The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 30, 1939 · Page 26
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 26

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 30, 1939
Page 26
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' · ' · ' - ' ' ~ ' · ' . ' - ' ' ' . · . · K9 26 THURSDAY, JMARCH 30, 1939 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE HogPnces Drop as Much as 15 Cents in Spots SWINE SUPPLIES OVER ESTIMATES Cattle Market Mostly Dull and Weak With Lambs About Steady CHICAGO, (IP)--Increased supplies burdened the hog market Thursday and prices dropped as much as 15 cents in spots. The cattle market was generally dull and weak and fat lambs were about steady at Wednesday's mostly 23 cent lower prices. Hog receipts in Die open market totaled 8,000. the run being 1.000 more than advance estimates. The market opened steady to 10 cents off, but in later trade was mostly 10 to 15 or more lower. Top was $7.40. (United States Department oE Agriculture)--Salable hogs, 8 000" open steady to 10 lower than Wednesday's average; later trade generally :0 off with spots 15 or more lower on weights 220 pounds down; top, $7.40; good and choice 380 to 240 pounds, S7.20 to $7.40,' 250 to 280 pounds mostly $7.00 to 'S7.25; 290 to 320 pound butchers, S6.75 to S7.00; good medium weight and heavy pacldng sows, S6.00 to 56.35; light butcher kinds to S6.50. Salable cattle, 3,500: salable i calves, 3,500; largely steer a n d ' yearling run: fresh arrivals increased by moderate holdovers from Wednesday; trade very dull and weak; most steers and vear- lings here of value to sell at"s8.75 to $11.00; strictly choice offerings absent; few loads sold at §8.75 to S10.75; fully 50 lower than week ago; other killing classes steers steady to strong; cutter cows, $5.75 down to $4.50; weighty sausage" bulls around S7.00 with $7.25 quotable; weighty vealers, $10.50 to S 11.00; strong, but light vealers tending lower at $9.00 to S9.50; stacker and feeder cattle 25 lower than week ago; weighty feeders showing raost decline. Salable sheep, 11,000; late Wednesday fat lambs mostly 25 lower; sheep steady; lamb top, S9.C5; bulk under 100 pounds, $9.50; 102 to 110 pound Thursday's fully st dowmv; S9.65 California spring Iambs as yet unsold: sheep strong to 25 higher; top 109 pound slaughter ewes S6.00. light heifers S8.50fiO.25; strictly choice quoted around siO.sO; bulk medium to SOOU cows So.75fjO.75; Jciv S,J 4 J7.23[ mtls , cutlet- srades si.5oa5.23; stoekers and feeders scarce; load fleshy 300 ]b. steers on feeder account 53.05. HOGS, salable receipts 3.500- slow steady to lOc lo^-er; heavy butchers mostly steady i good and choice 170 lo T « b " tchers S6.75i6.85; tew $6.00; 675-^-^n £- 3 ?K V 6 - WeighU 56 - 30 « U.Vs; 3!a to 3,o Ib. heavies S6.40B650- fso sav " ?6 - I036 - J5 i feeder pigs s?e SHEEP, salable receipts 1,800; (otat receipts 2.092; fat lambs largely weak to Isc lou-er; good and choice fed wooled skins S9.259.40; 3 loads 91-04 Ib. Jed clipps S8.10Jj8.25; 1st eiv« scarce Quotable strong to htelier; choice fed western quotable around $5.73; small packages leedlns anrt shearing Jambs $s.754j8.65. K A N S A S CITY LIVESTOCK (Thursday Mirlcrl) KANSAS CITY, ,,r ; _u. S. department Of ogncultiire. HOGS SOO: slow, uneven, steady to 10= wer: 5e_ lower t h a n Wednesday aver- j.SOfiT; W 2611 to 300 Ibs.' se'iO'l 6.M; odd sou-5 S6.10 down. CATTLE 500; calves jou; Ueef steers and yearlings uneven, steady to -it rusher in Joreed markel; other