The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 24, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, July 24, 1818
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45 23, PMtcJ. bop Younff Mtftimu f . Jin. - j - i.i. to Htrttevdam. June .13, U 41, ialT. .VTnnt - m. from Charlestoo for B.r 7":;' litb. tat 46, Ion 27, a Boston brig m Charleston. 23d. lat ir, Ion 23 23, brib - .. Tmm Liverpool ror Duumurc. - - . i r .: f VjUriff Frederick, Collins, 42 days from Liv.r - jooL Siilrf?' June - Left - sh'P Columbia, losiiuma. br N Orleans, 15th Junes Pliorr.ix, law. da Nancy k Mary.Barnicoat, fixrn Bos - j. - '. Recover, Owen, do. few days Elisabeth, - - . - i. ..., t. : - i. i i ... u Boston, 15tli June ; Betsey, Cox, for Boston, m, fewdavs Atlas, Jcnuison, Beaton, ready for sea; Triton, do. In nil .lime; Uiuna, condemned as unseaworthy , Handrey.Bos ion, 15tli or SOtli Juno; Resc'i'tion, Jcwett.for Portsmouth, few days t brig Elisabeth, Scars, NYork, do; British brig Aimwell, Bouch, Hoston, 4 or 5 days ; brig Alfred, Holmes, N Yurk, 3 or 4 dayi and many others, name not recollected. .Vailed in ca. with ship Wood - rup - Sims, for Philadelphia and Timolcan. Allen, for N Bedford. Ship Pocahontas, How. land, sailed 2d June for St. Petersburg. Brig Brutus, Bragdon, sailed for Portsmouth, N 11, Jane 2. spoke, at the N. W. Isuov, sh.pLonv merce, of Boston, Peterson, from Savannah, and ship Belle - Savage, of Boston, Russell, S3 days fiom New York. June 24. lat 40, Ion 30, seh Elizabeth, March, 16 days from Bermuda, for Liverpool. 29th, lat '17, Ion 35, ship Brandt, 15 days from Philad. July 3d, lat 43, Ion 44, briir Lion, Scott, 17 days from Alcxan dria, f r Liverpool. 17th, lat 42, Jong, brig Nymph, Fisk, 41 days from Milford Haven, for N York. Passengers, capt Spencer CliHord, Mr. Henry Soloman, Mm. Holmes, and Mrs. Young and child. The brig Mungi Park, Lincoln, 50 days from Gibraltar. Leit, ship G anges, Dixey, of Mar blehead, (or Calcutta. Spoke June JKh, lat 35, 35, lone 19 44, ihip Fair Trader, Fletcher, I rum Marseilles for Aleiandria, 3 days out. July 17 ht 41 52, long 45, the ship Paragon, Prince, two days from Button lr Liverpool. Brig Ricboiond, Turutr, 10 days from Rich - inond. Schr Eelina & Jane, Hunt, 94 dav from Palermo. Spoke May lo'lh. lat. 3S 40, long 2, 30, brig Adrians, of Boston, 30 days from Gallipnli far St. Petersburg May 2 1st, lat 3(1 20, lon 2, 60, brig Sally, of New - York, 1 1 days Irom Tar - rasona, lor Oporto. May 16th, lat 36 17, long 2 45, brig Willani, of Boston, 30 days fiom Galli - ix'li for St. Petersburg. June 21st. lat 37,30, Jong S3, schr. , 15 days from Gibraltar lor New - i oik. July 3d, miiio, lung 4u I?, was boarded from the brig John & Hannah, Atkins, 9 days from Boston for Oporto. July l'.!lh,lat42, long 59, spoke ship Independence, of Charleston, 9 days from New - York lor Liverpool. The Si - lenaai Jane left Gibraltar lt June, in co with a number cf vessels before reported. Schr Native, Mayhew, 31. days from Oporto. Ik ft, 13th ull. shin Plumas, Kelley, disc. ; brigs Eagle, Cook, St. Ulies, 10 days; Betsy, Virgin, Gutlciihurg, 10; Planter, Lane, Norfolk, 2; Margaretta, Cotlin, Baltimore, udc. ; Re union, Hallctt, din It.; Vancouvre, McKeozie, do; Cri - tciion, Jcoks, do ; schrs McDnnouli, Keding, St. ULes, lOdays ; Planter, Pittee, b 15 ; bris Agcnoria, Martin, and Tontine, both from New - York, and a brig name unknown, in quarantine. Brig Mercatnr, Parsons, for St. Ubes, and schr Delaware. Moody, sailed 5 days before; schr Adeline, Kiinw y, for Gibraltar, IS days before; and ship Kollo, Morrison, for St. Petersburg, sailed a week before. Spoke, 7tli iost. lat 42, 3, lng 41, 50, brig George Little, from Boiton, lor Kotterduru. lOMi, lat 42, lon 5 A lnp Jane Uruiuiiiond, 13 days Irom Savannah, fr Liver pwl. Same day, ship India, Tompkins, 13 days Irom N York, lor Liverpool. PchrMorth Star, Slorum, 34 days from New - Orleans, 29 from Die Balize. Sailed from the latter place 2'Jd June in Co with brig Governor Brooks for Havre, and schr Albatross, for New York ; parted with the latter 1 th init. Int 23 li n 7Q ail I.A.ith. Ht.... Im. riiwv. SQHivi (tan Bostoo, bound op. Spokr 27th inst. Inl 24. 42, long 8 L schr Esperimestt, Chase fiom Monte ViuVo for Orleans. The schr Fair American, Wilby, V days irom AtuuaSn,!M5lnerig Prudent, Barney, 73 MOCILL, June 30. Kntered, brig Hunter, Urinaalds, from Alexandria. Schr Favorite, Venice, from New Orleans 8chr Mary Ann, Dunbar, from Peiisacola. Schr Vktoire, Salh:s. from New - Orleans. Schr Thos. Shields, Turktr, New - Orleans. Schr Hose iu Bloom, PerTit, from ditto. rVhr Uutralnc. Lee. from Portlhod - Cicared, s. - hr's. Virtoire La Coste, for New Orleans ; Mirii, Metle, do. ; barge Hebeeca, Prioe, rbiladelpkia ; keel boat l! lac It Snke, Black Wnrrinr ; brig Adre, Rich, Boiton ; Sandusky, Weeks, Itcw York; sloop Gen. Jackson, Babtitte, Peniacoln. ': THEATRE. 