The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 23, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 23, 1818
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XI ;th mine. salt "! fruit, to G Chls, f H ogan, JJ. seh Bt Gibraltar. The nuwo" cfMrart. had ..r red at Ci 555 3J of - Smiin the KtniU, Ac u she 0..1V VC10I nri. ; - - . . u. from iy.oJ Ulaiid, Gibraltar. June oi i,t 33. ln 33 I"" company wuu sen imr. tOdavs trom Palermo, lor uos L riff George Hank, spoke sell Washi. Off George ton, tAivt from Boston tor Gibraltar. Off rr.filcar. spoke2 Barrataiwn privateers, tBI ' - , and treated n,v ton, rat bovaw i - - - i - juiy. below. TWnbriff. one of them the Andrew, from ct Johns, with passengers. S ARRIVED J.AST F.VE.VI.VC, ' cA Albatross, Collins, 30 d:iy from K O: . wjtli cotton and tobacco, lo Ripley, C. n ! t. Ca. J I. Bowiie, and S Corp. Passgi. llTli Ludlow, J StaiigUt, T Walker, and J Ldf. I" t,,e r'ver Pkssea sc - ' Undaunted, , K York, tor Orleans. Sailed m eo ' it. hritrGov. Urnoks, for Havre - dc - iiracc, June 20, in the r'ver, spoke brij'' Mary, 25 days rin Boston, bound up. 22d, spoke brig Mart Blount, f. - om Mobile for N Orleans. 2Sth, lit 25, Ion 85, spoke brijf Argo, from N Voik ft $ O. - leass. July 7, tat 24, Ion 38, soke h Enterprise. Chase, from Montevideo tor A (irlniiu. 37 days out. Sell Sally - Aiin, V.'aiker, 4 days from Eden Mi, with Iiet to the master. Sloop Fame, Coleman, 3 day from Kan nickel. Sloan Omeja, Husiey, 3 deys f. - om Km - lackrt. FROM OUR COHRESPOXDEXT. Cfij' - e of tin! Baltimore Putriot, ) Julv 201 r. M. i laleslfrom Liverpool The brig Mary, cot. ()(, 45dnys from Liverpool, airivcd a short tiiu before our fap r went to press bailed CUi June. Mo news. Prices as per hut advices I.eA ships Aminius, Gibson, oi und for Baltimore, to nail fclh June ; Gen. Ilaad, .MMieat, Kans. Slh : Lalloon. Stilt s. L'allimore, lOtli CmKret, Kinpr, il1 - do. ; Amanda, Williams, i di. belvi.lca;, Hulxon, do 9th ; Lup iraiet DcCcit. AVorlc. l.'th : Paoeniv Low, Boston I'M. Spoke Mr 1'ianklin. st - iine in, ilays IriraCaliiuiore. June Uth, bii' Waterlord, eaw llitiliip Adfiaiina. Uih, 3jok Gritc VashingUn 0.1 tl eJge ol ou.idi!ig4. I Hit, fl up Koiitau, iul.it47,loni 10, tu day frr.iu Amst - rd:itn. s;::i. lal. 4i. 3D. lona. 40, an American triir Ironi Belfast for Mew - York, blowing hnid could not karn tier name. July tilh, Hit 41 loi:(; ou, inoke. tliip John tiurkly. Wett, 40 day l from LiverH.. for riiiladvlpliia, had Ust liermuiiitop oail and enrima th fi - re one'. gthr EliM - Anu, S)lveT, 23 dayi from St. 1, - mii do Maranha o. Left no Americans Sail - ,!in to. with chr. Usrt. of S Y In lat tl, 4 long 6, 27, was chased by a felucca, out - tuWfl tier. sloop Roxtna, Doan, from New - York, wi'li 4JU bon iiuur. Schr. Kiimc, Fnrrinton, 15 Jay from Salero. Srhr. Leonidas, Turner, from A York. Sloops Mornim: Star, Iroin Newivirt ; KuiIotr, Proviilence ; and Mccliaiiie, from NYurk. 4600 M:els onu. Oarid, hri AntH Freiurn, I'ortlanil i srtir Mary, Fletcher, Martinique i tloop Oaiiin, LJ - Wse, I'rovidenre. Boston, July 0. Arrive - !, brip Climax, Harchant, 41 day from DiiMin. Left, ships Martha, Joy, tlibcharginif John, fur f'hilnlcl - pbil ; iHmpwii, Itnylc, for N York, few days ; ir.J sell Virjilant, l'aiker, do do ; Spoke lat 45, km 38, brig Iive, of Pool, from Nova Scotia, l usengcrs, Mr. Mills, wife and child, and 20 in ttie steerage. Capt M. brought Dublin pa - rr and Lloyd LiU to June 6 inclusive T!,e Climax hss coal, to Messrs. lLnnes and ti. and has perf i mcd her roynge in 83 days. & h Jane, Woodward, 5 daya from Norfolk ScUS.d ane. GiliU, from Wasliingtoji, N C - SchCarolific, Nye, from Norfolk. t Quarantine O: iti - .li sell Concord, Car - r, fitim Grenada. Brii; ianmritan, G. - f rly, 20 dayi f.orn Ma - lanzai. lxft, ng Kadius, Granger, of Providence , bri Matilda, Elliot, of Warren, II. Idand ; sell Comet, Groaer, from Boston j sch Jane, Uills, of .V York. Spoke, lat 84 19. b: 17 35, biijf Minerva, Jennings, 4 days from Alexandria for Rarbadotf. Julv 18, George's elioal X. 3'J leagues, the Oiive - Hranch, 55 hours from St. Johns, N. B. for Demerara. M.iy 21, lat 21 44, Ion 55 33, outward hound,, experienced three shocks of an eartliquake. t'Gir.ADKi.rnix, July 2 i. Arrived, ch Ham - fn, IVo kI, l iys Irrm tt. Kuttalia. U iff t orn. U.irrvi Kay, irom st. Croix. tclir Monroe. Aloodr. 10 days trom at. An - S3 Passengers. SUtr. Bellona, Jlopkini, 10 days from St. An - in m. to pajjenren. Brie Pacific. Greelr. 10 dart from St. An drews. 13 pas'engeis. Bur Joseph S. Lewis, Nesmox, from Genoa, 20U, Aml and Gihrait .r, 2d June. The J. b. Lewis struck by Ijhtnins, on Monday, in the Bay ;ber foremast iiiui h injured, and 3 men scri - ojilr dart, but al! dom well. Auiiinm, July 2 J. An ived brig Eliza - bcdSlurgcs, Jacobs, 101 days from MarseiL lessud4j from Gibraltar. Was detained in tli Mediterranean sea, 55 day by westerly winds, in co. with 150 sail of vessel bound tut July 1, lat 25, long 39, rpoke sch Lycur - mHIl I'attnii.nfand from N' Yoik, out 15 (ty) 5 of which had been becalmed. THEATRE. 