killini! ·es steady to strong: vealers steady iOc higher; slacker and feeder classes sio\r. steady to weak; good to choice vearlmij $10.60; good 1215 Ib. lea steers medium and food shorlfeds $9 tings S9.75: shortfed heifers to majority $9011. SHEEP 4,500; little done: scattered 59.40; clippers Livestock Markets MID-WEST HOGS mlawcst '"arkeis - . Ibs.. 56.30 0; 350-423 Ibs.. WHEAT PRICES UP HALF CENT Buying by Milling and Export Interests Shows Expansion CHICAGO. tJPi--Wheat prices rose about \'-, cent in the last half hour of trading Thursday as buying from milling and export interests expanded slightly. _ Scattered orders from commission houses disclosed a temporary scarcity of sellers at around 67'-. I for both May and July contracts ! When prices reached 68 there were ' increased offers. ·· Wheat closed U to »l higher I than Wednesday, May 68, Jul 6? 7s to 68: corn ig to -?s up, May 4 1 ·/» to 47^4, July 49i; oats ·"a lugher. to CHICAGO CASH OBAIX (Thursday Market) CHICAGO. a',--Cash wheat sample grade mixed 67c; sample grade hard O3t2C. Com No. 2 mixed ·S8'ifl!3' l ?ic- Jv'o "* yellow 43.ift«c: N O . 2 "white 54c ' " W?c S !W 11 c Whl ' C M! = t ' : M """ e '« Mailing barley 52t'60c iiom; feed 33 4ac noni. Timothy seed S2.85«:u5 n o m : red cloi-er S13J16 nom.; red top S9.25fj975 nom. Lard tierces SG.30 nom.; loose S3 67 nom.; bellies S9 nom. Mason City Grain MASON CITY--For Thursday AO. ?. white oals ··,, 3 yellow corn 34c New ear corn Tn.- Factory Employment and Industrial Production, 1937-1939 ,. , . $· tUREAU OF LABOR STATISTICS Stock List NK1V YORK STOCKS (Thursday 3Urfcet) "*' T h e Associated Prti - 50; 16S'» 83=; 2ft 13 M^n^«» b e- '00 Ibs.. 55.50fi5.65.- 1; 550-500 I b s , S3-"] CEDAlt RAPIDS--Cood 275- S5.6jft - ,,, to*- SW5«6.60; 130 to 160 Ibs 6 55 -TMJ Im 'o "O Ibi. S6.63aR.B»: J7» lo . . . : J 180 Ibs. 50.75^6.90; 180 to 220 Ibs ' ° ° 2 " ' lb ' Local Livestock -MASON CITY--For Thurday HOGS Ten cents lower. 140-150 S5.50-5.CO . Good lighl lights . . Good j l g n t Bhts ...... 150-1GO S5.00-6.10 Good ]JCht lights ...... 1GH-170 Good light lights ------ 170-181) Good iipht butchers .. 380-203 Good light butchers .. 200-220 wood me. \vt. butchers 223-230 Good me. u-t. butchers 250-270 Good me. \vt. butchers 210-290 Good me. \vt. butchers 290-325 Good me. \vt. butchers 325-350 Good heavy butchers .. 330-400 Good packing sows ... 275-350 Good sows ..-; ......... 350-425 Good sows ............ 42J-500 Good SOU'S ............ 500-550 Thc above 15 a 10:30 truck hog market jor good and choice hogi-.l CATTLE Choice lo orlino steers, heavy SIO 00-11 00 Cootl to choice steers, heavy s 8.50- 3 50 SS.W-C.50 S660-570 SG 80-6 90 S6.80-G^0 SG.C5-6.75 SG 50-G CO SE.30-G 40 S6 15-0 25 ss.oo-G 10 S5 85-5 95 Siiso-s'w S5.70-S.BO So 60-5 70 S3 60-5 70 Medium to £ood steers Fair to medium steers . Plain to fair steers . ChoEce to prime yearlings .". Good lo choice ycarlin-s Medium to'cood yearlings . Good to choice heifers Medium to cood heifers ... Fair tc medium heifers . . Plain lo fair heifers Good to choice cows, hravv jMedium lo Hood cows ...".. "Fair to medium coxvs , S 7.SO- 8.50 S 6.50- 7.50 S 4.00- 6.00 S 0.00- 9.50 S 8.00- 0.00 S 6.50- 7.30 S 8.00- 9.00 S 7.00 - 8.00 S 6.00- 7.00 S -t.flO- G.OO S 5.50- 6.00 S 5.00- S.50 S 4.50- 5.00 · S 4.00- 4.50 S D.Ofl- 3.75 bulls .. S 5.30- 0.2J A-ISI:I nuns . .. . . . . g 4 30- 100 Calves, gocil la choice I30-1SO s "IflO- s'oo C-a vcs. mcd. . to EOod 130-190 S 6.50- 7 00 Lalres. Infer, to mcd. 130-190 S 2,50 d'v'vn SIlEtP G e n u i n e spring lambs, cood to-choice "0-30 S 8 00 8~D Sprlnc lambs, cood to choice ' " ' Caimcra ........... Gor.d i cioice hea _ ' ; · · * , · ................. Spnng Iambs, medium to "0-9Q $ 6 30- 7 00 e ooa to choice s I 50- ··'"5 50CIOS1.00 O M A H A LIVESTOCK ·nUcl?'