The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 23, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 23, 1818
Page 4
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15 CIIANCCRT; ' . . . - Slate tf Him Yrk, u. .. IS partaane of aa order of tlii honorable court, bearing data the t7ih day of Jane, IUI8, witl be ioM at public aactiou, at (be Tonlitw Cffn House, w the citjr of New York, under toe direr Uoa of (be subscriber, m ooe al tbe master uf tin court, on tne Slat day oi July Mil, ei It o'clock t noon, all those event biot k, pert or parcels of ground, litoate, lying and bciug im tl.e township of Brooklyn, ia the county ol , Kings aod state of New - York, aforesaid, sun: kaowu aad distinguished e map mail by Jcr eaiiali Loll, tbe lyiU day of March, WW, bj the totloaiug boood.uiet, to wit, northerly in trout by Wa er - !tret, tumherly in the rear b t rout tiree t, eailerly on the une tide by Jack - uu street, and watlerlv on (ha other aide tt Cold - tt,et, containing four squareior bioctt til ground. . auks ajiuio certain water ioi, iyiog iioaieuiattty in front of Uw before descnoed blocks,' bounded at follow to wit eatterly by Jacksou - streel. southerly by Water - elreet, aud wetterlv b Gold - itreet. coataininc in breadth oa Water - street the distance hetweea Cold - and Jackson - street, and running into (he Eatt River ai lar as rne grant ol toe corporauoo 01 . or new - York extends, with ifte appurtenances Dated June 2, U1 - .... - - JAMES A. HAMILTON, - . - - ...' - Matter ia Chancery. Note. Tbe above property will be told io iott and parcels, according cenaw wi mad inercei, wnicn wm ue iuium. - CVue - hoie ooe week before the day of tale. . J30 lawtwdlw The tale or the above property is postponed to the Seventeenth day of got! next, at the tame hour and plaoe. Julf Sltt, 1818. uuur h y JAMtS A. HAMILTON, Jil did '' ' Matter iu Chancery. . IN CHANCERY. .Dorothy Hacklio, William Peek aod Eliia - iSetb hit wi;e, Maria ttuat, Catharine Hunt and othert. ) - StatttfJttwYQrk,u IS Duriuance of aa order' of this honorable court made in the above cause, will be told at public auctjoo at the Tontine Coffee House, in the city of New York, oo the 8tb day of July inrt at I? o'clock at noon, under the direction of the subscriber, all tliote five Mi of ground, tit ate. Ivine and beinr id the eirhtb ward of the city ot New York, beiue formerly that part of the property oj Aicbolas Bayard, Esouire, kwwn by the vanie of iiayard't Farm, lying wettward or Croadtray ; said lot beios detig - nUd oa a Map of taid farm, made by Catitner l lu uotrca:, then oa of Uie uii) surveyor, uy the uumbrn 1 147, 1 148, 1 149, 1150 and 1 15X; to f ether with the bereditaoaenU and apporteoan cettothe tame belonglns or in auywite aiper taining. Dated July 3d. 1818. - - THOMA9 BOLTO.V, J 3 lawtJftOdtfli Matter in Chancery. . tt atk or niw - ionn, . T Vnnriuf of a decretal order of tlu honora - 1 ble court, bearing date the liiteenth day of . October last, will be told at puouc aucuoo, at ioe ' TooUue Coffee tlouie, in the city 01 .lew - iora, mnder the direction of the tubscrioer, at one of the Batters of this court, oa H'tdnuiai the itttnlh day of January next, at twe've o'ciock, at noon, all that certain lot, tract or paroel of land, situated in the couuty of Delaware, in Uie ttate ol New - York, and in tvant Patent, and known by great lot thirty four, and bounded at followt : be - ginning at a stake and heap of ttonet near a beech tree, warketf No. 34 and 37 ; bring the northeait ' corner of lot thirty teven : thence along the north bouiid thereof south eighty nine dtgreet, wctt one hundred and twenty eight chaint and uinety tixlinki to a beech tree marked No. 3J and 34 ; being the southeait comer of lot (No 33,) number thirty three ; thence - along the eatt boumlt thereof, north three degrees, east eighty one ' chains and twentv linkt to a beech tree marked Mo. 31 and 34 ; thence along luetoutu bcundt of lot (No. 31) number thirty oue, north eighty nine degreet,eatt the diitance of one hundred and lour chain, to a ttake aud heap of ttcnet ; theme south thirty five ch ;int and twenty four linkt to . beech tree marked No. 6 ; thence north eighty nine decrees, eatt twenty chains to tlie wttl bound o? lot thirtv five t thence alone the tame south fortv four chaint cud ninetr si I linkt to the place of bepiimitit contaiiang nine hundred and tortv nine acres and three fourths of an acre ot land, with lUe appurtenances. And alto, all that .'rliu aikw Ul tact, or barrel of land, tilua tA in the countr ol Delaware, in the Hate of Slew - York, in Evar.t' Patent, aud known by rreat lot thirty seven; aad is bounded at fol lowt i Beginning at a hemlock tree oiaik ed No. 37 and 44). beiue the oorthroM cor nervof lot No. (40) number forty t Uieni t along the north boundt thereof, south, eighty nioe decreet, west one hundred and thirty - four cbaint and ten linkt to a beech sapling marked No. 36 k 37 t thence north three degree, eatt seventy eight chaiut to a Beech tree with ttonet round it ; thence on the south boundt of lot thirty four north eighty nil. desreea, east one hundred and thirty cliaimto a birch tree marked thirty teven and thirty - tight ; thence on the went bounds ol lot tliirty - ciglit, touth