The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 21, 1943 · Page 13
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 21, 1943
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

British Women Taking Over Heavier Tasks WASHINGTON, 6T) -- British women war workers are taking to heavier jobs in such numbers that they'll be able to hold their own if anyone gets tough with them. In one of the largest steel works in England 500 women workers have been transferred from lighter tasks to such jobs as riveting, , crane driving, cold Cawing, stamping and other work requiring brawn, says the office of war information. In some plants they are MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE even loading slag, a tough job for a husky man. URGES STUDY OF POISON GAS SCRANTON, Pa., (U.PJ--A civilian study of safeguards against poisonous gases, used by the enemy in chemical warfare, would reduce the number of deaths from, panic, shock and lack of knowledge of neutralizing agents and precautions, advises Dr. Arthur Keegan, OCD official. "The more the public knows about chemical warfare," said Keegan, "the less it can be disturbed and fewer will be the casualties." , DIAMOND BROS. 30 East Slate Street - - - Across from Sears, Roebuck SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY and SATURDAY 10-Pound Can SMOKED SALT 49 Ib. Bag DIAMOND'S BEST Flour . $1.94 10-oz. Can Sausage SEASONING ...... 49 Ib. Bag GOLD MEDAL Flour . $2.25 Cookies.. 19c Oatmeal. 19c Fancy Marshmallow Fancy Large Budded LB. Walnuts. 29c 1 LB. PKG. FANCY Currants. 20c 2 No. 2',i Cans Sunny Garden Peaches . 35c 6 Rolls Premier TOILET PAPER.. IVORY SOAP 4 MEDIUM BARS ...... 'oc 2 GIANT BARS .......... 21c IVORY FLAKES LARGE BOX . 93 C MEDIUM BOX ........ . .' ~3c Northern POTATOES U. S. NO. 1 STOCK Ohios, Cobblers or Triumphs, peck . 36c 100 LB. BAG-- 2.35 T /2-lb. Pkg. Extra Large PECAN MEATS Gallon Jug PURE CIDER IDAHO PK. "-- --- ~ m.. Russets . . 45c 100 LB. 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Bag Puritan OYSTER SHELLS \Vhen meat is a little scarce try Van Camp's Tenderoni, 2 pkgs. for 19c one free. 8,OZ. BOTTLE IMITATION VANILLA ..... .._ 6 OZ. CANTUNA FISH ............... 29c Dry Prunes, 2 Ibs. 25c Seedless Raisins, Ib. 12c Dry PEARS, per Ib. lie 5c D. B. JELL POWDER, All Flavors LB. Marsh Seedless GRAPEFRUIT, l FANCY WISCONSIN Cranberries, Ib. ....... _ 21c FLORIDA JUICE DOZ Oranges . 20c California ORANGES PER DOZEN 288 176 26c 43c TANGERINES, Dozen for ..... ............ 15c 2 Large Heads HEAD LETTUCE. . LEMONS, doz ............. 35c . 15c BLEACHED CELERY, per Ib. Ham . . . 25c AMERICAN CREAM LB Cheese . . 32c 46 O2. CAN Grapefruit Juice ...... 29c Fresh OYSTERS, Per Pint FANCY JONATHANS 4 Ibs. ..... 29c; bu ....... 2.85 D. B. MILK, per can FANCY HEAD 9c 3 LBS Rice .... 2?c 15c 1 Ib. Con COCKTAIL DESCRIBE SCENE AS WILSON TOOK OATH IN SENATE Chase Tells How McNary Interrupted Debate for Induction Ceremony By E. P. CHASE WASHINGTON, D. C., (IDPA) --Here's how Iowa's new senator, "eorge A. Wilson, was formally nductcd as a member of the reatest deliberative body in the vorld. In the midst of debate on other matters Senator McNary rose and utormed Vice President Wallace lat the new Iowa senator was cady to take the oath and asked :at proceedings be temporarily uspcnded while the ceremony ras completed. Senator Guy M. 5illette escorted Wilson to the ostrum and there the vice prcsi- !ent administered the oath. It was s simple as that. * * *. Following the ceremony 3 number of members of the senate of both parties gathered around Senator Wilson and welcomed him to the ranks. Senator and Mrs. Wilson arrived in Washington one day and spent all the day following his induction out house hunting. The senator's secretary, John Zuf, who served him in the governor's office, accompanied him. * * * In the absence of any other orce in the new senator's office .Irs. Margaret Welch of the Le- 'ompte office volunteered to help .