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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
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Wednesday, July 22, 1818
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rtfttlU3 DOGER.T, Attorney, Com - - lb at U JJ Wotry Public, Comnys - " . '..j i.kbi AAulfttriU anil Snerual e tfftlSwCoarl of Record ot this BUte, the i - koowlediremeat of Deeds, and die - CI MrtSir Ato Affidavit., Special d?i nd the deposition of witnesses debate ate, itl .District and Circoit Courts of the United oatioaef hii office No. 14, Cedar - streel. Itttytt 1w , TT7lLIbe soli oy public auction, ooThurt - VV day. the 30th imt. at 12 o'clock at noon, .JLlower tide of Walnut street wharf, Th cargo of the ship Pacific, just arrived from p - fes, consisting of very excellent IEAS; at fcllowi,vii 18 chests. ! Young Hyson Tea, vandf 'y. ) 7 wa.v ' r Ml hoxel of 6 catty 100 chests, and Himi,tm. ,50 half chests ' ' Ii00 chests Hyson Skin Tea 73half chests. 1 3J7 boxes, and Imperial Tea 14 esses of canniitcr J :S2?f!oca;aDdiSoTea. 6iS packages "f Cassia 17 boxes Khuharb ; S do Vermillion. JOHN HUME3 & i fc W. LIPFlNCOTTS, Auctioneers Philadelphia. Jalr 16. lf.18. J 2 6t "NEW IRISH LIN UN GOODs, Sic. ic. L& C. 8UYDAM, are now receiving, per . the ship Neptune and brig Belvidera, from Dublin, SEVENTY THREE Package this tpring bleached Linena, They eoowi oi J B & 4 - 4 Iron Linena, variety of assortments. 5 - 4 do. oneetings, do. ' ' S i k 7 - 8 Demi Long Lewnt, ' .. Bird's - eve Diapers, - 1 . S to 10 - 4 Diaperi and damask Table Linens, . Extra super damask Table Clothe & Napkins, - $ - 4 Brown Linens ana grey Lawns, Linen Checks and 7 - 8 black Linens, IrUh Sail Cloths, Ducks and D rogue Jas, Sic, Alio, come to band per the Pacific, Cases cleraut new pattern Giasbams, . 2 do. do. furniture & baloon Dimities, 3 ' Cambric Muslins, part undreued, 2 Super Loud. Cloths and Casfimeres. fhtsbovefor sale, ty (he package, on reasons ble terms and credit. Aim A leneral assortment of the above goods . epeoed lor piece and retail sales, at No. C I , Maiden - lane. Jy22 2w SEASONABLE LKY GOODS, C 2 bales superfine clothes 2 do.cassimers, 1 do. fine plains 1 do. fancy tnilinett waiktcoatings 3 do. white flannels ' 1 do. ladies pelise cloth i do. low priced plains 3 do. superfine cassimere shawls 2 trunks damask aliawls 5 boxes steam loom shirtings 6 do 6 4 & 9 8 cambricka 1 di. figured satin, Jest received per Pacific from Liverpool, and for sate at Mo. 90 Coffee House Slip, by LA1DLAW, GIRAULt it CO. IX SToBE. 3 bles Eombazete S bales superfine black Cloth 1 bos French Cambria s 1 do Boot Tops 40 hales Upliu.d Cotton SO hbdt. Kentucky Tobacco. J K IQt CA.YTON SILKS K NAiMvLEAS. FIFTY cases Canton Silks, consisting of Colordand woite Crapes, Florentines, Coot an, Pongees Satins, Sewings biocliews, Crape Shawls, Chow Chows BIack and X - barr'd Handkfs. 10,000 ps. long coinrmny end blue Naakeene, f e superior quality, tor sole at 6? South - it. Uj Jti CAMKRELfcNG& PEARSON'. ' " CoFr'Avk. HUM. GIAGKtl, He. 1 f " tierew Sad 27 tUj fine green Jamaica J VI coffee 2J khds 4lb proof Jamaica rum 9 bbls white gmer 6 cask old topper WiUoxnaieoce landing (hit d ty from the Bri tih sihrCUrndonfrom J arnica, at pier So. 9, art ior sale by TUCKER St LAUaiES, JvS2 " Sttt'outh - 't lAli. COTTO.Y. Xvf Vrbalei vrry prime upland cotton, land In; from brig Speedy Peace at lirookJyo mz uouu insinre at urooaiyn 151 do do do iu the citr. Kw sale by JOilAII bTUROES, JyK 6t 3 Pearl - t BAlKO, 4C 6 toot Bar lrou i tnas h - t Iron 40 di'ten Frying Pant litest Chaff awl Drawing Knives Iroa and t el Shovels Germn un l cat sttwl mill, pit ft band saws votcn rpnng ei. r or snip hy ANUKRSOX H SfiF.A.'lER, J AtJ31 W'aierstieet. GOLD H ATCHES AT AUCTILX. 103. C. COOPER will sell to - morrow, at v SO Wall - street, an invoice of gold and silver pvsni lever - watches ; murual snuff botes, some (it TO rnineas aach : do reals ; cold chains, tic. 4tjes of French chain, bureaus, azc. 1 case of utrman inya. Goods intended for the vale will be received ana 0 this evening. Catalogues will be ready a wroyrow mimung. J y . ArivrRTici'ui'K r PROPOSALS will l.e received at the Navy "fcm , new i or a, lorone weeE lron . - ' T r - j 'l"."'" . ' ...j wan - !.. fiui "i nan niim im oui,anq Clew aiso, a numoer oi Jf rsey Uak Logs. 35 to Sa feet . long. 18 to 20 inches squure, M auuibtr of White Oak Knees to side boat - io is incnes, arm 4 i - z too :eet long, bd - iio6 I t long. Tb whole to be first - 'T,M subject to tlie inspection at the iav "Wi aud delivcivd The proposals are required not to exceed 5000 of I'lank ; not more than 10 Loe nor more " jO Koes as no contract will Iw iin in JJisiliyidual to exceed one of the above named roes ; Uie sbortest time, not eiceedwg C p ""t't be mentioned. - Money to be paid ailelivcrv. AnvnlAnatin fKnl'tviftv K ... JT'd' Wiri beobtaind at the Navy Yrd, where - iii ucgiven eacn intiiviaaai aili - rne has tut.... I i .... ... .. i v )r' "on ny wucn ce is to oe governi - o, lit.Vll.hl. IUAlilllM. Xrt.CiTHARI.YE TILU.YGBAST, no. 9G Broadway, opposite Trinity Church I nr. hjpse is large and commodious, and the aii t ' a P'a'atit. Itsproaimity hii! ,0' business renders it a convenient ..... . "'":"n una siranrers. xZl' 1l;UXUllUzT would be willing Wi f M7 llM(l'0llie rooni unfurt.islied tn let to a 4sri I " l0ari1 "r,,n her - 1:k d' wbo can brio3 Sd reommen 22Jwanted as above Jti.'U G1 EN1LEMEN who have attended lien - nt . . . . tda,., ,, wres are respectfully inform - I, " ""W y ecemfiitfUifi, siew?' Me no realy : ll,ev - re eounter - r b 'veral mercl.u of the first cha - 48 Ftoq i streeL111'1111' Arp!y thCin " "rft?P 1 n0Wn 1,1511 ' omplfleknow - Usm.. - i i 01 totmercl busineis can SSL. 7 entjr priTte Lcclure .our each. Terma on 031 J - EENETT Accountant. I IRANKLIN'9 LIFE fAUD MISCELLANE OUS WORKS. CHARLES OALLAUDET, New - York, has in press. The Miscellaneous Works of Dr. Benjamin Franklin, with the life of the author. Embellished with a handsome engraving of the hkenns of that celebrated man. The work will be handsomely printed in an octavo volume of from 450 to 500 pages, with a new type and on good paper, and delivered to subscribers at $2 ia boards or $2 SS cents neatly bouud anJ lettered. To Don - tubicribeis the price will bo advanced 50 cents. 1 Jy21 lw NOllCfc. A KKW ESTABLISH HKKT. THE subscriber respectfully informs his friends atid the public generally, that he has removed into the house No. 107, owned and lately occupied by chief iustice Thompson, two doors west of St. Peters Church, in State - street, and near the Capitol, where he continues to keep a Boarding House for the accommodation oi those who may favor him with their custom, ei - tlier by the day, week, or year, where every attention will be paid to render their stay agreeable while at bis house. Ladies and gentlemen passing through this city may he accommodated as above. Breakfast & c. will be provided for Earties on the shortest notice. '1 be subscriber as lately added a number of single lodging rooms, which render this establishment very commodious for travellers. Good horses and carriages provided for his customers, on the most reasonable terms. J. W. ROCKWELL. Albany, July 13, 1818. J 2a lw . ZU TUB TUB LICK. A GENTLEMAN from France would with to draw ihfi attention of the citizens' of New - York to his newly established Laboratory of Colours for walls, prepared for immediate use, and accompanied with directions for laying them on. The colours are of the brightest tints, and prepared so that no disappointment tan take place. St. JoliuMJalU Frankfort - st. N. B. A very snperior quality of Recording ink manuucluied by tnenuie persou. Julv2 tf FOR SALE, The HOUSE and LOT, Ho. 27 Orchard - street, now occapied bv the subscriber. The lot is 211 feet (root and rear, and 100 feet deep. A further description of the property is deemed unnecessary, as it is presumed Do one will pur chase without first viewing the premises. If not sold before the 1st of August at private sale, it will on that day be put up at public auction. Immediate possesion will be given. Twcuty five per cent of the purchase money must be paid on delivery of the deed, the remainder may remain ou Dona and mortgage on the premises. JAMF.S KNOX, Jyga lw 27 Orchard - st. BRITISH ACCOUAT OF J HE LATE WAR 'pilK Military nnd Naval operations in the ted States, ir.cli ding aUn, llie pnljtjrnl hiotory of "v - r wflimudi uuriiit; inr itiiiuiniirHiion oi sir iainrs II. t l. nnrt sir . Trr vtl. hv llnherf Christie, lUq. price 1 doll. For sale at (lie Minerva Circulating Library and Bonk and Sta tionny store, No. S66 Broudw ny, opposite the Mu'eum. J 22 100,000 DOLLA R5. THE present is the only opportunity cow offered in the United Slate, and very proua - bly the last, to obtain this Great Prue lor so sumll an adventure. Adventurers will observe that the treasury of the state of New - York is the guarran'te for the payment of this and all other prises; ii addition to (Ins we euarrantee the prompt payment of ev ery prize sold at our office. 'J his is Uie tasteless of the Medical Science Lottery, and will posi tively commence aTawing 4'.n oi, oue week from Tuesday next. liOLUt.X SCH EMC. 1 pme of 100,000 DOLLARS. 1 do of 50,1X10 o 1 do of 20.000 dr. 1 de of 10,000 - lo 1 do of 5.O00., tJa t do of 2,000 dv 45 do of 1,000 do A larsje numher of smaller prirrs. 