The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 21, 1818 · Page 4
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 4

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 21, 1818
Page 4
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'CICniSCIRT. ' &fafc.Velsrrit tt. "I? ariuance of an order ol this Looorable 1 3 rsrt, bearing date Dm 2yth day of June, 181 J, will be aoM at public auction at the Ton - tim Cnfiea Houte, U the city of Mew - York, on the 25d day of July nest, at It o'clock, i aoon, irvder (he dirwrtioa U (he tuhaeribe r, two lots af rroaod. lying fx Eighth Ward of (be city ol NewYerx, being part of the citato whereof Ae - . thoay U'yrvMtd, deceased, died teiaed, and are - diftirtgtiiied 0 a Map mad of the. real ettate or the laid AutiMmy Lit;eoatd, by Not. $74 and 30, and takes together are bounded easterly oo Hudson - street, ta ieet, westerly by a street not yet named Si feet, southerly by lot No 575 and S6I, and northerly by Iota So, 673and 509, togeur wnn trie ftereqiiAmeota ua apttune - aaacet to the aante beloofint or in anywise ap ' k m . . 1 fl ...... ana penaiuutE. Asuiea jone jinn, toio. : TUOMA BOLTON. ' Je30 tawtJyMdtd , Matter io Chancery. nitNVtM1 nf aa orrirr of U.H honor Me court, 1 bearkg date the 10th day ol June, !. ;iU - fte trtid at public auction, niw i ouun iiM fiw. nt Nrr York, oa tbe 23d day 'cf July eest, at t i eMock at eooo, under Om - roctioa oliue . nuer in " w" L u piece or farce! ol land, situate at Creeaojch, to the ninth, f taieeigouiy wam w w ' York. aVacribed oo a nap thereof, wiaoa by rop - . n , a. mil. aaaio .alr4 Nt. ; be'tnoinr at the .ouiheaat coraer of aid M (about 44 ft - 10 inch, from the coraer formed by the hitertectioo of Hammond ami Greeuwich - t reels) and running then - e northerly along Gwawwieh - itreet srbreoaid IS feet ; theoce weal erly along the lot described oa said nap at lot ilertro,3Sleet4iochejtlWDC again wett j erlr along the said lot number two, 41 feet t . inches tbence - northerly al g aaid lot number two, 7 feet 4 iachet s thence westerly alone land now or late of Amot St odder, 19 leet thence southerly along land now or late of George B. Thorpe, 27 feett thence tatterly along; land of Alexander Ritchie - , 85 fret 4 inches, to the place t)f beginning : together with the hereditaments ' and appcrteonncet to the anme belonging or ap - pertaLing. Dated Jene3lh, 1818. ' - " . ; THOMAS BOLTOlt, Je 30 lawUyl4dti - Miuter in Chancery. WHKRf.Ad Heekiah Kelley ot urn wo tj RiMkln. bv hit certain indenture o( nnrtgare, bearing date the twentyfiret day of September IBI0, lor me ogueraeturwg u.y - nent of the auta of three hundred and fiflr dol - Hm, lawful otoney of theUnited State of America, together with the lawful intemt for the taint according ta the condition of a certain bond beariageren date with the aaid to"r1fAge. did grant, bargain and ell anlo John tP", f the city of ew - York, lioute pumter, all that . certain lot of ground with the building thereon, being part of a parcel of ground in the city of Kew - f Tk, diineuitld and known by the name of Bayard Weat Tarm, ai d i particular. lv d iiirttd in a nrap therjof made by C. T. Geerck, by number three hundred and forty five, titaate on h w1 tide of L.uren.t he i ween Broone and Spring treet. and bounded easterly in front by LaureM - rtrert, we terly in the tear by lot number three hundred and itjf - four, anathcrtv mi one tide br Put of the tiud lot, num - Lr thm hnn ired and futr five, and northerU 00 the other de by lot auutixjr three hundrid and orfy - ix I containing io front and re.r twehr fr .ft is width and ia length on each aide mm rimulred fret be (he ilhe mote or let, which Mid M of (firmed wa old by the Corporation pf : raid city to wa U. cimer,iir arrtnnoi iaxe, on tlie 17th day .if June 1811, (or the term of 16 year from tbu 13lh May ol aid year, and by tlit taid Win. L. 6imer convfyed t.i the aid Joha Crarmr on the 7th March 1813 : Abd whereat detailt ha been made in the payment of the l rinripul and ntere due nnon lain dooi and Mnrtgnge, accoroinit we ronoHinu int - reoi. flntica it hf rehv ciren that by virtue of a ik.w t rnntained In the taid mortz:u.e, and in purs J - nr nf the Btntute in achcae mado and provi ded, the taid mortgaged preaiise will be told at Mbnc auction or rendu on the uitnaay oi jnna - .Mr, at twelve o'clock tvt noon, at the Ton tine Cnffee - Houte hi the city of New - York. Pa - " 'Txrun 0 Witt, Atiofaey. Jy I Iaw6m LfiftVOGLt f'UK SAhH. .' Or Exeham for a Stat en thit liland Thi elegant country eatabliahment i Li,f l tot ale on very accommodating termi. - t he bouse it built of (tone, and finished throughout ie the most MtxtaaUal and tasteful (trie, containing uiirieea rooma, oetwca wa Uic, cloaeta aad cellar. - - , Hudson Kiver, eommanding a one proipeci or toe river, of tboCaukill and blue Moaatam, ana of an axtaaaive aad rich tract of iaxervale. ' Hit about two milet south oftba elegant resi dence of Gen MAII0CA5T E0FA3, CHAIR ASD CAtl - - RET III RNl l XKfv : Mtu 49 BLEKMAJT SlHf.ZT. rnHK ttibachtMrr bert tear to re turn bttau' JL cere tbanka to tboee ladiea end genUeoH ha li.c iitra kiui rnouah to honor bit With tliirrvtiKniaiuta. mn4 ta ialDitn thciB. and tlt ad fi.iie of bandtome fHrniture in general, that he baa oa kaad tome very elegant toUt, tUin, card, penhroke and extending patent diaiug ta Wet, grand lideboard, inlaid mith high polubed oraajneatal braae - work and roae - wood, card table to aaatcb, Grecian cootbri, tofaa, cbtuae Inure, uiic ateoJr. chair, lie Alro, li brary lepchair, the aUlity of which be parUca 1 AU furmteae warranted of the bwt quality and warkaunhipaBd of tlx aeweM xuopeaa raan asiAA. ' ''''.. I' . 