Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on April 30, 1936 · Page 14
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 30, 1936
Page 14
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FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, APRIL 30 mm 1936 .GLOBE-GAZETTE SPORTS DIX: THERE MAY BE JOB FOR YOU Ben Bernie Cracks Wise at Max Schmeling, Oscar Buys Accordion. By EDDIE BRIETZ Associated Press Sports Writer. NEW YORK, W)--Note to Dixie Howell: North Carolina hasn't picked a football coach yet...Ben Bernie's band played "I'm building up to an awful letdown" the other night and dedicated it to Max Schmeling... Ouch!... Oscar Melillo of the Red Sox has bought himself a $375 accordion...So Ali Baba's real monicker is Harry Ekizan, is it? ...Put a wide-brimmed hat on Francis Albertani and he could pinch hit for Mayor LaGuardia anywhere. * * * Bobby Reis of the Bees gave up a banking career for baseball. ..Harvard's Charlie Devens, once of the Yanks, did just the reverse...Char- 1 lie may wind up with the most cocoanuts, but Reis will have the most fun. .-.Take your cherce... His busted finger isn't the biggest of Joe Cronin's worries. ..There's $75,000 Johnny Marcum..;His arm went dead in the spring and shows no signs of coming around...The Sox counted on him for 20 wins at least. Lofted Shots Should Be Swung in, Writes G-G Golf Instructor Bud Taylor, now operating a restaurant on the coast, may return to the ring as a referee . . . once bantamweight champion and the only man to lick Jimmy McLarnin three times, Bud now tips the beam at 164 . , . Jimmy Collins, one of the great third sackers of all time has been re-elected boss of the Buffalo municipal league for the fifteenth year . . . Jimmy says he'd put his pennant winning Red Sox of 1903, against any team in either major, any time . . . Al Ettore May be the next opponent of the sensational Phil Brubaker. By ALEX MORRISON Central Press Golf Writer. You've h e a r d so much about swinging from the Inside out that you probably think that every club should be swung in this way. Well, clubs such as the mashie and nib- lick should be swung so that the clubhead cuts across the line of play from the outside in. This doesn't mean that you should make one swing for wood clubs and long irons, and an entirely different one for the lofted shots. The main difference is in the arrangement of your feet in relation to the line of play. Distance shots should find your feet placed in a square or slightly open stance. Lofted shots should find a line drawn over your toes running at approximately a 45 degree angle to the line of play. This angle is shown in the accompanying illustration. Make your regular swing and change only your stance, and you'll get better results with the mashie. Sorry the Houston Chronicle's fine centennial edition didn't have a story on the outstanding athletes Texas has produced . . . Mebbe there wasn't enough room for such a long list. . . Since 1934 Ellsworth Vines has been paid $132,000 as his cut on the pro tennis profits . . . Bruce Campbell, Indian outfielder, wasn't satisfied with his high priced glove . . . So he stopped in a hardware store, bought one for 50 cents and says it's the best he ever used in his life . . . Leave it . t o little' Bitsy Grano to come up with the tennis surprises . . . This iureau has half a notion to climb aboard Bansiter for the Derby. : ' * * * 'Eddie Brannick, new secretary of the Giants is coming along as a wise .cracker . . . the other day he called . up the Brooklyn club and demanded extra police protection for the Giants .: . "who do you think is running this club?" asked the person on the Brooklyn end of the wire .. . "that's what everybody