3CJ The public is resnectfullv informed. tiit on Friday evening, July 2 1th, will be iire - sffllej A GKANU CONCElir. PAItl'. 1. "tffture. Full Orchestra. 1'iast, Mrs. liinke, I have lov'd thee," Hook. lct, Messrs. Incledon Sz Philippe "Time lia not thhtii'd my flowing hair," Jickow. Bnrura, Mrs. llolaiao, "Domestic Peace," ilonre. Mr. rtiilipps, Fanny dearest," ar - ranged by himself, Moore. w,fi Mis. Burke, " Eoho Song.' accompani - J on the flute hy Mr. Kinella, Ciihop. , Mr. InclcdtHi, u Euconipa'sM iu au Augel's I'rame," Jackson. D, A!n. Holuian and Mr. rt.i'iips, When thy batum heaves the sigli," braliain. PART II. MiS - n'.e. Full rir.. d. Mrs. Il jlmao, "Oh no, my lve, no." nei;v. A'r. Ph.llin - .. William Ti.!!." Rnbm J5; Mrs. Burke, " Hunliiig &hij at Morning's . Dawn." Hook. we'tativs) rid Air, Mr. Incledon, " .Vanjionof M.c." tLb. wa'ura, .Mr,, llaa tt SoJjicr tirej is ArDC Mr. ln. - I.Kn u uh i..n bled," written by Burns A,. - s. Philip., and IntleJon, All's , !!." Fraham l,' Di,aJ. G.iir, - !.am V'hn J'r - John Dianchi Taylor, fiom ,'iT.Vntre, London. ai. d Iiciets may be had at Uie hot - of - ti,?' , '''"''e, fiom 10 till I, picviout lo - uy . i1 c"ecert. and on that da? from 10 - ii'J fff - u 3toSr.VI.wk. dl, . l!ltea a 21 oflker for ship to In - j, y 10 J r; - ROlJEUP, Esq No. 133 Water - street Yorif fn pubhs porters rf tde city ot cutl are rcT"leJ t all end a central mt Xcw - "flhl r'rtt ecneral meetin enaie. ; ir :..i... , t n.,.. - i ... 1 hdfaft "H0" I lll.iv ri,.,. h. a 1,1. ;.,,, ien - a o'Htk. il? order of ,T., UcNRY N. OGDE.V, 1 - Dt pry irtin u tjg tjaretk lUnds ' J CROAD'VAT circus; ovooaOoonoo THIS EVEMAO. JULT 13. The periormaiKe will comuience ' with the Grand Military Eiitrv. Master Thomas will on one horse perform na nr wonderful leutt of horsemaoshii). ' Mrs. Williams will display her a(onubio. eqmiroriuni! on Die slack wire. Strength of Hercules by Mr.Caussin. He will on hit (ec - t uu'l hands support eight persons and fcrm twelve different groups, and conclude by upporttfg tne whole troop on ms liauus and leet forming a beautiful eroun. Tin elegant horse Othello will perform the part of a domestic, he will at command, brin; w hin, hat. haikct. handkerchief and walkin roUir.g,&t;. riB - l Conclude with bringing a flag placed at the top of a board li leet high. .Master Al'Carn. tiie wonder of the aire, will on one hors, perforin many wonderful ieati for a youth, only nine years old, leap over 2 garters, and conclude by riding ou his head, his horse in lull peerl. Ahrmande, on two horses, by Mr. Tatnell and Mrs. Wiiliam. Tne hore Palnfox will nnrforra the pnrt of a iloiii' slic ; he will sit at table, and iiartaku of a eolation Willi mi muster. Slack Hone, hv Mr. Mi'.vhe Mr. Cainnhell, in the character of clown, will perform many feats uf mirth and buffoonery. The elegant Spanish horse Borneo will, aftct Irauini? over bouids and bars of a iirodisiou" heighlh, conclude by leaping through a ii"i head nlnced on the back nf a horse. 1'easant on Stilts, by Air. Uuiien, wno win, al ter many Icatsol horsemanship, penorui a won I.tIiiI lar (KrouL - h two apnar.ite hoheads. Still Vaulting by the coiupauy Clown Mr CiniiihelL .... 1 ... t . - .i :ll: 1 he wnoie to conciuae wiui grauu ai.u nniii.un Fir - Works. Tickets mnv he had at the circus from 10 j'clock, A. M. to 1 P. M. and from J to 5. A iiliica is uroviiled for neonle "I colour. Doors will be oiieu at 7 o'clock, and the per formance commence precisely al o. No smoakins a owed. VliccKS noi iran - r - side. Gemlemiu are requeued not to enter the nr. a; DISHOLU i iO.S Of t.iitM:HSllllJ (Vt - The ro - imrtnershin latelv cxtMinr under ! T r I.....I L. .. n... toe iirm oi jamn crruyc isuiseuivru iry mu tual consent. Toe biisincas in future will heenn ducted by Laurence Anderson ; James Gray will eUle the buuni s ol the lale Iirm - JAMF..4 OKAY, LAUKENCE AXDERSON. J iTf! tl ai.'(iitr"' insurance Cansnot y. T 1HE Board f Directors have declared a (liv idend of four and rum half per ccut, n the canit'il stock of the conipanv, lor the hist six month, payable at their niiic. - e, corner of John und Williaui - iitrtels, on and al tt r the lirt day ol Au;uu. PETER 11AWE5, Stt'ry J JJ 2w .1 Oti II. IJE FOllKS'l' iiif - rai" t.i irsen - U and the. public, that h has opened .n Hce, as rto k and Lxdianire Broker, at Ao, ft!! W;,i;. Jtreet. J S.J It H'.iSTEU to Ul.llll'Kit, A enud Vessel, from 1000 to 1200 baritls, to a Southern port and back. Apply to PATKlUK, A V MA It : CO. j it oo aoinn - sireci. jj, - . . - ...... , v A i. ui it, .or v. nnnn.p i .orm iiiti y.ffi". built, copper fateneil, about 27 fret keel, wai blown olffroni the 1 Ian J of Bermuda on the 21 - t of May IajI, with seven Negroes on board. She was fallen with; abandoned, in the julph stream, on the 3d June, by the ship