4)rder executed te any part of the anion to any drawing, on the moat reaaonaoie term aau puacteniity for c atb. ' Ladiea or rentleines having fa OCT woods, ratty bare them manufactured to any article they Wiaa, or BPP'jWg awe. my ciaiaiTwa or Tat naa aart, COLUMBIA! HCTURK GALLERY. . JVo. 148 Fvito - lrttt, near Hrtadway. T' 3U tm A. M, HAT WOOD. H K propriatar of Uui valuablo and exten - aive ooUectioa of pictare, embrace the opportunity of inlarming connoiaraura and tma - (rora of the fine art, and tbm enlightenrd pablic of New - York, that the gallery will ia future be ope front 8 iai the araraiog till half past 10 at mzht. From 8 in tha eranuig to bull part 10, the gallnry i brilliantly lighted up, and the ad - mmtoa ooiy cenit Thete picturei bar been collected, at the ex - peueof 25000 dollar, ami are allowed, by the bert judge, to be the fiooat iperhsroi of the art erer exhibited in tha United State, being gem, celecled with peculiar care, from the - rioui cabinet in Roma, Napier, Florence, Am - itonlam, Pari and London, and the work of the noat appro red painter, both oi the ancient and modern choola, and arc undoubtedly original. ; ArUiU, ladiat or gentlemen, will be entitled to1 t'.udy, or cpy auy of tha pictoref, by becoinio ahicriber. Ladietor gentlemec, who have tobtcribed one dollar, on paybganother, will be considered tnbscriben for the teaMm. IX7 Admittance, for the day and ertnin, CO cam for a month, $1 ; for the seaon, $2 catalogue incloded. - J24 1m fKOSl'ECflJjj roa praLitntxo bt tvBtciurTioir A MAP OF MEXICO AM) LOUISIANA. 'IIIE publication of thit Map bat been under - m. taaen witn tne irnnretanin. that it will ex hihit information, highly iiitrretfing at this event - lul criti . and the valuable Map which the author ha Procured, durinr Ma ae wral tour thruai'h Mexico, ia. me venri ikim. ihu7. ihiz. iki:i. tale I b I J I - i. : .l . the Map, with even all iM irnperfectionj, will be much the nut perfect which hat appeared be - iiirv - uic iiuniic. i bit Map will contain the laU - it and bed in - lorm.iuon irom thediMoveur and tKjatcMinnt of the Americnn, Spanish, RuMian, British and r rentn traveller ana navisatort and repreten ting the claims of thair rective governments on 'lie Northwestern court of America. The Map will include that portion of North America, which lie oetween the Inhmu of Da rim, and the 48th degree ol North Latitude, and from the Mississippi River westwardly to the ruriDc urean. In size the Map will be abdut six by five feet, and will be projected on a scale or 4U mile t. the inch, to be delivered to the subscribers at fit teen dollar acb. Natches. March 7. lftlft. np7Un1 O.MT - ALTA For bAiabortn LE I', and roiuediate iioeion given, the beautiful place culled Mont - Alta, aeven mile from the (aty - Hall, on the North River, adioining l,or! Courtenay's. It contain! SO acres oi Innd under improvement, with a large garden well stocked with vert - lahlci a TnriKlv of fruit, with evr convenience f. - r a family. For - terms, which are very reaiou&ble, and if sold a long credit given if wanted, tpply to N. & L). TALCOT I", 64 feouth - atreet. Je 13 IOR SALE, 30 reams of Cassia Paper, tuita ' ble for Ban Box makers, or sugar Baker. The quality and silo i the tame as the Evening Post i printed on. Apply at thit office. ,Je 18 BREWERY. i'ur tale, a hartin, a Urw try hi Malt Houe coouected, in the city of Hudson. The building are stone, and pur lieu la rly well calculated for the businest. . It is aaaaaaa mhvhiww mv 1 1". uu. - iu.i . a . v , , , , On the thrm it a convenient (arm - boute, lodce, I : - r . i .. i fcete. (ulled) and tteon object fuio. wUhinTto .ngaf e in ,b. Low - ibout one third it in wood, and the retidue con - It w tha only brewery in tho couctry. - tii t of arable and meadow - laad, nnder high cul - This property will ba told cheap. Term hbtv ttvatioa. " " " ' ral ; title good. For farther particulars apply. Onthe tarra tta large arpie orcnaro ana bi to m. Jiuiiir..v, no. its nawirn - iane, t w - fMnfutinn of the ordinarr small fruitt It is delightfully situated on tha east bank of York; or J. NIXON, Jr. near the premise. Jane 13 V BOARDING bCHoOL.. THE MISd BENNETT'S have opened n boarding school for Vimna ladies, on th Lewi, and four mi es north of outb tide of Powlet Hook, in a sttuaiion very nrA Park, in Dutcheat count v. there tt a pott office wi'iiin a mile, and several public land iufs. churches and schools within four miles. . 