·lean up some of the piled up correspondence. The Wilson of- ice, on the third floor of the senate office building, is Room 362, conveniently arranged foi he duties which, the new sena- :or will assume. ¥ * ¥ WITHDREW NAME -- Representative Clare Booth Luce, who it first put in a bid for mem- icrship on the foreign relations committee, withdrew her name a i session of the republican committees. Mrs. Luce, mindful o .he rule o£ seniority, did not press 'or membership on the committee. Incidentally, in conversation w i t h ' republican members of the touse, Sirs. Luce expressed herself as desirous of getting awaj 'rom the unfortunate "glamour' publicity which some of the Washington newspapers h a v i dished out so liberally. In addition to being an attrac live woman Mrs. Luce is a keen student o£ public affairs and those of her colleagues who have talkec with her arc convinced that she knows what it is all about and i; desirous of giving her district in telligent representation. A repub lican, slie believes that nothin, can stop a GOP victory In 1B4 but the republicans themselves should they pull too many boner between now and then. Mrs. Luc :ias made a decidedly favorable impression among house members SIGNIFICANT--S o m e I o w a congressmen, analyzing the'result T H E A P P E T I Z I N G H I G H - P R O T E I N MEAT-EXTENDER THURSDAY, JANUARY 21, 1943 BRUSH WITH DKATH -- A holder of the Distinguished Service Cross, Capt. Lcland A. Walker, Jr., of Salt Lake City, Utah, had a narrow escape from death while on duty not too long: ago. He was eating his breakfast during an air raid when a bomb dropped just about 50 feet from him. Fortunately, it was a dud. Jn the recent elections, point oui that of 44 members of the house who opposed the Dies committee investigating un-American anc subversive activities, 37 oL them did not return to congress, being defeated at the primary or the election. This is hold to be significant of a public opinion favorable to the Dies committee's activities. BANKING AND CURRENCY-Rep. Henry O. Talle, Decorah, has been selected as the Iowa member of the house banking currency committee. He already has membership on three minor committees, the two most important o which are on executive expenditures and naturalization and immigration. On both of those h is just slightly below the ranking membership. According to the rule adopted by the committee on committee those who have had membership on a major committee previously and have also established a sen iority on a minor committee may keep both memberships, but thosi who are newly chosen to majo committees will be required t' give up the membership on mino committees. Whether this will result in Talle's Kiviner up his place in the sun on the two rather important minor committees will be decided later. It has always been the accepted rule that members of the house who belong to the major committees held no other committee memberships. But this has been rather loose!