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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Friday, July 24, 1818
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fEAS,' WINES and GROCERIES. ,' 7fAB(.A" LAI MiMlJwlcritHjliaco 1 end assortment of IiAOiK Autnua jivvn.i I a - cousiuuuy ou uao'i a $eo - nf tlm followim articles. Khjch will be ditjioicd of uta moderate advance. Teal oi u" ' Siigat Ao Ciuitie old Cognac B randy MollandlGiii jnnaica and other Spirits (Vine ol the f ariuu kinds Pine Apple Shrub ' tttiou, Lime and Orange Juice SMad Oil in bettie aud bottle i,. Brown Stout Bottled Ale and Cider Double Gloucester Holland and American Cheese , Cordials Spices, Essence s Sperm and Tallow Cundlet Do. Oil for Lamps fjoflee, Rice. Barley and Mustard A few boxes Sicily I aions in fine order Kaisiut, Almonds, Prunes, i is Basket Salt, tic. for sale by JAMES P. AN DOE. Wanted to purchase, a quantity of second hand ami norter bottles. J 1 r 7? W VVH1TE LEAD, Uc. 6ic. 3UU kegs London White Lead in oil 30 barrels do Dry White Lead 8 tons Ked Leu 30 barrels Bristol Red OcJu fOdo Venetian Red. it tM fioe LilUrje j.boelad Whiting, . 90 casks Pari Whit f hbd. Y erdigrn SO tierces r ranch YcUow Ochre 5 keg Vermillion A. Pnuiii, RIlM. AlVllh. . Crowe Yellow i Patent Yellow 'Spanish Brown, Venetian Ked, I Yehow, IN OIL. Black, ' i Verdigris, J Limphltick ; Ivory Black ; Purple Brown - Spirits Turpentine ; Lintseed Oil - 4tk) boxes Window Gift, assorted For sale on the lowest terms, for cash or at Sort credit, by ft; I til swtii'nicn.iiun.i s, pj 24:t Wnler - street. WM. W. WOOL6EY & CO. No. 2."7 Pearl - street, have just received ty tho Julius Cesar, Courier, Aim Mam, and, other vessel lit Liverpool aud, a very extensive urtiprot of HA lUJIl'.i HE aud F, wkth they offer for sale by the package or from tbtlret ou the lowest term, for cash or credit ; Mt of which are pnrlicuhtHy adapted to the mothern and western markets consisting t,f rwtia piecss of dilTrreut Jesci i;ttioCi Aavili, ice., Trac chains Usaimer heads Gun locks, I'iftols, Tea trays Cross - cut, mill and pit aawa, of various jurUi - ' ties FiaspUU stock locks ' Nob, cheat, tronk and caboard fecks Hsud, teoaat aud sau sa ws r des l ail kusda - Bread trays, Webbing, CaoJIrtick PUted castor, PaUocint &.rew, r phrtri - " . - ffteviyard. Waffle aad fr irots Dated saddlery o( all kinds Tea keUlee, Kat traps, Pocket boe4s BultMU, bborU, To!, KlinU - Kmrte fesarki, p, pocket andolhar kulres benmrs, Rassrs, Portabto car' Canols, Plane iroas and fouget ' PsUol aod commou horn ' Toj;e.Ar wiA vtutau a. . . Si4Kjr.,lricri'c'. ALSO, fOUS.1Lt', 123 botes window glass M casks white and red lead 10 cases while and colored cuttua bose 20 catlu speller 00 boxes tobacco pipes 4 t cases long and short Italian gloves July II 2 KaVLSiuwsvi luoHiU' in una, prime KentiHtky Tobacco, iandinc (bis day from snip Grand Srignor, from New Orleans, for ABRAHAM OG1)kIv. WARKAM KL) BOLTING CLOTHS. A Isrpe assortment M' every description, of Dutch Bolting Cloths, warranted to be of the Llt mialitv nvftr - ftnH nt thd mntf r. duceo prices, for sale by J U 8i 1 - 8 Peart - strect. Will rK Liu AO. t T0X3 English White 1a ad, gTound iu oil, in 112,50 and 115 lb. keg. 5 Toot Jrr do. do. for sale br TUCKER : LAURll'S, jalv 20 99 jinuth - strer - t. DLV.NCH, r. has received per Louim C - celia. a few nines of Madeira, from the Panb of Cams de lahos, and St. Antonio, ou bch he invites the criticism of cunnoifur. from the Havana. 30 boxrsof se?ars made at tin kimc's factory, whirli are of very superior qIity, and which he offers for sale at No. 40 William - street. P. L. jr. receives ordf rs for the above wine. ftirr to his antmvl on arrival. J 1 1 2w CLAKK 1. 40 diiien very kiiperiuurLlaret, fur sale at 1S the dozen, hv GEORGE JOHNSTON", jf 30 tf , No. 1 oloat - lane L)ll 1' SArVb, A siohiI invoice of Cast Steel rui saws, iusi recaiveti and lorsaie or A.UERSO.N & SHKARER, JttS 131 Water - street. UklfiLY.1L I'.ILYTIJifiS BY Dominichino, Murillo, Snyder, Salvator Rosa. Gunmr PuuMin. If - . . Alio two tleant VIW1V. a mnrlilft fifritr. Mm o - - - , - - , oi a sieepin; LupiJ. I or sale or exchange by THOMAS G1MBREDF, J? 16 Swe 3J6 UroadwKT 1 a, ttGAR. I7t puncheons tt. Croix biidi Ser. of superior quality and tlPifctii'o. 13. for sale hv V i!4?w U. 61 II. LLWIS, 87 Soiith - stref t, VV'i'r ttA1) BLUb V1HUOL.AL ' LLM,4c. Received per Chaunccy tuiA MiiiitbiMron.Bmtol. (Kug!) and for sale by VJ'"1'! on advantageous terms, viz. keo Eeuioe ErounJ whi,e Lcad io 231b i caiks ltt dry White I - ead in casks 5 to 6 twt. each d RtrJ Lead io casks from 1 to 3 cwL da S'panuh Brown from 3 to 4cwLeech do Ivory Blck from S to 3cwt each ;r 5 jman Viuiol troui S to Ucwt each rj dJ Venetian Red from to 3 cwt ech ,,i,r'Allumfrorn7tol0r.wteahti . vJV - 'frres and 8 hhls Rotton itone i cTr T"' LamP Hl3C "rP,e Brown 'wtcolnar iuiol, Bath Securing Bricks jgto A.CIU'RCH, - IHt B.iwpnr. kind i i !our years old, last, sound ana .ut... inquire of i LUARLKS H. BELLOWS, UM I .ll Ciw'FT".32? ha C" feoffee, landing or taU u tU h - bnc Jrmrn from Port nn - Prince, Jyl - I too at in AC I ILK, " ur 157 South street HARDWARr CUTLERY Ue. 2 casks Scotch spring Locks ' 5 casks plate Locks, 1 do Steelyards . 