creas and Cho - letu 2 cases silk velvet 6000 jitiStts 2 ixes fowling pieces 2 casks Steucrark scythes, double sword 150 krgt Dutch herrings 4 botes assorted glassware The abeve ar ticles rctitlod to dt - benture. 3 ceroous indiro. 1 box toys and a few pie ces Dutch cloth For sale by C. ZIMMERMAN, July 11 Im 77 Washington - st. , GERMAN GOODS. 13 F.CEIVFD by the chip Triton and the ship L l Eloc. from Ilamhnrg, and otiier late imtmrt - ations, an assortment of Gt - rmau Linens, tucb as f iatillas, white and brown Krctagne, Creas, Dowlas, Brown Checks and Shirting Linen Hempen Osnaburgs and Tirklcnhuigs, Heuians, Burlap, Brown Roll, Ungs, Tapes, Siiprtfine Broad Cloth Nupkius, Silk Galloons and Pouul Ribbon Coffee .Mills. Slate Pencils Lookiiig Ghu Plate Pocket and Statia Glasses lad Pew ils And an assortment of Card wire. Also on hand, A frw tons St Petersburg Hemp First ouatitv Holland Sail Cloth, and Sixty boxes Pategrast Clieese, entitled to dc - Denlure. For tale on reasonable terms, by GEO. ft THEO. MEYER, J l' tm 123 Washington 'treet. "lOrrON. f or sale a tew bales ol Cotton, W suitable f irreanufcluring. Enquire at 148 rearl street, upstairs. i CLOTHS. BOMbAZETTS. ftc THE ml soriber have just received by the X (hip Julius Caesar and Pantic, 14 bale Cloths, of A. Rhode and Co' ma nufacture ire 'm!'' I Of do. and Hind. Smith 'n't, S 11 n"u,,ac,ure 15 do HombatfMs, 2 do K iMine do Wiidhori A hk h th offer for sale at No 163 Pearl - st . I, AVER 1 Y, SHELTERS ft KI.Xj, J 16 Cw A MEKICAN CLOTHS. 2 bale superfine ZjL American Cloths, jnst received and forsale by Hie CUM.vti&sivj.t LUMrai'i, Jyl6 14H Pearl - street CRKAT CCR108ITT. M A M M O i' H HOG. TllflS animal ia one id the most extraordi brought btre frm Ireland, at a very considerable expense. He is 4 teet 0 inches Jii;;b : lenfth ol lus pony lerroincnes; giriu i leri iu, " .icrh. .limit 1 Afin nfMiitff i a mo.t Hiinr, edeiit - ed weight lor any of tbe specie. A further de scription r quntcerserj. r.vrry prrum wi - u u - tll Iu. w.ll nfiHKt will, Shii view. ' I v - . . j .. w " - ....... Tbi wnnderiul animal will be exhibited for a few day at .o. Vt rtlauiea - iane, wnen ne will be taken to the counliy. Price tor rrowu persons, 25 cents, children I . . i t mt u .nan price. JTfl TO LKT, IjjQ A coeTetiienl two story brick House, nearly opposite St. Mark's church, with coach house, stables kc. together with a garden aed yard of about two aad half aces of ground. .ilso, To Sell or lease, a another of lot on tbe l?t,2d nd3d Avenstjs. ' Apply to ' NICHOLAS W. STL' Y VESA NT, Jj2; Ct SdAveane. SATURDAY, TO POCKET BOOKMAKERS , TWO niep who understand ibeir busine, nay have constant employ in the abort Business, by applying at IS Wall - street. July 15 Aary jigentU t'jffltt, JS'tw tork. LOCUSI - TIMBER WANTED. , WANTED, a quantity of locust timber and tree - bails. Apply to the Navy Agent, at 81 Washington - street. ft"3 1 be publishers of the New - Brnnswick Times Newark Centinel, Loog - Lland Mar, Ne w - Haveu Journal, and New - louJon Gaxette, will please publish this advertisement one month, and send their bills to tbe Nary Agent's Office. jy im tin FRAiNhXlft'S LIFE AND VIISCELEANE - OUS WORKS. CHARLES GALLAUDET, New - York. has iu press, 1 ha Wucellaiieoes Works 04 Dr. Benjamin Franklin, with the life of the autluw. Embellished wiib a baudtoma' eng tai ini of the likeness of that celebrated man. The work will be handsomely printed in an octavo volume of from 40 to 600 part, with a new type and on good paper, and delivered to subscribers at $2 in boards or 2 25 cents neatly bouud and lettered. To iiuu - subtcriber tbe price will be a - lranced 50 cents. Jy 22 1 w 40 HIE tUULH:K. A GENTLEMAN from France would wish to draw the attention of the ilizeiu of New - York to his newly established Laboratory of Co lours for walls, prepared lor immediate use, and