The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on May 7, 1934 · Page 8
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 8

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, May 7, 1934
Page 8
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Page 8 article text (OCR)

EIGHT None Injured as 5 Rock Island Train Cars Leave Rails MORRIS, 111., May 7. UP)--Five cars of the Rocky Mountain limited of the Rock' Island lines left the rails six miles east of here today. The cars, which were in the center of the train, remained upright No one was injured. . The derailed cars consisted of two baggage cars, a coach, a tourist car and a sleeper. The cause of the accident was not determined. Cut Rate Grocery SAVES YOU MONEY PRICES BELOW GOOD AX BOTH STOKES FOE TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY 30 E. State St.--Phone 112-113 508 1st St. S. yi^-PhoneJl* POWDERED SUGAR, O O 4pounds^^^^^*""j PEANUT BUTTER, O C _ (Full rinU)_g_jarg._._£g*~ Milk, 4 large · 25c Brooms .. 39c, 49c, 59c Vanilla Flavor,'8 oz. bottle 19c Pumpkin, quart cans.... lOc lOc Sal Soda, 3 for 25c lOc Baking Soda, S for.. 25c Raisins, per pkg. Wo Red Cherries, No. 2 cans 15c Mackerel, tall can lOc lOc Kidney Beans, * cans 25c CRYSTAL WHITE SOAP FLAKES, 3 pkgs. MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE MAY 7 1934 DECKER'S SPECIAL SLICED BACON, 5-pound box. VEGETABLES Llbby's Whole Kernel Corn, can Pumpkin, quart cans Fancy Onions, 6 Ibs Corn, 3 cans Corn, 2 cans Peas, can Peas, No. 2 size, per can.. Lima Beans, 6 cans Ijma Beans, large can... Kidney Beans, 2 cans Nice Cucumbers, each... Head Lettuce, solid, 5c, Celery, large stalks, lOc, 15c Spinach, 2 cans Tomatoes, large cans.... 15c Green String Beans.. 15c Wax String Beans... Beets, per can lOc Carrots, 3 cans 15c lOc 35o 25c 15c lOc 15c lOc lOc 15c 25c lOc lOc lOc Iflc 25c nspection of Decker Packing Plant Made by Junior Chamber Group Forty members of the Junior Di- ision of the Mason City Chamber f Commerce made a tour of inspec- on through Jacob E. Decker and ons' meat packing plant Monday oon, witnessing beef and hog de- artments. Luncheon in the plant cafeteria /as served at 12:30 o'clock and the egular order of business was post- oned by President Leo M. Sweesy in order that a complete trip jrough the plant could be made. Employers in various concerns ..ctended the lunch hour for Junior Chamber members. Accompanied by guides the party saw the long series of operations by which cattle, hogs and sheep are repared for consumption and sniped to virtually every state In the nion and several foreign countries. Play Well Attended. THOMPSON, May 7.--The senior class play "I Will. I Wont," was presented Friday night in the high ichool auditorium to a record break- ng crowd. Miss Smith, dramatic ;eacher, directed. As a wedding gift from the cab met, Premier MacDonald of England has presented six Queen Anne candlesticks to Walter Elliott, minister of agriculture. Our Stores Are as Close as Your Phone. We Deliver Orders 61 50c or More. Mustard; quart jars. 15c Heinz Rice Flakes, Z pkgs Standard Oyster Shells, 100 Ibs Dried Peaches, 2 Ibs... Peaches, No. 10 cans... Apricots,--No. 10 cans.. 15o Shrimp, 2 cans.... Heinz Baked Beans, can.. 9c Egg Noodles, 5 pkgs 25c Oranges, dozen 19c, 23c, Soc Lima Beans. 3 Ibs 25c 21c 65c 25c . 45C , 45c . 2oc Bliss, 1-lb. ran 25c CRYSTAL WHITE 1O SOAP, 5 bars. A J PURE SORGHUM li/ 2 -pound can \L-gallon can . . . . . . . . . . . 1-gallon can Mop Sticks (best) each.. 15c lOc Bit. Cleanser, 4 cans 2oc loc Bab-0, 2 cans 25c Macaroni, 3 Ibs. "p. 0 Spaghetti. 3 Ibs 2oc Mac. or Spag., 5 pkgs.... *e Dill Pickles, pint Jars... lOc Scouring Powder, 5 cans 25c Toilet Paper, 3, 4, 5 rolls 25c 25c Pure Vanilla, Bottle . 19c Mazola, quart 25o lOc Starch. 