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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Tuesday, July 21, 1818
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.vjnr - YUXX FK.VWO post. Vk. . - TUESDAY, JULY 21. ' I ' Lilrvrj inlclfigtnceK publication hat just ' mad Hi appearance frost Oat pre of Grata and . Mutti rsprinttriXrom 1 Qaeiec edition, aad cou - wdng of 235 pages, entitled J A military and naval eptralion in Ou Canada during Uu late ":. trsr wiik tht United Slakt, including, alt, tht . WirB!rt etir Jtut Craig and tir Georgt ' Prwtfrtn' the tmr will llu year lilSi ' j Jtcoer. Cfe - wtf, $mrire. We haw thought it our dntv ti nema this Vol una with SOttM t - - lenium. nu uuii now tm& uw. n rra opinion of it merit. .; la point of rtfl rtb acccrate, Itt expressictt (with but oe or two exceptions) well chosen and well put logo. then On tbe whole it deserve commendaUoa . H this retpect. In all thatreUU to the poUlical r hutory of Lower Canada, we preiiie, .lh au - v tUor S correct and impartial ; hi narration it ", tlear and occasionally interspersed with the judi - .,....Ai;nn.ri fT'iinTinrd mimd. He.hoW ' , ever, usicoveri uunugnoui, a n. w warditna umteaoiau wokb oneu ran iuui , ' ... 1 rn ... A 1 - - M iiiiaiih a a - . llaring tocasioii to speak of tbe federal party, ho does not scruple, in Ibrgntulness of what was ' due te decorum and to himself a a gentleman, - to us the oppro out tens, federal fdtlutn It might haveoccunedto. a man ai well inform - ' ed ai he, that if that faction had approved of the war, and could conscientioutiy have lent - their cordial heart and hand to carry il on, hi - boasted Canada would biurdlf have opposed an " cifectual barrier to our arms : wa had only to v bare marched to their show, and thry - WoulJ ' ' tars been ours. , .Whether this it sober truth or ', i4y ridiculous garcooale, time, perhaj - s, will ' "show, j . ; ' " ; i ' m hit history o?Ae military and naval opera lions during the lake war, we do not accuse him of any positive de&gnea nussiaiemeni i uuasier we'know toe well was often' the lot of tbe Ame - : ricaaarmt during the two first campaign at tht ' northward, but we also know that our fortunes .began to assume a very different aipect before the war terminated, and that brilliant affairs VfcVUim .UM BWW.m. w. f crsdit upon timte ana bo(h by tea and bud A perfect impartiality, perhaps, was not aj. way to hive been expected whea ipeaking of 1 . (he conduct of tbe two rival aaliont, and Mr. , Christie leemi to have thought be conducted hit hittory wits tnl&cienicaodor 11 neomy iook care to avou any direct violation of positive truth ; " that hi was quits at liberty to pass siigauy orer those occasions which reflected ao honor upon tbe English arm, and to omit all atention of the name 01 we gjuuwi aiwawiHn wan engaged in them. When compelled by historical fidelity to men tion of tome of these, be winoe from the performance of the task, and betray the tinging asortUkatioa he experience by aa at tempt In conceal it from himself and but read - ' or. Yet, tint aoMe - tpirittd historian, this &ir 1 1 1 1 c - i.i - .r ji . sneaodest of siakiag all mention of the name oi theyoathful hero, who, wilh a handful of men, dtbated a body of English and Savages, in their attempt to atom the fort of Sandusky t and, in a tccoad, yet more striking case, of Uim, who cov ered luauelf and hi country wilh glory, by his masterly skill in naval tactics, and wresting the victory from one of the most experienced and bravest captain in the Uriiuh marine And dii he hope by this pitiful artifice, toiuter tept the name of Oeg'um and Mucdanmigh from reacning posterity ? How must every ge nerout mind revolt at tuch unworthy conduct ia Uu historian, who, like the tyrant of antiquity, has thus nawarily taken the mot direct menns to defctt hi owa purpote. Nor are the names of Scott, Brown, Gaines, or any one of the Ameri can commander mentioned by him. with suitable distinction, if we except the solitary case