The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 23, 1943 · Page 3
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 3

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 23, 1943
Page 3
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A LINE O'PIPE Stick to the Pipe--Let the Smoke Blow Where It Will i Pipe--Let Where It By T. PIPE MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE SATURDAY, JANUARY 23, 1943 WHY IS IT? Why is it when, One on a pleasant day, Goes for a walk, To pass the time away; Or maybe get Some needed exercise Or just to stroll, A bit 'neath sunny skies; Some one will stop A car the curb beside, And pleasantly, Will offer one a ride. But when the day Is heavy overcast, And icy winds, Do blow a bitter blast; Or when the rain In sheets comes pouring down; Or snow is deep On walks all over town; Nor could one get A taxi if one tried, No one e'er stops To offer one a ride. ' ·-- Which the gasoline rationing has sure done much to popularize taxicabs. One can hardly get the taxicab office on the phone, let alone get a cab on short notice. --·-- And here's a bouquet to Ihe laxicab drivers. No matter what the weather be, or the condition of the streets, or how far behind they are on their calls, they arc always pleasant and friendly. And they gel one where one wants to gei regardless of any adverse conditions that would try to keep them from so doing. --· -THE TAXI DRIV-, EHS GET YOU THERE, FROM WHERE YOU ARE, TO ANY WHERE. ^ To Unkle John Lepper: How come you. look so stern in your picture in the paper. Any time we have ever seen you you wore a large, up to date smile on your easy to look at face. And now with you looking through all them rose colored lights, you should be fairly beaming. Better have another picture tooken while wearing your friendly face so your friends who know you as you are will know whose picture they are looking at when it appears in public in a newspaper. ^-- A^^-Life is just one darn thing after another. Now the busy housewives have to do their own bread slicing. As if they did not have enough to do without having all that extra work put on them. LOCAL OPTION ISSUE UP AGAIN 2 Bills Offered Senate by 14 Lawmakers DBS MOINES, (jpj -- T h e local option question broke in the losva senate Friday. ¥ * * Two bills providing for local option in various political subdivisions of the state were introduced under the signatures of 14 lawmakers. The proposals were sponsored by Ihe Iowa anti-saloon league and the Women's Christian Temperance union. * * * One bill would provide local option on ail forms of beer sales and the other on sales of wine and hard liquor at state owned stores, the only legal dispensaries for the latter two beverages in the slate. If enacted, the bills would permit local option to be imposed throughout a county, township, or municipality and could be imposed on either beer or liquor store sales or both. In each bill the machinery for providing local option is the same. The question would have to be submitted to the voters o£ the county, township or municipality if, GO days before a general election, a petition for local option was presented with signatures equal in number to 25 per cent of the voters in the last general election in that sub-division · * * . * If the local option carried outstanding permits for the sale of beer would become invalid 90 days after the election and sale of hard liquor in state stores would end 90 days after the election. Any manufacturer of beer in a dry area would have to stop. * * * There were no explanations in the bills as to what would happen if a city, town or township would vote wet at the same election in which the county as a whole voted dry. The senators who introduced ihe bills are Ross D. Mowry (R., Newton), Oliver