1 do rhcsthanillts.Sc. ' t rio screw plates, scale beams, tc. 1 do brass cocks. Sic - ' 1 do hell metal kettle and skillet . 2 do tiu'd puts and sauce puns t do fine padlocks 4 do Banbury locks, hinges, Sic. 2 do hammers, pincers', locks, Sic. - 2 do I1L lunge. Sc. 4 do anvils , 1 dp hammeis and sledges 2 do black tz fright vices, 2 do files 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knives 4 do ttham buck and bone table knives 3 do buttons 100 do cut nniU and brads, from 3d, to SOd. Also, a large and general assortment of goods open oa the shelves, for sale at the mast reduced prices, by ADAMS ti BLAC KWELL, . may 7 . 15 Pearl - st. . CtREMICALd, CuLuR, Ac Epsom Salts, in casks of Scwt. Lump Matinetin, io case , lVo iIj small square Calcined do in phials Rocbslle Salts, Acid Tartar Citrik Acid, Dlu Vtriiilt rin firkin . Patent yellow, Kings Yellow Rrgulus of Antirnuiiv GUS, B'UTTOWrl, tc. Fowling IVecus, assorted, well tiniclied ' Do do in sr v coat ase, iiaety finished wilt spf.aratvi eampleio Daelting Pistols, in cast Gold Kpaulettr . Naval and Military Sword Belts Gilt Coat and Vest Buttons Cnpiierplate fur engravers Mathematical Instrument Rntling Paralel Ruler Mariners compassr, telescope Opera glasses, microscopes 3 setts splendid chessmen carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle shMt tea caddies Patent corkscrews, silver pencil cases. For sale by J. LAMllKRT, je 18 J Cuiirtlndt - btreet. FOR PALE, 4 LOT of grcuii.i on Bioadway, between A Walker ttrett nn.l Cni.:t! - street, 5i8 fret 10 inches wide and 17 j feet l U'.:. Iiiinir - of l A. JAY, Jv 1 t No. 37 r - me - siie. t. 13 V. LED i A III ' k CO. 101 r - ead - strett, 1 . offer for snip, in addition to tht ir former e - ten'ivy nil'irtmerit of llnrd.v:ie, the following articles, rw'd by the Marth', from Liverpool Traii Chains ;iout Nails S - pak. and shovels lir. Kettles do Candli - sticks rlo CiicU - i do .Naii & Hi K'' Gilt Cmt Hntt mote of sup. quaUly, uitable for merchant t7lor ' Ji'a'n:dCanhrtii;ks r'lt - iBiiii tTeck J3 If and 8 tiurt'd Curry C' mi hi fi Imrr'd M;me do Wir,No. 4tol0 Si - lyards Fnetiuo Tiunk locks , Orawing F.uivs ftin;lrs Patent enr - iM'i' i"nvcs sriir.iii!. cd eual to Cox's J U - nine. ' . - I iHY GUOOS, ic. K i.i . - ; ' - ' ' t - 1 Uo. pfc k giaKaiUJ 1 do. thawls . 4 do. brown plMilLt C do. ScotUsaAburB' 7 bah UiNlatKW Uti4ig 4 do. brown i.'nen ' 2 do. linm bad tklt 1 (!.. 8 - 4 - - wra,kVl.'" - .j - ' ALSON Sail - cloth, . Cotton bagging ' 1'willad 'aekin Seine twine For alo by GEORGE JOHNSTON, Julv 3 .. No. 1 Sloat - lane. ..VitAS, VELVETS, Kc. AYERY handsome assortment of Selps - ia Linens, consisting of Platillas, Roy ales, Bretagnes, Ettopillaj, Dcwlas, Creas and Cho lelU 2 cases silk velvet . 5000 niunkelt 2 boxes fowling piece 2 casks Steucrark scythes, JouMe sword 150 kegs Dutch herrings 4 boxes assorted glassware The abeve articles entitled to debenture. 3 cerooni indigo, 1 box toys and a few pio - ce Dutch cloth For wle by C. ZIMMERMAN, July ft 1m 77 Wanhing'.on - ft. GERMAN GOODS. RECEIVED by th - ship Triton and the sliip Elbe, from Hamburg, and other late importations, ao assortment of German Linens, such a Pladllns, white end brown f ret agne, Creas, Dowlas, Brown Checks and Shirting Linen Hempn Osnabiirg and Tirklenbutgs, Hessians, Burlaps, Brown Rolls, Ba:, Tais, Superfine Broad Cloths Napkins, bilk Galloons and Pound Ribbon ColTce Mills, Slate Pencils Looking Glass Plates Pocket aod Slatia Glasses Lead Pencils And an assortment of Cardwire. Also on hand, A few tons St lt - rshur Hemp First quality Holland Snil Cleth, and Sixty boxes Pategrass Cheese, entitled to de Demure, For sale oo reasonable terms, hy GEO. U THEO. MEYER, J 15 lm 129 Wathingfoo street. IO t I ON. For sale a lew bales ol Cotton, W suitable f ht manufacturing. Enquire at 148 Pearl street, up stairs. J 14 CLOTHS, BoMBAZEITS, &c. THE subscribers have jut received by the ships Jnlius Cxaraod Pacific, 14 bales Cloths, of A. Rhodes and Co's manufacture X t nU,,')lflf,, I Of do. and Hind. Smiti 2 do KKSfc S manufacture . Smith jlacture W Inch thev tffer lor sale at No 163 Pearl - st, L AVERT Y, SHELTERS & KINO. J 16 2w MERICAN CLOTHS. 