1 Tickets and Shares lor sale at ALLEN'S Tru!y Lucky OiSce, 1 Broadway. Whfie the maeuiliceiit prize ol 100.000 drawn last JSe vears day was sold and u stantlv paid. and where all the capital prizes in the 4 claMfs of this Lottery were also ttid, vis. Sft.000, a,l)00. 5,KH), i5,0G0, Jj.OOO, SO.OOO, 16.000, I0.0IHI, 6O0. Kv Present price fSi J Si 2t A' If. 1' ORKSTATEI.O T TE R Y. 1 prize of lOO.OiJO Dollars 1 do. 50,000 do. 1 do. SO.JOO do. 1 do. 10, - jO'J do. 1 do. 5,! - " do. il d. 2.000 do. 45 do. 1,000 da 52 do. 100 do. 5360 do. 30 do. THE above are the prizes in the 5th Medical Science Lottery, which will commence drawing nn the 4'h of August. Tickets and Shares in a variety of numbers, for sale at Uie Book - store and Lottery O.Tice ot No. 19 Peck slip, corner of Watert. Jy2 MEDICAL SCIENCE LOTTERY commences dratvinc 4th of August. HIGHEST PRIZES. $100,000 50,000 20,000 10,000 Tickets and Sin res in a variety of numbers, for sale at WAITE'S Truly Fortunate Lottery and t.xchanire cbce. AO. 54 Maiden Lane. jVlEDlCAL SCIENCE LOTTERY, will lv J. commence drawing in a few days. CAPITAL PRIZES. 100,000 50,000 20,000 10,000 Tickets and shares for sale by R. WAITE. jan. YS& Broadway. Ia the last Medical Science Lottery, there were poly 19 capitals above $500, ei;ht ol which were sold by R. Waile, joa. being more than were sold by any rtber of - Uct iu itus uty, vy wl JAMAICA r.TW. ' - runcheoos Kuin. Umlinar from' tLc brig Manlutll at Coeotiestlip for sale by "' f. , ANDEKbON Ac SHEARER, JtM lv 131 Wter - si TuhtDW vkkk:i 100,000 Dollars 50,io0 Dollars 20,0i)0 Dollars 10,000 Dollars 1 nl $SO00 f t of WOO aud 4r ofl(Wa ' THE above are the capitals in the 5th Medical Science Lottery, the payment ot which iaguaranted by the stale of w York. T he first drawing of this Lottery, will be on Tuesday week 4 tii August the 1st number drawn win be entitled to slOOO, and on every following draw ing the 1st number will be entitled to a capital of not less than fUVi). 'l itkets end Shares for sale at GRACIE'S 146 Broadwav. Whole Tickets $2U, Halves 14, Quarters 7, Khts 3 50. and tixteenths 1 To. Cash advanced for Owego Prize Tickets. J Si 3t Wanted to LHA HTKH, A veiuel of a,,cut 2000 barrels. Ap - p - yplvto MARCH to BENSON, Jy2l 1w 47 South - street. tOR SALt The shin AvEUICA, built in Phi - ladelphiaof live o.k and cedar in 1811, copper fastened and coppered to the bends, decks and sides copper spiked, burthen per register 464 64 - 161 tons, carries 5300 barrels of flour, sails fast, and is one of the best built ships in the United States. For terms, apply to ARCHIBALD GRAG1E It SOAS. J 21 lw tor Salt, freight or Charter, vi8i Tbe staunch eood ship MIRROR, jjjt314 tons burthen, is in complete order to receive a cargo, and may be sent to sea with lit tle expence. Apply on board, west side Uur ling slip, or to N. L. A G. GRIaWOLD, Jy21 - st n . PA SSAUEur jYE W - QliLIU.Yi V - CwrV The fine fst nailing new brig UE - JfiiSiSHiN, Cupt. Wheeler, will pukitively sad on Sunday next for New - Orleans. 4 or 5 cabin pakhenger can he wrll accommodated, apply on board at pier No. 5, north r.ver, or to J 21 5t No. 12 Greenwich - street. QCOICH COAL, JtO'PTLKc, 1U11ACCO, O tic 150 tons Scotch Coal of superior quality 98 gross Wine Bottles, now landing from the ship maara, Iroin Oreeincir, lor sale by ROBERT GILLEaPIE, 1 12 Fiont - street. IJY STORt., 100 Mids Kentucky and Virginia Tobacco 0 hhds Jain aii a green Collce 7 lihils white Port Wine 7 qr. casks L. P. MaoVira Wine 1 hlid Madeira, imported from Jamaica 1 qr. cask very old Sherry Wine A chain cable weighing 7 tons Freight for Rio dt Janeiro and Pernam'mco. vessels t'ounJ to either ort may have vi?5a fcw goods by apply iu as above. jy il Ji yur HAVRE, The fast sailing coppered ship DIDO, George Maxwell, master ; expected to arrive troni t'lnl.nltlplu.i about the Jdth inst. and to sail 19th inst. 100 bales of cotton or o - ther goods, will be takeu on freight, and a few passengers handsomely accommodated. Apply to HOYT A TOM, J 9 If 45 South - st. or CdAtlTLR, A British BR1U. burthen 218 tons British, or 2100 barrels i now at Phi - 1 fadclplua t will proceed to this, or a southern 1 A . , i r i i. i ... w . , . i - I put i, iu loan tw sudv ixuu, or iuc west mines, una can be dekpatcheu within three days no lice. Apply to ROGERS & POST, .16 51 South - street . tor BELFAST, vi?i The Philadelphia built ship JOHN S&U DICKINSON, Daush, master, expected tiom fiiilndulphi about the 22U inst. and will be immediately dispatched, having 2 3ds of her cr,jo readv. For freight or passage, apply U " ABKAHAM BF.Ll, corner of Fulton and Clili - st. A li - mUoT.e mo, trr,enl of IrUh Linens, re ceived as above, by the last arrivals from Dub lin and lielUst. J 17 lw r - br UL.Jh'LLr & MOBILE. viVv Theupc rior fast sailing schr ANTE - iifiktwLOl 1 John B. Clement, master, har - inL'DliHfi ull hf - r rurn na,l. will