The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 19, 1937 ツキ Page 14
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 14

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1937
Page 14
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.Mqf-i^^ ' -- r * テつキ * テつキ テつキ * ' テつキ " FOURTEEN MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 19 テつキ 1937.. If i* i ~~% I -Tit I A ^ I' i i i H LIVESTOCK PRICE TREND LOWER CATTLE STEADY TO SHADE DOWN Hogs Open Unchanged and Jhen Take Drop of 5 to 10 Cents. CHICAGO, (/P) -- A downward leaction oテつ」 livestock .prices, reflecting to some extent, traders said, consumer resistance to recent advances in livestock and meat, took place at the stockyards Friday. ' . . . . Hogs opened unchanged but then lost 5 to 10 cents. Cattle were unchanged to a shade lower, despite the, limited supply of beef steers in an unusually small Friday run. Fat lambs and sheep declined fully 25 cents. Reports to the trade indicated demand for fresh cuts of beef arid lamb has dropped off this week. -, High prices, approach of Holy |Week and warmer weather are contributing factors in this reac- iion, it was said. This has caused buyers to shade costs in- the live trade as much as possible. Wholesale lamb carcasses have been forced up 2 to 2V cents a pound in the past week while mutton is quoted % to 1 cent higher Pork loins are V- to IVi cent higher. Carcasses of yearling steer and heifers are about the same as a week ago but heavy bee steers are up Vi cent a pound Veal is Va cent lower. Thursday's top in the swine market was the highest in .eigh weeks, being $10.40. This was paid again early today but in late trad ing the practical peak was a dime lower. .The bulk of ordinary cattle soli at S8.50 to $11.25. There was noth ing available worth prices near th $15.50 nominal peak of the cattl market. After yesterday's increased lam supply, marketings fell off. Seller were demanding yesterday's $12.G peak for choice handyweights but bids were fully 25 cents lower. Hog Markets MIDWEST HOGS Hog prices at midwest markets Fri- WATEHLOO--Hogs unchanged. CEDAR KAT1US--Hogs unchanged. AUSTIN--Hogs, market 5 cents lower; nod to choice 1BO-: Ibs., S0.60テつョ3.91); 00-230 Ibs., 59.7JiR 10.05; 290-325 Ibs., $9.05 a.95; 325-350 ]bs., S0.53テつョ0.85; packing ows, good. 275-550 Ibs.. $9.0589.65. OTTUMWA--Hogs unchanged. COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS DES MOINES. IF,--(V. S. department f agriculture)--Combined hog receipts at 2 concentration yards and 9 packing lants located in interior Iowa -and outhern Minnesota for the 24 hour pe- iod ended at 8 a. m. Friday were 20,700. ornpared with 10,500 a ^veek. ago and 5.900 a year ago. Mostly steady wUh Thursday's aver- ge, spots 5 cents lower; undertone slow, veak; . loadings indicated somewhat ighler. Good and choice lights. 140-160 Ibs., iS.laTlS.l.T: good nnd choice light weights. 60-180 Ibs.. ?9.10'ji0.85; 1BO-200 Ibs.. $9.80 710.05; good and choice medium weights, 200-250 Ibs., 53.00Iji 10.20; good and choice leavy weights, 250-250 Ibs.. S9.aOB10.20; "90-350 Ibs.. S9.BOeiO.lD; Rood Jind choice pigs, 100-140 Ibs., unquoted; good packing ov;s, 275-350 Ibs., S3.4Sテつョ9.65; 350-425 Ibs., 59.2569.55; 423-550 Ibs.. S3S9.3a. v The above quotations arc based on bulk Tansactions. Long haul shipments show- ng excessive weight shrinkage and hogs excessively Jillcd. usually-sell respectively somewhat above and below prices quoted. Hogs bought on the basis of shipping point weights are also excluded, from riuotations. WHEAT MARKET DROPS SHARPLY Numerous Stop-Loss Sale Orders Forced Into Execution. C H I C A G O , (IP) -- Extreme breaks of 3% cents a bushel took place in Chicago wheat values Friday. Numerous stop-loss selling orders were forced into execution by the downward sweep of the wheat market. Kansas and Nebraska reports of moisture, indicative of a large domestic winter wheat crop were largely responsible, together with dearth of export demand for Canadian wheat, as well as denials that Argentina is planning to restrict wheat exports, At the close, wheat was 2 ] /i-' 3Vs cents under Thursday's finish, May $1.36.%-%, July $1.21%-%, corn unchanged to 1 cent lower, May 51.09%-%, July $1.05V4-%, oats Va-l-Vi off, and provisions 10 to 15 cents down. Stock List (By The Associated Press) Friday Final Quotations 31V Local Livestock mon and medium, 54.50QJ5.75; cows, good 54.505; common and medium, 53.73テつョ 50; calves (steer) good and choice, S.50E3: medium, $5.25テつョ6.50. , H O G S -- 2,500; scattered early sales about steady: good 190-250 Ib. butchers. 