} enforced in some cases in the pas and a number of members hav held minor committceships alon with their membership on impor tant committees. It is rather dif ficult to lay down a hard and fas rule in the premises, however, anc it is likely many individual case will have to be considered accord ing to the circumstances. HEADACHE--Now that Senate Gillette is the only democrat fron Iowa in congress he has to handl all the federal patronage in th state. He simply accepts the recom mcndations of party leaders an abides by civil service rules. It' a headache anyway you take i Everything Goes Wrong for Yuma Fire Chief YUMA, Ariz., (U.R--When a 58,000 fire swept the gymnasiun of the Yuma high school recently City Fire Chief George Robinson 1. Started up a light laddc which broke and tumbled him t the ground. 2. Stepped on n firc-weakcnc spot in the smoke-filled atti and had another nasty fall. 3. Painfully burned his hand: Said Chief Robinson: "I don't ask any of the boys t do anything I wouldn't do my self." UNITED FRUIT CO. Phone 748-749 33 Eost Stote Street Free Delivery GRAPEFRUIT Tcxos Seedless, Large Si«e, Eoch. . . . POTATOES Ohios, No. 1 Grade, Peck 100 Ibs. $2.50 Florida ORANGES Sweet and Juicy, Good Site, Doien. . POTATOES Cobblers, No. I Grade, Peck. 100-lb. Bag $2.25 POTATOES, Idaho Russets, No. 1 Grade, 10-Pound Bag. 45c GOOD ASSORTMENT OF VEGETABLES AND FRUIT TRY MRS. BARCLAY'S HOME BAKING Monarch CAKE FLOUR, 2%-ib. «% a - Pkg ............. Z3C Monarch G. Bantam CORN, 15c Monarch PUMPKIN, Sixe ^V^ Con ..... 15c Monarch FOOD O' tf f** WHEAT,36.o». Pkg. 13C Monarch Black CHERRIES, in Syrup, 15-or. Can Libby's SAUERKRAUT, 2/ 2 Sixe Can Monarch Gelatine Dessert, 4 oz. pkg.. 5c Monarch Syrup, Cone Maple, 16 ox. 25c .P, COURTNEY, fHORNTON, DIES Succumbs at Iowa Falls After Short Illness THORNTON--J. P. Courtney, 0, Dows, formerly of this vicinity, icd at. a hospital at Iowa Falls hursday morning. He had been at ie hospital since Monday morn- ng when he suffered a heart at- ack at the Dows post office while utting up mail for rural routes. Mr. Courtney had beerua rural nail carrier for the past 38 years, aving served in that capacity in leservey, Belmond and Dows. At ne time he was secretary of the erro Gordo County Rural Mail "arriers association. He w a s ligible for retirement but had ontinued working.. Surviving arc his wife, Ida, two aughters. Mrs. Vivian Bardsley, forth Liberty, 1ml., and Mrs. Marorie Thomas, Dows, a son, Rod- icy, at home, and five grand- hildrcn, two brothers, Walter :ouriney, Algoiia, and Joe Court- icy, Thornton, and a sister, Carrie Courtney, Behnond. Funeral arrangements are in- omplete. : eeling Cold Merely Matter of Psychology, Says Jap Broadcast WASHINGTON -- Severe cold nd clothing shortages in Japa- lese-occupiecl Thailand, North China and Manchuria were indL- -atect In recent Japanese-con- rollecl broadcasts. The Bangkok adio, in a broadcast to Thailand urged starving Thais to move rom the cities to "more lertili )Iaces." The Tokio radio, in ; iroadcast to Manchuria and Vorth China, told Japan's shivering subject people not to mind he cold weather that makes their ack o£ warm clothing more acute Freezing, according to the Japanese radio, is merely a matter o psychology. "It has been very cold thest lays and everyone walking on the ·oad seems to be much alraid o he cold, judging by the exprcs Eion on their faces,' 1 said the To 'tio broadcast. "Students huddle n corners of schools. The reason s that there is something wron with your mind. If you didn' think about the cold so much, yoi wouldn't tear it." !laim Soviet Women in Nazi Held Areas Sent to Work in Germany WASHINGTON--An article t the Swedish magazine NU say that apart from men, a larg number- of Russian -women i nazi-lield soviet territory hav been "freighted" to Germany t work in hotels, restaurants an in German homes as domestics. The women, according to th Swedish magazine, arc betwec 15 and 35 and are selected fo work on the spot in Russia b commissions composed of the gcs tapo and