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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Friday, July 24, 1818
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mkw - xqhx srsxifo post. FRIDAY, )VLJ 14. ' LaJtM from England Oar reader will find, under Ike Boston bead, the frehet foreign it - telligeoce; thongh not very interesting. TTic French fund arc in mora prosperous way than lor some year) the loans hav succeeded great !y, tut) tit public confidence M great beyond prcJeaL ,...;, ..The hon. William Euilis, tat minuter to the Hague, left the dly this awruing in the steam boat Connecticut, on hi way to Boston. A strange as it may appear, nevertheless it U a bet, that large quantities of wheat and 'flour have lately been shipped from thi port to Baltimore for a market A writer in the Federal Gazette in speaking of thU reversal Of trade, says - tsaiumorc u now tue mgnoi market on the continent for floor. A conside m - . . n 1 . iL. L i. - rable quantity of wheat Is on its way here from New - Tor. Upward of 5,000 bushels have arrived from the District of Maine, and 4,000 ushels are afloat at our wharves from New York." Mr. Barker desire ns to mention, that we did not quite comprehend bis meaning yestcrdny when speaking on the subject of counterfeit bills. What he would have had us say, was this : Thi aaomcnt be discoveied a counterfeit on his bank, he discontinued issuing bills of the denomination thus imitated, and caused the plate to be de stroyed. Ana! her rwnutn accident. a young gen. 11c man wa on hie way home to dinner yesterday, a large sow at the corner of Broadway and Thames street, unluckily run her nose full . tilt between hi legs, took him fairly upon her back and really gallopped off some yards, , when giving a sudden grunt she pitched him sprawling on his bsck into the middle of the , street, to the no small amusement of several bystanders. We are happy to learn be sus tained no injury other wan ruining a pair ot - small cloth. The practice of leaving horse asd carriages ' in the streets without any one to take care of ibem. is oltrn attended with serious accidents. . - ' No longer ago than yesterday sftonoon, a very ' line bone, harnessed to a chaise and unattended, took fright, run oft and dashed the carriage into atoms. He was at length brought op by run . sing fall jump into a blacksmith's shop. We have received the Barbadoes Mercury of July 4, in which is advertised for N York, the sen James, Cronk, to sail 10th July and sch Fame, Chapman, for Philadelphia, 5ih July. Ia answer to the request of a correspondent, We have to inform him, that we hav neither ot the works be refers to, and therefore, cannot grant his request. I would comply with the request of another " correspoudent, but I understand from a flritnd, .tffnkutw it - llit Am wmt l.i ttmalfl i. what is called a boaz. By the Rising - States from Savannah, we ' have late accounts from our army in Fens cola. All ass tranquil there. Another dis - tinguished Indian chief had been taken and put to death. - MiuxneavruB, July 14. Major Cutler of the southern army, who ' pasted through this place a few days ago, informed us that the notorious chief Ou - ta - te - mic - co or Mic - eo - de c - e, who has been fur some time past very active in exciting the Indians to hostility against the whiles, was executed at fort Gaines, on the 28th ult by a party - of the U - fiU - la Indian. No murders or depreciation, have been commit! ed on the frontiers. ty the Indians, recently. Major Dinkins, with . a detachment of about two hundred and fifty soldier, of the 4th regiment of infantry, dell for Hawkins' on Wednesday last, for Pensaco - la, via fort Gaines. We understand general Gaines bas removed his bead - quarters to tort Hawkins. By late accounts from Peniacoln, we leant that all is going oa wen uierj. Advices irons ion Scott, of recent date, furnish nothhu;ncw, except that a distinguished hostile cbier, Antoceee jvtic co. bad been taken and put to death. '1'be Sem inole! we are informed, have ed for peace - Information ha been received at (he Creek a - ge ncy, that an embassy deputed by the whole tribe, would toon oe up, tor we purpose oi en deavorine to effect a pacitication with our sot eminent. The mischief lately dine by the In. 'diani on the (oainero part or our irontier, i said ' to be by an out - Is ins party btlooriiis to Fowl - town, who it i thought will oever be friei.dly, find must therefore be extirpated before security can be given to our border inhabitant in that ooarter. Messrs. Stock, Montgomery and Camek, who wre appointed on the part or this state tooinit ' in rinruns the dividinr line between Georgia and Tennessee, yesterday made Ibeir report to tlie ... executive, which we understand U entirely st - , itiactcry. ' . . - COMMUNICATION. Mr. Coleman Marine; experienced a serious mortification, from the credit that a paragraph has obtained, by its being allowed to paa into t!te colomn ef several newspapers, without contradiction and knowing from unquestionable authority, that more than twenty of those unfortunates, horn daf and dumb, bar been and are still mentally distressed, by an unmerited abuse of their unsuspecting confidonce ; I take the liberty te request yoa to contradict, as early ss convenient, and the sooner the killer, the late report, that the legislature of Massachusetts had, at their last session, made provuioe