accompanied with directions for layiug the in ou. Tho colours are of tbe brightest liuts and pre pared so that no disappointment cau take place. St. John's Hall, Frankfort - st. . N. B. A very superior quality of Recording Ink manufactured by tbe fame person. Julv2J tl FOR ;ALE, The HOUSE and LO 1', No. 27 Orchard - street, now occupied by the subscriber. Tbe lot is 28 feet front and rear, and 100 feet deep. A further description of the property is deemed unnecessary, as it is presumed no one will pur chase without first viewing the premire. If not add before the 1st of August at private sale; il 11 on that day be put up at public auction. - Immediate possession will tie given. Twenty - five percent of the purchase money must be paid on delivery of tbe deed, the remainder may remain on bond and niorf gage on the premise. JAMES KNOX, Jy22 lw 27 Orrhar - st. f ull S.1I.E, r'JEN acres of ground near the Botanic Gar - JL den, bounded on the e:wt by ixlh avenue and the seat of Thomas Addis Euimet, esquire, ou the vest by the Itloominapln road. Out third is iu young wood. I be l;iml being high make it a 0eirahle situation for a country resi dence, nud as it will bo sold at a reduced prii e, to cloie a concern, it is au object of spt - culatiou. I'or particulars, apply al 139 Chatham, corner of Mott - street. to .fir, A DISTILLERY, calculated for grain or nutlaries, with dwelling hnue, wharf, sUlls, worms, mash tubs, cisterni, maebmery, pumps Se. Apply as above. Jy 21 Iw . f O.l T - A ETA For eAl.r.utto l.Ef, and lVJL iinimeiiate iiossession eiven. the beautiful idare called Mont - Alta, seven uiilu from the City - Hall, no the North River, ailioinin" Lord Courteoa)'. It contain 20 arret of bind under improvcmtiii, with t large garden wen stocked witn vcgetahle a variety of fruit, with every conveoiewe fr a family. "Fee terns wliicit are very reasonable, and if sold a lung credit given if wanted, npply to K. ft D. TALCOTT. 64 South - strrrt. Je 12 BREW ER Y. For sale, a bargain, a Brow, cry k Malt House connected, in the city of Hudson, T he buildings are stone, aud par - icularly well calculated lor the t'U. - inets. II is situated iu the niiiLt of a barley country, nnd lias marry other advantages, lliscertaiuly an object lor those withing to engage in Uii busi ness. It is the only brewery in the cotittry. I bis property will be sold cheap. Terms libe ral; title good. For further particulars apply to M. MUl.DEN, No. 7B Maiden - lane, New - Yoi k ; or J. i IXON, Jr. near the premises. June i:i If TO bUILDERS. Or those who may wish to erect three legant ouiuiiiigs or factories. LOTS. 77 i - t by 80, more or ie, with the thereon, in the centre of Vesey - t. 'au be purchased separate or together. ALSO. An elegant LOT, with the Buildings thereon, 1 1 Bowr ry, 42 by 125, more or less, near Chat ham street the whole on accommodating terms Apply at 33 Chatham Kow, near Brekman - st The advertiser has three small mortgages to dispute o(, one of 3.000, one of $1000, one of yum, all in tills city. Je HACKNEY COACHES. IT'OR Select Parties, from Elizabeth Town L Point, for Philadelidi;i. and the Steam Boat at Trenton and Bristol, and the Mineral Springs at scnooley's Mountains. Notice sent to No. 53 White - Hall street. New York, or HALEY ft STILES, Elixabeth Town, hy mail, or by tbe Steam Boat Atalantn, will he iromrdiafely attended in. J 14 taniAi A counting It onm, in the most central part of Pearl - street. For particulars enquire at 197, iifi stairs Je 25 M.V I II U AKD. PUBLIC NOTICE is herehy eiven, that Hie Astenors of the Ninth Ward have comple ted thoir Assessments, aad that a cony thereof is Mt with ooeof the Assessors, at the bouse of David Huestis llarla - in, for lire days, i,r other Great the House of David Turvey, 'Bowery - Hill, unere the same may lie teen ami examined by a - ny of the inhabitants during tin days from tbe date l.ereof, and that the Assessor will meet on Ftiday. July 24, Iiil8, ut lb house of David Turvey, Bowery - 1 till, to review tlieir said assessments, on the Aimlirntion of anv Derson con ceiving himself aggrieved. Hours from III to 3 on e hdav. JOHN ADRIANC.E. I Assessor bf the JOSEPH WILLOL'GlIBYi Niuth Ward, July I t 1 O LET, A pleasant bat k room, at no. 56 Wall street, uitabl for a lawyer's offire. Possession mmediatelj. Apply iu Uie front othce. Je4 tVH S.H.E OK IM EE.iHE, Lots in the 5. 