53 The public is refpectfully informed, tlist on Friday evening1, July 2ith, will be presented A GRAND COXCKII P. PART I. Overture, Full Orchctra. JUliet. Mrs. Burke, - I have lov'd thee," Hook. Duet, Messrs. Incledon ft Philipps, ' Time has nut ihinn'd mv flowing hair." Jackson Bra rura, Mrs. iJoluvao, ' Domestic Peace," aiorace. Ballad, Mr. Thilipus, " Finny dearest," r - ranged by mmsell. .Yloore. Soag, .Mrs. Burke, " tCcho Song. .acrompani cd on the Buto by Mr. Kiusella. Buhon. Air, Mr. loeledon, EncompassM in an Angel's Frame," Jai ksoo. Duett, Mrs. Holmau and Mr. Philipps, Wbcn my Dosoni heaves tha sigh," braham. PART II. SinCmie, Full Orchestra. Ballad. Mrs. Holmau, " Oh no, my love, no, Kelly. Scena, .Vr. Phniip.,, " William Toll." Braham. Song, Mrr. Burke, " Hunting fcug at Mornin Dawn." Hook. Recitative and Air, . Incledon, .Vaaiion ol reace. wettj. Bravura, Mrs. Hoi man, BoIJisr tired." Arne Song, Mr. Incltxlon" fccoO wha na wi Wallace bleil," written by Burns wuet, I'hiliwn and Incledon, A1IV well." B ratal Leaderotthe BaiKi, GillineViam "niMinn'), .hi, jonn Diancr.i lajlor, Irom th King's Theatre, London. Maces ar.d Tickets may be had at the boi - of. "'of the Theatre, from 10 till 1, previous to the day of fie concert, and on that day from 10 ni irom J to a O'cl x K. SLCONO NIGHT . OF THt L E CTURE ON HEADS. I l.'O'day evening, July 25l. 1318, Mr. vr UWIKR will repeat hi lecture and Re - ". - iionsfc! the Bank Coffee House. rerformaace tr.commeuce at 8 o'clock. Tick - r.V S0 "cn - children half price, to be had r?,Bnk toffit &ty Uotel. 14 2t P 1 K OIX 1 - t.K Ctis P. S I OCK. JP" T fe requested to s'ate, tins stock iraesitrred andctrtificalet are issueil at the "oiiauan Lomp4ny, whereto interest is pay - 0cto??rterljr,lay '4t jMuwf AP"''JJ'r3Dd tor A7.V(i iU, Jamatca. The Cue conoarad schr. CLAREJf. DOJy. n rik nn r nu wui d dispatched without delay. rZi"1"' only, apuly on board, at pier No. 9, K - River, or to TUCKER k L AL'RIKo, J!Zt . 29 South - sL r Richmod tomtcco, s.3B of it of the fZ I?1'', ana suitable for the I rub market sa t by J,t.1 . . W. fe S. CHAIC. BROAD WAT IRC US OtlWloOoOOQO THIS EVENING, JULt 24. Tie pfr!unnance will commence with Ue fporii'ofthe lliits " r 'i'homa, will on one horse perform ma - ny iyonderltil tents of horsttoiansbin. Tbe tie taut tior - e Oliiello will perform the part of a domestic, he viU - t conttuand, brin; a win , hat, Last er, hsn - lkerchief and walking, trolling, Sic. and conclude with bringing a fljg. placed attiietopof a board IS feet Ligh. Master M'Carn, the wonder of the i.gc, will, on one hom, erform m - tny wonderful teats for a youth, only nine shears old, leap over S garters, and conclude ,by ridibg ou bis head, his horse in fu!i speed. Mrs. Williams, the celebrated equestrian, will ou horseback go through all her elegant feats and conclude by the exercise oi the six divisions of the Broad Sword. , Gyroomlic Exercises, by the whole troop. Drunken Soldier, by Mr. Bnllen. Coronation, or Learned Horses ; in which all those hortes will show their wonderful sagacity - toe elegant horse Othello will stand on a pedestal na a statue, and all the other horses viiW sit down at the command of the riders. Mr. TntneJI, tbe flying horseman, will oa one horse perform many wonderful feats, kap over a board of lights, and conclude by a flying leap through a mail coach. The whole to conclude with the grand Tran - poliue Escrtises, by Mr. Mayhe. who will after several wonderful leaps, conclude by a surprising leap over eisU horses. . 'l u kets may t had at the circus, from 10 o'clock, A. M. to 1 P. M. and from 3 to 5. A place is provided for people of colour. . Poors will U: open at 7 o'clock, and the performance commence precisely at 15. No sraoaking allowed; Checks not transferable. Gentlemen arc requested not to tnter the ring. 11VJU .1XH tihYGKK. " 4 Poo' heoos high proof Et. V'inccht Rum, J. J 6 ' do flue flavoured Jamaica do. . 9 Barrels Jamaica Gingrf, just received and FortaUby TUCKER & LAURIES, jnly 24 29 8outh - st. J I V PLA TE, kc. BOXES Tin Plate, assorted, 325 50 boxes S D X and D X, 20 boxes, X X, 12000 lbs. Iron Wire, 1 5000 India and ipa niOi Block Tiu, For sale by ANSON G. PH ELPS, July 54 1G3Front - t. FLOUR. - 'J'XJt.hlj. Riclimond Swtet Flour, branded Variety, will be landad this d.iy from brig Bt Upy, from Ricbuiond, fur sale at 9? Coffee House Slip, by J 24 D. BF.THUNFA CO. AnMi. 6 pipes choice L. P. .! ukira Wine, branded S. P. C. 2 half nr. casks dodo Malmsey do. 8 years old do, i"cr sale by W . A S. C R A IG ; J 94 COT 1'ON. 30 square bales Ci if n, rcceiud from New Orleans, an I for nale by J 24 It ROGKRS, W1XTHROP& CO. IllEl'.F. 60 bhls of BosUm Beef .No I, ofuiiithr author of " lit': ary hours ;' song, by a wo - U eaceiieni quality