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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 21, 1818
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f i. v. w n MI ; - "j? pVioi likel?, active Idack Horses, seveA ' t A ' Jf". 'Ike? match in spirit and lait. m - ... fl trotters, ana U cuei tmfuiuuu ir '' - . iiai a 1'uht Concker.' in excellent ' "" arier.Unquire at U.i office. ' V ... : ) " Tt t 6t ;. ' "t rfflklY DOLLARS RKWARD. STOLEN irom mo pasture oi xne suo. - criocr, cn Wednesday night last, a 1! At bay Cana. liTti HORSE ; ' has a white star about the size '' t dollar in his forehead, auJ the mark of ' w cut or scar oo hi rig lit thigh. , The above v lewarJ will be paid for the bone and thief, or I - 4 for ine nortB. . nppiyio i .f " ' ., MICAII M'LAUG HLAN, ,'; ' ; , Nicholas William - street, ''' jw 81 It - Near Stuyvesant - street. SOLAR M1CROSCOP;. AT the Ncw - fbrk Flulosoi,hi:a, Museum, Medical. Electrical nod Galvanic Kcoio ' tio.92 Chatham Street, (in the ircct ball of ' Chatham Garden) ma; be seen the wonderful . . - 1. f f h aalnr mif munnik f liS mAfrnitie, nrip ' : ilred thousand times f'd is one ol the best i , jjjitrumeDU oi we aunu ever enewniu America. A description of this instrument is unnccesia - " n ; suffice it to lay that forty persons may at 1 , .the lnrrnvcoisnce of looking thiough a lent or - glass ol any tuna. . T Thefolljwwa: (it presumed) will be sum . ,itnt to give an idea of the effects produced l.y . L - .1.:. .font .fniiirtrfir ntluM .Ttil haari fifth cenxnoii i lea is magnified to look as large a that of an elephant ; it proboscis or sting two' '. ,fcc( Ions , legs eiht leet ; nair ou ue legt ux : .. iucht'l. ' . . ' - lo ft glari Tube of elf ar water, take directly ; - .. from tbe well, may lu - teen fJioosanda of animal - tula, ail nlive, aomeoJ Avhich are two feet long. .c - In coqimou Vinegar and in almost all vegetable att - ids or wiites may be seen Animals. Iron) . eae to three feet long. ", - ' The circwlatioo at the blood is (Ktiinclly tee'u j'.to a variety of fili and insects. ' ' The win of til smallest .Muiqiiito will ap " pear iron w iz leer, long, inewin piiuncuj ... Uie imaiiesi uort. Itiewing of the common Butterfly can be mag V Tlie proprietor has lately been presented by a , i freatleiuan of this city with an insect, placed on 1 . the ohject slau of a comoion microscope about ' lit years since ; when first taken it was aooui f tn inch rocg, and on it may now be eeen by the . ... xr it ... r.. . . . i nr:n..A Kip VI UIC If LSI nilmlFC, UIUHIWH V.liWl , .ri'Ji32 ana receiving iooa uoa uie ueaa car .iT1i Cheese Mife. though so small an insert ."'Kial M is aiosoit impossible to discern tbeui with . Uie naked eye, is made appear ae larse as a turtle tn'inches long, and eery much resembling thai autmai. - 'J he collection of animalcule and inecls in emeral is poasesisoa of the operator ia considera kle. thouzb should any lady or treat) em a n. visit i k the muteam, brin witii them an insect tab - . latuace or fluid, that they wish to examine, it will be shewn. ', The Solar Microscope will be thews from ten t'crocK A. m. trnui two r. M. I Admittance 25 cenU j children, smder twelve ytart. half nrire. " f ersone visiting the' mmeam are requested to eotict, mat uie raKroicope caanei oe sacwa un lets inc sua unset. NOTICE. . Cr The Physicians of New York and its vicinity, also the ladies and gentlemen now at - tendui; for the benefit of Electrical and Galvanic : operations, are respectfully iulortned, that the . ' hours of operating tor medical purposes in future will be as follows : Krom rix to ten in the moraine, and from two until seven in the after - noon. The Electrical experiments will take place , every evening as usual, should the weather not tie too damp or warei. N. TYl.EE, Proprietor, AifJimaonfactu rer of all kinds of Philosnnhiral Apparatus, for most of the mihhc Scientinc la - titaUont and Private Seaunariee throughout tlie United States. J 21 101 li CUANCfcKY. StUfJtteYnk,u. IN pnrtnanoe of an order of this honorable csdrt, bearing date the t7Ui day of June. 1818, tsald at rhe araclron, at ttw Ton tin w:tlce House, ia the city of new York, wider - (the direction ot thesubsrririer. at one of the mat - . tenof tbiacourt, en the Slut day of July next, at 1 o'clock at aron. nil thoso setr&) hrors.nif , ci or parcels of wound, aituatu. lyinif cd btine in thetowasbip of brooklyo, in the county or aims, am sute of New - lork. aioreesue. nnu knoweanddistiaxiiirbed on a man made by Jer - ttriahLott, the ltflb day of Alarch, 1002, by be follow in bouodanee, to wit. northerly in truit by Waier - atreet, southerly in the rear by Front - sttect, eattertjr on Uie one tide by Jack - Ma street, ted westerly oo the other 'side by tioid - etrcet. containing four squares or bloc hi ol wmid. Also all those certain water lota, lying uamedittely in front of the before described bftcksi bounded at follows to wit easterly by l .i . 