of com - BBodore Ferry t to bun, and him only, has ht ' tendered bit due. The following account of the naval action oa Lake Erie, to extracted, a well tor the purpose ef giving him credit for nit justice to the America commander, astoaflWd the reader a ipackaea of hit manner: "Oa the 10th. in the morning, the enemy's Hoot were descried at anchor in Pul - enoy, which immediately weighed and bore down upon the Bnush squadron, while the wmd blowing gentle breeaefrem the south wett,veeringrouod to the sooth east, gave the enemy tbe weather - gage. At a quarter bolore 12, the Hnuta com - ' tnenced firinr. which was m ten minute oftrr wards returned by the enemy, who bore up for clwe.actiou. The engagement continued with unabftad fury until hxlfpastt, when the ene my's principal ship, the Lawrence, beuig ren dered ucmatuieeablc, oomm tdore Perry left her in charge of hi first lieutenant, Yarnal, and iuusled tut pennant oa board the Niagara, aoou after this officer had left tha Lawrence, her co lor were struck, but the Britlh, from the weakness of thmr crews and destruction of their boats, were unaUe to take possession of her. - It was at this anxious and interesting juncture, thai the fxtjt nf the dav seemed to noise in iver of the British ; and commodore Perry even despaired of the victory, when a sudden breeie revived hu hopes, and turned the rcale iu hit favor. Thii fortunate commander, finding the - Niegara, lud Buffered Ujhily in the eogage'nent. made a desperate cflort to retrieve the fortune of tbe day. and Inkmg advantage ot the breste, sliot ahead of the Lady rrcvosL Queen Charlotte and Uun - ter, raking them with her sla - t - ourd guns, and engaged the IJi trmt, which ocmg r?Jted us all directions soon became unmao.'reeable. The Niagara then bore round ahead of tba Queen CTixHotu, and haulioj op on the ttarboard tack, ent.agtd that ship, glrmg at the tame time a raking fire with her larboard gun to tha Cbip - ewi uiue iseii, wmie Vie smaller vestals closing to grape and eauiiter distanoa, maintained a tresteadoas and nioet dxtnn;. Cm 1" "?r,rtT' h successful mauotu vre decidiHl the coolest. Cant. Rni,. iv.;n. vwly and danrontly wounded, capt. Fmnit, ol the Queen Charlotte. killcJ - . officer wmd command, either kdled erdnaWed, the Detroit ted Qaeea Char - ""'i wreciu, aiier a desperate enr.r. . t . . .. . wpwarus 01 vtrt nourt. wera 1 led to surrender, by this deci,i . e acUoo. the ru'. - UITJD on lAXa , rip optqred by ue eaemv. who now became un ceatroUble ntattart of the lake. " The enemy lost iu Hut action 27 men ia killed, and 96 men wounded. The British lost 3 officers and is men killed, and 9 officers txd Ui men wounded. A at hi er and to of try were ant the erin; the tkm, the and hi tsoos ou of at li prisoners were lauded at nJoky, tod trsaud with th greatest bomaaity by the American commodore, wb paroleJ capUm Barclay, a - il treated thai galoot officer with all th kiodno.ii and munition which hia unsuccessful lam sorry that jounce coenptlttne to pUerse, before I tomtit th volume, that it Is sxicn'ilufi - rured with Uw too automat? suafk of Atoeri - cu typography. It to t b Iwped Uw tuggs. tion will be duly aUaaJed to ia another edition. ' Tbe teaUeaatY who has taken the paint to tend as aa anonymous eonimunicatioo all the way from Philadelphia, giving the particular oia dueJioujni iat weea at noooacn, 1 uuo ed, tkat at 00a groat object seem U ba to givt notoriety to tbe affair, and ai wa have no time Jfoiovetti tate the fact, wehave'aeat hiscoin - muolcatioa to tba police - oflice that they may bestow tech attention upon "th Mbjtct aa they think proper. . , STATE OFNEW - YORK. . , Uead - uartcrs, Statni Island, ) . Juljf 17, 1818. GBXKR.1l. ORDERS. Tbe comoianderia chief, ad verting to the lion oun recently paid to the remain of Ue illus - tnodi Major Gen. RICHARU MOJriXiOX - B.M. ha wiiaesteu. wiui rratoiui sensibility, the patriotic demonstrations or nn lollow - citizens. profound veneration for departed worth and distinguished