lor siiipsiores inrs. - .ic ny , G.MS. HOWLANO, J 24 C7 Waihington - ttett. I Sheet Br ass, suitable for enn moubtioics or umbrella makers. For sale lew bj' G. G. Sc 8. HO ALAND, J 24 07 Wat!iingtn - street. VUTTU.Y WOOL il .V.i Cli LVL CW KlJS. ' HOd. WH1TTEMORE has con tan'.ly on I hand at his inauufartorT, No. 50 Ferry - streei, next to the corner id Pearl street, n large ad general assortment of card's of every descrip tion, viz : - - Cotton Cards of 7, 8,9, 10 Wool do 5 and 6 Machine do Clothiers' and Hatters1 Raising Cards Atl cf superior quality, which he will sell on trv lowest terms. J 24 1m 'P MILKER t, raemherol the u - Ueui I . vi, V, luivnns trie iiuDhi'. I iv ol arts thai t.u uiawinz academy is closed until the "t of Sep teiu Her, being employed by his Extelkoi y the Minister (rem the crurt of France to tht Unite - ! States, to celled specimens cf Natural Hitoiy from thiscnuntrv, the mueuin ol the K'vai Cabinet at Paris. Mr. Milta - rt will avail dim - elf of that opport'imfy to complete the series m Picturesque views .which he commenced last rear, ou a tour fit 'the expense of the United States. He will liveiurneiimte notice ol his return , the academy is situated at the corner of Maiden Lane and Green - street. J 24 3i T WO gi'iitleiuen nave purchased a wagg' . and nair of h im I to take a tour to Niaga ra, Montreal, Quebec, kc. There is room for two other g - ntlemen. If any such are desirous oftakin the tour, they will hiar of the particu lars by Hildressinz a line to No. 21 Wall - street, To start on Monday next J 24 3t HtOKKt;El'Li. "1 ENTLEMF.N who hve a'tended Ben - JT nett's Lecture, are respectfully inform ed that their Certificate! uf Ilrcnmm'.ndulion, at to ability, are now ready : they are counter signea by several merchants of the best clia ractcr and revpcctability. Apply for them at 49 ruiton sireet. It is now well known that a complete know ledge of liookkecping aa aplicd to the various branches of commercial business can be acquired by twenty private Lectures of one hour each. 1 erms $29. J 24 H J BENNETT, Accountant. m i ft MxtsJ The first and second floor in store No. 8 r ielcher - strci t. The rooms are large, being 25 feet wide, 70 feet deep, well calculated lor a wholesale crockery store, for storage, or for other oiiMiiess requiring niucli room. 1 o ce let loge - mer or separate. I squire on the premises, or at 14ft Pearl street, np stairs. Jy21 t UH. S.iLE, A FARM, containing 3tH) acres, on the bauKs of the North River, a mile sou'h from the village of Hydo Park, and ei;hty - six from New. Tnrlr. The lam? is equil in quality to the best in Duchess county, and is in high order and good fence. On the premises is a good plain farm bouse, a good barn and other appendages ncces try to condnctin; a la .e farm. Also, a build ing spot commanding an extensive nud beautiful view of ths North River. Wiihio half a mile of Ihe farm house is an em'yient Academy, and within two miles an Episcopal aad a Presbyterian Church, in each of which there is regular service phyiiciaos two landings, one of which the team - boat advertises as a landing place, torei, Ac. kc. The whole will be sold together or divided to soit purchasers. The terms of payment will be made easy, and an indisputablo title given by the subscriber. WILLIAM BARD. Ilyde Park, July 24 tf O.YE DULL J 11 REWARD. IT ANA WAY from the subscriber, on the 23d inst an indented apprentice to the saddlery business, named PALMER VAN - BVSE, aired about eighteen years. Any per son returning him to his master, 41 Bowery, or securely lodginr; him in jail, shall receive the above reward without charges. All persons are hereby forbidden to trust, harbour, or employ him under the penalty of the Uw. j 24 oi h:a bakmj.m. NAimvnVEofan expedition toexplose the River Zaire, usually called UieCongo, in South Africa in 1816, under the direction of Capt J. K. Tucker, U. N. To which u added the Journal of professor, Snxth, and someen - eral observations on the country and its inhabitants, published by premiasion of the Lords, Commissioners of the Admiralty, 8vo. Just received snj for sale by AMBOr OS SUNDAY, v a Ct2V ' - Tbe Steam Boat OLIVE A K BRANCH will sail lV Am - mJmt'Kf 11 1 f boy on bunday next, and i ' rY succeeding Suod; yt ii o'clock irfiiwly. She will leave it ai4C. M. to arrive at 7 o'clock. Fatse - igers may cither dine on board or at any of the taverns. Paasage50centsgoiiHC,the same price for reluming ; dinner on board 75 ctnts. . P. S. In mskiug the trip she will tail round Sftaten Isl - nd. - J 24 tf A SITUATION is wanted by a young man as clerk iu a shipping house or wholesale gro cery store. le lias lived in a counting house for the last three years. A small compensation will be asked. Satisfactory recommendations ran be given. A line addressed to A. and left at this office, will be immediately