Ocla - via, arrived at Sag - Harbor, Hie captain of hich IbunJ a letter ou board stating that the Negroes had been taken out, iu lat. 31 and long. 72, by tho Patriot armed schooner Hornet. Any information towards tne recovery oi me Boat and Nesroes, will be thankfullv received : or fhould they be restored, the expenses will be ... i . r. . , J . I.. paid vf spyiiying 10 n'.njivnm ua - iunu rnj. in the l. land of Bermuda, or to the subscribers in the cily of New - York. TUCKER Si LAUR1F.5, j'lly t l .It go .South - st. For HALF., The brig JOHN. I ll t Vtv - si' - iad'.iisctis. i - i the ve tons, built in v'i 'i. - i?satr.utn. i - i me year nun, mm ltlii .ii in I Mill tdelpliia in 1 bio, a staunch good tts.11!, ar.d well loun.l in sails and rigging ; lies at Biooklyn. For terms, apply to JAME6 li'WOLF, Jim. J 23 54 South - street. H AJS ltlU TO A good fast sailing VESSEL, of 100 to 2000 barrels Lurtheu. Apply at 57 V ajliirii tou - stieet, lo Jy M G. . & F. IlOWf.AVI'). tVAjVl'KD JO CtiA U1LH. 1 r - . nnir - .1. .1 w.11 o V.V.fyh.nit 700 bates Bengal Cotton, lo load lor l.iveriHHil. Api. - W to J jf3 AKCHM) GRACIF. fi SONS. t REall LEMONS, 01c 7o large huxesliib Lemons 60 hags Filbi rt 10 do Madeira Nuts, iust received and for sale low, by G. G. S. HOWLAND, J 21 67 Washington - street, D LYNCH, J 1111. has a few pipe of the Wine . from the parishes of Caina de I. olios nod St. Antonio, reinuiuieg, which he can warrant ol a qudity, superior lo any imported to this country lor many years ; and which he oilers for rale 011 moderate term'. Jf - 3 lw H" L'RD U SEW ALL, 65 Souih - slftel tfle'r for sale Russia Iron, old Sable PSI Muskets, some of sujierior qiihlily, (cDlilled to debenture) - Beerliora Gurrahs fture Blur, red and white Gilta II ik:'. enl'd todeben. Canton Silks, ladhs rolor'd Hdkls. Siuchews, Hosiery, cotton V worsted Sic. Wellington ('aps and Worsted Braces London and York, hire Cloths M'.n's and boys' plater! andjnpiii' - I Hats (icntiemea's Lot.don Hats, best quality Russia Sheetings, Letter Paier Gentlemen' Walking Slicxs lindon made Toys, Worki xe, Sic. Brass Cabinet Furniture Window Glass, 6 by li to 10 by 1 1 Cut Nails, 4d to SOd, Sheet Lead Manut'd Kentucky 'IViaeco, :c. Jy 23 I 1 (J VI k SUGAR. ;.0 Ihds Knole Wand IV Rum, 10 boxes while II? van suar, for sale by JAMES D'WOI.F. Jnn. J S.I 51 Fo ilh - 'tr. et. t ' IN, CO I" I OA, 4C lj pipes second prool Vjl Holland Gin, fine flavor, hru J aims' cargo. 19 do 1st proof do brig Jewell's carfo 200 pt. Holland Duck, ol lirst quality, in easel of 12 piect tach 100 bales N Orleans Co'ton 100 Lr; mauuuiitured Tobacco, fovoritc braatU, lor sale by A. A; 1). TALCOTT. J 2.1 61 Soulh - slrn - t. I ICE. oi sale bv It CLARK MOORE & CO. J 23 5t 41 touth st.ect. hUOKKl.F.t'lAH. G F.NTI.EMEN v.ho have a'tended T.en - nc tt's lecture - :, are rcsocrtfuI!v infirm - ed that their Ccrtif.cairt nf Rccinimnlatio'i, ct to uM tu, jre now ready : they are countersigned by several merchants of the fi - st character and respectability. App'y for t'.icin at 43 Fulton street. It is now well known that a comnlcie knowledge of Bookkeeping as applied, to the various branches of commercial business can be acquired bv twenlv private Lectures ot one hour each. Terms 520. J23 3t J. BENNETT, Accountant, I SJIE BrowonieofUodsbeck, nnd other I ales JL by J;unes Hog, author o' Hie Qneeo't Wake," tic iic. Price if I. Just received and for Saks by COLLINS tt H ANNA Y. . :J0 Peafl - strett. 'ATnACHCRWATTCD. . I OJASTCi'tthe village ofBelieviTe, !Sw - I VV Jersey, a rtntleman capable ol tcachioe flie higher Branche of Learning. Ou la every res(Hct qnahDed to superintend an AoadtBiT) would soon tie at the heart n tishmeot. Aruilr to ft. VAN RK.SSKl.AKA. Esq. or Mr. 1. TOMPKINS, Belleville. - IA CliA.SCtKV. - ntat of ew - Yorlr. u. rN pursuance of an order of this honorable cosrrt, bearing date the 13th dav of Januarv. I!; 111. will be sold at public auction, at t!e Tontine Cotlee Hou'e, in the city of New York, under the direction ol the subscriber, as one of the masters of this court, iu ifturale lott or parcels, on Thursday, the twenty third dav of July next, at twelve o'clock nt noon, " All those certain pieces or parcels and tracts of land, known as the aortn east section of the tenth township, in the tweivn towns in Tiota county, beinir lots Nos. 1G, 27, 2", 29, i'.0, 32, and 3U. Lot No. Z(i contains about eighty acre s ; lot No. 27, about one hundred and live acres ; lot No. S!, - 20, 30, and thirty two. each containing one hundred and four vrei, three fourths and 'J'j rods of land : lot No. iH contains 00 3 4 and nineteen rods. Also, wcf Jialfof lot No. 24, which JiaU contains 51 acre. And also lots ,o. , 'j, 4, a und 7. on the gore lying westerly and adjoining on said northeast section, nod was surveyed imd added to said section (o make up a 'deficiency in said section; by a mistake in a foruies - survey. - S.tid lots Nos. 1, 3, 3, 4 and 0, containing about Ulty acrts each ; and lot Ao. 7 about twenty hie acres. Together with all and singular, the premises and appurtenances. Dated April lit, lUlb. JAMii) A. lIA.MIIrUA, ap If) lawtds Master in Chancery. The sale of the above proiierty is positioned to the 27ih iintLint, al the ame hour and ul - vre. July 23.!, 1018. J. A. HAMILTON, J x.JdU .Master in t - hanvi - y. 