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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Wednesday, July 22, 1818
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JtKW - XORK Er&tuta POST. ' - WEDNESDAY, JULY tt. CallteiiM lovtOur mercantile reader will flad In eur paper of this evening, some well - U ' ned strictures thou laws, addUictial to tome whkh we have lately republished htm the fe - tea JldirKiT' thav ttra written bv KMaa na oo wn, bat iuUuIgaat correspoodeut asd w hope they will not be the lea .tIuJ because they happen to Ueidivenedty a spice of wU and humor, mi wall an nnclical Food mm. We v .. a ball always b proud to bear froa the tame quarter. irr wiA Snoot - imornt f Tht K ational " Advocate of thii morning" indulges ia mom Ioom '.fpecalationioa this subject, which wo aro at some toss to comprehend hot let o understand on another. Tbo editor nyi wo bare seised ' Peasacola, tad wo hart taken it into tafe keeping tor tho present j but ho denies that wo bare by thie act declared war against Spain. IJow Is this? We have invaded ber territory, Mixed and cootie a to hold advene possession of it in '." short, cosauttod thp most positively offensive act against bar sovereignty, aod yet wo aro not at war with her, aor the with ut ! A state of war between two nations may bo perfect by the act of one, wilboat any concorreat act of tho other ; nor is it possible to conceive 'there should be a state of war on one side and a state of peace on the other. One man only, since the flood, ever entertained the preposterous idea - that H could be otherwise ; but that man was a great philosopher. If then we are at war with Spain, she am t be at war with us, to all intents and purposes. Mr. Noah is very much mistaken in supposing I am bont on seeking occasion for attacking the president I have held a different language But there is I fear blame of no ordinary magnitude somewhere. For tht Evening Pott. . As the examination of our late collection laws has been commenced ia Boston, it is to be hoped that the merchants of our city will not be behind hand ia their exertions to remove the evils so jibtly complained of. It is certainly easier to Doint out a fault than to remedy one ; and I am of opinion, that much of the present causes of complaint migni nave ooen avosuea, oy a timery attention to this subject If merchants will not give tbo government such practical advice as it needs, they must bo content with grievances imposed through ignorance or inadvertence. All that is left them is to examine and expose objectionable points temperately, and wait the remedy with patience. By the fifth section of the act la question, it it required, that um owner or consignee make oath that his invoice exhibits the true value of the goods at the place from which the same were imported. V a will suppose, that a man in Eu rope thinks proper to purchase an article which be knows is much below its usual value ; he keeps it until it bas advanced, and (hips it to this country, invoiced at cost to which he makes oath. Notwithstanding, bis goods are tent to the public store, and compared with similar articles purchased subsequently, and under lets favorable circumstances they are (bund to be under - Art I r - h t firAfl M'i f H 1 1 II T nn nnnriim ... I ask, what benefit does be derive froia bis cash, his inlellsgeoce or bis experience : three things, which are ine grand lounoauons oi individual t e neftU Take this away, and mercantile enterprise is at an end. The same argument will ap ply to him wno penetrates into a foreign couo try, and superintends the transmission of bit goods personally j thus avoiding all intermediate pHjfiu ana anuccessary caargei : it avails Dim nothing, be is liable to appraisement Suppose also that a man of capital and enterprise chooser to contract wUh a manufacturer either in England or France, to take of his articles a certain amouut yearly, which shall be large ; ia cooii deration of which, be obtains them 10 or 20 per cent leas than the customary price demanded ol ordinary and casual purchasers, He is liable to to praiieinent here, and his capital and the trohbia and hazard he takes produce him nothing. Is this right, just or politic ? The seventh section is by fir the most vexa tious in the whole act. What, in the name oi comaaon sense. 1 ask, is the use of fifty re.ieti tions of an oath already solemnly taken ? If, with all the scrutiny that goods are subject lo on im portation, they are finally admitted, it ia or ought to bo enough. If roods are. notwithstanding all precautions, improperly introduced, the addi twnal oaths on transportation, ic. serve no pur poso for detection. Packages landing from I coasterare seldom or never examined. How easy it it, also, to txchdfigt the contents of packages of similar appearance and description, i - an oath to be taken that the goods are not at originally imported? This shields them effectually. Whatever tend i to destroy our coasting trade, strikes at the vitals of our prosperity. The Boston and .Salem merchants, it is well known, are of necessity obliged to forward a great portion of their importations to the southern cities for sale it is, therefore, imposing peculiar bardsliips on them, besides laying open to public inspection tho nature, and