attenJed to. Jy24 3t ' I MIK Brownie of liodtbtrk, and other Tales, A by James Hogg, author of "The Queen's. Wake," A c. &c. ; ALSO, Narrative of an expedition, to explore the River Zaire ; usually called the Congo in South A'rira,in 1316, under the direction of Captain S. K. Tuckey, K. N. to which jk nrded the Journal of Professor Smith, Vc &c. ! Just published and for sale by P. A.MKSIER Jy 24 Ct S3 Wsil - strcet. ) ROWNIE of Bodbeck. and other lalts, J by J nmes Hogg, author of "Tbe Queen's Wake,"&c. Just received and for I ale by A. T. Goodrich ii Co. No 124 Broadway corner of Cedar - street opposite the City - llcll. Jr24 - NARRATIVE of .an expedition to explore the river Zaire, usually called thfc Congo, in South Africa, in 1816, under the direction ol J. R. Tuck'.y, R. N. ; to which is added, (he Journal of Professor Smith, with some general observntions ou the country aud its luhalutauts, Driee 9,2 50. The Brownie of EoMe k and other Tales, hy James Hog?, author of the ' Queen's Wake,' L.c. fic. nrice 1 dollar. This day published and for sale t( the Miner va Circulating Library ti'irt book ami Maiiona ry Store, No. 265 Eroadiray, opposite the Wu - soum. J 24 'I H; Atheiieutti, or spirit jf the Enlii'li Mg .1 asiues. Crnients of No. 32. Child Harold's l'i';rim;e, canto the fourth, ny Lord IJ) ron. The 1'ranklin Manuscripts. Memoirs of Neckcr, by Hie Baroness de Statl Iloistein. Bepi o, a Venetian story, by Lord Byron. Natuie's Diary ; July scenery. Lines by Mrs. Kobimon ; How to estimate danger io I'hunderstormt ; vclo ity of light aid sound ; lightning rods ; lins on Franklin ; Na ture after n f.T. Wh:.rton ; the sum - Dier's eve, by Henry Kirke Whi'o sketches of Society ; anefdotes of a Spanish widow. Varieties Critical, literary and historical j Ur. cretfiter s newlv lni'iiiten u;'li ldorcope ; lines on the k:ilidisconp, or new iiinrsh mnmn; Dr. Bell and rj r. Lancaster ; French metliod ol dnperii:g hail storruo. Pnetrv Occurrence in a Spnnish villiisre du ring the Frenc h invasion ; a Urili day sonnet, hy nan; her husl:md a piisoHCi ol war, Publi'hed regularly on t'.e 1st and 15th of cv - ery month. 5uficri: ti ms only $5, Per annum, reee vui by A.T. GOOUllIClI i Ct). No. i4 Br - arl vav. J 24 THE bKovVN I E OF BtiUslibCK. f W ILEY i CO. No. 3 Wall - street, have this . ' day published, '1'he Brownie ofBodsbeck, . - .r.d tali , by James Hog, author of the Q iccu's Wake, kc. Price 1, in extra boards. ALSO, Tuckey's expedition to explore the River Zaiie, usually called the Congo, in South Africa, in ltilri, to which is ad - '.ed the Journal of profes sor fcmith, with a map. I'rice J2 50. J 24 MANAGERS' L1T OK l'RIZF.8 IN tf.o Milford and Owego Road lottery, is publi:hed, end may be examined at 14ti broad ay ; where the cash will be paid toad venturer, who have drawn prises. O. 4J. 43KACIR ft CO. Fifth Medical Science Tickets for sale. J 24 PKlZt. LIST. GRILLE? PIE has received at his office. No. T 1 14 Broadway, tbe Mnnairers Oflicial List oi rruee in me nuiioru ana uwego Lottery, wntre it is ready lor any persons inspection, aud those that havetlruwn prizes can gel their ca?h, or have their chances renewed sis the C.rand Medical Lottery, tout (tiriinz the splendid prizes of $ 100,000, $50.0UO, $t0,tXK), Jjt I (1,000, $ 5,000, hiki a great nuiuoer oi smauer prizes. J vt if OWEGO LOTTERY. 'PHOSF. who nre indebted toO. C. GRACIE X K K,K). lorticscts in the above lottery, the dxawirg oi which closed on the 17th instant, arc requested to make payment at I4s iiroadway. 3 24 3t FuRl'LAY la A JEWELL." w E notice in the many Lottery notices of yesterday morr.uu. one svlio savs much about the tare fuck of Wall - street, in drawing prise in fie Luv. rv, so much so that the ' rtu na.e possessors are " growing fat under t!ie weiebt of Gold" he says rrm has drawn O),U0U, 20,tHJ, 'n.'K.O. fr..m, W ral of 41000, V; .t.. 'I'Ml. - ! !. TK! ! , and a - i - tner ol 4S,0uV, l..t 1 :m; ..ilut smdsrioft id the notice is that of not unorming adventurers that everj'one of these prises w r. purchased at ALLL.Vs, Tltl'Ls LUCKY t)tr:il., - o, 122 Broadway, and the Golii ; ( :,t i.tiii Date holders, the lor'uoiitt l. . ( wi', No. 10,323 k"Jn 000 A 6,ttl, ' 4bi i0,:'..) 10.59J, 1,000 5,7o 10,00(1 (...; ;. 4,390 5,IKH ('.".l, 500 6,057 2.'"'0l Sevt ..i 'lunller piizes ftfT" ftlessrs. LLr .Vj have purchased neat' ly half of tl.e 'Pickets iu the Medical Science Lottery, which commences drawing next month, and now ortV.r them for sale, with a confidence that the mssb prizes are amnns tliem.:' and ad venturers nre advised to call iicmedlaUtly and make a seiecnou. GOLDEN SCHEME. 