for tbe education of such of her citizens, so afflicted, as should be desirous of going te the Hartford academy. I hav it from a lady, whose letter is in tny potsessioo, that she raited on gov. Brooks, iu consequence of one written to him by a father ol twp draf and dumb ptrsont, claiming the privilege of an education, but that to fir from any read ve of the k'rod hairing been passed, the question was not even brodcht hfbre th WUlatnr.. Tbe object of this Is to ronrt itnt vn have the goodness to state Ibis, and that you wiU ihmu i w Kvper wienaia the eideetinr inJi - Tionat, wno count inns wantoeiT snort aiiK thi. very aafortunatn, aed ia general very tUKei ti - r.. 1 1 v 4 . ' from thi haston Cenlmel, Jti'y 21 The) frigate Gnerriere, com. Macdonoegh, who Is toraavey Mr. CnmobelL and hi faaulr. ' to Rasva, has sot yt aniled, but proKably will tint day. The delay, - we learn, has beta una Toidatl. - .' Mr. L'mw?, f Connecticut, got to the North, U the Cuerriere, a a rpecial rneen:er t Mr. LoacS, our minister ia ajraden. ed ed. as I it Tbe despatches, of which hs is lhsareTprobaily rtUle to the treaty pending between the two nation. . ' ' " ' ' On Friday, W excellency Mr. Campoeu, was oUrUinad by com. Hull, at k residence ai uie navy yard ; on Saturday he dined with the hoe. Mr. Uti; oa.Vooaay wnn in non - and yesterday with his eacellency gov. Brook. Every mark of personal respect and attention bu been paid to th minister and bis lady. Latest from England. We yesterday receiv ed London files to the 5th June. The papers began to teens with advertisements, addresses, promises and profession, to the " dear penile," from candidates withing to represcot them in parliauitnt, which was to be dissolved the 8th ef June. It was elected Nov. 1?, 1012. Tli prisooers condemned to death for the murder of Firaldcs, had petitioned fore respite. The Duke of. Wellington wa putting the frontier of the Netherlands in th best date possi ble, previous to th evacuation of France by the Cautionary army. . Lord Cochrane bad formally declined beiog a candidate for Westminster ; being bound to S. America m a steam - boat. . M. Canibaccrcs, it was aiJ, had received a con Jitioaal pardon, and would return to France. Every political aspect throughout Europe indicated a long coatiuuauco of 1'eace, and the lands promised rlenty. At the anniversary dinner of the British and Foreign Bible Society, in London, .Vr. Rush, the American Minuter, moved, that the thanks of the Society be given to Lord Teinmoulh, their President ; and be took occasion to compliment the Society on th exertions it had made in th promotion of the caute of Christianity, and concluded by saying, " May the canvass of the two countries spread more extensively over th world th riches of Christian Benevolence, thau they do toe riches of commerce, and henceforth may mat oe ineir cmy striie. An English tailor, in a mad panic, wa? report ti to have made his way from an Indianiao at St. Helena, to Buonaparte's residence to hive tar ried with nim two days, and return undiscover ed. June S. American flour, ten dollars a barrel of 196 lbs. From the Boston Daily Adv.rtiser, July 22. A Mvcral persons wer coins up into the Mu nicipal Court Koom in the new Cotiri - hauae in this town yesterday morning, one who had been leaning against the railing:, 'ell bead nrt from the step of the third story, ano struck on the rrauite pavement below, which forms Uie lower floor thus railing; at leaft 40 or 50 feet. An incident happened at the fire on Saturday evenine, last, which may tend to raise still higher the value of Mr. Reed's terviccs in detecting - rogues, already so highly appreciated, in the pubhc estimation. Five or six persons who had lately been released from the Stale - Prison, whose intentions were suspected not to be good, were observed by Mr. Reed to be hovering about the fire, when be took the precaution to screen himself behind a gcntlemau whose extraordinary dimensions served very well for the purpose. One of the villains came pretty near, and accosting an old gentleman who appeared to bo a stranger, directed hi attention to a particular part of the fire, remarkable for its vivid appearance : and while he wa locking, contrived to pick his pocket, and made ofT. Keed now left bis concealment, interrogated the old gentleman as to his loss, rmd then pursued end overtook the fellow and had him committed. By the Frederick which arrived here yesterday in 42 days from Liverpool, we received from our correspondent a reeu'.ar file of the London Times up to June 5th. live days later than our previous London dates. They contain very little that i important or interesting e have made a tew extracts tor to day paper. Flnurhad risen a few divs before fl.e Fre derick sailed, and when she left Art 50s. t I,oBoir, June 3 By the French paper of Saterday last it appears that the loan ha succeeded beyond all hope or Calculation. The subscription ot annuities was opened on the 9th of the month, and were closed on the 7th, when it was found, iccordinjr to one tatement, that they amount to 219,800.000; according to another, to lSO,C0O,OOv, the lower of which sums is 1. Imet mtre than the Minister of nnance requir This, indeed, may well be quoted by the Paris newspapers, and bv the private letters, a manitest.tion ot nuniio commence alio - peUier unparalleled in the history France. he Council of Ministers tssembledtouelihe