The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 14, 1944 · Page 9
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 9

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 14, 1944
Page 9
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E D I T O R I A L S -Willki* Outlines His Form Policy Thinking W ENDELL W I L L K I E in his fleeting .Iowa visit gave his audiences at least a rough idea of his thinking along agricultural lines. While assailing the red tape and g e n e r a l ineffectiveness of the present federal farm program, he took issue with those who contend that : the f e d e r a l government should not concern itself with the . farm problem. In one of his Des Moines talks, he said he thought adoption of the McNary-Haugen bill in the 20's 1 might have been a good start toward ultimate solution of the agricultural problem. In the current issue of Success, ful 'Farming, Mr. Willkie goes a , »tep further In developing his farm program ideas. "Don't fall for the argument that the federal government need no longer take any responsibility for agriculture," he writes. "If we could go back to the good old days, we'd find that when we got .back 1 there we'd have 10 cent corn and 20 cent' wheat." In summarization, he wrote: "Flnt, correct the flaring administration. weaknesses in the war effort on the farm front. "Then move forward to a program based on expanding markets. "Drop production control and produce to the limit. "Develop a sound national conservation program. "Support farm prices at a fair level and 'maintain basic-commodity loans. "Develop the distribution of nutritive foods on the widest possible basis: "Pnrsne every scientific possibility to widen the farmers markets. - "Finally, co-operate with the world to make a prosperous agriculture at home. "We MUST go forward." 'We know precisely what the present administration's farm program is. What is quoted here gives us at least the outlines of WUlkie's thinking on the subject. Other aspirants for the presidential nomination have pretty much talked in generalities thus far. The day is not far away, however, when both they and their parties must speak out. Hidden Hypocrisy "THINGS :are not always what * they seem" -- a truism which is being impressed these days upon many prominent Americans who lent their names to 2 national commit'tees headed by Ken- peth Leslie and ostensibly designed to combat anti-Semitism in America. i Frederick Woltman, special writ- /er for the New York.World-Tele- . gram, has done a "ITALIAN BALM" Did You Know? . By Frederic J. Haskin EDITOB'S NOTE -- Beaten ·Hlllai themselvcj of Ibis service lor questions ol (met--not counsel--«hoa!d sign their (nil name and md*r«M an* Inn*** * cents for return port***- Address GLobe-Gai«1t» [nferaastlea B n r » » « , Frederic J. Hukia. olrxwt. Wisklif- lun. D C. OBSERVING Housewife Rights \Vhat was the noon-mark? It was a line drawn on the cabin floor in pioneer days to mark one edge of the patch of light that came through door or window when the sun was due south. How many members of the Curie family received the Nobel prize? Four. Is there more than one place in the United States where the corners of 4 states meet? There is only one such spot. It presume we American husbands should be interested in a controversy now engaging the attention of Britain's lawmakers. It's a new bid by housewives for the right to "keep any money they save ·from housekeeping." A petition has been prepared to be sent to parliamcnl asking for a change in the law to make this possible. Dr. Edith Summerskill, member of parliament and president of the Married Women's association, i taking the lead. A nationwide campaign is under way to gain support for the proposal. The petition, it is pointed ou by the London Sunday Dispatch, is the housewife's "last hope" in the matter. The court of appeal iren, are not legally entitled to any return for their work although t is o£ inestimable value to the nation. "B'urlhermore that these women are the only workers in the country who are completely dependent; that they are denied the right to any savings out of housekeeping allowance or to a share of the home that has been built up by the efforts of both husband and Look Out Below Since parents seem unwilling to do anything about child discipline, maybe the youngsters will take the bit in their teeth and impose a little discipline on parents. * * * Two years ago it took 90 minutes to dump 1,500 tons of explosive on Cologne. Today the R. A. F. cascades 2,500 tons on Berlin in a half hour. * * * Knowing absolutely n o t h i n g about conditions in India is a great aid to a glib statement of the problem's solution. investigators will make a nationwide check; if coupons are not indorsed drivers are to be reported to local ration boards. 