1 ol lQOOOO 1 of 50,000 1 of 20.CO0 1 of 10,000 1 ol 5,000 2 of 2,000 45 of 1,000 A great number of less denomination. Only 1600O tickets, and less than two blanks to a prize. Tickets f 8 Half II Quarter T Eighth 3 SO Eixteenth 1 75 N. B. No. 3.3S0, which drew the mammoth prize at 4100,000 last new year's day, was sold and instantly paid at ALLEN'd truly lucky office, No. 122 Broadway. Jy 24 It TUESDAY week:: 100,01 iO Dollars 60,000 Dollars 20.000 Dollars 10,000 Dollars 1 of 5000 : 2 of 42000 ; and 45 of $ 1000. 'THIE above are the capitals iu the 5ih Medi - L cal Science Lottery, the payment of which is euaranu'd by the stale of New sork. 1 he first drawing of this lottery, will be on 1 uesday week. 4th Aueust the 1st number drawn will be entitled to 41000. and oa every lullowine draw ing Use 1st number will b tuutled to a tapital of , not less man jiow. t ickets end briares lor sale at GHACIE'S I4G Broadwsy. Whole Tickets $a. Halves 14. Quarters 7, Eights 3 50, and Sixteenths I 75. Cash advanced for uwegv rrue iKKeis. J 22 3t BRANDY. 8 pipes 4ih pnxd' Rochells Rrao - dr. of first quality, landing this day at Bar ling slip, and fur side By A Pilot Boal Schooner, CerrauJIan built, copper fastened, about 27 feet aei, was mown ofl Irom Uie Island of Bermuda on Ilia 21st of May last, with seven Negroes on board. he was fallen with, abandoned, in the gulpli stream, on the 3d J uie, by the ship Octa - 1 via, arrived at Sag - Harbor, the cautaio f i - wflicn muna a leuur on board statin that the Neyroes bad been taken out, in u 31 and loug. 72, Vy the Patriot armed schcouer Hornet. Auy intoruiatioo towards the recovery nf the Boat and Negroes, vrill be thankfully received : or shou?d they be restored, the expenses will be the LlanA of lit ruin Ji. 0rto Hie subscribers iu the city of A'ew - York. TUCKER & LAURIE."?, july23 5t y .South - st. for HALE, s The hnjy JOHN, 141 tons, built in MasKachii&elU, in ihe vear ISJU. and reDuiit in Philadelphia in 1816, a staunch good vessel, and well found in sails and rigging ; lies at urooKlyii. I or terms, apply to JAML5 H'WOLF, Jim. J 23 54 South - street. for VHAH'U - Ilt, Vv A British lUtlU, 218 tons i, British, or 2100 barrels : now at Phi - delphin ; will pniceed to this, or a southern port, to ioad for Enirlaiul. or the W. st I Milieu. and can be despatched whhiii three dys no - uce. Apply to KUI.KIIS Sc I'O l Jfi 51 South - strcrt. for JiKLfAST, The Philadelphia built ship JOHN DICKINSON. Uaush. master, expected from I'hiladelpliia about the 22d inst. and will be immediately dispatched, having 2 3ds of her cargo ready. For freight or passage, apply to ARKAIIAM HELL, 'comer of Pulton and Clifl - st. A handsome assortment of Irish Linens, re ceived as above, by the last arrivals from Dub lin und Belfast. J 17 lw for ULMKELr k MOBILE. The superior fast sailing schr ANTE' LOPE, John B. Clement, master, hav ing nearly all her careo enframed, will sail hi a few days. For freight or pas.'age, ha ring good accommodations, apply ou board, cat side of Burling - slip, or te READE it DE PEYSTF.R, Jy20 lw 31 Oil slip. WAXTtA) JO VH. - A good fast sailing V ESS EL, of 1500 ylvOflllll V - .. 1 k 1 .. . w AU.o uni uia uui IIILU, lliiriy ai Waiiugtun - street, to Jy 23 G. G.kS. HOWLAND. WAsYfED iOCHAlilEH. A Bntbh BRIG, that will carry a - bout 700 bales Den'al Cotton, to load lor Liverpool. Apply to J 23 ARCII'D GRACIE & SONS. liar LirElitUOL, (One cf the line of packets.) The coppered, New - York built ship PACIFIC, JoIhi il!iam, master ; has elezaut accommodatioos for ' passengers, aud is intended to sad, according to a fixed arrangement, on the 10th f uext month. For freight or passage, ap - pry to captain Williams, on board, at Fulton - st. wharf, to - ISAAC WRIGHT & SON ; or, FRANCIS THOMPSON. P. 8. - Beds and bedding are louuj at the ship's caattnso. Jy 22 for CADIZ, The good substantial ship MARY, Jas. Maflit, muster, having the greater part of her' cargo ready to go on board, will uc majiiticiicu iinmcuiavciy. xrcigiu win uc taken it ottered within 4 days. Apply to GOODHUE & CO. 44 South - street. I 22 The superior fast sailing coppered ship CAUOUNE ANN. W. J. Palmer, mailer, will positively sail on Sunday next. A sew more passengers can be handsomely ac commodated, apply cat board at Pine - etreet wliart, or to ROWLAND St BRAfJYE, July 20 5t 83 bouth - street tor Llf&tifOOL, 1 he elegant fast sailing coppered ship 1K.Ai'Ml, vvdliaui Adams, master; she u '2D I tons burthen, only two years old, and Will be dispatched immediately on discharging her inward cargo. For freight or passage, apply so the master, on board, cast side of Fly - market wharf, or to B. W. ROGERS k Co. J 16 235 Pearl - street. for Sale or Charter, The brig HERO, Capt. Manson, lies at Murray's - wharf, burthen 151 tons, 7 years old, built in Massachusetts, may be sent to sea with little expence, and will be sold very low. Apply to N. k D. TALCOTT, Ji2 64 South - street. WatUtd to CHARTER, A vessel of about 2000 barrels. Ap - .ply to MARCH k BENSON, Jy2l lw 47 South - street. fOR SALE, The ship AV.ER1CA, built in Phi. ladelphia of live oak and cedar in 1811, copper fastened and coppered to the bends, decks and sides copper spiked, burthen per re gister 464 64 - 161 tons, carries 5500 barrels of Hour, sails fast, and is one of the best buNt ships in the United States. For terms, applv to ARCHIBALD GRACIE k SONS. J 21 lw for Salt, frriglit of Charter, The staunch good ship MIRROR, 314 tons burthen, is in complete order to receive a cargo, and may be sent to sea with little expence. Apply ou board, wostside Bur - line slip, or to N. L. ic G. GRIaWOLD, Jy 21 CGSouth - st J'ASSAGE for JVEI1 - OR LIBIA'S, The fine fast sailing new brig UE - ?IGN, Capt. Wheeler, will positively sail on Sunday next for New - Orleans. 