contributed sIuuM be ctunted to each sub - l'" i .., v. ... u, ..: iber. On the oOta the determination ot h. Ministers on this point, and on the price at which the new stock should be delivered, was likely tn be m .ke kiMiwn tn the public The house of Lafitte is said to have offered a con tribution of 20 millions of rentes, and that of lie Lessert 15 millions, either of which sub scriptions would have b en greater than the national exigency had been estimated to de mand. Paais, May 28. A Council of Ministers met tn day to fix the price of the loan. Never was public confi dence so strongly manifested as on this occa sion, she subscriptions amounted to lol), - 000.000. which is 12 times more than the Ministers of Finance required. The house of (janlte alone subscribed for more than j'J.tXXV 000, that of Benjamin Dclessert, 15,000,000, and so on. If the Government had been dis posed to admit none but the smallest subscrip tions, that is,3,(MUtrancs,(aboiitZUUguineavj would even then have been more than tilled up." Parliament, we understand, will Certainly be prorogued to - morrow, and be dissolved on Monday. Th prince regent will prorogue tho parliament in persoo. Stocks, 3 per cens 73 1 - 8 5 - C; S per cents 103 1 - 4 3 8 1 - 8. Paris tiaperi to th ?9lh ult. slates tint the kin of Frustia left. Berlin on the 27th Mj jo his journey to Moscow, where, according to the plan of the route, be will arrive on tiie loth une. DOVF.R, June 4 His excellency count Lieveu, the Russian ambassador, Srrircd here hut night, and one of the prince regent's carriages and servants, for the rurposeot receiving the empress of Kosna and the archduke Michael, who are expected to laud here this evening; tbe lioyal boteretgn yatch, having tailed last evening to Bologne for the purpose of bringing tbse exalted personages over. PARI?, June 1. Fire per cents 69f 40c; bank stock 1560. PETERSBURG, May 8, A mad doc bit four individuals and several ao - mals. The authorities administered the .lltsma Plttnttrga several of the animals died, but none of the persons who were bitten have exhibited th (lightest symptoms of madness. WASHINGTON. Js!y 52 V TBS raSIIDEKT Or TBX CHITKD TATXS. Whereas, byaa act cf Congress pawed oo tie third day of March. 1815, entitled 'ao art to pro vide for the ateerlaintnr end rarvertng or ire bound arr line fixed bv the treaty wilb the Creek Indiana, and for other purposes," the Pre - tdent ol the unite d states it authorised to ca - rst tbe lends acquired by the said treaty, to be offered for tale, wbfn ssrytyeo. Therefore, 1 Jawies Monroe, Pruitient of the United States, te hereby declare aed make anowm, that public ics for tt.ediipotal 3grer hly to law) of certain lands in lh Al.thnma 1, - r. I 'i'ory, a.dl he beld at Cal.aba, in tbe said lerri - t. - ,rr nn IK. fir.f ,nn.i.. . I . . , ' tory, on the first Monday to January next, and shall for three weehj,(ria which time wiu oe ouertu lor asie. Toweshjp uatber'd 9 to I i inciosivfc in range , : 9tQlG , - - '10 to IS - f ia J . - .' - leto - lS ' V k iu ' 6 except such land a have beea reserved by law for the support of schools, and for other perpo:. The land shall be offered lor sal ia revalar nu merical order, commencing with the lowest num ber of section, township and ranees ' toa. tbe lbth dav of Julv. one thousand eight hundred and eigiiteeo. By the President: ' ' ' j. oir - iua, Commissiooer of the General Land OiTke. Bv the President of the United Stales. Whereas, by an act of coogren, passed on the 17th of February. 1318, entitled "an art mak - iug provision for th estublisliuient of additiooal land oflices ia the territory of Missouri," the president of tho United Stales is ahlliorised to direct the public lands, which !vc been survey ed m the said territory, to be ottered for sale 1 hercloro, I, James Monroe, president ot the United States, do herenr declare and make known, that public sales for the disposal fa - rree ably to law) of certain lands in the territory of Missouri, shall be held in Franklin, in said tcrri - torv, viz : On the Grst ATonday in January next for the saleol Townships no. 4G to 52 in - ) elusive aod fract'l town - in range 19 ship 53 ) 4!lto52and) ' fracfl township 53 S. 71 ' ' 48 to 52 ' 2f,22, 23 On th first Monday in March next, for the sale of i ' Townships 43 to 55 inclusive, in ranges 4 fc 25 4U to 50 se a: On the first .Wooday iu May next, lor the sale of Townships 51 to 4 inclusive, in ranges 11 k 12 51to5fi 13 3 to 50 14&15 excepting the Uuds which have been, or may be, raserved by law, for the support of stliooU, and fur other purposes. Ra'.b sale shall continue as Snog as may be necessary to oiler the landH for sale, and no looker, and the lands shall bo offered iu regular numerical order. Given under my linml, at tho ci'y of Washing ton, this l?th day of July, one thousand eight 1 , , 1 - nuiiurea auu ciuiceu. ' JAMES MONROE By the preiiJent : JOilAU MUGS, Cooimissiftticr of the General Land OiTice, From the Indiana, (Pa.) American, July 6. Mclancliolu etreumstaitce.ll is with nul'eisn. ed sorrow we inlnnu the public, that Mr. Hen ry ohryotlr, ot Urn borouzh, was lost en .Mon day morning Iat, in the Wilderness, on Die head waters of the west branch of the Susquctannah, near a place called the Cherry - tree. The fol lowing are the circumstances which led to this melancholy event: Va the I burtday morninr precedinr, Mr. iliryoclf, in