The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 22, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 22, 1818
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isciunceiiy. . tUUe of New - York, iu 1 5 STWaaee of aa Brdcr of Uia Honorable J 2nr. berirr d - Ut the - th day ol Jane, 181 ), wili be add at public aactioa at the To CVe HotMc, iii the city of New - York, on the I3J day Jaiy next, at It a'dock, at aooa. - ' . adr the diiactioa of tbe Mbecribr r. lw toU of . roKt, Irkf ai Uw K - jhh Wtrd ot tbe city of Ma w - 1 ore, Mine pan ol the estate whereof An thony Lipenrd, deceased, died trued, and are ; distinguished oa a Ma Bade of the real esUt L of the aid Anthony Ldfpeaard, by Nos. $74 and , 550, and taken together are bounded easterly on - tJuoa - ireel, 2o ini, fccseerly DT a street c - l vet nacned 25 teeL eoutuerly br lot Noe 67 aad 66 1, and northerly by Iota Worn, 673 and 559, together with the hereditaments and appune - , - lance to the' ame talonting or io any wise ap - pertaining. Uated jane 3t)tn, .urn. THOMAS BOLTON, Je 30 lawUy Udtdt Mailer in Chancery. IN CHANCERY. Stale of Jftie - York. tt III pursuance of aa order of this honor hie court, bearing date the 10th day of June. 1818, will be told al public auction, at tbe Tontine Coffee House, in the city of New York, on the EM day of Jul neat, at it o'clock at nooo, tinder the di - recuon ol the eootcnoer ah mat crnm rui. - f i i J , .. . . f!uau4i In York, described on a map thereof nude by Fop Stetoo and Bridge, March 19th, 1818, Jot No. i be iaoini - at Hie outbeatt corner of said lot (about 4 A. 10 inch, toes the corner formed hy the iotenection f Haanvoad an Greeowicb - trerte) and running thence northerly thing Greenwich - street aforesaid C5 ttrl ; tbear west ' erly along the lot deacrihed oo (aid nap a lot MmbertKo. 32 feet 4 inches; thence agam wett erfy along the wd lot number two, 42 ieet t inche tlience northerly along said lot number two, 7 feet 4 inrbee ; thence westerly aioon tano now or late ol A mot Bcodder, 19 feet ; thenrc southerly along land now or late of George B. . Thome. t7 feet i tbe nee easterly aloe land o ' Alexander Ritclue, 85 feet 4 inches, to the place of beginning : together with the hereditament! and appurtenances to tbe sane iseicagtog or ap - ' r - , - j I ami. loio Z - THOMAS BOLTON, Je 30 UwUyl4(IU Master in Chancery ; . IN CHASCEKY 1 TTHEREASJaoiet James, of the (own of! V V Southfield, county ol Kichmond, and ttate of icw I oik, being unisniea unto nenry uaw, of the sama nUi'.e. in and br a Ci - rtain bond ur ohlLratioo. beaxinf date the tenth day of Decern bet. m tbe year ol our Lord, one thousand eighl hendred and seventeen, io l lie penal sum ui twelve ItnMtr. r and bluety one aouars. law oi money oi the United Sraiet, cooditicoed lor tiie payment ol il huhdred and f rty Ove dollars and tally cents, lawful money aforesaid, with law ul interest icr the same, on or before the tenth day of May, then next ensuin the date of i aid hood oroblisati iu. forth htttar ecuno and more sr payaieutoi tbe said tarn of ncney mentiiiied in ine saia bond or obligation, according t une true intent and racaniug thereof; did, together with Abigail hit wile, on tbe taiJ tooth day ef Demher, in the year aforesaid, mortgage to the said Heury Davis, all that messnags, larm, plantation, suit meadow and preiaioes, (ituate, lying and being ia the towa of Jjouthoeld, county and state afore - taid, and is butted and bounded as follow : beginning by the eastermnst corner ol the land of Cornelius Van Buskirr, and rnnuing tfuiu thence by bit line, north forty seven degrees and thirty minutes, wett thirty fire chatm aud titty liaks: thence bv said highway, north thirty - three degrees and twenty minutes, east fourteen chains, to the corner oi the land ol Isaac Simon - ton ; thence by the line of the said Isaac bimoo - son aad Perioe, eouth forty seven degrees and thirty minutes, east forty one chains and sixty links, to the land ol Jacob V roe I anil ; thence a - lone said VreeUad' line, south filty one 'decrees aad forty fire minutes, west t wentj chains ana sixty unlit, lomepiaceoi oeginuiDg - , con tsiuing within tho bound' and limits thereof eigh tv eieTit acres and ooe half aa acre 0' land bounded southwesterly by tbe said Cornelius Van Buikim's land : norihwetterly by tbe suid hi&hwav : northeast by the land of the said Itaac Sietentoo and ferine, and sou the ait by the land of (aid Jacob Vrceland. Also, a certain p:ece or oarcei of rait meadow, lying in said town, Bears place cailed Old Towa; beginning at or Bear the corner ot (Cornelius maruno - s mt - aaow and ranainc from, these south twenty nine de greei, eait fourtten chains and fifty liuki ; thence xirth aeventy foor degrees, east one chain lorty three nnxs i&eoce norm iwcniy nine acgret - i, east fourteen chains and fifty links, to the fence ; tnence south twenty lour degrees, weit one chain and forty three links to the place of beginning ; containing two acres of salt meadow ; bounded southwest by Cornelius Martino'i ; oalheast hythcrreek , northeast by John Ket - tleloi,. and northwest by meadow of Stephen Mariino. AIo, that certain Tiece or parcel of alt meadow, situate and lying in tbe town oi Northneld, county and state uf T3JaiJ, co the entterl siJ of Tuoitof.'t crrek (to called) and Cherry Tree Creek ; bounded