2 bale superfine JL American Cloth, just receiced and lorsaie by The COMMISSION COMPANY, Jy 16 148 Pearl - street great crmosiTi. M A M M OTH HOG. HIS animal i one of the most extraordi - L nary productions of nature, and has been brought here from Ireland, at a very considerable expense. He is 4 leet 6 inches high ; length of his body 9 feet 6 inches ; girth 7 feet 10. and weighs about 1500 pounds ; a most unprecedented weight lor any of the species. A further description is unnecessary. Every person of curiosity will be well satisfied with the view. 'This wonderful animal will be exhibited for a few days at No. 92 Maiden - lane, when be will be taken to the country. Price for grown persons, So cents, children half price. Jtlbt TYl l.rT ' ?!H A mnrenient two storv brick House. "ai i u nearly opposite St. Mark's church, with coach - hrnt.. stnt.W Jtc. tiether with a srarden and yard of about two and a half acre of ground. .lit, 10 r - ru or Lrae, a nuoiuer wi iw w the 1st, 2d nd 3d Avenues. Apply to MtlllOLAS " . 1 1 1 1 1 w. . jyj; 6t 2J Arenas. . '. ?( . ;; - f - ' . 4 FRIDAY, .JULY'24, 1818. NO. 49 WILLIAM - STREET." ST. TO POQKET BOOK MAKERS. TWO men who understand their business, niay bave constant employ in the above Business) by applying at 18 Wall - street July 15 :, BUGS EFFECTUALLY DESTROYED,'. BY U. TIFFIN, from London, No. 3CD, Bowerv. whether in rooms, twdttead. or oilier furniture, without damage or smell. ' ' D. 1 . leelr confident in assuring three, wlio may employ him', Ibat he can bave the first re commendation from many ladie and genlleineu in New - York, proprietor of boarding houses and schools, who have experienced the efficacy of his invention; aud assures those who may favour aim with their commands that they may depend on their being executed with the greatest atten tion, having been upwards of forty years in con stant praxrtUm. Order left with Mr. WILSON, taylor, 26 Jonn - st. will be punctually attended to. jtily 18 iw" COOA' AXJ JiUHbH. WANTED, a woman to do the cooking, washimr and ironing, also, a girl to take care of a child and do the chamber work of a small family. . E'tquire at 43 Walker - street J 14 Amy JlgtntU Office, JYtwl'ork. LOCUST TIMBER WANTED. WANTED, a quantity cf locust timber aud tree - nails. Apply to the Navy Agent, at 81 Washington - street, rrp The publisher of use ftew - uronswicif Times, Newark Centtrxd, Loog - Island star, New - Haveu Jonrnaand New - Loodoa Gaittte, will Dieas tmUith ihi adverttsement one month, and send their bills to the Navy Agent' Office Jy 18 Jm ADVERTISEMENT. PROPOSALS will be received at the Navy Agent's oilier, New York, for one week from this date, tosupiilya quantity of Jeruey Oak flank avt race leumh 4o feet, 10 to 16 broad, V to 4 1 - 2 thick pith of hart must be out, and clear of sap. Also, a number of Jersey Oak Ltgs, iron, 35 to 65 (tt lone. 13 to 20 inches square, and a numbe'r of White Oak Knees, to side from 8 1 - 3 to M inches, arm 4 I X to 5 feet long, bodies 5 to C X t long. Tlio nhrle to he first quality, and subject to the inspection at the iavy I UIII. illlll UtlilCICU MICIV7. The proposal are required not to exceed 5000 feet cf I'iank : unl more than 10 Logs, nor more than 50 Kneei as liocontMet will lie given toa - ny individual to exeeed - ne of the above named quarititie ; the shortesi time, not exceeding 6 week mint he mentioned. Money to te paid on titlivery. Any explanation that may be required, H ill be obtained at the Navy Yard, where a bill iil he, given each individual alter he has contracied, and by v,hkhl eisto be governed. J Ti U.VtJ tf Trie nne new steaui Tt'5ei r iva.ti i l.iaij, oi rrShmnrmf 7Qi ton, hurthco, James V.?a' - rrrrb n ... Kms.e, master, wiU coiuiiKiKe running in the first day of May next, wurl will leave Kington, lor York aud Niagara. on me 1st, i lii nn - txist day ol eacn monin, ami Niapnta, lor York and Kinciton, the 6th, 16tt and 5tiiduy of each month, daring the season, wbere every attention will be paw to l tie ease and comfort'of tLe passengers. A ppik - Attons lor passage to be made to tne cap - tuin on board. Kingiton, 6th April, 1818. J 7dSctOcl - GENTEEL BOARDING. n . I'Wfi houe is large and commodious, and the M. I Iliannn Rirv ,on nhHunr. - IlknrAt imilv to Ihe ceotre of basines render it a convenient residence lor merchants and ilrannri. Mrs. TILLINGHAST would be willing to let a large and handsome room, unfurnished, to a small family who would bcrd with her. All active lad. wtiacnn hrinir rrjnfl rn'omrrcn - datHins. is wanted as above. J 22 Ut CORNELIUS BOGERT, ATlornry, Counec'lor at Law and Notary Public, COMMISSIONER, authorucd to take Affidavits and Special Bail in any Court of Record of this State, the proof and acknowledgement of Deeds, and difchirgns of rtgages Also Affidavits, Special Hail and the deposition of witnesses debtnteise, io tho District aud Circuit Courts of tbe United Slates, continues his office at No. 1 i Cedar - street. jy 22 1 m FRANKLIN'S LIFE AND MISCELLANEOUS WORKS. CHARLES