The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 31, 1939 · Page 2
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 2

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 31, 1939
Page 2
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German-Polish discussions about j Danzig and the corridor and in,: dicated that the British sov- · eminent hoped normal talks ! would take place on those · phases of Hie situation. It generally was expected that Polish, British and French mill- tary authorities would meet soon to draft a specific plan of military action in event Poland should be attacked following Chamberlain's declaration. Talks With Kussia He disclosed that Britain also was m close contact with Soviet Russia in reaching the momentous decision. "The foreign secretary (Viscount Halifax) saw the soviet ambassador (Ivan Maisky) this morning and had a very full discussion with him on the subject." Later in reply to a laboi-ite request "for an assurance that there are not x x x ideological impediments between ourselves and Russia," Chamberlain replied: "Yes sir! I have no hesitation m giving that assurance." Text of Statement by Chamberlain LONDON, (fP)--l"ne text of Prime Minister Chamberlain's statement in the house of commons Friday follows: I am glad to take this opportunity of stating again the general policy of his majesty's government. They have constantly advocated the adjustment by way of free negotiation between the parties concerned of any differences that may arise between them They consider that this is the natural and proper course where differences exist. In their opinion there should be no question incapable of solution by peaceful means and they would see no justification for the substitution of force or threats of force lor the method of negotiation. Has Assured Poland As the house is aware, certain consultations are now proceeding with other governments. In order to make perfectly clear the position of his majesty's government, in the meantime, before those consultations are concluded I now have to inform the house' that during that period, in the event of any action which clearly threatened Polish independence and which the Polish government accordingly considered it vital to resist with their national forces his majesty's government would feel themselves bound at once to lend - the Polish government all support in their power. They have given the Polish government an assurance to this effect French Stand Same I may add that the French government have authorized me to make it plain that they stand in the same position in this matter as do his majesty's government. The foreign secretary saw the soviet ambassador Friday morning and had a very full discussion with him; on the; subject. I have no doilbt the principles on which we are\ acting are fully understood and 'appreciated by that government. ' The visit of Colonel Beck will provide an opportunity of discussing with him the various further measures that may be taken in order to accumulate the maximum amount of co-operation in any efforts that may be made to put an end to aggression if--if aggression were intended--and to substitute for it the more reasonable and orderly method of discussion. Dominions Are Informed The question of a conference is amply a matter of expediency We have no theoretical views about conferences if they prove to be the best way. If there are other and more effective ways of achieving our object we might disperse with conferences. The dominions are being kept lully informed. TORRIOTfiW IS UNDER WAY Had Listed $38,202 Income in Return as "Miscellaneous" N E W Y O R K , lim-Saul C. btemthal, a former deputy collector of internal revenue who was dismissed and jailed in 1925 for accepting a bribe, Friday returned as a hostile government witness a t ' t h e trial of Johnny ·,'u'°; ., lhe £ang leader charged o" . (ej ? eraj J"come tax evasion. m,n . hal hel Ped Tcrrio fix his 1SJ3 income tax return. He said he met Torrio through a bond*man. Torrio's lawyer, Max D isieuer, had said in his opening address that Torrio had not owed any income tax in 1933, but had insisted on having his return «l mn 1° he C0uld pay " about §1,000, because I'm Torrio; I have to pay a tax; I don't want anybody after me." 3 .. s . te . Jnth aI admitted reluctantly that he had filled out the 1933 tax i return which, offered by the Rov- ernment, stated that Torrio's income was $38,202.04 "miscella neous:" S880.48 from, "interest on deposits;" 5228.20 as "income or rents and royalties;" 54 037 5C interest on liberty bonds, the return showed a loss of $24 892 IS on "sale of stocks." Steinthal refused to say liou he had arrived at 538 20'04 miscellaneous income." He said He had not been able to learn the source o£ Torrio's