if you please, the secrets of their business. The loss ol time in procuring proper permits for lading and unlading, is a matter of serious moment, not only to the merchant but to the skipper. We always perform with impatience what we deem unnecessary, and thus curses are multiplied with oaths. The president has no doubt chosen, for ap praisers, men of sagacity aod cleverness; but. good God ! only reflect what " Caleb Quotems" they must be, to fulfil completely the require - tneuta of tbe law. Here, in the first place, is an invoice of crockery, consisting of soup?, creams, teas, salts, sugars, peppers, mustards, twifflers, hsgei mans, Le. 4c. from England : here is another, of lap - dogs, little fiddles, trumpets and drums, from Germany : another of waters, po mades, perfumes and imeJlt, of all sorts, from France : another of beerboomgurrabs, aliabad, frysabad, mooradabad, and ail sorts of bad ma moodies and baftas, that take your breath away to name, from Crdontia ; and then there is your sinchaw, your chaw - chaws, your roujecs, your concans, and your rattans, Irom Canton ; All these are to be knowingly examined, aod if (bund fairly charred, passed ; if not, detained. I will only ask, ia the simple language of scripture, uu suuuaect lor mesa thin f It maw be replied, that a third person can be called in ; censuniy, but this in ltelf is a vexation. As if wese laws were notsafhcUaUy teasing and trou - 1 bleeeeae to the merchant, and these duties not suScseutly varied for the Warned QoXrsu, we are obliged to send all packim rj , ia. to one store, of a middle sue to another, and uhui u a inira ; i o bod them, requires two tkiagt ia perfection patience aod perseverance, besides a considerable Dortion of Vwl.W agility ; the stores hcius situated in th triangle, and, making in the while, a tour of ivrnii a mile to committees appointed to frame ow reamer - cial regulations, or the members of such com - mitUee would apply for it, where it ought to be looked tor, to the upright and intelligent man in basines of whom there are many, we should escape the imposition of bad laws, and congress the ridiculous appearance of versatility in enacting and repealing them. - ' . - A MERCHANT. total frtm Bfiunut Cy tho arrival this forenoon of the brig Lady Mary I'elham, m 38 days from Bordeasz, wa hars rsceired Frsncfc papers to the 6th of Jane inclusive. A few days before tbe Lady Mary Pelb&m tailed, two officers and eleven men, belonging to the ship Sums, capt Eberingtot , of Baltimore, arrived at Bordeaux from Brest They iuform, that while on their way home to Baltimore, ia ballast, from Amsterdam, the ffuma was run down, on the 14th of April, in lat 40, Ion. 39 1 - 2, by the French frigate Nereide, from Martiuico to Brest, and id a few hours alter the accident, went down. No lives were lost Capt Shcrii - gton remained at Brest, to take the necessary steps to recover for the loss of bit ship. The male and steward of the Numa came home in the Lady Mary Felham. By what veuel tbry were carried into Brest does not appear. Extract rem Frtneh yirptrt to J ant C. PAULS, June 1. funds.S percent. 63f. 5c. We cannot let the opportunity pas without observing how wonderfully the credit of France bas eugneuted, and what confidence is inspired by ine present government. The sum subscribed tor the loan of 10 millions, amount to more than tea times tbe sum wanted ! ! ! They amount to above 2 milliards in capital, and 160 millions of rents. Industry of every sort will immediately feel the e Sects of this confidence, and we may fairly anticipate a flourishing state for France. The Duke of Wellington is not arrived at Paris, as was stated, but is expected in a day or two. All over France the prospects of plenty are greater than they have been for manv years. A terrible fire has almost entirely consumed uie cut oi isrenuoourg, in eattern I'rusiia. Died, on the 24th ult Henry John Oliver, esa. of Brill - house, Bucks. A Sieur P.. - , living in the Rue dit Taon, hanged himself on Tuesday night in his own a - partments. Within the last four dap, he had lost 20,000 francs at the gaming table, together wtin a contract lor an annuity of 12.000 francs. and, last of all, even his watch. He left a writ ten paper explaining the cause of the last desperate act Tbe late fire at Copenhagen, of which we gave an account at tbe time, lay hid several oaya amongst the ashes, and then broke out again, but by great exertions, animated by the king in person, all damage was prevented. We learn from Vienna of the 16th of May, that a loan of 30 millions of florins is just con tracted for by the Austrian Government. Messrs. Baring, Hope, BoUiman, Pa; uh and Geymuller, are the contractors 5 per cent, at 70 the terms. Tbe paper money rises in public opinion. Several wine - men - hants in Taris have hrrn fined hy the Tribunal of Police for having adul terated wim. and mM? rials lor adulteration. Besides the fine the wines have beeu otdertd to be spilt in the street. The Loan made in London produces a good eucct, as crowns it puts in circulation i millions oi A labourer, iu the commune of Bonrs le - Va - tern e (Uromr), with two of his children, were poisoi.ea py eating mushrooms on tr.e lUlhof this month. They had cuttiered the murhroomi themselves. All uimlicai