wetiedy by the aid two creek jnoitherly and euterly by meadow of Cay t ait. Hit hard Courton, and southerly by meadow f John Merrt:i; containing twoacrei and a half of salt meadow, be the same inure or ess together with all ud singular, tlie edifice, buildings, rights, member, privi ees and appu tooauces, ttiereunto belonciiui or in any wire ap ue.rttuuiiix with a pwer io the said mortgage contained, that if default should be made iu the payment oJ tnesojd sum ol money mentioned in tlie condition of tlie said bond or obligation, and the interest which should accrue tbeitn. at the time specfSed for the payment thereof, that then it sbouid be lawful lor thfl said Henry Davis, hit heirs, executors, aJminiitrator and ttigns, to teH and dispose of the said premiers .it puouc auction, according to the act of the. legislature in such cases made and provided ; which should be a perpetual bar, both in law and equity, a gainst the said Jamet James and Abigail his wile, their heir aad miujui, and all other per' tons claiming or to claim the said premises, by from or under, them, or any of tlit m. And whereas default has been made in the py ment of the said principal sum of six hundred and forty five dollars and fifty cents, and the same with the interest thereon remains due and unpaid Notice is hereby given, that pur - uant to the act in such cute made ar.o proviaeo, an ana singe - larthe premise above particularly mentioned, . with the hereditament and apputtenances, will be sold t public auction or vendue, at the Tontine Coffee Home.' in thecity of New Yora. on Wednesday, tbe 4tb day of November text, at It o'clock at aooa. DaUd tbe 14tliday ot May, ia the year of our Lord one thousand eight buodrgd aad efeniteea. my IStawtim HENRY DAVIS. IN CHANCERY . . A'afe'wVi - r erfr,, IN pursuance of a decretal order or decree oi Ike honorahle tbe court of Chancery of the state of New - York, will be sold at public auction at the Tontine Coffee House in the city of New - York.on Wednesday, the twenty sixth day or as ruai aL. at it o'clock at nooo. under tbe direc tion aad supcrintendance of John Towt. oue of tlie jaattrrs u chancery of the laid state All that aertain tract, pie - e or parcel of land and p realises with tlte buildinzs thereon erected and being, situated, lying and being In the town of Yociker, ia tbe county of Wetlclieitr. and which in an indenture of mortrase exiculed and delivered by Joho Guina to T homas Valentine, and dated the ltth of Kebraary, 1816, i described in the word following, to wit : All that certain farm or tractof land, situated, lying and leiug in the town oi Yonkers, io county of West Chester and stale of New York, containing seventy acies (as n said) be ue same more or less ; and on which aid tract or parcel ot land is erected sundr) evtmnj uoK sua arm mill and i - i? er u - erm'emeots,abd i bulb d and bouoded and rVu ri . bed s follow, vix: Northwesterly bv Saw - Mill ' TLivee. northeriv br lands now of Eliiah Valentine . easterly by lands bow or late of Peter Nodine, and southerly oy iaoi now or late oi j ona e - ' aboof.' and land Q f or late ot Abraham Wood a bel an to sw not, said city nia. be led, bill him. this the in on at of with the proper ty in road and right of way,,W!"a.u, U applirntion of any person con leadint to or from atd preoiie to the Turnpike Jload, cotntMCsly called Use liighUwl Turnpike road, aad alo lo ohcr highway or elsewhere " T..!Xr with all aad sinzuiarlhe hereditaments and aDogrtenaace thereento beluogiog Dated theteveaUdajofJ.I,1818. ; J 7 lawtd JlasUr ia Ciaacer. - W CIUNCERT. " stale of New - York. n. fX pttrsMbcc of an order ofthi konorabte court, . . .. . a void x oearinr date ue ivinaay oi jairaarj, iota, will be saLl al nubtic anction, at tbe Tontine Coffee House, in the city of New - York, wader; the direction ol the tubecnbei, a one m me snac teri of thie court, in ttpmnttlott or pmrctlx, on Tbartday, the twenty third day of Jnly neat, at twelve o'clock at noea, AH tuoMTcertain piece or parcels and tract of land, known as tbe north aast ection of tbe teolb toweibip. in the twelve town in Tioga conoty, being lot No. SC. t7,8,29, 30. 3, aad 38. Lot No. 26 con - taissafcsateiehtyacre j mt anomooe bnrtdred aad ore acres t lot No. 58, 29, 30, and thirty two. each containing ooe hundred and four acres, three lounn ana so roas oi tana ; 101 no, 33 contains 90 3 4 and nineteen rods. Also, west half of lot No. 24, which half contains 51 acres. And alto lot Mo. I, 3, 4. 6 and 7, on the gore lying westerly and adjoiniqg on said northeast section, ana was MirverM and sa iled to said section to make up a deficiency in said section, bv a mistake in a fotmeihsurvev. Said lots No. 1, t, 3, 4 and 6, containing about Grty acre each ; and lot No. 7 about twenty fire acres. J ogether wilh all and singular, the pre - nutei and appurtenances. Iatcd April 18, 1818 JAMM A. HAMIL, JUn, apl81awtd Master in Chancery, TVTO TICE is hereby given to all the creditors rt of Joseph Siitare, an intolrent debtor, that division of the atooie which have come (o tbe hands of the assignee, from hi estate, will he made among hn creditor on Monday, the Cist at oi orviewuer nriu a iu ot.iochiib ine ior - ooo, at the store of the subscriber. Daniel Lord, No. 77 Water - street, New York ; and the same will then and there be paid to tlie creditor, ac cording to the