'The steam - boats affurd great facilities, nd pass th preautet at tne niott convenieni nourt. With attention, thit estate will pay 14 per ct. ott aanam oa the tarn asked for it. Mr. Wool - dreddge, at the Lodge, will shew the preruites. Application may be mad to A. S. t'ELL, 601 Broadway, New York. Title indisputable and imiaeoiave possession given. , , ' Je 19 lawfiiv ' , ) BUAKDi.vU at'Uafc Mount tUatcml. fTy HE public are informed that board may be JL - obtamed in that spacfod atvl elegant man sion, lb property of John f. Mann, Esq. atj Mount Pleant, by applying oo 'the pramUas, to - JylScodSw WILLIAM MANUUAM. cnooLETl MnesTAiN srniacs. HEATH'S HOUSE. fTHE subtcriber. tcntilils of the many oblica X tioos he it under for the preference hereto; fore given to bit houte, whilst kspt by hit on', woald hereby return bit sincere acknowledgement for past favors, and at the tamt time in form Uie oa, that he intends keepiog tlie house the present teaaon himself, and that they may rely upon every attention aad accommodation, that can make this health I I and fashionable resort Mtefol and pleasing s bit ton being ander the ne cet - rty of being absent this season, he trusts will not ba foaad aa objection to hi establishment, at no pains, expense, or exertion will be want ing to Mder complete tatitiaenon. - J Taodlm - JOSEPH HEATH. HOBOKEN FERRT. 1 rpHE hon. the Cerporktion of the city of New - J. - York, having granted to the subscriber a Vase of the Hobokej Ferry, be hat associated wrui him ia that establitbuient Mr. Philip De peyslar. who will have the tola charge af con ducting the tame t all applkatiooa therefor re - i . i L' - 1 1 . a. . - L )n:uiii uk i crrj will Dt BHnt iu am.' , Two Horse Boats are now in complete ooera tioa, with rood accommodations for pas angers, carriaget, lie. one of which will in future start frees each aide of the river punctually at every hour from 5 o'clock ia the morning until 8 o'clock wine evening. PHILIP HONE. Jet7 eodlai healthy, and although convenient to the city uuite retired. The usual Eiislith branches and Needlework, French. Mumc, Dancing and Draw ing, are taught, by thetnselve or by approved niai'ert. for terms vc. apply to .vir. u. i GREENE, S4 W&ll - strett, or at the school. j 14 tr TO BUILDERS. Or those who may wish to erect three elegant buildings or lactones. - T OTS, 77 teet by 80. more or lest, with the Li hmldioet thereon, in the centre of VeteT - tt. can De purchased separate cr together. A L.SU. An elerant LOT. with the Buildings thereon, 1 1 Bowerv, 42 by 125, more or lets, near Chat - ham - treet the whole on accommodating terms Apply at 33 Chatham Row, near Beekraan - tt I he advertiser has three small mortgages to dispose of, one of 3.000, one of $ 1000, one ot yititu, all in this city. , je v WANTED. A GIRL from 12 to 15years of age, of good aCv character and steady habits, to assist in a fam lv. Apply at 74 Leonard - street. Je29 A HORSE WANTED. 4 GOOD active Horse, about tie rears old. . He ia wanted rhiedv as a gig bone, nt which harness be must be perfectly senile. A pay wouia do preierea. Apply at no. x - i Greenwich - street. J 6 HACKNEY COACH K, 170 R Select I'artiet. from Eliiaheth Toi V Point, for Philadelphia, and the bteam Boat at Trenton and Bristol, and the Mineral Springs s scnooiey niouniair. Notice sent to No. 53 White - Hall street. New York, or HALEY ft STILES, Ehtaheih Town, by mail, or by the Steam - Boat Atalauta, will be immediately attended to. J 14 Q , IXtl.LT. A dry Cellar, under tha hove No. 29 piue street. Enquire of MR. SMEUES, my ii u i:m ran - trret LOTS TO LEASE AT THE NORTH rUVER. tJ ITU ATE between Barclay and Murray O streets, Chamber and Reed - streets, Jay and tlamson - streeta, aad Norln Moore and Leacb - ttreetr, at a price very conti Jerably les than in terest oa their value, and at tbe expiration of the term tha bnildiugi to be fairly valued and Te7 Profitable FARM, of 110 acre, paid for, or anew lease granted, two Uurtls ander caluvahoe. th i. r i . l .u . . ICT CaalarTaMM - Ih. . J I I ., . a. a . . - . . lul .,:.i. (k. ... ,.. """u i auo, to lei oy me year ai a low rata, teverai h - Xn .fer. srater, w.U calculated for a tbort ride from tbe steam boat ferrt luuW mber plater of paru, tc. It give a very extensive view of the biv aoi App,T 10 m - RHINELANDER 31 Park, virone of New - York, wiUiin tbe NanowL nrt rl "ar the Theatre. B.. VI ..U - - .1 r. ' 1 a - . , . . . . .... ... ri.ia. Z 01 prospect is I . owerai oiue aoove lots will be sold at a so - - iw "jwnne. ne nils IS irnqneitionable. ovaaiMsi try nana, irte tiUi la tmn.aai.i.i. TwathirdtofthepurcbaM mnoe ra M - a.:' treoredapott the land. Apply to A.V. D. Foun tain on inc premises, or so - W. k. SEEL Y, 143 Grecawicb - ttreet. TO LET, a convenient new 2 story bouse, adjoiniac tl.e aSove, with a garden and about aa aim os laeu. i at nu aj pty at above. aihS eodtf . - aerate price and on a liberal crwilit. A small portioB of the oooey only will be required. 4IUMI 1 1 ,11 (T : ; . TO LET. HiAtl A pleasant back room, at no. .10 Wall ""1 . . l tor I7r' of5c. Posseation wnEATOJfS iTCn.OlNTHEKT. THE lour and Micccssful ise f thit aintnienl it a auiiiiieBt recoainieBdation, a it iiern found to fc a pleMaat, aafe and certain l metiy for thai disagreeable diteate ia all ila tta - get. It is for sole ia tha city of New - York, by i. A.