anil itl ft " J - - - e "S - r. , ' " iw days. For freight or pns.ngc, lu 'ing good arcomuiddations, apply ou board, east tide cl But ling - klip, or te READE & DE I El STr.R, J? CO lw 31 Old slip. r PASbAC - e. Hti LM't.Ht'vUL. fcW"A The stiiie - ioi fast sail'.ng coppeied iiship CAROLINE A.i, W.J P.dmer, muster, will positively sail on Sunday next. A few more passengers can be handmnr.elv ac commodated, apply on board at Piue - trect wharf, or to R0WL.1XD & E RA LYE, July SO St - M South - street. - tor t'HElUHT or CUAil'IHi, wiv THE very fat ,ailinS chr - LCHO, jMwasey, master, burdea 107 tuns, or ahoui bOO bbls. ( an be sent to tea in a few days. Apply to JNO. Si GEO. W. LYNCH, JyS'J at 60outh - rt. or LIVERPOOL, Tbe elegant frutsailiusr coppered ship DRAPER, Wilham Adams, master; he it - i3 tons burtheu, only two years old, aud will be dispatched immediately on ditcbargiag her inward cargo, t or freight or p vnse, an ply to the master, oa board, east tide ol i iy - market wharf, or to B. W, ROGERS & Co. Jel6 2J5 Pearl - street. IRISH LINENS. SHEETINGS, DIAPER, Sic, A LARGE assortment of the above Good, consiftinp of the f jllowing JescnpUoii; 4 - 4 Si 5 4 Mieetiugs, 4 - 4, 7 - 8 Si 3 - 4 Linens, 4 - 1 a - 7 - 8 do. iu demi pieces, 3 - 4 Brown and Black Liuto. - , 7 - t Dowlas, Linen Bed - Ticking, 7 - 3 Coarse half - bleached Linen, 4 - 4 Cottoo Shirtings, Lineu Thread, assorted colours, First quality Irish Sail Duck, - For Sale, on jeasouable terms, bv THOMAS SUFFERN, No. 6, Depeyster - st. July 17 lw O. L. P. INDIA MADEIRA. EDWARD DUDLEY, Si Pearl street, has 2 Pipes and 1 half pipe old L. P. Madeira, 01 the celebrated brand I. H. AL which he offers for sale. This wine as onzmalru tBttia Iu Hlrctea, ana nas just arriven in uie mki jiidt from Calcutta ; this being its second voyage : Connoisseurs have adjudged it highly superior. J 20 lw CLOTHSi DOMBAZETTS, Kc. THE subscribers have just received by the ships Julius Cxiarand Pacitic, 14 bales Clths, of A. Rhodet and Co's ma nufacture 15 do Kon' - "". ) Of do. and Hind. Smith !(Sub i ..,auUlactur. Vbicb they offer lor sale at No 163 Pearl - sL LA V'till Y, SHELTERS KING, J 1C Sw 12 Pl I. REWBERY. 131 Peart - street. retrct - l vJ. fullv informs Uie uuhlic and tko - e I a (lie si nu erniieiueo who InU vaon ied lur iiktt tiihi ne aas just receive! aoewsujply per na - i - 'iut, precikcly the same as tbe last, and cliers Uiem for sale on very accommodating terms. As Piano Fortes of this excellent maker have hut lately been introduced into this country, for want of a correspondent, G. N. feels it incumbent t' add, that their tones, (by thore who are acquainted with them) are allowed to he full and exprestive, and have hitherto given universal satistB' - tioo. Maelsel's Patent Metronomes for sale. Also, London selecttd collections and sneri - niHii of .Vlintrniocy, Ate J 21 cjTKVLNb K MACllkK, oiler lor sole al O 157 South - street, . 3i5 begs St. Domingo Coffee 50 hhds Kentucky Tobacco 49 bales Mew - Orieans Cotton 20 pipes Catalonia Wine 10 pipes L. P. Teneriffe do 50 boxes White Havana sugar 3000 Megndore Goat Skins 100 tons Campcachy Loewood Jy 18 7t b AMERICAN CLOl HS. 2 hales superunc American Cloths, just received and for stile by Tbe COMMISSION COMPANY, Jyl6 148 Pearl - street. "CABLES, NAILS, UOOf ic SHEET IRON J Now landiug from tlie brig Sewcll, from Antwerp, for sa'.e in lots to suit purchasers, by ci vu.. uvjivr. WHO HAS ISI STORE, Russia yellow Candle Tallow and half bleach ed Sheetings British Gunpowder, entitled to drawback Fowling Pieces by the package, with Uie best gun ana pisioi kicks Hardwares and Cutlery assorted Blue printed China Dining Sets, superior pit terns White Welsh plains for planters Yorkshire supufixe Broad Cloths Light ll'irstuicii's Swords, entitled to draw back Kentucky Yarns, &c. Sic. Sic. J 17 lw nOFFEE 325 Imzser' - en Ccffue. landine from the brig Jemme, from Port a u i'riuce, rorsaieby . blt.vt.X2U. jut i ilk., Jy 16 '7t 157 South street. 1J Just received per ship Rnckinghnm, Irom Irttciton.ond lor sale by V A LCIN TLsL oi WAIt NLR. No. 37 Croud street. 