poviaiom of the act for giving re in case oi insolvency, pasted April 12th, 1813. Notice i alseriten. thatarenernl meeting of me imkj creouors win oe neia at toe pince a - foresaid, on Friday, the 14th day of Aotrnst next, at 10 o'clock ia the forenoon, for the par - imsm ciamiuiac Btccnaioine mv avoisaue each creditor, according to the provision of wetaiaaci. uaiea new I or.. June iiin, loiii. UAJIILL L.OK.U,) .:.... ELI5HA LLY, Assignee. Je 18 1aw3at At a court ol chancery held for the sttte of New York, at the city hall of the city of New York, on the fifteenth day of June, in the year oi our L,ord one thou ' - aand eight hundred and eighteen : FAESXVT, . The honorable James Kent, Esquire, cnanceuor. Mary Oautier, 1 M - IT at) Deai ine br affidavit Benjamin Gaulier, I to the satitiaetion of this court, that process of subpoena to appear and an - r in this raus bath been regularly itmed a - gainst the above earned defendant, Benjamin Uautier, but that he, the said defendant, could upon diligent search and enquiry, made in - rmctiiati the teste and return ol the said suh - aeun, be found to be served therewith And it ortlier appearing hy the said affidavit, that the defendant resides at present either in the of Philadelphia, in the state of I'eoiity'va - or in the town of Borton, in the Mule of Mas - sarhuietls, and not williout tlie territories of tlie United states of America. And on motion of C Ludlow, Junior, Esq solicitor for the com plainant, it is entered, that the said defendant, Benjamin Gaulier, itocautehis appearance to entered, and his answer in this cause to be fi - j within four months frciu the date of this order, or in default thereof that the complainant's of complaint betaken pro - confesso against j And it is further ordered, that a copy of order be published within twenty iroro date hereof, in one or more of the public newspapers printed in this state, for eight weeks! successively, once at least in every weed. A Copy. ISAAC 1.. KIP, Je201aw8w Aitant Register. IN CHANCERY. State of JVete York. u. IN ptirsuanc of nn order of this hoaorahle court, bearing date the ITUi day of June, 1818, will lie sold at public auction, at the Tontine; Coffee House, in the city of New York, under the direction ol the subscriber, as one of the masters cf this court, on the 2 1st day of Jul) no it, at li o'clock at uoon, ail thone several blocks, pieces or parcels of ground, situate, lying and being the township of Brooklyn, in the county of Kings, and state of New - York, aforesaid, and known and distinguished on a map made by Jer emiah Lott, the JUth day of March, lOi.'z, by the following boundaries, to wit. northerly in front by Water - street, southerly in the rear by Front - street, easterly nn tlie one tide by Jackson - street, and westerly on the other side by Gold - street, containing four squares or blocks oi ground. Also all those certain water lots, lying immediately in front of the before descnled blocks, bounded i follows to wit cas'erly hy Jackson - street southerly by Water - street, and westerly by Gold - ttreet, containing in breadth Water - street the dtctauce between Gold - and Jackson it rett, and running into the Last River iar at the grant of the corporation of the city New - York extends, with the appurtenances. uaieu jane x, loio. JAMES A. HAMILTON, Master in Cliam - ery. Note. The above property will he mid in Ms and parcels, according to a certain map to be made thereof, which wid be exhihihited in the ColTee - boute one week beiore the day cf sale Je30 lawSwdlw - The sale of the above prorty is postpone d to the Seventeenth day of Auest next, at tlie same nuur and piaee. July 3it, luiu. JA.MtlS A HAMILTON, J 91 did Matter in C hancerr. IN chancery: Dorothy Hacklin, ) V. lV:ii: aj - i in: I i beth hit wi'e, Maria iW'Aw." Hunt, Catharine Hunt j and others. J IN pursuance of an order of this honorable court wade in the above cause, will be sold at puMic auction at tlie Tontine Coffee House, m ihecityof New York, on the SHth day of July msl al li o'clock at noon, under the direction of tl.e ititM - ril, all thote five lottof eround. sit uate, I) lag aim being i,i the eighth id of Ine city ol New York, i eing formerly that part of ttie property ol Nicholas Bayard, Esquire, then anown by ine name ot liayard's l aim, iTng we.twarj of Broudway ; Mid lots being derig nated oo a map of said farm, made t,y Catiuier i ti. uoerca, tiien one ol I'm - iyiiy Purveyors, ny the numbers 1147, 1113, 1113, IliOand I loi; together witti the hereditaui - nls and - ces tn the tame reknsing or in anywise upper Lulling. Dated July 3.1. 1,118. J 3 lawlJytOdtdt Mater In Chancery. WANTED. 4 GIRL from IS to 15 year 'of age, of good LT - character ami steady liamt - , to assist in a uvly. Apply at 74 Leonard - street. Je29 A IIORE WANTED. ,4 GOOD active Horse, about six year old i. He is wanted r hit lly a a gig horse, in hich harness be must be perfectly eentle. A Bar would be prelered. Apply at No. 2 - 1 Greenwit h - street. J 6 SLJ A dry Cellar, under the home No. 29 ' lit 111 P.'r...trtf . iu j - " AIN I'll WARD, TIUBIJC NOTICE is herebv tiven, that the 1 Assessors of the Nihth Ward have comple ted their Assessments asd that a copy thereol is I - it with one of th Assessor, at tlie bouse oi ua vid HueMi - , Harlseiu, h.r bve days, the ouier five at tbe House of David Turvey, Bowery - Hill. ntre the same may be en and examined oy a - ayoithe inhabitants during ten days from U date hereof, and llmt the Assessor will nect oo rruisy. - JulySU, 1MH, at the bouse or lavid lurv.v, uuwery - tlilt, to review their said as mmseii bg - ricved - Hoots I rum 10 to 3 oo wai d day. JO. IN ADRACR. JtXEPll WtLLOUGilBYi J'lly 14 ' Atk - tsor of the ftiulh Ward. IRAfS. r I uttoewiy invented pateat Box Trap for jk i&ie at im t iiiMtittt. je 13 io in ail set by of a V to VALUABLE REAL 3 T FOR SALE, i rmm city or hbw - iobk. t?Vf E tots of ground an the wett lide ofGneea - V wicb - itreet, between Vestry aad Detbree - es - strvets, XS by W. 