wants to know," shot back Brannick . . . Bill O'Brien hopes to lure several of the 1936 Davis cup stars into the pro ranks ... it took a trip to Washington, two lawyers and a roll of greenbacks to spring Balthazar Sangchili, the Spanish fighter, from Ellis island. Major Stars BY THE ASSOCIATED PRESS RAKE PREP CLUB IN COUNTY FINAL Forest City to Play Tussl With Rake for Honors m Winnebago. RAKE--Rake high school's base ball team advanced to the fina round of the Winnebago count' tournament by defeating L a k e Mills in the semifinal here Tuesdaj 13 to 5. Rake collected 13 hits, 5 walks and r^ade 4 errors while Sap pa allowed 3 hits and 2 walks in three innings and Beaver allowed 2 hits in four innings, one of them a homerun by Schmithuber. Lake Mills made 2 errors. Forest City will oppose the local team in the final game Friday. GREEUOLLTSON IN TITLE BATTLE Friday to See Crown Handed Out for Butler County High Schools. BUTLER COUNTY .MEET Senilllna! Round. Sreenc 20 j parkenburg 7. Allison t; Brljtoiv 4. GREENE--Greene and Allison high schools advanced to the final game of the Butler county baseball tournament Wednesday, winning from Parkersburg and Bristow, respectively, 20 to 7 and 5 to 4. The championship game will be played Friday. GABBY HANGS ON Not in five seasons has Gabby Hartnett, Cub catcher, 'dropped a foul. Lefty Gomez, Yanks--Tumbled the Indians from first to third place in the American by letting them down with three hits. Bill -Lee, Cubs, and Van Lingle Mungo, Dodgers -- They pitched four hitters against each other, former winning 1-0, and latter losing when his hit, driving in tying run, hit a runner on base and retarded the side. Pete Appleton, Senators--Gave Tigers only two hits and won, 7-3. Rick Ferrell, Red Sox--His single with bases loaded drove Red Sox to a win over Chicago and put his team in first place. Lloyd Waner, Pirates--His double paved way for Pirates winning rally over Phils. Dusty Rhodes, Athletics--Shut out the Browns for eight innings and finally won, 7-4. Lercy Parmelee, 'Cards -- Pitched six-hit 17-inning ball game to beat the Giants, 2-1. MICKEY MOUSE'S TOTAL GETS TOP Diamond Bread Takes Three by Default in Women's Bowling Roll-Off. Mickey Mouse won two games from D. K. Lundberg and company while Diamond Bread won three by default Wednesday night as another postponed series of games was completed in the Women's bowling league. Diamond Butter Bread was the high team with 2,419, while Eunice Cookman had 178 high single and a 521 series. s Wrestling By The Associated Press. SCRANTON, Pa.--Gus Sonnenberg, 210, Boston, threw Joe Dusek, 217, Omaha, 23:00. TRENTON, N. J.--Ernie Dusek, 230. Omaha, threw Al Bisignano, 215, Italy, two out of three falls. PEORIA, 111. -- Danno O'Mahoney, 226, Ireland, pinned Bobby Brunn, 217, Chicago. LINCOLN, Nebr.--John Pesek, 198, Ravenna, Nebr., won from Ray R i c h a r d s , 230, Lincoln, straight falls. His Smoking a Ceremonial SPENCER VICTOR AT TRACK TESTS Algona Second, Emmetsburg Third in Early Season Competition. EMMETSBURG -- Spencer high chool won the second annual triangular track meet here Wednes- lay afternoon, decisively oittpoint- ng Emmetsburg and Algona with a otal of 77 points. Algona placed econd with 43% points and Emmetsburg totaled 40%. credits, pencer's athletes garnered nine rsts, Emmetsburg entries won five rsts and Algona won a singl first, 'arks of Spencer was outstanding with first places in the pole vault, ligh jump and discus; second place i the shot put, and third place in he broad jump. Joynt of Emmets- urg was first in both the half mile nd mile run. Coach Irvin Nelson of pencer brought 20 men to the neet; Kenneth Mercer, Algona oach, entered 18 men. and Coach hner Starr