4 . I. ur . . . J muii - ivi, wuiiirn ij if sici - viicri, lira testerly by Gold - strMt, containiog in breadth a waier - atreet me distance oetweea io4(i - aad Jicime - stieet, aad nmnirur into the Kaat River at tu si ihe grant of the corporation of the city new - iori exiea( wnu Uie appurieoaoces UttaJtae 8,1813. . I . MPO A 1111411 rPAV lawwniiiAiiiiiiiuii, . . Master in Chancery. i ivcte. Trie above property will be sold in lots Ui parrels, arcordiqc to a certain man to be wmw mertor, wmch will oe eihibjorteU In the iAOet - QOe one week before the day of tale. Je3Q tawOwillw The tale of the above property it postponed to Seventeenth day of August next, at the tame W anu ptace. sisi, ibiu. J AM t3 A. HAMILTON, ' S I dtds Matter ia Chancer? yUMA. or the Tree of Health: lo which are C4 asMed the Fair Paaline. Zcneida. the Reeds xne i ioer, aad the Widow Luri j by Mad. v uBiiw - iuii rectiveo ana ror sale ry COLLINS U IIANNAT, H No. 2X Pearl street'. 'iiik American Tourist's Pocket Companion, 1, or a Guide to the Sprrnp aad a Trip to Uie Ukes, with directions for 6 different agreeable tuser excursions, price 62 1 - 2 centsof sale at . i4ii - iveeT,Dy Jit C WILEY to CO. 'I'HIS Il.tV .TtVSI WCI IfiiM pOMMENCES the drawing of the Mrikoi y ocirnce jumieiy. iw numbers Will tie iCk.Ti "or",nP aadUie drawiogwOI . . Sl LEiDlD SCflEME. 100,000, 1 50,000, ' 20,000, ; 10,000, 1 4 Soco. do 9 ooa. and ln 1 - . .Aneaaasher of smaller prues. Only "ruts. Lew Hi iq two Masks to a ptiie. , ' s KkeU tnd Shares ior Uie at V, . ALLEN'S Truly Lncky Odice, IU Broadway. a" pri HMt Tickets fi3: Halrcs Till" 7 ; JShU' 3 50 ja.t 1 7i. CV"""1 ,Vw birs hi Cotton, ftjrul . oturiug. Enquire at 148 AtsJ WHITE LEAD. . O hui ;C,.h A SfgS. tor aula bv 7" 7 do. TUCKER kLAURIES, 29 jOa street. V fV Ttekst sailinir coppered ship DIDO, eorge M axweli, mattti1 j expeoted to a - ivu trom Philadelphia about the 1311 iuat ami to sail lS:h inst. 100 bfclet of cotton or o - titer gooda, will be taten on freight, ami a few passengers liandtomcly acconnodated. Apply to.. . HOYT Ic TOM, vw - 45 Sotitht. , tor CH.UtL6S'JXXN, The ship TELEGRAPH. Fannin - , master, will tail firrt fair wind: can taae a tew tout more heht freizut, and accommo - Ulate 8 more panenert in a superior ttile Ap - yij vvvuniu, v?k I1VIS OUKiUI - UU, Or W - M hfsii i nf r Juci no Jah 10 mfront - et. - - Wanted tt Charter, - For a voyae to Bermuda. A rood SCHOONER, that will carry 6 or 700 barrtla uiimauiale cu paten will be eivea - Ap. ply to - TUCKER St LAURIES, . July 10 . t9 Sonth - nt. . , Ftr CHAHTr'.H, Jm A British MUG, burthen 318 tons JEa British, or 2100 barrels ; now at Philadelphia ; will proceed to this, or a southern DOrt. to load for Kntrland. or the West Imliei. and can be despatched within three days no tice. Apply to 1 KOGEKa k POST, J 6 ' t : SI SouthHtreet FOKSALE, V The brig JOHN, 144 tons, budt In Maraachusetts, in the year 1 808. and rebuilt in Philadelphia, in 1810 ; a ttauncb good vessel, and well found in tails and rigging iiet at Urooklyn. For terms, apply to JAMES li'WOLF, Jr. J 17 - 54 South street. Far BELFAST, The Philadelphia built ship JOHN DICKINSON, Batiah, master, expected from Philadelphia about the 23d inst. and will be immediately dispatched, having 2 3ds of tier cargo ready. For freight or passage, apply to ABRAHAM HELL, corner of Fulton and Clill - at. A handsome assortment of Irinh Linens, re ceived as above, bv the lift arrivals from Dublin and Belfast ' J 17 lw PASSAGE fir ST. VIACEMT, The fbe BntUh sclir. FltA.NCIJ, CauL Scott, intended to suil on Tues day next, can accommodate three pats Cijjc.' ii immcuiaie appucatton De mane 10 capuun scott, on board, east side of Itck - slip, or to MIIXS, PUUDY & CO. J 17 4t 263 Pearl - street. f or BLAKELl' & MUBiLE. The tupi nor fast sailin; tchr ANTELOPE, John B. Clement, master, hav ing nearly all her cargo engaged, will tail in a few days. For freight or passage, haviug good accommodations, apply ou board, east tide of tiurluig - slip, or l KEAUE m Ut, f LYsTKK, Jy0 lw 31 Old - ihp. PASSAGE FOR LIVERPOOL. The superior fast sailing coppei ej shin CAROLINE ANN, W. J. Palmer, master, will positively sail on Sunday next.. few more passengers can be hatulnomeiy ac commodated, apply on board at Pine - street wharf, or to ROWLAND fc ERA WE, July 0 St 83 South - street. For FREIUUT or CHARTER, THE very fast sailing o'chr. ECHO, Swasey, master, burdeu 107 tons, or about ttOO bull. can be sent to sea in a few days. Apply to JHO. t UEU. W. LYNCH, JySO SO aoutli - st. For GUI DA LOUPE, The fest tailing cxppered brig 3TOUGHTON, Samuel Turner, mas ter, will sail to - morrow. For passage only, having very handsome accommodations, apply to J. t. W. LXiMCIa. JvW 2t 60Soutb - st. FOR S.1LE, A pilot boat built BRIG, now on the stocks at Middletown, (Conn.) and may be rxHiKht at a low price, if applied lor toon This brig is built of the best materials, copper Uttoed, ami locust truunels, and i .irt of her upper frame cedar, ami also part of her etauit - chiont. She is about 230 tons burtheu, and is calculated to be a very last sailer. She may be bought wita cither the hull complete or with spars, tails and rigging ; aud may be delivered in sus weens., nppij 10 GR1SWOLDS & COATE3, Jy 18 68 South - street WAJYTEU JV CHARTER. Two Briti - h SHIPS or BRIGS, of tfrom ZOO lo 2jO tons burlhca, to load for Kingston, Jam. Apply to POTT M'KINNF, July 13 56 Souih - strerL For chaulestoa; The Cist sailing sloop PACKET, CtpL Volte ; havinjr half her euro on board, will sail on Tuesday, 21st inst. weather