6. 8. and 10 Wards; many ol which are on regulated and paved streets. No money will he required under ten years, ir sold, interest excepted. HOUSES. Several two and three story honsei, on which a treat part of the money remain on mortgage. LANDING AT RED HOOK. Aa excellent t and for business witb ten acres of land, pleasantly situated, wilu a wharf, (tore i nna. an,l Ii a rn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near New - Haven, with 40 acre of land, aad never failing itreain, upon which 20 null may be erected, with a tatnciency of water lor each. Apply at No. 2 Greenwich atrcet. jaa 13 tf FOR SALE. LOT tf ground on Broadway, between Walker street ami tanai - tireet, zo leei 10 inche i.l and 175 feet long. Inquiiv of ; P. A. JAY, J j if No. 37 rio - reet. JULY 25, i ill 8, ' IN CHANCERY. ' ' ' SI ate bfJS'e w York, u. IN PUr01MIC of ) order of tin honoratile court, bearing dat m ?7ih day of June, 1818, win uc oia hi (none auctiou, at the lontiue Coffoe House, in tlie cky of New Yoik, under the direction ol tlitsubKriber. as one of the master of tliiscourt, on the 21st day of July next, at 12 o'cloc k at noon, all those several hawks, pie ces or parcels of ground, situate, lying and tiring in II,. Irturnil.i. ... 'f - I.I - .. . i . .. w.ii.111 v. uiuvjiirn, in ine Liiunty or Kiugt.and state of New - York, atoresaid, and known and dutintniflitd onaniHoaaadt! hv Jr einiahLott, tbe 19Ui day of March, 1802, by ine lonowing numm - ines, to wit, uorllietly in front by W a ter - slleet, southerly in the rear by Front - street, enttetly on tbe one side bv Jack son - street, and wetterly on the other side by Gold - street, coiitaluin four souaresor blorts of growi.1. A)o all tboi! certain water loU, lying launcuiBieiy ia rroui ol the Delore descnlicd blocks, bounded a follow to wit easterly bv Jacksoa - ttrvvt, suullnriy by Water - street, and westerly by Gold - irtet. containiiia in breadth on Water - street Ike diatatice letwceu Gold - and Jack sou street, and ruiming into the Last River a far a tlie pant of the corporation of tbe city of New - York siteads, with tbe appurtenances. Luceo rfuue x, llio. JAMES A. HAMILTON, 'r Marter in Cliauret v. Note. Tlie above nrpnern will hviold in lots and parcels, au'eiYting to a certain map to be made thereof, which will be exhibibitcd in the CoUee - botsse one week beioie the day of sale. j mi lawzwoiw Tba tale of lb above property i postponed to me cevenieemn day oi August next, at tbe tame bour aua ptace., uiy zist, ihih JA.ilbS A. HAAlILilUr, J 21 dldt ' Mastei in Chunrerv. IN CHANCEUY. Dorothy Hacklir, l rt. William Peek and Elira. I ilia - i ...... .1 - . i - i belt, bis wife, Maria r'"' Hunt, Catharine Hunt I and others. J IN pursuance of an order of this honorable court made iu tile atinve cause, wilt lie eolil at public auction at the Tontine Cnnce Mouse, iu tbe city ol New York, on tbe Stith day or July irrst. at 12 o'clock at noon, under tho direction jf the subscriber, all those five lots of eround. sit uate, lyiuz and bcina ia the eighth ward of the city of New York, iicing furuieily that part of the property of iXirholas Bayard, Esquire, men known by the nitiua of Uoyeid's Farm, lying westward of Kru.uhvuv : said luts btiui desis - nated on a map of said farm, niade by Casiiuer l n. uoerck, tlif - n one ol tlie lt surveyors, iy the number 1 147. 