50 pipes Holland L. Oil, And, in ti'ore. A quantity oi White Lead dry and ground in ALSO, oil A quantity Li.gum (.rewn bines, irom o by lltnS2by 14. J 10die2w f J EM '.YARNS, Sic. St. feletsburg ciean LTl.and Riga Hemp, cargoof ship Elue, in lots to soft purchasers 35 rolls Sheet Lead, 3 to 4 12 lbs. 40 casks Spikes, 4 to R inches 20 reels Kentucky Yarn 4 tons Bale Rope, Kayar Rope Ai.d a constant supply of warranted Anchors, for sale t v TUCKER CARTER. N B. CABLES & CORDAGE, ot Iheirowo munular tore, made to order a! the shortest uu lice, and upon the most reasonable terms. Jy21 lw AUHJL 1 1.000 lbs. White Argot, Lrsf quality, for sale at 35 Peck - slip, by J 21. K.KC. W. DAVE.N PORT k CO. aULAK iVilCRUiCOPE. AT the New - York Philosophical Museum, Medical, Electrical and Gulvanic Room. No. Si Chatham Street, fin the Iront hall of Chatham Garden) may he seen the wonderful etfuctt of tbe selar microscope that maguines one hundred thousand times, and is one of the best instruments of the kind ever shewn in America. A description of this instrument is unuecesia - ry ; suffice it to say that lorty persons may at the same time sit and see its operations without the inuoavcoience ot looking Uirougn a lens or glass of inv kind. The stowing til s pretoraeoj - win oe um - ctett td give an idea ol the effects produced by this great examiner ol nntnre : I he head ot tne common Flea is magnified to look as larze ns that of an elephant ; its proboscis or sting two icet long ; legs eight Jeet ; liair oa the legs six inches. In a glass Tube of clear wafer, taken directly iroui uie well, may be seen thousands ol ammal - cula, all alive, tome of which are two feet long. In common Vinegar and in aliuoit all vegetable ascids or winet may be seen Animals from one to three feet long. The circulation of the blood is distinctly seen in a variety offish and insects. The wiue of the smallest iVlusquito will appear from 7 to 12 feet long, shewing distinctly tlie smallest niire. The winz of the common uiitterflv can be roaz - oifi - d to the enormous size of 30 feet. Tbe proprietor has lately been presented by a gentleman ol this city with an insect, placed on Vat object glass of a common microscope about six years since ; when nrst taken it was about 4 ot an inch long, and on 11 may now be seen by the help of tlie solar microscope, thousands of insects preying and receiving food from the dead car ca?e. The Cheese Mite, though so small an insert that it is alasert impossible, to discern them with the naked eye, it made to appear as large as a turtle ten inches long, and very much reseuoiing animal. The collection of animate ula and insects in general in possession of the operator is considera - me, tnougn snouia any lany or gentleman, iimi ing tne museum, bring with them an insect, sob stance or fluid, that they wish to examine, it win oe snewn. The Solar Microcone will be shewn from ten c'cl xk A. M. until two P. M. Admittance 25 cents ; children, under twelve years, hatf price. P - rrOus visiiinz the museum are rt que t ted to notice, nai u microscope caocoi oe sueivn un less iue sun snines. NOTICE. 05" The Physicians of New - York and its vi ciiuiy, also the ladies and centlemen now at ter.ihnz for the teo( fit of Electrical and Galvanic operation, are respectfully informed, that Uie hours 01 operating lor medical purposes in future will be as follows : From six to ten in the morning, and from two until seven in the afternoon. The Electrical experiments will take place every evening as OMial, should the weather not be too damp or warm. N. TYLEE, Proprietor, And manufacturer of all kinds cf Philosophical Apparatus, for most 01 tho public Scientific In sdtotions and Private Seminaries throughout (he United Mates. J 1 lot tUR SALti. A OI 2 Acres ol liud, situated about one JL aW hundred ro - 'sfrrm the town of Jamaica, on lng - Islaud, fi - otiting the turnpike road; about It acres of which it covered wilh wood the remainder is in a high state of cultivation, and lias a very eligible srt nation for building. Also, I en Acres of salt meadow, dulant about three miles from said land. The above will be sold on reasonable terms, or exchanged for property iu this city. For further particulars, apply to Jtnntt Fotter,jun. No. 73, Soath - tt. or to the subscriber in the town of Jamaica, JAMES FOSTER. Jr2l fit ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND, FIFTY THOUSAND. TWENTY THOUSAND, TEN THOUSAND, FIVE THOUSAND. FORTY - FIVE UF ONE THOUSAND, THE above are the great prise in Uie ftledi cal S:ience Lottery, No. 5. which commen ces drawinz tn thiscitf , 4th of next mouth - Fri zes tii 11 a Died bv the slate, eatable 60 days af ter the completion of tbe drawing. From the great demand for those Tickets it is pit saniaMe that there will be vry few Tickets lor sale at Use coaitnenceinent r - f the drawing. Those who wikh forclmnces ran be supplied at GILLES - E'S, 1 1 4 Broadway, upjtito City - Hotel. J 21 St I r 1NSKED OIL. - 5 hhds, landing from achr. IA M aria, fjomPiids'lelphiv for sale by JySU 41 IOIUS. liUU. ' TnEGRAMMATlCAL BATI. TIiE imDoTtance of correct kniwlecke of JL urommar. is loo macn acnoowicuaeu 10 need comment. Tbe unsettled aad - desultory manner, in whiib it it laueht in common schools is highly exceptionable. To have arbitrary rules nod denoitinns pai rotlike committed to memory, learned and conned by rote without commeot or eluciil&tiyi, it found to be geneially void