'I 'UK Atheneiiiu, or spirit of the English Alag - - I azines. Contents of No. 3J. Walk thro' Switzerland inlillO: Gauer Stoeri ; the Cus - cade of Tourtmagne ; awlul winter scenery of uieiips. Extrncts from a Lawver's Port - Folio : the Natural Son. Female Inlrcridily ; Madame Dore ; Lady Ankland ; Mrs. Ross. corehv'j account of Arctic and Antarctic Phenoincna ; Mnik - ll's Journrs; of UOOinilcsu - crons ice ; Horrid 1' atsi ol a Kutsuu settlement in Greenlnnd. Oriein of Sinus of Inns ; the Bed : the Rincol Brlln ; the PnsHiis Pell ; the Curlew; Bearing tho Bell"; Belle Sauvase; Bishop Blaze: Ulos - sonie Inn ; St. Lawrence. Neale's Travels; Oipy Cavaieades ; Molda vian ;letliot ol improving tvine ; indows ol Air - hlad ler? ; Greek Jnicr!tition ; Anecdotes of (he late Kinprrs V'alide ; Renegudoci ; Mus - tapha tiairaclur ; liailne, lac. (Jo Ue l,onliMita.) Pu!lii'h?d regularly on the 1st : - nd ljth of ev ery month, iiulnrriofioin only 5, ivr aiiiiinii, received by A. T. GOODRICH ic CO. No. Ml uroadway. .1 2.1 ZL'.MA. ad hd or the Tree of Health ; to winch is I the Fair Pauline, Zeneid.i, the Reeds Of the 'filler, and the Widow of Luize, by Ma dame :e titniu. price ult cents The Son ol a (i nius. n tnle'nr Titnlli. hv Mrs. lioallhid, author of (he History of an Olnjers ...11...1 .....1 r ..' 11 ..... . - r ... vi id - nv, Mien the I enehcr, .Vc. MENTAL IMPROVEMENT ; or the Beauties and Wonder of Nature and Ait, in series uf instructive conversation, by l'rifcdia Wakeiield, nu'horof Leisure Hours, price $. r or - .tle at the .Miuerva Girculating J.ibrary and Book and stationary Store, HOlt Broadivav, opposite Ihc Mnsetim. Jy 23 T tickets m the grand staie lot - TERY', which roininences drawimr ene week from next Tuesday, the 4th oi Auguirt, nl parts in p - onorlioii, with a liberal ilicc 'Unt lo thoie who purchaFe to tell again, for taie al UEAJAMLN BUTLER'S Exchange and Lottery Office, a7 Wall - street. tientlemen who have so olten been disappoint - d in the Tickets purchased ut the Fortunate ucky, and Truly Lucky i,otlerr Oirr;e, are in formed that Dame Fortune has taken her resi - ncc in Wall - street, and iithe adve.iturerscourt fortune they iuut seek her here. Look ntlhe Gentlemen who have matte prince!? fortuues withm the Inst three mouths, and arc now irrow - ing lat under Ihe weight of gold in this httle street ol only iJ nouses ; ou ee one that has drawn a prize of 70,000, 1 of 20,000, lot" 10,000, I of o,!0;screral ot 1,000 and oOO; nnd the capital ,uize ol'y ,O0'l, 1:1 the Mill'ord and Owego lottery, sold in the street ; such inflames of go - id toitune have rarely occurred. Faith, grounded .n t l:o ahuie cirtumstaiices, warrants the subscriber in recoiiituending his tickets to those who purchase for profit. Good fortune is in the street, and points to No. 27, where all the Capil d Prizes are expected lo be sold, and if the public will not attend to tho call the proprietor will be compelled to retain the Golden PriziS now u lit red. J 23eod(t" OFFICIAL LIS 1' OF PRIZES, IN the Miifnid and Owego Road Lottery, i' tl i - " day published, and may be examined cratis, by every adventurer in that Lottery ; aiiOthe who have been fortunate ia drawing prizes, may receive the cuih immediatrlv, by ati'lving to G."V R. W AITE, J 23 54 Mai len - lane. eh j Eiyr of phizes N the VI il ford li Owego Lottirv is this day piilili. - lied, mil may be examined gratis, a! liie oiuce of R. WAI1 E, Juu. 11,0 Broadway, where all those who have drawn prizes are requested to apply VimeJiately for the CASH or the rpU'iidid prizes in tho MEDICAL SCIE.VCE LOTTERY. Cnnilal Trizt!. $100,000 20,000 50,000 10,000 Tickets and Shares for sale by R. Jt'tile,iun 130 Broadway, who sold eight capitals iu the Iat Mt do al Science Lottery, jtily 23 Fur CHARTER, A British I.IUG, burthen 212 tons uBiilish, or 2100 barrels; now at Phi - ladelpioa ; will proceed lo this, or a southern port, to loul for England, or the West Iodic, and can be despatched within three diys no nce. Apply to ItOGKIls & POST, .16 51 South - street For J1F.LFA.ST, The Philadelphia built ship JOHN DICKINSON, llaush, master, expected from Philadelphia about the22d inst. and will be immcdiatelv dispatched, havintr 2 Uds of her cargo ready. For frciglit or passage, ap ply to " ABRAHAM HEM, comer of Fulton and Clilf - st. A 1 1:1 m! some assortment of Irish Linens, rc ccived us - above, by the last arrivals from Dub lin and Belfast. J 17 lw for L'LAK'ELl ii MOBILE. v44 The superior fed sailing schr ANTE - l&iaiLOPK. John B. Clement, master, hav - ii.g nearly all her cargo cng;i;ed, will tail in a few