1 Mil. 1 149. 1 HO and 1 152; to gether with tlieherrditaoien' and appurteoan cesnnue nnnel' n?m or in mi v wise aiier - taiojug. Dated July Jd. I is III. ItlU.UAa BUMU.t, J 3 1nwtJy20d!ds iMastrrin Cbanrsry. L CHANCERY. f tile of New - York, . I N pursuance of an order oi this honorable court, 1 hearing dale, the 1 9tli day of January, IM1I, v.'il! be ton! at Dublic auction, at tbe Ton'ine Coflee House, iu the city of New ork, under tlie uirw tion oi tlie culm riLer, as one o tlie master of Ibis court, in scparntr. lots or purer li, on Thursday, the twenty turd day of July next, at twelve o'clock at noon. " All those certain pie ces or parcels and trac't of landr known as the north ?ust tcclion oi the tentn township, mine twelve towns in Tioga county. beiiiK lots Not. 20. 27.28.29. 30. 32. and au. Lot No. Vb con tains about eiabtv acre ; lot No. 27, about one hundred and lire acres I lot l - so. vo, zu, uaj, ana thirty two. each containing one hunded nnd fout acres, three lonrths and 3b root oi land ; lot No. 38 contain 90,3 4 and nineteen rods. Also, west hall of lot ho. 24, which half contains 51 i.icqi ..ii,i .p.. i,iii . . . , w, v ii . un the aorelnw westerly and adioinins on said . - ,1 uUv In. - f.d I ! A ft .. 1 noriuead. aextfyiLJinil was aurveyeci ami added to Skid section to make u a deficiency in saitl section, by a nuslakc in a formes. siiirey. Said lots 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6, containing about tilty acrs each ; and lot No. 7 about twenty five acres. Together with all and singular, tlie pre mises aud appurtenance. Dated April IR, 11118 1 aamV.arai - ve.y JAMt,9 A. II A.T1M I U.H, ap 18 lawtd Master in Chancery. T he lale of the above property is postiKMied to the 27lh instant, at lite same hour and place. - - July 2Jd, 1818. J. A. HAMILTON, J zodts Master in cimnrery. SOLAR iVllCKOsCOPE. AT the New - York i'bilosophical Museum, Medical, Electrical and Galvanic Room, No 02 Chatham Street, fin Uie front ball ol Chatham Garden) may he teen the wonderful effects of the telar microscope that magnifies one hundred tbobsand limes, and is one ot Hie best instrument ol tlie kind ever shewn in America. A description of this instrument is unnecessa ry ; tuflice it to say that lorty person may at the tame time sit and tee its operation without the iuc onveuitni e of looking through a lent or glass of any kind. The following (it it presumed) will he sufficient toeive an idea of the effects produced by this great examiner ol nature : I he bead ol tbe common Flea is magnified to look as large as that of an elephant ; its proboscis or sting two lect long s leg eight leet ; hair ou the leg six inches. i In a glass Tube of clear water, taken directly from the well, may be seen thousands nf animal - cula, all alive, msne of which are two ftetlong. In coiumou Vinegar and in almost all vegetable asi id or wine may be ceu Animals irom one to three feet Ions. 't he circulation oi the flood is distinctly teen in a variety oi Dsn ami uiects. Tbe wing of the smallest Musquito will appear from 7 to 12 feet long, shewing distinctly die smallest fihre. The wing of the common Bu'terfJy can be magnified to tiii enormous site ol 30 leet. Tlie nrrinritlor tins lntilv hepn nnnfed bv a gentleman of this city with an insect, placed on tl.e obtectclat of a common microscope about s.x year since ; when first taken it was about j of an inch lo.ig, and on it may now be seen by tlie help of the solar suicrtiseope, thousands of insects preying ana receiving ioou iroui ine ueau car case. The Chrese Mite, though o small an insect that it is almost impossible to discero thein with the naked eye, is made to appear as large as a turtle ten incbes long, and very much resembling that animnl. Tbe collection of animalcula and insect in general in possession of the operator is considera ble, tbougn tnouid