Turner (R., Lenox), Ralph E. Benson (R., Jefferson), R: E. Hess (R., Kingsley), Carl O. Sjulin (R., Hamburg) B C. WhitehiJl (R., Marshalltown), Ralph W. Zastrow (R., Charles City), Robert W. Harvey (R Missouri Valley), A. Miller (R., Gray) A. J. Shaw (R., Pocahontas), Har- Jan C. Foster (R., Mount Pleasant) Robert Keir (R., Spencer), Floyd Jones (R., Osceola) and c. V Findlay (R., Fort Dodge). Senator Benson's name is on the beer option bill but not on the wine and hard liquor measure. So You Want to Go to the Movies A rfc · · 1*- ~ff ·;%. ·.'» .1. »,, ... j. ... . ,_ And what a golden opportunity lor a knife sharpener to do a stroke of business. The average kitchen knife is hardly to be classed as a keen edged implement. Although in the hands o£ an irate woman it has been known to cause a man to leave the premises at a high rate of speed. A KITCHEN KNIFE, THOUGH DULL AND BLUNT, CAN MAKE A MAN, THE OUTDOORS HUNT. Wouldn't It be great if radio advertising would develop into something it would be a pleasure to listen to. A dignified statement of Ihe merits of the product advertised for instance. Far too many of them are delivered in a blustery, bulldozing sort of a manner ending with a command to go and buy one right now. And the most sickening thing on the radio i the dialog commercials. Wot a winter! Wot a winter! It sure has developed into something to remember and tell about when we get old. Not a thaw for over eight weeks. The sight of bare ground will he good lo look at when, and if, it ever exposes itself to our startled gaze. COME ON YOU JANUARY THAW. DO YOUR STUFF IN A BIG WAY. How lone do individual hairs live? F. M. The life of a hair is from 2 to 4 years and when an old one falls out a new one takes its place.-Globe-Gazette questions and answers dept. Try and tell that io a bald headed man. We know one bald headed man who says he has been waiting for 32 years for new hairs to take the place of those (hat fell out. By MAGLOPH Disney Cartoon, "Bambi" Comes to Movie House One of Wall Disney's most important and most successful lull length films comes to the Palace theater in "Bambi" which is booked to run with "Busses Roar." Based on the book. "Bambi'' by Felix Salten, the animated cartoon depicts life in a forest, the Report Rationed Goods From Unrationed Alaska Trickle Back to U. S. SEATTLE, (£)--A new traffic in rationed commodities, in which they come back southward from non-rationed Alaska, was reported at the office of price administration. Rationing never has been invoked in the territory. U would be a tough job for the prospectors and trappers to come in long distances through - t h e wilderness to gel monthly rations of sugar or coffee. Federal authorities decided it would be more practical to lei them continue to stock up. Rcsi- cities benefit ,- ,,. ·.,,,_«, Mrs. Mildred Herman, territorial OPA director, complained in. a letter to the Seattle office, now are taking such items · as- sugar and coffee with them for friends on their trips to the states. She. wants to know what to do. dents of Alaskan accordingly. Some of these. MOVIE MENU CECIL--"A Yank at Eton." PALACE--"Bambi" and "Busses Roar." STRAND--"Holiday Inn" a n d "Bad Man of the Hills " STATE--"The Men in Her Life' and "King of the Stallions" end Saturday. "Ball of Fire" and "Repent at Leisure" start Sunday. LAKE--(Clear Lake)--"Highway by Night" and "Friendly Enemies" end Saturday. "Who Done It?" starts Sunday. riomc of a deer, Bambi. with bis family and friends. The background sketches were done in the Maine woods and enhanced by technicolor, provide a vivid Betting for the story of the deer. Musical numbers, always so appealing in Disney films, are "Love K A Song," "Let's Sing A Gay Little Spring Song." "Little April Shower," "Twitlcrpaled" and "The Thumper Song." At the Cecil theater is Mickey Rooncy's newest effort, "A Yank at Eaton," which is the story of making a diamond in the rough (American boy) into an Eton student Freddie Bartholomew who is now in the air force is in the cast as a successful Etonian and a little boy named Raymond S"v- ern is another student. Eton, incidentally, is not only a jacket, but a school. Ian Hunter. Marya Linden, Juamta Quigley. Alan Mow bray, Peter Lawford, Tina Thaycr, Minna Phillips are also in the cast. The "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas" show, "Holiday Inn" comes to the Strand theater for the benefit of (hose who would like to renew acquaintance with that delightful musical, and *ce "Bnd Man of the Hills" in the bargain. Lake theater offers the latest Abbott and Costello show. "Who GARY COOPER AND BAR- bara Stanwyck arc pictured in a scene from "Bull of Fire," which plays at the State theater with "Rcjicnt at Leisure." IN THE MULTIPLANE TECHNICOLOR OF WALT DISNEY'S neiv feature, "llambi," these clouds arc rosy niiik, and Bambi leaps through them in pursuit of his mate, Fixline. "Twittcrnatcd" is a new word for the English language and for the world, for as introduced in "Bambi." it describes--not without hilarious comedy--the state of ecstatic love. "Bambi" is based on the Felix Salten best- sellmK novel, uud is released by RKO Radio. Now showing through Thursday at the Palace. Minth Naval District ' Reaches Bond Peak GREAT LAKES--Civilian employees ot the ninth naval district reached a peak in war bond pledges and purchases in December when 'J3.G per cent of all employees made purchases, representing 20.0 per cent o[ their total payrolls. Purchases in the n i n t h naval district, including both civilian I and naval personnel, showed a total ot 54,750,500 in bonds in 1942, with $588,318 invested in the last month of the year. The navy's payroll participation plan, inaugurated just a year ago, accounted for 56.2 per cent of all navy sales, with the .remainder being divided between cash sales and military allotments. I'LAX KITES FOR CROOKS \ASHUA--Funeral services for the lute Harry Crooks will b« held at the Methodist church Saturday afternoon at 2 o'clock, the Rev. James Birr! officiating, anot interment will be in Oak Hill cemetery. MICKEY RODNEY, TINA THAYER AND FREDDIE BAR- tholoroew in a scene from M. G. 3I."s "A Yank at Eton," Mickey's latest comedy riot, showing at the Cecil theater through Monday. BING CROSBY, VIRGINIA DALE. FRED ASTAIKE AND Mariorie Reynolds in Irving Berlin's rhapsody of romance and rhythm, "Holiday Inn," now showiiiK throush Monday at Ihe Strand, Offer Bonuses to Workers Who Keep Absences at Minimum LOS ANGELES, (.P)--Bonuses totaling $10,000 a month will be given by Consolidated Aircraft company of San Diego, CaL, to employes who excel in keeping absences to a minimum. The plan has been approved by tlio regional war labor board with the proviso that the board would study results after a short time, and with the observation that: "Devotion to one's country cannot be-bought, bartered or drawn from a lottery." WLB authorization was given after Consolidated reported its plant suffers a 10 per cent loss of man-hours through absences of workers. BUD ABBOTT AND LOU COSTELLO PLAY THE ROLES OF two daffy, dopey detectives in their latest hilarious picture, "Who Done It?" Showinff Sunday, Monday and Tuesday at the Lake theater, Clear Lake. JAP PRISONERS HAPPY GO LUCKY Observer Says Nippon Soldiers N'ot Sullen (EDITOR'S NOTE: The following story wns written by Sergeant Samuel Shaffer of Washington, a marine corps combat correspondent, and distribute;! by the Associated Tress.) SOMEWHERE IN THE SOUTH PACIFIC, Jan. 9. (Delayed)--Behind barbed-wire entanglements at this