GALLAUDEP, New - York, has in press, The Miscellaneous Work of Dr. Reojamin Franklin, with the life of the author. Embellished with a handsome engraving of the likeness ol mat celebrated man. The work will be handsomely printed in an octavo volume of from 420 to 500 pages, with a new type and oo good paper, aod delivered to subscribers at $1 in boards or $Z 2s rents neatly bound and lettered. To nou - sub. - enbers the prire will be advauccd 50 cents. Jy 2 - 2 Iw 'XJ THE fUHLiCK. A GENTLEMAN from France would wish 1 jL to draw Ihe attention of the citizens of New - York to his newly established Laboratory of Colours for walls, prepared for iinoirdiate use, and accompanied with directions for laying them oo. I he colours are of the brighter tints, and pre pared so that no disappointment can ta.e place. St. John's Hall, Frankfort - st. N. B. A very superior quality of Recording Ink manufactured by the same person. Julv 22 tf FOR t.AL,E, The HOUSE and LOT, No. 27 Orchard - street, now occupied bv the subscriber. Tbe lot is 2.1 feet front aod rear, and 100 feet deep. A further description of the property is deemtd unnecsary, as it is presumed no one will purchase without first viewing the premises. If not sold before the 1st of August at private sale, it will on that day be put up at public auction. Immediate possession will be given. Twenty - fire per cent of the purchase money must be psid on delivery of the deed, the remainder may lemxio ou bond aud mortgage on the premises. JAMES K.N OX. Jy 22 1 w 27 Orrhard - sf . HjH S - i LE, TEN acres of ground near the Botanic Gar - deu, bounJed on the east by sixth avenue and the seat of Thomas Addis Emmet, esquire, on the west by the llloomingaple road. One third is in yourg wood. The land being high makes it a iefirahle situation for a country residence, and as it will be told at a reduced price, to close a concern, it is an object of speculation. For particulars, apply at 139 Chatham, corner of Moll - street. TO LET, A DISTILLERY, calculated for grain or molasses, with dweuiug house, waarf, stills, worms, mash tubs, cisterns, machinery, pumps, &c. Applv as above. Jy 21 lw HORSES .MfD CARRIAGE i - VR SALE. A PAIR of likely, active black Horses, seven years old. 'They match in spirit and gait are ftst trotters, and in excellent condition for a journey. Also, a light Coaches, in excellent orJer. Inquire at this office. Jy21 ti HOLLAND GIN, of th "LocpvW" brand, now landing from the brig Criterion, at pier No. 3. N. R. for sale by Jy 17 LE KOf, BAYARD & CO. MAHOGANY SOFAS, CHAIR AND CABl - V f . NET FURNITURE, - Xa. 49 HEKKM. - iJt - STHF.KT. "fHF.suliscriber begs leave to return his 6in - X' certs thanks to thote ladie and gentlemen who have been kind enough to honor liiio with their commands, and to - iniorm them, andtlie admirer of handsome furniture iu general, that he has on hind aume verv elerant sola, chain. card, peiubrokc and Extending patent dinmg ta h!.. ki.lwK.kunl u:.,k i i. ..i ornamental brass - work anil rose - wooil, card table to match, Grecian couches, tolas, chaise lounge, music stooli, chairs, tic. Also, a library stenrhair, the utilitv of which he narticu - larly reciUMaenrls. All turtiture warranted of the best oualitv and workmaeilii),aud of the ueweit European lash - ions. Order executed to any part of the union to any drawing, on the most reulonablo terms aud punctuality forcath. Ladies or gentlemen having fancy woods, may have them manufactured to any article they wiso, oy applying as auove my 30 ill vm A. M. HAYWOOD. MO;T - ALTA For tAcLor to LfcT, and immediRte possession given, the beautiful place called Mont - Alta, seven miles from the City - Hall, on the North River, adiowiuc Lord Courtenay's. It contains 20 acre of land under improvement, with alarco earlen well stocked witJi vegetables a varieiv of fruit, with everv convenience for a family, "or terms, wnich are vrf Reasonable, and if sold a Ions credit si veo if wanted, ipply to N. ti D. TALCOTT, b aoutntsireet. je I'Z T)R'ERY . For sale, a bar - gam, a Brirw M.9 i li Malt Hou - e connected, in the city i4 tluruon. i he buildings are sUh, and par ticulany woll calculated tor the bu. - mes. It ir lfoated 'u the midst of a barley country, and fhas many other advantages. It is certainly an object for those wishing to cngi ifl th's txisi ness It is the oulv brewery in the com try. This proierty will be sold cheap. J erms Iil)c ral: titlefcood. For further tiarticulars apply to M. MULK, .To. 78 .Maiden - lane, New York; or J. NIXON, Jr. near toys premises. June It tf I BOARDING SCHOOL. qniE'MISS BENNETT'S lave opened a J. boV'lin,! school for young ladies, on the smith si ,e oi rowies nook, in a situation very healthy.and although convenient to the city, quite n 'ijrd. I lie usual r.nnsh branches aud Ae - edli w.xk, l rencb, .yiuic, Diincing