any lady or gealiema u, vi'ii inx tbe museum, brins with them au insect, sub stance or fluid, that they wish to examine, it will be the a n. The Sular Microscope will be thewn from ten o'clock A. M. until two P. M. Admittance 25 cent ; children, under twelve ytart. balfprire. Persons visiting the museum are requested to notice, that the microscope cannot be shewn un lets the sun slunes. NOTICE. ffc7 - Tbe Physicians of New - York and it vi riniir, also the ladies and gentlemen now at tending lor tbe benefit of Electrical and Galvanic operation, are respectfully informed, that the hour of operating for medical purpose in future will be a foilow : F.ntn six to lea in Uie morning, and from two until seven in tbe after noon The Electrical experiments will take place every evming as usual, should tbe weather not be too damp or warm. N. TYLEE. Proprietor. And Rianafacturer of all kinds of Pbiknophiral Apparatus lor most ol tbe public ecienunc institutions and Private Semioane Uiroegbosit tbe United State. J 21 iUt - MADEIRA WINE. . 'IX pipe, remaining of parcel per Losisa Ce - S cilia, of Scott. Loueboan. Peefold ft Co' Vir.url u - l.rtMt MrtH - ularlv for irivata ate. aud ofverv superior quality, for sale by the siogle I - . 1 . . .... 1. m - uccil s. f . I pipe, Oy IT 1 CI wor - .s at w. ' j J Agent of the House. NO. Law regulating the Uuaging and Intjtteling if I l MA Gils. Parsed March 31, 1 U 1 B. Ij" be il enafttd by the ntooU of theitaU of rio - J r, rtfreitnlta in senate and assembly, That tli periou adminitterine the roiemmeut of this slate, by aud Willi Uie advice and consent of tlie council of appouilmcnt, (ball from time to time appoint one person for the city of New - York, woose powers shall extend to, and include the village of Brooklyn; oue peisou for the city of Albany ; ami one person lor the cily of Troy, whose powers shall extend to. and include Lao - sutgburgh aud Waierford. to be cuasers and in spectors ol fhlioil. . A ni bt it further enacted, That it shall be th duty of each perron apoiiited ,ty viilue of this icu, io provide hiniiell with proper instruments for guaging and inspecting oil, aud whene vW cat ' led on to gunge and hispcrt any parcel of fith oil, wiibin the place for which be was annoinUd. il (ball aho be his duty lo inquire diligently and seek out any parcels of fi'hod within his district, "" SRe nd iusiect the same,and brand legi - oiy on the head or each cask he may so guage aud inspect, lis own name aud lie name of die place for which he was appointed ; aho the whole number of gallons the same shall guage, and separately from each other the quauuty of water, the quantity of sedimeut, as well as the quantity of pure oil he shall Cnd therein, and shall make, subscribe and deliver lo the owner or holder of such parcel ol oil so guaged and in spected, a certificate, cxmbitiog in separate co lumns me quantity ol each of the aforesaid enu Derated ingredients the whole parcel shall coo, tain ; for all of which guaging, inspecting, brand itig and certifying aibresai J, he shall receive from the owner or holder of the oil ro guxged and inspected, twenty cents for each cask, be tbe lame small or large, the one half of which shall always thereafter be chargeable upon the purchaser of ine same. no" be il further tnattei, That it shall be the duty of all persons owning or holding fish oil, to put the same in a convenient position for guaging and inspecting whenever thereto required by an authorised guager and inspector. And be U further enacted, That any person or persous wno snail couuterieit, alter or (bans any of the brands or marks aforesaid, on any cusk of oil so branded or marked, or who shall mix or in any manner adulterate any cask of oil so branded or marked, or who shall buy, sell or barter any oil within the districts or places aforesaid, except tbe tame shall have been