tcventy - eight chains to the place of begiuuing. containing ooe thoataad and twenty - four acres and one fourth of aa acre of land with the appurtenancei. Dated, DecembctS, 1817. , JAA1LS A. HAMILTON, Df c S lawtidlt Matter in Chancery. (rt - The tale of the above property it pottpo - nedto fie eighteenth day of February oeit at the tame hour and place, uaieujan. ioio. JAME9 A. HAMILTON, Jan 7 Sawti . Matter in Chancery. The tale of the abote property it to the lilh day ol lay neat, at me lame uour auu place. Uated ren. in, iia. . JAMKS A. HAMILTON, fnh in lawdlt MatcrinChuicerT The taH of the above propeny it p - wlpuued to the til day of June neat, at tite tame hour and place. DaUd.Mayl - 2, IK13. JAMES A. HAMILTON, ni 14 tawtdt Matter in Chancery The tale of tlie above property it poMponed to tlie 15lb day ol August itest, at me tame uour and place; Listed J ine z - xi, 1010. JAHK3 A. HAMILTON, Je3 1nwtrfi Matter in Chancery "VTOTICE uherohv ariven, that mi 11 under 11 airned have been apninlcd bv hit honor Richard 1 titer, Recorder of the City of New - York, according to tlie act for relief agttintt absconding aad absent debtors, truttect lor all the creditors of the per toot constituting the firm, co - tMrluershio or houteof trade, of Prentiitte Car ter, of Bal'imoie, dehtort, who retide out of this tate and are indented within it ; tod all neitont indebted to the taid persons constituting the taid firm, copartnership or house of trade, are requi red by the tenth day of June next to pay all debit and tumt of money which they owe to tbe taid rwrsona constituting: tbe said firm, copartnership or house of trade, aod deliver all property of the tame, which they have in potetion. to the aid trustees. And all creditors of liie taid per - aeut couttitatins (he taid firm, ropartneulupor house of trade, are desired, by the first day of August next, to deliver to at, or one oi us, tneir retpfctive demands aeaintt the tame, ivaieo tbe 27th day ol Msy. 1318. WILLIAM C. MULLIGAN, ) WM PROCTOR, jTrwteea, ; JOSEPH BATES. 5 my 28 dtJlO&lawtAl NINTH WARD. PUBLIC NOTICF. it berehy iven, that the Ametfora of tlie Ninth Ward hair com Die ted their Auetrmeati, arul that a copy therent it left with one of the Axetsoit, at the bout ofLla - vid lluettis liar'so,, for five days', the other fise at the House of David Turn - v. Bowery - Hill, where the same nuv btscntn.lttnuiivd hv a. ayoflhc Inliahitaatt darine Un il.s frnm'u.e tale hereof, and that the Assetsort wi: meet oo Ihnday, iu.jZi, IS IB, at Uit hne of David Torvey, Bowery - Hill, to review their said at aemmentt, on the apfiiiralion of any person coo - ctiung bimtelf Aggrieved,. Hoars from 10 to 3 O - i each day. - JOHN AUR.1ANCE. Aeitnrs ofth J03F.PH. WILLOUGHBYJ NiuthWard jjy.H .. . . A HORSE WANTED. . A GOOD active ffore. about tic yean old Xi. H it waated ciiietf r at a trig horse, ia wliieh hartteas be must be oeifiec tlr rentle. A Bavarawbl bt Dreaered. Apply at No. 34 in ui to the i er it it in to it Vieeairach - itRet, , 0 ' At a coat! of CUncery UIJ for lha alate ., otevr lor, ailiie cuy nail oi u ui - i A, - ty of New - York, on tbeteveoteeatbday o'Jiie, ia th y rttf ofour Lot d cjoelhou - tol ciul nundied aua t) - Teiieen, PaKiUT, the honorable Janet Kent, Chaftcel ; lor."' ' ' - . .. r . ". Stephen Jamd, . .r ; - W. ' I - '! The Unuline Cooveot in the ' i city of New - York, aad o - l; "' then' " J I T appearing by affidavit to the tafiifaction of 1 Hut court, that toe run in id a'iove . - Died aad the tuhposna ittued on the 5th day ot June iuttaut, ami that the said tobpaua wot itiKrU returnable on the tweltib dar ol June, io - unt: That the Urtuliue Conreut in tbe city of .ew - Yok,it aa incorporated body created by au act of the legislature, duly incorporate three uidividuart under the name aforetaid ; that the Dertoot conuotine the tatd incorporation are all alitent from the lUte of Mew York, being in tome partefUreat Uritaiu, to wit, in 1 re laud ; that diligeni teart n anu enquiry nil oeen naae ior tbe taid individual! cooipixin; the taid iDCorpo - ratioii, and defeomnti in thit cause, intermediate the (ttte and return of tie taid lubiKena, to ap pear and antwer, but that they could not be lound, and that Ihey have left no pcrtoo io the capacity v( preidtnt, pretiding olEcer, catliier, tecretary, or treaurer. nor aiy other person, to reprrstnt tbe taid incorporaliun. to act for them their aDience, nor upon whom the tain tub rweiia ia thit caute can be served : and that tw to tucb caue the taid tubi oena baa not been tervea upon Uie tain taio aeienuonu, uie una line Corueut in the city of New - York On mo tioo of Janet fcioiuhton, tq. rhcitor for the coanplaintot, it ia ordered, that the taid defcnd - autt. theiiurtuiine Voorent ui tbe city ot 4ew York, do, in their corDorate capacity, cauie their appenrance to be rutered and their aniwer be hied in thit cause, within nine month frooi tbe date ol thit order, or in default tbereoftbat cooiplaiiianlt bill of complaint be taken pro - confetto aeiihtl them: And it ii further ordered that a copy ol thit ordrr he puhiithed within twenty dayifrcm the dat. hereof, io one or more ofU public oewipapert priuted in thit ttate, lor u&ui weent tuccettiteiy, once at leiai in every ween. a copy raA au U. Kll, Attiitant Kegitter, J6 1aw8w TRAPb. TilE newly invented patent Box Tract, for J tale at I JO Watertireet. Je 13 WAMKD. GIRL from IS to 15yeait of age, of good coaracier ana tieaay naoiif, io attm iu family. Apply at 74 Leouard - ttrect. JeS9 CLASSICAL, MATttE.VlATICAL aud niER CA. ULc. AtAUr.M l. jlTESSRS. KELLY tl TUOMY reipectfully if A iuform the public, that they hkve lutely commenced this ettablithnient io the large and airy rooms, Io. 475 rearl ttrtxt a tew doon from the corner of Chatham ttreet. Their course of education comprises the Greek, Latin, French, aud Euglith languages ; Uompotilion, History, beograptiy, (lie m ol tne Globes, Book - Keepinc, Arithmetic, with the oth practical branches of Uie Mathematics. 