'oer do ia the rear of the kbov,' tYoating oa the east side of Washington - street, 85 by 80. Eight do ia the block below, belweea Washington aad West - street. ' . ' la Montgomery County. 0000 acre of Land ia Lawrence' purchase. aear East Canada Creek, oa theVorth side oi ineaioaawB. Ia Franklin Countv. 15.161 acre of Land, io the towns of Mount morn so a iaytoo. In Esse! County. 7832 acre of Land ia the (own of Barry more In the County of Lewi. 1150 acres of land ia Casterlaud, Cbassanis Purchase. In Saratoga Couaty. 600 acre in Pulmer's purchase. Enquire at the office of the subscriber, 34 Ce - aar - ttreet. . BEV. ROBINSON. mhl7lf . U. oAUNUtK'S PA'i EN'l RAZOR alROP. You that with to thave with ease, , Buy of Sadmpkm il you please i Hi Raxor Strop's, peculiar such, - - That sharp the Raxor with a touch. r SAUAiDERS respectfully solicit those J. who have not got his Patent Razor Strop, lumito weiuteives with nis new invented iva zor btrop, and Metallic Comnotition. No sen Ueman who once make trial of one ol tbe Strop now onerea. win ever try any others: and such it their formation, that ever to much use will not give the razor that roundness which renders the best or them useless, tnd which is well known always to follow tbe application of all those hitherto invented. The above strops are in general ase in New York, and are distinguished from all others. Barber who bare wed them say more weir praise man i can inyseii. il cinvnroc 18 VVall - 1reet. AVo for ale. Raxort. Soap, and every uten for Shaving, of tlie first quality, with a supe rior assortment of Perfumery, Huir - Powdtr,&c from Smyth's, New Bond street, London. N. B. The most liberal allowance made to dealers. my ti ' ONE HUiNDREii DOLLARS REWARD. M1SS1XG from tf gallery of tlie Amtrn an Academy ol the Fine arts, TWO MIMA: PURE PORTRAITS, the one a centiemaet, in gold, ornamented wrth pearl and richly finished on the back, radiated from the centre; the other a ledy's, without setting, but fixed in a plain caring. The above rewnrd will be paid WILLIAM Dl'.NLAP, lq. keeper oflhe American Academy of the Fine Arts, on deliverv the above minintures to him, at hi painting rooms, in the New - York Institution, or at bis hnure, No. 5'J I eonard street : or, if tlie gentleman' picture alone is so delivered, Iht panning uninjured, seventy dollars will be paid to the person who deliver it ; and in like manner, for the ladies miniature Alone, the painting uninjured, thirty dollars. The money will he paid oa delivery of the pictures, and no questions asked. Jewellers, Watchmacers and othtrs, to whom these pirtujes, or the seltiug of the gentleman's pictnre, may he offered for sale, are particularly solicited to be un their guard, and give notice above. By order of the board. ALEX. ROBERTSON, Se'ry. Jl3!w I.. AVI l.D a lad about 14 ear ol ase, v as hn apprentice to the Dtintine business. Apply at the corotr of Natiau aud Spruce its. jy FUR the aix've troubles, m'. - anil often fntal roniphiint, llnmiiton'a Elixir is offered, with rnnlideiire iuired by twentv years rccerful experiment. A linele trial will nrore that it ilii Indies andevacuatis the tough vis id plilem or mucus, strengthens the sveaktned vessel ofthe tungs, sbeathe the acrimonious hnmour whirli irritates them, and finally discharee it. Thus strikinsat the root n tlte disorder, the rvmn touj are of course effectually and permanently conquered ; the reverse or common ncaicines, which w eaken the constitution, and eive slreoeth the disorder, for (he take ol moderating for the prvseot some vf its painful tffectt. TO PARENTS, who have children afflicte.1 with tint dread'ul malady, tint it a discovery of the nrst magnitude, as it affords immediate relief, checks the progress, and in a ilm4 lime entirely remove the most croel disorder to which children are liable. The elixir is so perl, ctl v a - greebhie, and the dose so small, that no difficulty arises in taking it. UepartM - ular to ask tor Hamilton's Elixir, im itations ol which are offered to the public, hut none are genuine without the signature of H. For sale xt LEE'S medical warehouse, Nn. 40 M dilen Lan - . and bv every respectaMe Drue ?it in New York. . J 10 MUTUAL INSURANCE COMPANY THE CITV OF .VEW - VOKX. (MitolJeil Institution for Insurance againiljirt in Ilia ctlv,) riSURE aeainst Los or Damage by Fire, Dwelling Houses, Ware llo'ittt. Buildings in general, Merchaodi, Ships in port nnd thtir Carcoes, Household Furm.ure, ar.d every de - s.riitionnl personal property, on terms as favorable as similar institutions in thiscity. This Compauris incorporated soiely for the purv - ose of ioouringagtiinst lossfsby lir - , and has circumscribed its operation chiefly within