The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on May 7, 1934 · Page 9
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 9

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 7, 1934
Page 9
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Page 9 article text (OCR)

MAY 7 1934 MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE NINE Markley Heard of Bank Holdup Before Staging But It's All a Trick of Time Calculation, You'll Find Out if You Read This Letter From South Seas. EDITOR'S NOTE--The holdup of the First National bunk of 3Ia- »on Citv took place on the afternoon of Tuesday, March 13. But J. b. Martdey who is on a tour of the world, heard of it as he ate his £«3dMt n a "MR in the South Seas. Thl« I* one of the Intm-stlne itaSTwntalned in this letter from him, written on St. Patrick's day, "enroute to Java." W E ARE on our way to Java after ._ j..,,., ,,,, Ptnli. the Enchant- phet--Buddha of their own race- should be set aside for another prophet of another race. The thought of omniscient, omnipotent good as Creator and Ruler lies back of both. A good Buddhist is a good man, and so must be acceptable to a good God. Why torment their minds with the doubts and fears of a doctrine new and strange to them ? "Like Doing Time." This boat trip for four and a half months is a good deal like doing t'me; you can't get out except as ij ^-vitij v/ii w -- . - - -- ·/ two days on Bali, the Enchanted Isle. Perhaps Ball more than any other island visited by tourists has been painted by romantic writers and enthusiasts as the most beautiful of all the lands-as the lost paradise where life is peaceful and happy- This is only partly true. This Island, of volcanic origin and with some volcanoes still ac- i tive is beautiful as are all other - islands of volcanic origin about the equator. The people, they tell us, are the descendants of Hindus who n-.i~ ' '.ed from Java in the sixteenth century and amalgamated with the sbor-inies. They are clearly of Hindu origin with their small graceful bo" -, long tapering fingers, and black languorous eyes but they are c--°rful and happy without the sad despondent cheerless look of the Hindu masses in India. Appearance Similar to Java. If one were to ride for miles over Bali he might think himself In Java except for the mud or brick walls built about their habitations. These walls are about 8 feet high with an opening on the road or street; hideous images are erected at the door to scare away evil spirits. These walls are called compounds and one or many families may have their home within. They are not built to keep out persons or animals, only the evil spirits. They think that the devil goes up and down'upon the earth In straight lines and that he will be turned [ aside by the walls, you get a ticket of leave and sometimes it grows monotonous looking out over the sea watching for flying fish, porpoises or whales. Sometimes a sudden storm will cool the atmosphere for a time but not for long. Bali has the usual tropical growth with coffee, spice trees, rubber, cocoanuts, bananas, betel nuts. It seems to be only the old men and women who habitually chew the Betel nut, and their teeth are either gone or totally black from the stain. They take a plantation leaf, fold it over, put in a nut, fold again, and repeat with a crinkly wild tobacco to make a gob they can get in the mouth. Will expect some letters at Ba- tav!a or Singapore. We have covered the islands and only have Asia, Africa and South America to do before going home now! Four Day Application. DBS MOINES, May 7. MB--Thc state board of cosmetologists today began a four day application of 185 candidates for cosmetology licenses. tinctive, different from the warrior dances cr the Hula dance and showing much artistic merit. Their instruments are different and produce real tonal harmony and melody. We bought but little, just a few devils, a little batik, and a couple of wooden faces of the great Buddha with his imperturbable, placid smile indicating that tolerance is the badge of wisdom. I got them for Jim and Art for paper weights. It is remarkable how perfectly the dancers are trained to show complete imperturbability, complete con""-tration, and consecration to the parts they play; the countenance never changes but is completely placid aa a reflection in still waters. Governed by Dutch. The Dutch govern the island. There are not many foreigners- but about 1,000,000 natives; and, taking into account the richness of the land, the weather conditions favorable to agriculture, and the industrious but care-free life of the people, they are probably as well off as any other peoples. There are no missionaries here and the ones that once came made no progress. Quite naturally these people fail to see why their own pro iiue uj i-i*^ " u~«j. . Other distinguishing features are Ithe numerous Hindu shrines and [temples which appear everywhere ·you go; while they look venerable land ancient, they are, in fact, not |5ld but renewed from time to time ILS they decay from the weather. Vista of Endless Kico Fields. · The natives cultivate and harvest I ice and I was greatly surprised to fiee the extent and richness of their |-ice fields which seem endless. Their Jiands are plowed by water buffalo I'-ind a crude plow and the planting, laarvesting and marketing is done ·mostly by the women who are the lc"-'ness managers of the family. I Their principal interests, as one |;ees them by motoring over the Island, seem to be cock-fighting, %nc'"", music and attending mar- Jtet. As in Java, there are market traces not many miles apart, and liere the men, women, and children ccregate with all kinds of fruits S^Vr things for sale or ex"' 7 To the tourists they were -6 TManyivari«tie« of godsMd ,,. .