1 ouDi Ladiet have a room appropriated to themttlvea, where they will be latent a regular coune of female education, together with plain andoriiaiiienlal Needle - work, by a lady ol exemplary conduct and loog experience iu that depart ment. ' Reference to Robert Adraia, P. M. and N. P. Columbia College. ' rA lCV.' O KA.iI.Tl ATIIJALi Mlli.ll.UK. .Mutt. Kelly a; Tuomv beg leave aL'o to in - lorni the public, that their Grammatical Mirror now completed and orgauUrd, aul that they are prepared to undertake itt application to the duliet ol instruction. The Grammatical Mirror a machine constructed on tuch principle!, and actuated by tuch laws, at to exhibit a moifcl representation of all the putts of human speech, all the variety of their mllectiuut and all the diversity of their combination! ; it is calculated impart luiormahou more expeditiously than words, whether conveyed by writing or by ut terance t Utters and touudt are the arbitrary symbols, not the resemblance of ideal ; but the Grammatical Mirror prcsenti an exact imitation of the agent with itt cases, of the object with itt pawiotu, oftheirtubttituta with il gendert and persons, and of the actiou with itt manners, aud its timet. The other parti of speech will make thru - reipective appearance! ui the revolution! of thit extraordinary machine. It ia oo lets u?e ful to the teacher than to the pupil i and while expedites the pnigrest of the one. it will facili tate the labor uftha other. Should any person object to the pracUcabilil j of ill application, they challenge the investigation of opposition : they cannot consent to an mdncn inmate inspection : but any person whj thall be qualified to ditcuu its merits they are willing to admit, and prepared loanwer hit objection!. . Though duly forbids them to acknowledge their own inferiority yet,, they rclj not on their diligence and teal t othert may have at much i they rely not on their erudition and talents, others may not 'have leii ; but Uiey rely on the co - operation of their meant, which Utey Contend to be superior to any that can be employed to attain the object it com rmpUtet. 1 bough thry entertain, no doubt of its superior general utility, they conceive tiiat for such aa cannot alturd niucli time tor study, or whose d.ffereiit employments, mut confute them tu interrupted and desultory lecturea, it must potiets peculiar advantage 6'everal literary characters, ho have inspec. ted thit machine, have ieen equally astonwh. ed and delighted, and doubt nut that experience will realise the most sanguine expecta tions that are entertained of itt advantage and tucccss. Under these impression! the proprietors of the Grammatical .Ilirw recommend il to uu notice, and they are no. more desirous of acquiring, than they are couhdent ol securing Uie patronage of tlir public N. B. They have for general convenience determined to deliver eveninir lectures, from half past hve till half past seven, on any ol the abovementioned branches ot literature. J 10 Im A KKir.lJ HARP. J A. GUTTWALUT reipectluily invues . the amateurs of music to inspect at hit Piano Forte Manufactory, No. 75 Maiden lane, a uiutical iattrumebt thut periectly equal the harp in lound aud lar turpatw - i it in point ol ea ty tieatmint, at it ii played like tlie piano by meant ol keys, and coutequenllv hat all tlie ad vautageiol brilliant modulation tlie only one in (he L'uited Statet. Alto, an elegant Piano - Forte of Cue tooe, inutical variety and woikmausbip, with an assortment of different kinds, whose good qualities have been testified by Uie undersigned eminent professors : " We the lubtcribers, profettortof music, do certify, that we have careiuiiy examined lir. i A. Gultwaldl'tpiano - fortet, which, lor ini'nui ty and excellence ol workoiansliip and uniform brilliancy of tone, we deservedly recommend to public patronage. iVlettri. unlet, r.tieoue, tui MeJx,C. I bitiaalt, Cbarlet Uillert," t fOR SJiLU OH 70 LtASE, LLll LoUiutbe&.6. 