income, that Torrio had told him he was "unoccupied." Prosecutor Symour M. Klein demanded to knou £ f f, r the f 'S ure was not te] se - and' Steinthal admitted that it was "fictitious. Robert Ripley on KGLO Charges Air Ya Listenin ley S ett ei-yet, bring jr r . Kipley ,-,,, s And that s exactly what KGLO will do Friday night- * T^ *I* ·!» Jfr T i - n t V t Q O n *,, t r t _ t * , Friday Night Star 4 Die as Tornadoes Whip Through Florida D I N S M 0 R E, Fla., (;PJ_TWO spring tornadoes that whipped into northeastern Florida left four Negroes dead and three other persons injured Friday. The four were killed as a dozen small houses were demolished in this turpentine town near Jackson- Wait, II Duce Tells Crowd REGGIO, Calabria, Italy CP1-- Premier Mussolini said in a speech here Friday that Italians were ready to wait" for fulfillment of their claims, on France Fascists are thinking in- terms of decades, he said. Foreign observers regarded the statement as a further indication that Italy intended to avoid a crisis over African colonial claims on France, while trying to them by diplomatic means Fascists Cheer Wildly Mussolini told wildly cheering fascists that he had little to add to his speech in Rome last Sunday m which he identified the French- Italian problem as Tunisia, Jibuti and the Suez canaL Premiei- Daladier of France, in response to the Sunday speech let the duce know that France was awaiting clarification of the Italian demands. The crowd booed and whistled when Mussolini spoke of "stupid th° PTe * ^. eyond t* 113 Alps" who say the Italian people are growing away from the fascist regime Lauds Families' Fertility .'Your whistling in their ears will have shown them exactly the opposite," he said. Mussolini lauded the fertility of families of southern Italy, which he said indicated to those "undergoing a nefarious influx of exotic manners and theories that experience has demonstrated them to be absolutely idiotic, first weakening and then retarding the fatherland. "Strong peoples are fecund peo- P es, and vice versa, sterile peoples are weak. When these people are rednrpH in ^ TV, Sr-«.,..»io_ _ ·» * . ROBERT RIPLEY --Amazing Fact Man COLUMBIA BROADCASTING SYSTEM NETWORK 1219 KILOCYCLES from 9:30 to 10 o'clock^as the , 'Believe It or Not" classic of the air is laurfched for a long series of weekly shows. Linda Lee Sings _ Royal Crown Cola is sponsoring the entertainment which boasts, in addition to Bob Ripley, the music of Linda Lee rhythm singer, and B. A.. Rolfe's' orchestva. Friday night there will be two guests on the Ripley show who will tell how their lives were saved by one chance in ten trillion. Tells About Napoleon Ripley also will show how Aapoleoii Bonaparte saved an English regiment during the World war. Miss Lee will be heard in a l pe " a |_ arrangement of "Could ·Be. The orchestra will do "Deep ·R!' P ·'" 2 novelty number, Running Ragged '· FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 1939 Haley and Hardy . se peope are reduced to a miserable pile of old men, they will bow gasping under the whip of a youn| mas! Ifali , a n Press long has re- a lowering birthrate in tn 3 v C » W " h . °? casion al references to birth control as nefarious. Former Minnesota Oil Inspector Gets Forgery Sentence Friday P. M. 5:15 Singin' Sam, Coca Cola D:30 Lone Hanger, Pfaff Bakin" Company ' ' 6:00 News of Hie .Nation, Peo- Pie's Gas and Electric 0:0o Sons of Uie Pioneers col! ^P Wood s' Sports Camera 6:30 Wonder Show With Jack ,. ,,,, Hale y. Wonder Bread, CBS 7:00 News of the World, United Home Bank 7:05 North Iowa Forum 7:15 The Town Crier 7:30 Mason City Building Show {Interview) 8:00 News 8:15 Music for Men 8:30 Town Crier 8:45 Old Refrains 3:00 Hosai-io Bourdon's Concer Orchestra S:30 "Believe It or Not" Will Hobert Hipley, Royal Crown Cola, CBS 0:00 Evening News Roundup 0:15 Leighlon Noble's Orchestra CBS 10:30 Wayne Kings Orchestra, CBS 11:00 Jack Teagarden's Orchestra, CBS 11:30 Matty Mataeck's Orchestra CBS 12:00 Sign. Off Saturday, April 1 8:00 Alarm Clock Hour 6:45 Morning News Roundup 7:00 Time and Tunes, Hamilton Seed and Coal Company 7:15 Radio Chapel 7:30 Home Folks Frolic, Iowa Master Breeders i'A5 Musical Clock, Merkel's 8:00 Console Contrasts, CBS 8:15 Today in Osage, Osage Merchants 8:45 Musical Clock, Nash Coffee Company 9:00 Papov Cheshire's Hillbillies, Air 9:15 Clear Lake on (he o ·,, ,V ear Lake Merchants Q : J? 1 )f" sieal Workshop, Innes 9:45 Charles City on the Air, in nn -S h ? rles City Merchants 10:00 Melody Time, Mier Wolf and Sons i J i ! Parade of Bands 10:30 The Morning Concert, Vance Music Company ?J? urch in ** Wildwood n.nn 5 Iarsha11 and Swift 11.00 Home Town News, Iowa ohoe Brokerage Nehi Distributing Co. Phone 440 606 No. Monroe , (ffj-A district