giiaged, inspected and bmuded according to law, or who shall ship, export, or otherwise convey or cau. - e to be conveyed any oil out of, or from tlie districts or places aforesaid, except the same shall have been guaged, inspected and branded ac cording to law, such person or persons so oflend - iug, kh;i II forfeit aud pay th sum of twenty - five dollars tor eat n cask, the brands or marks oi which shall be so counterfeited, altered or chan ged, or which shall be so houcht, sold or barter ed, or which shall be so shipped, exported or otherwise conveyed contrary to the true intent aud meaning of this act : fronted, nevertheless. that nothing horeiu contained shall be construed to prevent any person or persons from bujiug or selling oil by measures legally sealed. A nd be t further enacted, 1 hat it shall be the duty of any person or person who shall se or otherwise empty the contents of any ck of fish nil, immediately to efface the guagoi' and in spector's mirks or brands from the same, uudor the penally of twenty live dollar. A nd be it further enacted, That any forfeitures arising by virtue of Ibis act, may be surd for am recovered by actioo of debt, with costs of suit. in nny court having cogmzauce of the same, to the sole nse and behoof of any person who shall sue lucre lor. NO TICE is hereby given, that tbe Subscriber has been appointed by the honourable the Council of Appoiulruent, Gu:igerand Inspector of all r ish Dils in the City of ;ew - York and Brooklyn, and has opened his olhce at No. 37, Watrr - st. where be will receive order from 7 A. M. to 8 M. every day, Sundays excepted. JAMES MAURICE. N. B. Dealers iu Fi - h Oil are hereby notified, that any infi ingemeut of the above law will be prosecuted. Julv 20 Im 1RAPS. 'T' HE newly invented patent Box Trap for stile at 13i W ater - ttreet. Je 13 FuH &.i EE, A farm on the Hudson, about a mile from Newhurgh, coiit.iinine 1J3 acres. 34 ol which are Woodland, Uie rest is divided by good lenre into a due projioition ol meadow, arable and pasture land. I tie building aie parly new the home convenient for a small fniotly t it situ ation is equalled in beauty hy lew on the river ; Uie advauiaget, from the vicinity of a flourishing village, of public worship, society and good market, wilh Uie facility ol communication with xvew York, render it a desirable residence for a gentleman. 4000 dollars of the purchase money may remain on mortgage s the payment of ihe rest will be made easy to the purchaser. Apply oo tne premises, to Je23lf I. VERPLANCK. tOH HA EE, iQH Acres of Land, situated about one caw hundred rods from the town of Jamaica, on Long I land, fronting the turnpike road; about 1 1 acres of w hich is covered w ith wood the remainder is in a high state of cultivation, aud has a very eligible situation for building. Also, 1 n Acres of salt meadow, distant about three miles from said land. The above will be told on reasonable terms or exchanged stir property in thi city. For further particulars, apply to Jamei roster, jun. No. 73, routh - st. or to tha sut senber in the town of Jamaica. JAMES FOSTER. Jy2l 6t PROSPECTUa roa rcBMtifitao rt CBscRirrto! ' A MAP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. V HE publication of Ibis Map ha been under taken with the impression, that it will ex hibit inlormalion, highly interesting at this eventful crisis, and the valuable Map which the author has procured, durmr hissereral toun Uimugh Mexico, in the year leuo, ioui, ioiz, inij. 1815, 1816, and 1817. induce bim to heleivethat tbe Map, with even all its imerfectioiis will be much the most perfect which has appeared before the public. , , 1 his Map will contain Ue latest and best information from the discoveries and possessions of Ibe American, Spanish, Russian, British and French travellers and navigator and representing Ihe claim of Uir respective