8. and 10 Wards; many ot whicb are oa Kgolated and paved it recti .No money will be required under tea jeai, u icia interest excepted. . HOUSES. Several two and three story hnuict, on whicb a great part of the money remain on mortgage. LANDING AT RED HOOK. An excellent ttaod for r anorsi, with tea ami oi land, pleasantly situated, with a wharf, Here house and barn. COTTON and WOOLEN MANUFACTORY Iear Mew - Haven, with 43 arret of land, and a never failing ttream. upon which 0 niiltimaj be l' wim a luOicicni y of water lor each. Apply at So. t Greenwich ttreet. yaaUlf 7XJLA7; A Counting Room. inlK mini rnlrt pirl uf Pearl - ttreeL. Trr r,ri;.,'.,. i '197,sTottairt. . Jeti - VALUABLE REAL E3 r FOR BALE, I lar tu tiTt or Itxw - Toftx. I.IVE lots of ground on the west aide of Greet V wick - ttreet, betweta Vestry and Detbrotv ses - atreets, S3 by bU. , ' - ' : f our do iatW rear' of the above, fronting on the eatt aide of Waabiogtoa - strcet, 5 by 80. Eight do ia the block below, between Watb ihgtoa aad Weat - ttreeU. . , la Montaroaerr Count. . ' 6000 acret of Laud ia Lawreuce's purchate, near tati Canada cr&ea, oa ae norm nueoi the ftlonawk. ' In Franklin County. 15,161 acret of Laud, ia the lownt of Mount Jiornt aad fayion. In Ewes Countr. 783? acret of Land io the town of Barrymore. io the County of Lewis. 1150 acret of lauJ io C'ttet land, Cbattaait Purchase. Ia Saratoga County. 2600 acret ia Palmert puichate. Enouire at tfaeouce of the subscriber. 34 Ce dar - street. BEV. ROBLXSON. mh 17 tf Ci.SAUNUEK'o PATENT KAZOK. STROP. You that wih to iliave with ease, ' Uuy of bae w veb if you pleate ; Hit Raior btrop't, tuliar tuch, That iharptlhu Kator with a touch. GSAUISDKRS reiiiectiully solicits (bone . who have n - Jl got his Patent Kaxor Strop, to furnith themtelves wild bis new invented Ka - xor btrop, and Metallic Composition. No geo tleman who once makes trial of one of tbe btrnpt now ottered, wui ever try any oihen;hnd tuciiii their formation, that ever so much use will n( rive the razors that roundnes which renders the Lett of them utelett, and which is well known al ways to follow the application of all thote hither to invented. The above ttropt are io general use in New. York, and are diMiuguiihed from all othen. Unibert who have ured them gay more in their praite than I can myself. d a itviroo 18 Wall - itreet. Alto for tale. Razor, Snap, and every uten - til for Shaving, of the firtt quality, with a supe rior attoitmtut ol rertumery, tlir rowd r,4ic. from Sniytli't, New bond ttiect, London. N. U. The mott liberal allowance made to dealers. my 22 ONE HUMDRED DOLLARS REWAKO. MISSING Iroin the gallery of (he Amrriran Academy ol the Fine arts, TWO MIMA. TURK PORTRAI TS, the one a gentleman's, let in gold, ornamented with pearl and richly fi nished on tlie back, radiated from tbe centre; the other a lady'i, without setting, but fixed in a plain eating. 1 he a hove reward will De pan) dv WILLIAM DUN LA P. Eto. keeper ol the American Acadeniv of the Fine Arts, on delivery of the above miniaturei to him, at bit painting rooms, in the New - York Institution, or at hit houe, No. 59 Leonard ttreet : or, if the gentleman's picture alone it tn delivered, Iht patahrg uninjured, teveotf dollart will be paid to tbe par son who delivers it ; and k like innnner, for tbe ladiel miniature alone, tbe pciin'ta? unminrtd. thirty dollart. Tbe money will be paid on delivery of the picture, and no qurttioni asked. Jewellcrt, Watchrnaicers and othert, to whom theie picttuet, or the letting of the gentleman's picture, may Im offered for tale, are particularly solicited to be on their guard, aud give notice at above. By order of the board. ALEX. ROBERTSON, Sec'ry. J13w WA.M KIJ, a ld about 14 yean ol a;, at fan apprentice to the minting butineit. Applvat the corner of Nanau and Spruce - itt. Jy 9 FOR the above t rouble tr me and often fatal complaint, Hamilton'! Elixir uoffered, with acontiiltnce intpiied by twenty yearituccetiful expt - rimenl. A lini'e trial will urare that it dil Irdget aod evacuates (he lough vm id phlegm or mucui, ttrrnsthent the weakened veueltoftlie lungf, iheathei the arrimnninui humour which irritate! them, and finally ditcharges it. Tliut striking at the root of the disorder, the symptoms are of course effectually and permanently conquered i tne reverie ot common nicdiciaet, which weaken th constitution, nad eive ttreneth In the disorder, for (he take of tnooVratisgfor tin pn sent tome of itt painful ffrdi. TO PARENTS, who have children afflicted with thit dreadful malady, thit it a discovery of the firtt magnitude, ai it ailbfdi immediate le - lief, check! tbe progren, and in a short time entirely rcinovet the most cruel disorder to which childreaare liable. The elixir it to perhrtly a - greeable, and tbe dose to tmall, that no diSculty ariet ia taking it. ' Be particular to ask for Hamiltnu'i Elixir, im - itatinni ol whi h are offered to (he public, but none are geuuinc without the signature of II. Lo. For tale at LKE'S medical warthnifte. No. 46 Mhiden Lane, t.nd bv every respectable In - xitt in New York. i 111 MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF THE CITT OF ITEW - fORK. Thtoldttt InttUuliimfoT Insurance agairutjirt in inu ciii,1 "NSURE aeaintt Lot or Damage by Fire, Dv ellins Ilousei. Ware Houses. BuildiDSSin eneraL Merchandize, bhips in port and their Cargoes, Household rurr.i.ure, aua every ue icriptionol iersonal property, on termi as favo mole as similar inslilulioiis in umcit v. I'hit Company it incorporated solely for tbe nunoie of inturuig against loud bv fire, and I. a circumscribed its operations chiefly within this city and immediate proximity. In addition to (he Capital MocK, ,w,uKi, w liieh is secured by bond and on real estate and public stocks, (his Cnmpauy pooesscs