aid wis found useless. Extract from the ig Book of the brig Lady Mary Pelham, arrived this forenoon from Bordeaux. "June 14th, IS 13, lat. 41, 2, N. and long. 14, SO, W. at 3, 3D P. M. the wind from the N. and standing to the westward, close haul'd up on a wind, saw 2 tail ahead t about 4 P. M made them out to be ships carrying a press of sail and shortly afier shorten'd sail and exchanged signals, they were both armed, the largest mounted 24 guns, figure hed, yellow sides and heavy quarter calleties, painted white chiefly. The smallest ship had a onun figure head white and one white streak around, both had royal yards rigged aluft , when they closed with us the smallest sl,i,i passed to windward of us, within grape distance, and hoisted Krgliah colors, then fired 3 shot well aimed from the waist, chiefly at the L. M - 1 Pelham, although our courses we: e hsu.'d up, and main yard aback, ai.d our colours fiyiiijr, and the female passengers on deck, which they could see plainly, . tbe other ship hove too at the same time upon our lee bow, and hoisting a kings Spanish ensign and pendant, the first shot from the Spaniard went over us, between the fore and main mast, the second with round and grape, close under the bow, and the third went close over the fort castlet near the fore - mast and struck a lew yards to lee ward, after which the small ship bore np and run close under stem, and ordered us to send our boat on board immediately ( and wben within a short pistol shot, under our lee, and we in the act oi lowering the boat down, the female passengers and all the gentlemen passengers upon dick having got a Utile over their fright after such a rough salute, the cowardly rascals, thinking the opportunity too good to let ut pass in a dehucrate manner, fired a volley of musketry i.ito us, which fortunately neither killed Dor wounded any one, but several went through the maio, and others over the quarter deck. I naturally concluded there was a war declared between the U. States and Spain, not knowing otherwise bow to account for such villainous treatment to an unarmed mer chantman. 1 ordered the colours hauled down and alter shoving off from along side tbe Pelham, was then within half pistol shot of us, still he had a gang abaft, with their muskets pointed at ut in the boat, that I expected every moment they would shoot all bands of us in the bust In lb interim whilst I went on board the small ship with my papers, tbe Pelham was boarded by an armed boat and an officer from tbe large ship and by tbe passengers am informed that when the officer came on board be made many inquiries that displayed the most consummate ignorance, and corresponding with his appearance. Among the rest wanted to persuade one of the passengers that be was the captain of the Pel I am Car frcm savin that snn rf ik. nw. nm Md 001 believe she was from Bordeaux, ions are not salutary t I will even admit that I tml WM asked upon coming upon deck whe - . T out me resuutions unne - u,er war was declared, said no, but expected rtien i nttnilmrl ut ih. il.t..l n., i . ... - v.u tbe extreme. j n.iuriy ar.d wubed it a If BMrchants who hare leisure, experience raul 6ow UeSPnurds would ive the Ameri. was fry lavish of bis abuse, and Said positive - j I j that they were fecommeuded hy the Captain General of the Havana, hot to respect any A - tnerican flag, and said that l( was his opinion that the Americans were a slamu'd set of pi - rat ee and puppies.. It is the opinion that they were bound to Corrunna, t c." Mr. James Carroll, of Albany, wiil perceive that we have anticipated Lis request, aod pub - IsLedtne piece he alludes to. ' . j Some tew days since it was mentioned, in one of our monuttg papers, that a party of gentlemen from this city, while on a luting party to the east end of Long Island, fall in with, and came well nigh taking tbe sea serpent which bas so much annoyed the inhabitants on our eastern sea board. The following letter, written on the spot, no doubt by one of the party, gives a circumstantial account of their plans, and the means they employed to ensnare him. Every one, to a man, was full of blood and fury until they approached within gun shot, and taw him tie with bis mouth wide open, and asthoolof porpoises leaping one after another in quick suc cession, into bis voracious maw. A sight so ap palling, was calculated to try the stoutest nerves, and it was thought advisable to abandon the enterprise for the present, and make good their re treat as soon as possible, lett he might, take it into his head to amuse himself by obligiug them in turn to throw a summerset into his jaws. Another expedition, more formidable, is prepar ing, whitii it is calculated cannot fil of citur s the monster. , t'mn tlu Kalional liiUlligtncer. THE ANACONDA" OF THE OCEAN, OR THE oEA - bEUPE.YF, AG A I.N. Messrs. Gales & i'eaton : The following addressed to me by a gentleman of. resiiect - ability, throws some uew light upon the nature of the wonderful auimal which has excited so much of the public attention. I give the com mumcation to you as I have received ft; and, although I do lint vouch altogether for the fide - lily of my Irioad's narrative, the circumstances it details are not wfiuutblr, ami may, at least, serve to amuse your readers, iu tho present