3 pkgs.... 2oe Farmers Attention! Bring us your eggs. m THEY BUY MOREHERE Pancake Flour, 4-lb. sack 21c lHanle Svrup. bottle 10e --FLOUR-Oma Flour, 49-lb. sack $1.55 Triumph, 49-lb. sack.. $1.79 Sunbeam, 49-lb. sack.. Sl-89 Crushed Wheat, 5 Ib. sack 25c White Flour, 5-lb. sack... 25c Whole Wheat, 5 Ibs 25c Graham, 5 Ib. sack 25c Whole Wheat, 10 Ib. sack 45c Dark Rye, 10 ,lb. sack.... 39c TEA Best Gr. Tea (bulk) Ib. 25c Best Blk. Tea (bulk) Ib. 25c Lip. Gr. Tea, '/ 2 Ib. pkg. 18c Cut Rate Special Tea, pkg. 28c Tea Siftings. 1 Ib. pkg... 13c C. E. BUSH, Mgr. 30 East State Street . EARL BUSH, Mgr. 508 First Street S. W. Cut Rate Grocery PACKING HOUSE 122 So. Fed. MARKETS Ph. 101 Better Meats . . . Lower Prices SPECIALS FOR TUESDAY VEAL STEAK BEEF STEAK SAUSAGE lib. BACON LARD a- SPARE RIBS BEEF BOIL HAMBURGER NECK RIBS POT ROASTS VEAL STEW Beef Briskets BEEF MBS GOOD WILL IS URGED BY RABBI Tolerance of Other Man and His Religion Advocated in Rotary Talk. A plea for good will and under- tanding between various races and eligiong was made by Kabbl Lawence Block Monday noon -in an ad- ress to the Rotary club in Hotel Hanford. The youthful rabbi, who ecently moved here from Cincinati, spoke on "Better Relations etween Jew and Gentile." "It W good for Protestant, Cath- llc and Jew to get together as you o in this Rotary club," Rabbi ilock stated. "Each thinks he pos- esses the true religion of God. Each elieves he is among the chosen eople." Rabbi Block then described picture in which .the.eyes of the object seemed to be turned on uany persons and to each person snly himself. Such it is with God whose eyes are directed to each and till to all. Tolerance Is Urged. A tolerance for the other person's religion was urged by Rabbi Block He said that such a plea was par ticularly opportune at this time. In Russia the Jew, as are followers o Si other religious, i. forbidden to gather for services. He also de scribed the discrimination agains the Jew in Poland. Half of Jewry is in Poland and Russia. Economic, religious, political an social rights are denied the Jews in NOTICE The Cerro Gordo Maytag Co., the Grunow Electric Refrigerator and Maytag Washer Dealer, is located at 22 Second Street N. E. This address has been Incorrectly listed in the Globe- Gazette and we take this opportunity to make this correction; Thank you. ermany. He then analyzed the rejudice against the Jews in Gerany. Hitler, he said, hates the ew because the Jew is a pacifist ind does not fit into his scheme of thoroughly militarized nation, his, in spite of the great numbers : Jews who fought in the German rmy during the World war, 12,000 sing their lives. Considers Other Claims. Hitler has also claimed that the ews are communists. In a recent ectlon when 5,000,000 votes were ast, there were only 600,000 Jews in Germany, indicating that it could ot be said that the communist fac- on was the Jews. Another claim of Hitler, that the ews are international bankers and apitalists, the rabbi went on, is nsubstantiated by the facts, and many Jews throughout the world, ust as in this community, are de- endent on charity to exist. Good Will Shown. Pleading that honest facts con- eming the Jews be taught, Rabbi Block told how a Kensett Christian minister brought his confirmation lass to the local synagogue and asked about the Jewish religion, 'his was the nucleus of a good wil! movement, the rabbi said. School courses against race prejudices were suggested by Rabbi Block. He closed with a poem which presented the sufferings of the Jewish race and their contributions to civilization, ending with a plea for better understanding. E B Irons, president-elect of the club, sketched the highlights of the district Rotary meeting held in Du buque, stressing the constructive Rotary principles he learned and the goal of good will which was pre sented. Guests were Art Wolf of Hampton Charles Crane of Clear Lake, F. E. Saunders of Algona and Mr. Auld of Chicago. FOR NEW ECONOMY Here's new economy. JusUprinkra ·Climolene in wherever water of any kind is used in cleaning. Hard water waste* soap because the soap cannot dissolve. Climotene softens water... dissolves grease. It makes clothes whiter and dishes sparkle. Your grocer has it. CLIMA1ENE BRIGHTEN UP with FIELD'S PAINT Red Barn Paint -- In 5 gallon lot, M per gallon v * 100% Pure Faint -- In 5 lot, per gallon.. House gallon $2.40 Gloss Enamel Quart 95c Gallon ..