ahandmc lurpiut luiid, invested in use man ner ipartii - i assured mav tlierefore repose tl ful let! commence m iiiesonuiiy oiiucapuai, ami that anv looses or damage will be settled with promptitude and liherality. The different rates of premium and condition' of Insurant e are uniform with thoie of the other Fire Insurance Office! in Ihitcity. The public are referred for particulars to the printed proposal! in circulation, and which may be bad oo application at fiio. bi Wall street GABRIKL FURM AN, President, JOHN FIN1ARD, Secretary. mav en WANTED, A WHITE girl or woman to do the cooking. IM. he. in a small tarrulv, consisting ol lour crown persons, hvinir in a pleasant part of the citv, she will have the assistance of a little girl and a boy. None need apply without good tecummrndationt. Ap; - lj al this office. J 16 tf JEWELLER! . WAICHESsVc. 4 CASE of tundry JewelU ry, fine Cutlery, Zx. ! - user Iluutir.g and I ram tv stthtl, Drciimg Case! aud Ladirt Work Boxes, i caietltadiet Corteli aisorted. For tale by J. LAMBERT. Je 34 3 Coortland ititel. u et jk'unst: ir.tyren. can produce satisfactory testimonial nfj character, Sic wiii meet with encoivr - gement. 4 in to in et to of h bt applying at MBS. cAIULEKa, J 10 tf No, S6 liruadway. POST COACH Aim 8TEAM - BO AT LINE FOR PH Im PELrti LA . ay tsi or KuiAaaTHTOwii roaT. . C'aQ& ia One Day.) A NEW Line of PottCoachet with every coo - x. venience for paitenger and baggage, on Springt, tlartt from the Coacb office, No. 1 Courliand - atftitt, near Broadway. New - Y'ork, every mutniog, (Sumlayt excepted) at 5 o'clock, in (lie Steam Boat Atalanta, via Elixabethtown, Brum wick, Princeton, Trenton aod Brittol, and arrive at Philadelphia the tame afternoon, al o'clock. A second - Line of new Pott Coachet will ttnrt from New - York every morning, (sundayt ex ceDtcd.1 at 10 o'clock in the bleam Bont Atalan la, lodge at Trenton, and arrive at Philadclpliia, aSte.imBoat, next morning at 10 o'clock. Fare 6 dollart. P. S. Passengers are requested call aud lake Their beau at tbe omce io. i Courtltnd - st. N. Y. United State Mail Coacb, for Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington City, with every convenience for patiengtrt and baggage, ou anrinai. 'lhe If. &. mail coach will atari from tlie coacb office, No. 1 Courtlandt - at. New - York, every aay at z o'cioca, r. an. ami arrive at rou - adtlpliia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only 6 pat - sengert admitted. t or teattinthe above named Linet, apply to THOS. WHITFIELD, at the old ettai.luhed Coach, and Steam Boot ofiice, No. 1 Court - iandt - iheet, near (he corner ol Broadway. new - York ; or to A. T.GOODRICH U CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - ttreet, and at No. 53 Whitehall - street, New - York. O - AII good t and baggage at the riik of the owner. JOSKl'H LYOiv, fcl& it tu. N. 11 Expreiici tent to any part of (he Con - THOMAS WHITFIELD. Je 24 bVF'J' - SUKK MAIL COACHES, FOR rOILADKLPRIA, ftT lave New - iork ! every morning (Sunday'icx - Jccteil)at H o'clock, aud ar rive in rbiiadeiphia next day tu dinner. The pulilirk house i are good, and rrntonahle (heir chareet. The drivers, horiei and coach are not interior to any othert now running be tween these two cities. 1 ue neauiuui country, and the excellence of tbe roads on this rout, con nected with the safely, comfort, aud reasonable exprncei, are beleived to be ttron inducement! traveller! in giving tint line a derided prefer ence. lbn ttnetett attention will be omened by tlie proprietor t in giving general satisfaction. All bmrsnire and Dackaees will to at the ritk of the owner unit si insured aad receipted for by the clerk of taid ofiice. Stage fare only 5, with a generous allowance baggage. Partiei wishing to travel at their pure, may engage (he Coach on reasonable tcriniexcluiiveiy to themtelvei, by applying one day previous to starting. rorieatt apply at Northern Hotel, sso. in Courtlundt - ttreet, New - York. LlUA, U.t, 4 CI J. ap J Proprietors. UNION LINE FOR PHILADELPHIA. Twenty - five milei land carriage, via New - Bruuiwick aod Trenton, hi new po.t coachet $5 Do good ttnget 4 50 Do lorecattle or deck pauengen, 3 50 Conoicted by the tteam boats oi.iva bkancb and rnLlDiiLPHi A.. The ttcam - boat Olive Branch will leave New York every day, Sun - day'i escc pttd, from the north tide of tbe Battery, at 1 1 o'clock, A. M. Pastengen will lodge at Trenton, and take the ileum boat 1 hiladel - phia, io ai to arrive in Philadelphia at lOo'clock the next morning, in time to take the Union Line Baltimore ateaiu boat. This line hat a connection with tlie belt boats on the l law are aod Chesapeake to Norfolk; at also those of (he North River and Sound ; and Heir several arrivals are calculated to cause lit - tk?. if anv delay. Thiiii a speedy and certainly (be moat convenient route, at the passenger! will leave New - York after the bankiopen. and arrive ia Pl.ilu - deliliia before the hours of business, without fa tigue in travelling or want oi sleep, uie rano carriage being much left than by any other route be tween the two citiet. For teati in the above line apply (o WILLIAM U. JAQUES, At the Union Line Steam Boat Office, in Mar - kelfleld street, north tide of the Battery, between Gxeeuwicb and Wanhington streets, or to The CAI'TAIN on board. 