ucarui ui oiner news. o. Eag - IIarUr, Long Island, N. Y. July 10, 1818. J " My dear sir : I have made a treat disco very ! Tbe sea serpent is the " anaconda' ol the ocean. Of 'he latter extraordinary land serpent, we nave nuti several accounts, bearing marks of an thenlicity. The interesting narrative of . - ome French wri ter, founded on Die horrible strength and voraciousness of the auacooda, has passed as a highly wrought romance, uutil other aud more recent discoveries proved that bis relation was not the olfspring of mere fiction. A late accouT from tbe liait Indies, of the great ' Boa" fjhe sua couda) and his attacking and devouring ft large tyztr, has appeared iu the public papers, authenticated by names and circumstances eu tilling it to considerable credibility. . The frigate which conveyed Lord Amherst, on liis late emruiiy to China, or some vessel at Uchcd to the mission, bad ou board, on her re turn, a large Repent, procured at one of the isl ands in tbe Indian seas, which was evidently of uie same species, lie was fed by live atimals. uu 1 took iu a whole goat at one swallow, or meal, which meal supported him for fivt divt. during which time he laid in a kind of 'stupor mis do is quietly tuueodeU ty the luncheon he .'iad taken; until the goat had been digested and dugorged, when a frech supply to his rbracions maw became necessary. This account was at' tested by the Surgeon of the ship, published in the brilun papers ; and I have not seen it con tradicted Uut, new, to my proofs, in regard to the great Sta btrptnl being of a species iu the ocean, ana - la;ous to what the Anacamfa is on land.' Tle alliuity in innumerable instances, between tbe animals ol the earth, and those which roam in the 'vasty 'deep" is too well known to you to re quire any specification here: and be assured tnat the Sea Serpent has his great prototype io tbe Auacooda. I arrived here a few days since, with some friends from New - York, with tbe purpose ol seeking sport and healthy recreation, iu suipt shooting and fishing, la addition to those inducements, my mind bad been occupied with tho idea that, from the late frequent appearMice ui the Serpent ou the adjoining parts of our coast, thero was a chance of his 'truirio;' along this way, and affording me a tight of his huge figui e. Under this inipreisioa (and it at length became irre. - itublc) 1 always went out provided with at excellent portable telescope, which I had brought with me from the city. Seteral days passed without my wishes being gritjfied ; but, Biy executions of ultimate success were unabated, and 1 persevered iu daily taking, for a Iiuip, a slati'jo l my new t'jttrtatary, on the nethtouriiij riciiii which immediately over luoK tne nce:ui. The wuKther, on the morning of the Ctb, was perfectly tlcar, with a li;!il breeze from the westward. Upon carryiug my view along the horizon, 1 at length disrovtrud, at no great dis tance from Ibc laud, the object of my anxious curiosity. He Uy extended at full length, resembling in appearance a narrow ledge or reef of black roc but I saw that it moved, t instant ly returned to the harbor and procured a Small vessel, in vhi h, with several other persons, I stool out lo sea, in the direction in which I bad observed the object uf our search. He was toon discovered, but moving lurlher from the land The breeze was sufficient to give ut a command of the vessel, and we approached him very fast, and at rcugtn so nearly as to have or him a very distinct view. His length could not be much short of ninety or one huudrcd feet, aud his gene ral appearance was such as bas been frequently detcrilied. His head was raised a few feet a - bove the surface of the water ; his eyes large and piertuig : out ne seemed net to take any parti - cu'.'o - notice of our approach, and, at a slow rate, continued upon tne same course, eastward.' Alter we bad procetdod, altogether about three leagues from the kind, the twined himielf, bringing his head to the northward, and appeared to become stationary. ' la the course or ball ao hour z grampuies,v went observed coming dowo from Ihe northvard apparently ia plityful eamtinfc and our curiosi ties lvalue strongly excited to see if any notice wot Id be taken uilhVna by our leviathan, 't hey did Dot escape it Before they came in a line with him he became agitated ; and suddenly put himself in rapid motion, standing "right athwart their bows," (lo ue a nautical phrase) iu order to intercept them. Their meeting was dreadl'ul. The sea was immediately covered with feam, and the struggles so siub - ot and quick, that we could not distinctly perceive Uie mode of attack or defence. If vou have ever read M. Chateaubriand's description of the com bats of the alligators, in the rivers and swamps of' the Floridas, yon may form some idea of the scene ere now witnessed. Altera lapse of about ten miaul es, we could perceive oae of the wastes on tbe surface,' rolling over on bis sides, as if m great agony and exhaustion ; the other, aod the serpent, had Uisaf peared ; end m a lew minutes the second alto sunk out of sight Old " Iron tides" had, no doubt, captured and destroyed tbc - m both : Sly mind having been impressed with the idea that the voraciousness of this monster ana luOusace, wtull convey proprn iaitrmstlsisa cans grs to smcke if there uxe a war, sj.i? vculd be found to be similar to of the Anaconda. I rsi particularly desirottfswf hi re - uppeaisnce after this encounter with the sviiktes. ........ - - .. , About 4 P. M ue was . discovered to uie eastward of ua, going at a moderate rate to - . srilstlie aouth. An alteration was also vi sible in bit figure hi body being considers bly distended, occastonuig a protuberance about the middle, apparently tbe size of a hogshead. We made sail upon our barque, and tood upon Use same coarse with the serpent, ap proaching him gradually. At half past five, the wind having increased, and a pretty rough sea running, prodigious Burners of porpos were obsei ved, coming with the swell of Ihe sea from the southward.. They were ol tne small species vulrarly called by seamen Uie " hedge - hog por poise,1' from their resemblance in their form or shape to that animal. They are frequently seen leanins out of the water by thousand.', to the height h of several yards, and precipitating them telvet again perpendicularly, Willi great velocity. The sea will often be covered for runny . . ... miles by tins moving host, and Weir appearance iu such numbers is generally consiucrca ey sai lors as judicative of an approaching storm. A uew scene now presented itself, and we carefully watched its effects upon the huge obtect of our curiosity. W e soon observed that his bead and necK were eievateu cons.ue rably ; not perpendicularly, but a slope, inclin ing to an angle ot 45 degrees ; and directed towards the myriads of animals which were now approaching him. His jaws were opened to a frightful dimension, and many of these porpoises, as if irresistibly impelled by their care ess and playful Impetuosity, leaped directly into them, one after another, and which the monster teemed to receive as rapidly into his voracious maw. He caught them as 1 have seen a juggler catch on a pointed instrument balls and oranges, which he had thrown above him in quick succession, as they desn ndtd. This Hying repast contiuued until he was completely gorged. His bulk now evideuily swelled to a greatly increased size, and ho finally lay extended, dormant and immoveable. Here theu was a confirmation of my hypothesis. To ascertain more fully, we sailed round him several times, ami within tbe distance of 50 or CO yards. . His head and neck were nosr extended flat upon lite water ; and h . ! his hug - eyes about in listlessuess, as to our approach. Emboldened by this appearance cf sluggish in activity, I discharged at his bead a large mus ket, loaded with ball and buck shot, in the hup of hitting his eyes. It produced a very slight movement of tbe head, appearing to have had no material effect. 1 would have repeated the experiment; but, io the hurry of our departure from the harbor, we had neglected lo provide lorsucb an occurreuce, and I bad, besides, a ti mid set of associates about me, who had not been at sea, and who never had encountered as many hazardous enterprises, We concluded, therefore, to return into port, and eo out better nreiur:d for the expedition. I have found in Uie Military store here two long swivels, which turn upon a pivot, which I am mounting on ihe bows ol two vessels wtiicli we have engaged, for our second cruise :ari intend to coarse with a - raiie shot On the vessel uf which I mean to taku the chief direction, I am also mounting a three pouud cannon upon a pivot. In be loaded with round and srrjue : and ti lnl himself will be in him, if, with all those means of as'auit, we cannot confound this monster, so as to get noiu ol in in with our grappling tackle, haw acia, I auic, on.. SO UM IU IOW 111 III llllO SUme U.IT hor, (New York) and lay him up in one of the ary or wet aocits at tbe navy yard. 1 have writ ten to the commandant to be prepared for us. suouia our nest cruise prove unsjccesstul. we shall then publish a particular account uf what we shall have been enabled to observe ol this leviathan. One of our company is a very tolerable draftsman, and hat sketched several Views ol him, taken under his different attitudes and appearances. We have labored incessantl nuco we came in, and shall depart in a few hours, in the hope that our Anaconda of lh ocean will not have digested his last meal ; and that we shall find him again in the same stupor in which we left him. As ever, truly yours, n . To M. I. Esq. Wash ins ton." An inferior species of whale, met with to every tea. TRESTOJt, June SO. For about two weekt past the Farmers in this vicinity have been engaged io harvesting (heir Hay and Winter Grain. 