court Thursday convicted Perry tdman, former employe of the Minnesota state oil inspection division, of a charge of forgery He was sentenced to serve up to 10 years in the state reformatory He was accused of cashing a forged check for $64.50, involving fraudulent gasoline ·' tax refund claims. Ralph Zagaria, another former employe of the division was convicted of a similar charge ^ " a sirail « AUNT HET By Robert Quillen S-M "I don't mean to be catty about Emmie, but I don't ·see any special virtue in never bein' kissed by a man if you never had a chance. l i n TM , 11:30 Markets U'-nn ? n i° Ch -P ghVs Orchestra 12:00 Salon Musical TM Motl \ ents ol Melody, CBS 30 Front Page News by Pat P a t t e r s o n , International ,,, ,_ Harvester Company 12:-) 3 Hank Hook on the Street , .... Pn tcha nl Motor Company 1-TM Th en T AgainSt Death CBS J .30 The Town Crier £nn f rai l Hines - Tenor Cfi S 3.00 Southern California Junior ·-jn D e f e Ch011 ' Festival, CBS s'on ?f 6 S a Boys Choir ' CBS 3.00 Texas Hangers, CBS 3:30 Charles Paul at the Organ, 4-?n i^ l rF riee America, CBS 4:30 Mail Bag Hour JAPANTAKES SPRATLEY ISLES Strategic Coral Group Formerly Was Held as French Territory Hollywood's biggest comedian, Oliver Hardy, 284 pounds ol .mm, wi ] be l leard ,,£ Jack £r?£ S r- }i ond «' Show over KGLO Friday from 6:30 to 7 n m. Hardy will co-star with Jack ·?,,* S y J 6 V, " How to G et Haley and Hardy." Virginia Verrill Sings Virginia Verrill will sing -I'm Good for Nothing." Ted' Fio- Rito s orchestra plays something ^pTa- P a':f S la - la and thf SATURDAY AFTERNOON HIGHLIGHTS ON KGLO 1 p. m.--"Men Against Death " a drama emphasizing Author, Paul ae Krmfs belief that'' raise economy is holding back tne rendering of adequate medical service--both preventative and treatment--to the greater portion of America " ' * * * 2 .p. m.~Southern California Junior college choir festival with thousands of voices heard in mass choral arrangements. * o i 3 p. m.--"Brush Creek Follies, Saturday night barn dance m modern tempo with plenty of hot hoe downs and cattle country-swing, on the air one-half hour from Kansas City. Hiram f^gsby, "radio's original rube," is master of ceremonies, joine'd by the Salt Creek boys and oth- * * « a:15 p. m.--Adventures in Science introduces Dr. Gustav Egioff, oil company research director, who sars that 50 miles on a gallon of gasoline and a speed or loO miles per hour are distinct possibilities for the American car of tomorrow. FORUM GUEST ,,..,. -j-; ···'--*«= government no.ified r ranee Friday that Japan was assuming jurisdiction over the Sprctley islands .in the China sea--strategic coral group midway and The Rev. Clarence Flynn pastor of the First Methodist church, will apncar on the North Iowa forum over KGLO Friday from .:0o to 7:15 p. m . His subject, bach m His Oivn Tongae," is m rccosnition of achievement oy the American Bible society for printing and distributing the Bible in 1,000 different ian- guagcs and dialects. Ten years 3S i° l £S. , Dok was available in only 207 languages and dialects nV.- i - "-" 'nao-t-nma and ,,,, ~ TM n PW,Wi a »i Bnceoc - WMT «?£ The islands are seven in number with an area of 247 acres without great commercial value out they surround lagoon-; which could afford harbor facilities for seaplanes, submarines and small naval craft. ='»*" °i C £? ati ° n °' the m by France 1933, was the first claim to ownership since their discovery- in 1B67. Japan, in a protest to France on Aug. 21, 1933. implied a c?aim to sovereignty, however, because Japanese traders had tried to exploit guano and phosphate depo=- in mo 0 ." 6 ° f thC island *-"u Aba, no f muiin xocvcuta F R I D A Y EVENING 5:30 Hit of (he WccX 0:40 SponsJants 5:3 Wsathcr-- Nt-.vs 6:00 Music lor Men 6:30 News 6:45 Opportunity Knocks 7:W) Warden Lawcs 7:30 Style Talk Z'S Symphonic String; ? L °9 Plantation p. 1rl j. Musical? 8.'3f March o: Time 10.00 Ncr.-F 10:15 Fu Mar.chi/ BREEN LASHES ATFORSLING Declares "Another Whack Is Taken at Bill's Effectiveness" DBS MOINES, W) _ Senator tdward Breen (D), Fort Dodge member of the special committee which drafted the compromise chain store bill, charged Friday the wording of the bill as the committee approved it had been changed. Senator L. B. Forsling (R) Sioux City, claimed responsibility lor the change, explaining that it had been a correction of a stenographic error. Brcen charged the word "additional" iosertcd in each line of the graduated license tax schedule \vas "just making another whack at the bill's effectiveness." The Fort Dodge senator's amendment to apply a chain organization's highest bracket to all its stores failed by a vote of 17 to 3 3, "It is purely a matter of arithmetic. You're going to cut the amount which the A. and P. (food stores) would pay about in half if you permit the word 'additional' which was not in the bill when I last saw it," Breen declared. There seems to be three musts' m regard to this bill," he continued. Says Faith Broken It must be anemic. It must leave out the oil companies And othTM" 51 PaSS in S ° me way or "Talk about keeping faith with committees," Breen laid, referring to Thursday's debate when Majority Floor Leader E. P Donohue urged defeat of another Breen amendment. "What kind of faith i s it when members of the committee see a bill in one form, and it comes out printed m another? I even went ChalnJKO^ Co-operation Helps Win First Place --~~ - - --- ---- ..