03" All goodiand baggage at the ritk of the nwliiT. np 4 For the further accommo dation of the public, the de - nnfiiir tit lli t'ircllv frnm - ' TAj - J v. 7l. , v 1.. i. w ill he in luture on the following days : Lease New York on Monday, vvednetday nnd Saturday, at 9 A. M. Leave Newburgh oo I undav. t iKlar anu cunnay ai o a. nt. The above arrangement wtil commence by (he Firefly leaving Newburgh on Sunday, the 24th May - ... . . . . The W extern otase leavei ruewhurgh imme diately after (he arrival of the Firefly. my 12 KASloa AD BKTBLKHEM R EW U.1K, VIA KKW - BROSSWICK. fjr - fas - engen will leave New - York every Monday tad Friday, at 11 o'clock, A. M. in Uie tteam boat Olive Branch ; lodge at New Bruniwick ; leave there early next morning, and arrive at Eaiton at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Returning, leave Eaiton every Monday and Friday, at 5 o'clock, a. M.iodse at .ew urnnswicK ; arrive al.ew York at lOo'clock next uinruiitg, in the iteam boat Olive Branch. The ttage connected with tbii line it a good four - horse itage. Passage from N. Bruniwick to Eaiton, 350 from Kaston Io Bethlehem, 75 cents. For seati in theabov. line.apply to WM. B. JAQUES, at the Philadelphia Union Liue bleain - Boat OUicc, r.orlh tide ol the hnltt - ry. ROBERT LLTSON, Propriedr, Jel3(f tult'llt.1, Via ELIZA UETU - lOli'X 1'Ot.Vf. BTIWJs. POql - COCU l.l.NE, Tltrmuih in a div and by dau - l. Kt, T EAVFJi New - Yoikia the Meain boat At - M - J lauta, from llio foot of Wliitchail - slreet, near the Battery, at 5 o'c lock, A. M. Fmpiirr at No. 1 Counlan lt - striet and No. 53 White hall - street, at which placet seaU may be taken jeso tr JVt.IV MUSIC. JUST published and for sale at WILLIAM DU COt j' pianoforte and music store, NV 12') Broadway, Thine am 1 my faithful fair ; the tolJicr's bride - , an I irora chihlbnod't dawa to noon of youih a tun I y Mr. Philippa. Ah can I e'er forget thee lor The'celehrated eclio tong 1 he in iratino, tarred mehidy The Saxou air, with variation!, tiy Cramer Haydn's celebrated ronzonet, My mother bid me bind my hxir, aa a toodo 1'wrnty four tonalai, for young performer?, bv X. B. Chiillooer The iaxe Cobonrg vraltx, vrllh variations The rV.j l.ia Walt The itonn rnc.da, by Steihelt Je12 7t LET. The three story brick houtei No. 51 siLcr itrttL Enquire at J H tw ' No. 67 Pine ttreet. fP wftW TUB SOUJM St MM BOAT - LI If f The proprietors, with t public, by txUiiiiing the line aio Norwich.' intend makiar uie experiment with the F oiton, caul, iyaw.and Uiit route (if found practicable) cooliuued during the aeatoo. Tbe line will iu future be from New - York to Norwich, at follow i : The Connecticut. CapL rtunkcr, will leave New - lork every Monday, W'duttday aud Fndau, at 8 o'clock, iu the rooming, lor New - Haven. Tbe Fulton. C'apt Law, will leave AurwicA at 6 o'clock iu the morning of (heiaaie dayt, touch ttXSftw - Lvniiun and depart Irons thence lor JVrt - i:arcn at o o'clock. The boats will meet at Atw Harm, and depart front tbence every Monday, n ediut Wand Friday, at 7 o'clock in the srvenina the Connecticut for JVrv - l'erlr, and the Fulton for jvev - ijmdon aud Jvowich. nih 17 NAwauMoH and s.AaaaoAiooAaiAii. - aTAba;1 TBRKK TIME! A VVF.KK. AMfwii I EAVES Newbureh eve - hmTUMi 7 Sunday, Tuesday, y yvfyH V t0l Thursday morning?, at " " ti r - 'rl - rli . runt through Mnutgnmtry, Cloomintrhurch. MonlicelJo, bv White Lake, Coshecton, Mount Plcatant, Great Uend, Chenango I'oint, Uwega, Ithica, and Geneva, toCanandaigua. Returning leaven Canandaigua every Mon day, Wednesday and Friday morning t at three o'clock, and amvet at New burgh, tbe third day in lime to take tlie Steam - boatii which arrive in New - York the following morning. 1X7 ' may le txytclid that at all timn when the ttram - boati alter their days ef rwmvgt that UiU line ailt alter to ot te meet them. The whole route will be perfumed in three days, from Uie first of May, until the first of November and from the brat of November until the fifteenth of December, and from tlie fifteenth of March until the first of May, in four dayi snd from the 15th December, un - til the fifteenth of March the same line will be continued to the city of New - York and run from thence to Canar.daigua in four dayt. Passengers travelling from New - York to Canandaigua, Niagara or Bulialo, can leave N. York in the evening steam - boats, and arrive in C'anandaigua in three days a distance of three hundred miles. The line it well furnished with good, new caariiges t good horses, and careful and experienced driver Every attention will be paid to render the passage of Uie traveller safe, easy and expeditious j and it is believed that Uie accommodations on this line are equal to any line in the ttate. FAKE from Newhurgli toCanandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. B. A branch of the tame line runt three times a week from IUiaca to Auburn. Also, a line runs from Owego Tioga Point, thence through Newtown and Painted Post, to Badi, tc. . BAGGAGE, at usual, at the risk of Uie j owners. David Godfrey, Rlootningburgh,' E. C. St. John. Mount Pleasant. - L. ft R. Manning, Chenango, IProprie - Luther oere, itinca, i tort. aHinuel