and Draw me, aif ttuht, by themselves or by approved nins tn. r or terms tec. apply io .ir. v. I GREENE, 24 Wall - street, or at the school. J '4 tf - JO BUiLDfcRb, Or those who may with to erect three elegaut buildings or' factories. LOTSi"7 ie t by 80, more or loss, with the huiLiiuL's tfcereon. in the centre of VeseVst. can I m jArehttsed separate or together. i., ALSO. An elegant LOT Aith the Buildings thereon, 1 1 1'ohH V. 42 bv t'25. i. re or leu. near (,'lial - liam srry; f,e w hole on accmmn idating terms iiHHy at X - Q)attKiiu flow, near Bcekman - st Pi Httf.tivr has three small innrieases to dinef. one of Cl.OOO. one of 1000. i nc ol fltOU,. in this city. - Je 9 Hackney coaches. T?OR kVlect Parties from Elizabeth Town r Pointful Philadelphia, and the feteam Boats at Trentc and Bito!, and the Miner.1 Springs as Bcnowv's iviouniairs. - Noticetynt to No. 6S WhiOi - HH street, New York, or HALEY U STILES. Town. by mail, b hy the Steam - Boat AtalanU, will arsr.isony ttrsmwrs - ' ,. BOARDING HOUSE - .If twil Plcoitmt. rfUE public are hiforuieJ that b.tard may be JL otilained in (hat pariniit an.l elegant man sion, tne pronrrtv of Join r. viaisn, r.sq. at Mount Pleasant, by applyin;on Ihe premises, to JylAemlSw WILLIAVI MANGHAM. kCHOOI.F.V'S JHoVKTAI!! HrSUAUtf. HEAlfl'c JIOUaE. THE subscriber, StrnH.le ul the many ohliga - tinnsheis unde.r I. r the nn fcrence hereto fore eiven to his bo'ife. whilst kvut bv his sou. Nvouid heieby re'uia Ids sjneere acknowledtt - oviuis lor pnvl favors, .ntl ut t!,e same time m - fnrm them, (lint he ni.'eiHb keeping the house the. present season himself, and that thev .may rely upon every atii i li. i) mi I neeomiui dalion, that can make this twuiti 'ul and fashionable retort useful and plea - ing ; hi son being under the ne cessily ol being absent this season, he trusts will not be found ao objection to his establishment, a no pains, expense, or exertion Will be wanting to render complete satisfaction. J eomin n r. A I II. HOHOKEN FERRY. TH E hon. the Csrporatjon oi the city of New - YorE, havinir granted to the subscriber a lease of li:e llobuke.i Ferry, he has associated with him in that establishment Mr. Philip De - peytter, who will have the ole charge of con ducting the same ; all applications therefore respecting t ie Ferry will btwuade to him. Two Hirse Boats are now in complete operation, with good accommodations for passenger, carriages. &c. one ol 'which will in" future start from each side of the river punctually at every hour from 5 o'clock in the mornine until 8 o'clock in the evening. PHILIP HONE. Je27 eodlm FUHSALh, A very orofif able FARM. ofllO acres. two iniras unaer ruiuvatirin, the residue woon - land, situate on the sea shore, a quarter of a mile below the narrows, on the Staten Island side and a short' ride from the steam boat ferry landing, it gives a very extensive view of the bay and en - vironsof New - York, within the Narrows, and of Sandy Hook and the orenn For prowct is equalled by none. The title is unquestionable. 'Two thirds of ihe purchase money may remain secured upon the land. Apply to A. V. D. Fountain on tlie premises, or to W. A. SEELY. 11J Greenwich - street. TO LET, a convenieet new 2 story house, adjoining the above, with a garden and about an acre cf land. For terms apply as above. snh ft eoH'f l. CHANCERY. State of New - York, ti. IS pursuance nfanonle - rofthit honorabie court, bearing dale the I9lh dav ti January. 1K18. will he sold at public auction, at the Tomine Coffee House, in the city of New - York, under the direction ol the sunscriher, ns one ol the masters of this court, in eepnrale tott or pareeli, on Thursday, tlie twenty third day of July next, at twelve o'clock at no - in, " All those certain rie - cet or parcels and tractt of land, known at the north att section of the tenth township, in the twelv towns m 1 toga county, being lots No 26, 27, 2B, 29, 30, 32, and 38. Lol No. 26 con - lainsaboutri'hty acres; lot No. 27, about one hundred and five acre ; lot No. 28, 29, 30, and thirty two. each containing one hundred and four acres, three fourths nnd 3b rods of land ; lot No 33 contains 90 3 4 and nineteen rods. Also, west half of lot Mo. 24, which half contains 51 acres. And also lots flos. I, 3, 4. 6 and 7, on tlie gore lying westerly and adjoining on tairj northeast section, and was turveverl and ad ded to said section to make up a deficiency in said section, by a mtake in a I'ormet - survey. 3 lid lots Nos. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6, containing about (illy acret each ; and kit !No. 7 about twenty live acres, i ogether with ail and singular, tlie premises and appurtenances. Dated April IS, 1818. JAMES A. HAMILTON, ap 13 lawtds Master in Chancery. 