company with two of our citizens, lelt home on a hunting expedition tn the n2h - bourhood of the place where he was lost. After arriving at the place of destination, they erected a camp, where they repaired to at nijht, and during the day amuAd themnlvM by shooting nme. ADoul 3 o'clock: on ftWDiUy morning - u was concluded that the two companies of Mr hryock would proceed to watch a lick a short distance from their encampment, end that h should remain at the camp, prepare breakfast, put the baggage on their horsrs, and fellow them shout 5 o'clock, as they intended to return home the tame day. Having remained at lh lick un til 9 o'c lock, they concluded In return to the camp to Ascertain the caute of Mr.' Shryock't delay : When within forty or fifty rods of th cm an, they found th hones tied to A bush, and having discovered that a blanket ana a pair of saddle Dags were missing, they muted a few minute, expecting that Mr. Sbryockhad return ed in search ot them. They then proceeded, and when withh) a few rods of the camp, found tbe article missies. They immediately conclu ded that when returning in search of these articles, Mr. Sliryock had been so unfortunate as ti wander from th path, and after the most di ligent search they at length discovered his trail, which they followed for 4 or 5 miley, but night approaching, tbev were at length - compelled to give up the pursuit. - Thoy then returned to this borough ou Tuesday meroin; and gave the alarm ; aumbers of the cihzcns immediately started in pursuit of him, sine which time par J r , V ., been searched for many miles round, with - . "r. - .i. . .k ik. .i.. I tt. liov tl - .il lri IIia tftwn. hn wIma rnunlrv out being able to trace him farther than the du ance abot - e mentioned. IV Lave still hopes that h may hare reached the stttleuent in leaificlJ c - iunty, as he was evidently Steering in that direction. Several parties are n - w out, and it is hoped that every man who is tlio leat acquainted with he wood! in that quarter, will assist ia endea vouring to find thii unfortunate man. ' WESTCIIF.STER, (Penn.) july 22, We had on Mouday a number of heavy show ers, attended with some thunder and lightning. In the course of the day, rain fell 4 itches deep upon the average level, as ascertained by a gen tleman in this town. A friend was t urious to calculate tbe quantity that has fallen b the bo rough, and states that it contains 1131 acres. That on each acre fell 103,617 gallons. On the whole borough, 123,954,444 gallons,' which would fill a canal 0 feet wide and 3 feel deep for 1316 yard. 77ie Season lias been so far very favourable to vegetation. The crops of wheat, rye, barley and grass, are generally excellent. Th weather tor ten days past bad been very warm: and dry, but on Sunday we had refreshing showers t the corn crop never looked more procnuinJ. Ches ter agaiuti iaacaiier yet, JUtlantheltt Mcrftrut.On Thursday after noon last, fimmor Townsend, a lad aged about 12 years, living with John U. Wersler, bsq. nl Uiis borough, icll Irom Uie roof of tlie piazta, were he wa at play, upon the pavement before the door, and fractured his scull to such a degree, that Medical aid was unavailing, and he expired in ahout 2 hours. ' SAVANSAFT, July 11. The Venezuelan privateer Cerenu, alias Fe lix, which arrived at tlii port a few days since, ruts neen seized and iinellsd lor having violated tbe neutrality bill, passed by congress at their last session. It it laid by some that the charge' will not be substaoUated so as to condemn her. Nr.w - Uacswic(, July 23 Effects tf intricaiion. is stated in the MorrUtown Palladium Out the body of a man by the name of Lynch, was found dead in the barn of Josiah Conkling of Mendham An in quest was held on the body, and it appearing in evidence that tbe neceased had a few eve nings before been seen to drink a quart of spir its in two or three draughts, the jury gave it as their opinion that Le came to bis death by intoxication. Th following interesting circular from Wn Shaler, Esq. was received yesterday by the sch. Fayette, from G.tiraltar, without date (CIRCULAR) Sir I bare the baoor L inform yo", that in reply to a requisition mad 1 - y me on the Alge - ru government, I bare received the moit positive assurances, that during the existence of pestilence in Algiers, instructions will be given to th commanders ef their cruisers ait to board any American ncrchaat vessel, oa any pretext may I a the may tame your To T of an py the the Mr. De Dr. the der to ing ty as whatsomr r nJ I request, that for the iafor - maliou of our lellow uuzeoa, wiob uw concern, jou will give to this circular that nolkaty wiiniu your imirn humi uwlwc 1 .... ' 'it I.... . 1 t .1 i..rnrm aires 1 ana mas you wiu uKm. . , r.t ir a .i:...l in Mediterranean, of any departure from this .mnwoiciit on the Dart of the Alserines, which ju i rM navsu lurcei 01 lira u. o. iwhw coeae to your knowledge, in order that th may tt correcicu lonuwiui. 