59.90(310.50; top. $10.15; packers bidding 510.50 down: 170-190 Ibs.. $9.50テつョ9.90; 140170 !bs., SB.75'u9.50; slaughter pigs scarce; strong weight feeders to 58.50; stags, $9.75 down. . テつキ SHEEP--500; no early fat lamb action; undertone about steady; best fed woolcd skins held around 512.40; other classes sc.irce; Into Thursday lambs. 355(50 cents lower; top. S12.40; bulk, 512JH2.40. OMAHA LIVESTOCK (Friday Market) OMAHA, Wj-- (U. S. department of agriculture! -- HOGS -- 2,500: steady to = cents lower: 180 Ibs. up. S9.90IB10.10: top, 510.15 to traders; 100-180 Ibs., S9.50SJ10: 140-160 Ibs., 58.85-30.50; pigs, $7.75O8.2o; sows, 59.50. C A T T L E -- 800; calves, 200; steady; steers. 57li?12; heifers, SBiiJlO.50 1 : cows. S5 fr7.50; cutters. 53.5064.75; bulls, ?3.2oOi 5.85; vcalcrs, $10 down. SHEEP -- 5,000; bids 25 cents lower; lambs, テつァ11.75^7,12.10; best above 512.15. LIVESTOCK FORECAST CHICAGO. BPJ--Official estimated receipts for Saturday: Cattle, 100; hogs, 6,000; sheep. 2,000. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (Friday Market) CHICAGO, Vfi--Cash wheat. No. 1 hard. $1.43; sample grade yellow, hard, $t.36',4; No. 1 mixed, 31.39^. Corn--No. 4 mixed, 51.14'A; old. No. 4 yellow, SI.17; No. 3 yellow, new. S1.13Va rai.H'A; No. 4 yellow, new. S1.1KC1.UK1; No. 5 yellow, $LOBffl.lOK; No. 3 while, Sl.!6fl-l.lC!i; No. 4 white. S1.13',4テつョl.Hli; sample grade, sl.06, Oals--No. 1 while, ol'.i: No. 2 white, 50VIS50}:,; No. 3 while, 50; No. 4 white, 49. Soy beans--No. 3 yellow, Sl.55^4. Barley--Feed, 73*387 nom.; malting, SI 61.87 nom. Timothy seed--S4.75fii.5.50 a cwt. Clover seed--$30fr36 a cwt. Lard--Tierces. S12.55; loose, 511.85; bellies, $17. Al Ch Dye 240 Am Can 107'/t Am Sin Rcf SB Am Sug He! 4S14 Am Tel T 172 Am Tob B 821. Am Wat \Vks 23',i Anaconda G3T* Atch T S F 83 Auburn Auto 28!;: Aviation Corp 8'.'* Ball St Ohio 37V. Barnsdall Bendix Aviat Beth Steel 91 Borden 27'/4 Borg-Warner 79a Can D G Ale 31 Can Pacific 14TI Chi 4: N W S?b C Gt West Ml C M St P F 3 C R I P 3',i Chrysler lEirテつサ Cot G El le'A Cmwltli Sou 3 Con Edison 40?i Con Oil 16^テつサ Con Call COVi Cont Oil Del 4Hi Corn Prod 677テつォ Curt-Wright 1',\ Deere Co 128 Deer Co pf 30^a Du Pont 364',V Gen Elec S6^k Gen, Foods *l'.4 Gen Mot 624i Gillette IB Goodyr T 3c R 421 a Hudson Wot . 20',i Illinois Cent 34*i Int Harv 103'.* Int Nick Can Oa'-i Int Tel Tel 1S?テつォ Johns-Mahv 1431* Kresge 253* Libb O F GI 63 Maytag 13% 30!'. テつキ SlcK Hob IS'.i Mid Cont Pet 32 Montgom War Gift Morrell Co 43 Nash Kelv 22 '.i Nat Biscuit Nat Cash R Nat Dairy Pr Nat Distill Nat P Lt N Y Central Northern Pan Oliver Farm 52'.'. 33 GO'/i Packard Moto lO'.i 23V. 101','4 411. 55 U'.i 51'i SL'.i MASON CITY--For Friday. H O G S Hogs Jive cents lower. Good light lights ... 140-150 57.=0-7.8I) Good light lights ... 150-160 E 8.00- 8.30 Good lights 160-170 S 0.70- 9.00 Good テつキ lights 170-180 59.15-0.45 Good light butchers 180-200 S 9.45- 9.75 Good lisht butchers 200-220 S 9.05- 9.95 Good me. vvt. butch. 220-250 5 9.65- 9.95 Good-me. wt. bulch. 250-270' S 9.C5- 9.95 Good me. wt. butch. 270-290 S 9.C5- 9.D5 Good heavy butchers 230-325 S 9.55- 9. Good heavy butchers 325-350 S 9.45- 0.15 Good heavy butchers 358-40D $ 9.30- 9.DO Good' packing sows . - 27 5-350 - S 0.20-- 9.50 Good'テつキ heavy sows": :;-350i425 テつキ S 9.00--9.30 Good big heavy sows 425-500 S B.BO-" 9.10 Good big heavy sows 500-550 5 0.60- 8.90 IThe above is a 10:30 truck hog market for good and choice hogs. The difference in price is for short and long haul hogs.) CATTLE Choice to prime steers ...:. S10.00-H.50 Goad to choice steers S 8.00-10.00 Fair to good steers S 6.00- 8.00 Low grade steers S 4.00- 6.00 Choice to prime yearlings .. S 9.00-10.00 Good to choice yearlings ... S 7.00- 0.00 Fair to good yearlings .-. .* S 5.00-7.00 Common'to fair yearlings .. S 4.00- 5.00 Good to choice heifers ..... 5 1.00- 9.011 Fair to Bood belters S 5.UO- 7.00 Common to fair heifers .... S 3S3- 5.00 Choice to prime cows テつキ S 5.00- 6.00 Good to choice cows .. S 4.50- 5.00 Fair to good cows S 3.50-4.23 Fair to good cutters S 3.50- 4.00 Common to fair cutters $3.00-3.50 Fair to good canners 52.73-3.00 Common to fair canners .... S 2.50- 2,75 Good to choice bulls ....... 