Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 25, 1945 · Page 17
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 17

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1945
Page 17
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE THURSDAY, JANUARY 25, 1945 17 Although Seattle is the U. S. port closest to Tokyo, i£ is also the nearest west coast U. S. port to Rome, based on air distances. It is 4,777 miles to Tokyo and only 5,659 miles to.Rome. USE ME FOR QUICK OtSHWASHIM«! [Dirty dishes sparkle · c l e a n when yew I wash them w i t * I KIXCTBENK! The; I Arj by tbemaelvM. bright and shiny, without streaks or film. Hall the time and work, at Its lew cost: Leave* yov .hand* satiny son, sraooth. . U 2Se--60e and 75c package*. Domestic Help Top List of Draft Rejects Washington, (IP) -- A selective service survey showed Thursday that domestic help topped the list Of draft registrants rejected for military duty alter physical examinations. The study also reveals overal rejection rates lowest in the Pacific northwest and Kansas, while North and South Carolina and Arkansas led the states in the percentage of men disqualified. Although the s t a t e-by-state figures are based on rejection UNITED FRUIT 33 East State Street Phone 748-749 Delivery Service FRESH VEGETABLES AND FRUIT GRAPEFRUIT, Large, Seediest. 4o,25c PINK GRAPEFRUIT, Large, Seedless. 3*.r29C HEAD LETTUCE, Large | AM Solid. . . 1VV and 15c FRESH Large Bunch BROCCOLI, 29C ORANGES SUNKIST, Extra Large Size. , Doz. 68c SUNKIST ORANGES, Medium to. Large, Dozen RADISHES, Bunch.... 5c TANGERINES, Dozen 39c POTATOES, Idaho Russets, U. S. 1 Grade, 15-Pound Peck 70c; 100-Pound Bag $4.75 SALAD DRESSING, Quart. 29cl FRESH DATES, Vz Pound. . . . . PECAN OR WALNUT MEATS 65c PRUNES, Extra Large Size, 2 Ibs.. 39c KITCHEN KLEANSER. Large Size, 2'Boxes 9c Monarch CAKE FLOUR, 2%-lb. Box 21c DIAMOND Extra Large, lb.'. WALNUTS, 50c SYRUP, Crystal White, 5 Ibs 39c rom February through August 943, the report as a whole is a 20 per cent sampling of reports on more than 9,000,000 registrants examined from April 1942 to January 1944. It discloses t h a t during that period 59.6 per cent of such workers as household cooks, chauffeurs and valets were found to be physically disqualified for the armed services. Rejections were next highest among "emergency" or part-time workers and the unemployed, where 56.5 per cent were turned down, a n d among farmers and farm managers, where 56.4 per cent were disqualified. The survey, the first comprehensive report covering registrants called up since Pearl Harbor, offers no explanation of the relatively high rejection rate among these workers. At the other end of the range are students, with only 25.7 per cent of their number turned down,apparently because nearly all are in the lower age brackets. The report covers men of all age groups summoned for physicals, ranging up to registrants 45 for the early part of the 21 mouths surveyed. The t o t a l of registrants examined is n o t broken down as to aee. Reflecting a heavy total of rejections among Negroes, North Carolina's overall rate for the February-August 1943' period was 56.8 per cent of all examined, while Arkansas. and South Carolina each had a turn-down rate of 55.9 per cent. Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Virginia were all above 50 per cent. Oregon had the lowest rejection rate in the country--24.4 per cent. Over the first 12 months covered by the survey, the 10 leading causes, of rejection, together with the percentage of registrants examined turned down for each, were: Mental disease, 12.5 per cent; mental deficiency, 10,7; syphilis, 9.4; musculpskeletal (injuries, amputations, etc.), 9.3; heart disease, 8.8; eyes, 7.8; hernia, 7.8; nerve ailments, 5.5; ears, 5; and tuberculosis, 4.1. . For the second period this was the lineup: Mental disease, 17.9; mental deficiencies, 14.2;' musculoskeletal, 8.9; heart disease, 7; eyes, 6.3; hernia, 6.3; nerve ailments, 5; ears, 4.7; syphilis, 3.7; and non-medical, j 3.3 Physical standards for acceptance of syphilitics were lowered in the second period. Officer Stands on Germans to Direct Yanks By HAL BOYLE With the American First Army In Belgium. (Delayed) (fP)--Fox- hole Hashes: Jumping on an enemy pillbox L,t. John C. Granville, ot St. Louis Mo., an artillery observer, to more than an hour directed American shellfire from this improvisec observation post. . . . Then som of the second infantry division 1 doughboys flushed out four Ger mans hidden beneath him--insid the concrete bunker. le shot down one, then killed another German who was trying to ick him off with a rifle. . . . As ie picked up the souvenir German listol, two nazi riflemen charged lim from a hiding place only 15 yards away. . ... There was no time ;o snatch up his rifle, so Williams flipped the safety off the souvenir and dropped both Germans. A British seaman who made driftwood furniture for an African native was offered the native's youngest wife in' payment--which shows one advantage of learning a trade. Alta Vista Creamery Mas Meeting, Election Alta Vista--Directors of the Alta Vista Farmers' Co-operative Creamery association re-hired George Pross as buttermaker and manager. Pross came to Alta Vista in January, 1939, and in August of that year was named manager of the creamery. Herbert Lauck, assistant butter- maker, was also rehired and Donald Veverka of Jerico was hired lo succeed Henry Ronnie who resigned to go on to a farm. Magician Gives Cheer to Wounded Veterans Cincinnati, (U.R--Morris Holti- man is a war plant worker and a member of the Civil Air Patrol, but he derives his greatest pleasure as a magician pulling allied nations' flags out of hats for wounded servicemen. "They make the finest audiences in the world," he says. Holtzman, who served in the regular army for 7 years, became a magician while stationed at Fort Thomas, Ky., and later entertained his buddies in the Panama Canal zone. Now he gives regular shows at the USD, at Lunken airport and for wounded servicemen who stop for a while at the Union terminal. Mudlarks An enemy artillery barrage knocked out several important communications lines and Pvt. Bob Holata of Garfield Heights, Cleveland, Ohio, went out at night to repair them. After finding the breaks, Holata discovered that he had no knife or repair tools. . . . So he skinned the wires with his teeth. . . . Back in headquarters Holata asked the supply sergeant for a set of wireman's tools or a new set o£ teeth. After two nazi machinegunners fired on him as he crept along ditch toward a German tank, Lt. Lee Rosenfield of New Haven, Conn., reached for his pistol but found it had slipped from the holster. . , . Looking around for another weapon the lieutenant saw a rock and threw it at the machine gunners. They thought il was a grenade and before they recovered from their surprise he was able to crawl back to his radio and call down artillery fire on the tanks. . . . Returning to the ditch Rosenfield found his pistol and went on with the war. Monorch PANCAKE FLOUR, 3-lb. Box. . 19c MOM; HUNGRY./ TOSTON-niEMBU- OUR STOCK IS C O M P L E T E O H F R U I T J A R · ZINC TOP BOYD HASOH EVERY . . DOZ. DAY CORN . COUNTRY LB MAASDAM -- GENUINE PURE COUNTRY SORGHUM 5 POUND $ Glass Jug 1.05 With the help of a souvenir pistol S/Sgt. Hugh 'N. Williams o La Crosse, Wis., killed four nazi in one fight. . . . Bent on silencint an enemy machinegun he crawled through darkness across no man's land until he was 20 feet from the German emplacement, then lopped a grenade into the hole. . . . As the panic-stricken crew started to flee MONARCH PURE PLUM PRESERVES Lb. Jar CINNAMON, Yacht Club, |1Imitation, 2 ox.. 5c GOOD LUCK VEGETABLE SHORTENING^ r l T H V I T i M I N ' 0 8 T I F I 1 R - 32c 2 :·*· Yacht Club VANILLA, Imitation, f) 8 o x . . . - . - . L i Butter-Nut COFFEE Pound... 