& VT. H. fot,N - 4l Williaa - ttreett I - Sl T. Clark,' No. bo Maidoa - Laae fl. H Scbiefitlin ft Co. No. 193 tfearl - street; Law rence U Keete. No. 195 Pearl - ttreet t Hull Bowne, 14d Pearl - atreet t R. V L. Murray, 313 rearl - atreet t J. M. iJradUarst. 314 rean - atreet ; John Peoford. No. 4 Fletcherttreet i Uurree & for, ia Pearl - street; John C . Morrison, 18b breenwicb - ttreet Jotia r. J laher, IU0 Broad Wv t Walter ii Seaman, cornet of Cfaaaber - tt, aad Broadway, aad also in Chatbam - ttreet ; tad lb abort it may be nrocared at most of I lie Drug Stores ra thitritr Also in Philadelphia, of b. Withefeli k Son George liarrell , North U Ko cert, and almost ail the droggjtla la the principal towaiia ia uiutea oiatet. , MKKWMK, - 1 WHEATOxV'g JAUNDICE BITTERS mav ha hnd ol the a hove iilates. - . jan936w VAiAJAbLK KEAl. to - FOR SALti m thc citv or ew - xok. - LT1VE lotscl ground no the west tldcofGreeo - L wicb - itrett, nciwK - n vcttry aad Lieabrot - es streets, ti by 60v ..i r our u uie rear oi uie suotc, ironimg on the east aide of W ashiogton - ttreet, 25 by 8(1. Eishtdo in the block below, between Wash ington and VVet - treet. io Mootgoniery i;ounty. C090 acre of Land in Lawrence's nurchaae'. near East Canada Creek, on the north tide oi UHJ AlMiuWK. ' . - In Franklin County." , 15.161 acre of Land, in the towns of Mount Morris and phyton. j . in tMrx iOunty. 7833 acre of Land in the town of Barry more. . In the County ofLewit. 1Z50 acre of land in Cittterland. Cbatsanit Purchasa. ' ' la Saratoga County. " ;t . 6C0 acre in Pliier purchase. A' EiiQuire At the office of the subscriber. 34 Ce - dar - ttrttt. BEv. ROBINSOS. mh 17 If U.bAUNDKU'S PATENT RAZOR ai KOP. ! Yu that wih to shave with ease, Buy of Saomdkrs it you please j His Raxor Strop's, ix - culiar such, I'hnt hurp the Kaior with a touch. GSAUNDER. - ; re,e( Hully those . who have not eot hi Patent Razor Strop,! ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS HMVAKD. , ISS1NG from the gallery of the A pieman lVl Achdemy ol the Fine arte, TWO MINI. 1UdE POR'I RAII'S, the one a gentleman's, trt in gold, ornamented with pearl and richly finished on the back, radiated from tlie c ntro; the other a ledy'i. without felting, hut fixed in a plain casing. The aliove rew ard will be paid by WILLIAM DUN LAP, Kaq. keeper oi the American Academr "I the Fine Arts, on i1 liveri oi the above miniature to him, at hit painting rooms ' the New - York Institution, or at bit huw, No. 59 Leonard street : or, the gentle - J A.M ED, a lad about 14 year of age, as an apprentice to the printing busineas. App.y at we corner oi natsau ana apruce - su. f ."Hii ill - . ..ia ,r - an - 'ime a,. I often futal V Tuipl.iin', Mainiiton'n Elixir is offered, with i connitttiire inMnred by twenty yeartsorceMtuJ rtperiaieut. A tiitglt trial will urere that tt (In des and eraroaus Uie toujh vise id phlegm r mucus, tucnthens thr weakened veaaela ot rn lurizs. shea ihet the acrimonious humour whith irritate tboin, and finnlly discharge it. lira oreient some of its Dainfuli fleets. ' TO PARENTS, who have children afflicted wi'.h this dread'ul malady, this is a discovery of ibenrst magnittKie, as it anords immediate te - lief.cliechu the iHogren. and in a short time tirely remove the most cruel disorder to which children are liable. The elixir it so perfectly a - 1 grechhle, nnd the dose so (mall, that no ditTalty antes in taking it. Be particular to ak for Hamilton' Elixir, im itations of which are offered to the public. Hut none are genuine without the signature of U Lee. For tale at LEE'S medical warehouse. No. 4n M.iiden Lane, and by tvery respectable Drug - sit in New York. i 1U MUTUAL IN5UKANCE COMPANY OF thk citv or aEw - voatt. (lJit oldest hatitulimfor Insurance against fri ny 23 tninisrtrt.i ri'SURE agriinit Lost or Damage by Fire, Dwelling Houset,Ware Houses, Buildinsem eeneral. Merchandise, Ships in port and .their Carsoes. Household Furni ure, and every de' tcriptionol personal property, on ternat as ftv.o - rame at iimnar msuiuuons ia uhsiit. , Thit Company is incorporated solely torltir TOST COACrt ' STEAM - BOAT USE, fUJl TU ILA DKLPH IA . . tr wax or xuiaacTmroww rout. - . a n (Througb ia Una tray.J If T ITT x 5 S. ANEW I Jae of Pott Coacbet with rmy convenience for p&srcngert and baggage, oo Sprint,!, atartt from the Coach office, No. 1 Coortland - ttreet, bear Broadway. New - York, every morniir);, (Sunday! excepted) at 5 o'clock, in the Steam Boat Alalanta, via Elirabtthtown, Bruntwick. Princeton, Trenton and Bristol, and arrive at lbiliidel()hia (he tame afternoon, at 4 o'clock. A teeond Una of new Pott Coacbet will start from New - York every morning, (Sfuoday excepted,) at 10 o'clock in the Steam Boat Atalitn - ta, lodge at Trenton, abd arrive at Philadelphia, in a Steam Boat, next morning at 10 o'clock. Fare 5 dollar. P. S. Pastengiir are requested to call and take their Seat at the office No. 1 Cnortiaod - sL N. Y. United State Mail Coach, for Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington City, with every convenience for passenger and baggage, oo springs. The U. 8. nnii coach will start from Uieoachorhce. No. 1 Courtlaodt - at. New - York, every day at t o'clock, P. M. and arrive at Phil adelphia next morning at 6 o'clock. Only 0 pas tenser admitted. ' for Wats in the above named Linet, apply to !ius. win i rit.LU, at Ui oui etatiiisnea Coach, and Steam Boat office. No. 1 Court - landt - stiect, near tlie corner of Broad wav, New - York ; or to A. T.GOODRICH & CO. No. 134 Brondway, corner of Cedar - street, and at No. 53 Whitehall - itree?. New - York. (yAll good and baggage at the tilk of the owner. JusbrH hvos, bv.s at iu. N. B Expresses sent to any part of the Con uneot.ny , 1UUJ1A9 VY 111 I f ILlu. , Je 24 bWlF'i bUKrl MAIL COACHES, for raiLADii.rniA. day to dinner tacacntSn P tt - Leuvft Wew - York eveiy morning fSunday'aex V 2r'cetttedl at ft o'clock, and ar nva in rmiaaeiptua next t he pnblirk houes ere good, and rrasoqatiie in tnnr charera. 