governments on ibe Northwestern coast of America. The Map will inclede that portion of Nnrtl. America, which lies between the Isthmus of Da rien, and Ihe 48th degree of North Latitude, aid j Horn th Mississippi River westwardly to tbe Pacific Ocean. ...... r . In sise the Map will be about six by five feet, and wilt be projected on a Kale of 40 mile to Ibe inch, to be delivered to the tubciiber at fifteen dollars arb. Nalrbet.Marrh7.1R18. ap7lA1 SECOND VVAKl). XTO TICE is hereby cirea, that the assessor of 11 ihe second ward have completed; Uieir as sessments ad thai a copy thereof i left witb Abraham Valeatiasv No. 161 Front street, wbei the tame may be ee and examined b any of Uscinhabitaaw, deriirg teo day fsora tbi date, aadth - 4 the tsseseor will meet at (aid place on the 27th July instant, to review Uieirtaid assess ments on the application of any persoa cooceiv himself sgrnered J 17 lOt 49 WILLIAM STREET. - - : im - The new KERRY kiAT& muuiu fnari of Y alnut ttreet, New York; to lie Joot of Liti tie lrect, Brooklyn, near tke Yard, will commence running on Sunday, tbe 17th iosU - rersons crossing io Brooklyn from the upper ' part of the city, will Dad the distance biucti shortened by usiiig this lerry. . by 14 NO J ICE. r IVt The Riling bun Sail Boat. Nonoariel; and Industry, from U Ehtabeth town Point, for Ne'v - York, sails from .Vis rketlield strret, (where the Steam - boat Atalaata formerly raffle to,) at its o'clock, oi each rla. .i'assace 12 1 - 2 cent. Enquiie at the Steam - boat Hoiell. of . , , VAN DEKPOOL ft PHILLIPS. my 21 tf . ir, JUHN PROCTOR, Jum. 106 Liberty - et. offer liberal anticipation on property consign ed to ina tnends in the Mediterranean, cor further particular, apply a above, or to " ABKAHAM HELL, Je 6 tf corner of Cliff ft CAND. (ttr STEPHEN B. MUNN. No. 226 Pearl - i strei t, New - Vork, purcbaie Land in the Illinois Territory, w hick has been set, apart for th uie Army. Letter irom lae country giving f description of Uie patent and the price asked lot each ioi, wiu be at leaded to, il l ost paid. my ia ti NOIICE. ft7 All nersons bavine claim atainst the e. tale of John Linnn. deceased, are desired to pre sent them for settlemeut to the subscriber, and those indebted to said estate are requested to make payment, to him without delay. JAMES M'BRIDE, Je 29 Im Acting Executor. ' A CAnD. 07" At the particular solicitation of the La. dy subscribers, the New - York Salt Water Float ing Bath will be removed to her old station at the foot of Murray - street, tbi day, where it will continue open every day, irom sunrise in the morning, until 10 o'clock at night, during tbe bathing season. It i hoped when the Ladie of this city know that tbis large building, which will accommodate two or three hundred bertonJ ai a time, is exclusively devoted to their enjoyment on Mondays and v ednesdaysol each week until t o'clock, that thev will aive that encour. ageuieut which such an approbation deserve. On a'l other day they have their own apartmenU only. The greateit possible attention will be paid, The Bath at the Battery it open every day from sunrise to 10 o'clock ai bight, for Gentlemen only. ' Je 29 Hank of America, June 26, 1UI8. ffcT - A Dividend of three per cent, for tit months, ending ou tl.e Jfiih inst. has been thi da declared payable to ll e 8to kholder on the 6tfi of July next. By order of tbe Board of Direct, tor. G LO. NEW BOLD. Catb'r. June 26 Im Kr JOHN C. HAMILTON, Commitsioner for the acknowledgement of Deeds AC. I.a re moved to the oilier, corner of Cedar and Nastad streets. Law Buildings,' No 1 Je 29 lm EAOEE PlHK VOMfAfX. OF NEW - YORK. . . , ffc"7 - Notice it hereby given, that a Dividend of lour and a half per cent oa the. Capital Stock of tin company, ha iieea declared by tlie Hoard oi iireciors j ana win ne pina to tne sioraooiu - ert, on us after (be 15th inst. - J 3 tm (fOr i he Pacific Insurance Company oiNewf Ymk, have thlt day declared a. dividend of lid ;er rent, on the capital stock, fur the last six months, payable at their office, No. 49 Wall - iL ou the loth scat. By order of the Board of Director. WALTER R. JONES, Sec'rj. J6lm AUIICE. 