had a squad of 20. THE SUMMARIES. At Mason City THEATERS R. i. r. Emll Solbrig of East Amana reserves his pipe smoking for a niRht- time ceremonial,^the reason being that the machinery involved is a 100 year old meerschaum 15 inches long and three pounds In weight. The ornately carved howl Is equipped with a handle which in turn rests on a wooden holder in order to relieve the strain on the teeth which grip the long handle fashioned from three shades of amber. (Iowa Daily Press Photo) Charles City News Highway Commission to Pay $3,500 for Settling Action Brought by Hoeft CHARLES CITY--The case of In the Ring By The Associated Press. DALLAS -- Tom Beaupre, 19S, outpointed Babe Hunt, 193, Ponca City, Okla., (10). MEETING OPENS. CHICAGO, UP)--The tenth racing season since the sport was legalized in Illinois opens Friday when the Fox Valley. Jockey club annual meeting of 19 days gets under way at Aurora. Bowling DIAMOND BUTTER BREAD - Berneman ..-.. Shaner E. Glanvllle .. Actual Pins Handicap ... .· 3B7 178 I I S (121 H I 1IM 114 329 1M 1S8 130 431 lf4 113 169 496 738 736 7I5B 223» 63 63 63 188 TOTAL PINS 8(11 , 99 819 J419 D. K. I.CNDBERB i CO Players-- lst 2 ., d ·, t T MO 153 S «i 187 123 1« "2 119 137 166 422 TM . - - " - 100 100 101) 300 Slephan 130 Ifl 2 120 36S Actual Pins 656 H5 6M ^ Handicap 42 42 ,, 1S8 TOTAL PINS ~63sC^ 1« 3TO3 MICKSY MOOSE. PJaj-ere-- l s t 2nd 3rd To. J,"" 111 '. 120 108 104 392 Jflek 138 113 88 359 H. GlanvIUe J 2 5 90 88 303 S«l 117 121 110 348 J°nes - . . H O 147 122 379 Actual Pins 630 579 S72 1781 Handicap 85 '85 85 ;55 TOTAL PINS 715 694 6 5 7 3 0 3 6 Rodman Hits in Second and Fifth to Win Game RODMAN--Rodman high school bunched hits in the second and fifth innings to score and win 5 to 0 at the Armstrong baseball diamond. Shriner kept Armstrong's hits well scattered, allowing 5. Each team made 2 errors. Shriner and .Barber were the "Rodman battery, while Knlpe and Vegdahl were the Armstrong combination. 100 yard dash--HatischoHcr (Alsona) first. Hen* (Spencer) second, Sands (Al- sona) third, Fals (Spencer) Jonrth. Time, One mlln mn--Joynt (Emmelsbnnt) first, Rhodes (Spencer) second. Land (Alcona) third, Hoken (Spencer) fourth. 4411 jard dash--Wollam Spencer) first, Mattheson (AlKona) second, Bllllnes (Spencer) third, Jluckey (Algrona) fourtli. Time, :M.,1. Half mlle-^Ioynt iKmmr-tiburs) first. Matheson (Alcona) second. Lnnd (Alsona) third, Cory (Spencer) fourth. Time, 1:45.3. 220 yard Hash--Hess (Spencer) first. Householder (Alcona) second. Sands (Alcona) third, LeiBhter (Spencer) fourth. Time, ;25.1. Pole vault--Parks (Spencer) first, Matt- lln (Spencer) second, picket (Algnna) third. HlRh jump--Parks (Spencer) first. Dill-' InRbam (Erametsburg) second, Maeky (Al- sona), Thomas (Spencer) tied for third. Distance, s ft., OVi Incbes. Hlch hurdles--Krause. (Spencer) first, McElroy (Emmetstntrg) second, Thomas (Spencer) third, Lj-ak (Aleona) fourth. Time, :18.4. - Loir hurdles -- McElroy (Emmetshurc) first, Thompson (Spencer) second, Warner (Emmetsburjr) third, Vlnson (Algona) fourth. Time, :27.3, Javelin -- Beatty (EmmetshiirR) first, Lelirhte.r (Spencrr) second, Bruns (Alcona) third, Mattlln (Spencer) fourth. Distance, H4 ft., 8 Inches. ^alf mile relay--Spencer first. Algona second, Emmetsburc third. Time. 1:21. Mile rclaj---Spencer first, Algnna second, Emmetsburc third. Time, 2:57. Discus--Parks (Spencer) first. Hansen (Alltona) second. Brans (Abtona) third. Beatty (Emmetsburs) fourth. Distance, 99 «., 5 In. Shot pnt--Norvell (Emmetsbors) first. Parks (Spencer) second, Hnsen (Alsona) third, Dlllinghfun (Emmetsbars) fourth. Distance, 40 ft., 10 incbes. Broad jump--Mattlln (Spencer) first, Steuhmer (Erometsburs) second. Parks (Spencer) third, Hankey (Emmetsbnrs) fourth. Distance, 19 ft., 4 Inches. Fred Hoeft vs. the Iowa Highway commission was settled in district court here Wednesday. It waa sent back for retrial by the supreme court. Under the terms of the settlement the highway commission will pay the sum of $3,500, half of which is to go to the Home Owners Loan corporation to pay a mortgage against the Hoeft property. The remainder will go to Mr. Hoeft after half of the court costs are paid. Mr. Hoeft had refused the amount awarded him by the highway commission appraisers for damages to his property caused by the construction of a viaduct over the railway east of Charles City and took the case to district court where he won a verdict of 55,500. The commission appealed to the supreme court which sent it back for trial again on a technicality. rived to spend the summer with Mrs. Ferguson's mother, Mrs. Helen Jameson. Mr. Ferguson will assist Mrs. Jameson in the manage, ment of the laundry. Three Again Possessed With Same Idea-to Be United States Senator IOWA CITY, (jp)--Forty years ago Senator Lester,J. Dickinson of Algona, Guy Linville of Cedar Rapids and Sam 'Whiting were three youths with a single thought. Being members of the old Irving Institute Literary society, their principal aim was the defeat and humiliation of the Zitagathion society, rival debating club. This spring they've got together on another idea--to be Iowa's next United States senator. But Dickinson and Linville both seek the republican nomination, Whiting the democratic. Charles City Students · Start for Music Contest CHARLES CITY--The first contestants left Thursday morning for Iowa City to take part in the eleventh annual music festival. Thursday night Edward Melcher and Sheldon Cerwinski will compete in the small vocal group of boys against West Waterloo, Creston, shenan- doah, Sioux City and Des Moines. Later the madrigal group consisting of Helen Lou Olds, Marilyn Melcher Duncan Lampman, Sheldon Cerwinski, Carol Martens and Edward Melcher will compete. Scheduled for Friday morning are the girls' glee club, the boys' glee club and mixed group against a formidable list of rivals. The high school band will compete Saturday morning at S o'clock. The Band Mothers' club has been working this spring to raise money to send the students to Iowa City. Tuesday evening the last effort was made by giving a program in the high school auditorium in which band, orchestra, glee clubs and soloists took part. Mrs. Ryg, 86, Dies at Rake; Funeral to Be Held Friday in Church RAKE--Mrs. Malina Ryg, 86, died at the home of her daughter. Dr. and Mrs. J. E. Russ, Wednesday morning following an attack of gall stones. She is an old resident of this community. Funeral services will be held at the Liberty Lutheran church Sunday at 2 o'clock with the Rev. N. Oakerland officiating. New Hampton Revenue of Light Plant Gains NEW HAMPTON --.The New Hampton municipal light plant during the fiscal year ending March 31, 1936 produced 1,382,200 kwh compared with 1,174,750 in the previous year, an increase of 17.6 per cent according to a report made by M. R. O'Neill, city clerk, Thursday. Gross revenue increased from ?36,910.38 during the preceding year to $40,027.86 for the year just closed. Eye of Boy, 4, Jabbed Out by Small Sister STACYVILLE--Clement Leocher, 4, son of Mr. and Mrs. Aloys Leocher, suffered the loss' of the sight in one eye when his small sister, Irene, accidentally jabbed him in the eye with a fork. He was rushed to Osage for treatment. The children were .playing house and using the fork for mud pies. "TILL WE MEET AGAIN" IS CECIL-PALACE KILM The special Friday feature booked at both the Cecil and Palace is "Till We Meet Again," starring