permitting. For remainder of freight or pas - tage, apply on board, at Biulinp - slip, or to ANSON G. PHELPS, J 20 133 Front - street CIO Ft ON, SUGAR, kc 145 bales New - Orleans Cotton,' now landing 100 boxes Brown, 30 do. White Sugar, entitled to drawback 75 bhdt. N E. Rum 4 cases Domestic Goods, consisting of Shirtings, Chambrays, Plaids and Stripes 40.UOO lbs. German Steel, (entitled to detent - IS tons ciena Hemp ure 10 hhds Pure Spirits for tale by J AS. D' WOLF, Jun. 54 South - street. Wontrd to Ckmtrr. A rood VESSEL, of 1500 to 1000 bbls burthen, lor a voyage to Ihe W est - la - Apply as above. Jy 16 Wanted to Freight, III. . , . f . ti U R00d SchoonCT; ?f th" ""'rtnen .;aasii or seven niinarcu oarrcis, hit a voy age from this port to Bermuda, immediate dis - paicn Will De riven. Apply to TUCKER ii LAURIE 3, J16 29 South - street tor LIVEJIFOULm Theelenut Hut sailing coppered ship DRAPER, William Adams marten siMss29l 291 tons burthen, only two years old, and will be dispatched immediately on discharging ner toward cargo. For freight or pa.rage, ap ply io ue master, on board, east side of r ly market wharf, or to B. W.ROGERS tt Co. Jo 16 235 Pearl - street Li INCH, r. has received per l,ouisa Ce - mJ . celia, a lew pipes of Madeira, from the Pari - h of Cama de La boa, and St Antonio, oa whi h be invites the criticism of connoisseurs. ALSO, Fr.ins the Harana, 30 boxes of tegart made at the kill's factory, which are of very superior quality, and which he otters lor sale at No. 40 V illim - etreet . I). I, jr. receives orJers tor the above wine, rttljrn n bis approval on arrival. J 1 1 5w S. I LLA D OIL mni HA VAlfA SLVAR milORN PENDLETON, have just re - A ceived a quantity of very superior sallad oil, in bock bottles and in baskets of half doteu eaih. Also, white Havana surir, in boxes ol one cwt each, tor famil, use l which they olai ijr tale at Jy 18 St . No. 56 Stone - street LI.Vbr.ED OIL a trbds. imliae fr m schr. Maria, froin i'biladlihia, tor sale i.y JySO 4t CORNS. DU BOIS. die. in O JAMES D. STOBT.Enirravet and Seal CuUer, removed to 90 Libeity - etreet, near SrCeawichlreet. - - ; .. . ' M.'. O ' 1IUM1 LIAEMj.tHtETI.NGa, UlApEU.ic: A. LARGE aasortmeni of the above Goods, consisting of the following descriptions - - 4 - 4 Si 6 4 iTioetings, , , 4 - 4, 7 - 8 U S - 4 Lineoe, ' ,. - ."." 4 - 4 4 7 - 8 - do, . in demi piecet,' i . ' - i . 3 - 4 Brown aad Black Liu, ;7 - 8 Dow?s, .', 'J; ; - luiett OauVTiokioj, ' ' V . - ' '. 'fy 7 - 8 Coane htdf - bleached Linen, ''. 4 - 4 Cotton iTiirtingt, " - Linen Thread, assorted colours, First quality Irish Sad Duck, '. Fot i'ale, on reasonable terms, by " ' i THOMAS SUFFERS, No. C, Depejster - st. July 17 lw . 1'lC GOODS. TOSEPH Tl fCOMB.&CO.No. 1C2 Pearl I street, have iuat received from different nla nnfactories, oO cases, wl.ich, with their former stock, couiiwites a very extensive asortinent of Ddmestic Goods, suitable for tlie present and apr preaching season ; svhich Uiey offer for sale at ve ry low prices lorcuaii, viz : Bleached and Brown Phirlinps and Shectingr Giugharut, Stripes, Chomtirays "'Bed Ticking, superior quality - ' 3 - 4 and 4 - 4 Checks , .' Diapers. Coarse Cloth for baging 1 Blue and black BroanV.iolhs Mixed Cassimeres, Sattinetts, Cassinctta , PriMtClnthi Penveretts. Wick Yarn 3 cases white aad col'd Cotion Threads, in bunches, ttos. 14 to 80 15 cases white and col'd Cotton Balls, all si zes and Not. IJ000 yds. Straw Braid 60 Kid and Morocco Skint A lions hnvAi rrlA irtt A constant supply of Cut Tacks and Brads of an sixes A trunlra mpn'a Short Roots 10 do men's, women's aad children's lent her and morocco Shoes 1 cate Straw Bonnets ; Cloth Brushes l.ollrr Pnnrr. fj.r. tMintrv 'I rariVra and others, who purchase for 1 - I H I r .L.l - 'i . .n . r. 1 1 i,aff criii, win una n lurineir juicicsw . van thpv ninU fhpir nurrhHtes. Cotton, Wool, or other goods, received for tale in commission or storage, vasn auai.ceu i consignments. J 510 jw O. L. P. INDIA Madeira - .'VARD DUDLEY, 265 Pearl street, has - ;v,54'"ul l ball pipe oia u. r. niaueins. oi' tne celebrated brand 1. ii. M. which he olltrt for a!e. Ibis wine was originally tjitnattj) ttluteJ, rind has just arrived iu tlie Essex Juor. from Calcutta ; this being its second voy.ige : Connoisseurs have adjudged it highly suptnor. J20 1w CLOTHS, BOMUAZElTs, &c. THE suhioribers have jut received by the ships Julius Caviar and 1'aciuc, 14 bales Cloths, of A. Rhodes and Cu's manufacture i'l - SW l'? "' ( & CVs. manuiacture. Which thevnfl'er for sale at No. 16J Piarl - st. LA VERT V, SHELTERS A: KLNG, JIGSw STEVENS U MACTIEK, cfier ior tale 157 Sooth - street, 325 bast St. Domingo Cn&e SO bhdt Kentucky Tobacco 49 bales New - Orleans Cotton 20 pipes Catalonia Wine 10 pipes L. P. TrncriiTe do 50 boxes White Havana Sugar 3000 Mcgndore Goat Skins 100 tons Cuuipeachy Logwood Jy 18 7t at ClAbLEc, IS AILS, HOOP&SHt.ET IKOM ) Now landing frnm the brig Seweil, from Antwerp, for sale in lots to suit purchasers, by iSA.Yllj. tuw'. WHO HAS ll STORK, Russia yellow Canute Tallow and half bleached Sheetings British Gunpowder, eotitled to drawback Fowling Pieces by the package, with the best gim - andrwrof Ksctir Hardwares and Cutlery assorted Blue printed China Diuing st ts, superior