*!?!?- 2 ' 0001 ° pc " cti slow - ljtcr " fr more on under 220 Ib? - leas-i Butchers __300 ll». ,,pV ,nv...- . 270 to 250 )bs B.PO: 290 to 323 Ibs. S6.10fi6.40: 270 £ff.25? 325 to ~ n i- « - r t - ^ T T n - «"'*u\ .iij 10 W^^^Wgg! COMBINED HOG RECEIPTS DES MpS'IS^^JIS's'^department of agriculture. Combined liog reeeims at 20 concentration yards and 10 pack* 'o?th P em M?n atM ta inlcrior '""va and period ended at B a. mf ThOTsdal u-?.r^ lo.ver: . .-.. - . 180 to =00 ISs SB.OS./.1D- 200 lo 220 Jbs. 56.7037.10220 to iaO Ibs. ^6.55fi7: 230 "to ioi ih- SS.30ft6.B3s 230 to MO Ibs. SsVeV^Pack' ins sows good 273 to 350 Ibsi S3.M-R6 15- ° ° ' ; 4M t o 5JO Ito. WHEAT-May July Sept CORN-May : July Sept OATS-May " High .20-; OK.AI.V t't.OSE CHICAGO, .,!._ Close .68 .[7 7 B-[i8 Sept. SOY BEANS-- *»· 83 July Oct RVE-- jS-.'".'.'.";.' AV ^ept 4^1 LARD-Mar May 6.3.1 July G5u Sept S.ST 6.47 6.G2 .42', .44 6.50 -6.67 O M A H A CiRAl.V (IJiursilar Market) Air Redu_ Al Chcm Dy Allied Sirs Am Can Am For Pov Am Loco Am Rad st Am Roll Mill I 5 Am Smelt lief « Am StI Fdrs 20' Am Sits Hcl tss Am T T 137 Am Toh B fit Am Wat IVks 1(1'- Anaconda "":- ·\rm III i: Atch T it SF 30 All rtclin ;nij Aubuni Anto ."Ji'l Bait i: Ollio 5»; Eanudall ISi. Beth stl" 02 " Eoeinc Airpl 2.1M Bordcn i g ' i 80 Com. j-cllov.- 1. 44e. Barley TVo. 4, '. R} c, none. KANSAS CITY CRAIX (Thursdiy Mirketl KANSAS CITY. W,_Wheat: 103 .?,.'?-'?. C T.' hi S»«: No. 2 dark 2 hard red nom FORECAST « t t ', cM estimated lin- stock rcreipts for Fridav: Cattle 1 non- hogs c,.xx: sheep 8.000. " ' ' Representative Sales REPRESENTATIVE SALES (Thursday .Market] HOGS - .'Medium-- 24 Lighl-- 1225 "13 WSO 2ln 4on 200 T.'IS Bo 7.0037 6.8052 ; 7.402.-i S 1 ' C j 7.30-1S 1 7.20 CATT1.F 'licitcrs-- 11.J020 i 11.30 IS s 11.2520 1 10.7; SHEEP 9..TOMO S.50 SlaiiRlilcr 9.10-412 J 2M 3. 63«i' . -. 3 nom.. ,,,,,,,,.-.. , h-^ m: 22 cars: '· 10 '·' cen£ "P: No 2 «47* TM m ~^,~m*: Ko. 3 nom. «,. JI47'.,: ,No. 2 yellow nom.. «»iii4G^- No ^-^rV^^f 51 -' Ko - ~ TM.ved nom; toUTtidU No. 3 nom.. «'iri45'^ ^««'^: i i,^, i ni e ^ t:No - UB^iSsb. Mito mnizc, nom.. T4380. fvafir. nom,. T4'ri0 Rye. nom.. 43V^ii43 Barley, nom.. 34ir* tf 41. nom.. -VIXXEAPOLf (Thursda Thursday 144 S CiKAI.V UU«, ^, =o^ 5 c-aKF,^£lai northern 73-76; dark northen, x o . , '-···«: fancj- No. 1 hard Montana 14 Per cent protein 78-«73c: lancv No I We- N ?'2 M L '* Mr ccni PTOt " cI " 7 ' 3 * · 9c. ,o. l dark hard or Ko. 1 hard Jlon- tana -nuer ;K,_7 2r; hard ^.^"rfSJS", M°\' a M": i a ' S l ' C ! *"· ' " d Com. Xo. :t ycUou- 4""'. tatior.s ,e hiRlicr. O.V.? Ko. 3 ivhile 27^4(125 Barley 3»Si66c. ) 43; dm LC; quo- Public Utility and Industrial Stocks Quoled by A M. SCHAXKE CO. Jclcplione 130Q. Mas,,,) city '^f S ' ° - ' cd s slow, steady: other d y : «°cVer«. feeders ; d 5 l " r s ' ««»»!. « . ^i ra fi.iOfl: fat l an ,bs steady; hccp weak: woolcci S3:iS.i-, ,.,,,,, and 5liphlly aboie; native M3r' 5H.'-0-. icd western cues s.l!so.' SOUTH s-rT) fThnr^day early bids feet Iambs : ki " i '-.v; steers very ^ ~b l ' ''''' c "" trs s " a sausage bullo S6.7 U 5: "sixers and d fccde°rv lending lower. Calves ;.;oo- , "CVM steady, with some bids lower-' sood and' choice vealcrs S9;il050 ° HOGS 5.WO; barrows and cilt, f a ; r l. sctil-c. steady to 5c lower; sou - sti-nn'^ top 57 freely on K ood and eh. -30 Joe.; S o\vs Sfi.OS'fiS.lO; 6.25: pifcg S7fr7.50. cutters Miscelloneous f l l l C A R O I'OTATOES ' T h u r s d a y M a r k e t ) 2o par) pid I pErt . II .104 . 