Herbert Marshall and Gertrude Michael. The presence of these two capable persons at the head of the cast is a guarantee of better-than-average screen entertainment. * * # "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town," Director Frank Capra's latest success which is. billed to start Saturday at the Cecil, was rated by Liberty magazine in the same class with "It Happened One Night" and "Lady for a Day." * * * Warner Baxter's latest romantic thriller, "Robin Hood of Eldorado," based upon the exploits of Joaquin Murrieta in the early days' of the California gold rush, holds the spotlight in the Palace's week-end billing. With this film is "Too Many Parents." This bill will begin its three day engagement Saturday. * * * "Chained," starring Clark Gable, Joan Crawford, Otto Kruger, Stuart Erwin, Una O'Connor and Marjorie Gatesson, is billed Friday and Saturday at the Strand with "The Kid Ranger," latest Bob Steele western. William Farnum, famous on the silent screen, has one of the principal roles in the latter picture. * * * STATE TO REOPEN FRIDAY EVENING Redecoration of the State' theater has been completed and the reopening date has been set for Friday evening when a special program has been scheduled. The feature is to be "The Return of Jimmy Valentine" starring Roger Pryor with Charlotte Henry and Robert Warwick. A special short subject stars Freddy Martin arid his band. All redecoration was carried out in the modeinistic trend. Alta Vista C.O.F. to Celebrate Anniversary ALTA VISTA--St. John's court, No. 1263, Catholic Order of Foresters of this place is making preparations to observe its thirtieth anniversary Monday night: A program followed by a dance will make up the activity of the evening of the Municipal hall. Bernard Gosen, recording secretary, who is one of the committee workers planning for the event, stated Wednesday that H. R. Holbrook of Ames, well known lecturer, will come to take part in the anniversary program and be the principal speaker of the occasion. The local curt of Foresters was organized May 2, 1906. It has a membership of more than 100. NEWCOMERS WILL HAVE 16 SEATS Not Seeking Re-Election to Senate; Appointments Given Some. 0ES MOINES, /B--Newcomers will occupy at least 16 senate seats after the November elections, tha record of primary election candidates showed Thursday. For one reason and another 10 ·democrats and six republicans of the forty-sixth general assembly's senate are not candidates for renoou ination in the June primaries. Appointments to other state or federal positions, decisions to seek other political honors, retirement from legislative affair and death have eliminated veteran senators from renomihation contests. 15 Seek Kcnomination. Fifteen present senators are seeking renominations. In all there are 105 candidates for democratic, republican and farmer-labor party nominations to the present 31 senate vacancies. In only one senatorial district is there a single candidate. L. H. Doran of Boone is the sole candidate for the republican nomination in the Boone-Story district and the ''democratic and farmer-labor nominations there have no seekers. Named o Other Posts. Senators whose names 'are missing from the renomination lists by reason of reappointments to other positions include John K. Valentine of Centerville, tax hoard member; Frank M. Stevens of Garden Grove, control board member; Chris Reese of Marshalltown. deputy state printer; Irving Knudson of Jewell, highwhy commissioner, and C. E. Malone of Atlantic, postmaster. Senator John N. Calhoun is seeking the republican congressional nomination instead of renomination to the senate from the Jefferson- Van Buren district. The senate's only woman member, Carolyn