3$c bALADATEA 1 iPound.49c iHotormsn Loses Car Indianapolis, Infl., (U.R)--People lose everything, but,when a motorman loses liis streetcar, that is news of a sort. When a fire truck and automobile crashed, several streetcars lined up because of the delay, so one motorman got out to see what it was all about. He came back, only to find his car gone! Flagging a ride in an automobile, he and the motorist went in search of the lost streetcar. He found it at a switch, to which it had been moved by other company em- ·ployes.-;--"-.- v · · .--'- .:- ...,· · -."- Kanawha--Mrs. Marcene McCormick, who has been employed in Chicago, is visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 0. L. Lien for a week, after which she will go to Roekford, 111., where she will be employed. f FLOUR FOR 4- BAKING PURPOSES.' MISSION LIMA BEANS 2 CAMPBELL'S PORK AND BEANS COOL - SPRINGS GOLDEN CREAM CORK ELBA QUEEN EARLY JUNE PEAS No. 2 Cans 25 16 OZ. CAN NO. 2 CAN NO. 2 CAN 10 C 10 C LIBBY TOMATO JUICE No. 2 Cans-20 Pts. 46 oz. Can-40 Pts. lie 25c 14 VL, Bot. 30 Pts. HEINZ PURE TOMATO KETCHUP HEINZ DELICIOUS CHIN SAUCE TEA GARDEN -- SEEDLESS BLACKBERRY PRESERVES 35 12 trr.. Bot :JO Pts. 23 C 29 C Lb. Jar TEA-GARDEN -- FANCY --Lb. Jar-EHG. STYLE MARMALADE 19 CERTAINTY PRODUCTS WONDER FLOUR nr-i 1. Brad and Kolk 2. dies aad Cookies ran: 3-Pfe a»d Pasiri*. 4.Muffin* and Biscuits Yellow Corn Meal 5 Lb. Bag .. 22° White Corn Meal 5 Lb. Bag .. 25c Buckwheat Flour 5Lb.Bag. 33° PEANUT BUTTER Sheffield--Mrs. F. J. Linn went to Kansas City, Kans., Monday for a few days visit with relatives. SAVE MORE JIGET EXTRA USED RED FATS- POINTS Taste Freshest Flavor Ever NEW 6000 LUCK HAVE YOU TRIED die ir GOOD LUCK? You'ii say it's better fhaa ever. A licit* blending of pure farm products gives new GOOD LUCK --plus vitamin fortifier--a new flavor freshness that's a real taste delight. It's loaded with food energy, too. And the. fortifier you get with every package of nctv GOOD LUCK contains ac least 9.OOO units of Vitamin A! / Gee item GOOD LUCK today! Compare ic forfiavorand fresh- nesswith And don'C forget--new GOOD LUCK. ir. amazingly economical --as a spread or in grand-tasl- WAR STAMPS! Buy them with the money you save when you use delicious G o o d Luck Shortening with Fortifier! Whole Wheat Flour 5Lb. Bag.,25c Med. Rye Flour 5 Lb. Bag .. 25c Rye - Graham 5Lb.Bag..25c Pantry Pride 2 Lb. Jar . . . C A L I F O R N I A PRUNES GIANT Lb. Oft c 18-24 SIZE Bag AU EXTRA LARGE 20-30 SIZE|lLb. Bag LARGE Lb. 30-40 SIZE Bag MEDIUM Lb. 60-70 SIZE Bag O BK /. ""*· ·· « I Q 1 * I O S U N - M A I D RAISINS Puffed. Blue 15 m. Pkg. . 1 PC I Seedless, Red 1 ^C 19 | 15 oz. Pkg. .. U GOLD MEDAL BISQUICK FLOUR 20 oz. -I "f C 40 oz. O 1 C Pkg. 1 / PkR. J 1 GOLD MEDAL SOFTASILK CAKE FLOUR Guaranteed .... 44 ox. *%f^C Perfection Pkg. ^O GOLD MEDAL CHEERIOATS, 7 oz. pkg. l l c WHEATIES . . . 8 oz. pkg. lie KIX 7 oz. pkg. lie GERBER'S B A B Y F O O D S 79' -^ DOZEN -All Kinds Including -- FRUITS -- MARKET - DAY SEEDLESS RANKS 2 Lb. OC C 4 Lb - AO C Pkg. A3 pkg..HT GREAT NORTHERN U. S. NO. 1 WHITE BEANS LB. -I f*C 2 LB. * QC PKG. 1 U PKG. 1 T ARKANSAS Z E N I T H R I C E -LB. l i e 3 LB. OAC 1'KO. I I ' PKG. LD for freshest flavor Ever- get NEW GOOD LUCK shorteninq ! Distributed by HOXIE FRUIT COMPANY, Mason City, Iowa Kropman Grocery 19 Oth STREET N. E. 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