1 he drive rs, borveiandcoacn to furnish themselves with hi new invented Ra - es are not interior to aov other now running be xor Strop, and Metallic Composition. No gen I twecn thi - se I wo cities. The beautiful country, tlcman who once make trial of one of the Strops and the excellence of the roads on litis rout, con - now offered, will etrrtry any others; and such ii I nected with the safety, comfort, and reasonable thtir funnatioa, that ever to much use will not lexptncet, are htleived to tie strong inducement give tne razor that roundnja which render the to traveller in giving tins line a decided prefer, best of theni useless, aud which is well known al - 1 ence. The strictest attention will be observed wayi to follow the application of all those hither - hv the proprietor in eivins eeneral satisfaction to invented. The ahove tiro) are in general All baggttgu and package will go at the risk of ue in fle w i ors, and are distinguished irom ail tlie owner unlet insured and receipted lor oy tne owiert. earner wno nave un a tnem say more cierg oi id omre mtneir praise Uiaa i can myseit. G. SAUNDERS, 18 Wall - street Also for tale, Razor, Soap, and every utensil fur Shaving, of the first quality, with a tupe riorawoitairnt of Perfumery, Hair - Powder, Kc, Irom Snivth't. New Bond street. Londoa. ' ' N. B. Tha most liberal allowance made to dealer. - mv tt Stage lareonlr 5, with a generous allowance of baggage. Parties wishing to travel at their ln'usre, may engage the Coach on reasonable terms exclusively tothemeelvea. by applying one day previous to starting. For tea ta apply at Northern Hotel, No. 79 Courtlaodt - elrcet, New - York. hia eu.tis, u;. ap I . Proprietory. UNION LINE. FOR PHILADELPHIA. Twentv - five miles land carriage, via New - Brunswick and Trenton. In new oust coacbet Do good stages 4 50 Do lorrcastlc or deck rasrenger. 3 50 Connected by the steam boats omvk baaivcti and rHi.AiFj.rniA. '1 tie steam boat Olive utau'v )icture alooe i so delivered, tht painlvig Branch will Irave New York every day, Sun - xuunjurtd, tevtnty dnllaitwill be paid to the per - day's eacepted, Iroiu Uie north side of the Bat - ton who delivers it : anil in like manner, for the II o'clock. A. M. Paisencert will lodge ladit - t miniature alone, the jimntitig untnnreif,l at Trenton, and take the steamboat I'hilanel - thirtv dollars. The mnnev will be oaid on deli - 1 tihia. so at to arrive in PhiladelDhia at 10 o'clock very ol ll pictures, and no questions asaed. I the next morning, in time to lane uie union une Jewellers. watrhmaKera and omen, to wnom I Kallimore tteatn DOHtt. these pictujet, or the setting of the gentleman's I This line ha a connection with tha best boats picture, may he offered for sale, are particular - Ion the Delaware and Chesapeake to Norfolk; Iv solicited to be ou their guard, and give notice nt also those of the North River and Sound t and tt above. By order of tha board. ' ALEX. ROBERTSON. Secry. JlSSw their several arrivals are calculated to cause lit tie. if any delay. This is a tpeedy and certainly the most conve - niantmutp. at the oasttoeert will leave New - York after the banks open, and arrive in Phila delphia before tht hourt of buvineaa. without ia tiguein travelling or want of ileep, the land car nace tieicg much lest than by any other route be - tweeu the two cities. For aeatt in the aliove line apply to W ILLIAM O. J AWIL9, AI the Union Line Steam Boat Office, in Mar keiGeld ttiVet. north tide of the Uattcry, be tweeo Greeuwich and Washington ttrtett, or to Tbe CArTAIaN on board G3 All goods and baggage at the nix ol the owuer. ap i tfH FHilADtLfHIA, KLiZAttETil - TQWif roixr. NO 1 ICE. Fr.r tlie further accommo dation of the public, the de - arture ol tbe r ireDv from ew - York and Ntwhurgb mill he in liiinre on the IdIIowiiiC days : j?ate New York on Monday, Wednesday striking at the root nf the disorder, tne syrup - 1 nnd Saturday, at 9 A.M. Leave Newburgh on iomare oicourae eueciuaur ana peimancmiy Tusdav. riiiavand eununv ai a a. m. Conquered ; the reverse of common medicines, The above arrangement Willconiinence hy the which weaken the constitution, and giv strength Firellv leaving Newburgh on Sunday, the 24th io me (inoruer, inrine use oi moaeraiingiuruii - i ft ay I he Wettera Stage leavet Newhurgh imme diately alter the arrival oi the t irefjy. my tt KASIOn ASH XKTI1LKHRX KW LIBE, VIA FIW - BRCHSWtCX. 