pat terns White Welih plains for planters Yorkshire superfine Broad Cloths Light Horsemen's SworJs, entitled to draw back Kentucky Yarns, Ale. &c. .tr. J 17 lw LA.NDS FOR SALE AT Pl'iiUC AUC 1 ION FOR CASH. THE following tracts of Land, situated in the District of Maine ami CoutinonwexUh of Massachusetts, will le sohl for Cash at Public Auction, on Wedne 'day, the second day of Sep tember next, at 12 o'clock at noon, at the Tou - tineCoffec - floute in the city of New - York, viz: A tract of Land being part of a certain town ship number thiee called Newry, I) ins in that great tract called Letter A. ill the county ot Ox lord formerly lorn; containing twelve thu - taud acres over and above State rcservatiuos and exceptions of certaiu lots. Sundry tracts fh township number four, on St hoodii k or St. Croix River, to wit : One tract denominated the C tract oo the plat containing sewn hundred and eighteen acres. OneotU.r tract in the township denominated 8. on the plat, containing two thousand two hundred and eighty - two neret, exclusive of two hundred acres within tlie limits thereof, be longing to liavtil uoyilrn. One other tract in said township denominated A, containing fenr thousand acres, exclusive of one lot lying within the liruits thereof, containing ninety - eight acres, sold to Aaron Phelps. oi ion oi Liimu in aain loivnsmp, 'liuaieo in the second ranee of lots in the northern half of saiu townsnip, to wit : numocrs it, z, i'j, M). 31, and 32, containing in the same five hundred andeiehty live acres. Als, rigiit intsol lsn, in the tiurd ranze ol lots in the said Nnrtbirn h - itfof tne township to wit : nuinlwrs S3, - il, 3 ), ui. sf, 40, and 47, conlaiDing in the same seven hundred ar.d fortv - flve acre, One other tract Ivi.'K pnrtT in Trt - nton and partly in the county of Hancock, in said tonliips, contuinipg t xclunive of set tlers, sevrtn tnousand acres (exc pting and reserving lots which have tven surveyed and laid out to settlers, &t. and reserving every such lot as may have been in nny manner conveyed to settlers ; and rrserviuz likuwi'e the nulls, hou IWIMIH.1T 11.16 UC..II IU Mil, umimvi V'flC to settlers ; and iserviug likewise the nulls, I ses and oilier improvements which appertain to or are erected thcreor., lociuoiug in tlie said reservation the one undivided hall of a saw mill, with the land belonging: to the same.) 'J Yg - ther with a double saw - uinl, a grist - mill, two dwelling houses and a store, all erected on lots number seventeen and number oue, in Trenton a - foresaid. The above real estate was eonreved to the subscriber, as asiistnnt register nf the court of chancery of the state of New - York, in trust by Oliver Kane and Ephraim Bowen, Junior, Executors of the last will and te,tament of Jchn Innet Clark, drreaed by deed, bearlne date the 1st day of February, 1810. Deedtwitl be executed to the purchasers by Uie subscriber as such Trustee, in pursuauce of a decree of Uie Court - if Chanctry. For further particulars as to boundaries, title, Xrc. apply to the subscriber, at his offira. No. 4 Nassau - street, where the same may be examin ed, aud aUo will be made known at the time of sale. Terms of sale, twenty per reut ca.h at the time of sale, and the residue of Iho money oa the delivery of the deeds. I3AC L. Klf. Jy IS tit 2aw4wi. - 3tsr.i Ut lOO.CJOsr eat. APLF.ASANT walk fram the City - Htel, to the upper Creen Office, 146 Bro;dwsv. two doors below Liherty - st. is whe. c GE Clf.'s reside. WhoorTerfirialeTicLetsand S'l. - .rvs, the 5th and only class of the. MdicA Sire?. - iMter. to commence drawing on the fvt Tuesday in August next This rich l.o. - .'J will be regularly and rapidly drn li:t - n - plete.l. The eipital prizes ave 450,000, RJO.OOU, I0.WJ, 5V00, 2. . a - , t 4 , rriats of $liU0. j 2 t Irr V - .' - in i GEORGE ORlhpORT,': '". .' PXaORATIVB ARCHITECT, AND FOB IS IT Ik, ftorthwest corner of Cbesnut and seveaih - t ' - streets, Pb.lndelphiai 'IIIE public arerepectfully informed, that at JL the a'Jove address, Ware - Rooms have beee opened with an cxlimiee assorlment of Caiprts, I Bper - llangins:,, Curtain Furniture, Lamps, I .ml re. l.rwvlr.nv.riU.. PI.I.. J k. V.... uiture of every description : and that the exttn - iioo oi an orders in tlie tlinerent branches ot Up - hohterj - . Paper - Hanging, and Cabinet - Making, will be under the immediate direction of G. Unci - port, whose professional pursuit for many years haring been the superintending ol the interior decorations of bouses, and frnm his PQeiin also an cxtnutive collectioii of desisns lor furniture of every kind, wilh drawinB showing the ntire decorations of eooms, and his cwlmt intercourse with Uie best sourcet of taste ia Europe, will, he hopes, enable him to meet the wishes of those who may be pleased to favour him witn their commands ; and he beet to assure them that his constant endeavours will be to combine Taste, Novelty and Utility, with Economy to enable Ibra to effect this, he is DroViilrd with various Ornaments in Bronte, Metal, Composition, tc. erected when he was last in Europe, for the de coration of Cabinet Furniture, Otrnicesfr Curtains, Looking Glass Frames, and other decorative Furniture. The above advantages, combined with being uk) importer oi uie various aniciet