^ anSrJf hideous faced devU y'ught more'than a perfectly good f ; od. This Island is the last refuge if the,'Hindu religion in its prim- lave fervor. i There are dogs everywhere and Ihey bark loudly at night, vying frith the cocks in keeping up a noise Erne dogs are seen dead along the l-oad like rabbits in our country. Looks Back Over a Day. When you try to remember what jyou have seen in a long day's drive Ij-our recollection presents a kaleido- Iscopic view of naked children, half I naked women and men, all of ther. I brown-skinned with variegated col lors in head-dress or loin-cloths, (dogs, sway-back hogs, fighting ·cocks, temples, 'shrines, compounds, I etc. . I We visited a volcano which ha' lerupted about a year ago and wa: ·sti!! smoking, in the deeper crater r. ·beautiful lake; the Elephant's cave ·where a sleeping Buddha is en fshrined, the Bat cave where mil- ·lions of bats jive and hang in masse; ·on the walls and ceiling. i 1 Tou may be sure we did not gt lie to -Usturb the bats but contente Ijurselves by looking from a sai. I5istance. Bats are constantly in th jiir at ut the mouth of the cave bu |.hey say that if disturbed the skie darkened by the innumerable Ivings. News--Hot Off the Griddle! At breakfast March 13, the man- Iiger handed me a. "flash" from the International News to the effect I hat the First National bank, Ma- I on City, Iowa, had been robbed ot |;50,000 and 13 of the employes and Bjfl'icers abducted. 1 Maybe we got the news before it fiappened as we are several hours lihead of time as you calculate by Bhe sun. 1 Tell Bagley and Parker that I en- loyed hearing from them. I certain- fly hope that they will apprehend find punish the criminals. This is the f ;irst news we've had from Iowa and Ishows that bad news travels fast. I Whereas two years ago everyone ·wanted American money, now it is I'm disrepute; all the natives say "no · good" and turn away when you of- |fer an American dollar. Programs Under Banyans. There are many fine large banyan trees about the islands and the dances and musical programs are mostly under the shade of these (great trees which furnisi. shelter [for from one to two thousand peo- ile. The music and dancing is beau- Tul and artistic as well as dis- The Unknown Condition in Hay-Fever You will be surprised how easy it is to escape Hay-Fever once you understand it. Mr. R. O. Murphy, Box 511, Stillwater, Minn., who rid himself of hay-fever suffering will explain, without charge, to anyone who writes him. Just send him your name and address at once because this is the time of year to treat and prevent hay-fever.--Adv. 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There is nothing to adjust ... nothing to interrupt uniform dependable service. Frankly, you can't afford to be without a new General Electric refrigerator. You't can't afford to continue putting up with food spoilage, overlooking quantity food purchases at bargain prices. You can't afford to trust the health of your family to mere luck. S M A L L A M O U N T D O W N C O N V E N I E N T T E R M S PEOPLES GAS AND ELECTBIC CQMBWY REAL BEAUTY YEW WAY TO HOLD FALSE TEETH IN PLACE Do false teeth annoy you by dropping or slipping? Just sprinkle a Httle Fasteeth on your plates. This fine powder holds teeth firm nd comfortable. No gummy, pasty ,ste or feeling. Sweetens breath. et Fasttceth from Michael Drug fetore or your druggist. Three sizes. Y - The object of the Quality League of America, is to cultivate a better under- 5tanding of the extra value and added satisfaction you can obtain by making Quality the first consideration in every purchase. · ES, it is a beauty, Dorothy. But that isn't what made the hit with me. "Fine finish won't freeze any ice cubes and stylish lines can't keep the cream sweet. "What we want is a quality refrigerator. And that's what we have. Heavy, durable construction that will last for years. Plenty of good insulation. A quiet, fool-proof mechanism. And everything guaranteed by a dependable manufacturer. "I checked up on every point and I'm satisfied it's a wonderful value. It certainly pays to buy quality at today's reasonable prices." Look for the advertisements on Quality merchandise appearing regularly in this newspaper DAMON'S, INC. CURRIE-VAN NESS CO. BLANCHARD'S LAIRD SHOE CO. FELT'S MARKET FINK'S SMART APPAREL GRUPP FOOD MARKET HERMANSON BROS. DAIRY HUXTABLE DRUG CO. LYONS LAUNDERERS DRY CLEANERS CHAPMAN FURNITURE CO. FULLERTON LUMBER CO. CRYSTAL LAKE ICE FUEL CO. TOHN GALLAGHER, INC. BARRETT BROS. GILDNER BROS. MARSHALL SWIFT, INC. JACOB E. DECKER SONS GLANVILLE BROS. MONTGOMERY WARD CO. D. K. LUNDBERG CO. THE MERKEL CO. MASON CITY BAKING CO. MYERS BEAUTY STUDIO NICHOLS GREEN PAGE LUMBER CO. PALAIS ROYAL MIER WOLF SONS PEOPLES GAS ELECTRIC CO. J. C. PENNEY CO. PFAFF BAKING CO. W. H. POTTS, JEWELER RAY E. PRUSIA CO. THOMPSON-DEAN CO. VANCE MUSIC CO.

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