07 - Pat - engert will leave iim i 7 SNew - Yoik every Monday 11111 I a r - . . . a. - fl.i a - p 't i ana rnaay, ii u u ciuck, fitMSSA. M. in Uie steam boat Olive Branch lodge at New Bruntwick ; leave were early next morning, and arrive at Laston at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. Returning, leave batton every Monday and iriday, at 5 o'clock, A. M,lodt:e at Sew Brunswick ; arrive at New York at lOo'chck next morning, in the steam boat Olive Branch. The stage connected with lint line Is a good four - horse stage. Passage from N. Brunswick to Eastnn, 3 50 from Eastoo to Bethlehem, 75 cents. Pnr seats ia lb above hoe.armJv to WM. B. J AUUKS the Philadelphia Union Line Steam - Boat Office, norm sioe oi uie nailery. it U lit iv I JL.t. 1 I ropnetor, JeI3tf POsf - COACH LINK, Through m a day and by day - licht. LEAVES New - York in tSe steam - boat Ata - kuita, from the foot of Whitehall - street, near the Battery, at 5 o'clock, A. M. Enquire at No. 1 Courtlandt - ttreet aad No. 53 W hite - hall - street. at which placet seat may be taken. JeSO tt STEIV MUSIC. JUST pobli - hed and for rale at WILLIAM DU BOls' pianoforte and muse (tore, No. 12S li road war, Thine am my laitnlul fair ; tha soldier nruie ; purpose ol insuring againa hesrty fire, and lias I w itom childhood't dawu to noon of youth at circom.cnoea 111 opcrauin iukhj wiuuu uw jiP f uilippt. ; city and immediate proximity. ! Capital ! which it secured hy bood and mortgage on real estate and public storks, this Company potetes a handsome surplus fond, invented in like 01 n - urr ; partir ateured may therelbre repose the lul - lest confidence ia the solidity of its capital, ami that any losses or damage will be tettled wath arnmntitiide nnd tiberalitr. The ditlereiit rate ol premium aad conditions of Insurance are uniform with those of the other Fir Insurance OOcesio tliiscitv. Tbe Dublic are referred for particular to the printed proposal ia circulation, and which i4y! I.j '. 1: .... V C.9 U7.ll - 4 - - DttttUIWSi'lNIBUUuaia a.... wi, GABK1F.I, FURMAN.Prwuduit; JOHN PLvTAitD, Secretary . Ah can I e'er forget thee love The celebrated echo rong The inspire lion, sacred melody The Savon air, with variations, hy Cramer TIavdn's celebrated coniooet, My mother bid. me bind my b ur, as a 1 ondo T wenty - Mir sonata, for young performers, by a. Tanooer The .Saxe Coboor; waltz; wi'.h variation Tlie ?ophia Waltt TV storm rondo, by ."rlelrir It Jel2 1 n - t .1 I Mil r.e miro W alker street. J 14 . JO attar. tlory brick heasa. No. SI Enquire at No. 67 Pro street. TUB SOUXD STEAM BOA T - LJX Ml ' Tlie proprietors, wifi'a l f - 'riew af accommodating the ( A t public, bvextendinz the line .to Norwiti, iatead making the experuiietit with the Fallot), CapL Law, and this route (if foaad practicable) will be contiiMied curing ine - aioa. . - The Una will in future he from New. York in Norwich, ai follows: lit Connecticut, Capt. Bunker, will leave New - York every Mentay, Wdnuiat and Friday, at 8 o'clock, in the morning, lor New - Haven. The Fulton, Capt. Law, will leave AunruA at 6 o'clock in the morning of tbesnme dtvyt, touch ttJVeir - London and depart from tleoce for Ar Yarrn at 8 o'clock. The boat will meet at ffat - Uatin, and depart from thence every Monday, ff 'edn day and Woy, at 7 o'clock in tht evening the Connecticut for Vtie - Tor, and the Fulton for Nnr - London and Jftrvich. mhl7 Atwacaut and tat akiiaiv ja m ail - iaS' i . ; TBXK.B Tin KB A W XRK. ' VfT' M I EAVES Newburgbeva - .tm.n' Lt ry Sunday, Tuetday, 4fy.. - . Thursday mornings, at iuZ a - three o'clock, run through Montgomery, Bloomingburgh, Morrticelkv by White Lake, Coahecton, Mount Pleasant, Great Bcod, Chenango Point, Owega, lUikra, and Geneva. toCauandaigua. Iteiuming Wavet Ctnamlaigua every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning at three o'clock, and arrive at Newburgb, the third day jn lime to Uke tlie Steanvboau vrbkb arrive in New - York the following inorninjr. - - 03 may bt expeettd that el alt ttnestrhtn tht tltam - Loatt alter their iayi of running, thai thit lint ttUt alter to at to mrtt them. The whole route will be nerfomed In three days, from the first of May, until the first of November and from the first of November until the fifteenth of December, and from the fifteenth of March until the first of May, in four day and from the 15th December, until the fifteenth of March the tame line will be continued to the city of New. York and run from thence to Canandaigua in four days. Passenger! travelling from New - York to Canandaigua, Niagara or Bu(iaIo,can leave N. York in the evening steam - boat, and arrive in Canandaigua in three days a distance of three hundred milet. The fine is well furnished with good, new carriages t good horses, and careful and experienced drivers. ' Every attention will be paid to render the passage of Ibe traveller safe, easy and expeditious and it i brlieved that the acenmmodidiont on this line are eijutl to any line in UigVjge. OCT FARE from Newhtirgb ( Canandaigua FOURTEEN DOLLAliS. . N. U. A branch of the same line runs three times a week from Ithaca to Auburn. Also, a line runt from Owego Tioga Point; thence through Newtown and Painted Poat, to Bath, ' fce. , BAGGAGE, as usual, at the risk