uei, to execute bis orders, will enable him to offer the nub - 4 lie, goods of superior duality and fashion, on the 'j most moderate terms. couuieni anu wesiprn Mercnants purchasing Faacy Goods, mar Ond it to their advantage I. visit this establishment, either to comolete their elections, or should they wish to have imoortcd varions fancy articles, not in the usual routine of Dunnes; to surri orders, every attention will be paid,and from G.B's arrangements in Europe,lfe will be enabled to meet them promptly. ' . Gentlemen residing in any part of the United Stales, by forwarding the dimensions of their rooms, windows or recesses, to receive appro. priate furniture, can be furnished with Carpets and Paper - iJaiigings, Curtains and Cornices, mnne up complete lor windows and Deds, pier - laMes, book cases and side - boards, &c. to suit recesses, with a variety of other furniture, as Chairs, Sofas, Chiffoners, Ladies Work Tables, Pembroke and Dining do. Secretaries, lie A:c. witli all possible expedition. oonouoUooovoo The following a rtitles are part of G. Bridporfs htt - imimrtntions, and are for sale at tlie ware - rooms as atwve : UPHOLSTERY FURNITURE. . CARPF.TIKG. French Tapestry of various designs and dimen ' sinus, English, Brussels, Superfine and second Ingrain Venetian passaee and stair Scotch Squares for chambers Hearth and Door Kngs Extra Quality Blankets Green and Blue Table Covers. CCRTAI Ft'HBfllTRlb. F rench embroidered Silks Merino Damasks Plain and watered Moreen Merino Cloth. 2 vanis wide Rich I .on don Chintz, Lenues, for medium cur - tains Silk Fringes and Bindings Ornamental Hell Pulls Gilt Cornice Ends and Curtain Pins PAPtR HAirOlllfiS. Groupes of Figures and Ornaments, in various , colours and on different grounds, for decorating pannels, Sic. An extensive assortment of sattin & plain Papers Do do do - of Borders, tic. Ac. L0OKIS6 - CLA8S FLATFS. For Piers and Mantles, to be gut up in frames to suit tlie purchaser . FANCY FURNITURE. Drawing and Dining Room Lustres and Grecian Lamps Mantle and ?atae do Candelahri and Brackets for Lamps, Sic. laiiies' work - Tables, and Tier do Select articles of rich Cut Glass Dinner, Desert aud Tea Porcelain Best Plated Wares, with silver edgee Antique Busts aad Go. Vases, in ulastcr French Porcelain Vases, for Chimney ornaments on a variety oi smaller arucjt. . 03" G. BRlDrORT having been appointed agent ior me minora Aiaroie Company, win re. ceive as early at possible, a number of CHIM NEY PIECES, now executing in their green maihle. from designs furnished bv himself. This innrhle equals ia beauty and durability, the Verd Antique, one oi uie marries oi ice miieir, price. and most in esteem in r.urore. G. B. also expects to receive, hy the earliest . .. 1 r I . i r i i ii cuiivtiu iruiu utf vrr, a oumrtrr oi uiuincy rie ret now executing in Paris, from designs furnished by himself. lany of these will be decorated with ormolu or gilt ornaments. The drawings and dimensions of these various dei - ;ns, may be teen at his ware - rooms, in Ches - nut ftrexl. 1 20 2aw2m IN CHANCERY. Dorothy Hacklin, rt. . William Peek and Elixa - c. . v. v.. lh his wife, Mui5M'V Hunt, Catharine Hunt 1 i nd others. J ' IS pursuance of an order of this honorable court made io the above cause, will be sold at public auction at the Tontine Coffee House, in the city of New York, on the 2!ith day of July tust. at 12 o'clock at noon, under the direction of the subscriber, all those five lots of ground, situate, Irin' and bcine in Ihe eighth ward of the city of .New York, being formerly that part of uie property oi iicmIas Bayard, tsquire, lueo Enownoy tite name ot nayard's farm, lying wcHward ol tiroaawav s taid lott beine desii: nated on a map of taid farm, made by Casiiuer in. itoerck, then one of the City surveyors, by uienumDers 1147, iwj, ma, llauana I lot; io gether with the hereditaments and appurtenan cesta ihe same belonging or in anywise apper lainmr. Liated July 3d. laib. THOMAS BOLTON, J31awtJy20dtr!s Master in Chancery IHE GRAMMATICAL BAR 111 E importance of a correct knowledge of JL Uraitimar, is too much acknowledged to need comment. Hie unsettled and desultory manner, ia whi. h it is tausr.t in common schools, is highly exceptionable. To have arbitrary rules and deiimtious parrotlike committed to memory, learned and conned by rote without comment or elucidation, is found lo be generally void of u'iii ty ; for so leng as the principles of rules are not understood, they can never be applied to actual osc. i ouer such impressions and n.Duencea oy a de:ire to promote; so useful a branch of education, the subscribers propose a remedial system, la (lie undertaking, they are conscious of no other motive, than the promotion of a branch of knowledge, which is an indnpf nsiUe pre - requisite in every other. The sohcribers anticipate many obiectioos to to complete a deviation from the antiquated track, which custom has long since sanctioned as the inott eligible: but to obviate hem, they ask a thorough ami candid lovestiga lion of its principles. It is a dictum, that with oa' a kaov. ledge of the reasons on which laws are made, no one can know the law. A conviction of its truth formed the n,ost powerful incentive to the invention ol the U rammatical Br