davs. For freight or passage, having good sccomniodalions, apply on t - oard, cast sido ol Curling - slip, or te READE k DE TEYSTF - R, 31 Ol I slip. JyCO lw FA &Sj1 (r fi FOR AI Khi'OUI.. SK. nnrir,r f ml !idinp - CODDei ed siupU.lKUL.IAb ..v, vv.j. - anner,, will posinvely sail on Sunday next A few more pasengers can be haudsoiiiely accommodated, apply on board at Pine - sireet wharf, or lo HOWMXD & RRAl.VE, JalvCO .It S3 Smitli - rtroet. Sur l.ll'Flii'OOI.. "fbe elegaut fast tailing coppered ship' vjJLaLDRAPEll, William Adams, ma ter; 4ie u 't'l loos burthen, only two yean olJ, and , rill be dispatched immediately on distharjii.: her inr. anl cargo. For freight or parage, ap ply to Uie master, on board, rait tide of i ly - market wharf, or te it. w, nut, tits k uo. Je 1G S35 1'earl street. , Bir LIVERPOOL, , . i (Cue cf the line of packets.) Tht) Cornered. New. York built s!Jo 1 iir 1, Jonn v imams, master ; baa elegant accoramodations for passengert, aud is intended to sad, accordiug to a fixed arrangement, on the I0ih of next mouth. For freight or pajsago, apply to captain Williams, on board, at Fultou - sL wharf, to - ISAAC WRIGHT & SON; or, FRANCO THOMPSON. ' P. S. Bedt and bcdilng are found at the ship's expense. Jv 22 f r CADIZ, The rood substantial shir MARY. Jas. Mallit, master, havioe the irreater part y her cargo ready to go on board, uill he. dLpatcbed immcdiaU:ly. Freight wdl be taken if oilered Within 4 days. , pply lo GOODHUE U CO. J 2i 44 Souih - ttreel. 'o - A7. G.Vi U.V, Jamuita. The fast sailing bchr. MOTIIF.ll, fcJunies Co Iran, matter, will positively sail on Friday, and will take 200 barrels on freight, if inunediale application is made to M. TEN ISDN, 2t 59 Broadway. For Sale or Charter, 11... I. :.. urii. 1 i , - fe - - s - at Miiirav'n - wharf.hurihcii 151 tons. 7 yearn old, built i;i M.sachuxtts, may be sent to sea iih little er.pcnce. ar.d will be sold very low. Apply to N. A: D. TALCOTT, J 22 ClSoeth - stieet. limited iu CHAUThli, A Vfcstei of about 21)00 barrels Ap - iptylo MARCH A; BENSON, Jy l lw 47 South - street. tuk .s.iu:, wtti The shin AMERICA, built in Phi - Jg,ladel;ihia of live oak and cedarin 181 1, copper fastened and coppered to the bends, decks and sides cupper spiked, burthen per register 4fi4 C l - 161 Ions, carries 5500 barrels of tlour, sail fast, aid is one of the best buflt ships i 1 the United Stuti s. For lei ins, applv to ARCHIBALD GRAL'lE i. SONS. ' J 21 lw tor bale, rteiht or Charter, - rM. ...... 1. n ....1 .1.:.. 11111 nun .VIS i Fiituoi.ii rmo iiiiuovii. 3iijil.3M tone burl hell, is in complete orihr lo reieivea caigo, and may be enl tu ea wall little expeiiee. Apply 011 board, west fide Burling shp, or lo N. h. G. GRIoWOLD, Jy Cf i:r, 6ouih - 5t i 7 v urn.' fTJ:Tri 1 7i J.i 7irj - I - " vJi The line f.ibt Siilinyf new brig UK JiJrjSfiiSIGV, Capt. heeler, will poaiiively nail on Sunday next for New - Orleans. 4 or 5 cabin passenger can be well accommodated, apply 011 board t pier No. 5, north river, or to JUSKI'H JONES, ,1 21 5t No. 12 Greenwich - street. ' i. M ll I CM yi.oit O .V:c 1 OA I,, BOI'l'LE - v K;BACCO, si .vc loll ton! biritchCoaloisuiierioroiiaht, - r s Wine Bolfli s, now binding from Uie ship Nuiaara, iroin Gieenock, for sale by ROUER TGILLE - iPJE, 1 1 .' t rout - street. JA'STOriE, 100 bi ds Kentucky and Virginia Tobacco fl hhds Jamaica green Cofli. - e 7 hhds white Port Wine 7 qr. c.aks L. P. Madeira Wine 1 htid. Madeira, imported from Jamaica I ,r. cak very old Sherry W ine A chain cable weighing 7 tout Freight fur Rio rfe Jttntiri) and Pernnmhuro. vessels bound to cither iort may have ak lew goons uy aiutuig a mwvti . r .1 1 .1. - 1 Jl .1 .U Fir HAVHE The fast sailing coppered ship PlIiO, George Maxwell, master ; expected to arrive from Philadelphia about the 13lh inst. and to vtil jytli mst. 100 bales of cotton or o ther gucds, will be taken 011 fi - L - ight, and a few pissengers liaiidsomely accoiTimodatcd. Apply to HOYT k TOM, J 9 tf 45 South si. VV IJ.i. be sol 1 1 ouone iiucii'iii, 011 I Inns - day. Ihe .tOlli iol. at 12 Vhh li at noon, at the lower siile ol alnul street uli.iil. The cargo rl ihe ship IVcili. - ., iu - l arrived from (.anion, consisting clvuy cxcclleul i LAS, as lollops, s 17 : - (: t - liots. ... ). 1 catty, andt j catty, ) 1 1 an i in ir, 1 v ir. ...... Al hi... ID Altr. nnd? n,,nS ''y'0" Tea. 70 bces r( j M 7 I . HysonTea. Io0 naif chests ) LuM) chests Hyson Skin Tea 73 half chests. i . 