1 he weather hits been very favourable, except, at times, exceedingly warm. Wlieat and Rye had suffered much oy the winter, but recoveied in a considerable degree Irom its apparent state, when the spring opened, through the gcninl effect of the warm weather, after it ti t in. These crops, however, are still short, though got in without Iojs, and in the best order. The Grass has turned out belter a larger crop than for several years past, aud great pari in, iu the best order. A circular letur from N'ewry, of Ihe 23d of May, states, that Uie last rales of flaxseed were made ut from 73 lo 74 shillings. The salt - for sewing are over, and 1700 libd lies over iu this market. F rem our CorrrtponJrnt. BOSTON. Julv 20 noon. Arrived this forenoon, ship Sally - Ann, Edes, from Messina ; sailed from M. 14th May, and from Palermo 'oth. Left at former place, brig Caspian, Stanley, 32 days from Boston, loading lor Lurope, 10 or 12 days ; only American ves sel iu port. I. - tltno American vessels at Paler mo. Passed Gibraltar 3d June, and in the tu was spoken by a Portuguese brig of war, ac companied by a frigate, who enquired for Alge rian cruisers, tpoice, June 7, lat 3o 45 Ion 14. chr Adventure, of aod from Kiugston, Jam. 43 days out tor Gibraltar, all well. 18;h inst. ou Georges canK, brig George, from Bostou for Gibraltar. Schr Penguin, Ho! Ties, 93 dart from Palermo aod 50 from Gibraltar. Left at latter place. brig Aurora, Thompson, 33 d?vs from Havana - spoke, July 5, lat 41 20 Ion 48, brur Superb. from Newbern N.C. for Bristol, Eng. ; 1 1th, lat 43 30 loa 62 30, schr Syren, Drew, 7 days from boston lor Lis!oo. i be urig Ariadne, Some. 53 days from Gallipoli, for St. Petersburg, tailed from Gibraltar in co. with the Penguin. At (Quarantine Lnghsn scbr Comard, from Grenada; aud brig Samaritan, SI days from Matanzas. FJtOM OUR CORRESPO.YDZNT - Office of the Essex Register, ) Salem, Ju!y2). Arrived, ship Midas. Endicott 140 dnys from Canton, cargo teas, i'c. Left ship Unicorn, Manchester, Baltimore; Atlanta, Wuiship, Boston ; Flying Fish, Fitch, uncertain. Jui - t arrived, Ann & Hope, Kelly, Providence ; ship Neptune, Philadelphia. Westward of Java Head, parted with ship phyr, lor Lurope. July 15, lat JU, 40, long 65, 30, spoke ship Schuylkill, from Lisbon fur Philad. 46 dnys out. Marliltltead, July 17. Arrived, schr Springbird. Tucker. t'J dars from St. Pier res, Martinico, aod 25 from St. Lu - ttatiA. Left at tt Pierrcs, brig Corporal i rim, Davis, Cape Abo, to sail in 13 days ; schr Fan ny, Andrew, balem, in ZU ; sloop Ke by, Uart - lett, next day ; scbr Concordia, Holmes, Dux - bury, tost discharged : sloop , lor New - Haven, ia 10 days. Off Basterre, Guad jloupe, spoke schrJames Monroe, I5daya from Norfolk, for Martinico. I .eft at St Eustatia. June 23, schr Lareioe, Goody, just arrived Irom Norfolk ; brig . from Keontbunk, jnt arrived. Jane 1 1, lat 49, V.t 67, spoke brig Franklin, 6 days irom &enebutiK,ior t. Lrosx. We witness (ays a commercial correspondent) with much pleasure tbe continued enter prise and improvements which at this moment are manifested at our ship - yards. We recollect no one period when there has been so many fine ships building in this city, and all ol the nrst class, We notice, particularly a ship builJinr by Mr, Charles Browuns. tor hoase i in this city, tabs called the Cincinnoius, and intended expressly for the London trade. We have already many eiesrant ships in the Liverpool trade, and we un derstand this ship will be fitted equal, if not su perior, in every re sped to the best or mem. . jucr. .Tan, DltD, At Keene. f - V. II .1 ob the 15th intt. the H 'n. Daniel (Newt onih. aeed 72, formerly one of the associate Justices of the superior court of that state. . . fJVA,0 POST MARINE LIST. - CLEARED, Brig Wis. Henry, West, A mri - dam Kai lhaut, neinit us & io. Scbr Eliza, Weeks, Alexandria Victory, Crow, Worlulk Sloop Atlanta, Shaler, Norfolk BrigL. M. Pelham, Scbvler, 38daysfiom Bordeaux, with brandy and dry goods, to I) Hide, owner. C St H H Meier, F At A Drunell, Casseau tt Condom, N & 8 Detoneuemaire, T Lewis. Sithet, C Iiuport, L (ioudain, W rhii - lips, Mulford fit Leflingwell, Hotel c Suydam, J P Durand, G Hozat, J W Mainer, L bonne - four, J A Snyder, Baylard, jun. and P Ijirous - silier. Passengers, Madame Uertnain, daughter and servant, Mr. Eam'l Cooper, of Philadelphia, Thos Lewis and servant, capt Phil lips, of Philadelphia, C Duport, & Mr Crispe. Left vVarrington, Up llingham, of Kicr.mond, Icr NOrleant, uncertain ; brig fcunice, Wiedtr - holt of N. York, for Havana 10th June ; ship Highlai.der, Davit, of and for N Orleans 15th ; Eagle, ptlotd,ot and for Philadelphia jOlh iW, South Carolina, of and for Charleston 25th : Sa vannah, Kvan, of and for N York 95th; brig Reindeer, llattrd. do do 1st July June o, lat 40, 19, Ion 35, 20, spoke the biig Minerva, from tiatb lor Madura, out vi any, ju y i i. spoilt: the schr Zephyr, Crowell, master, from Boston, bound to Oporto, 5 day out. shin jEoIus. Howland. 56 days from Amster dam, with ballast and drygoods to A Cranston A. Co. J Marsh. W. ti. Gort, and J A. Snyder, Left ships Integrity, Klderkin, for India , Milton. Thomas, (lo ; Mariuion, ord, repairing ; upne - lia. Procter, lor London : William, Kutter, for Baltimore in IU days ; Roseau, Jefiersco, for Philad in 10 : SuiQimhanaah, Rush, do d : Jane from Boston for St Petersburg same day ; Charles Henrv. for Charleston in iu ; susan, urn, un certain; Pispalch, Warner, lor Boston in 10; Amelia. Neil, for New York repairing: Maiga ret, Harris, for City Point in 4 ; Orlttnrlo, Crow ell, for Charleston in 10. sailfd 32d May, ship Wil iam Baker. Whitmore, lor Uatsvia. ran ed going in brig Eunice of Bnst'tn, and'hrig Hps - . i . . . : , : V L. per ol iewnurypnri. i.izjiru ueann; r. ju miles, brig factor, of Boston, beating up SrhDart, Allen, 26 days fom Marranham, with hides, candles, &c. to r Alien Sch Madison, Sawyer, 7 days from St. Ma rys, with timber, to W k C