C. Pendray (D) o f Maquoketa, is not seeking renomination. Hojiored at Social Gatherin°-. CHARLES CITY--The Rev. and Mrs. A. A. Rideout and Mrs. Walter Hoeft, a bride, were honored by the Cedar Valley Rebekah lodge with a social affair following the regular meeting in I. O. O. F. hall. The bride was given a shower of gifts in hono r of her recent marriage and the pastor and his wife were presented a farewell gift as they expect to leave soon for Dubuque where the Rev. Mr. Rideout will be pastor of the Baptist church. Refreshments were served and a social time enjoyed available at low cost CONCRETE FLOORS -rigid, fireproof, beautiful, everlasting Pre-cast concrete joists, as illustrated above, make it possible for the modest home to enjoy the same type of floors as the most palatial hotels and mansions. These floors may be had in any coloring, waxed and pol- " ished (as illustrated) or they may be covered with carpet or linoleum or a conventional wood floor may be laid on them. However finished they will never warp or sag, They will remain level, rigid, fireproof --keeping walls and doors and windows true. Ask your architect and send the coupon for a beautiful booklet. Paste this coupon m a postal card \ PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION 1 408 HnbbtUBIdE,DcjMoinB. Iowa Pleue scad me "The Key to Firesife Homes. OPEN RING CARDS. SIOUX CITY, CW--Jimmy Le- Grone of Des Moines and Petey Alcanter, Kansas City lightweight, will meet in the 10-round wind-up of the first outdoor boxing show of the season here next Monday night. SIMPSON NAMED. CLINTON-, (IP)--The referee's duties at the sixteenth annual Gateway track classic here Saturday will be handled by Bob Simpson, Iowa State coach and former Olympic hurdles star. ST. PAtTL ENTERS. DAVENPORT, (5) -- St. Paul's volleyball team, holder of 14 titles, is one of the first entries in the national volleyball championships here May 7, 8 and 9. NMW... Addrta.. Three Changes Are Made in Businesses at Greene GREENE--Lloyd Jenson has sold his Quality grocery store to Clifford Crane. The Farmers' Equity store, ownership a company of farmers and townspeople, has been sold to the present manager, Clifford Dulin. In the local Gamble store, C. M. Olerud sold his interest to W. 11. Claussen. of Manilla. Postmaster Appointed. WASHINGTON. (/B--Postmaster General Farley appointed Charles Maloney as acting postmaster at Atlantic, Iowa, Wednesday. i Credit Union League to Meet in Davenport DAVENPORT, (m--The Iowa Credit Union league will hold an all- day session--its seventh annual session--here Saturday. Officers expect nearly 400 delegates, interested persons and guests to attend. Principal business will be approval of the constitutional by-laws of the Iowa Credit Union league, election Of seven directors, a president and managing director and selection of the 1937 meeting place. Sioux City and Cedar Rapids are seeking the next convention. Mrs. Cummings Elected President of Osage Club OSAGE--At the annual election of officers of the Shakespearean club held Tuesday afternoon at the borne of Mrs. Frank Court, Mrs. Ray Cummings was elected president to succeed Mrs. L. T. Reuhl. Other officers are Mrs. William Horton, vice president; recording secretary, Mrs. JC. K. Kellogg; corresponding secre- :ary, Mrs. H. L. LaRue; treasurer, Mrs. Grace Thomason, Preceding :he business meeting Mrs. J. H. Baker read a paper on "Changing Status of Women." The biennial banquet will be held May 12 at the Methodist church. Charles City Briefs Plunges to Her Death. CHICAGO. CiP)--Clutching- a purse containing a penciled copy of the Lord's Prayer, Mrs. Amanda Heyman, 42. plunged to her death from the ninth floor of a loop building. CHARLES