^jg.15 Shingle Stain Gallon 51-30 Standard House Faint for exterior. In 5 gallon (JJ1 lot, per gallon.... «P1. Flat Wall Quart 59c Gallon .' $1-98 Porch and Floor Paint Quart 60c; gallon $2.20 All Purpose Varnish Quart 50c;.gallon $1.98 Nine Helps Given for Potato Growing 1. Plant over a strong clay subsoil. 2. Have a little slope to drain the rows. 3. Plant after a cultivated crop that followed clover and manure. 4. Plant very early. 5. On upland clay loam, disk in and plow under ahead of the potatoes, 500 pounds of 0-20-0 an acre, whenever you plow the land. This will be enough for the whole rotation. In tests scatter fertilizer between the seed pieces Before covering. On peats and mucks use 300 to 500 pounds of 0-9-27. On sand or run down loam, use 500 pounds 4-20-10. 6. Treat seed to increase yield and helo prevent scab. 7. Plant the best Cobbler seed, from far north in the Red River Valley or Wisconsin. 8. Use 20 bushels · or more an acre. Cut .seed chunky r and ,10,. to the pouna : aia.spaTO;i2x36'inches.; 9. Dig. and -sell:: as ..samfya ready: you sell little or rough'potatoes, II them separately.. Don't try to ay the three-card game. 'It doesn't ork with potatoes. [uglen Succeeds Nolte , as Leland Councilman LELAND, May 7.--At a special eeting of the town council Friday 'ternoon, Otto Nolte resigned as ouncilman and Marion Huglen was losen to take his .place. Helmer anson of Forest City was granted license to operate a skating rink jain this year and began on Sat- rday to erect the tent on 0. M. eterson's lots. HENRY FIELD SEED STORE 514 South Federal Phone 370 Mason City PHONE 834"QUALITY MEATS AND.GROCERIES" PRUNES »-* 22c QUALITY FOODS ARE NOT HIGH PRICED HEBE SAVE TIME AND MONEY--TRADE HEBE SUGAR Powdered 3 Ibs 17c Brown 5 Ibs 25c BEET 10 Ibs 51c CRACKERS, 2-lb. bos... 19c YELLOW CORNMEAL, 5 Ibs... lOc P. and G. SOAP, 6 Giant bars.. 25c COFFEE Tru-Valu, Ib Folger's, Ib Hill's, Ib Ferndell.. Ib KELLOGG'S Whole Wheat FLAKES, package ---MARSHMALLOWS, Fresh, Fluffy, ib. T I X » V * * V 6k I5c CIGARETTES, carton $1.37. BROOM DUST COVERS, each. Strawberries 82 20c IMPROVEMENTS IN PARKS SEEN Nature Lovers of Iowa Find Recreational Centers Much Improved. AMES, UP)--When nature loving lowans pack their picnic baskets, scramble into the family "flivver" and head for one of the state's 37 parks this summer, they will 1'ind an improved system of recreational centers. The civilian conservation corps during the last 10 months has dressed up 31 state parks and worked on other state and city-owned areas, econstructing them along the lines .hat nature built them but making hem more accessible and attractive. New improvements include shelters, public lodges, foot trails, picnic and parking areas, stone retain- ng walls, artificial lakes, roads, foot and vehicle bridges. Attendance Increasing. Many flowers are now in full bloom in the parks, custodians report. They report an increased attendance this year in nearly all of the state resorts. Figures last year showed a total attendance in al state parks of 2,152,657, an increase of 90,000 over 1932. The story of park improvemen by the CCC is one of construction improvement and conservation, say. M. L. Button chief engineer of the state board of conservation and su perintendent of state parks. He says "The policy governinj state parks is to direct visitor along scheduled routes leading t interesting features. This insure preserving the parks from damag by crowds hiking helter-skelter ove the grounds." In 25 Year Plan. For the most part construction work in parks has been along mod ern lines, but it attempts to blcn into the rustic surroundings, say Hutton. He says many of the foo bridges have steel beam support concealed by logs which camouflag the- marks of modern engineerin; Co-operating in Iowa's 25 yea plan, the board of conservation an state Fish and Game commissio are