3.'" boxes, and Tea 14 cases 01 canliif ters cirnistersf Cpowdr Tea. 0iirn,,iMoneT" - $GI5 packages of Cassia I boxes Rhubarb ; 6 do Vermillion. JOHN HUMES Si J tt W. LHT1NCOTTS. Auctioneers, rhihih lphia. July lG.loir.. J 2i 6t I NEVVBERY. Idz Fearl - stieet, respect Vjt . fullv informs Ihe public and thoe ladies nnd gTitlemen wno lately applied tor i - r. 1 i - MER'S SLTER. PATENT PIANOFORTES, that he hat just received a new supply per Radius, precistly the tame at the Inst, and cfiers thtru for sale on very accommodating terms. As Piano Fortes of this excellent maker have but lately been introduced into this country, for waiit of a correspondrnt, G. A', feels it incum - beuttnadd, that their tones (by those who are acquainted with them; are allowed lo be mil and e - .pressive, and have hitherto given universal mt!lnrtinn. Ma - lsel't Patent Metronomes for tale. Also, London selected collections and tpeci m!ns of Mineralogy, &c J 21 L - siEVEAS ii MAC'ilER, titer lor tale at O 157 South - street, 3;!5 bags St. Domingo Coffee 60 hhds Kentucky Tobacco 49 hales New - Orleant Cotton 50 pipes Catalonia Wine 10 pipes L. P. Tenciiffe do 60 boxes While Havana Sugar 3tXK) Mogadore (io:d Skins 100 toes Cuikpeai by Logwood Jy 111 7t 1AULES. A AILS. OOOP4.Sllr.LI lUOA I Amy laudinx from the bris Sewed, from Antwerp, for sale iu lots to suit puichats - rt, by SA.MU. COUP. Wno HAS lit STORK, Russia yellow Candle Tallow and half bleach ed Miteliust British Gunpowder, entitled to drawback Fowling Pieces by the package, with the Lest gun and pistol locks Hardwaret and Cutlery atsorted Blue printed China Dining Sets, superior pat ternt White Welb plnint for planters Y'orkshire tiirf;iie Broad Cloths Light llors - .iucn't Swords, eutiiled to draw bk Kentucky Yarns, Sic. frc. kc. J !7 lw IJJ EMP, YARNS, Sic. St. Petersburg clean ill nnd Riga llew:, cargo of ship LlLe, ia lolj to sail purchattrt 35 rod, Sheet Lead, 3 to 4 1 2 lbs. 40 casks S(.iket, 4 to tt iuchts 20 res '$ Kef.tucky Yarn 4 loos Bale Rope, Kayar Rope And a constant mppiv of warranted Anchors, for sale by Tl)CKEt CARTER. N B. CAUIr.S 4i UUIlzA',r, O! liieiroq najiufai tare, made lo ordor fit the rborlest o lice, and upon Uie most reasonable terms. Jr2l lw" AftGOL 11.000 lh. U'lut, Argot, tint quality, for sal - it J", !'ecfc - s;ip, fy j ii ll A: C. W. tAVEN FOKT AjCO. GENTEtL BOARDINC, .. BT Mrt. C.ATUARLXH TJLLIA Gil A 5 T, At A'o. 96 Broadway, opposite Triuity Church THE bouse is largo andcomrriOdioui, and tht situation airy and pleasant. . itsnroximitv to the centre of busiuett renders; it a cunveii.eui resiaeoce tor merchants and straneert. Mrs. TIl.LlNUli AST would be willing to lei targe and handsome room, unfurnished, to I small family who wculd board with dec, Ao active lad, who can bring good recommen dat ons, is wanted as above J 2i Ut COKNi.Llb'3 bOUF.UT. Attorney, Counsellor at Law and Notary Public, COMMISSIONER, auUiorijtd to take AfR - davits and Snecial Bad in auv Court ol Re a - d of tiiis State, the proof and ackujwleJje - m ot of Deed, and discharges of Mortg;iges aho Atiidavits, Special Bail aud the deposition of witnesses He beiitew. in (ho District and Cir cuit Couits of the United Slate, continues his oiiico ai rso. - ttreel. iv22 lm FUA.SkLlA'S LIFE AND MISCELLANEOUS WORKS, f UURLES GALL.M'DET, Ncw - Y'ork.has 10 pre, I he ftii.cill.iiieotu Works of Dr. Ueujaiimi Franklin, with tho life of the Suthnr. Embclli. - hrd with a li.unl - ome eiigtaving of the likoi.eij of that rclebratcd man. The work will be handome!r prided in an octavo volume of from 4:0 to 600 pages, with a new type ami 011 good psper, aud delivered to subscribers at $i in boards or $2 25 ceuts neatly bouad and lettered. To nou - subicnbers the price will be advauced 50 cmi'js. Jy22 lw it lllK tl'H LICK. AfiENTLVMAN fioui France would wih to draw the attention of the citizens of New - York to his newly establiihcd Lalvralury of Colours lor walU, prepared lor immediate u - r, and aci ompan'ud with 1! , - tctions lor laying them on. The colours aro of the brightest liut. and pre pared ?o that uo disat pi . tme nt can take jilace. St. John's Hall. Fraii'.flnrl - M. A. B. A very siipeiior quality of RccorJing inn iuanni:icliu'cd by thesaoiu pei ion. Julv tt if k1! I II A I k - HirJ3 Tl"" HOUSE and I. O I , No. 27 Orchard - Ireet, now occupied by the mbfcribcr. The lot is 211 fi ot (rout and rear, and 100 feet deep. A further d ciij'tiiii of (he propr - ity i - idet uu d unnecessary, a it is preuiinecl 110 ono will j.ur chne without lirH viewing the premiers, ll not sold b;lore the 1st nf Au;tital pi irate sale, it will on that day be put sip nt public auction. - Immediate possession will ho given. Twenty five percent of thn pmvlia'c money mint he iaid on delivery of the deed, (be remainder may rema.11 ou bond and mortgage 011 the premises JAMFSKXOX, Jy 22 I w 27 Orchard - sL (fjl, SmJ A couulry House and Farm, en the easl bank of Hudson's River, in the Highlands, about i4 miles from New - York, lying between the country teals of William Denning, F.squire, and enpt. Phillips, nnd nearly opposite est Point. The farm coiitaini ti arret. The bouse (which was built in 11106) has 12 rooms, exclusive of the kitchen, an J possu - tes every convenience necessary lor a family. 