r, w hich con fers lo the mind throo&h the medium of tie ey the reasons, the whvs, and tlie wherefcrrs T be l.ort, it etnplojj 'ihe perceptive faculties, the irnrocsacqbiiet s haint ol attention, nis - merit iseierri'ed, and he advances with ease and tfeKgt.t. The subscribers have taken a conven ient room in I u.ton s reet No. 139, where rhil drea, )oung Indies and jteutlemca may acquire a correct knwledje of tne!iiti grammar in sixty liours. A correct knowledge of parsing will be given to new beginners : il not, no pay will be required. A new class lo begin on Wednesday. J. FROWN, - un. E. D. CROS3F1ELD. N. B. Yonn genilcreei, who have been Instructed in t sisort term of tixty hoer, will ' - e prct' - uled fr examination each day at 5 o'clock. M. W - holirs rrceived and instructed at any Vwr I'mra 6o'luck A. M. to 10 o'cl - irk P. M. I'i rms of Imtion mode knvwu ut tlie ahove men - - mdmom. JgOlm j bp. V1NCE.M - RUM. 3 t rUNCHEONSfiac Bavoured d hiU IV proof tt. m. .n r I.U v iDcent num. ir'i - j TUCKER LA URIKS, V) 5uth stecU ju!y V) Law rrgulaitog tin Gua'w mut fnfctmz ol - FuK O0. Psssai March 3f, 1818. ... (0" B H tnaetti by (It people of the Halt Asa - Fort, rrprttoitti sn nnttft ana anemy, That the persoDUmmutering the govsrnmcui of this state. bVTiii with the advice awl ennscut of the council of appointment, shall from time to tame appoint oue person lor the city of w - otK, Whose powers shall extend to, and include the villata ol. Brooklyn t one person tor the city of Alh jny and one person for the city of 1 roy, whose powers shall extend to, 'and include i - aii singborgh and Water lord, lo be guagers and in spec torn of fiilt oA. - ' And but further toweled, That it shall le the duty of each person appointed by virtue of this act, to provide himself with proper instruments Tor goaging and inspecting oil, and whenever ca t led on to guage and inspect nny panel of fch oil wilhiu the place for which bo was appointed, it shall tdso be his duty to inquire diligently and seek out any parcels of full oil within his district and guage aud mnpecl the rame.and brand legt bly on the he:ul of each cask he may so guage aud inspect bis own name and the name of the place lur which he was appointed ; alto the whole number of gallons the same shall guage, and separately from each other the quantity of water, the quantity of sediment at welt 4s the quantity of pure oil he liall iind - thcrnln, Hid. shall make, subscribe and deliver to the owner or holder of such parcel o( oil so guaged and hi peeled, a certificate, exhibiting m separate columns the quantity of each of the aforesaid enumerated ingredikuts Uie whole parcel shall contain; fur all of which guajing, invpectuig, branding and certifying aforesaid, he shall receive from thi owner or holder of the oil - so ruaeed and in spected, twenty cents lor a.h cak. be tho same sntall or large, the one half of which shall always thereafter, be chargeable upon the purchaser ol the same. .. . - And 6e it further tnactrt. That It shall be the dutof ail persona owning or holding fish oil, to put ins same in a convenient position ior truamr and Impeding whenever thereto required by an uinortti guager and, uirpcctor. And be tt further enacttd. That any person or persons who shall counterfoil, alter or change anv of the brands or marks aforesaid, on aav cask of oil to branded or marked, or who shall mix or in any manner adulterate any cask of oi seJktauded or marked, or who vlin.ll bur. sell or t after any oil witiuu the dKlrwts or plate alore - lVjf .. ... .... . said, except the same shall have been ctlaged, impeded and branded. a cording to law, or who shall thip, export, or otherwise convey or cau - e to De conveyed nny oil out ol, or from the dis tricts or pla - fS aforesaid, except the same shall have been gnageu, inspected and branded ac cordiug to law, such person or persons so offending, shall forfeit and pay thu sum of twenty - lire dollars for each cask, the brands or marln of which shall be so counterfeited, altered or chan ged, or which shall be so bought sold or barter - ed, or which shall be so shipped, exported or otherwise conveyed contrary to the true intent and meaning of this act : Fronted, yiexerthtltn. that nothing herein contained shall be construed to prevent any person or persons from buying or selling oil by measures legally sealed. And be it further enacted. That it shall be the duty of any penon or persons who shall use or otherwise empty the contents of any cak of fuh oil, immediately to efface the guager'a aud inspector's marks or brands from the same, under tho penalty of twenty - five dollars. And be it further enacted. That any forfeitures arising by virtue of this act, may be sued for and recovered by action of debt, with costs of suit in any court having cognisance of the sgte, to the sole use aud beliool of any person who shall sue tnereior. NOTICE is hereby given, that the subscriber has been anoointed bv the honnunhla tha Conn. cil of Appointment, Giiseer and Inspector of all rtshUils l o tlie lilyol New - York and lirouklyn, and has opened bis othce at Ao. Si, Water - st where tie will receive orders from 7 A. M. to S P. M. every day, Sundays excepted. I vi i t MsiiRirr N. B. Drafsrs in Fish Oil are hereby notified, that