5 4.50- 5.50 Light billls 5 4 , 0 0 Cnlvcs, gd. to choice 130-IQO - 'S 7.00- 8.00, Calves, med. to good 130-170 S 4.50r 7.00 Calves, infer, to gd. 130-130 5 4.SO oVwn LAMBS Lambs, gd. to choice 70-80 5 9.75-11.00 Lambs, roed. to good 10-90 S 0.75- 9.7s Lambs, fr. to medium 10-00 S 5.75- 0.75 Lambs; common S 5.73 d'wn Yearlings, gd. to ch. 70-30 S 5.00- 6.00 テつキXcarlings. medium to good S 4.00- S.OO テつキyearlings, fair to medium S 3.00- 4.00 YcarJings, culls S 2.00- 2.50 Native ewes, good to choice S 2.00- 4.00 Culls, owes S 1.00- 1.50 Bucks S 1.00- 2.00 Wethers. 2 year olds * S.OO- 6.00 Wethers, old 53.00-5.00 Buck Jambs 51 lows. No dock on lambs. Quotations subject to market fluctuations. Representative Sales REPRESENTATIVE SALES (Friday Market) CHICAGO, (m-- (Us - department of agriculture)--Representative sales: HOGS An. AVR-I Avj. Avj. テつキWfl. Friee)No. Vi'lt. Trice No. Heavy-- 346 327 284 256 ' S10.20| 98 10.251 87 10.30) G4. iq/Joj. 1 !! 198 IBS 113 101 Param Pict Penney. Penn R R Phillips Pet liadio Re-y TOD B Sears Roeb Shell Union Socony Vac IB 1 .. Sou Pacific 62',: Std Brands 15 Sid Oil Cal 46^! Std Oil Ind 461! Std Oil N J 71'.i Stewart War W. Studebaker 17^1 Swift Co 27-il Texas Corp 5G 3 ,: Tex Gulf. Sul 39 Va Timk Roll B 67 Uii Carbide 105 Un Pacific 143Yt Unit Air Corp 32?, United Corp 6li Unit Drug 1511 U S Ind Ale 4041 U S Rubber GG*j TJ S Steel 1151! "Warner Pict Wt West Un Tel 74V1 West El テつォ; M 143 Woolworth 52','. Wrlgley Jr 69 CHICAGO STOCKS (Bv The Associated Prcs Friday Final quolltio Cities Servive Hellm Brew sテつサi Katz Drue 14'A KeilOKB Sw 10V. Libby McNeil 14 Midwest Corp 12テつサ1 Nail Leather Northw Bane Quaker Oats : Swift テつォ= Co Swift Intl Zenith STOCK MARKET BUYERS BRAVER Vlany Share Leaders That Went Down Thursday Make Recovery. NEW YORK, (if)--Stock buyers exhibited a little more courage n Friday's market and many of Thursday's depressed leaders :ame back for recoveries of frac 7 Lions to a point or more. After an indifferent start, rails enjoyed a speedy but brief rally in which the ticker tape fell be- nind 2 minutes. Steels later joined the move while utilities, rubbers and specialties were on the upside. Carriers responded to a more than seasonal increase in last week's car loadings as well as to a decision by the interstate commerce commission maintaining emergency rates on 19 commodities. Many oC Thursday's short sellers in this group were reported to have recovered. General Motors and Chrysler held to a narrow groove as a Michigan court ordered the arrest of 6,000 strikers holding plants of the latter company. . The pace slowed appreciably near the final hour and extreme advances were reduced in many instances. Transfers were around 1,850,000 shares. Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoted, by. A. M. SCHANKE CO. Telephone 1300, Mason City (Eta a n d 1 Asked Friday) Cent St El 6 pet pfd l?23 par) 10 Cent St El 7 pet ptd ($25 par I 11 Cent St P L 7 pet pfd .... 14', Champlln Ref la 7 pel p(d .. 100 Creamery Package com ...... 24 Hearst Cons A Gee. A Hormcl A pfd . . : ..... 104 Geo A Hormol com .......... 20 Interstate Power 6 pet pfd .. 13 Interstate Power 7 pet pfd . . la Iowa Electric Co 5V, pel Did 50 Iowa Electric Co 7 pet pCtl . . 51 In El Lt Pow 6 pet pld ---- 67 la El Lt Pow 6^1 pet pfd .. 68 la El Lt i: Pow ^ pel pfa ---- -!i la Power Light G pet pfd 102 In Power Light 7 pet pfd 103 la Public Serv 6 pet pfd ---- 06 la Public Serv 6!i Bet pfd . . 9 7 la Public Serv 7 pet pfd .... 98 la Soutli Ulll 6 pet pfd .... 02 la South Util SVi pet pfd .. 64 la South U(ll 7 pet pfd ...... 71 Minnesota P L. 6 pet pfd .. 83 Minnesota P L 7 pet pfd . . 9* Northern St Power 6 pet pfd 85 Northern St Power 1 pet pfd 91 xN W Bell Tel 6!i pet pfd .. lOo N W St Portland Cement com 30 Rath Packing com .......... 35 Sioux Clly G El 7 pel pfd 100 United Lt Hys 6 pet pfd . 81 United Lt Rj-s 6.36 pet ptd 82 Uniled Lt i- Rys 7 pel pfd .. 91 Western Grocer pfd ........ 98 Western Grocer com .... ..... 17 x Called April 15. 12 13 16 25 22 Vi 107 22(4 15 17 52 53 B9 70 73 104 105 93 99 100 64 6 73 91 96 87 93 102 83 B4 93 100 13 GOVERNMENT BONDS (Friday Quotations) NEW YORK, (.-iv-U. S. government bonds closed: Treasury 4'Asr, 47-52, 116. Treasury 4s. 44-34. 111.8. Treasury S=?BS, 40-43, June, 105. Treasury 3 3 ,is, 43-47, 106.17. Treasury 3VaS. 46-49. 