4 or 5 cabin passengers can be well accommodated, apply on board at pier No. 5, north river, or to JOSEPH JONES, J 21 5t No. 12 Greenwich - street. SCOTCH COAL, BOTTLES, TOBACCO, Sc 150 tons Scotch Coal of superior quality fi8 srross Wine Bottles, aow'landin; fn w the h p Niasara, iromtxrecnocK, lor sale ny . . 1WOLU1 Ul uubl IC., 112 Front - street. JV STORE, 100 hhds Kentucky aod Virginia Tobacco 6 hhds Jr.maica green Colfee 7 hhds white Port Wine 7 qr. casks L. P. Madeira Wine I fchd. Madeira, imported from Jamaica 1 qr. cask very old Sherry Wise A ibaia cable weighing 7 tots 0... '.,. far flit, it Janeiro and PernamburO, i . i, ... j"' - - vastfeis oounu so rimer port aiuj u." r . .. .. i rn a lew gooos y appiyiaj as owve. For HAVRE, The fast sailing coppered ship DIDO, Geo nre Maxwell, waster i expected to arrive irom nuUdeipaia aooui me um " aad to sail lth insV. 10O bales of cotton or o - tber goods, - will be taksn tM freight, and a few psssentere handsomely acconimodsted. Ap - of HOYTItTOM, T7 ILL t M ,j public aiictioa, oa Tfion V V day. (be 30th inst. at 12 o'clock hi noon, ai nte lower M3e ol Walnut strtet whan. The carsro of the shio Pacific, inst arrived from Canton, cuusistin of very excellent TEA as loimws, vii : 68 chests, 1 1 - a., is .a - 5 srrv.,d Young Ilysoa Tea, tty, andr atty, ) l boxes ol 5 Ca iui cnesis, soui ii - .. - - 'rk ISO half chests J Hon Fek - 1500 i bests iiyson Skin Tea 73 half chests, ) 37 boxes, aud ' Imperial Tea 14 cases ol cnooisters 75 boxes, and i , ... .P ,. 9 casescannislers Gunpowder Tea. 400 of 25 catty, aud ) Q . 200 of 10 catty Suucl,,jnS T' 2C15 packages ofCama 17 boxes Rhuharb : 6 do Vermillion. tM It JOHN HUMES Hi icV. LIPPINt OTTS, Auctioneers. Fhilad - lphia. July 1C, 1SJR. J it t?t SEASONABLE DRY GOODS, Ac 2 bales superfine clothes 2 do. cassimers, 1 do. fine plains 1 do. fancy toilinett Wuialcoaiings 3 do. white flannels 1 dn. ladies pelise cloth 2 do. low priced plains 3 do. superfine cassimere shawls 2 Hunks damask shawls 5 boxes steam loom shirtings 6 do 0 1 Sc9 - 8cambricU 1 do, figured satins, Jus r. - encd per Paul!: from Liverpool, and for sa;t :.t o. !HI C flee Horn r'Hp, hy LAIDLAW, GIRAL'Lr it CO. 1H BTOUK. 3 hales Boinbazet ' ' t bales superfine black Cloth I box Freuch Cambrics I do Hoot 'Pops 40 bales Upl.u.d Cotton ' " ' 20 hhds. Kentucky Tobacco. ! J 22 lot BAH IKO.N, tve a Ions Bar iron 5 tons Sheet Iron 20 doxen Frying Pans Patent Chaff am! Drawing Knives Iron and steel Shovels Cernmn and cast steel mill, pit k hand saws V - oacu ?prmg Mi el. f or tale hy ANDERSON is SHEARER, J 22 At I.H Water street GOLD WA IVHLA AT A UCTIUSf. 1 OS. C. COOPER will sell to - morrow, at tF 20 Wall - street, an invoico of gold and silver patent lever watches ; musical snull boxes, some cost 70 guineas each ; do seals ; irold chains, kc. 4 cases of French chairs, bureaus, fee. 1 case of Uerman toys. Goods intended for the tnle will be received until G this evening. Catalogues will be ready at U to - morrow morning. Jy 22 lOOi cono.v. bales vary prime upland cotton, land ing from brig Speedy Peace at Brooklyn 142 dodo iu store at Brooklyn 15 1 do do do in tlie city. For sale by JOMAII STURGES, Jy22 6t 11.3 1'rarl - st 12, JAMAICA HUM. pun? heons Ruin, htnuinsr front the bri ' Marshall at Coenties - slip for sale by ANDEubON k SHEsKER, Jy 22 lw 1JI Water - st MADEIRA WINE. SIX pipes, remaining of parcel per Louisa Cecilia, of Scott, Louxiimin, Penfold Co's brand, selected partii ularly for private use, and of very superior quality, for sale by the ins;le pipe, oy uL.visr. ai i,u. J Agents ni the House, NEW HUail LINEN GOODS, kc. kc, Lk C. SUYDA.M, ara now receiving, per . the ship Neptune and brig Belvidera, from Dublin, SEVENTY THREE Packages this spring bleached Linens. They consist of 7 - tl & 4 - 4 Irish Linens, variety ol assortments, 5 - 4 do. nestings, do. 3 - 4 & 7 - 8 Demi Long Lawns, Bird's - eye Diapers, 5 to 10 - 4 Diapers and daniHsk Table Linens, Extra super damfek Table Cloths k Napkins, 3 - 4 Brown Lineus and grey Lawns, Linen Checks and 7 - 8 black Linens, Irish Sail Cloths, Ducks and DrogheJas, kc. Also, come