1 have the honor to be, very respccuuuy, str, most ob't serv't, " Consul General of the U. S. iu Baibary. the Consul of the U. S. at Gibraltar. Ou honorable Corporation of tlie City of JS'eif 'York. Gentleintn In an age like the present, distinguished for so many public charities, it is a mnttar of turcrise that the melancholy condition the eiand IHimb among us has not exote J earlier attention. In many cities of Europe the tender ftelings ol humanity have loog been alive to this subject amnle resource have been opened, and every effort has been employed to rescue those unhap persons Iruiu idleness, ignorance and trrfcifd - nets. To you, gentlemen, it is unnecessary to trace Droeress ol tnose institutions ot mercy, from first partial theories published nearly a ccn tury ago. Through the happy and successful eiperimenls'of Father Vamiu, Mont. Terrase, ilanich, Uaka, Mr. Braidwood, the Abbes L'Euee and iicard, - Dr. Watson, and many others most of their plan of instruction have beeu published on this interesting iul - ject, parti' cularly two volumes by the latter gentleman Watson, of London ; and, no doubt, vou are sufficiently acquainted with their value. In this city. Uie London of America, the most diitin "inshed for charitable societies of any part of th United states, an mstitutiou has been lately formed an J incorporated by our Legislature for instruction oi the Deal and Dumb already above three score of those uuhappy objects have come within the knowledge of tiie persons who now address you : anJ it is confidently believed, that more than ouo huudied of those iuo - acent sufferers are within the bounds of this city, un the protection of your honourable board. Gentlemen, we would appeal to your under standings and judgement, when we lay that more noble and praise worthy institution nerer claimed your attention. We are called by the imperious voice of public example, by the best feelings of humanity, and by the providence of (iod, who points out the plan virtually to open the ears of the Deaf, and in reality to loose the tongues of the Dumb. "If that man who causes but two blades of grass to grow where only one vegetated before, renders more essential service mankind than many politicians," how much more blesed those who are instrumental of cul tivating the human mind, and especially under luch painful and obstinate circumstances as the persons for whom w plead, ol not only render them happy in themselves, as social beings and usuful members of society, but trachiug them the knowledge of their God and th way to Heaven iu tlie light of divine revelation. The Subscription books of the Society have been circulated and are still open, but the sums collected are far, very far short of tbe object contemplated. The directors of the institution look up to you with confidence for immediate and liberal assistance (their school is now in operation.) They do not presume to dictate in what manner you shall help tticui : but they are oersuaded yu will act worthy of yourselves aud will do justice to a subject in which the honour of our City, and the present aud future happiness of so many wretched sufferers are so deeply interested. JUlia U. SLU 1 r, secretary. The Special committee, to whom was refer red a communication from the iJirectors of the N. YorV Institution for th iottrvc f tha Deaf and. Uutno, requesting aid irom the cor poration ia behalf ol said Institution, teg leave to report, That they have given tbe subject all the attention which (heir time and capacity for ievesliffatiog its merits would admit, and hare oe hesitatiou in saying, that if properly patron ized, the Institution for the instruction ol in Deaf and Dumb will become one of the most beneficial and useful establishments in this City. For the purpose of ascertaining the pract icabili and method of instructing these interesting objects, the committee visited the school in company with some or the directors, and wre highly gratified at the progress of the scholars well (s the emulation excited in them by their teacher, to excel each other in thtir stu dies. J u.lgiu from this exhibition of Uie talent displayed by the deaf and dumb, the committee arc tatisfied that thy may not only be taught the rudiments of education, but with attention and perseverance attain a knowledge of many of the higher branches of study. The committee are unable to express th leri - ings of humanity and commiseration excited in them on viewing the wretched condition of these tons and daughters of ignorance, and feel themselves bound by every consideration of propriety to recommend their case to the humane conside ration of the Board, as one or peculiar interest, both as it respects the objects themselves, as well as the public at large. This institution was incorporated by an act of the legislature, on the Iith day of April, 1117, and has been in operation only five weeks. The tch.tol consuls of eleven scholar : three females ani eight males who are taught reading, wri'ing, aud the art of converging by signs ; aod an attempt with some success has beeu made to instruct them to articulate words and thort sentences. Only two of tho scholars pay for their education ; the friends and relations of the others be .ng poor and unable to pay, they are taught gratis. The price of a quarter's school ing i fuel by uie directors, (or those who are abie to pay, at ten dollars, including the neces sary statiotiary, slates, ice. The aunual expense of the pretcnt eslaLii. - hment, although very limi ted in its number, canuol te estimated at lest than 2500 dollars ; for Hit payment of which the directors nave no other resource except the vo luntary donations of the charitable and benevolent. Frequent applications are made for ad mission in the school, by those whose circumstan ce w.ll not permit them to pay the expense of tuition ; but tbe hnauccs