5. Encourage pupils to assist parents in securing compliance with necessary regulations. he Doy's louquet wife. "Wherefore y o u r pray that legislation may be passed which will make the working housewife a partner by givin: Railroads Come Through am not greatly surprised to learn, on the authority of Z. G. Hopkins of the West- petitioners I ern Railways committee that rail- 1 roads of America have given more passenger service since Pearl Harbor--a period of little more than 2 years---than was performed in a her the right to an equal share. with her husband to the home 7-year period ending m 1940. and its income; and your petition- In tlle £lcl(1 o£ freight transpor- in duty bound will everltation, the told ers as pray." There's a * * lot more praise for what Henry Wallace DID than for what he IS DOING. ·* # * In case you've forgotten, the name was Mussolini. method to save space '· ing and found. that =1 .pslip's own ; hostility toward Catholicism is · lully as bitter as the hatred of Jews that motivates any anti- Semitic group. His findings are summarized in the following from one of the Woltmari articles: 1. For years. Leslie and his magazine have been waging a violent, uninterrupted c a m p a i g n against the Catholic church, its American leaders and the Vatican. 2. Bitterly attacking the American Jewish committee because it works witbi the national conference .of Christians and Jews, a cause backed by'President Roosevelt, Gqv; Dewey, %Vendell \Vill- fcie, Alfred E. Smith, Israel Goldstein, president of the synagog council of'America, and the Most Hev. Thomas E. Malloy, bishop of Brooklyn. 3. Building himself up as an official apologist for communism, supporting many American communist front movements as well. · The evidence is abundant and impressive that Mr. Leslie's opposition to anti-Semitism is highly secondary to his blind hatred of Catholicism and his almost worshipful dedication to the communist cause. , · Among those imposed on as sponsors of the Leslie movement are Pearl Harold L. and scores of Protestant bishops, union heads, college presidents and others. Mrs. Roosevelt, on sensing the true nature of the Leslie crusade, withdrew her sponsoring support. Others are expected to follow suit when the intolerant and bigoted implications strike them full force. Your Health By Logan Ciendening, M..D. UCE INFESTATION THIS COLUMN by the very no- c^ forlrf ture of the field which it covers does not deal with polite subjects. We make no apologies, therefore, for dealing with infestation with lice, the more so since xvar conditions have caused such an increase of such infestation that 2 state health commissioners nave devoted especial attention to warnings. Burns may have waxed poetical about a louse, but 1 will stick to the stark realities. Three species of lice infest man --the head louse, the body louse, and the public, or crab, louse. Our soldiers a r e undoubtedly suffering more from infestation than the civilian population. And it is a serious question for the sanitary corps. Many diseases are carried by lice. The terrific epidemic of typhus fever which devastated Europe, especially the Balkan states after the last war is an example. They may cause severe scalp infections from scratch marks. The head louse is a short, dark insect, and may change to protective coloring matching its host. The brown oval eggs are deposited on the hair half an inch from the "roots. Each female can lay around 300 eggs in the 30 days of her adult life. Pros and Cons Interesting Viewpoints From Our Exchanges It Sounds Important Story City Herald: A young woman from the hinterland, now employed in Washington, was asked by a curious and admiring relative what important position she was, filling in the nation's capital. She replied: "I work in the data analysis group of the aptitude test sub-unit of the workers analysis and manning tables'of the bureau of labor utilization of the war manpower commission." The Case for V-Mail Letters Thornton Enterprise: As many as 1,875 letters can be placed on one reel of microfilm. The attendant saving in airplane space is not only great but essential from a military standpoint. One reel of microfilm V-mail weighs 6 ounces and can be carried in a flyer's pocket, whereas 1,875 l e t t e r s would fill a mail pouch and weigh 50 pounds. An Editor Must Celebrate! Thompson Courier: Some readers may think we have slung the Courier together this week in pe- is where Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah meet. How many Christian Science churches are there? In 1942 there were 2,869 ranches throughout the world. When did Henry Ford complete his first automobile? In ;892, although it did not function properly until the following year. Was Harun al-Kashid a real person? He was the most famous of all the caliphs of Baghdad and lived from 764 to 809. What is the united nations flag? To Conserve Gasoline upheld a judgment that such money saved belongs to the husband and refused leave to appeal to the house of lords. The association petitioned the committee of the House of Lords for the right to appeal, but was told that the only course open to them was to get the law changed. This is the petition which Dr. Summerskill will present to Parliament: "The petition of the undersigned humbly showeth that an injustice is suffered by working housewives who, while serving the family and 1^^TSMTSitS; £ «-£ ^"^d tation, the told tonnage handlec since Pearl Harbor has almos' equalled the freight volume for full years prior to 1940. "Mobilization of the armed pow- commend to readers this 1 er which today makes it possibli set of rules for conserving | for our fighting forces to strike decisive blows on a dozen fronts scattered all over the world," ob serves Mr. Hopkins, "could no have been accomplished withou adequate rail transport capacit; on the home front. 'Our whole war effort has bee advanced steadily through th fact that lack of rail transport ca pacity has nowhere limited no impeded our steady progress marshalling the strength throug which victory now is being won In other words, our railroac gasoline passed along by State Supt. Jessie Parker in the current issue of the department of public instruction Educational Bulletin: 1. Never buy gasoline coupons | nor accept them as gifts. 2. Always give up proper coupons when purchasing gasoline. 3. Apply only for gasoline needed for essential driving. 4. Write "Iowa" and license number of each coupon immediately. This is necessary as an aid have not been found wanting i to the government in detecting our national emergency. M persons guilty of buying, selling, salute to them and to the men an stealing and counterfeiting cou- j women who operate them in a might think it a maybe Buck, Fannie Hurst, Ickes, Mrs. Roosevelt Signs of Spring TVEVELOPMENTS in 1 D 1 Wall street, supported by new peaks for stock prices, are explained in the financial columns by the influx of new investment money. Clearly, something has happened, and what that something a still remains to be disclosed. Throughout February, there was a disposition, particularly in connection with rail stocks, toward higher levels. And now in early March, the prices have advanced generally in one of the most active sessions in v months. It was an accepted fact that many of the listed stocks were · priced cheaply, possibly below ac: tual value. Among the forgotten memories may be the great bull market of the twenties, which ran for 7 years until hundreds of thousands of Americans, who had been playing the market, landed in the ditch. Spring usually prompts thoughts of love, gardening--and other things. School children are especially liable to having head lice--girls more than boys, because of longer hair. The lice stay in caps and hats and when exchanges take place, or in hat racks, go from one to the other. Crowding in school rooms also spreads them. Treatment--Wash the head and hair thoroughly with a mixture of equal parts of sweet oil, kerosene and vinegar. Stay away from open flames. Wrap the head in a towel after the mixture is on for several hours and then comb out thoroughly with a fine-tooth comb to remove the dead lice and eggs (nits). Then wash head and hair thoroughly with soap and water. Repeat on 2 or 3 successive nights. Inspect all other members of the family. Body lice live in the clothing and stay attached to the clothing not the body. Their favorite habitat is in seams and around the collar and waist. They migrate at night from one pile of clothing to another. They can be introduced into a home by the laundry or by transfer from one person to another in street cars, busses, hotels and sleeping cars. To get rid of them the clothing only need be treated. The clothes should be boiled or put in an autoclave. Pressing or steaming with a hot iron, or treatment with gasoline, turpentine or benzine will get rid of them, but these methods are not as reliable as the autoclave. Most insect powders do so, but we also happen to be celebrating our birthday as this is being printed. One Thin? Certain Estherville News: Maybe the Iowa vote will go to Dewey, to Bricker, to MacArthur, to Willkie. One