103.3. Treasury 3s. 104. U. MINNEAPOLIS FLOUR (Friday Market) itINNEAPOLIS. (jipj -- Flour, carload lots, a barrel In 98 Ib. colton sacks:_ Family patents, 15 cents lower. $7.35@7.a5; standard patents. 10 cents lower, $7.35^7.55. Shipments, 18,117. Pure bran. S34rg34.50. Standard middlings. 536@3.50. Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Friday Wo. 3 yellow shelled corn ..$1.05 No. 4 yellow shelled corn ..51.04 Earn corn 95c White oats, No. 3 44c Barley 60-80c Soybeans, No. 2 yellow $1.35 FRIDAY GRAIN CLOSK CHICAGO, 217 , 23S 224 203 15G 142 Steers -1031 1102 104-1 1032 070 1062 945 914 10.351 87 10.40| 79 10.101 10.351 CATTLE | Heifers-$11.251 9. 860 10.B51 5 8-12 10.35] U 760 3,r5[ in 742 0.2: 9.00 8.15 Co\vs 3 4 710 1290 1205 1110 975 870 CHICAGO LIVESTOCK (Friday Market) CHICAGO, Ml--(U. S. department of agriculture)--HOGS--11.000; including 5,000 direct; market opening around steady, now 5 to 10 cents lower than Thursday's average; bulk good nnd choice lBO-i'20 Ibs., 510.10(810:35; top, $10.40; practical top late. $10.30; few sales good and choice 150-170 Ibs.. $0.:5テつゥ10.10; packing sows-scarce and steady; bulk 350-500 Ib. averages. $3.60G9.85. C A T T L E --1,000; calves. 500; beef steers in limited supply, steady to weak; bulk comprlsinfi lightweights at $B.5Qfr 11.25; stie slock steady; most lielfers, $6.25fiv7,50; kinds above S8 very scarce; low cutter and cutter cows, 53.75^5.25; beef grades upward to 57 and better; bulls and vcalcrs steady; outside sausage bulls, $S.GO: light vealers, $8Si 10; snipping- weights, SlD.SOftll. SHEEP--7,000: Including 700 direct; fat Iambs supply over 75 per cent from Colorado; practically no early trading; I I SHEEP Colorado Lambs-- IFcd Westerns-- $10.35 10.25 9.90 0.50 58.50 7.85 7.50 7.00 6.50 7.SO (i.25 5.25 .4.75 4.00 WHBAT- May ... July ... Sept CORN-May. new .... May, old July, new .... JuJy, old Sept OATS-- ' May July Sept. - . . , SOY BEANS-May -.v. July " . RYE-may . High 51.38 1.07 1.06 .46-;, .43% .41'.i ..;...--1.56 ..-. Low 51.35TI, 1.09V, l.OG'/a .4014 Close S1.36!i 1.21=1 l.OO'.i 1.07 1.03 Vi - .JG'i .42!', .40' 1 Supplementary List of Stock Quotations Supplied by LABISON BROTHERS AND CO., Mason City Office in Bagley-Beclt Bide. Telephone No. 7. 27.a 31=!テつサ Hi Walker Co 37W Hud.B M St. S S6 Niag Hud Po 14Vj Pennroad 5','テつサ Std. Oil Ky 20Vi Un Gas Co 12 Un L.1 Pow 7% Util P U 3Vi 1.09 1.0411 .97 Sept. ... BARLEY- May ... LARD-Mar. ... May ... July ... Sect. .., BELLIES-May 17.05 July 17.30 12.87 13.15 13,37 . 13.07 13.30 17.00 17.25 1.03 .9G 12.G2 12.85 13.10 13.30 17.00 J7.25 890 431 017 Ewes-18 21 30 512.401230 12.351217 12.25|211 I 30 R.OOI 7.75| 7.50) SI 92 04 $12.40 12.33 12.25 12.00 Produce ' MASON CITY--For Friday Cash Quotations by E. G. Morse Eggs, current receipts ; 19c Heavy hens, 5 Jbs. and over . .T2c Under 5 Ibs. 8c Stags, 5 -Ibs. and over lie Stags, under 5 Ibs 7c Cocks 6c All No. 2 poultry 4 cents less Merchants Quotations Eggs, in trade 20c*' Eggs, cash 13c* Butter, Iowa State Brand .... -42c Butter, Corn Country 40c Butter, Kenyon's ...; 40c Butter, Very Best 42c Butter, Broolcfield 40c Potatoes; russets, peck 75c Potatces, cobblers, peck 57c "EDITOR'S NOTE--These representative quotations were obtained by calling several grocery stores. MINNEAPOLIS GItAIN (Friday MiirVct) MINNEAPOLIS. (,TI--Wheat 31 cars 3c lower: No. 1 lienvy dark northern Gt Ibs. S1.47^K?H.57?i: No. 1 dark northern 59 Ibs. 5U46テつサifrl.5Sテつサl, SB Ibs. S1.45=kテつゥ 1.553a: fancy No. 1 hard Montana 14 per cent protein Sl.lS^iffil.^o^i: eradc of No. 1 dark hard or No. 1 hard Montana winter Sl.aG^ifil.SG^i; hard amber durum. No. 1, 51.45テつョ!.63; No. 1 red durum 51.31 (SI.32. i テつキ Com, No. 3 yellow Sl.H'.iGl.n'.ii 2c lower. Oals, No. 3 white 4SS47C. DOW JONES AVEUAGES Jnds. Hails dose 184.61 62.51 CHICAGO STOCKS Butler Bros - 165テつサ Marsh Fitld Cord Corp 4^a Walgreen Co NEW YOniv CURB Am Gas i El 37=.. Forrt oテつ」 EnB Am Cyana B 30*4 Am Su Pow 2V'a Ark Nat O A 10?1 As G El A 3H Call Ind Alk G'.i Dist Corp Sea 21テつサテつォ El Ed Sll 23テつサi Ford of Can 25^1 NEW YonK STOCKS Alaska Jun 14V R IIlipp_ Motors Am For P 11% Am Cry Sug E9Vn Am C Fy 64 Am Poiv LI 13,i Am Roll Mills 3an Am Ha S 25Tテつォ Am Aob Co OMi Armour Co IS^a Arm S: Co pf 93 As Dry Goods 21 All Ret G4 Baldwin Loco O'a BriBes Mfg 43Vテつォ Bendix 25V4 Butld Mfg Co 12!k Byers A M Z9Tテつサ Caterpillar Tr 83V't Ccr dc Pasco 78V* dies t Ohio 61テつサi Chi Gt W pf IS'A CMtStP pi G*. 