'Il. - re it nlso a farm house. barn, stable and other out - houses, in good order, a garden antl a great variety ol fruit trees of the bebt kinds. Afurthir description is not given, because persons inclined lo purchase will no doubt view the premise ; for which purpose np - plic iiliou may I e made to Mr. James Thompson, on the farm. Fur ihe terms of nale, enquire of WM. HENDERSON, 55 Wall - street, New - York. J 8 W&SSdpalm SEASONABLE DRY GOODS, 4c. 2 bales superfine clothe e 2 do. cassimers, 1 do. line plains 1 d - fanny toiliuelt Waislcoalings 3 do. white flannels 1 do. ladies pelise cloth S do. low priced plains 3 do. superfine cassitrierc shawls 2 trunks damask shawlx 5 b.txes steam loom liirtiiigs fi 1. 6 1 Si 9 t! iMinbricks 1 do. fijrt'rcd satins, 1 Jtit reel iied per Pacifie f.oni f .iicrjiool, end for sale al No. WM - 'ollee House Slip, by LAI I 'LA W, tJIHALLr 4 CO. lit si onu. 3 bales nm!,izets "2 bales uperline Black Cioth I box French Cambric I do Boot Tois 40 luli s UiilandCollon 20 lihiN. Kentucky Tobacco. J 22 UH 13 All HUM, n. j tuns Bar lrou 20 dosi - vi Frviim Pans Patent Chafl'and Drawing Kiiiyc - I Iron nnd steel Shovels German and cat s(ee mill, pit lb hand taws uoucli spring Mei. r or suteliy ANDERSON k SHEARER, J?2 At 131 Water street. UOLD IV A TCUL AT AUCTION. J OS. C. COOPER will sell to - morrow, at 20 Wall - street, nn invoice ofgold and silver patent lever watches ; musical snuffboxes, tome cost 70 guineas eacn ; do seals; gold chains, Sc 4 cases of French chairs, bureaus, tic. 1 case of Gorman toys. 1 Goods iulnndcd for the sale will bo received until 6 this evening. Catalogues will be re.idy at 0 to - morrow morning. Jy 22 IRIiH LINENS, SHEETINGS, DIAPER, tic. A LARGE assortment of the above Goods, consisting of the following descriptions 4 - 4 & 5 4 Sheelibfs, 4 - 4, 7 - 8 & 3 - 4 Linens, 4 - 4 4' 7 - 8 do. in detni pieces, 3 - 4 Brown and Clack Linens, 7 - 8 Dowlas, Linen Ced - Ticking, 7 - 8 Coarse half - bleached Linen, 4 - 4 Cotton Shirtings, Linen Thread, assorted colours, First quality Irish Sail Duck, For Sale, ou reasonable terms, by THOMAS SUFFERS', No. 6, Dcpeysttr - st. july 17 lw MADEIRA WINE. QIX pipes, remaining of parcel per lyouisa Ce - so cilia, of Srolt, lmghnan, l'enfold Si Co's brand, selected parlii ularly for private use, and of very superior quality, for tale by the single pipe, ny i nr.nisr.A at t.u. J 22 - Agents of Ihc House. NEW IRI. - H LINEN GOODS, ke. ice. Lk C. SUYDAM, are now receiving, per . the !iip Neptune 'and brig Bclvidera, from Dublin. SEVENTY THREE Packages Uui spriug bleached Linens. They consist ot 7 - 8 K 4 - 4 Insn l.iuens, vaneiy 01 assonmenif, 5 - 4 d i. A'heclinjs, do. 3 - 4 k 7 - 0 Demi Long l.awns, Bird's eye Diapert, 5 to 10 - 4 Diapers and damask Table Linen. Extra ttiprrdanwk 1'i.ble Cloths Si Napkins, ! 3 - 4 Brown Liatnt and prey Lawns, Linen Checks an - J 7 - 0 tla - k Linens, I Irhh Sail Cloili, Ducks anJ Drogheda, tc. ,ll, come to lur.J per the Pacific, 2 Cai - t eicgai.lntw p,Mcrn Gingharas, 2 do. do. furuirre k brdoo - i Diini'ies, 3 Caeioric .Masl - v, tart uolrcsseJ, '2 6 jicr Load. Cloths and Cattiuarret. The nhpvc for sale, by the package, on reasona ble tinns and cre - irt. Alto A general assortment of Ihe above no&i opened fcr piece anJ. i - elail alr, at A j. 6 1, Maidrn - laoe. f INSEEO OIL. - S hhds. Ioditfrom schr. JL Mario, fr. - jpi PluJad'tphia. for sale fcy Jy3u 4t coaN. I)U B015. a . - MARBLE FOR BVILDI.YO, t. 111H E proprietors of the toatliern mat bU qofs JL ties, Dear King'e - Bridge, give notice, Uust 'iiey hare on band, and aro reoeiviof, at Uin AmgVJinye Marble mmd Lime - itud, loot of Beach - street, on the Hodeon river, an extensive . stock of ncj - bU lor building, of Ike fjlowicg da - senpuont, viz : A4ilar Coping Fcuodauvn Store (.hiuiney - l'ittt , Facings Columns . WaierUbla Steps Platforms Sills, LiDlels Arches Also Lime of the bast nunlitv. fj A co;wtnnt supply of the ibove rr.aterialt may be calculated ni - on; and those desirous ' purchasing, or making engagements, will apply Feb 11 At the Yard. UOM JO LOAJ. 67,000' DOLLARS lo luun, in 8ams to suit applicants, ou bund wills mortgage 111100 approved iopnty. Also, sO.COCs dollars on approved papor, guaranteed by tank slock, r.nquirn ol WM. WILLIAMS, 137 Water - strcct. Where application niay be generally made through the year, and luoilgaget disposed of. Je G tf (Cf JA.ViEa U. S 1 OUT, Engravirr and Beal Cutter, removed to 90 Liberty - street, neap Greenwich - street Jy 8 3m For iXpgtand, ia Halxjux, .Y. fjr LETTi.RS lor 11 is Britannic Majesty's Packet Ojirebsberry, will be received at lha Post Olfice till Wednesday afternoon, the 5 la day of August. J It T. W. MOORE, Agent. 