thing is certain: Iowa's convention vote will go to the man whom lowans think is best qualified to live in the white house. Why the Use of the Alias? Northwood Anchor: Query: How legal are government documents signed "Frances Perkins, U. S. Secretary of Labor," when as a matter of plain fact the woman's actual name is Mrs. Pajul C. Wilson? Have TOU Attended to This? Lake Mills Graphic: Hundreds of lost -ration books dropped in the mails by the finders are being sent to the dead letter office because the owners failed to fill in their addresses on covers. Who Would Want Them? La Crosse Tribune: One of the columnists, al\va3*s ready with a wav to get things done, suggests exiling about 100,000 nazis after the war. Wonder who would like to have them? And This Really Was News Waterloo Courier: The telegraph on a white field. Who is the rreatest blindfold chess player? Michael Najdorf of Poland. When will the cood conduct medal be available? It will not be manufactured until after the war, at which time complete instructions will be issued on the procedure to be followed in obtaining it. Why is the pronoun "I" always capitalized? This is because, in the middle ages, it was the custom to use a long "I" whenever the letter was used alone. Which of the Gilbert and Sullivan operas was composed in New York City? Pirates of Penzance. When did Germany declare war on England? There has been no official declaration of war. What is the denomination of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem? The church is not limited to any one denomination. The nave of the church' is the common property o: all Christians. What is the greatest distance a which cannon fire can be heard? Continual fire has been heard 100 miles away. What was the last play In which John Wilkes Booth appeared? The Apostate, on March 18 1865, in Fords theater, Washing ton, D. C. Was General Franco educated for a military career? He received a military educatio and at 17 was under fire for th first time in Morocco. the bearing and rearing of chil- I pons. Early in March government I of their varied departments. To THE RAILROADS OF MERICA--for performing about wice as much service as in the nal year of World War I, with ewer locomotive: and cars than vcre in service then and, most mnorlant, with almost a 3rd fewer mployes than in that year. The riumph of transportation is going o provide one of the most glamorous chapters in the history o£ the resent war effort. Mason City Globe-Gazette Ar. A. W. LEE NEWSPAPER Issued Even' Week Day by tne lUsoll CEty GloLe-naiette Publishing Co. 21-123 East Slate Street TcleDliane aero Tuesday March 14, 19*4 LEE P. LOOMIS . . . . Publisher W. EART* HALL - - Manlglnc Editor ENOCH A. NOREM - - - City Editor LLOYD L. GKEli - Adrtrtlilnt M(r. Entered as second-dais matter April 17. 1930. at the poslofticc at Mason city. lown under Ibe act of March 3. 1879. MEMBER ASSOCIATED PRESS. Tho Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to the use for republicatlon of all news dispatches credited to It or not otherwise credited In this paper and aUo the local news published herein. SUBSCRIPTION RATES Mason City nnci Clear Lake by year, sio Mason City and Clear Lake Uy week. Me Oulslde IM Mile Zone--Per year. tlQ: 6 months S3.50: 3 months S3; 1 month St. Outside Mason City mnd Clear Lake aud Wilbln 100 Mlle of Maion Cllr and Outside o( tbe Carrier District* af Mason City and Clear Lake: Per year by carrier .110.00 Per week by carrier S .20 Per year by mall . ........$ 7.00 By mail G months S 3.75 By mail 3 months S 2.00 By mall 1 month * .70 editor, has just come in with the news that there has been no revolution in Argentina during the past 15 minutes. Against Socialized Medicine Decorah Journal: Someway socialization of medicine does not seem to be the right thing in a nation o£ free enterprise and democracy. Editoriol of Day SHOULD BE EQUAL FAIRNESS H r UGH HARRISON in Davenport Democrat: Still mentioned in REMEMBER? From Globe-Gazette Files FORTY YEARS AGO A conference was held Thursday evening at which were present several of the friends of Councilman Valentine. The purpose is to look after his interests in the second ward relative to the coming municipal campaign. Art Cadwell ha^s announced his candidacy and friends are urging Will Miller to make the race. Three or four loads of happy people on Thursday evening went out to the beautiful country home of Mr. and Mrs. William L e t t s where they enjoyed the hospitality of their hosts during the evening. THIRTY YEARS AGO Dr. Lou Stott was the victim of an accident at the Delraonico cafe while the Commercial club directorate was at luncheon