0ZJ The poblic are cautioned against trusting Ihe crew of the British tubs Kcouiote. Joiui Garnet master, a no debts contracted by (hew will be paid by tbe caplaio or consigners. j n Ocean inaiitauce Dtfice, July 6, 1818. S (T7 The Board of Directors have thi day declared a dividend of three and a half percent on their capital stock for the last six months. which will be payable to the stockholder or their legal representatives on the tenth inst. al the office of the company, 45 Wall - street. C.4MULL sTANSBURY, Sec . July 7 Im YE W - YOIIK ItYii UHAAX'E COMPAJYY r"MIK President and Director have thi day A. declared a dividend of live per cent on the capital itock of the - company, for the last sis month, payable to the atockholderl, or their legal representatives, on and after tha 13th inst. at the otnee, No. 84 Will street Jjily 6 Im C. G. 3111 P.M AN, SecQr. iO LEI OH tsELL, And immediate possession given, that pleasant country seat, which ha been occupied for ctveral year by Mr. Jatne Scott, situate on Ihe turnpike, about five minute walk from tho village of Jamaica, Long Island, where there are two famous academies for young ladie and gentlemen. The bouse is two itoxie high, and lias five rooms on the ground floor, a good bam, a well of excellent water, Ac. Iliere is about thirty five acre ol excellent land, witb a great variety oi fruit. I or further particulars apply lo Messrs. JOSEPH TITCOMB ft CO. No. 162 Pearl street; ELISHA PARKS, at present in said village, near the premise, or to Mr. John VV. M ESEMjUI, near said estate. J 15 HW" LOTS TO LEASE A'l' THE NOKTH HI V ER. SITUATE between Barclay and Murray streets Chamber and Retd - strects Jay and iiarrisoa - streets and North Moor and Beach. strsels, at a price very considerably let than interest on their value, and at the expiration of the term the building to be fairly valued and paid for, or a new leas granted. Also, to let by tbe year at a low rats several lots or yards on the water, well calculated for lumber, plaster of peris ftc. Apply to PH. KHCVEiiA:, si iva - j near the Theatre. Several of the above lots will be told at a mtv lerata nric and on a liberal credit. A small portion ol'lhe money only will be required. June II tl MAHOGANY SOFAS, CHAIR AND CABI NET ri'ri.iiTURt, Mo. 49 UEEK.MAA' STAeET. epHEubscriber begs leave to rttara htstina A cere thaoks to those ladie and rentiemeD - whobavebeea kind enough to honor bin with theircommands, and to inform them, and the admirers of handsome furniture in general, tbat ha il ii. u. Main, wvumw , J i r . . wJl '1 ) . I card, imbroke and extending patent diaJeg tables grand tide board, inlaid with high polished - ornamental brass - work asrd rose wood, card ta bletto match, Grecian CosxJirs, eofs chaise loenge, music stool, chain, ftc. - Also, a li brary step chair, tbe utility of which h parUc - larly recommeod. All rurnMerewarrarited of the best tnality aasa workman ship, and of the mrweit Europe aa fash ions. - Order executed fo arrr our of the sjnroR lo any drawing, oo the moat reamable term aad rmictaasily for cash. . ''' v LsKtre sr gestiemea aavtog ttvery ww - "r hare them mfactswed t any artcl Ujr wish, hy applynsg a abssv. ulTVto00' ' . my ju to a. " ' COOZYOtrJtSB.' V WAXTEU, a somrsn to do th eooirij, wadiing ard Irottmg. alto, a girl to take r i - .lJ .t Aa ike chamber work of a 1 Walker - tUtet. V v !i I I i ; . i f ': 1 f. j t ;: 'I - I'll r i ' f ?, !'!:V - '. v i .' , - ;,r" if i '. : I 1 'W i - i . . j. !;. ' - ... Vjv ;k . i - i ! 4 " .'ill ' - j t :

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