24' X^'^^ lf *^^»^ stc; iiorrhcm w h i t c ^ · y-iov:: demand modcr- cakcr; d Cent St Si n pel pfrf Cent St El 7 pct pfrf Cent SI P fc L 7 P( Continenlaf Gas A: Creamery Package » Hearst Cons A Gco A Honticl A pfd .' Ceo A Hormi-1 cum . . Interstate Power fi pct lown Klcclric Co f»' a p c t pfd 23 rrSccu'^P^v^^ S J - H !* H« Lt * P ftw - ^c??« 6 " _ -- -- · ow 7 pct pfr] c^ la Po--cr .V Lialll fi pc! pfd 102 104 S I . I Blies liberal: demand" 1*i Triumphs U. S. .No irratCi fev.- sales S2.20. . pii]- - FJorida Blltj fail- color tm. ass Ifio to S3.50H NMV Y O R K SlT.AIt IThnrsdiy M j t k r l i . YORK, ,?.~i M , re ,, t ,, 0?,\" ? ashin c"i news about proposed c u D a n duty rcanctions Scattered fnm noor, tradinK u-a, done !rf Mav a, i°£ OK a point (ron earlv sales. The limited Uadmc list w « ur.chan K «l to 2 Ze- « Orld i-nn f - - i _ _ . * *-' 1* ?,h," ·= L ^' U '' Da '·'* "» la ?Iw I""" * Pcl ° U 97 T S S' C ^" Si- pct eld 93 , '"""e Service 7 pct pfd .loo la Eoulli L t i l 6 pet Md «o a soutn utii 6... Bc! p, d ,;.- ;; la Soi.lh Util 7 pct pid .. . -,, ;.-, utn fi pct pid ... -.« I' l 01 '!'^ r' [ ! 5'= « T"d ... 27 I.i South I i,l -. pci p!d ,, M K J S ^ S I J S - U g S ^ - 7 S ^ 7 , .« St PortUnd Cement com - t Rath Packing r, pcl p^ ,j:, TM£d c {?£^. e ^K l ? d « United Lt A: Power Cia = =; B " United I.l A: Power p f d ' -3 United U Rys fi pvt pid fr» L-n, cd Lt RyK t,r* pc ; p f d 1 United Lt Ry S 7 pct pfd . F3 \Vcr^lcrn Grocer pfd --, \Vc5lcrn Grocpr coin j Return From CORW1TH--Dr. a Walley and Mr. and Mi Galloway returned from .10 31 (3 M 71 I'M 106 9J ino 102 23 Srldfiept Br Budd ftlfg Can D G Ale Can Pac Ca.*e Catcrp Tract ._ f dies A: Ohio y i i C N W ' . Chi Rk la p -^ Chrysler 7,1»» Coca Cola 12,^ Col G E BU Cotnl Solv ln»i Cormvl L Sou l= a Con Edison 3d 1 Con Oil r.'I Coa Can SR Con OH Del 25 Com Prod CurUss-Wrl Deere Co Douglas Air Du Pont Eastman El Pow Lt B 1 Falrbks Slor 3 Fireslone rn: Gen ZJcc Cen Foods Gen Mills Gen Mot Gillette Goodrich Gt No R y p f d 22'i Homcsiafcc 6i Hudso/i g Hupp Mot p; HI Cent 13.!, Int Harvest 4fi : i Inl Kick Can ^'^ Int T A: T " J R Johns Manv 77 Kcnnccoit 2.1?» 64'- IS' Hff 36' i 41!. la 29 Kresgc Lambert l.^*- I-ibbey O y G -43 " Marsh Field J l ^fidcont Pet 14 Wont Ward Nash-Kolv Kat Biac Nat Casli Reg 191', Nat Dairv Pro 143 Nat DEslill 27 Nat Lead 21 = Nat Pow i: Lt 7" K Y Central 16 No Amer Av 15: Worth Atncr 21 1 Nor Pat.- a* Oliver Farm 2rt* Oils Elevator O1/5 Steel Owen* 111 Gl Packard . Pann Picl Penney Pcnn R\- Pliillips Jet I^roc : Gum PL)llma» Pure OiE Radio Hem Rand It e pub Stl Key Tob B Scars Roeb Shell Union Simmon 1 ? Socony Vac Son Pac Std Brands Std Oil Cal Std Oil Ind Std Oil N J Stew-Warner Studebakier Swift Co Texas Corp Tex Gulf Sul 23 Tim Roll B W Transamer fi~,g XJu Carbide 76 Union PJC S.» Unit Air LI 10;', Unit Carer CD 3fi'i XJnlt Corp 2*i X/nit Drug 1 G U S Gypsum 9.