to hand per the Pacific, 2 Casts elegant new pattom Ginghams, 2 do. do. ftiruituro k baloou Dimities, 3 Cambric Mudins, part undressed, 2 iupcr Lond. Cloths aud Cas. - iinres. The above for sale, by the package, on reasona ble terms and credit. Also A general assortment of the above goods opened lor piece and retail sales, at No. 61, Maiden - lane. Jy 22 2w .tREsil LEMONS, etc. 73 large boxes Iretb 1 Lemons 50 hags Filberts 10 do Madeira Nuts, just received and for sale low, by G. G. k S. HOWLAND, J 23 G7 Washington - street, . MADEIRA WLYE. D LYNCH, Jun has a few pipes of the Wine . from the parishes of Cmna de Lobos and St. Antonio, remaining, which he can warrant of a quality, superior to any imported to this coun try for many years ; and which be offers fir sale oo moderate term. Jy23 lw II DRD li SEvY ALL, 65 south - street offer XX for sale - Russia Iron, old Sable P5I Muskets, some of superior quality, (entitled to dehenture; Beerboom Gurrahs lure Blue, red and white Gilla Hdkfs. enl'd todehen - Canton Silks, ladies color'd Hdkfs. iuchews, Hosiery, cotton ti worsted kc. Wellington Caps and Worsted Braces Londou and Yorkshire Cloths Men's and boys' plated and japao'd Hats Gentlemen's London Hnts, best quality Russia Sheetings, Letter Paper Gentlemen's Walking Sticks - Loudon made 1'oys, Work Boxes, kc. , 'i Brass Cabinet Furniture Window Glass, 6 by 8 to 10 hy 14 Cut Nails, 4d to 20d, Sheet Lead Manef'd Kentucky Tobacco, kc. Jy 23 1 1N, COT'I ON, tic. 175 pipes second proof VJS Holland Oin, nae navor, tine; Janni' cargo. 19 do 1st proof do brie Sewell's enrro 200 ps. Iloiland Duck, of first quality, incases or 12 pieces each 100 bales N Orleans Cotton 100 kegs manulautured Tohacro, fovorite brands, for sale by Si.k D. TA LCOTT, J 23 64 South - street. I 1 ICE. ror sale bv 11 CLARK MOORE & CO. J 23 5t 41 South - stiert. - iOILN AlKAL. 140 hhds. brmht yellow Kiln O dried Oorn Aleal, fresh from Ihe Mills, for saldby TUCKER k LAURIES, J 17 29 South - street. t KGOL ILOOtUOs. vviiiie nrffo; um a,. . a i . quality, for sale at 35 Peck - sup, r.r Jit R AI C. W . OA V E.N POl'. T aiCO, " CAN ION ftlLKa At NA.VIvLENS. FIFTY eases Cantoo Silks, consisting of Colon) and white Crapes, Florentines, Concaos, Pongees Satins, Sewings - Sinrhews, Crape Shawls, Chow Chows Bloc and X - barr'd Handki. 10.000 ps. lone company and blee Nankeens, of a superior quality, lor sale at 67ourh - st. tj O. L. P. INDIA MADE'RAr.' EDWARD DUDLEY, l!65 Pearl street, has t Pipes and 1 baif PIP 'd L. r. Nadiira, Die celtbrated brunt t. H. h. wl.ico he ocrs lor sale. 7'hi. rtce was erte - nais tutewlu ttuctfi, r atttias taRi aimed :a ue Lex jitr, IromjxKicotta ; th N - - .Bg ill second ravage ! tr".i .(Fiur, hsve adiattsed it UkMy superior. to SUABLE roil BVIlDIffO, It. : THE proprietors of tbe' soul! era marble qna. ries, near Kind's - Brkhre, eivt) notice, that they hare ob hand, and are rcivMg, at tha H - tns't - JSnegt JVsro.V ana I tm - Xta, loot of Beach - street, u tbe HuiLou extensive ttcclrof hioiiile lor htiudmz. of th foiloWifiX d' si - iiiiiorw, viz : Ashlar Coping , foundation Ctone. Cl.ajinej - rieces1 Facings ' . . Columns Watsrtable ' Steps Platferms tills, LiuteU Arches Also Lime of the Lest quality. $y A constant supply of the alxive mtterials may b ilcuUteJ upon; and those dswrous of pui - Uiaiug, or mating engagemetits, will apply to EZRA LUDLOW. Vh 1 1 At tbe Yard. 67,000' DOLLARS loloan, in turns to suit appricanls, on bond with inniigase uron approved property. Also, 40,000 dollars on approved paper, guaranteed by bank stock. Kiiuuire ol WM. WILLIAMS, 137 Water - street. Where application may be generally made through the year, and mortgages disposed of. Je go u OJ JA.liEj D. Sl'OL'T, Engraver and Seal Cuticr, removed to 90 Liberty - street, near Greenwich - street. Jy3 3m for rr gland, i ta llatiliiT, .V. A. ffT" LETlERaiorliit Britannic M.iiesty's Picket turensberry, will be received nt the 'ott Urate till Weduesday afternoon, tl.e 5th day of August. l I. W. IKCrKr:, Agent. dj Wauled, a.2d otficer f r ship to In - dia. Applv to J. U. LOt.F.iiT, Esq. No. 43H Watsrlreet. Jv 2.1 LtlsSULU i 1U. l f rAHTJYiL.Hi.UlH. Tha c.o - prtDcrliip lately existing under the lirm of Jamn Qrayfi Co. is dissolved by mutual couient. The business in future will be conducted by Laurence Anderson ; James Gray will settle the business ol the late liiua - JA.MES GRAY, LAURENCE ANDERSON. J 2131 W Uiliin$Uin Inturaiut Comfany. r"1H E Board of Directors have declared a div - JL idend of four and one half per cent, on the capitol stock of the company, lor the last six months, payable at their odico, comer of John and William - stivcts, on and alter the first day of August. PE1ER HA WES, Sec'ry. J 2J 2w I Of IN 11. DE rOHE&T informs his friends and ,3 the public, that he has opened an office, as . - lock and Exchange