any infringement of tha above law will be pro - ecu led. Julv20 1m l.t.V bliWVOK 1 lie Vll,L,fc I S laid off, at the Horse Shoe Bend of the Ohio. 1 io the county of Crawford, state of Indiana. on a high bottom, which i never ovuflown at a - 1 ny stage of water. This town nossestet manv and peculiar advantages t bMids iha aairal I good tprings, which rise in the bottom, there are many winch issue from the elevated lands adjoin - 1 ins the town, which, wilh var v little exrvnse bvl the meant ol aqueducts, will furni - h the same with fine water : Its situation, on that noint of tne vrmo, wnere tne river extends several miles the Falls and the Mississippi, is a circumstauce that will not escape tlie notice of our industrious aud enterprising citixens. This place will probably be the deposit for the exports and morta for the counties of Craw - further north, than at any other place between . L. - L' - 1 1 l.i . I . ford, Orange, tewrence, and part of Harrison, , i ... - i..v mk nearest point of tlie river tothecountrv con ore - 1 . , , . . become the place of deposit for the many mer - chant mills that will be erected on Big Blue Ri - ver, which is ooe of (he best mill streams ia this staie - This town has a convenient and safe bar - bor at all stages of the water, for vessels of eve - 1 ry description that navigate the Ohio. Levenworthsville is distant from Big Blue Ri - ver Smiles west , from Louisville 39 west, from CorydOn 14 West from Salem 13 SOUth West and from Peoja 27 soiiih. Liberal donations of lots for public use will be made. A number of lott in Levenworthsville will be exposed to tale at auction on the first Monday in September next, on the following conditio", ! ?" e'Shth of the purchase mo uey to be paid in band, the remainder in two equal inMalments, viz, in 2 and 4 years ; the pur chaser will he required, within the term of eigh teen months from the day of tale, to erect a ttoue, brick, frame, or hewed log house 16 or IS feel at least with a lap or joint shingle roof, on forfeiture of bit bond and'llie first payment Per sons wishing to parchase at private talc, will do well to cati on one of the subscribers, who will on tiie ensuing weex irom tint dale, open a ttore lo said town where d win constantly reside. S. M. at Z. LEVEN WORTH, Corydon, June 6. The publishers of (he Boston CentineL New York Evening Post aad Philadelphia Aurora, nuaoeipnia Aurora, I are requested to publish the above three times, and forward thiV hilia ta u uiWrihm o thi premises. J 16 St Aery Agtnfi Office, Afio - lerfc. LOCUST TIMBER WANTED. 17"AM ED, a quantity of locust timber and T v tree - nails. Apply to the Navy Azent at ei Wa - ihinztoo - strset. r frrThe nuMiihcrt ofUts New - Brunswici Timet, Newark CentineL Iog - I'land tar, I New - Haven Journal, and w - Loudon Gazette, I will please publish this advertisement one month, 1 1 and send their bills to the Nary Agent's Odice. I Jy 18 lin To Suuthtm and othxr Gentlemen. r MO BE SOIJJ a power - cV - i I fal Bar Horse. 6 rears old, 16 hands high, perfectly sound, unquestionably tl - e finest Horse in the city fr a single Horse carriage of any description. To a . . i - i. . loos loitruev wilts case and safety, this Ho'te woaid be invaluable, being a first rate mover and equal to any weight. To be srrn at the Repository, Walker - street bear Broadway. JySO lw - TROTTING HORSE. FOR oV.e, a remarkably fast trotting hone, sound, sind kind in alt harness, aud ta.T under the saddle. A jijily et Jones LWery .Vti - bi. m iew - irt iu'v t) 4t I I I I IX of and of - ' r UTT O I ? f1 Q AT ,T? JT U XJJ - ilL kiaUfjO. BY MILLS, MlNTON & CO. '" - , - - 'laiorrow, ' At tl o'cloek, iu front of their auction store. No. 143 Pearl - street, 35 icaaks. wrli asioUtd earthenware, received by tlie last amvalt,froui Liverixiol. ''." - " ' Tbnrsday, - T ; - " At half past 9 o'clock, at their auction ttorr. No. 148 Pearl street, a general assortment of French and English Dry Goods. - The principal part of which will be at four months credit ; among which are, 2 cases elegant double and siiiK'e damask and diaper table cloths, from 6 - 4 ' t JO 4 by ltf - 4; 1 do super Scot h 5 - 4llucn' sheeting ; I do linen bed ticks ; I da 6 - 4. linen chocks ; 1 do 36 lriu linen ; 1 do 54 company ulavk Persians ; 1 do' company 0;ig bdkis. ; I ditto black damask shawls, 2 ditto blue and assorted Sewing Silks ; 1 do faacy cravats and hkfsj 1 do blfc and white silk half hose ; 1 do while thulle I see; I do white Merseilles vesting, and anuintiercf other articles. . "MARHL.E FOR jSOlLtiJAU, ac. TH E proprietors of the southern marble qua I ries, near King's - Bridge, give notice, that they have ou hand, ami are receiving, at the Kui - Bridgt JVarble ond Lime - lard, foot of Beach - street, on tha Hudson river, an extensive stock of marble lor building, of (he following de scripuonsv vis t Ashlar Coping Foundation Stone Chimney.Piecesj Faciugs . ' Coiumiit - WatertaUe teps Platforms Sills, Luitett t ...Arches Also Lime of the best quality.. T7 A constant supply of the above materials may be calculated upon i and those desirous of purchasing, ot making engagements, will apply . io UlULUW. FeMl - At the Yard. . - VIO.Vfll '40 LOAJf. (K i n n n001113 to m m VJ , V J " suit applicants, on