^5 XJ S Indus Ale 17 "U S Rubber 33'» V S Steel 52U Walgreen JR \\ T arncr Pict 5 ' « West Un Tc! West El JSUg Wilson Co WooUvorth Wrisley Jr Ycllou- Truck Youngstown 10 CO'i - 8' 17 na-, H' 9 T', p , IS'.i 40:-. LEADERS LOSE AS TRADE ENDS Late Relapse Touched . Off by Rumors of New Troubles in Europe NEW YORK, (flO--The sloc-V market see-sawed in a narrow, range until near the final hour o Thursday's proceedings when a selling, flurry, centering on steel and motor*, knocked down leader fractions to around 3 points. The late relapse apparently was touched of£ by the liquidatioi from London on rumors of fresl troubles between Germany and Poland. Gloom was deepened b private commission house cables from Great Britain to the effect informed sources feared a ne\\ European upheaval was brewing. Transfers approximated 700 000 shares. CJosing prices were neai the lows. Bond Market . E y. YORK. «y-The bond m a r e t nched higher in early dealings Thursdav Biiyms M-as not vigorous, however, aiid · handful of small losses dolled the list. Most active demand centered oil U S government loans. With treasury 2is' ot 65-CO again the liveliest issue, gains anged up to 9-32ds of. a point as the s.'ion iieared midday. The fresh buying " of federals once nore placed them at record high prices s economy forces h consress waged a Jgorous lislit on some administration neasures. Gains elsciv)iere u-erc confined in mosl asei to minor fractions, including Nick"t "late 4l = s. Southern Bailn-av Is, St. Paul s, Consolidated Mian 3Ss, Dclroit Edi- TM *'·«, and Utematioiial Hydro Elec- Small losses were shoivii by Wcslcrn 'nion DS of '60. Shell Union 3',-s and .meriean Foreign Po\ver 5s. InleroEt in loreigii dollar loans concen- rated oil Denmark issues. reduce ao S5T i'. s. BO.VDS (Thursilaj- M a r k e t ) XEW YORK. «,--U. s. government ic-nds closed Thursday: Treasury 3?«s -10-4,3 June IM -t Treasury 3s S1-S3 109.27. Federal Farm M1 R 3s J2-17 106.26. Home Owners Loan 3s 52 1QEMO. Hides MASON CITY--For Thursday (Quotations by Sivift Co.) [eavy hens over 5 pounds . . . He 'eavy hens over 4 pounds, including 5 pounds .......... ]3~ ight and Leghorns ......... K; ggs, Specials .......... igc ggs. No. 1 .............. "]]3 C Eggs, Under Grades ..... lOc Merchanls Quotations Eggs, in trade .......... 12-14c» Eggs, cash .............. 12-Hc Butter. Iowa Slate Brand.. ~ 3 ! c Butter, Corn Country . . 9g c Buttei-, Plj-mouth Butter, Very Best Butter, Clear Lake ...... Butter, Bropklield . -g c Russet Potatoes, peck ..... " 34c Early Ohio Potatoes peck 3'c ·EDITOR'S NOTE-- These 'representative quotations were ob- tavned by calling several grocery stores. 31,. - Zc Shingle House Best Value 1 r u r o R E I j S C O ROOM ''! i! . M PORCH _ _ _ __ · __ After all Is said and done, the small home built on simple lines is probably the most satisfactory from all points of view. When you begin to look about for a plan suitable for such a house, it is a good idea to keep in mind always that in time you may want to make additions" to the original layout, and to choose a design which makes eventual enlargement possible with the least expenditure of time and money. Such a design is shown in the , sketch above, a .home modern I and correct for two. This is real- i bathroom of dressing room size, and large window lighted and ventilated bed closet which contains a disappearing bed. tater you will want to add a full sized bedroom, and increase the size of the porch. This can be economically managed because of the square plan of the house and the placement of the present living room windows one of which will become the bedroom door without spoiling the appearance of the lis'ine room. . recent study of comparative nlan u-itl, «,..",,,, 1 C ° Sl ? "f, 3 TM 1 ! home building plan with three- conducted by Purdue university Lafayette. Ind., indicates