0O - FlUKWOHKs, MUSIC aud iLLL'Ml - MIAATIONS at VAUXHALL GARDENS, 00 1 hursii.iy eveiiiiif!, includiiix the Grand Emotion of Mount .T.lna. with everv kind of Air.Sirui. Manx. m, Rockets, beipeuls, Slars,ic. &C. J S2 21 ' . Wik toTkt, ViiUUl A convenient two story brick House, nearly opposite St. Mark's church, with coach, house, stables, &c. together with a garden auj yard of about iwo and a half acres of ground. Also, To Sell or Lease, a number of lots oa the 1st, 2d and 3d Avenues. Apply to NICHOLAS W. STUYVE3ANT, Jv2! tit 2d Avenue. iiKT ti'Riosrrv. M A Al M O T H HOG. T ''HIS animal is one of the most extraordi nary productions of nature, and has been brought here Irom Ireland, at a very considerable expense. He It 4 leet C inches high j length of hit body 9 feet 0 inches ; girth 7 feet 10, and weight about 1500 pounds ; 11 moat unprer edent - ed weight (or any of the specif t. A further description it UMiecessnry. Every person of curiosity will he well tattled with the view. This wonderful animal will be exhibited for a few days rt Ao. JH Maiden - luue. when ho will betaken lo tho country. Price for grown persons, 25 cents, children half price. J fit UOJt&ES WAV CsiHHl.lUhsJrOli HALE. A PAIR of likely, active black Hones, seven years old. Tbry match in spirit and gait. are fast trotters, and io excellent condition lor a, journey. Also, a light, in excellent order, inouire at this olfice. Jy 21 (it FOR HA I.E., fWlEN acrct of ground near tho Botanic Gar - JL den, bounded on the east by sixth tvenuo aud the scat of Thomas Addis Emmet, esquire, on the west by the Bloom'tnatde road. Ono litis d is in young wood. The laud being high makes it a desirable situation for a country residence, and as it will be sold at a reduced price, to close a couccrn, it it an object of speculation. tor particulars, apply at 139 Chatham, corner of Molt - ttreett. j - TTTl TO LET, A DISTILLERY, calculated for grain or molasses, with dwelling house, wharf, stills, worms, ina - di tubs, cislerus, machinery, pumps, .Vc. Apply at above. - Jy 51 lw" LOa P. r FSTERDAY Morning, a Check drawn by the suIim rilnr on the Mauhuttau Company iniinber'd It! - '7. it ran rw ol no use to iny per son, imyiui - nl biin5 srooped nd v. ill be thank - folly received by Air. Gvlston first teller of (he Biiik, or WILLIAM BRUCE, J ?l 3t 1 10 Browdwrtp. l HOt J IN. IIORdE. IOR .Sale, a remarkably last trotting horse, sound, ami kind in all harness, and eajy under the saddle. Apply at. Joins' Livery Ula. be, in Nw - s trcet. inly 20 4t ADVERTISEMENT. IROPOSALSwill be received at the Navy Agent's ol&ce, New York, for one wtek from (hit dale, to supply a qnaolity of Jertey Oukr Plank avemge length 45 feet, 10 lo 16 broad, 9 to 4 1 - 2 thick pith ol hart must be out, and clear of tap. Aim, a nuulier of Jersey Oak Logs, Irom 35 to 55 feet long. 18 to SO irtchei square, nnd a numher of White Ouk Knert, to tide from 8 1 - 2 to 12 inches, arm 4 1 - t to 5 feet long, bod ies 5 lo 6 I 2 long. I he whole to be first qui. lily, and subject to the inspection at the Navy Yard, and delivered there. The proposals arc required not to exceed 5000 feet of Plank ; not more tbr - o 10 Logs, nor more than 50 Knett at no contract will be then to a - ny individual to exceed one of the above named quantities : the shortest time, not exceeding 0 weeks, mutt be mentioned. Money to be paid on delivery. Any explanation that may be required, will beobtuined at (be Navy Yard, where a bill will be sriveo each individual f. 'tor he lias contracted, and by which he it to be governed. J 52 QSU ti ; fT Tl.e une new steam vessel FRONTENAC, of 700 tots burthen, James Mac Kinzie, master, will commence 1 unions on the first day of May next, . and will leave Kingston, for York and Niagara, on the 1st, 11 th and i I st day of each month, ami Niagara, for York and Kingston, lite 6th, IC10 and 25tti day of each month, during Uie season. where every attention will he paid to Iheeatu and comforl'of the pt'teitgers. Applications lor passage to be made to the cap - lain on board. Kingston, Cth April, !8Ja. J 7dfcrKVl i.jJ balos very prime upland cotton, landing from brig Speedy Peace at Brooklyn; 142 dodo in store al Brooklyn 151 tWlo do in the city. For sale by JOMAII SPURGES, Jy52 Ct 11 1 Pearl tt NOTICE. A isrw ESrABLlHHMHT. rpilE subscriber rctpectiully informs Ids 1 liitodi and tne public eeneraiiy. that tie has removed into the bouse No. 107, ownedVand lattly w copied by thief iutticc Thomptun, two; ' ioort wett ol ct. I'eierturiurcri, tn Mate - street, . and near the Capitol, wl ere beronliustt tokeepi Boarding House for the .accommodation cf those who amy favor Lint with their caK - mv, till. cr by Ihe day, week, or year, where every at - (ei.tion will be paid to render their ttiy agreea ble while at Ms house, uadies and geniiemen parsing thrru - h tbis city may be crommoduted ataobve. Lucaklat. SC. will be ptovided lor patties ot, the tlinrtett notice. I be subscriber im lately a. - UteJ a namber 01 rinde lodemg roeins. whkti rttioVr this cit.ibh't.nient very coruurodious for traveller. Oood borvts end - rriates provided for his customers, on tr.e mottrettonablo terms. , , J. W. ROCJv.vsr.i.1. - . Albany, Ju!y 10,1613. J ; - lei JAMAICA ZC - XT - . LJ4 puncheons Rum. landing from the 6115 Marshall at tir' - P f r i rR ' ANL'ErvSON Si SHEARER, jy:j iw . isiwrt,

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