Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 19, 1937 · Page 8
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Friday, March 19, 1937
Page 8
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MABON.CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH.19 f 1 i " - German Veterans of World War Guests of Clinton Legion CLINTON, (if) --' More than a score of men who served in the German army during the World \var and other veterans who served in allied armies were special guests : of June Van Meter Post, 190, American Legion, Wednesday night at the; post's first Allied- German veterans' night. All of the former German soldiers have become -naturalized citizens and follow various walks of life in their adopted land. Opposition to Court Changes Surprise to Federal Judge Dewey SAN ANTONIO, Tex., (#=)--Op- · position to the proposed reorganization of the supreme court has surprised Charles A. Dewey, federal district judge in southern Iowa, he said here. He was visiting relatives here enroute to his home in Des Moines from a vacation in Mexico City. · ".When the plan was first announced, I had no idea its passage ever would be as uncertain as it seems now," he said. He said he was not speaking for or against the proposal. Osage Teachers to Go to Homes. After Session OSAGE --Osage' schools were dismissed Thursday at . 4 o'clock for their annual spring vacation. After attending the North Central Iowa Teachers' convention in Mason City, the teachers will leave for their homes: Roy Crabtree, grade school principal, to Clarion; Huth Dockerty, Mitchell; Alena Neil, Davenport; Mildred Moore, Bussey; Lucile Hook, Oskaloosa; Leta Schneider, Hamburg; Viola Smith, Lost Nation; Lucile Huby, Oskaloosa; Ollie Horn, Rushville, Mo.pRuth Graper, Nora. Springs;. Dora Leonhardi, Glenville, Minn.; Margaret McHugh, Cedar Falls; Margaret McGuire, Dumont; Eleanor Rohne, Northwood; Bernice Swenson, Decorah; Magdalene Stute. Lyle, Minn., and Ruth Sims, Dubuque, House Rejects Child Labor Amendmenl HARTFORD," Conn., (ff)--For the third time since 1925, the Connecticut house of representatives rejected Thursday the child labor amendment by a vote of 74 to S3. Plaintiff .Still in California; Case Is Near Palo Alto Jury EMMETSBURG -- W i t h .the plaintiff somewhere in California, he 510,000 damage suit of Peter iVeisz, former Clarion hotel night clerk, against J. H. Moore, Emmetsburg hotel, manager, entered ts third day of trial here Thursday in district court, with much o£ the testimony, given in a former trial, read, to the jury. Weisz, one- ime employe of Moore in the Ho- .el Moore at Clarion, charges the Dmmetsburg man with malicious persecution as a result of embezzlement charges brought against he former hotel clerk by Moore several years ago. At that time. Weisz, accused o£ absconding-with $41 from the Clarion hotel, was ;ried and acquitted.-. The damage suit followed. · The case, first tried here four rears ago, resulted in a verdict for Moore. The losva supreme court reversed the verdict and the second trial opened here this week. A defense motion for a directed verdict was overruled by the court nere Thursday afternoon. Defense witnesses are expected to complete their testimony Friday, with the case reaching the jury toward evening, it was predicted by court attaches. Home From Visit. OTRANTO--Mrs. George Woodley arrived home Thursday evening from a visit with her sisters in St. Paul. Summary of Iowa Bills Seeking Liquor by Drink Present Setup of State* ~~~~ Stores Would Not Be Disturbed. Screen Stars Caught in Strike "Feeling Fine," Dies Five Minutes Later F AIRFIELD, (fP -- Ed O'Donnell, 66, express agent here for the last 24 years, while on his way to the office, met Dr. W. T. Webb and remarked "I'm feeling fine." The physician, called to the agent's office five minutes later, found O'Donnell dying. Dr. Webb reported O'Donnell died of a cerebral hemorrhage. Son of Swea Cityan Is Victim of Blast SWEA CITY -- E. S. Anderson was called to Brooklyn, Iowa, by the accidental death of his son, Elmer S. Anderson, 45, who met instant death in an explosion of a gasoline barrel, filled with water, which was being heated to thaw out a culvert. Another victim, Dewey Wheeler, 40, of Brooklyn, was killed in the same accident. Both men were employed by the county road maintenance. Mr. Anderson is survived by his wife and six sons. The funeral was held Thursday at Brooklyn, Iowa. Returns From Ciinton. GARNER--Mrs. J. E. Wichman returned Wednesday to her home here after having spent the winter months with her daughter, Mrs. Leslie K. Fenlon and Dr. Fenlon at Clinton. Schlitz in"Steinies" For Old-Time Beer Flavor f O R the full-bodied goodness of rich, mellow malt and tlie delightful taiig of the world's finest hops . . . treat yourself to Schlitz in "Steinie" Brown Bottles. It's the real, old-time beer, flavor of stone- stein days . . . brewed to ripe perfection, winter and summer, under Precise Enzyme Control. Enjoy Scblilz today,.with, added health benefits of Sunshine, Vitamin I) ... inhaudy, modern Schlitz "Steinie" Brown Boilles. Also