that the small home, developed in clapboards or shingles, gives the owner the most house for ihe least inoney. room efficiency, or looking at it another way, two-room cost and three-room satisfaction. The design gives you a large living room, a complete kitchen, JURORS INDICT THREE MUSICAS Charged With Mail Fraud, Violation of Commission Laws NEW YORK, OT--The three surviving brothers of the masquerading swindler, F. Donald Coster-Musica, and three other persons were indicted Thursday on charges of mail fraud, violation of the securites and exchange commission law and conspiracy. The indictment, containing 14 counts, would make the defendants liable on conviction to possible maximum sentences of 58 years each plus a $50,000 fine each. The -true bill disclosed Coster- Musica's elaborate precautions to evade blackmail attempts and at the same time to defraud the McKesson and Bobbins Drug company, of which he was president T h e defendants i n c l u d e d * George Dietricli-Musica, George Vernard-Musica, Robert Dietrich- Musica, Benjamin Simon, and Leonard and John O. Jenkins The two last named were described by U. S. Attorney John I. Cahill as brothers of Coster- Musi ca's widow. LEGAL NOTICE OF J-ROBATF Of " T TATE OF IOWA. Cerro G r d o County ?ern" ^ tt °° Urt - *"· TM s - J ~ NEW YORK PRODUCE (Thursday M packed firals 17^; S I3c ... I ' 157 - 116 - weaker. Creamerv . " "· Vlra ^'i^Kc: «lra -X Cheese changed. 33,1)76, steady; prices Q 30* Fifth Strtct Snulhntst R O R S E H I D E S From ): Ibs.. up From IS Ibs.. down . Bull hides ____ Singapore Hospital Built SINGAPORE, (U.R)_One of the biggest British military hospitals outside Great Britain is being built at Singapore. It comprises a main block and three wing* and s three stories high. The hospital will accommodate naval and orce patients as well case;;. nit- army 1CH SB si 6 a 3.300 Mangled Hand Saved MONTOUR FALLS. X y (UFO --Two doctors worked 'for' two hours and employed 64 stitches to close wounds in the mangled h a n d of John Perrigo of Beaver Dam a f t e r u had been slashed bv a buzz saw. The physicians f aid"the hand probably would heal without permanent injury. -Ja.v- Birds Are Tamed PRAWDA. Man.. (U.R--A num- er of Canadian jays, the rascally ittle birds which frequent Mani- oba in the winter and which arc usually not friendly, have been tamed by J. Krutasiewich. a resident of this small town, and now feert from his hand:--. V'ace nemcmbered 30 Years SALT LAKE CITY, (J.R)_A mcmoi-y t h a t stood the test of 30 years was revealed here by a traveler. Hme. Seraphine Burrjuet of Liege. Belgium, stopped at" the lemple Square hotel and med the manage recog- as a missionaryy who had called on her in Liege 30 years before. Own Funeral Arranged . PITTSFIELD. Mass.. (U.PJ--Herc is one person who knows what her own funeral will bo like. A Pitl*- field woman has selected her casket, engaged the clergyman, settled with the undertaker, and is now making Ihe dress she wishes to wear at her funeral n Mantle Won at 9 --J.K. Conn.. (U.R--Albert Kichards became a hero at the age of 3 by saving his 11 year old brother, George, from drowm George fell through the ice Nonvalk river and Albeit craw out on the t h i n covcrin" pulled him to iafetv. CHICAGO PRODUCE 'Thursday Market) CHICAGO. (Tp-Buttct- 577.9CO. unse!