tins ii anil imiLidiate nroxiimtr. Inadiliuon io the vai'iuii 3CfrK, $.ajij,ijti, which is secuied by bond nnd moMi;' cn r:a estate and. public slocks, thi Jom miy vicne almndsomu surpiui limit, invested in like man ner : parlies astured may reixise the lul lest confidence in the solidity of its capital, and that any losses or damage will be settled with promptitude and liberality. The different rate ot premium and conditions of Insurant e art unilcrra wilh those ot'liie ottier Fire lusnraoce Offices in thiscity. The public are referred for particular to the prinieo prniisait in circulation, mil wim.ii Djaj be bad on application at :o bx Wall street li A URIEL FU R.MAN, President, JOHN PtNTARD, Secretary. may 28 WANTED, A WHITE girl or woman to do the cooking, Zm. &c. 111 a small family, consisting ol lo jfioti n person, living in apUasaiit part of tl city, she will have the assistance of a liul girl and a boy. Aone need apply without good tecum mtndaiion. Apply at this omce. J IS tf JEWELLERY, W ATCfcD'.S. tic. CASE ol sundry Jewellery, tine Cutlery, Snser tlontiigaO't rlaiu watcb - s. 1 Dressing Cases nnd Lathe Work Boxes S cases Ladies Corsets - atsorted. For tale by J. LAMBERT, Je4 CourtUnd stieet irtT .YUHSfi ir.t.YTKb. ONE with a good supply of milk, and who can produce talisfaesnry te - eimoni tls of character, itc. will meet with - scourcnient, by applvinr at MBS. S UDLERS. i 10 tf No. 26 BrcaJ i sj - . OF 4 ja in es to by of at P03T COACH Ajn STEAM - BOAT LIME, fUIt PHILADELPHIA. . at wat op CLixaaxTBTOwir roiaT. (Taroagb One liay.j A NEW Line of Post Coachea with every con - rx tenieace for passenger aad baggage, c springs, start from the toacn once, ivo. Courtlaod - ttrcet, near Broadway, New - York, every morning, (Sundnyt excepted) at 5 o'clock, in thn Slpnm Rru,t Atahtnta. via Elizahethtown, Brunswick. Princeton, Trenton Bnd Bristol, and arrive at riuiadeipuia ine same auernooo, oVIoi b. A secead Line of new Post Coaches will start from New - York every morning, (Sundny excepted,) at 10 o'clock in the SUam Boat Atalun - la, lodge at Tr?nton, and arrive at Philadelphia, in a Steam Boat, next morning at 10 o'clock. Fare 6 dollar. P. S. Passenger are requested to rail and take their Seats al the omce ao. I (Jourtlnnd - st. N. Y. United Slate Mail Coach, for Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington City, with every convenience for passengers aud baecage, on springs. The If. S. mail coach will start from the coach office, No. 1 Courtlandt - st. New - York, every day at t o'clock, P. M. and arrive at rhil adelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only 6 pas seneers admitted. For seats inthe above named Lines, apply to THU3. WMH C IEL.U, at they old established Coach, and steam Boat of&ce, No. 1 Court' landt - tieet. near the corner c.l Broadway, New York ; or to A. T.GOODRICH & CO. No. 124 Broadway, corner of Cedar - street, and at No. 53 Whitehall - street. New - York. ftVAII goods and baggage at the risk ofthe owner. JOSEPH LYON, SONS it CO. N. B Expresses sent to any part of tbe Con tinent.l.y THOMAS WHITFIELD. Je S4 SWIFT SURE MAIL COACHES, for rniLAUELraia, Kf - V 1 - (i UJ LiSjave new - 1 or . - t r - i j,. mm T - - "X eve'j wnmuigtcununy - sea' jV - VS.rstci'pttd) at 8 o'clock, and er - fjLfJt,, mtWiimmVf.;.,. i Ph;i.llnl,i nl dav to dinner. 1 he puhlick house are good, and reasonable their charges. The drive rs. horses and coach are not inferior to any other now running be tween these two cities. The neauuiui country, and the excellence ofthe roads on this rout, connected wilh the safety, comfort, and reasonable expencet. are beleived to be strong inducements traveller in giving this hue a decided preier. ence. I he strictest attention will be observed the proprietors in giving general satisfaction. All baezuiie and packages witt go at the risk of the owner unles insured and receipted for by the clerk of said office. State fare only So. with a eenerons allowance baggage. Parties wishing to travel at their leisure, may ensace the Coach oo reasonable terms exclusively to themselves, by applying one day previous to starting. For seats apply at Northern Hotel, No. 79 Courtlaodt - street, New - York. L.YON, SU.S, ft tjfi. ap t Proprietor. UNION LINE FOR PHILADELPHIA. Twenty - five mile land carriage, via Neiv - Bruntwick and Trenton. In new pott coachet J5 Do good ttaget 4 50 Do lorecastle or deck passengers, 3 50 Connected hy the steam boat olive branch and pm.ABF.Lrnt a. The steam - boat Olive Branch will leave New York every day, bun - day's exrepted, from the north side of the Bat tery, at 1 1 o'clock:, A. M. rassengers will louge Trenton, and take the steam boat Philadel phia, to attoariive in Philadelphia at lOo'clock the neat mornicg, in time to take the Union Line Italtiujore tteam boats. This line hat a connection with the lest boats on the Delaware and Cbesnpeake to Norfolk ; as also those of the North River and Sound and their several arrivals are calculated to cause little, if any delay. This is a speedy and certainly the mot convenient route, as the passrogers will leave New - York a'ter the nanus r pen, anil arrive in riaia - deiphia before the hours of business, without fatigue io travelling or want of sleep, tlie land carriage being much let than by any other route between the I wo cities. Fur seats in the above