ol the institution are at so low an ebb, that it is impossible to admit more than tbe present nanibei ; and even they will be found too many, unless something is don to footer and protect tliem, until efficient aid can be obtained It has been ascertained that more than sixty of these unlortunate beings are now retidenli in this city, the greater part of whom, if It A in their present ignorance, mut sooner or later become chargeable on the public lor their support. I'n der this consideration, is it not the interest of the corporation to foster and encourage this in tlitution, inasmuch as it will not only serve the cause of hnmanity, bnt eventually prevent ae increase ol paupers, and an addition to lh ex penditnr for their support .' Tbe committee have no reason tn doubt that a disposition exists in th board to assist, a far as propriety will warrant, to laodahlean nodsrtatt ing as the one nnder consideration. Thry, therefore, respectfully recommend the adoption of the follow ing resol u lions : Retohed, That th. Institution for the insirnc tion of the Dafand Dumb be permitted to oc cupy, during lh pleasure of this board, a Room in tbe 3d story ol that part of th old Alms luiin reserved for the ucc of the corporation, piovijcd it i oceJ lor no other purpose except lor lue in structioa ef the scholars. Kesolxtd, That the directors of saiJ institution be authorised to receive in their school ten deaf and dumb persons, at the expense of the corpora Uoa, provided suh penoa? are in nee.lj cirsaa - that forty this now be last and the do it ry in a lofijuir stances. 'toe! enable totmr the expense instruction, and are inhabitants of this city, and the expense of each scholar shall not exceed dollars a year. Resolved. That a donation of 500 be made to aid iustitutioB to aid Ibcm in carrying into effect laudable undertaker, and that a warrant past for said amouut. Resolved, That th committee on thi subject charged Willi the execution of the foregoing retolutiwj. STKi'UEN, 1 JOHN MORUSt, W. F. VAN AMR1XGE. The' door of the Custom Home was found open uilit about J.aif past 1 1 o'clock, when two watchmen were immediately called, and put in charge of the property. D. Ji&e. Cockroaches V j placiug a bowl of molasses troVer iu the places Irtqnenled by these troublesome inlets, they will be effectually exterminated. The experiment has been tried by writer oflhis. whose house was much in fested by them, and in thecouiseofa fortnight they have been nearly all destroyed ty me above limple remedy. 77e Nutmeg. It it a fact which ought to be known to all housewives that if ttiry begin to grate a nutmeg at the stalk end, it will prove hollow throughout; whereas the same iiutuieg, grated from the other end, would have proved solid and sound to tlie last, j be centre ol a nutm?g, comisli of a number of fibres issuing from the stalk aud its continuation, through the centre of the fruit, the other euds of which li bra?, though closely surrounded and preyed by the fruit, do not adhere to it ; whru tho stalk end is gruteJ away, these fibres lulling lost their hold, gradually drop out, and the nutmeg appears hollow, and ai more Is grated away, others drop out ia succession, aud the hollow continues through this whole nut. .ib'y beginning at the contrary - end which may he readily don by thrusting a pie therein to ascertain of the hardest end, the fibres above mentioned are grated oS at their core end, with the surrounding fr jit, and sot drop out aud causo a hole. Another circumstance worth recollection is, that in conse quence of the great value of tlie oil of nutmegs, is often extracted from the nut that are exposed to sale, by which they are rendered of ve little value. To ascertain tho quality of nutmegs, force a pin into them, and if good, however dry they may appear, the oil will be seen coming out all around lh pin, from the compression occasioued in the surrounJiog parts. From the Many Gazette end Dai'y JUvertite. Died, on the 13th inst. in the city of New - York, whither he had gone to consult medical advice, John T. B. Graham, Esq. counsellor at law, in this city, in the thirty - first year of his age. Rarely indeed, has an occurrence of this kind taken place, which deservedly excites such universal sorrow. G - iefof the most pungent character is not confined to his immediate relatives. The venerable man on whose head the almond tree already blossoms the aged matron, whose heart palpitates with anxiety, while surveying her numi - ruiis offspring j and even the heedless giddy youth whose bosom dilates at the nouiid of pleasure all, all unite mourning the early unexpected dissolution this amiable man. If ever there lived a being, who deserved not an enemy, it was Graham. Indeed, he had none, but those created by his hostility to the oppressor. In manners affable and conciliating in morals unblemished in ' conversation frank and candid in compassion to the poor Howard in generosity to his friends open as the day in fidelity to bis promises unexam pledin filial piety in marked attention to the advancement of hi parents' comfort, in genuine and fervent affection to his' other immediate relatives without asupeiiori he readily and warmly attached to him, all who had the honor and the gratification of his society. He was Tt i s s, gsj j i - L - 1 . .J4 - jr' utant, devoted and liberal supporters ot the Third Pres: yterikn Church in this city. Not a member