there discussing a serum plant. One of the skylight windows became loosened and fell, shattering the glass over his head. There were 2 or 3 cuts of scalp and ear as the result and enough ruddy gore flowed to do a considerable serum business but the doctor did not feel any serious effects. TWENTY YEAHS AGO Lester Milligan, secretary of the Mason City chamber of commerce, will leave Friday for Des Moines where he will attend the mid-west regional conference on community chest financing for social work. Capt. Lowell L. Forbes has been not harm them; but sulphur powder is most likely to. Pubic, or crab, lice affect the public region and sometimes stray to the armpits even the beard. Infection comes from contact in lodging houses, hotels, strange beds, toilet seats and bathtubs. Treatment is by mercury ointment. An ounce of prevention, to coin a phrase, is worth a pound of LENTEN REDUCING DIET Men* for We*nes*ay--Breakfast--Juice of 1 orange--do not strain line; 1 rusk-- no butter or substituted 1 cup coffee--no cream or sugar. Luncheon--1 cup cottage cheese on lettuce. 1 slice rye crisp. 1 raw apple. Dinner--1 baked stuffed tomato; 1 bran muffin--\~i teaspoon butter; l ,b cup coffee gelatine pudding, no sauce; 1 small cup coffee--no i the news, but now stored away in refrigerating chambers by the diplomats, is the question of the Baltic states and Poland. We and the British offered to act as arbiters and got a very polite and very firm no. That has angered some Americans; but let's turn our sense of humor on it for a moment and see what we get. If Russia were to accept Anglo- American mediation of all her border disputes, would the British in turn be willing to accept Russian mediation in determining the future status of Hong Kong, Burma, India, and Palestine? What do you think? \Vhat do you suppose Mr. Churchill would say? And would we be willing to accept Stalin as an umpire in settling the future status of Puerto Rico, Guam, the Marsh alls and Gilberts, as well as certain big air bases which lie beyond our borders In both cases the answer is probably an emphatic no. Are we humorless, then, and just ^lain arrogant? Russia regards certain matters as being as vital to her future as we interpret certain matters to be for ours. It seems to us to be a case of tit for tat; before we offer to sit in on Russia's problems, we should make it plain that Russia will be invited to sit in on ours. If we can't do that, then we had better stay home and keep our mouths shut. advised by the adjutant general's office that a request had been made to the commanding officer of the 7th corps area at Omaha, Ncbr., that an officer of the regular array be sent to Mason City March 19 for the purpose of inspecting Co. F, 133rd infantry. TEN YEARS AGO Miss Margaret Brakel, student at Iowa State Teachers college, is home from Cedar Falls for a week end visit with her parents, and Mrs. A. E. Brakel, 709 Third street, N. E. Carleton L. Stewart, director of the high school band and orchestra, has been selected as one of 3 judges to judge the Illinois state final music contest, the largest of its kind in the United States Clover Couplets By Roy Murray of Buffalo Center OURS TO DO Upon » IhBfltaaf tor-Rant fronti Are men tram ovr own elan Who offer to * world of tin Tfaal Cfcrist «nce offered mna. As He, wno once wa* erne If l«* Brought comfort thraath Hie de So, loo, may they redemption le With each expiring breath. But, less we profit hy their lots In sacrifice and pain. And littler to lid the world they ure. Tker sn»!l »»re died in Tali. HEU rTALIENISCH AU AIM RUNNIN'TO IT AUM'ROWNIMFROM «T MAH HOUSE KTfe YO flRE/ FIRE! FIRE.' BUT, UNCL.E/IN PLACE? 3'M OH,NOT IMTHOSE CLOTHeS. "ERE,SUP iNTOTrlESE t OVERALLS.' STQCKKEEPEQ ! THE ONE VE HAD HAS LEFT. NON.V IF YOU'LL JUST THIS WILL BE YOU R-ER-OFFICE, ELMER . AS TO «. KJT VUUW Hftl AND LUAJ f , IN THE LOCKEK YONDER- \ STOCKKEEPES! i^ . »*- n --f DESK.-YOU LL NOT FIND MUCH NEED TOO ONE " JUST W4AT IS MY JOB, UNCLE ? =7 HAW, HAW, HAW/ RUN FASWH, MISTAH DOAK5/ HE'S KETCHIN' WHATTA GAL'THOSEJ LISTEN, JERK.' YOU SWIPED THST! AMOSHES MINE-ALL MINE/ ONEOFHB2 SCTTEfi- EYES (SIGH) THOSE UPS-, (S16H)j U Df2 APE THS SOCA Aa. 1 POUND HOSOCWCAN HAVE. A PJC- LAMB CHOP BUTME* GIMM6TT.* YOU FOLKS STAY PUT - IYA 7\ GOING OUT TOMEETTUEfA: ) HORSEMEN! AT LEAST A HUNDRED -AND PROfA SAMAR-' BRICK- DOVT LOOK NOW, I THINK WE'RE.GOING TO HAVE COMPANY I MOOT MAKE A rtf/S TIME--ATLEAST HOT me SAKE OH£ THIS U'L PLATE HAS SOME SORT O' DIAGRAM! OHIT- -IT SHOIVS HO* TA i eerrsK *e XJEHTIFIC AN' F1G6ER OUT HOtf TA OKIVE-- KFOKE f START {TUP ASAlHI

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