line apply to WILLIAM B. J AGUES. At the Union Line Steam Boat Oi:e, in Mar - keifield street, north sidK of the Battery, between Gieeawicb nnd Washington streets or to The CA P I' AIN on board, fj - All goods and baggage at the risk of the wnr. ap 4 NO I ILL. For the further accommo dation ofthe puhlic, the de parture of the rirtBy from ew - iorlt and Ie - .vl)urL - h will be in luloie nu the following day : Leave New York on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, at 9 A.M. Leave Newhurgh on l ursday, ruthiy auu nuntiay at i a. ai. The above arrangement will commence by the Firefly leaving Newburgh on Sunday, the 4tn May. I he western stase leaves ; - sewnurgn imroe tiately after the arrival ol the Firefly. my it tASlOH AM BKTHI.k.HK.1 MCW LIME, VIA RKW - BRV.SISWILK. sfpy,.1 Passensers will leave mumiiiry iN'ew - York every Monday mjmT. tiT I inu r r,aay l 1 oxioca, M. in tlie steam boat Ome branch : lodge at New Brunswick ; leave there rarlv next morning, and arrive at Easton at 4 o'clock in thi! afteruon. Returning, leave r.aston every Monday end r nday, ato o'clock;, ;i. M , lode at iew uninswiclc ; arrive at,ew tork at 10 o'clock next morcinz. in the steam boat Olive Bmnch. The stage connected with this line is a 2 wd four - horse staze. rassage iroin N. Hrunswict to Easton, $3 50 ; l. - om Laston In lielhlcheiii, cents, t or seats in iheabnve linc,apily to VM. B. JAQUES, nt the Philadelphia Union Line Steam - Boat Otfice, aoiUi suit ol the battery. HOUEKT LbTSON.Troprietor. Jellltf tirt l'Hll.AI)t:I.PHIA, Via I.I.IZ.UIF.TH - IOIVX POtXT. - SSLtSSi iUol - COACII LINE, Tlirovizh in a day and by dny - lirht. L EAVEj' New - York! in Uie steam - boat - Ata - huta, from the loot of Whiteh'dl - ttreet, usarthe Bailery, at 5 o'clock, A. M. Enquire at No. 1 Courttari'k - rct't and No. 53 Whitehall - street, at w hich places reafj may be taken. Je20 tf JUST published nnd lor shle at WILLI M DU BOIS' piano hirte and music store, Nu. 12G Broadway, Thine am I my faithful fair; the soldier's bride ; anrl from chiUhood'j dawn to noon of youth as un ny .vir. I nin,p. Ah can I e'er forget tbee love The celebrated echo song The inspiration, sacred mel - vly The Saxon air, with vant.', by Cramer H ay .lu's celebrated co - .z incl, My uioLlie - r biJ me bunt my hair, aa a on - Jo Twenty lour saa.aj, for younj performers, bj n. i.naiioorr The Saxe Cobonrj si alt r, with variations The Sophia WaP.t , ; The storm rond.,, bv Steirn - lt Jel2 'TV . , - .tr. Mils 1 h three story brick bonc. No. 51 Mill The three story brick bonc. No, ini'.i "una .au,u.iea . J 1 2w No. 67 Pine ttrtet. i 7U SVUA - U S fFAM BOATLIAK. .The proprietor, with u, view of accommodating the public, by extending the line to Norwich, intend luakine ihe expxriment with the Fulton, Cwl, Law, and this route (if found practicable) will oe continued auring trie season. The line will in faturr he from New - York to Norwich, a follow : The Connecticut, C'atit Bunker, will leave New - York every Morula t, tY'diuiday and fwiday, at fl o'clock, in the morning, lor New - Haven. The Fulton, C'apt Law, will leave Aorutch at 6 o'clock in the morning oMbeianie day, touch at JVev - Lcpttnn and depart from thence for Xcw - IIaven at 8 oVlm:k. Tbe boats will meet nt Jftw - tJartn, anri depart from Uience every Monday, th'tdnu - rfaoaf.d Friday, at 7 o'clock in the eveoing the Connecticut for Yetr - TorJt, aiid the Fulton for H.. J I . 1 . . vni' - ixmuim nun j uivirn. null Njcwbohoh and can a.maiuua.mail - si agx TBRKK TIMES A WKK.K. "Ha I EAVES Newburgb eve' ii ry cunaay, 1 msday. ch ana j nuriuay mornings, ai three o'clock, runs through Montgomery, Bloominghurgh, Monlicello by W hite Lake, Cothectoii, Mount Pleasant, Great Bend, Chenango Point, Owcga, Itbica, and Ge neva, inuananoaigua. Returning leaves Canandaicnin every Mon day, Wednesday and Friday morning at three ociock, ana arrive at New burgh, the third dav in time to take the Steam - boat which arrive in New - York tlie following moniintr. 03 may be tiptttrd tliat at all ttmnvhen tlu Ueam - bnali alter Uuir dayt of naming, Uiat tliii line will alter to at lo meet them. The whole route will be perfumed in three days, from the first of May, until the tint of November and from the first of November until the fifteenth of December, and from tbe fifteenth of March until the first of May, in four day and from the 15th December, until the fifteenth of March the same line will be continued to tlie city ofiew.Yurk ami run from tlience to Caier,daigua in four day. Passengers travelling - from New - York to Canandargua, Niagara or Itulfalo, can leave N. York in the evening1 steam - boat, and arrive in Canandaigtia in three days a distance of three hundred miks. The line it well furnished with good, new carriage 1 good horses, and careful and experienced drivers Every attention will be paid to render the passage of tlie traveller safe, easy and expeditious 1 and it is believed that tlie accommodation on this line are equal to any line in tlie state. (Tj r'AUE from New hurgh to Canandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLARS. N. II. A branch of the same line runs three times a week fiom Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a line run from Owegti Tioga Point, thence through. Newtown and Painted Post, to Bath, fee. BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk ofthe owners. ' David Godfrey. Bloomingburi;h,' E. C. St. John. Mount PleaaanL L. ti R. Manning, Chenango, I Proprie - Luther urre, ltr.u a, ; tor. Samuel Gieenliff, Genera, Oliver Phelps Lansing, rah 14 d6w NOTICE. Steam Boat Olive Branch will sail every If) Sundny, at 1 1 o'clock round Match Maud, nnd occasion ally, il ll.e wind and tide will permit, to the hook. 