'The sale of tlie above property is postponed to the 27th instant, at the same boar and plv - e. July 2 Jd, 1318. J. A. HAMILTON, J rant Matter in - L - nnnrery. RUSSIA DUCK. 884 bolts of various mark, landing Irom the Concord, for sale at 67 South - street, by CAMBRELENG & PEARSON. J13 Law regulating the Guagini and Jnipictwg y ut UiU. Passed March 31, 1818. fI7 Be it tuacted by the people of theilate of fftv - iotk, repmenitd in tenale and assembly, That the person adiuiuittering the government of ihu ttatc, bv and wiih the advice and conseut of the council of appointment, tball from time to time appoint one person lor the city of New - York, whose iiowrrs shall extend to. and include the village of Brooklyn ; oae person lor the city of Aiaany; and one person tor. the city of Troy, whose powers shall extend to, and include Lnn - singhnrgh and v aterfoid, to be guagers and iu spectorsof Ash oil. And belt further enasH, That it shall be the duty of each person appointed by virtue of this act, to provide himiell with proper instruments air guagtug and inspecting oil, and whenever called oo to goage and inspect any parcel of fi.'h oil, within the place for which he was appointed, it shall also be his duty to uiquire diligently and seex out any parcel, ol (lib oil within his district, and guage and inspect the same.and brand legibly on th bead of each cask he may so guage and Inspect, his own name and the name of the place for which he was appointed s alto the whole number of gallons the same shall guag, and separately irom each other the quantity of wa tr IV,. f,,,n..,.. f .. I. ...ll at, - quantity of pure oil ha shall find therein, and shall make, subscribe nnn deliver to tne'ownor or holder of such paxel of nil so giaged andio - spected, a certificate, exhibiting in separate, co lumns the quantity of each ol the RloroaiiLend merated ingredients the whole parcel shall con tain J for all of which guaging, inspecting, branding and certifying aforesaid, he shall receire from the owner or holder of the oil so guaged'and inspected, twenty cents for each cask, be Ihe same small or large, the one half of which ahull always thereafter be chargeable upon the purchaser of ins same. And be it further tntetti. That it shall be the duty of all pertons owning or holding fish nil, to put the same in a convenient position for guaging and inspecting whenever thereto required by an authorised guager aod inspector. .ind be it further enacted, That any person or persons wno snail counterleit, alter or Minute any of the brands or marks aforesaid, on any cask of oil so branded or marked, or w ho shall mix or iu anv manner adulterate nnv cask of oil so branded or mat ked, or who ihall buy, Sell or barter any od within the districts or places alore said, except the tame shall have been guaged, inspected and branded according to law, or who lmll ship, export, or otherwise convey or cause to be conveyed any oil out of, or frosi tbe districts or p'acts a (ores - did, exrept the shuia shall have been guaged, inspected nnd branded ac cording to law, sin h person or persons so offending, ihall forfeit and pajf the sum ol'twecty - fise dollars for eaih Cvk, the brands ormstktol which xhall be to 'counterfeited, altered or (hanged, or which shall be to bought, told or bartered, or whic h shall be so shipped, exported or otherwise conveyed contrary to the true intent and meauing of this act : i'lovidtd, meerlht'eaf, that nothing herein contained shall t - construed to prevent any person or persons irom tujiug or selling oil by measures legally sealed. A ltd bt tl further enatttd, I hat it shall be - the duty of any person or persons who shall use or otherwise, empty the contents ol any cask ol tun oil, immediately to efface the euagec's and in spector1 marks or brands Irom tne same, under the penalty of twenty - five dollar.! And be H further mat ltd. That any forfeitures suVisty Tty virtu of lh Hi, otajiuil i4 recovered by action of debt, with costs of suit, io any court having cognizance fth same, to the sole use and beliooi of any person who shall sue Uterelor. NO TICE is beroby given, that the subscriber ha bten aptioioteu by the honourable the Coun cil of Appoiutment, Guager and Inspector of all t ish Oil in the City of New - York and Brooklyn, and has opened bis office at No. 37, Waler - t. where be will receive orders from 7 A. M. to 8 P. M. every day, Sundays excepted. JA.YIKa MAURICE. N. B. Dealers in Fish Oil are berebv notified, that any infiiugejneut of the above law wdl be prosecuted. Julv 20 lm TRAPS. Ti HE newly invented patent Box Trap, for J sain at l - Ul water - street. Je 13 Fuk AALE A farm on tht: Hudson, about a mile from Newburgh. containing S3 acres, 3J ol whiib are Woodland, tbe rest is divided by good fence into a due proportion of meadow, arable and pasture land. The buildings are partly new ; the house convenient lor a small family : its situation is equalled in beauty by tew on the river ; the advantages, from tne vicinity of a flourishing village, of public worship, society and good market, with the facility etf communication Willi Mew xorx, render it a desiralile resident1 lor gentleman. 