bond with mortgage upon approved propttty. - Enquire of WM. WILLIAMS, 137 Water - street. Where application may be generally made through the year, and mortgages disposed of. Je WJtf - 7'0 THE PUBLIC, try The Register of the city and county of New - Yoik, informs the Public, that all Deeds, Mortgages, 8tc. kc.wr ; .v - wwe in the office ai the tune of his taking possession, and which have been sincedeposit ed there, (up to the first in9tan) arc ready for delivery. The confd. sion and dissatisfaction which have resulted from omittlnp; to register satiHfuction pieces. have induced him to devote several weeks to the examination of tlie records with a view of putting those important vouchers into order. Tho result ot his labour enables him to say that upwards of six hundred morttraires. a - mounting to eight hundred and two thousand eight hundred and thirteen dollars, which had been redeemed' remain yet uncancelled. The satisfaction pieces tor these' mortgages ara now alphabetically arranged, for tlie inspection of those concerned, in order to enable them to Uke legal means for having them entered on record. Further particulars may be known during office hours, from 0 till 3. GAR KIT GILBERT, Jy 18 3t RegUter. Malt of AeiP - York. CovwtiolltrU Offk. ss. PUBLIC NOTICE is herebv giveu that the State Treasurv deposits ia Uie citv of New - York, wefe on the first instant removed from the Bank of New York to the Manhattan Bank, pursuant to an ecioi tne i - eguiature oi tne xist Apni, miUi and inst, tbriore, ail Treasury payments to be made in tlie city of New York, must hereafter be made at the said Manhattan Bank. ARCIl'D. M'lNTl RE, J IW lw Comptroller. fry3 MR. DWVER resiK - cUuUy informs his friends and Ibe public, that, in consequence of the inclemency of the weather, his Lectures are poitpnhed '(ill Weduesday evening next, the 224 instant. inly 20 3t , OJVjE ceat rrwJrd. . ABSCONDED from the subscriber, Henry Coles, about 19 years of are, 5 feet 6 inches hign. Iirht complexion : an aoorentice to the Shoe - making business. Said Cole has occasion ally been employed in collecting money all per ? are forbid harboring, trusting, or payioe; P"" "" ,or i" lr" aale - ineeoove reward will be paid for returning Henrv Colet. without any cnarget to jo. 1 1 Hudson - street, oy. Jon J V ' ' lw I IM' Vll. M I l.lJ A m T EWEN, baring been recently .appoioted JLr by the corporation as a city - surveyor, re. "P'ully informt the public, that he has opened M 0,Bc rrankfort - ttree next door to Tam - many - Hall, for the purpose of land surrsyiiij generally. - - Townships, cities, estates, or any tract of latjd, accurately surveyed and drawn. via piaus, copica, reuucea, or emargea. uM..Mni ........ T.i I ajs - syi WMWtl aSSaK SHI V I ISIIU SJVIMW Vt) 4CUla tf other purposes. K"1 UkM! "5? P10'1 for CMus aqnedurts, roads, tic. for engineers. if 17 1w nrwi.THV. rvOCTOR ZERAH HAWLET informs the JJ public that bitofiice it M No. 91 Nassau ,treet ; where he trtraeU terih. Ween and $tl nH nsrrnrni, nnr(ina U taSi,tr Tlie following certificate of skill, he thinks a luflicient recommendation, whom it mat con - cut : Ti,;.rtiH. tht n. s.r.Kiuu - ,,' - w bred physician, and in good ttamftog with his brethren in this place ; that he has pid oar - ticular attention to the art of Dentistry, has stu died the best European works oo the subject, and has given very good satisfaction in this braacli, to his customers, who are persona of the first respectability in this city. We therefore, with entire confidence recommend Dr. Hawley to the citizens of New - York at a enu. I Alnrat Munson.'j Pmfessort of New - Haven, 1 Nathnn Smith, f the Med. Jan. 22, 1UI8. II.U rves, C Institutioo, Jona. Knight, j laie ,oi. J 17 lw CLERK WANTED. . ,7, r. - v .. k i. VV L Z7a 2 ThnW writes si V acquainted wtlh bosiness, and write a Ivrtfufinnil. A Kna directed to is. aamiotT refer - lence, age, and Use Dusiness uey nave oern io. will urn laiuicuiatcij mwww v ...I.Ib ak Sf&a1a1 J 18 3t J'rizfi f Piizet ! Prixe ! . TN the last clast Medical Scence Lottery, the greatest number of capital prize were Isoldbv KUBKKi WAiir - juo autwitnstana ing he had not one tenth part of the number tickets as those who style themselves " tru lucky," and in the Milford tt Owego Road tottery, just finished sold as many prizes ss they did, aud had not one half the , uumberof tickets. , The hurhest prixe sold' already paid in a whole ticket in this Lottery, was tlie first drawn number fiSOOO, pur - - chased of R. WAITE, J;n. by a gentleman in Lioerty - street. iio lngtierprixehAs yet been paid, iu a whole ticket - The public will there fore know how to appreciate the golded stories they so frcquemlv see published in the daily papers. LUBEItT WA1TE, Jon. has been in business only 13 roontUa, and from tie unparalleled success which has attended tickets purchased of him. and consequent increase - customers at his ofiice, he Anticipates the pleasure of selling roost of the Capital rnxesr m!ie 5th Medical Sc - erics Lottery, which wr.! cumrnence drawing" 4th Augwtnert. Csi - tsA' Prur) f lD0,fA0. 30;000, 20,000, 10.000. 500, 2 of 8 TOOP, aid 45 of I00U. Ticket, and baHs, for saIs ly U. WAsTB. Jun. 136 Droad - wty. ' ..

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