of utili tv : lor so lontf as tlie DriiiriPles ul rules are noi unaersioon, tuey can nevr r re npp'ieu io acium ue. Littler sach imprerSKiusand n flui - aced ny a detirc tu pron.ote to us ful a branch of education, the suurrrihers propose a remedial system, m the undertukii'g, thf.v are conscious of no other motive. tlm:itl,r lti'i'IH nol a orao - .n omnovci - dee, wl iiii it iir in r. - penMlile pre - rf - iwitc ic every other, 'llie s.i'ncitw - rs antiripait inary ohjectiotis to so complete a deviation from 'he antiquated track, winch cusioiu tins ii nj; since sanctioned as the most eliiiiie : lut, loonviaie them, they nsk a thorough and candid investiga - tii n ol'its principles. It is a dictum, that without a knowledge of Uie reasons on which Inws are miide, no one can kuovv the law. A conviction of its truth formed the most powerful ineentivefo uiciuvcnuoo oune urauinmiicai oar, which con veys 10 Uie uiod through the uicuium ol the eve tlie reasons, tbe whys, and Uie wherefores. To be short, it employs the perceptive faculties, the learner acquires a habit of attention, his judge ment is exercised, and he advances with ease and delight. 'I be subscribers have taken a conven ient room in Fulton - s'reet. No. I Jy. where ihil ! dren, young ladies and gentlemen may acquire a correct knowledge of English grammar in sixty hours. A correct knowledge of parsing will be given to new beginners; if not, no pay will be re quires a new class to begin on wetinesuay. i. ItROVVN, Jun. E. D. CROaSFlELD. N. B. Young gcntloinen, who have been in structed in the snort term of sisly hours, will be uresemed lorexarjiiriatiou eachu iy al o o'clock, P.M. Scholars received and indructed at any hour from ti o'clock A. M. to 10 o'clock P. M. I erms of tuition made known at the above men tioned room. J 20 1m HOtibbS Alt VjiRltlAOt. toH SALE. A PAIR of likely, active black llore, seven years old. They match in spirit and gait, ar: fast trotters, aud in escelleut r.miditien (it a jourucy. Also, a light Coachce, iu exccUcul order. Inquire at this oQicc. Jy 21 6t t'O It A I.K, rilEN acres of grouud near the Betanic Gar JL den, Imun lcd on the east by sixth avenue and the scat of Thomas Addis Lin met, esquire, ou the west by the l)looniiu?apln road. One third is in young wood. The laud being high uiakes it a desirable situation for a country residence, aud as it will be sold at a rej'iced price, to close a concern, il is an o)crt of "peculation For particulars, apply al M'J Chatham, corner ol Molt - tlrectj. SJ) A DI3TILLERV , calculated fur or umlaes, wilh dwelling hf u o. wharf, stilU. worms, mash tubs, cisterns, machinery, pumps, Ac. Apply as abure. Jy lw LOoT. T7"ESTERDAY Morning, a Check drown by J. the subscriber on the iVlauhiiUm Coiupanv i.iiitilitr'd 167. It cati be ol no ii - f In any per son, payment being slopped end nill bit thankfully received by Mr. Gclston Lttl teller of the Bank, or WILLIAM HKUCK, J "A 3t 13! Broadwap. Law rtj',uiattng the Uuagmg and impccUng uj tun Vila. ratted iviann 91, ibm. fX Bt il enaeltd Lu the people if the ttate ej' .Yen - York, reiiretenttd in tenate and antml'.u, 1'hat the person administering the government of this state, by and with Uie advice and consent of the council of appointment, shall from time to time appoint oue person lor the city of New - York, whose powers shaJl extend to, and include the village of Brooklyn ; one person for the cily ol Albaay i ! one - person lor the city of Troy, wnose powers auau extend to, and include Lau singbnrgh and Water ford, to be guagtrs auJ in spectorsof fiehoit. And be it further enaeltd, That il shall lie the duty of each penou appointed by virtue of this act, to provide himself with prosier iustruineut for guns - ing and inspecting oil, and wheuevercal - led on to guage and inspect any parcel of fi'hoil, within the place for which he was appoioUd, il shall aho be his duty to iricitiire diligently and seek out any parcels of utU oil within bit district, and guage and ins - iect the sanin,aiid brand legi bly ou the head ol each cask he uiav so guace and iuspect, Ms own name and the name of the place for which he was appointed ; nl'othe whole number of gallons the same thai guage, and separately Irom each other tho quantity of wa ter, the quantity of sediment, at if ell as the quantity of pure oil lie shall find therein, and shall make, subscribe and deliver to the owner or holder of och parcel ol oil so guaged and in spected, a certificate, ixhibituig iu separate columns the quantity of each of the aforesaid enumerated ingredients Uie whole parcel shall contain ; for all of which guaging, inspecting, branding 3'k1 certifying aforeiaid, he shall 1 ecei ve fn ni the owner or holder of the oil so guaged and in spected, tweuly cculs for each cak, be