4000 dollars of the purchase money may remain on mortgage ; the payment of Ihe lest will be made easy to the purchaser. Apply on the premises, to Je Je 23 tf I. VERPLAXCK. tOH a.HLE, i ill ! Acres ol Land, situated nbnut one XV ttti huudred rods from the town of Jamaica, on Long - Island, fronting the luinpike road; about II acres of which is covered with wood th remainder is iu a high state of cultivation, and has a very eligiblo situation for building. Alio, Tea Acres of salt meadow, distant about three miles from said land. The tkbove will be sold on reasonable terms, or exchanged for property iu city. , For further particulars, apply to Jittt Putter, jvn. No. 73, South - tt. or to the sut - srribcr iu the town of Jamaica. J AMES FOSTER. Jv2l Cl rTtOSi'EC'lUS fox. bv toMmimDis A M AP OF MEXICO AND LOUISIANA. '1 'HE publication of this Map has hrcu undtr - X taken with the impression, that it will ex hibit information, highly interesting at tl.isewi i - lul crisis, ind the valuable Maps which the au Ihor has procured, during his several tours thr.ot. Me.xico, in the years 1806, 18ti7, 1812, 1813. 1815, 1816, and 1817. induce him to belnvr lhal Ihe Map, witheveu all its imfierfections, will he much tlie most perfect which has opjicartd before the public. I ln Map will contain the latest ana nesi information from the ducovc ri and posM - Miixis of Hie American, Spanish, Russian, Briti'h and French travellers and naiulor and representing the claim of their retpec'ne goverumeiits nn Nnrlliwfitfrnrnstl of America. The Map will include that portion of North. America, wliich lies between me 1 - ltimus ol Da - nen, and lhc - 48th degree ot North Latitude, awl from the Misuuijju River we.lwardly totfit Pacific Ocean. ' In sire the Map will be about six by five feel, and will be projected on a scale of 40 milet to Ihe inch, to be delivered to the subscribers at fifteen dollars Mb. Nntchct. Msrch7. 18IR. np7t.u1 SECOND WARD. . TVfOTlCE is heteby given; tliat the assessors of 11 ihe second waru nave coiopi. ica utciras - sessmentt. and that a cop? thereof is with Abraham Valentine, No. 161 Fruit street, whcie the same mar be teen and examined bv anv of the inhabitants, during fen day from thin dale, and '.hit the assessor will meet at said place on the ZTln July instant, to review tneirsaid assets ments, on the application of toy person coaceiv ill himelf ecrrieved. A Al - r.lltl Assessortol tl WH. V. FOX, i 2d ward. J 17 lOt i r The new FERRY BOATS from the foot of vValmt street, New York, to the loot of Little street, Brooklyn, near the Navv Yard, will commence oa Sunday, Hie 17th iost. . . rerson crossing io Brooklyn Irom the epper part of the city, will find the. distance much shortened by using this ferry. my 14 NOTICE. IVr The Risine Sun Sail Boats. NonDariel. and Industry, irom the Elisabeth town Point, for iw - York, sail I'rcm Mai htthtld - street, (wi.ere the Steam - boat Atalauta formerly came to,) at 10 o'clock, ol each day. Passage 12 1 - 2 cent. Enquire at the Steam - boat liotell, of - ,.tL - .ii,sis - ti h umri tne iA.iii.iuuvbai iniiibies, my 21 tf : . (IT - JOHN FKOCTOIt, Jen. 106 Liherty - t. offers liberal anticipationaon property consipn. ed to bis friends in tbe Mediterranean. . or further particular, apply a above, or to - A dK.iHAI tlr.LX, Je 6 tf corner of Cliff & Fiilton - t. LANDS. ftV STEPHEN B. MUNN. No. 226 Pearl - ttie. t, New - York, purchases Lands in the Illinois Territory, which has been set apart for the laie Army. Letters irom trie cntiutry giving a description of the patent and the price asked for eacn tot, win be attc fed to, il l ost pud, my 15 tf AO'TICT , . ft7" All persons bavins: claims arsinst he4s - ' tute of John Lilian, deceased, are desired to pea - sent them for settlement to tbe tuhrciiber, aJati, those uiaetiieu to said estue are requested W make payment, lohim without delay. JAMES M'BRIDE, Je 29 1m Acting Executor. A CARD. 0 - At the particular solicitations of the Ls ly subscribers, the New - York Salt Water Floating Bath will be removed to hercld Station it the foot of Murray - street, this day, where it' rtill continue open every day, from suuiise id tlie morning, until 10 o'clock at night, during the bathing season. It is hoped wheu Ihe Ladies of (his city know thai this large building, which . will accommodate two or thiee hundred person at a lime, it exclusively dnvoted Iu their enjoy ment on Mondays and Wednesdays of each week until 2 o'clock, that they will give lhat encoar - agemtnt which such an appropriation deserves. On a'l other days they have their own apartment only. The greatest possible attention will be pid. 