of the owners. David Godfrey, Bloomingburgh.') t,. U. St. John, lUount I leasant, L. & R. Manning, Chenango, T Luther Gere, Ithica, Samuel GretsiilitT, Geneva, Oliver Phelps, Laniing, mh 14 (16m NO I ICE. .roprie" 4ota. t7 Steam Boat Omvk, DKAffca win tan every Sunday, at 1 1 o'clock, round Statrn inland, and occasion ally, nine wmJ and tide tti!l permit, to the hook. ' Thit beautiful tail will tontrihute both to beaitr, and pienvire, and it at cheap a re creation at cau be lound. t urtles who mean to partake'of thit aiuuteiuent will, if convenient, give in their name the day preceding, at thr office in Market ucld street, uortli tide o (hp BaJ l"J: . it, - : : uianer on tioard, at uie osual prices. . - Passage ft children half price. my I3tf - UUK s.'1 - r..HM Hv.1 1 .ifvw; r OK kL.lAbt.l'H'10V N HUNT, EAVES N York each day, aS'uudayt except - front tha foot of H'hile - hill n ctt ti sir tbe Battery, at i 'fkek and to o'clock A. M. and 3 o'clock P. M. ; leaftsrElua bathtown Point at b o'clock A. M. and tuif bait 1 2 o'clock and ball pas aOoc r. MT r . jso tf r JXXJKTH RIVZH V I LAM' HO A J 1 . . - a 1.. . . ...a. n t 1 nr. 11 W a JJ v" Ml timet a - week. A Boat leavet Neir - Ywk on 1'uet - dav. dt y u'ci'jck, A. M ; Wednesday, at 5 I. M; Friday, at V A. AI. and Saturday, at a r. m. 01 each week : and a bout leaYel Albany on Moo day, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 9 A. OT. fhe Fire - Fly leaves New - York 00 Tuetday, Thurtday and Saturday, at 9 A. M. for New - burgh, and returns ooWoniiay, Wednesday and Friday, alb A. .M. , JeJfO A form of hetweea sixty and seventv uciea, situate oa the west bank 01 Lake Otsego, and one mile from the village of Cooperstown. On it are a aew tooe house 54 feet square ; a new (arm house, bare, Kc. It form a desirable es tablithment for a gentleman wishing to retire into the country, as its situation, as to prospect! convenience to market, be. is not surpassed by any in the interior of the state. It will be sold low for cah, on a credit, or exchanged for pro perly in Uiit city, gooas, tic. Appty to 11. D k R. SEDGWICK, mv 7 tf Law Building PATENT BUO DESTROYING LIQUID, A CERTAIN and never failing poison lor bed bugs. It will exterminate Ihem at using, without staining the furniture, or being accompanied with that disagrteable tinell usual'j at tending the application of other poisons. Fur sale in bottle, at 4s. each, at P. DICKIE'S Medicine Store, Mi Broadway. J N. B. A large assortment of genuiuo Drug and warranted patent Medicines, lor sale as a hove. Je 19 1m OHN HEWITT still resides at No. 242 Water street, where he has a very handsome and fashionable assortment of Cabinet Furniture on hand, which he will warrant to be of the first Quality. He solicits his New York and southern inenus 10 give nuu a caiit as ne uniiera luraieil they will not be itisaiipoiuted. uratrs executed at the shortest notice. , ' Je 22 tf C COUNTING KODiVl. A pleasaol and enn - J veuient Counting Room in Soutn - streetto let. ' Apply at S9 Couih - strvet. i 7 'ItWUor three smile neotltojcn can be baud' X aomely acomutoduted with boar.l at No. 31) Broadway. D' WHOOPING COUGH. Je 26 Im OCTOR SCOTT'S Pectoral Mixtare, which it a safe and em - ctual remedy lor the whooping cough. It i only ten ytai since it was ottered to the public, and tome thousands ol children, both in England and Scotland, have been cured iy it, aitt r every other medicine nta bten used without etiect. it u beid in tne bign tt titiiBition for its excellent and salubrioas urtues. It promotes gentle perspiration, re - mows viscid piih era bv an easy and safe ex pec toralion, aud is highly salutary to the lungs ; it sirt ngiheus bhu cie.'ends trie stomnrn, give great' tr liberty of breathing, and produce the most sate, tutary and harpy cuectt, by prevent nig thoie Uistresiug arid convuUive cvjught, tout.lch IlKUsands or indmduals, in cnotc - qjc ice nf neglect, prematurely fail a tvrritire. a. - . I . ' . ... 1 r iv is 1101 dj excm.ijj a lemporary tiimuius 01 relief in thee violent paroxysnn that iu qualities are manifested, hut by tlfectually rer.ioi - iiifr those distiessing symptouis; by giving vegour to Uie weakened frame, and renovated heaith to the afflicted individual. ' Sold wholesale aad retail, by R. Robertson, Apoihicar) , No.Tia Hroadwav.and J. C. Mori - son, Druggext,. No. 18R Greenwich - street, N. York. Drugjrests , throughout tbe United . - tatcs, may. beai'pptied with the Pectoral Mixture, at eithar of the above f iacea, at the lowekt wholesale price,' if 7 2m - A tsanlkl MMe kaw kar Ia aUiia, iish b, 1 - ' . Aia DOCTOR HORNE,forer,f London, aa member of tha facnltr . and surgery there, deems it C.I2 1 ty to repeat someriservatwu the ahute of MERCURY A raaKindisctiniinntc, and nnoriiw &dnseyrbaabeeprrrfBr tive of infinite mitchUt Z tanii are anrroally laercnrialised out ct l . The diaeate we have in view owe. k? UI resulu chiefly to this source. WfaMa nut" that a young atan, the hopes of hit wuBtrv.J Ibe darling of his parenU, should be snttctAi . . 