'Coca-Cola ICO Com Solvents 19 Cont Motor 3Vs Curt-Wr Co A 2t'.l Dist Corp Sea 27*i Douglas Airc R3 Eastman 150 Eaton Mfg Co 32'^ Elc Aulo Lite 40 El Pow S; Li 24'/4 Erie R R Co 22,i Fircst T R M'A " 451i Curb Market NEW YORK, (i?)--Curb slocks showed a rebound Friday which won back a considerable part of Thursday's losses. The upturn was led by Aluminum Company oテつ」 America, Consolidated Alr- crnft. New Jersey Zinc, Twin Coacli, and American Laundry Machinery which had gains running from 1 to IVa points. Colt's Patent Firearms jumped 5 on publication of annual report showing a large increase in 193B profits. "Fractional advances were general in Utilities and in the miscellaneous industrial group. Some of the oils were backward, and Pan, American Airways slid alt I'.'i. Bond Market KANSAS CITY GRAIN - (Friday Market) KANSAS CITY. M)--Wheat 4G cars; 1 to 2VjC lowc-r; No. 2 dark hard nom. S1.33テつォCI.41',i; No. ,1 iiom. S1.29',iffi 1.38,i; No. 2 dark hard S1.37H; No. 3. 51.3214; No. 2 red notn. S1.37M1; No. 3 nom. Sl.33ai.39ib. Corn, J3 cars; 3i to I'.dc lower; No. 2 wllltc nom. Sl.22fil.24; No. 3 nom. Sl.19',4 (SI.22!i; No. 2 ycltow nom. Sl.225il.24; No. 3, $1.21; No. 2 mixed nom. 51.20テつョ 1.21: No. 3 nom. $1.18'.iitll.20. Oals, 1 car; \^ to PAc lower; No. 2 white riom. 50fft53c; No. 3 nom. 4852c, 38 50 21V* 10'^ G 58 55 Foster-Wheel Freeport Tex Gen Am Tran Glidrten Co Gobel Gold Dust Graliam Patee 3?i Gt Nor p[ 52!i Halm Dept St lf)!'テつォ Houston Oil 14?4 Hudson Motor 2flVj 4li : !i ti 14 Intl Carriers Indust Rayon Kelvin at or Co Lambert Co Lehigh Po Cc Uq Carb Cp I.orillard 3\Iack Truck Math Alk McLel Stores Minn, Mot Im M K S= T IVTo Pac Motor Prod No Amor Nn Am Avf Otis Stl Co Owen 111 Gl Packard Mot Park Ut Cop Plymouth Proc Gam P S oテつ」 N J Pullman Pure Oil Co Purity Bak'y R K O Hem Rand Reo Motors St Jos I-catt Simmons Co So Cal Edison 77',?* Sperry Corp SOVti St G E 12'/テつサ T Wa As Oil 19Vテつサ U S Ind Alch 401i U S Smelter 96 Util P U A 3H Vanadium 35% Un G Imp 14',4 Warren Bros J) Western Un 74',', Worth Pump 40^4 Yellow Truck 32V. Youngs S 4: T 01(4 NEW YORK, CD--U. S. government issues turned downward again Friday alter a moderate extension of Thursday's recovery during the ftrst hour. Corporate liens were uneven, with rails generally higher. Selling: in the federals became active after the majority of treasuries had risen 2-32nds to J-32nds on top of Thursday's substantial recovery. By midday the sen- oral range was 9-32nds a point lower to 2-32ritis higher. One or two oテつ」 the treasuries held gains of around V point. Low yield corporate bonds showed few- crj symptoms oE nervousness, and speculative ratings had better support oti the more stable action of the share list following Thursday's heavy decline. Advances 'ranged from fractions to around l!i points in a representative list of loans, including those of Remington Rand. Shell Union Oil, M-K-T, Bethlehem Steel, American Telephone, Great Northern, Illinois Central Steel, American Telephone, Great Northern, Illinois Central, Frisco, Western Union. Northern Pacific, Nickel Plate and Pacific Gas Electric. Most active foreign issues were disposed to work htRher under the lead, of Italian, Polish and German obligations. LEGAL NOTICE NOTICE OF TUK APPOINTMENT OF EXECUTOR STATE OF IOWA. Cerro Gordo County, ss. No. 4360. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, thai the undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified as Executor of the estate of Frank J. Hanlon, Deceased, late of Cerrp Gordo County. All persons indebted to said eslate arc requested, to make Immediate payment; and those having claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated, to the undersigned for allowance, and file in the office ot the Clerk of the District Court. EARL SMITH, Executor. Smith Feeney. Attorneys. Dated March 4th, 1937. S. H. MacPeak, Clerk District Court. By--Margaret Riley, Dopuly. NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATOR STATE OF IOWA. Cerro Gordo County, ss. No. 49G5 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the undersigned has been duly appointed and qualified as Administrator of the estate of Charles W. Damon, Deceased, lale of Cerro Gordo County. Alt persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment; and those having claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated, to the undersigned for allowance, and file in the office of the Clerk of the District Court. EDMUND J. PEAKE, Administrator. Smith i: Fccney, Attorneys. Dated March 10th. 1937. S. H. MacPeak. Clerk District Court. By--Margaret Riley. Deputy. NOTICE OF THE APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATORS Miscellaneous CHICAGO PRODUCE (Friday niarkrl) CHICAGO, (/PJ--Butler 9,688, steady; prices unchanged. Eggs 21,903, unsettled; extra firsts local 23 'Ac, at rs 23 3 ,ic; fresh graded firsts ^u.