'The Bath at the Battery is open every day from sunrise to 10 o'clock at night, for Gentlemen only . . Je 29 Hank of America, June 26, 1818. ' dy A Dividei.d of three per cent, tor rtx months, ending on tlielkitti insl.has been this day Oei l.ired pay aide to the stockholders oo the 6it. of July next, liy order of the Board of Direct - tors. GEO. NEWBOLD, CaaL'r. June 26 1m , JOHN C. HAMILTON Couiuistuouer for tle acknowledgement of Deeds, tc. ha re - moied to the office, corner of Cedar and Nassau streets. Law Buildings.' Nn 1 Je 29 liu. , EAULK'flR E COM I'AJfX... ' V NEW - YORK. ft7 Notice is herebv rivea, that' a - Dividend of Ion and a half per cent on the Capital Stock of this company, hat been ileclared by tbe Board' oi uireetor. ; ana win ne paid to me stockholder, nn or :.IW the 15lh lost. J3)m - UC 'Tlie fkCiftc lnsurame Cou.pany of New York, have this day declared a dividend of tiv per i ent. on the capital stock, for the Inst six months, payable at their office, No. 49 Wall - st. on tii toil, inst. , By order of the Hoard of Director. . WALJ'tttJU JK8.iaVy - . J 6 1m NOTICE. fjcT" The poblicarecautioord against trusting, the crew of the British hi if Kecemp m e. John (rt rai'S matler. ns no debit coiitrarfrH hv Item. wif tie paid by the caplaio or consignees. Ocean liimii'auce Office, . July 6, 1818. ' (U3 The Eoard of Directors have this day declared a dividend of three and a half percent on their . capital ttoek for the last fix. months,. which Will ba payable to the stockholder or their legal representatives - tenth init. at tho office of the company, 45, Wall - street. MULL S 1 ARSBURY, Stc. July 7 lm JYEty.YUHK LVSUHAJYCE CO.UKi.Yf rjHE President and Directors have thh day JL declared a dividend of five per cent on the capital block of the company, fur tlie, last six mouth, payable to the stockholder, op their legal representatives, on and after the 13th inst. at the office, No. 34 Wall - street Jkily6 lm - C. G. SH1P.MAN, Secry - iiAAK L'MTEU STA TES, May 12, 1818. 4 RCHITECTS cf science and experience, are invited to exhibit to the Board of Directors on, or before the 1st day of Aogjst next, appropriate designs aud elevalioni for a Banking House to b erected on the scite purchased for (hat purpose, bounded on Ihe north by Cbesnut, and .mi Ihe south by Librarslreets, containing one hundred aud fifiy, eue feet in width east and - west, ai.u two hundrad and twenty lite feat in deplh, ni rib Rod south. - 'Thegrouud plau will include an areaef aboot ten or eleven thousand iquarefoet in a rectangn - lar figure of equal or unequal tide, at may be best adapted to the interior arrangement Th building will be faced with marbl, and have a portico nn a h front, resting upon abatement or platform of such altitude at. Will combine cop - veuitutt of ksceul with dun proportion and, effect.' - Iu this edifice, the director are desirous ef exhibiting a ihvte imitation of Gretian aidiitec - ture iu its iaipltt and least enive form. Fsvn bundled dollars will be paid for that design which shall be approved, and twdhundroc! dollars lor tho next but specimen. By oi dcr of the board of directors, JONA. SMITH, Cashier. may 14 2awtlA jCTt UXJ LET OR SELL, tjtil, And immediate nottctsion given, that ltanl country seat, winch has been occupied for several years by Mr. James Scott, ntuateoa the turnpike, about five minute walk frorath linage of Jamaica, Long Uland, wbere there are two f.iuious academies for young ladie and gentlemen. The house is two stories high, and lias five room on the ground floor, a good bans, well of excellent water, c. There is aboat Unit) - fit e res of excellent la ad, with a great vu'iety of Unit. - For further ymrtictilar arOfT' - lu Mcstis. JOSEPH 'ITTCOMB it CO. iW 16.' I'carl street EL1511A PARKS, at prer.t in said village, near the prvmisot, or to Mr. Joba W. MESSENGER, near aaidetUlc . J 15 A T& TO LfcAsfc A T THE NOR 1 U Ki VEK. SITUATE between Barclay and ;turray - atreets. Clumber aud Reed - atrirtU, Jav and Harrisou - strcets. and NorOs loort and Bcack - trect at a price very considerably less than io - tnreat oo their valne, anil at th Mpsrauea.or the term the buildings to b fairly valued and) . paid for, or a new leas granti. Also, to let by the year at a low raie, " - " - loU or yards oa the water, well ealcuUt.d kt lumber, plaster of pans to. ' " Apply to TH. KHINELANPER. 31 Par, nertr Ihe Theatre. " .' Stvemlof the above lots wdl be soid at a sno. i ,. rir. mrl ob a literal credit. A smalt port mo of ihe mouejonly wul be required. - T . ' i . ! fou' ' I' I ' ' "' . ill v . ' :. ' i ') V : I,' , . V;. . ,t .; ' - '!' f'r !' i.f ' - i 9 ' !.V" r ;J - it.! 'V ; ! i M' It: 7.T - t ' I' - M' ' - ; i 1 r

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