of that numerous and respectable congregation but laments his loss 'with tears of unfeigned and bitter sorrow. Ah Graham ! tftv usefulness was short : but now thou are reapinir its rewards. Thou art removed from an immense circle of mourning friends but we trtibt thou art with God. This feeble and nn perfect tribute to tby virtues is penned by one who Knew tny worm, wnourgeiy expenenceu thy benevolence and svmpathv, who reckons it among the chief felicities ot Ins lite tnt he enjoyed thy confidence and friendship, who prays daily that he may emulate thine excel lence, and who will not cease to think of thee even in the hour of death. The trustees of the 3d Presbyterian congre gation having learned with deep regret of the death of their worthy fi - ieud and trustee, John B. Graham, Esq. have at a special meeting last evening unanimously resolved to wear crape on the left arm for 30 days Alb.ii.y, July 16, 1318. AlAKKIKU, On Thursday, in St. Marks Church, by the FUv. Mr. Creightnn, Mr. William Baroewall, to Miss C'enu - nlina Bulgers. DIED, At Mobile, on the 25th ult Cant. James Tew, a native of Newport, (R. I.) aged 32. At New - Orleans, Mr. James Johnston, for ma ny years a respectable merchant of that place. EVENING POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED, Brig Scipio, Collins, St. Johnt, N B. Boorman h Johnston Schr Sidney, Clement, Edenton, NC. Carpenters Bon, tuieriuge, do Francis, Scott, St. Vincent Mill. Purdv k Co. Sloop Little Bill, M'Alpine, Halifax AKlilr tilt itilS tUKtVUft. Ship Laguira, Reed, 31 days Irom N Orleans, and 23 from the Ualize, with cotton, tobacco, peltrv, sogar, sc. Ion bu Gnswold, own ers ; Bogert & Kueeland, Lewis Si Son, Patrick Aymar& Co. T lrvin, Laidlaw, Girault&Co Pierfon & Brothers, WaUh tl Irallagher, J Uun stead, H Vos, 3 Packwood, and D Deshon. Passengers, Mr. and urs. ractwood, Nr. and Mrs. fort, Mr. and Mrs. Dorsey and child. Miss I'acKwoo'l, Messrs. Key, D Deshon, J Deshon, Ward, liarland, and G in the steerage. June 19. in the river bound up, spoke ship Mornin Mar, of and from Providence, SI days - , ship Antsquam, of and from IN York, 31 days; brig Alliance. 70 days from Liverpool. June 23d, arrived at tbe Balize, ship Fidelia, ol New York, 43 hours from Apalachacola. June 23th at the Balize, spoke the brig Savannah Parke t, of and from New - York, in I7days; 28th spoke ship Flora of Ncw - Indon, 60 days from Liverpool ; brig cnus ol and from Haltimore ; ship Com. Kogers, Day, ol ind irom York, in 21 dayi ; ship Caroline, of and from Philadelphia in 1 9 days. J nne S3, sloop Thorn, V4 days from Amboy; ship Edward, Barden, of Philadelphia ; bngswallow, of anutrom London, 10 days ; rch Brilliant, 30 days from - Portsmouth, N. II. ; sch, Sea, 30 days from Richmond; brig Orleans, 1 days from is. ork ; Ilermopqrodite brig, Soutii America, 17 days from n. York ; July 4, lat '28 Ion 86, ship Charlotte, 5 - 1 day frx - m Gibraltar, bound for NOrlcani. Ship Rising Slates, Swinburn, 5 dart from Sa - yaiin?b, wi h cotton, toWco, Sec. to Griswolds & Coales, owner? ; A D Duff, Willcts & La w - n - oci. G J.hmnn. . id to order. Sailed, lltili. shin LaJy Gallatin. Saio, for Liverpool. I - xft in the river, ship John 1 Edward, for Liverpool viuwi. At avanuan, uns Aionzo, Vjrceu, and levant, Wood, for N York soon. OfTTybee, rpokeschr .Jilo, beetle. Dound in. fasseners, Mrs. rut nam. MitOislI. and Maxwell : 2 Aliss ifaxwelU i S 4 J - : - J Messrs, Gardner, Crogef, Dre w.Bouge.A Kar, Kerr, Cotton, Brown, C - reene, Cummin,' ausier, Kitchen; WCen, Butler, Oritwoff Patterson, Tefts, Clay, Camp, and two ia tv! steerage. . ' ' . British brig Cor Woodford, Pierce, 18 dan from Barbadoes, with sugar, niolatsee, te. u ij Kennedy. . 14 passengers. ' - . ; British brig Chance, Corning, 16 days fro. Antigua, with rum, molasses, c. to Ward and Uifhop. So news. ( . American loopOlrve Branch, Hawee, 9 dsn from llermuda, rum and mol.ities to A.Z. Go! rc' - t, vote c: ww ana K. Uickey ; 12pawwnreri No news. Left sclir Baltic, liuiiey, of libou Island, uncci tain tvhrn to lail. ; BELOW, ' Pre; Commerce, of l'rovidcncc, fc8 dayi froa New Orlean, to the captuiu. Hi hr Sauciusky, from Ssarannah. t:chr Rrilliant, Block, from Richmond. A ilu from Halifax. brig Newton, Giern, 53 days from London, derry, with bricks and 3D panengirr, to G g .Vuniford. rationgers, li Crook and Jas. Currv and 2S in the steerage. Jon 23, lat 44 5? L' i iI3, t poke a brig from Liverpool for N York July U, lat 42 Ifi, lou 50, spoke brig John ati Hannah, from Boston for Oporto. lth, ht 4 5J, lou t: 4 - i, ship CVres, 3 days from Bottm for Havre. 22d, lat 39 520, Ion 72 30, tu sch Rigulator, Vi days froui Halifax for Ales, amlria. The Grand Turk sailed in co for ft'ew - Yoik. ARRIVED LAST EVENING, Ship Niagara, Bristol. 