Porter. BELOW, Urig Andrew, 14 days from St. John, N. B with passengers. Schr Abatross, 50 days from New - Orleans, to It pity, Center & Co. .iKKivtci last r.rKvixn, Ship Hesperus, Brown, 47 days from Belfast. with coals, drygoods. Sic. to J A: W Merlin fi Co. owners, A Thompson, Kev. Mr. Pnud lit, J Magee Si Vo. A Campbell, P Hattrick & Co J Graham k Co. G Thorburn, J Adams, A Martin, T Suffern, S Thompson, A Bell, Clendcnin? & Son, A Cunston V Co. and to order. Passengers, Messrs S Keford, T Hen derson, J Pollock, Miss Mergen, rapt Kock, late of klnp Perseverenr e, of Norfolk, (con demned as unteawurthy,) and 60 in the steer age. LeU, ship Atlunta, Rose, for Baltimore, brig Nymph, i . i - ,ti:.i. l - ... r ' k - r..n .1.. islamic; iiiitisii urig mm, icc,si( iu, wv. lOih ; brig Sailor Uoy, for Philad. 5ih. Spoke, July 2, Ut 41 29, long 35 30. thip Maria, Duplex, 16 days from N York for Amsterdam On the outward passage, March 15, lat 36 45, Ion 55 40, fell in with schr. bottom upwards, apparently new, with slate colored - bottom, her sails attached to the masts. - Brig Belvidere, Jocclyn, 47 days from Dublin, with coals, linen, &c. to Strong & Havens, owners, r Thompson, A Bell, it M'Victar, and L U C Suydam. Passengers, Mrs. Smith, and 3 children, Mrs. Dowling, child ana niece, Mrs. Lowe and 2 children, .Miss M Huddle - ston, Paterson, Messrs. Maher, A Guest M Maher, J Leacock, and 22 in the steerage. Left. May 30, brig Climax, Merchant, for Boston in 8 ; sch Vig.lant, Baker, for N York in 6 days, and ship Sampson, from Liverpool for Philadelphia, lying below, waiting for Passengers. No other Americans in port. Spoke, July 14. lat 41, Ion 61 22, ship Remittance, Coflin, 47 d.'ys from Havre, for N York. BosTu.f, July 20. Arrived, brig Hiram, (late Allen.) 40 days from St Michaels, (vi A'helburne, N. b. where capt A. died 7th hut.) Spoke, June 21, Ion 58 20, ship John & Adam, Knight from Norfolk, fur Bremen, who supplied Uie Hiram with provisions. June 3, lat 36, Ion 40, privateer ship Union, from Buenos Ayrcs, on a cruise off Cadiz. Sch Francis & Maria, Jenkins, 47 days from Oporto. Left June 1st skip Thomas,' Kelly, 31 days from Alexandria, in quarantine ; brigs Vancouvre, from Philad. da Betsey, Virgin, tlisch ; Planter, Pierce, do ; Gov. Winslow, Pa - ty, Plymouth, 4 days ship Holla, Morrison, Si. Petersburg, 4 days ; sch Native, Mayew, disch , - Gold Hunter, Burnham, St Ubes, next day t Adeline, Rumney, Gibraltar, 2 davs. Vch Hazard, Bradford, for Boston, sailed day before. Sailed in co. with sch Betsey, Foster, for Boston ; sch McUonough, Reding, from Boston, was in quarantine, just arrived. British sch George Burrinrton, Homer, 14 days from Halifax. A vessel arrived at Hali Ux, report! having spoken. May 26, Ut 49, Ion 15, the China, of Salem, bound to Brig Seaman, Woodward, 8 days from Al exandria. BROADWAY CIRCUS, ooo'.aOovooe THIS EVENING, JULY 23. The penormance wilt commence with the Grand Turkish Entry. Master i homat will on one borse perform ma ny woudrrlul ieatt of horsemanship. Mrt. Williams, the celebrated equestrian. will on bnrsehack go through all her elegant feat, and conclude by Uie exercise oi tlte six divisions of the Broad sword. Slack Hope, by Mr. Maybe. Master M'Carn, the wonder of the age, will. on out borse, perform many wonderful teats for a youth, only nine years old, and conclude by ri ding on his head, bis horse in full speed. GymnaMic exercises by tbe whole troop. Alter which, for tbe first time this season, tbe much admired scene ol the Coronation, or Hor i of knowledge ; in which all those horses will show their wooderful sagacity the elegant i.orse uuieuo win nana en a pedestal as a sta lue, and all the other horses will sit aod ly down at the command of tbe riders. Mr. Tatnell, the flying horseman, will on one hone perform many wonderful feats, U.ap over a board of lights, and conclude by a Hying leap through a Mail Coacb. The whole to conclude with the grand Trampoline Exercises by Mr. Maybe, who will alter several wonderful leaps, conclude by a surprising leap over seven horses. Tickets may be had at the circus, from 10 oVIocX, A. M. to 1 P. M. and from 3 to 5. A place is provided for people of colour. 1 uon will be open at 7 o'clock, ana tne fnrmance commence creciwlv at 8. 1 No srooahing allowed. Checks not transferable. G.Dt!euica we requested not tatnterit ring. mTinri a rrtTs - w. . O The public is respectfully infornnd that on Pndav evening, July 24th, will be pre.' tented A GRAND CONCErtl'. i PART I. Overture, Pull Orchestra. ' Ballet, Mis. Burke, " I Lave loy'd thee" Hook. . ' Duet, Messrs. Ineledon & Philipps, Time has not tliinn'd my flowing hair' Jack Bravura, Mrs. Hobnail, Iumestic Peace Morace. Uallad, Mr. fhiiipps, " Fanny dearest, ar. rauged by himlf, Moore. - Song, iVirs. burke, " Echo Song, accompani - ed on the uule by Mr. hinsella, Bishoo. Air, Mr. Ineledon, Jtiicompass'd iu an Annii. Frame, Jacksod. , Duett, Mrs. llolinan and Mr. Fhiiipps, Whta uiy uosom neaves ine sign." nraham. PART II. Siufonie, Foil Orchestra. , Ballad, Mrs. Holman, " Oh no, my loe. no i Kelly. ' Scena, Afr. Phillips,, William Tell. Brabam. Song, Mrs. Burke, " Hunting Song at Mdriuoi Dawn." H,lr. Recitative and Air, Mr. Ineledon, .Vaasionof Peace." Webb. ' . , Bravura, Mis. Hulmao, " Soldier