- lled: creamery specials 153 socrc i " C: "Slf, firsts (S "- 9 ' '" tt'-'c: firsts IS8- J -2.4Tl23c: seconds IS4-B7i^ 2'^c 1 andardB 100 rcnlr,ilj 2C f! carlolsi 23'-c ' ,f**| 5 BV · 4 '"-.u S " ;i " ly . ! freSl ' S r a d c d - «»'S rs 16^-ic: other prices unclunged. CHICAGO PRODUCE FI;TI:HES (Thursday 3Iarkcl CHICAGO, (.p^-closc-. bnllcr storage standards Nov. 22'-c Ejg futures, rcfricerktor standards c i -/ , fl ? ra « Packed lirsts March 17-,c- April li-ic. CHICAGO roi-i.Tnr IThnrida? M a r k e t ) CHICAGO. .VP-piultry live. 33 tn.cfo: chicken f i r m : balance stcadv: It*, and under 18!ic; Jutures hens 5 Plymouth Rock White 'noX- '2b"ic.- 5l hni" h lur^C3s other prices unchanged. Blind Legislator Docs IVork PIERRE. S. Dak.. (U.PJ-- Blindness is no obstacle to a state le«- islator, Uierau. according to Henry J blind member of the South Dakota house of representatives. fellow representatives and employes read the legislators bills and he lakes notes in Braille. Safe" Explosive Invented SEATTLE. U.B-- Invention o f a '·fool-proof substitute for dyna- mte. an unnamed explosive 20 to .JO per cent more powerful than nitroglycerine but w i t h o u t the danger, is claimed by J. W. Dawson. 2o, teacher fellou- at the University of Washington. ENROLLING FOR CGC TO START 100,000 More Will Be Placed on Lists to Make 300,000 Total WASHINGTON, (JPi--From oast to coast the civilian conservation corps will begin enrolling 100,000 more American youth's Friday. By April 20 the corps strength will be about 300,000. Officials say they will get some strange fellows, but the average will be a boy about like this: Eighteen to 19 years old. Out of work for seven month?. The bread-winner for four persons back home, who will be "ent ?25 every month. He probably will come from a rural area, but most of the cn- l-ollees won't be farm boys. His keep will cost the government a little less than a year. A lot will happen to the enrollees. Some will get homesick, some will fall in love, some will get married. About 48.0UO will have one or two teeth pulled. Come next Thanksgiving, they'll cat 250 tons of turkey, have a holiday and i do no work. Tin.-.- summer thousands of tnem will play baseball, j and some evcnlualy will get jobs playing ball for money About 8,000 ot the boys will learn to read and write, hundreds will f i n i s h grammar school work and a few w i l l receive college diploma?. A fctv won't be able »« "take if and will li de.scrt.'' To Speed Between Fairs BUTTE, Mont., U.R--Mike Kavran, resident o f - Butte, plans to ··scoop'- the entire population of the United States by being the first man to see both the San JM-anctsco and New York expositions. He has made special transportation arrangements which he i? convinced no one else will be able to outdo. loned all persons Interested are herebv .otified and required to appear and snow eattse. if any they have, whv said instrument should not be probated arid allowed as and for the last Will and Testament of said deceased Chinese Boy Artist Hailed LONDON. (U.P.) _ Hundreds of a i''7,. overs h a v e bee " Paying their shillings to see a remarkable exhibition in a Bond-Street gallery The point is that the exhibition" was of work by an 8 year old Chinese boy, Plato Chan. Some of his paintings were priced at S500, Fate Kind, Then Unkind HORNELL. iv-. V Y.. (U.PJ _ Fate played a strange trick on Fred Green, a bus driver. Green's bus crashed into a parked car. He escaped without injury. While attempting to find the owner of the damaged car he slipped and fell fracturing a shoulder blade We Need... Poultry. Eggs. .Calves and iviU pay over market price for them ATLAS MEAT and GROCERY Phone 465 629 Sixth S. W. DEAD LIVESTOCK for We Pay Days Phone 3758 Phone Calls Nights Phone 3836 Lund Sales Stable and Rendering Co. MASON CITY ALLIS-CHALMERS ALLIS-CHALMERS ALLIS-CHALMERS Good Used Machinery Z 1 ~~Hft C ' Traci ° r 01 Ru!)bcr Tir cs with Cultivator and power ^ ^ i~r""h° «'"' C u U i v a l o r - 1--Fordson with Cultivator. Z I *°?" ? e f re Model B with Cultivator (like new). .!