42 days from i,; with tall, to Wai. Ni - Uson Si Son, owners. L Sailed in ro. brig - Joseph, M juIoiv, for 1'hiladcl. phia ; and schr , Kohiu - mii, for N. London Left, brig Aurora, Ross, to siiil the 12th; atcbr for Kostoii, do. do. ; brig Messenger, Peterson for Duxbury, in 5; sihrsJurah ii Louisa, Miir! phy, for TeneritiV, in 4. At quarantine, a lii9 aud a bi ig. 1'awcd a ship aud brig goin ' iu. - . uly 6, spoke a copper bottomed ship from H. vre, for N York. July SO, long. 69, spok schr John & Mary, from N Ybrk for Martinique. Ship Thomas Dickinson, Baush,2dayifrom Philadelphia, in ballast, to A Bell. Brig Mary Ann, Shalor, 16 days from Kfew. Oilcans, and 13 from the Balize, with cotton kc. to N & DTalcott, and K Gillespie. Pas. sengers, Messrs. Harding, Lynch, Thompson, Winston, Biggs, Martineaiix, tiarrod and fami. ly, and M iss Evans, f poke in the River, July Sth, ship Globe, 3 days from New - York. 6th, Virginia, 15 days from do. OfT the Balize, brig Golden Fleece, from Jamaica j ship Columbia, from N York ; ship Tennessee, from Philadelphia. In the Biver, bound up, 16 sail, including the Virgin, of Baltimore Hope, from N York Caroline, of Philadelphia ; Swal low, of London and Pocahontas, 40 day s from Lisbon. At the Balize, bound out, ship Mar. mion, for Hamburg ; brig Attima, from Havre; sch Ann, for Charleston. Spoke, off the Dot - blehcad .Vliot, ship Laeuira, 14 days from tie Uahze fur ft orlt and saw at the same tint, the Parker 3i Sons, Fame, and Calpe. Tie brig South America, and ship Commodore Kidgers, were at the city. British brig Francis, Tennant, 19 days froa Antigua, with rum and molasses, to Goodhue Si Co. Passenger, T. Francis. No news, Brig Betsey, Clifford, 4 days from Richmond, with tobacco'and flour, to J M'flride, D Be - thune & Co. Laidlaw, Girault & Co. T lrvin, E C Woodhull, and C Beers. Sloop Three Sisters, Chidsey, 3 days froa Noifolk, with flour and fish, bound to New - Haven. The brig Standard, of Salem, had armed in the Roads, 4 days fiom N York. Sloop Susan, Beaidsley, 6 days Crom' Alexandria, with ashes, to Uie master. Sloop Superior, Storer, .4 days from Pbila. ilelphia, with flour, bricks, stoves, JiC. to P Grim, tmith & Uailev, Smith & NicoIL W? Van Amringe, Stafford & Weed, Jackson and Woolley, U Duminer & Co. De Forest tt Son, Manning Si R.chmond, C Dubois, aud to order. FROM OUR CORRESPOJmSST, , " : 4 - itisi t. m. i Arrived, ship William, Butter, 52 day from Amsterdam, and 45 from lands end. Left there 29th .May, ah ips Integrity, Elderkin,br India; Milton, Thomas, do. "da ; Marmkn, Ford, for St Petersburg j Kosseau, JetTersM, for Philadelphia in 2 days. June 5th, in tbe Straits of Dover, spoke brig Concord, of Baton, 45 days fiom N.Orleans for Amsterdats; and bng Mary, of M York, from Amsterdsa for Petersburg, Va. July 13th, lat 40 S, long 66, ship li is, 4 days from New - York ( Greenock. AEVV - ORLEAflS, Ju'y S. - Arrived brisjSa - vaunah Packet, Brown, from New York. Schr Favorite, Venice, from Mobile, fcit.r Thomas Shields, Tucker, do. Schr Vir.toire, Dumoy, from Mobile. Arrived at the Levee yesterday, brig Hunh' - Rosen. 12 days from Havana. Saw a tailor il Havana who aid he belonged to tbe ship Fatter - tun Paillette, of and for New - Orleana, from Bordeaux, and that she ha been lost oa BabuA; crew it cargo saved and carried to Totola. fk also said be had letters from persons on boart be delivered in New - Orleans and wished a pa aage, but the brig wa already full. A Spanish nrig wa captured on tne oanaur patriot schooner painted black who ate murderiner the contain in cold blood, petst crew on board an American brig arrived at B - vans and then made off with bis prize ; reponn himself from Charleston - ' Snip Flora, from Liverpool, wa at tbe T yntcrday. Extract from the Log Book of the ship Carol Capt. eernll, Irom rci.aoeipnia Toesdav. 23d June. 1818. This dsyco D.ences with strong gales and fine weather : t hii nftll P.M. with the Tort usat bearing - a. b. thirty miles, leu in witn a imp w brigs (Spanish,) I was asleep below ; the secoel mate inlormed me there were three sail in neB and I went on deck immediately ; tlie brig eeareit ut fired a gun, I hove too ; h commenced nnag ht nt . I tnnlr in lh. Inn - tlant Sails aSO ' the topsails run down to the caps, baulee' p tbe foresail and hauled down the lib ; ne raaseu long side within 100 yards and kept Bp f "VJ fire of grape, canister and mutquetry, I "aw light but it bad no eff.ct, he stjll kept p his !. which cut away the main top gallant naca " - j - j mizen ton citliaot brace, main top bowlw sm iih Lsnlvarila ; mim thnt tlrnrk her Hl, w prat shot in ll.e mizen ton - mast which hanvt1 riwl ,1 n Art v nri uMral ahntl IhrOUEB U" the night was clear and the moon sow"1. bright, he coHld not but see that our WP no sail on her. The ship to Windward weo two guns, (I expect as a signal to hin)hh' ceased firing; I bore up under bis lee; jvr dere.1 my boat out and to repair on board im mediately, which I did ; he exrnex xn - papcrs, . enquired wherefrom and W?VJ which I informed him. I then "'P1. reason for his firing into us, but coul a gc satifactory answer inlormed nim w "tj .m away considerable of roy rigging t b 14,4 e w Ulicd he had cut my damned thw1 - '. then Liformtd me 1 was at liberty to proc and i left l.iru. - JAMES SERRILU. Master of Oie ship Caroline of Ph"'1 Atthe Turn yesterday afternoon at 4o ewes, ship Com. Rodger. N York ; ship Philadelphia; brig Venus, Prker, Bait""10" and 3 ships name unknown. r - rt SAVANNAH. July 16. - C!cared, skd ?J ci - imd Sarnli, Holm, Liverpool : ship Lwl " latin, Swain, Liverpool ; brig Williaai Ujrj Stackpole, Havre ; brig Alonto, Oreesr, Biiero - t, July 21 - Arrived, ship Cli. Grf ner, 5" tlays lium Bremen. Left, te i Hamilton, N Yorlt, 3 weeks iar, - - " z . - ... c. p.te Baltimore, 2 do ; .MerCator, V ooo, . j ourg, i uw. , ..t - .tweU1 b.r Scvuie, saueo irom nrcmu jr. ous n uie cnu. . slilp Albert Gallatin, of S York. 5poe,

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