the same small or lare, Intone half of which shall always thereafter be chargeable upon the purchaser ol tne same. And be il further tnaetrd, That it shall be the duty or all perrons owning or holding fish oil, to put tho same ia a convenient position for guagine and inspecting whenever thrrcto required by an authorised guagcr and iupeclor. And be it further enaelrd, 1 bat any person or persoui who thaii coucteifeit, alter or change any of the brands or marks aforetaid, oa Buy cask of oil so branded or marked, or who shall mix or in any manner adulterate any cask of oil so branded or marked, or who shall buy, sell or barter any cd wilrno the districts or places alore aid, except the same shall have been guaged, iu peeled and brauded a cording to Jaw, or who shall ship, export, or otherwise convey or caue to be cooreved any oil out of, or from Ihe dis tricts or places aforesaid, except the same shall have been guaged, inspected and branded ac cording to Jaw, such person or persons to offending, iha!l forfeit and pay the turn of tweuly - five Julian lor each cask, the nranos or marks of which shall be so counterfeited, altered or chan ged, or which (hall be so bought, sold or barter ed, or which shall be so shipped, exported or otherwise conveyed contrary to the true intent aud eieauiog of tins act : Trvrtited, nerrruieust, that nothing herein contained shall be construed to prevent any poroo or persons from buving or selling ml by measures legally sealed, And b', it furllur enaeltd, 1 bat it shall be the duty of any pri ou or persons who shall use or otherwise empty the contents ol any ca - k ol li'h ml, immediately to tnvce the guager's ana 111 lwctor's murks or brands from the same, under the pcuulty of twenty - live dollars. And be it further enacted, That '.ny forfnitures arising by virtue of this act, may be sued lor and recovered by action of debt, with costs of suit, in any court having roguizanre of the saoie, to tbe sole use and behoof of aoy person who shall sue Uiertfor. N'OTICE is hereby ziven, that the subscriber lias been appointed by Uie honourable the Council of Apiuintment, Goager and lc n lor of all k'iJi Oils iu the City ot New - York an I Brooklyn, aud has opeucd his olfice at No. 37, Water - t. where be will receive orders from 7 A. M. to 8 P. M. every day, Sundays excepted. JAILS .UAL KICK. N. B. Dealers in Feb Od are hereby ootiDe - L that any infriogemeat of the above law wdl be pro'ecuted. Julyzu im TROTTING HORSE. 1 ,10R Sale, a remarkably fast trottio" horse. X toond, and kiod ia mil harness, and easy under tne saddle. Apply u Jo&ta' Larery oia - le, in ew - ttreel. july 20 41 oi . PUBLIC SALES. CY 411LL3. 4TINTON ft CO. '(htirsday, ' Al halfpast 9 o'clock, at their aertion etoi, No. 148 Pearl strict, a geueral assorlsneat of French and Cngluh Dry Goods. The principal pari of which will l e at luur sjoonths credit y among which are, 2 cases elegant doable and single duuifckk and diaper table cloths, from 6 - 4 to 10 4 by 164 1 I oo super Scotch 5 - 4 linen sheeting ; 1 do linen bed ticks ; I do 8 - 4 lineu checks ; 1 do 30 Irish linen 1 do 5 - 4 company black Persians ; I do company flag hdkf. ; 1 ditto black damask shawls; i ditto bin and asioilJ Sewing auks; 1 do fancy cravats and bkft;l doblk and white si k half bote Ids while tliulle lace; I do white Merteilles vesting, and anutnlxTQl' other articles. 71AUbL. tUti oClLIAMi, me. r"', II E proprietors ol the southern aiarble qua JL ries, near King's - Bridge, give notice, thai they have oi. hand, and are receiving,, at the KhigU'li ridge Ma 'ble and Lime - 1 at d, foot of Bench - street, ouihe Hudson river, an extensive stock of marble for building, of the following description!, via t - Ashlar Coping; Watertable Foundation Stone 8tcps Chimney - Pieces Platform. Facings Sills, Lintels , Columns Arches J Also Lime of the nest quality. . rj. - A constant supply of the above materials am be calculated npoti ; and those desirous of purchasing, or making engagements, w'1 apply to 2RA LUDLOW, Feh 11 ' ' At the Yard. MOAKV iO LOW A'. 67,000' DOLLARS to loan, in aiS to smt applicants, 00 bard with mortgage ujon tptirored properly. En.ptire of vii. villiaivis, 137 water - ti e.t. Whrre application may he eeneraMy made through the year, and mortgages dispoaed of. Je Vti tl Oj" J.iViKi il. Si'oU'f.Lngraver and Sent Cutter, removed to 90 Liberty - street, near Greenwir.h - atreet. Jy8 3m For Kvflund, t iu II aiilitx, A". 