^o^u, H 'テつォ-テつサ.vテつォ.^ ..~ _テつォ*., ....,,...*,, local 22Tテつサc, cars 23'Ac: current receipts bidding fully 25 cents lower on both fal 32Vテつォc: storage packed extras 2-tUc; stor- lambs and fat sheep; asking fiilly steady. SOUTH ST. TAUT, LIVESTOCK (Friday Market! SOUTH ST. PAUL, (rt*-- lU. S. department of 'agriculture) -- CATTLE -- 2,400; slaughter steers scarce, steady; few medium to good, SSSJ10.15; some held above $11; shd btock slow, steady: undertone テつキweak; medium to Rood heifers. $7 Ji 9: most beef cows, 55.25(^0.50; few fed cows, S75T7.50; low cutters and- cutters jnoslly $3.75ft4.75; bulls steady; bulk. 55.2555G; fciv heavyweights, $6.25; stock- crs steady, medium to Rood stockcrs. $6.25Ct7,7S; calves, 2,300; steady; Rood and choice. $8(iUO; most selections ?ID.50. HOGS-- 5,000; steady to strong; good nnd choice 100-300 Ibs.. S9.B579.95: top, S10; 1GO-J90 Ibs., $3,50570.90; 120-150 Ibs.. $8.35(59.50: bulk good sows, S3-50; aver- a'pc cost Thursday, $9.83; weight. 213 Ibs. SHEEr-- 900; no early action, undertone \veak on slaughter Iambs; steady on other classes; bulk choice old crop lambs Thursday. $12.25; package 70 Ibs. spring lambs for Easter trade, $17. age packed firsts 34VC, Poultry: Live! 24 trucks, firm; hens over 5 Jbs- 20c, 5 Ibs. and less 19^c; Leghorn hens IfUac; colored fryers 26'Ac; Plymouth and W h i t e Rock 271'iic; colored broilers 25', f jc; Plymouth and White Rock 26Vic; barebacks 2Qc; roosters 13c; Leghorn roosters 12c; turkeys, hens 23c, young toms ISc, olrt IGc, No, 2 turkeys Inc; ducks -I'.a Ibs. up white sr.d colored 20c. small while and colored I7c; gccne I Si:; capons 7 Ibs. up 28c, less than 7 Ibs. 21c. SIOUX CITY LIVESTOCK (Friday Market) SIOUX CITY. W--(U. S. department of agriculture)--CATTLE--1.000; calves. 300; slaughter classes steady: slockcrs and feeders scarce, firm; most steers nnd yearlings medium fjrade, $7.75(c?9.50; few loads around 3lO.25ff010.5Q; medium hciters. $8,505/8,75: best cows, $5^7; few t n $7.25; cutter erodes. $3,75FM.75; bulks, テつ」7 down; select vealers, $8.50 ft3: few loads good nnd choice stockcrs, $7.50GS fl.75; common nnrt medium, $5ifiG.50; current stockcr nnd feeder cattle quotations: Steers, 550-800 Ibs,, good and choice, $C,rifl (30; common and medium, $1.75(/?C.SO; , 800-1050 Ib;;, good and choice, $G.7.iFi! ,0,25; common and medium, $5.25^6.75; . 3ici/cr5, good and choice, 55,7537; com- NEW Y O R K PRODUCE (Friday Market) NEW YORK. W)--Butter 5,160, steady to firm; prices unchanged; extra (30 score! 3G'/テつサc. Cheese 92,360, firm and unchanged. ~ Eggs 17,898. Irregular; mixed colors: Standards 23 [ /テつォS25テつサ,ic; storage packed firsts 24 l /テつ」?t2'i 3 ,4c; firsts 23^4OC-4 1 /テつォc; mediums 23(G.23 l ,ic; other mixed colors unchanged, Live poultry: By freight, weak; chickens, Rocks lOc; fowls, colored 20Q21c; other freight prices 'Unchanged. PRODUCE FUTURES r .- (Friday M a r k e t ) CHICAGO, AV-Butter futures closed: Storage standards, March, 33%; Nov., 31=;,. EBB futures; Storage packed firsts March, 24^i; April, 24|テつ」; refrigerator standards, Oct., 26. テつキ Potato futures: Idaho Russets, April grade A, $2,80; May, grade A. $2,00, Visit in St.'Paul, LAKE MILLS--Mrs. K. T. Rosh- icm and Janice will spend the week-end in St. Paul visiting a the Bert Bendlckson home. ADMITS HE WAS SHOT HIJACKING Alcohol Thief Near Death and Two Men Held for Questioning. DBS MOINES, (/P) -- Ernest jindsti'om, 28, seriously wounded n a shooting Thursday night, told 'etectives Friday he was "hj- acking" alcohdl when he was shot, Detective Captain Paul Castelline aid. Detectives questioned I / i n d - tfom at the hospital where, phy- icians reported, he was at the rerge of death. Castelline reported Lindstrom ;aid he drove to James B. Clay- cool's residence Thursday night vith Johnny Astley, 30, who is jeing