Greenlia, Geneva, Oliver Phelps, Laming, mh 14 d6m NOTICE. dZj - Sleatn Boat Olive Bhanch will sail eveiv Sunday, at 1 1 o'clock round btuleii Island, and occasion ally, u u.e winJ aud tide will permit, (o the hock. This beautiful tail will coutnbute both to health and pleature, and is ai cheap a recreation at can be lound. Partiei who mean to partake of tliit amusement will, if convenient, give in their natm - t the day preceding, at the office in Marketiield itreet, norlinide otile Bat tery. dinner on board, at the usual pricet. PaH;e bs children Iwlf price. my 13lf lUK. ELIZABETH TOWS t'UlST, EAVES N YVk each day, Aundayt except - from the foot of White - ban siiettl near the Battery, at 5 o'clock aud 10 o'clock A. M. ami 3 o'clock P. M. ; leavei Llixa - bethtown Point at 8 o'clock A. M. and hall putt 13 o'clock and half past 4 o'clock 1 in. J90 If &Z5 . fjO - Onthe UthofMay, "Ij - commenced running four limes a week. A lioat leave New - York on Tun - day, dl'jn'tiut, A. M ; Weduetduy, atSf. itl; t rid ay, at A. Al. aod Saturday, at 0 I . ll - oi each week ; and a hoal leaves Ainany on Mon day, Wcdi.eiday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 'J A. M beFirc - Fly leavei New - York on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 0 A. M. for New - hurgb, and returns oa Aionuay, wcdneidav and Friday, at II A.M. ' JeSU tuti iWLt, A farm of between tixty and seventy aciet, situate on uie west i - nna oi uaae utsego, and one mile Irona (he village of Cooperstuwn. On it are a new atone Louse 54 feet square ; a ne w larm bouie, harn, tic. it lorun a deurahie et tablubment for a gentleman wishing to retire into the country, ai iti situation, at lo prospect, convenience to market, 4ic. it not turpaited by any in the interior ol (lie ttate. It will be told low fur cash, on a credit, or exchanged for pro perty io uuicny, gooes, &.c. Appiy io 11. O t R. SEDGWICK, mv 7 tf Law Building. UHN UEWl IT mil reiidetat No. 242 Wa - i . . . . i i i. i i i tl ler ttrcei, wncrc ne uns a vcrj nanuiome anu fashionable assortment ol Cabinet furniture on hand, which he will warrant to be of the first Quality. HetolicitthiiNew York and southern Irienditogive mm a tun, at lie uaitert niiuteit they will not he disappointed, urderitxeruted at the shortest notice. Je 22 tf toUN'l lNli ROOM. A pitaiant and con euieb. Counting Room in Soutii - ilru t to let. Apply al O aomh - ttreet. J7 1 WO or three single geutlemeo cuu be hand. omelr aeommodated witb board at No. 3'J Hmadway. Je VO Iru W HOOPING COUGH. DOCTOR feCOTl'S Pectoral Mixlure, which is a tafe and efficlual remedy lor the wbiMiping cough. It it only ten jeart since it was oileied lo tbe public, aud tome thousands ol children, both iu England and Scotland, have beeu cured by it, alter every oilier medicine had Ueu used without enect. H ii held in the bkh - ctt i - itimaliou for itt excellent and tulubriout virtuei. It promote! gentle penpiruliou, re inotei liicid rdil.gmbyaueary and tale ex pec loratioo, and highly salutary to the lung ; it tlrtiiglhem ami rleicnui the tiouiacn, giveigreai - er liheriy of - breatbiiit;, and produces the most ale, salutary and happy ebecli, ly pietnt - ing llioe ilistressing and coavul - ive couKht, lo which thousand! of indit idualt, in conic - qut - uce of neglect, prematurely (alt a ter.rifice. Il is not by exciting a temporary stimulus of relief in those violent paioxysms thai its quail lies are manifested, but by clic dually remov ing tiose distressing yuiptomt, by giving vegour to the w eakened l:ame, and renovated health to the afflicted individual. Sold wholes - le and retail, by It. Robertson, Apoim carv. No. ai 1 1 road way, and J. U. .Mori son, Druggest, No. 1811 Greenwich - sti eet, N Yoik. DiugesU throughout the United - tates, may bi' supplied with the Pectoral Mixture, at either of the above placet, at the low est wholesale price. , Jy 7 TO lit. LLjisLU, "kN favorable terms, for a king term ol years. V - J 4 lott of ground on Broadway, Skl icet deep, exteaJiog to Ciosby - slrtet, between Hea ter and Urauil - strectt. 12 l - jljiu Water - street, ncarCatharioe - market 1 lot in NVatcr - iUect, Lolweta Fultoo and Burling :lii4. - Abo, several other lot in the 5lh,6lh, 8th. aqd 10th wards. Tor roxlicular;, enquire at No. 30, laalaaxB - ttrect. may o - A dxKsrxi.j : MbliekMw tow to du.niib ba.' DOCTOR IIORNE, fr.fcerl ,of the city of limaTM niomberof the faculty ootivsia silditirnrlk. r"" T " . ' MK""rutda. ty to repeat torue - ontervatioos ' toe abuse of MERCURY 1 rash, laditcriniitiate, aad anouals. 