available in the familiar Tall Brown Bottle and Cap-Sealed Can. ~* . · if You don't have to cultivate a taste *J | for Schlits. You like it on first I ^ acquaintance and ever after. J JOS. SCHUTZ BREWING CO., MILWAUKEE, WIS. , That Madt- M i l w a u k e e EDITOR'S NOTE: Because of interest in proposed legislation to permit sale of hard liciuor by the drink in Iowa, the following summary has been prepared of bills pending" in the house and senate. The original bill was introduced simultaneously in both houses and known as H. F. 100 and S. F. 100. A substitute for H. F. 100 has been offered in the house by the sponsors of the original bill. In the senate, a substitute for the original bill has been offered by Senator Howard C. Baldwin (D) of Cascade. DBS MOINES, (/P)--None of the bills pending in the Iowa legislature to provide for the sale of hard liquor by the drink would disturb the present state liquor store set-up. Licensees would be required to buy 'their, liquor from the state- owned stores, excepting in the case of railroads serving liquor on their dining cars, who would be obliged to pay the state of Iowa a 10 per cent tax of the cross receipts from liquor bought outside the state. The following is a summary of the proposed methods for handling sales of liquor by the drink: Who would errant the license? ' Under H. F. 100 and the substitute for H. F. 100, the city or town council would grant licenses for the sale of alcoholic liquor to be consumed only on the premises. The licensing authority under the Baldwin plan would be ; the state liquor commission. Do the bills provide for local option? The Baldwin plan does not. The other bills provide the following procedure: ~ In cities and towns where a majority voted for repeal, 20 per cent of the votes cast in the last municipal election may petition for a special election. If the majority approves, licenses may be granted and exercised within zoned license districts, subject to renewal annually. In towns and cities voting against repeal, the license question may be voted upon at a regular election, upon petition of 20 per cent of the votes cast in the preceding election. To whom may licenses be issued? Under the house plan, buffets may obtain class "A" licenses: Hotel buffets, class "B" licenses; and clubs, class "C" licenses. The Baldwin plan makes the following distinction: Hotels, class "A" licenses; restaurants, class "B" licenses; clubs, class "C" licenses; and other persons, class'"D"-licenses. What is a buffet? A buffet as defined in the liquor bill is a public place with only one entrance, opening upon a public street. The bar must be in plain view from the street. A hotel buffet is similar to a buffet, excepting that it may have an opening into the hotel lobby, as well as the opening into the street. The hotel must have sleeping accommodations for 50 guests to qualify for a hotel buffet, under the house plan. The Baldwin plan raises this to 200 rooms. What is a club? · A club is a "bona fide association of persons operating under a charter from a national organization," not operated for profit, the revenue being used for the benefit of the entire membership. Who designates the license zones? The city or town council. What are some of the proposed regulations for operation of a li- quor-by-thc-drink establishment? No gambling, dancing or music would be permitted. Sale of food would be prohibited. No women or minors could be employed in such establishments. What would be the limitations on sales? Sale to minors would be prohibited, as well as sales where checks or money orders were offered in payment. How would the number of licenses be limited? Under the house plan the following limits would apply: "A," $500; class "B," $500; class "C," $500. ' ' From $5,000 to 25,000 population--Class "A," $600; class "D," $700; class "C," $600. From 25,000 to 65,000 population--Class "A," $800; class 'B,' $1,000; class C," $800. Over 65,000 population--Class "A," $1,000; class "B," $1,200; class "C" $1,000. The schedule of license fees under the Baldwin plan is as follows Under 5,000 population--Class "A," $600; class "B," $600; class ^'C," $150; and class "D," $COO. From 5,000 to 25,000 population --Class "A," $300; class "B," $900; class "C," $250; class "D," $900 Over 25,000 population--Class "A," $1,500; class "D," $1,200; class "C," $500; class "D," $1,200. What would the license for railroad dining cars be? Railroads would pay $100 for their original permit and $5 each for duplicate certificates to be displayed in individual cars. Are there any other, requirements of prospective licenses? The applicant must ,be of good moral character. Under the house plan he \yould need .approval of the state liquor commission on this point before the .city council could issue the permit. Bond of $3,000 would be required of the applicant. What would be the closing hour? Establishments would be required to close between 1 a. m. and 7 a. m., excepting in the case of "D" license holders under the Baldwin plan, who would close from 10 p. m. to 7 a. m. Sale would be prohibited