^i . j. even weni to the desk to check .the original copy, and the word 'additional' was not in the bill when I saw it Apparently somebody decided it ' . Forslins Mas Explanation It was I who made the change I made the mistake in the first place. I corrected it to conform to the views of the committee," Fors- lins explained. "Now we see what happened," Breen replied. "After some members of the committee saw it, and Under the bill as it stands, a large chain pays a certain license fee on each store up to a certain number; a higher amount on the next ten stores, and a still higher amount on the stores in each succeeding bracket. HOUSE DELAYS ON NEW OFFICE BUILDING A last minute economy plea by f re |^ taUve ' Dean W- Peiseri" J. tldora, who asserted Iowa's mam industry is existing "under* federal, subsidy," Friday caused the lowa house to delay action on a bill appropriating 51,300,000 for a new state office building "Ordinarily, when a person is not sure of his future or when he is living on his neighbors, he does not build himself a new home' Peisen said as the lower chamber was preparing to vote on the building measure. The bill's sponsors explained Iowa beer drinkers, through the state barrel tax on the beverage, would pay for the structure The §1,200,000 annual beer levy income now is used to pay claims against the state sinking fund, which guarantees public deposits against bank receivership losses 'After July 1, 1940, they assert] the claims all will have been paid and the beer money will be available for other purposes. A companion bill to the building measure would place the beer revenue in. the state general fund, out of which an office building or other state needs could be financed. U. S. Lets Contract for Aircraft Carrier Costing $31,800,000 WASHINGTON, (./P) -- A S31 800,000 contract for constructing the aircraft carrier Hornet increased to 75 vessels Friday the modem fleet which the navy is building or has ordered. Several ships a month are sliding down the ways to reinforce the fleet, already rated the stroii"- est in American history. The navy lists as under construction warships and auxiliaries totaling 380,000 Jons. Included are six 35,000 ton battleships. The Hornet, the navy's seventh aircraft carrier, will be 19.BOO tons. FRANCE SIGNS WITH RUMANIA Trade Treaty Designed to Offset Economic Expansion of Germany _ PARIS, (!P) -- France Friday signed a commercial accord with Bumania and the French government arranged for final discussion Saturday of the armed support France could pledge to Poland against German aggression. The French-Rumanian accord, designed as a check against Germany's economic penetration of southeastern Europe, was signed at the foreign office by Foreign Minister Georges Bonnet and Rumanian Ambassador Georges Tatarescu. President Albert Lebrun summoned the cabinet to meet Saturday to reach a decision on the measure of military aid France would promise Poland if the expanding nazi s t a t e marched against Polish territory. In the treaty-signing ceremony latai-escu said that Rumania had not and would never grant any kind of economic monopoly on her territory. (Last week Rumania concluded a far-reaching five-year economic pact with Germany, giving the reicn important concessions in Ru- trade and developments manian oil resources.) France, through the trade treaty undertook to double her purchases' of Rumanian oil, to a value of nearly $7,800,000' for the coming year, and to slash 60 per cent off Rumanian ^ WORKMEN KILLED BEIRUT, Lebanon. ff)--Sev-n workmen were Icilled by ' lire which destroyed a part of the _ Send No Money-- Make Nb Deposit-- Pay No C. O.:i.' Kansas Ciiy, JVIo.-^A tra^-"de- veloped by the Easyhold Co. 254?" r°, Ch *"dg,.2S06 Main St., Kansas City, Mo., is offered to any responsible man or woman who has reducible rupture. It Is sent free for you to try for 30 days. There will be no C. O. D. to pay, no deposit to make, no money to send in advance-- not one penny. Just send them your name and they will send you a measurement blank to fill out. 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