held in jail. "I was coming up the basement stairway with an armload oE alcohol tins when I was shot," Cas- lelline quoted Lindstrom as say- ng. "I was on a stairway landing by a door leading outside when I was hit, so I ran out there-and alongside the house to the car. "Astley drove me to the hospital then." Claypool, who Thursday night notified police he had shot a man at his home, was lodged in jail when he .appeared at the police station for questioning Friday. N K W YORK SUGAR NEW YORK, lift--Raw snear easier Friday at 3.45; May No, 3, 2,54; July, 2.53 or 2 to 3 points net liighcr; live No. 4 May, l.SSVa: September, 1.29 or l\'i to 2li points net lower. Refined unchanged at 4,80. テつキIowa Well Drillers Elect. CEDAR RAPIDS, (/P)--Russell Rasmussen of Sioux City, Iowa, was named president of the Iowa Water Well Drillers association. He succeeds C. D. Nolan, Cedar Rapids, who became secretary- treasurer. Arthur Brpnical, Pella, Iowa, was named vice president and T. \V. Thorpe, Des Moines, director. STATE OF IOWA. Cerro Gordo County, ss. No. 4978 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that (he undersigned have been duly appointed and qualified as .Administrators of the estate of Harry W. Gillette, Deceased, late of Cerro Gordo County. All persons indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment; and those havinR claims against the same will present them, duly authenticated, to the undersicncd for allowance, and tile in the ojflco of the Clerk of the District Court. GEORGE M. DEYOE. and F. F. STOLTENBERG. Administrators. TYanlv W. Chambers, Attorney. Bated March 17tli. 1937. S. H. MacPeak. Clerk District Court. By--Margaret Riley, Deputy. C1HCAGO POTATOES (Friday Market) CHICAGO, M)--(U. S. dcnaiiment of afiriculturc)--Potatoes--79, on track, 355, total U. S. shipments, 703; old stock, weak, prices lower, supplies liberal, demand very slow; sacked a cwt., Idaho Hussct Burbanks. U. S. No. I. very few sales, best. ?a.loff3.15; U. S. No. J. S2.23 fa'2.30; Washington Russet Burbanks, combination grade,- ?3; Colorado Red McClures, U. S. No. 1. few sales, $2.5Q1P 2.65; Maine Green Mountains, U. S. No. I. $2.50; Wisconsin Round Whites. U. S. No. 1, very few sales, 52.15^2.30; U. S. commercial, 51.30; Minnesota Early Chios, U. S. No. 1. and partly graded, S2.85. New stock about steady, supplies lisht. demand light: carlot track sales,, bushel crates, Florida Bliss Triumphs, U. S. No. 1, $2.1002.11',!; mostly S2.12',i. Toy Left $1,000,000. SIOUX CITY, (IP)--Appointment of an administrator lor the estate of the late James F. Toy, for many years prominent northwest Iowa banker, revealed he left personal property valued at nearly 51,000,000 exclusive of insurance, trust funds or real property. Short history of man: Spends fifty years learning how to live; finds his wisdom too late to do him any good.--Cedar Rapids Gazette. One Used Molina Manure Spreader A-l Condition 722 SOOTH FEDERAL Hides Qoutatlons Pcrnlsbed by Wult Uroi.. Inc.. SI1H Firth Street Soclhn-cit. 1IOKSEI11UE3 Horschidcs S4-25 テつキ U R E E M HEEF Q1UES Up to 25 Ibs lllio 23 Ibs. UP : a c Hull hides 7i,j c テつキCureu nldos half cent more B pouno (On above prices a cent and a half higher to wholesale doalcrs In wholesale lots.) PUBLIC SALE On the former Stciclicn farm, 3 highway 105 miles cast of Norlhwood on Tuesday, March 23 88 -- Head of Livestock Commencing at 12:30 Sharp テつキ 88 Including 28 head of cattle, 10 head of horses, 25 bred ewes and one buck, 24 head of hogs, FULL L I N E OF FARM^MACHINERY. Much of it Is practically new. F. P. MOSGAARD, Owner J. M. Robertson, Auctioneer Norlhwond State Bank, Clerk Sfovcs Back to StacyvlHc. STACYVILLE -- Chris Gartner, retired farmer and former resident of Stacyville, returned Tuesday from Austin and will reside in the Ann Hoffman house on West Main street, which he has had newly decorated and furnished, the past week. WOOL MARKET BOSTON, (/P/--(U, S. department of ap- rienlturc)--Quotations on domestic wools Showed'n flrmliifr tendency in Boston Fri- 'day. The Improved undercurrent was influenced to n great extent by persistent strength shown recently In Australian markets. Fine wool tops received numerous In- qulric* and fair qimnUtics sold at strengthening prices. Contracts for fine western grown wools sold In moderate volume at $ 1^1.05, scoured basis delivered, lor territory wools, nnd around 58 cents to 51.03 for 12 months' Texas \vools. Play to Be Given. SWEA CITY--Miss June Larson, teacher in district No. 3, Swca to wnsh i p, wi H h a ve テつォt progra m and basket social at her school Tuesday night, March 23. A piny, "Roscland's Wedding," will be presented. A U C T I O N SALE at Nora Springs, Iowa, Monday, March 22 USED MACHINERY--1 John Deere 99D corn planter; 1 John Deere No. 9 corn planter; 1 I. II. C.