6ed uie iRrreot, bat been produC live of infinite nitchiiL in. audi te annually mercurialized out of esT V mm. Tlie diseaie we bare in view owet it')?. (al retu'.U chiefly to thit tource. What a niu that a young man, the hoptt of hit coealrv iB J the darlmg of bit parents, should be toileted I way from a'l the r rosiwcti and n.. - . ?. by thecontequeutetofooe anpiarded momr,? and by a duease not in id own nature fataU tod which only prove to from aeclert treatnii lirnt) uuuerpnyticiantor gential practice, ei. Ver. andrepeatedly salivat.d; when recommended tl Dr. Ii. (by a gatlejiian of thrt city) hu 1? were carious, aad Lit fieah dropping from thil hit frieodt declared he cculd not postibl v iuZ : two months loogsr. Tpootaadt exv - t'mul know with what ease aod aatety DrT H?ffl catet the severest case, and confiroa the'erm - " tution. Tbe Doctor' plaa (advertiiing) u 3 cettary to guard the public against theat, ! mercury, and otlier fatal delusions, held forth Pcrtunt, Uierefore, having contracted a vate disorder, or suspecting latent poison T admonished not to tamper with their constsjl tion, or conceal the, disorder, till past recov ry ( otherihaviuj the reinaint of aa old cail" or oUier ioipuritiei of the blood, at well at ou er complainti of a delicate nature, in - ittl'r tex. tbcuid remember posterity, and do iiiaticl to their conscience!, by making appiiraiin. (o Dr. H. at hii old and retried. ?" liihment, No. 64 Water - ttreet, four houiet weii of Old - tlip, to obtain (hat prompt auistance a lone caU alated to prevent discloi ure. And her let m claim your aeriout attentiooRememht a superficial cure it oo cure at all: nni... .kW ineiiis radically doae, yoa will certainly hav. the disorder break oat again with redoubled ma lenity, at tome luture period j perhaw then will be loo late for retuedy. D.n't ou oha TmeeT . the atreeti miserable, mutiiated beings, witToii even a bit of note on their face.' Tafi iwurirV I bfteech vou. "" u gr lb04 crecy hitherto unknown, and practice foryear past, exclusively to the cure of rliteaiet of the blood, they may safely calculate on the most decided advantages ia coa. Gleeti erailicatedintwe or three weekt. Stricture! removed without c - oagiet or any oth er mitrunieut ; and ail debilitiet; likewise al! old ulcerations, fistula' ace. A plurality of officet are prorided, and to site - ated Uiat palienit are nnt exixiied to each ntiu.r - obtervaUon. Open till halfpast 9 in the evening. A I! persons coocerued are invited to be free ia calling, and siieakuig with Dr.H. which is fr oi con. nuaue.rt uie Doctor cannot avoid U expression of gratitude for innumerable rroav uitodations, arid for the decided preference fit i pn suuied with just cauie) long given him by a luilicinui public. N. B. All letters mutt be pott paid. Dr. Buchanan. Aus 37 l J'i.U UZIi (lUAl h AKi' A OH J.VtUZj. J C'.v. TK. EVANS' tuperiti a .mei metliod ofcurinsacei. tain Disease, rsnowuairei - tally acknowledged in th city ; bit mode ol trentmeit m perfectly mild, tafe, i - iieuiuoin. ana his charr - a reasonable. In every n - stance he warrants a curt, and will return the DavifL ii jdoet not perform agreaaba . - gio contract. u a - i ta - aii arauw klnaaa V a.M. J Tliere are many persons iu this city aju) iu vicinity, laboring under varioua chrunie disease, tuch at cancers, old inveterate ulcers, scrofula or kings evil, uttulai, diseasea of the urethir, bladder and kidnies, old complicated complaints' of a certain nature, bilious and asker otutiar - " - aas a..w v w nirraif vwki rua tiont, ibeumatiim, it, wbich (hey consider ucv nitalt i firtt Surgeon and Pbyticiani in the world, aid wade thoee ODtunaieuiaeaie ait constant ttmry for 30 veart. Oct It FRUMENTO, No. 1 Wall ttreet, gentle - " LA..m.n'idretiiiigioom, hat for sale a lew Ra ton of Damask Steel, made by the celebrated Marcuio. of Parii. He hat also rtceived an at tortinent of the belt Engliih Raton, whicb be warrautt good. If proved to the contrary, mo ney reiunded. Mr. FRUMESTOrelurnt imtincere menu , to his customers, and the public in geni ral, for v their very liberal patronage, aud loliciti a con tinuance of their lavouis. He hat like lie procured a very line hone, ana engage! to rettore raxors to a very keen edg and should they not cut well ha will receive no recoiiipence. ' Gentlemen who subscribe by the quarter, will - have their appaaatut kept exclumely for them - neives. " AeuiiuX ' supply of la 1 diet Beaver Halt, fiesh from the ma - nulactoiy, suitable lor the aoeth - ern market, and racked at tbe rf:V'i ,4 ihoirctt. eoUce, '.j! WILSON'S,..! ICO Broadway. may TO MA&OAS. - 3ROTOSALS will he received at !o. i - street, for buildihS a bouf, " greeably wub apian Ihere leil, lor a taveMh , e the corner ot ibe Bowlug Greea aud Je 13 itn - ct. KLLdA.ST ,1'IAJS O tUHTtH. JOS. WiLiON, HMaidea - Lane, na; ceived by Uie Vtous, a large wot excellent Piaoo Jortes l'atent riuttt, "Tu - Uti, a.c. manufactured expressly lor r,im vj r meoti 4i Co. London. Alto, ITano t one c - m ted, new music, aud every article in tl.t ical Hue ; initrumentt takeu in exchange, , iuue i 'tw. .w " . is - mv f AlLft, VICES, ANMcS, c if "V IN tine drawn Roie and Claip Nailt, anorte" tilel t caikt black and bright Vice . . 3 do band and tledge Hammer 2W do deck Spikes, from 4lo 8 inche 10 ton bolt and iqunre Iron atsoited U' For tale at bT Pioe - srtc(, by ,nS J IB. HENDERSON fc CAIRN5. . TO LET. A dry Cellar, under the 1 - ous . No. - f riUKTEU AJVLi WBLISUtO MICU JEL KUIiJVHAM CO. 49 - W ituAx - s! orrositK t 15as2 Corrs - r - Ilr - vt. ;. No. r m ur. h i. character for skill and itubborn int. - ify being universally known in (hi. .guarantee to palienU that diir. rable, Uiey can - criniiT rsiw i in gem rail by applying at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, No. 8, Peck - ilir having praclisrd ia extAiiv huimtalt in Europe ii Tears, under tome of ifaa a. I S7

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