nazi women's associa Lions. Recruiting is not voluntarj said NU, which pointed out tha Russian women must register a soon as they are informed the are wanted by the commission with no appeal possible. The magazine said that regu lations governing the choice c Russian women for menial wor in Germany state they must hav a strong physique, with an ap pearance corresponding as nearl as possible .to that of Gcrma women. While working in Ger many, said NU, the Russian worn en are not entitled to holidays. I an eastern worker becomes il said the magazine, she must no be attended at home, but must b turned over to the security police If she has lost her working ca pacity, said NU, she is imrned atcly returned to Russia. ALGON'A--Word was received Vednesday that Lieut. James R. Bishop of the second marine air-raft wing, who has been stationel it Santa Barbara, Cal., is now omewhere over the Pacific. BUFFALO CENTER -- Lieu Charles Davis, who recently com pleted officers training nt Cam Barkloy, Tex., arrived Monday t visit his parents, Mr. and Mr Reuben Davis. He leaves Thursda for duty in Georgia. i Th« experts who Mlect America's most popular | coffee report that NO COFFEE CAN GIVE YOUMORE i COOD CUPS PER POUND j THAN A4VP COFFEE REDEEM COUPON #28 FOR A*P COFFEE MOW! "*- *ftt ttlOIIIMIJ _j. SAVE R 10* A POUNB MMSTMtS [jermans Irritated by tore Displays With ittle Goods to Sell WASHINGTON -- The showy indow displays of German cle- irtmcnl stores, which have litllo oods to sell inside, have boon a ource of irritation to the Berlin hoppers lor some lime. Accord- igly, as reported by the German ewspapcr BERLINER BORSEN- EITUNG, the German retail ·adc press service has reminded etailers that shop window dress- igs must be in keeping with the actual situation." "Anyone walking along the ireets nosvadays might think that remarkable amount of goods an still be purchased," said the O R S E N-ZEITUNG. "Themis- ike of giving such a false im- ression has been frequently ointcd out. Customers are justly isappointcd or annoyed to find hat the goods in the shop win- ows are merely for display pur- oses. A shop that sells um- ircllns, for example, and dis- ilays half a dozen umbrellas all abeled 'sold' is also a c t i n g gainst the regulations." FOR HO ME HEALTH DEFENSE! DCLDROX-CLEAN-rKITCHEH BATHROOM- IAUHORY! know thot (he germs which SCIENTISTS _ ,,_.,,_. .. cause most common infections ore likely to\ ATM» OWC OfAMCfSli "When its BOMX-CKAM rtthyjiukiUy be found in every home. That's why they vrge greater home sanitation ...and this it especially important during wartime. It's easy to give your family this added health protection with Clorox...for Cfarox disinfects In routine kitchen and bathroom cleansing and in laundering. 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Strained. 3 'c^ 19c CIspp's Hahy Chopped . . . .'ca" - 8e ' Pre- Cooked lry C e r e a l . . . 2 ^ 25c i i n n r e T i r r r i *Fiour i^";;« c . PitKhury's Fnricbcil *Flour ...",,; FINE QUALITY MEATS AND FISH A t P Quality, All Selected Birds--Vitamins Til-^-i- O-i STEWING HENS Ib. 35c Super Right Q u a l i t y -- V i t a m i n s Rl-f-U G-j- LAMB SHOULDER ROAST Ib. 34c Yoanic. Tender--Vitamins A+-- lil4_L c-- C'.-f-^- BEEF LIVER . . . . . . . . . . : I b . 3 0 e Fresh, D«licioii!t SIic«ri Cold--Vitamins III-!- (J-i- BEEF TONGUES . ' . . ' Ib. 20c [farmer* All Meat Frcsli--Vitamins ni---i- C.~ COUNTRY STYLE SAUSAGE. Ib. 37c Rinjt or Stick--Vilatmn* ni-~ O-LIVER SAUSAGE Ib. 24e Thin Slice,--Vilnmin, _\J.^. ni 1..:- ;i (1^--!PORK LIVER . . . . . . . . . . _ Ib. 17e FresM Frozen llnnete** FtTlet Smelts Ib. 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