1 VAT IrYlTII nil f hA MkMiif. '. ; " r" ifcTOea moment tnd by a ihteat not in iU own nature fataJTani treatment.'" A eeatleiaaa.llate Dr. fffif tient) ow crfccSy hearty and will, hadbe under pbyticiant of general practice,' and re,atedly ahvat. d ; when recoimenaS Dr. H. (by a - gentlenian of thit cUy) hut!! were canout, and hit flesh dropping from u - ! hit friend declared be could not pobhtS 1 two moDti longer. Tboutandt expen'roentaii; know with what e&te and afety Dr. H. erad irrrilPV. nA fithaVP fatlnl alAlu.; L.U . Ptnont, therefore, having contracted a nisi vnta disorder, or tarpechng latent pauoa. ?T aduoaiehednot to tan. per with their conilitl. Uon, or conceal tlie disorder, (UI past racovT ry t othert having the remains of an old cat or. other imparities of the blood, as well as ota. tt complaint of a delicate nature, in nth, I sex. should rememlier posterity, and do rustic!, to their consciences, by making aDblip.i.Vw. . to Dr. B. at bis old. and respoaffi! liibment, No. 64 Water - street, four hoM , of Old - tlip, to obUin that prompt asiMUncaa! lone calculated to prevent disclosure. Aad hen let me claim your teriou attention RemembM t superficial cure ia no curt at all i uni... wT iaetsis radicaUy done, you will certainlyk w. y .... e - Hi Htm redoubled ma hgnity, at some future penod perhapt tiien "ji le too fate for ; remedy. Don't you otea Met it the streets miserable, mutilated h.;,,.. even a bit ol noaeoa thtir face f TajIewarnLT I heseech vou. Dr. H's. character for skill aarl ihiu. grity being universally known in this city, tinea 1004, guarantee to patients that delicacy and se. crery hitherto nnknown, and baying coufined k practice for year past, exclusively to the cured diseases of Um blood svstm. the ni...l.. l culate on tl.e uott decided advantage in con - llllllllf, ISIt II. Gleett eradicatrrTintwe br three weeks. Strictures removed withett boogies or any other instrument t and ail debilities: liUen... .11 old ulcerations, fiktuhi't tic. A plurality or oihcet are prortded, and so tit. itd that patients are not exnored iiearh niiwria observation. Open till half past 9 in the evening. All persnntconcerned are invited to be freaUt calling, and siwnking with Dr. II. which it In. ni com." nun nere me 1 hx lor cannot avoid tt m itsiou of eraritude for innumerable rr, - ineadationt, nnd for the decided preference (it it presumed with juttcaute) long given him by a fuiiicinuaaputilir. - rvn" aii lenert most ce pott paid, f X - J ITi" EVANS' 'tuperUi J - W n V s4l 13SL..Ci.TJP. jUmvtnod orcunng a cei tain Ditease, it now univei. . lly acknowledged in tb'i - .City ; his mode of treaunett perrecuy mnrj, tare, ! editious, aad hit chare, a J reasonable. In every ii stance he warrants a curt. jaud will return the pay Uie Idoes aot perform agreeak ; t HAnirart .Via . I 'l'u. I.t urrtr, I w . . nh,.ml' . Aere are manv persona in this city and iteM? 1 cMvy laboring unoer vanous enrome dueaatsi UC.n a vbuivi. viu luvcuwaic nicer, acrolein on kingt evil, fistulas, diseases of the nrethrr, blsHiffor aad kidniea, od complicated comr'afef gfm certain nature, bilious - and other obatrar UOntf ruenmaiiain, s. wiKt iw rvmiuer iscrs rable. tney can cenaimy om curea in general brapWuc'tDT.EVANS'a Medical btore, fil 9,. Peckylip, having practised in nhWl Kotm.fnli in Eurooe 12 years, wider anato rf Hi . 12 ctt Surgeons and Physicians in tbe world, aa) marie those obstinate dueases hit coast ant atatt for 30 years. Oct tr vry The subscriber having recently retoraai from England with an important improvement oa ' the artificial spring LEG, he taket thit methoi of informing hit friends and the public, that all t&osa wno are so nniortunate as to be la want ot a leg, or arm, they can be accommodated by ap plying at No. 77 8arcUy - etrect,?(ew - York. Jan 22 WM. PURVC' AFRUMENT0, No. 1 Wall ttreet, gettle - : mrn'i HratavsiiaP Nnm. haa for tale a few Ra tort of Damask hurl, made by the celebrated Marguia, of Paiit. He hat alto received an assortment of the best English Razors, which ha warrants eood. If proved to the contrary, aw ucv refunded. ' - Mr. FRUMENTOreturaa hitsincere flisaM to bis customers, and the public in general, ft, their very liberal patrouage, and solicits a continuance of tbeir lavoars. - 1 He bas likewise procured a very me Done, rngagts to restore razors to a very keen aaetf n. .... . . .1 a . fll Ball and siouia tney uui cui wen ae win w" rerotneuce. 1 , Gentlemen who tubicribe hy the quarter, am have their appaaatut kept exclatively jjv selves. . ".' , 27 the corner rtreet PRINTED AsiD . av AcoasTAX supply of la riits Boaverlistr, fresh from the - oufactory, turU" ble for the c - era market, ana cketl at thortett nobct, j WILSON J60 Broadwr - TO MASONb. - , PROPOSALS will be received at N - WaiWngtontrett, for boirdiag a hot' gretaLly with a plan there left - for a tavern, 7, .Ia. .1 ,L RnKiin tirMB and tttsr - of the Je If JOS. WILSON, l4Mstiten - Lane, 'PV ceived by tbe Venus, a large xcellent Piano Forte, Patent Flute, Nigf h tt, &c. manutactured exprejsiy tor o yr - meoU - fc Co. Indon. Also, i1wForl blnofS rt wis , new twisic, and every article in tht mtr vital Une ; instrument, taken in "''"f!',, tuner provided. ' . - "NW AORK : . ..... I 1 'MICHAEL MJjJm No. 49 VnxiAM - sTnavTos TjfB UAit torrit - nnvis.

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