Broker, at No, 51) Wall - street. J23 4t AO 1 ICE. A SEW ESTABLISHMENT. THE subscriber respectfully informs his iriends and the public ccnerally. that he has removed into the house No. '.07, owned'and lately occupied bv chief lustica Thompson, two doors west of St. Peters Church, in State - street. and near the Capitol, where be continues to keep a Boarding Hour for the accommodation of those who may favor Urn with their custom, either by the day, week, or year, where every attention will be paid to render their stay agreeable while at hi house. Ladies and eentlrmen passing through this city may he accommodated as above. Breakfast kc. will be provided for parties on the shortest notice. The subscriber has lately added a number of single hidcins rooms, which render this establishment very commodious for travellers. Good horses and carmines providtdfor his customers, on the most reasonable terms. J. W. ROCKWELL. Albnny, July 1, 131. J 2i lw 'IMIL i.fownnie of Uodsueck, and other Tales L by James Hoee, author oi t he Qneeo's Wake," Ice. kc. Price 41. lust received and forsaleby COLLINS h H AANAY, Jy 23 4t 230 Pearl - street. A rtACHMlVr 1 r.J. 17f. "ANTED at the village of Belleville, New - X V Jersey, a gentleman capable of teaching the higher Branches ol learning. One in every n vpt - rt qualified to superintend an Academy, would soon be at (be hi ad of a respectable estabj lishineut. Apply to S. VAN RENSSELAER, Esq or Mr. I. rOMPK'lNS, Belleville. J 23 DiiCat FUR SALE, 1 fl sOOT 1 ACRES OF LAND, ly - 1 LJ. KJ J Vims iu the town ol Florence, county of Oneida and slate of New - York. The state roads from Rome to Markets Harbor and Salmon river pass throueh the town. The country adjoining ihe laud offered for sale is well settled ; Ihe soil is good for grass or grain, and the situation isronvenient to send produce either to the Montreal or Utira Market, being only 35 miles from tbe latter place. For further informa - ion, apply to Mr. JJEAJAIUM niuuni, at Rome, or to WM. HENDERSON. J 10 eod lm 31p No. 65 Wall street. WRITING Lv SIX LESSONS. MR DE SPRANGH has obtained Letters Patent of tiie (J. ii. for his invention of teaching th"? nrt of Writing in sit lessons. Pa will enable any person, of whatever age, aid notwithstanding any bad habits they may have contracted, to write well and with rapidity, after having received these lessons. Persons of good capacity will be able, by a strict stten - tion, to write well in four lessons, each lesson of one hour. Thu solid utility and merits of this system can be best seen in its particular results,1 in those beautiful aad various specimens it has produced, and which can be examined at Mr. IJ. 8 (caching room, No. 43 Broad - street. Mr. D. S. bating just returned from Washington, where he has tnught with great success, and where his method has been much approved by the heads of government, will remain only four or five weeks io New - York, alter which time he must return to Wathinsrton, to fulfil an en gagement made at the solicitation of a number of rent lemeu of that city . N. B. Mr. D. S. will sll a patent nglit. and learn his system of teaching to those who wish to purchase it. J 20eruJw G 1. NEWhtKY, IJi Pearl - street, reipecl - , fully informs the public and tt.oe ladies and eeiitkmen who lately ajnilied for DKTT - MElf'S SUPER. PATENT PIANOFORTES, that he has iust received a new supply Per Ra - di - is, precisely the same as the last, and cfltrs them lor sale on very acrommodating terms. As Piano Fortes ol this excellent maker have but lately been introduced into this country, for want of a correspondent, G. N. feels it incumbent to hdd, that their tones "by those who are acquainted with theni) are allowed to be full and expiesive, and have nurterw (ivcst wuraw satisfaction. Mselsel's Patent Metronome lor sale. Also. London selected collections and speci men, of Mineralogy, Kc J 21 Mtt.J L 91AI1ICIV, VUCr 1)1 W1C V O 15" Boulh - s.reet, ... ... .... 'i l .1 . a . i a 325 nags M. I lornmn CoBce 50 hstdi Kentucky Tobacco 49 bales ew - Oriens Cotton 20 pipe Catalonia Wine 10 pipes L. P. Teoerifl'e do 50 boxes White Havaaa Sugat $100 Mogadore Goat Skins 100 tons Campeachy Logwood - Jy lb7t - t EMP, YARN?, fcc. St. rebsrsLurg deaa J. and Riga Heap, cargo of ship Elbe, is lots uit purchasers . . 33 roils Sheet Lee, 3 io 4 n ids. 40 eas ks Spikes, 4 to 8 laches 20 reels Kentw ky Vat., v s, v , 4 tons Bale R - ope, lay if "Wit - - And a constant supply of warrsnted Anchors, forsaleby TUCKER CARTER - N B. CAELE3 & CORDAGE, of thnrowa maoufiaure, made to order at the shortest notice, ar d upon tlie most rasooile terssss. Jytl lw J ' - I'm v M.'GR - i nf0i ','"?' Rui w hir "KSIVSTS' XI UAl' K 0C J17 65 SoathiUeet. J 24 4t COLLINS & HANNAV. J9f . 45 tfouth - iW - V J 2'.' 1 ?r , j ej . . .

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