on . Sunday and on election day. $160 an Acre Paid for Thompson Farm THOMPSON -- Henry Eriekson sold 80 acres in a well improved farm, 2V- miles east on highway No. 9, Saturday to William Orthel o£ near Woden for $160 an. acre. Possession will be 1 given Marcli 1, 1938. Mr. Erickson has rented (he farm to Richard Thbrlarid for this year. Mr. Eriekson will hold a closing out sale March 23. Australia has sent a school on wheels into the rural districts. ·· ACTION ON BILLS IN STATE LEGISLATURE DBS MOINES, duced and passed house and senate: -- Bills intro- by .the Iowa Among those caught in a'Dctroit hotel sit down strike were Tyrone Power, screen star, anil Sonja Heme, ice skating champion and screen star, who are romantically linked. Both had rooms high up in the Bools-Cadillao hotel and were forced to walk many flights of stairs.. . . . Up to 2,000 censes. population-- 2 li- I9J7» Joi. Scbtiw Brewing Co.--64 r^r e 7]^^ From 2,001 to 3,500 population · -- 3 licenses. From 3,501 to S.OOO population -- 4 licenses. Over 5,000 population-- one additional license for each additional 2,000 population. In addition to the above, club licenses could be granted as follows: Under 5,000 population -- 2 licenses. From 5,000 to 25,000 population -- 5 licenses. From 25,000 to 65,000 population -- 8 licenses. Over 65,000 population-- 10 licenses. The Baldwin plan proposes the following limitations: Up to 2,000 population-- 3 licenses. Up to 3,500 population-- 3 licenses. Up to 5,000 · population -- 4 licenses. Over 5,000 population -- one additional licenses for each 2,000 population, up to 11,000. Over 11,000 population -- one license for each additional 3,000 population. The Baldwin plan would permit the following club licenses in addition to the above: Under 5,000 population -- 2 licenses. . * From 5,000 to 25,000 population -- 5 licenses. Over 25,000 population-- 12 licenses. What would be the schedule of license fees? Under the house plan the schedule would be: Under 5,000 population -- Class I . ^*^r?'"**T7'V~^-*f;i I*" Introduced in House: H. F. 492--By social security-Rewriting the old age assistance act. .H. F. 493--By social security-An act to establish the-division of relief · in the state department of social security. H. F. 494--By social security-Providing aid for the blind. Passed by House:' S. F. 21--An act amended to repeal the road poll tax. (91 to 3). S. F. 67--Corrective measure relating to remission of taxes on closed state banks. (91 to 0). S. F. 117--Providing for weather and crop service in department of agriculture. (64. to 34). S. F. 61--Providing for use of Iowa 0 coal. (70 to' 21)V " H. F. 478--Segregating chattel mortgages from farm loan mortgage agreements. (34 to 1). Defeated by House: H. F. 41--Placing regulation of telephone companies in the hands of municipalities. Introduced in Senate: S. F. 425--By judiciary 2--Legalizing Palo Alto $500,000 road bond election. Passed by Senate: S. F. 316--By tax revision committee--Making the two per cent sales tax permanent. (40 to 3). Walter Bakken Heads Lake Mills .Chamber LAKE MILLS--Walter Bakken is the new president of the Chamber of Commerce. He was chosen by a group of directors: Arnold Anderson; Jr.; L. L. Waggoner; Evan Christiansen; Johnny Paulson; Carl Lande; A. W. Saxerud; Walter Bakken. Johnny Paulson was elected secretary for the coming year. Farmer at Latimer Gets $5,638 Check for Sale of Swine HAMPTON--Fred Wittc, 2 miles east of Latimer. received 85.638.J2 for 173 hogs sold to the Decker company buying station. Nels T. Malm, manager of the station, believes this to be the largest check ever given to one individual by this station. The hogs averaged 330 pounds and were sold for $9.30 a hundred. Safety Program for Lake Mills Planned on Wednesday Night LAKE MILLS--The Iowa State Safety Council will hold a meeting here Wednesday evening, March 24, at the high school auditorium. O. A. Rusley of 'Lake Mills is the local safety director. A large crowd is expected to attend the meeting, one.of the first to;be held. here. W. Earl Hall, Mason City, president of the. Safety Council will be here. P. H. Sproul, state executive secretary, Mrs. C, E. Barnes president of the Hancock county organization will be present, as also will be five or six patrol men. Officers Seize 108 Half Pints iri Osage Raid; Man Arrested OSAGE--Federal and state officers Thursday afternoon arrested Oscar Pohle for illegal pros- session of liquor and seized 108 half pints o£ alcohol and 15 bottles of other liquor. Mr. Pohle who is out under $1,000 bond, will be brought before Judge M. H. Kepler, according to Sheriff Charles Kathan. Injured at Tracy. PLYMOUTH--Word was received here by friends of Mrs. Minnie Rose Mottinger, formerly of Plymouth, but now of Tracy, Minn., that' she broke her above the ankle. IBs MRS. S T E V E N ' S Delicious Homemade CANDIES for EASTER I 2'/2 Its. of delightful goodness) A Jasty assortment of rich, creamy chocolates and bonbons pocked in T I N an °tt rac '' ve ty decorated metal gift . . box. 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