tired. Am Song, Mr. Ineledon, "Scots wba ha si' Wallace bled," wntieu by Burns ' Duct Jlcssrs. Philipps and Ineledon, All', well." Brabant, Leader of Ihe Band, Cilliimhm Grand Pianisr - 'Mrtslohn Biancbl Taylor, from me uiig i a qeeims uonaon. Place7ai., - aets irby be bad at the bn.r. ... - - ... . . - uce oi uie the dajof ih to I, and frOiu'. MR. l trout IU till 1. previous in )t aid on that day frost lo i o taiicK. j 2 i. UWYER'S riasT avte ARasrrk thesk roc a in. . . . . m J l - . ... . . ai mp - naiiB Police House. THIS EVENING, July 4, 1818. ItyTR.IiWYER respectfullyinformshis friends ivl and the public that be will deliver t,r.. ly from memory, George Alexander Stevens' celebrated LECTURE ON HEADS, rendered suitable to an American audience. The exhi bition oi uie above Lecture iu Great Britain gave independence to its author, and gsae - ral satisfaction lo its auditors : it sntirirille lash es the vices and follies of that country and forms a source oi rational and elegant amaseoaent. - . The following heads, painted hv aa eminent ar tist will be displayed and personiued or dtscri - uea. St. Giles PART Ut frefatory Address. Sir Tandem Whiffle, ' ' ' Foolishly Comical Fellow Master jackey Mama's Oarling Loudon Blood going to keen it up London Blood afar he has kept it TAUl 2d. St. James Lady Head of do Old Maid Oid Batchelor Jonas the card playing conjming Jew The Laughing i'lniusoj her The Crying do PART 3d. The Apothecary Cnnoitseur Materialist Culinary Politician Lawyer 'Head of ' do ' do no up. do do do . do da do do Head of do do . do do In the course of the evening the following reri - tatmns. A head of GENERAL WASHINGTON, aud a sketch of his character, in which a comparison will bedrawa hetweea Ciocinotlus aud Lime, written by Mr. Dttjer. Tbe Soldiers Drea.o, Campbell The Bard, from the Lay of the last Minstul, W. Scott The Battle ol UobealiodcR, Campbell The whole to conclude with tbe burlesque law 15 - .h June i ship Lmina - M ittUU, Ansdell, for CBSe 0f i. Uaniel versus Oith - Cluut." ii.:i. i ei l. cm;,i. r.. iuvr.rV I . k. A k k PhiUd. 15th Smith, for NY'ork, to be Tickets at 75 cents each, had at City Hotel, Washington Hall, and at (he Bank Coffee House. Children hall pi ice. Doors to opea at 7, and Ihe performance tuuoumence at 8 o 'duck, J 82 1 , ' - - n i r Captain tt. 6cAyVer, ' i i Brig 1. M. Pelham, ' Dear Sir We the uodersigoed, passenger ot board Uie vessel under your command Irom Hot deaux, request of you to accept our sincere ark - aowlcdgeuients, for your psOilcness and gentlemanly coudurt Your wtteniino and coustast endeavours to render our situation as agreeable as possible, and as Iree of restraint whilst under your command, demand our warmest thanks, asi with sincere withes lor your health, happiness and prosperity, with pleasure we lubscrihe ou selves, dear sir, your friends and well withers. Charles Duport e, Thomas Lewis, Samuel S Cooper, William Phillips, M. Crspo. New .York, July 22, 1818. (tV - FIREWORKS, MH&lLaud 1 LLC Ml - M i.N ATION S at VAUJt 1 1 A LL GARDENS, en Thursday evening, including the Grand Eruption ol Mount Etna, with every kind of Air - ruts Maroons, Rockets, Serpents, Stars, 4c. c. J tt expense. Bar LiyiLHtUOL, (One of Uie line of packets,) " Tbe coppered. New - York built ship PAC1HC, John Williams, master ; has elegant accommodations for patseogers, and is intended to sail, according to a fixed arrangement, on tbe 10th of next month. For freight or passage, apply to captain Williams, on board, at Fulton - st. wharf, to . ISAAC WRIGHT 4: SON: or, FRANCIS THOMPSON. P. S. Bedi and bedding are found at the ship's Jv22 itr CADIZ, , The rood substantial thip MARY, Jaa. Malht, master, having the greater part of her cargo ready to go on board. Will be dispatched immediately. Freight will be taken if offered within 4 days. Apply to GOODMUtiiW. j 21 44 Sooth - street w A'IAGSiO.', Jamaica. The fast. sailing schr. MOTUER, James Curran, master, will positively sail on Friday, and will take 20J oarrcis t freiirlit, if immediate application is made to, WM. TENI30N, J 22 2t ' 59 Broadway. Fur Sale or Charter, ' t - 1 I. ' , tr - n ..inn liEf ' Sb sue urig ii cue, vapv. i", - S?2iat Murrav's - wharf. burthen 151 tons, 7 years old, built in Massachusetts, may be sent to sea with little expeuce, and will be tola very low. Apply to N.ti D. TALCOTT, J 22 64 Sooth - street. For C1IARLF.STOX, The sloop PACKET, Capt. VoW, homo - rlrtuinnl hv the weather. positively sail on Thursday, 23d inst. weather permitting, can take a few tons more oi rreiB" and accommodate a few passengers, if immediate application is made on board, east side, Bui ling - slip, or to ANSON G. PHELPS, J 22 183 Front - street MADEIRA WINE. . SIX pipes, remaining of parcel per Louisa JW cilia, ol Scolt iMighnaa, Penfold ti Co s brand, selected particularly lor private use, aM oi eiy superior quality, fcr snle by the single pipe, i.y PETER REMSEN St CO. J 2i Agents of Ihe House. I1KOWN SHIRTINGS. 5 cases U ar.ii Brown irtincs, ol a superior quality, for ssle low by the COMMISSION COMPANY, J S2d&e 148 Pearl - street BRANDY and SF11UT3. - 30 pipes Gray's Brandy TiO hhds. superior high proof pure pin. - JACKSO.V k wooLLEY, 75 Wall tUtet

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