CITY--The high school Comets will go to Osage Saturday to meet Osage and Cresco in the triangular meet. - The third number of the high school lyceum course will be presented Friday evening, May 1, in the high school auditorium by the Loring Campbell company. A. M. Hauser, vice president of the Commercial National bank, had an emergency operation for appendicitis early yesterday morning. Mr. and Mrs. John Thompson arrived home Wednesday from California where they spent the winter. Mrs. J. M. Lamphere of Fort Dodge is a guest of her sister, Miss Catherine Monen. A farewell dessert luncheon was to be given today by the As You Like It club at the home of Mrs. L. M.. Clark in honor of Mrs. J C. Norman and Mrs. A. F. Mueller who will leave Saturday for California. Justin Larson returned to his studies in th'e -Minneapolis School of Art after spending a few days with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. E G Larson. Mrs. E. R. Lovell returned to her home in Waterloo after a several days visit with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Wood and R. V. Wood The W. C. T. U. met with Mrs. P. C. Lapham yesterday when the following program xvas presented: Piano solo, Lowell Lapham; devotions, Mary Rudolph; reports of missionary societies of the different local churches; duet, Mrs. William Kueeh and Mrs. Spyr. Mr. and Mrs. M. E. Ferguson and three children of LaGrange, HI., ar- Plymouth Seniors Will Give Play Friday Night PLYMOUTH--The senior class of Plymouth high school will present the three-act comedy, "Huckleberry Finn" by Roy Lewis, Friday evening. Miss Emma Jansen will direct the production. The cast includes Annabelle Chehock, Genevieve Shaffner, Wanda Bishop, John Collister, Rosaline Button, Juanita Shaffner, Mildred Smith, Irving Helmer, Ray Hill and Leroy Strand. County Legion Session Is Held at Spillville SPILLVILLE--The County American Legion held a meeting at the Riverside park Tuesday evening. County Commander Rodney Nichelson of Ossian was present. A stag party closed the meeting. Movie star: One who plays tie leading role while a few old stage actors make the picture entertaining.--Fountain Inn Tribune. [PALACE NOW SHOWING "The Voice of Bugle Ann" and "Man Hunt" A GOOD PLACE TO DANCE WMT GERMAN BAND FRIDAY 26c. S. S. Tax Incl. Per Terson JIMMY BARNETT SAT. 26c (All Tax Incl.) 60c CARL NEBBE SUN. 36c (All Tax Incl.) 40c ANSON WEEKS THURSDAY, MAY 7 Advance Tickets 75c Door $1.10, All Tax Incl. Starting Saturday-Warner BAXTER --in-"Robin Hood of El Dorado" DANCE NORTH SHORE COUNTRY CLUB Saturday, May 2 TY TYSON AND HIS BAND With Beautiful Girl Entertainer, for Members and Guests DANCE to CEDAR VALLEY HILL BILLIES Heard Daily Over WMT at 11:30 a. m. Old Eagles Hall 11 '/2 South Delaware Avc. FRIDAY, MAY1 Gents 40e Ladies 25e Companion Feature: "Too Many Parents" With a cast of remarkable youngsters Get Set Again for the Big Fun! --for-FRIDAY IS THE BIG DAY at Both the CECIL and PALACE "Now lhat 1 topw you'te alive, nothing else mal- tejs netlher duiy nor couniTy nor anything in ihe world but you!" m H E R B E R T arsl GERTRUDE MICHAEL LIONEL ATWILL ROD LAROCQUE --phis-- "Beware of Blondes" Comedy JOAN CRAWFORD CLARK GABLE in "CHAINED" TAH.SPIN TOMMY in "THE GREAT Affi MYSTERY" NEWS EVENTS GIFTS TO KIDDIES Fri. and Sat. Matinees ENDS TONIGHT Jane Withers in "Paddy O'Day" anfl John Mack Brown Western GIFTS TO LADIES TONIGHT \VE HAVE THE BIG SHOWS LAST TIMES THURS. JOAN BENNETT GARY GRANT "Big Brown Eyes" EXTRA--SEE AND HEAR W. EARL HALL OF MASON CITY IN IOWA NEWS FLASHES --STARTS--, SATURDAY You'll knim wtmt "Plxllatfd ,,hoir! Extra Added Attraction Will Rogers Memorial tribute ^fry I ·fh PI

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