directing the development o parks. Their goal is to provide hun ing and fishing facilities and propa gate wild life to the extent that ou oor recreation will be available ithln a two hour drive from any ome in the state. Construction of natural bodies of ater, scarce in many parts of the tate' are included on the pr^ram! At present the CCC is dovel- ping seven artificial lakes. They In Hurdiin County. Lake Wapello in Davis county, overine 300 acres; a 125 acre lake n Backbone state park, Delaware ounty, where the Maquoketa river s being dammed; Lake Keomah in viabaska county, created by dam- nin" Mill creek; a 43 acre lake to erve as a silting basui for the pres- nt 70 acre lake in Eldora-Pinc reek state park, Hardin county; a 6 acre lake in Springbrook state ark in Guthrie county; and a 3 ere lake on the Iowa State college ampus in Story county. Conservation officials say that he participation by local commun- ties in park and lake development as been one of the big factors in peeding up the program of acquir- nV new areas. Popular subserip- ions and gifts have been the chief means of financing titles to be turn- el over to the state, they say. 450 Persons View Kugler Mechanical Farm and Workings More than 450 persons saw the Kugler mechanical farm last weekend at 211 North Federal avenue, next door to the Mason City Sporting Goods company, and arrangements have been made to continue the show Monday, 1 - Tuesday and possibly Wednesday of this week from 3 o'clock on through the evening. The show is sponsored by the Music Mothers club of the local high ichool. The show is in charge of Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Kugler of Clear Lake, Mr. Kugler having built the farm during spare time. Persons attending the show have been highly impressed with the intricacies of the miniature works, Mr. Kugler allowing spectators to view the working parts of the show. · Saturday evening Resor's German band, composed of Norman Resor, Lloyd Nichols, Bob Runyan, Richard McEwen and George Gitt played at the show. Many in North Iowa. The 31 public areas which have been improved by the CCC are: Backbone state park, Delaware county; Palisades state park. Linn county; Keosauqua state park, Van Bureu county; Lake Wapello, Davis county; Centerville Tract, Appanoose county; Oakland Mills state park, Henry county; Mill Creek Lake Johnson county; Lake Keo- mah Mahaska county; Pammel state park, Madison county, Walnut Woods state park, Folk county. Springbrook state park, Guthrie county; Ledges state, park, Boone county; Dollivcr Memorial state park, Webster county; Silver Lake state park, Delaware coutny; Pillsbury Point state park,. Dickinson county; Okamanpedan state park, Emmet county; Fort Defiance state park Emmet county; Lost Island state park, Palo Alto county; Rush Lake state park, Osceola county. Waubonsie state park, Fremont county; Des Moines city parks; Decorah city parks; Black Hawk Lake Sac county; Lake Manawa, Pottawattamie county; Fairmount city park, Council Bluffs; Fort Atkinson Winneshiek county; Pike's Peak McGregor, Clay county; Maquoketa Caves, Jackson county; and Mini- Waken state park, .Pike's Point state park and Orleans Hatchery grounds. Delinquent Tax Sale Postponed Wben No Bids Are Receivec CEDAR RAPIDS, May 7. UP)-Linn county's delinquent tax sale, scheduled for today, was postponed by County Treasurer Frank Williams when no bids were made. July 2 was set as the next date for the sale. Representatives of farm, labor civic, women's and governmental groups urged the postponement. WHEAT EMBARGO ACT WRIT UPHELD Court Sustains Injunction Restraining Governor of North Dakota. WASHINGTON, May 7. CSV--The supreme court today upheld an injunction restraining Gov. William Langer and other state officials from enforcing the North Dakota ··rain embargo act pending final decision as to its validity. The embargo law, enacted in 1933, was aimed to prevent shipments out of the state when the market price had become confisca- tory. Acting under the statute, Langer issued a proclamation in October prohibiting shipments. The Graridin Farmers Co-operative Elevator company and 31 other companies and individuals brought suit in a three judge federal court, sitting at St. Paul, challenging the embargo. The court granted an interlocutory injunction from which state officials appealed to the supreme court. They challenged the jurisdiction of the trial court on the ground the wheat shipments involved were not in interstate commerce. Succumbs Near Popejoy. ST. ANSGAR. May 7.--Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Risse received word Saturday morning of the death of Mrs. Risse's brother-in-law, Guy Thornton of near Popejoy, which occurred Friday afternoon. The funeral was held Monday afternoon. FREE VEIN CLINIC Another Varicose Vein and Ulcer Clinic will be held at my office, Wednesday, May Oth. DR. ANDERSON, the Varicose Vem Expert will be in charge of the work. If you are a sufferer from the e conditions you are urged to be present that day. You will be told just what can be donlin your case. Treatment without operation. CONSULTATION AND EXAMINATION FREE W. R. COTHERN, M. D. Hi/2 E. State St. Phone 1546 A NEW DEALER FOR ANMND OF CAR..THI Real Estate Transfers Dress, John J. and wf. to the Lin- oln Joint Stock Land bank of Lin- oln, Nebr., $3,000, L 380 Midland Heights. 3-5-34. ' Patton, W. L. to Willis O. Patton, il L. 3 B 5 Grand View, an Add. M. C. 5-4-34. Holmen, Carl A. and wf. to John Ohristensen and wf. $1 L 20 B 3 Wildwood Addition, M. C. 5-2-34. Cl--k, Lucile C. to O. T. Balroat $1 Q. C. D. Lots 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, in Sub of SW NE 28-97-20 ex tract commencing at NW cor L' 8, S 94% ft. E 132 ft, N 94% ft, S 132 ft to beginning. 1-25-32. I Prince George of England will oresent to the Edinburgh, Scotland, zoo three lion cubs given to him by the municipality of Lydenburg, Transvaal, during lus trip to South Africa. RED CHERRIES, 4* gallon tins "" V 69c AOAH NUMSKUU. ·*= Did YOU EVER. A MA.TCH 8 OX/THAT WAS NT /N THE L.K5HT WHISHT r.\/. RRUNTOM. CafcOVE NOA.H--IF THe 'SKEETERS "CoMH. EURIN5 DOS tAYS, ·WJl_l_ THEY I-ISH-T OM -THE TTaSES AND BARK.' L£=AM WASH BORN. MA50A4 0-rv, IOWA DE SOTO Come in and see the new AIRFLOW DeSoto . . . the Car that was born in a Wind Tunnel -the Sensation of the 1934 Auto Shows G OOD NEWS from Detroit! We've been appointed dealers for De Soto and Plymouth...we invite our many friends to visit us. Let us show you these sensational cars. Inside and out... this new AIRFLOW DeSoto is a brilliant departure from conventional cars. But its appearance is only part of the story. The big thrill is its sensational "Floating Eide." In ordinary cars, back scat passengers ride over the rear axle. In De Soto, the back seat has bceu moved forward. Everyone rides luxuriously "amidships." You "float" over bumps. You can take a nap or write a letter at 80 miles an hour. The AIRFLOW De Soto has an all-steel unit body and frame. It's halt as one piece! It's at least 40 times more ri_gid than conventional car construction. There's a long list of other thrilling features. Come in and see them all, and let us take you for your first "Floating Ilide." You'll find it as thrilling as your first flight. Stop off at our showroom today. ALSO SEE THE NEW PLYMOUTH WITH INDIVIDUAL WHEEL SPRINGING Plymouth is the best cngiuccrcd car in the low-price field. It's the only car in this price class that gives you Individual Front XvTiccl Springing-thc simplest and strongest type-for a smooth, bounceless ride, in addition to Floating Power engine mountings for vibrationlcss comfort, Safcty-Stccl Body and self- eqnnlizing Hydraulic Brakes for absolute safety at all times. No other car at this low price gives you all four of these big features. Come in today... sec this big value . . . and we will arrange for an early demonstration. JEWEL MOTORS, Inc. ACROSS FROM NEW POST OFFICE PHONE 81 ARE SHIPPED TO THE JEWEL MOTORS, INC. BY RAILROAD

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