'I his beautiful sail will contribute both to henlth and pleasure, and it at elieap a re creation as ran be found. Pariie who mean to partake of Ihi amusement will, if conveniens, give in their names the day pieredins, at the othceiu Marketeer)! street, noitiiside ofthe Bat tery. Dinner on board, nt the usual prices. Passage ft children h - alf price. uiy I3tf 7Jf; SiK.1M HOslT .J'W.WA, tUH fcLla.Al5i.Ttl I OWN POIN1', T EAVES N. York each a - " day, iunJays except. tjjjj ed. from the tiot of White - hail si re t?t mar lb Battery, at 5 o'clock and 10 o'clock A. M. and 3 o'clock P. M. ; leaves Eliza - Uethtowu Point at 3 o'clock A. M. and half past IX o'clock and half past 4 o'clock P. M. Je0 tf a tSi K?" " t,,e 1 Uh of ,v,i, - v' rC"'mk commriMed running four ! t, 1 - w timet a week. A Boat p' 1 V" - - New - Yurk on 1'uet - day, aliro'eloea, a. M ; Wednesday, ato P. M; r nday, nt U A. M. and 4tllrdy, at 5 r. 1. 01 each week ; and n boat leases Albany on Monday, Wednesday, Thin sday, and Saturday, at A. M The Fire - Fly leave Ntw - ork on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. for New - burgh, and returns on Monday, Wednesday and rndav.r.t oA.,vi. je jti UH HALL, niiii! A farm of between sixty and seventy ai les. situate on the west benk ol Lake Otseeo, and one mile from the tillage of Cooperstowo. On it are a new stone bouse 94 leel iquare ; a ne w farm house, barn, c. It rorms a desirable es tablithiuent for a gentleman wishing to retire into the country, as it situation, bs to prospect, convenience to market, tic. it not surpassed bv any luvne interior 01 sue state. 11 win ue soiu low for rash, on a credit, or exchanged for pro perty in uutciiy, gooas, olc. Appiy 10 3 II. D St K. SEDGWICK, mv 7 tf Law Buildings, I OHN HEWITT still resides at No. 242 Wa J ter street, where he has a very handsome and fashionable assortment of Cnhinet Furniture on hand, which he will warrant to be or the first quality. He solicit his New York and southern friend to srive him u call, at be flatten himself they will not he disappointed. Orders executed at the shortest notice. J - . it tf jOOUNTLNtf ROOM. A pleasant end co venient Counting Room in Soutn - ttreel to let. Apply at 89 South - street. J 7 'IlliOor three single gentltnieo can be baud L somely assommodated with board at No 33 Broadway. Je SO 1m WHOOPING COUGH. D( OCTOR SCOTT'S Pectoral Mixture, which is a safe nnd effectual remedy lor the whoopinc coush. It is only tea year since it was offered to the public, and some thousands of children, both in England and Scotland, have been cured by it, alter every other medicine b:id been used without enect. it is held in the high est estimation for it excellent and salubrious virtues. It promotes gentle per - pira?ioti, rc move viscid ihlcgiu by an easy and sale exut - C' toration, and is h'.glily salutary to tlie lungs ; it strengthens and defends the stomach, givet&reat - er liberty ol breathing, nnd produces the u,ost safe, salutary and happy 1 fleets, ty preveut ing those distressing and coavuliite coui;tn, to which thousands ol individuals. 10 c, use queuce of neglect, prematurely fall a tar rihee. - It is not by exciting a temporary stimulus of relief in those violent paroxysms that its quali tie are manilested, but by eltectually remov ing those distressing yniptomt, by Riving vegour to the weakened frame, and renovated health to tu atnicteu individual. Sold wholesale and retail, by R. Robertson Apothecary, No. 82 Broadway, and J. C. Mori son. lirtunrest. io. ia ureenwich - street. .n Y'ork. Druggesta throughout the Unite states, may be st ppiied with the I'ectmai .Mixture, at either of the above places, at th lowest wholesale price, ' Jy 7 'in TU Jit: Lt..HZEO, ' favorable terms, fur a long term ol yean. VS 4 lots of rp'ounJ on Uroadway, iOO Ice! deep, extetvling to Crotby - strcet, between lies. er nJ li rand - streets. 2 lolsiu Water - street, near Catharine - market 1 lot in Watcr - itxcet, between Fuiluu and U' .hp. , Also, several othr I its in the 5' - Ctls, 8i md 10th For particuian, enquire at No. ou, Cuatham - s.rcct. may 0 1 a er of 9. of a , AdiiearilagB,tKeka - k. - ... . twn thiag. that d.Cer 1 , 5TAOCTOR iin n 1J ofthe city of lBd,.o, a niimber of the far ulr .j and surgery there, (l ajs it L dT ty to repeal some - onserr.tioD L tlie abuse of MERCimv ? t' - ZZl ' fit!?' inIij, - ri,uinal. and uoAuj CaSi live of iutinite niirhi.f sanus annually mercurialized out cf 1!T The d.sease we hav. in view owe. i"' tal rei - iUs . L fly to tins source. " What a nit. that a y oung mse, the bope, of his country PiiJ ' V:e darling ol . parents, should he snxtcftd I WSV from all the iT.Mtr.. j ; ujuvmenuorhu b thecooe(,t.ctiiesorone unguarded mn. tnd by a disease not in it tma ssn... r.rh which only prove so from aeglert cr iZl'l treatment." r f "" Ce Dr. lWZ perfectly hear and u k. i .' ient) now umer physician or general practice, iSTW and repeatedly saUvat.d 5 when racomiisfi Dr. II. (by a gentleman of this city) hii hr were carious, and hi. teh dropping W under physician of general practice. .... 