marine corps base is the largest concentration of Japanese war prisoners in the world. To the visitor fortunate enough to gain admittance, this prison camp provides a liberal education in the upsetting of firmly-held beliefs about the inscrutable N i p - ponese. Jap officers, enlisted men and laborers captured at Guadalcanal by marines--those I have seen-are anything but resigned and sullen prisoners of war. who brood about the misery of iheir lot, as they arc pictured In many reports I have read. Once over this astonishment James Sobolik of Calmar Succumbs CALMAR--James Sobolik died suddenly at his home Thursday morning about 9 o'clock. Mr. Sobolik had w a l k e d up town to get the mail and upon returning home was stricken with an attack which proved fatal. He is survived by his wife, two daughters, Helen, Mrs Alex Schncbcrgcr, Lcona, Mrs. Herman Roscnthnl, both of Calmar, and one son, Arnold, of Ccd;ir Rapids. HOWARD LIGGETT DIES SAN DIEGO, (XPJ--Howard C. Liggett, 86, formerly of Hampton, Iowa, where he served as city trustee, city attorney and state representative, died Friday. Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. DANCE at the AVALON BALLROOM Manly, Iowa Saturday, J;in. 23 HOVEL BROS. ORCHESTRA Ben Hovel (In Person) COME OUT AND HEAR THE BOYS AGAIN Admission S5c, Tax Incl. DANCE ot RIVERSIDE BARN DANCE 725 North Kentucky Saturday, January 23 Music by MACK'S Orchestra Admission 30c. Tax Incl. SAT. - SUN. - MON, 1510 HITS FOR L O W E S T P R I C E S Mat. 17c - Eve. 21c - Plus Tax Children Always Iflc TOGETHER id belti co-iiit -BAD MEN ---^TM-^"^ ^irir^ TT J^T^^ ^r ~^^~* CHARLES STABRETT COMPLETE LATE SHOW SAT. NITE TONITE Saturday HUGH SHAFFER HOTEL HANFORD ORCHESTRA A Dancing Only All Evening Person Plus Tax V * 50c HOTEL HANFORD Ends Saturday "HIGHWAY BY NIGHT" "FRIENDLY ENEMIES" SUN. - MON. - TUES. HOME or TIU: isu; snows NOW SHOWING Through Monday MICKEY ROONEY Now He's o Lease- Lend "Bungle" lo Britain I 1 his "Hcdcla Hoimcr' 1 Cartoon EDMUND GWENN IAN HUNTER FREDDIE BARTHOLOMEW fotrit ViuwTK low's* Albritlm, William Gorgon jtrontt Cowan SPECIAL "MARCH OF TIME" ALSO--CARTOON' - NEWS Continuous Sunday 1 to 11 Kids lOc - Jrs. l!)c - Adults 30c LATE SHOW EVERY SATURDAY NITE » U uut.. aim ^uoiuuu Miow. "vvno wnce over tnis astomshmt Done It? in which the funny boys that he is being treated like a get mixed up with murder in a human being, and given more food broadcasting studio. than he has probably had for some Gary Cooper and Barbara Stan* time, the Jap undergoes a rapid wycic are starred m "Ball of Fire" readjustment. Often he becomes a at the State theater with "Rspent happy-go-lucky prisoner with a at Your Leisure with Wendy Bar- passion for horse-play, cigarcts no and Kent Taylor in the leads. American slang and swing tunes Ball of Fire is about what hap- Imagine Tojo's discomfort it he pens when love from a night club knew that his warriors were call- entcrlamer brightens the life of a ing each other "hachi m a r u ' ' professor. which is Japanese for "8-ball." DANCE TONITE AT THE BEAUTIFUL Huilt, Equipped and Operated For Your Dar.cinf Hcasure TINYLITTLE AND HIS GKF.AT BAND TONITE and SUN. · RIDE THE BUS · I.ATE BUS AFTKK DANCE . RVFKV WED. - VRI. - SAT. - S«!N. DANCE AND STAY YOUNG NOW SHOWING 2 BIG HITS FOR NEW LOW PRICES Fascinating! Romantic! Wall Disncy't Mile-a-Minute Thrills! Rknord Travis · Julie Bisho COMPLETE LATE SHOW SAT. NITE ENDS SAT. MG1IT "Men in Her Life'* "Ring of the Stallions" EXTRA ADDED ENTERTAINMENT Late Show Saturday Night Starting at 10:00 p. m. SUNDAY'S FEATURE--NO EXTRA CHARGE --Come Early and See 3 Swell Shows-- CO-FEATUKE SUNDAY He vfini o mitfion* j J f o r b r f r f « en a ten-ctnt ritiel EXTRA CARTOON' AND NEWS

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