5' . OCT LETTLRS m.i tl.s briii.nuic Mn - s - 4 ;'s Packet Qiicehsberry, will lie wic ..: i tbe I'ost Office till Weduesduy alteruoon, lue 51U day of August. J 21 T. W. MOORE, Agent. raff of JYewYotk, Comptiulitr'1! t Jut u. I 3UBLIC NOTICE is ln re'iy giveu the Slate Treasury deposits in the city of New York, were on the first instant, removed from the Bnnkof New York to the Manhattan Bank, imrsuant to an ai t of the Legislature 01 the 21st April, IU1U; and that, therclore, all Treasury payments to he made in the city of New York, mu't hcrtailcr be ronde at Uie slid Manhattan bank. AKCII'D. M'lNTYREr J 16 lw Comptroller. S.r WR - DVv VER retuictfully uiiorms his fr1n. I1 and the public, that, in roiisequcoce of the in leniency el llie weather, his Lectures ara potpi licit 'till V ednesday evening l ext, the 22J inataut. fulv 20 3t (AV - . Ck.T uErtAUU. liSCOADED lioiu tne substriber, Henry li t.clik, hi , ul n yeLiioi - 1, 5 Ieet3in lies high, tight ci.iii) Icxion - , an vt rcnlice to the 5hoe - makiit& business. Said Cole l. occasionally beeu employed iucol ecliii iii' all persons un lnrliid haiborini;, trustiiii:, or paying him any bills for me alter this date. The above reward will be p - .id for returning Henry Coles. without any charges tu 3io. 11 Hudson - street, by JOHN Al l KIN. jyn lw Lit V bblifSEkLiQ, Ac. DEW EN, hviugbten. tncnlly. tTsinteA ' t) y the coi porulloii al a city - surveyor, re - pcctlully informs the public, that lie has opened aui office in Franklbrt - sti eet, next door to Tammany - Hall, for the purpose of land surveying; generally. Townships, cities, estates, or any tract of land, accurately aurveyad and drawn. . V , 1 . I .1 . , I iiiu pians, copiru, reuueeu, or eniargaa. 1 TciLMiirinelrical surveys aud sections of roast. hihours, rivers, Sir., far the improreuient of oavialmii, or other purposes. ) Levels taken, and country explored for canal.', . aqueduits, roads, i'c. for engineers. Jv 7 - Iw DENTISTRY. DOCTOR ZERAH HAWLEY Informs the public that his office it at No. 91 Nassnu ttreet ; where he exlrai ft Irtlh, ckant and ictt te th, and performs every operation in desfistry. i ne loiiowmg certiiicaie 01 tkiii, ne uuniu a "utlicient rroaimcndalinn. WHOM IT MAT COSfCKRO : This certifies, that Dr. Zerah Hawley Isareeo - lar bted physician, and in good ttanduig with his brethren in this place ; that he has pud particular attention tn the art of Dentittry, has studied the best European work son Uie subject, anil has given very good satisfaction in this' branch, to his customers, who are persons of the first re Siectability in this city. We therefore, with entire confidence recom mend Dr. Hawley to Ihe citizens of New - York as a uentut. I if.neas Munson, Professors of the Med. Institution, Yale Col. New - Haven, I.Nathan South, Jan. 22, IS 18. jLlllvee, f Jona. Knight, J 17 lw $ 1 00,000 fur title.' A PLEASANT walk from the City - Hotel, to the upper Green Office, 146 Broadway, two doors below Liberty - st. is where GRACfE's reside - Who offer for sale Tickets and Shares, in the 5th and only class of the MeoUcut Science Lottery, to commence drawing on the first Tuesday in August next. This rich lottery will be regularly and rapidly drawn tHI completed. The capital prizes are 100,000 $50,000, g20,000, 10,000, 4000, 2000, and 45 prizes of (1000. - J 20 3t UQr Tlie hue uew steam .... 1 ronveetf ir e jVi '"700 loos burthen, James (Mac Kinzie, muster, mil cotnoience running on the first day of May next, and will leave Kingston, for York and Niagara. 00 Uie 1st, 11th andtlstday of each wonih, ami Niagara, for York and Kingston, Uie 6th, Jbtk and 25th day ol each month, dunng the season, whcie every attention will be paid to the ease and com'orl of the ptisenpers. A ppkcalions for passage lo be maJe to tbe cap. tain on board. Kingston, 6lh April, 181ft. J 7dfcclOcl . VJ :.t.T, A convenient ;wo - dory brick House, nearly oppniita St. Vr k's ...on h, with coachhouse, stables, A'c. t sclLer with a garden an4 yard of about two aula half acies of ground. Alto, To sen or Lease, a numoer 01 lots oa (he 1st, 2d snd ad A venae A ; . 'y to NICHOLAS V. . i L 1 V tfl VNT, Jy 21 6t 2dArenj. A YUO.NG Al A ol retecubilit woo to t. ol tain Board ia a genteel private family, ' iiom the 1st of August. A situaUom west ot Ucoadway, in the vicdnhy as Hux'soe street. would be preferred. Direct to A. B. C. at this rare. July 21 tt CMC AT CCKIOSlTV. MAMMOTH HOC). THIS aninv l is one of the most ettraorrii - n.ry pro tui tions of nature, and has leea brocn.!.' here from Inland, at a very considera ble ex&ease. lie Is 4 tect iuctes iich ; leartn ui tiody 9 fert 6 inches ; girth 7 feet 10, aod elrK.t atioul lWOpind! ; a nsott unprornrp, - d wei;il lor t.ny ot the species. A lorUieroo - aciiptii'H i uece'sary. fcn ry prwru 01 . - i.Hity - ill tr wti: i: - rk jfc, 1 b - s woj.di . ul win - 5 - lew davs : I o. Vi IiJcB - loc, when be Kll. il. he r.kce to 'be ccauliy. s ... Price f,r sr.wi 2w iwits, cl.ildrca hfpnee. ..... A Ol ssjKaAiHMk, 1 ; 1 '. Hi l I ! . V' i , 1 : V.

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