- No. 8 corn planter; 2 Hayes corn planters; 3 2-row cultivators, 3 II hitch; 2 2-row cultivators, 4 H hitch; 2 1-row cultivators; 5 gang plows, 1Z 14 In.; 1 truck wagon; 4 disc harrows; 1 fanning mill; 3 iiar- row carls, good; 1 hugffy, new; 2 mowers; 1 iMcCormick Deering cream separator; 2 sets good work harness; 1 G. P. John Deere tractor; I Forflson tractor. NEW MACHINERY--1 John Deere 15 ft. frac, disc; 1 John Deere corn planter; 1 John Deere endgate seeder; 1 John Deere 24 ft. lever harrow! 1 Reliance 3 in. W. box; 1 cement mixer; 1 35- hushel hog feeder; 1 3x2x8 gallon tank; 1 line drive for G. P. tractor; I speed jack. Also pis pans; forks; axle grease; oils; and other articles loo numerous to mention. G GOOD WORK HORSES Chapman Implement Store NORA SPRINGS, IOWA J.. M. Robertson. Auct. . テつキ First State Bank. Clerk HORSE SALE and MACHINERY Monday, March 22,1 p. m. 70 HORSES--1 naif of bay 3 year old colts, not broke; 1 pair of 3 year old mare colts; 1 pair sorrel mares, broke; 1 pair black mares, bred,- 2600 Ibs; 1,-bay mare, 1300 Ibs., .in foal; 1 white saddle horse, 9 years old; 1 car load of mixed horses, colts, brood mares a n d geldings. " . . . THE DEMAND FOR HORSES IS BETTER BRING YOUR HORSES IN : MACHINERY--Fanning mill, McCormick-Deering 10- ft. disc, new, 1 Galloway manure spreader; 1 11-ft. seeder; road cart, Chas stationary engine, guaranteed; other articles" of machinery. New and used harness. テつキ WHETHER YOU ARE-A BUYER OR A SELLER IT WILL PAY YOU TO COME TO THIS SALE Clear Lake Auction Co. PHONES Sfr'ht^V, CLEAR LAKE, IOWA COMMUNITY AND MARKET SALE To be Held-on the Street in ROCKWELL MONDAY, MARCH 22 Starting at 1 o'clock P. M. Horses, Cattle, Hogs, Machinery, Furniture and Other Goods If you have anything- to sell, list it before the sale with Wm. Hejlik or at the bank. Terms, cash. Hejlik and Rankin Ora Bay less, And. S. J. Rankin, Clerk A U C T I O N S A L E I will hold a Public Sale on the former Or/in Hogen farm, 4 miles west, Z miles south and /i mile west of Kcnsett, 2 miles south and yテつサ mile west of Elk Creek church, on Wednesday, March 24 Commencing a.t One O'clock 63 HEAD OF CATTLE--16 Shorthorn and Hereford Milk Cows, some fresh and others fresh by day of safe; 1 Hereford Bull, high grade; 16 head of calves; 12 head of early summer Calves; 8 Steers; 10 Heifers. 7 WORK HORSES--i yearling Colts, coming 2 years old; 1 bay Mare, wt. 1400, 12 years old; 1 black team, weight 1200. 8 -- BROOD SOWS -- 8 FULL LINE OF FARM MACHINERY--Including- binder, wagon and box, 2 sets of harness, grain drill or scatter seeder, corn shellcr, I 1 /*, h. p. engine, corn planter, SO -rods of wire, new corn cultivator, 1 set of heavy breeching harness, 1 set of farm harness, some collars. 600 BUSHELS CORN--100 BUSHELS BARLEY for SEED Some Timothy Seed Free From Foul Seed. Terms: Cash, or make arrangements with home banker before sale. J. F. BITKER, Owner Carl M. Slieimo, Auctioneer Citizens Savings Bank, Clerk AUCTION SALE New and Used Furniture STARTS AT 2 P. M. AND 7:30 P. M. SATURDAY, MARCH 20 MASON CITY Overloaded with New and Used Furniture and Must Raise Cash, Creditors Demand! Will Sell: 6 New Parlor Sets -- Friezetfes, Modern Mohairs, Homespuns and Velours. 4 New Studio Couches--some with Packs. 6 New 3-Piece Modern Bedroom Sets, 9 New Metal Beds, Full Panel and Semi-Panel. 3 New A l u m i n u m Coil Bed Springs. Many other Single Coil and Double Coil Springs, all sizes. 10 New Innerspring. Mattresses. 18 New Cotton Mattresses, all sires. New End Tables, Occasional Chairs, Chests of Drawers, New Dressers, 3 New 8-Piece Dining Room Sets, oak and walnut, 20 Felt Base Rugs, new and guaranteed by manufacturer. 1,000 Other Things Including a Full Line of Used Furniture, Be sure to come early far your choice and get the Bargains. REMEMBER THE PLACE AND TIME BOBBINS FURNITURE MARKET 410 South Federal Ave. Mason City DEALERS WELCOME i

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