0? ui incuu. um - ouiU BOt possib V tlir.i . wo months longer. Ttou.ande& ,7 know with what ease and aafety Dr' h cate the severest case, and conlirmt tlie'm.i!.' tntion. Tbe Doctor' plan (advertitiij) " ceteary to guard the public against tbe atjus. .1 tr.ercury, and other fatal delusions held forth Persons, .therefore, having contracted a nri! vate disorder, or suspecting latent poison. , admonished not to tamper with tht'r coastit tion, or conceal the disorder, till nasi rJ ry 1 othersbaving the remains of an old cil" or other impurities of the blood, at well ti otk er Complaint of a delicate nature; ia eith sex. should remember posterity, and rl0 iurtiu n u . L - 7iDy ?",UK Pl'ficatiai to Dr. H. at hi old and resnrtuk!. iishment, No. 64 Water - street, four hou of Old - slin, to obtaiatbat prompt assistaore a. fone calculated to prevent disclosure. And hJH let me claim your teriout atfentirp .s?n tuperticial cure is no cure at all ; unless the hj sinessis radically done, joq wiU certainlv h ne disorder creax out again with redoubled mi irnity. at some future period ? perhap. then win l;e too late for remedy. Don't yo oAen meet . ne ureee miser&uie, mutilated heines. without iven a hit ol nose on their t - . t t.TI' wmaul UeMecbyou. warnitg, Dr. H's. character for skill aad stubborn lata, grfy being universally known in this city: sine imw,p aranwe to patients that dtlicacy and ss crecy hitherto unkonvn. and harm. .:. practice for year past, exclusively to the cure nl ...... . .... - ., - ui. mey may saieiy cal culate on the most deudd advantage in cos - Ull III,, u 11. Gleets eradicated mtw or three Strictures removed without bougies or am. ik. instrument ; and all debilities j likewise all old ulcerations, fistula' Lc. A plurality of omces are proruled, and so sits, tied that path nts are not exposed toearb other's iiii - itiuuii, jwu uii nun ynn y m Lie evemnir. Al! person concerned are united to be tw ,1 ailing, nnd si.eaklne with Dr.H. which nir,. cost. Ann here tiie Doclor canr.ot avoid tU expression of gratitude for inpuxtrable rarr.ia. mrndationt, and lor the decided preference (it t presumed wnn just cause) long given tin by Ulllt 1W J'lllllJV. ft. h. All letter must be post paid. Dr. Buchanan. Aug 97 Iv AKllHKli L A:i ,Hk AUK LVtUij. i tujv. lSlL WAJiS' tuperid Xmethod of curies; a eel - tain Disease, is now univti - ally acknowlrdtjed inth.i city ; his mode oflrentinei.t is perfectly mild, tare, ei - iwuiuous, and bis charg, reasonanie. in every u dance he warmnt a csri, and will return the pay if li doe ant perform agreabr to contract. ae?i The strulest secrecy alvravs abmmmA. llere are many person id this city and it vK cunty, lahonng under various chronic diseases such a cancer, old inveterate ulcers scMftrl or kings evil, osiuia. aa t tntt bladder and kidniee, old oomplieed complaici at. rfrfain nature, bilious ami otlier ohrtru.. lion, rhrumati&m, lc. which they consider iaci rable, lliey can eenami w w 1 uiru 1 in Ecnrra 1 by apply ine at Dr. EVANS'S Medical Store, Nt, Peck - lip, hating practised in exlelisiss hospitals in Europe 15 yean, urdr some 01 :as first Surgeon and Physicians in tbe world, t4 made those oDsunaie diseases nis constant mm for 30 vears Ocl If 17 The subscriber baring recently returned from England with an important improvement o the artificial spring LEG, he take ihi method informing his friends and the public, that all those who are so unfortunate as to be In want el leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by ap plying at No. 77 Barclay - street, New - York. jao zx wm. rutins, (fi Mi'ariV'" 4 FRIIMF.NTO. No. 1 Wall street, eentle - ' men's dressine room, bas for sale (w Ra zor of Damask Steel, made by the celebrated Marguin, of Pari, lie ha alto received an a sortmcutof the best English Razors ' warrants rood. If proved w the contrary, mo ney reiumted. . . Mr. FKUMENTO return bitnnccre uiant to lut customers, and the puhlic in general, for their very liberal patronage, and solicits a coa tinuaiice of their favour. , He ha likewise procured a very fine bone, ana engages to restore razor to a very keen e and should they not cut well be will receive oe lecoBipence. ... Gentlemen who subscribe by the quarter, will have their appaaatus kept exclusively foruYB elves. A,oiTa sapplyoffa die tJeavtrns'i fieshlromlbeia - ' nulactoiy, suitable lor the suatt - ern market, d packed at shortest nouce, j! WILSON'S, Ht ErcadI, may 87 tu !ViA;l.VS. s - vnriT - n - AI.P uill ne rereived at No. 15t , I Was'iiiieton street, lor building a house, n7reIUIT Willi n ri.ii .w - Ui,. . . ,f... nn iir ;reen and Slatt . 11.... v . 1, .i - r iit. mr a ia,rn, lltC lIII'CI 'l .11" ' O , Jc 18 strnit. tA.tXiAX't i'l.i.VO HjKt.a. .... ... . 11 ; I .ka. sV.'al 1111 TT .J US. liUf i - ldHirn - iwf "VJLs I ai 1 ks. iK - i..m.ti ti iurr ftsfortiifrO eice'Ul.1 Piano Fortes Patent Hut.s, I Ip0 - l. it, &.C. manufactured c rt sslj lor Lira V" mei.ti i C. L - mdoii. Als... 1 iano 1 crte fetnaga in sets , new music, and every arueie in ... - ital line ; inst - amentt taaen 10 exchange. n " " PlUSTl.D A.Xl) PUHIASURD MILUARL BvLvUAM No. 49 IV illiam - 'st a fbt of roaiTB t Lass t - titsEr - fioef

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