--Sets slightly used tractor tires. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS iu Q £ w Z 627 South Federal ALLIS-CHALMERS ALLIS-CHALMERS of R. L. DIXSON O m Phone 1126 ALLIS-CHALMERS Stubbs, A. W. and Harriett to J. G. Hanson SI E 48" of L 6 B 6 James Foster's add. to M. C 3-2739. Bliom. Val. to Karl A. and Dora Fischer SI L 23?, Forest Park add to M. C. 3-28-39. Billings. C. W. and Louise to Nick retael SI L 8 B. 11 Highlands M. C. 3-27-39. Fowler, Mrs. L. E. to Blanch 1 Goudy L 9 and W i L 10 B. U Camp meeting Ass'n. Grounds C. L. S! 3-27-3n. Phalen. Tim K.. Sheriff (o Flora Vittetoe 51.610 N i;, S 2-3 ot L 12 Resub. of L 1 and 2 SE SE and all S. of center of St. running E and W. through L. 7 in NE SE ·I-9S-20 3-2-39. Files. C. W., Exec., lo .7. Krau.-SI MOO. W'i SW and \ V « j EH .. . ' " C " llfoi "" i a - . . v t Ca!.. (U.R)-At one time SW of G-96-20. 9-0-38. " " ' Australia to Be Fi( iUf-LBOURNE. Australia. (U.Rl-- A chair of physical education wi llas , been convoked to discus* the problem of creating a physically fit nation. Leighion A. WJn'pplc and R u t h T . SI. SE of t/J2 in Subd of LI in Subd of S\\ r NE 10-G6-20 3-2739. Woodstock. Belle, to Roland M Cole and Ruth. ST. ^, f 26 ft. of L6 and S 16 ft. of Li B7 Cheney and Palmeter's S Add to CL 3-18-39 Arthur. Alice and Tom to " Preachers' ons don't always l U ' f '" ^ Ut bac li On] y t[lc °' lc s who Set disgusted by hearing much about religion and Trapper Strikes It Rich PRINCE GEORGE. B. C (U »_ and Trapping may have its good points i hkc everything else, but Pcrcv Peacock prefers prospecting. Whcii' the trapping business did not net him any profit. Peacock turned to - ner of L8. 9, and 23. then S'ly 11.35 ft then W by NWly 82 ft . N'ly IS ft. to NW corner ot ' then ^P e .?" n *-" e "turned i o this . L23 then SE'iy to bog. 4-29-38. An acre of corn producing 30 ba-ihcls takes 75 pounds of nitro- - gen from the soil but an acre of clover or alfalfa puts 100 pounds of ' " " " " LIVESTOCK AUCTION SATURDAY, APRIL 1 sold out last fall and have had just enough grain to keep them wing- fjood. They were crijinally Gunnison Valley cattle! Th« T faHm a rk e 't° n2e Q"H an V Dfff " "? Ch ? ieC Ioad flf ra " lc to fini = h «« a lall market. 20 head of sood native Angus slecr calves weivht 4»0 Bounds. The balance of our cattle 4ui be naUve itHe of all kinds and the usual rim of warmed up caltle fat cattle and odd lots of buteher cattle. Remember weVwi have 200 or more choice feeder nigs"mosi""of jvhich u-ill be from Xcbraska and vaccinated Good breTsows demand". VaCC ' nated arc s c l l i n ^ d « c "'- G»"d bred ewe" are "n HORSE Sc MULE AUCTION TUESDAY, APRIL 4 Ve received ISO head of horses 3 .nd tnulcs in our last sale The quality %vas good and trade was steady with recen ' ings tram SI00 ic range lo S150.00-; Mno'otir mSnHirf golTsM^ll S^^^^^.^^^I^H^^ »£ io . ns --- - ^vi^HfkS LIVESTOCK, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 5 3(111 TM" ""^^'^-^.-'vc.^ht S O O ^ O O Marvel Sales Co., Webster City, la k- II ir,.-- t -,, ,, .,, J ' "··· C. ^\. Man,'ci and Frank Ilustcd. AucU.

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