heroism, 0 aa untiring indication a high minded and discerniug people, and re - ueots eqnal liutre upon ine living and toe dead. lite commander would tin Iniasttce to an feel ingi, if be withheld bi acknowtedgeaMbts from Uioee more immeouitiy cnirutlea with tne leawiuei ol that uoprosive cccemoD. He tea den hie tpteial thank to Colonel Lewi Lirinr - tton, to whom the aegoctation lor the riimaim oi tU turnout kmtman was counaed, fcr tut utt Ueu, fidelity of research, and nnremiUiog attention to thr Adjutant - General for the excellence of hi military dtipotitiont, mid vigilant u - perintendance : to ColncU Williams and Kniok - erbocker, of the tivalry, their oliicen and men, r the etcort from .WUtehall : to J.ieutenaut - Coiourl La ti range,' and the militia ho acted under bit command, in conduclin; and guanliug the remaini j to Colonel Gansevoort, Lieutenaot Belknap and men tw the etcort from Albany, and to the olTicert of the apay and navy of the Ueitrd Slatet, who acted on tbit ocowioii et - peciall to Commodure Channrcy, of the VVasli - in?tou. to Cantain tiuuJ, coaiaianuuut or tlie armed venelt at Whitehall, aod Majurt Worth Dalaby, for their prompt and able co - opera - Uuo. The gallant Majir Uirdtall would have participated in these acknowledgment of use fulness, but his uutimely death ha left nothing; the commander in chief but the opportunity eipreninj deep rtgrtl for hi fate, and reconi - mcachag his virtue to the consecration of hit entry. The commander in cmV recognize with wel come emotion the patriotic intentions ol the re volutionary veteran or Kenselacr county, and reciprocates the ennobling sentiment which ac - taated them. Hi thanks are also due to the officers of colonel Tales regiment ; to major - general Morton and the militia under bis command, and to the officers of the division of infan in New - York t to the corporations of Troy, Albany, Hudson and New - York ; to the authorities of the village through which the remains conveyed, and to tbe cadets of that import institution the military academy at Vest - rout, i n society oi Um loaouatj, to whom closing soletenilie were committed, in rend - due homage to the obsequies of thsir. distinguished companion in glory, bare freshened remembrance of their own inestimable services. The commander in chief rratefully avails himself of this occasion to eipreet his acknow ledgements to them for their cordial co - opera - and also to colonel Tlutt, the associate of hero, when he fell ; to the different patriottc Dcnevolent societies m new - tor ( and to fcllow - ciUaens at larje, whose desnoustra - of regard for departed hemism redact honor their discernment auJ patriotism, and will prove at once the reward ol past and the parent future illuMrious achievements. By. order of the commandor iu chir FERRIS FELL, M. S. A Cta2w Price Corrent, of June 6, cuotes Americaa Hour at 45 to 46 ; ashes 50 to 52 ; to - bacoo, Uttt Virginia, 9 to 10. Extract of a letter, dated LIVERI OOL, Juno 4. " Very liltle ilvi to - day in. the cotton mar ket - prices are steady the price of ood fair Upland i0) 4d j good Si 1 - 4U ; good icW - Or - leans, rid. " Arrivals uxby, the Montgomery and the Jason, from Savannah. n Extract of a leUar, duted uU.4VRE,Janel. "Since the 2U1 ult. the market ha under gone httle or no change. Cottons continue dull 55 a S8 tow for Upland, 55 a 57 for New - Or leans, and 4f SO. to 70 for Sea Island. We do not, however, expect any decline ou the present quotations and hope that the demand will noon revive. Kice, very heavy, and a danererous ar ticle. The last tale wa at 33f : contracts have since been made in Paris at 36 1 - 2 deliverable 10 July aod Angurt, and at 35 for the year.' Flour nominal Coffee is in important demand. 30 1 - t in btmi have been offered to - day for a parcel or 4U.UUU lbs. Havana booeht oi on Saturday ai30t but the proprietors hold it. ana we understand there are orders ui town to purchase at 31." From tht Fnmkjurt, (Ten.) Jr - nn. Ju' 3 Pamela. The course pursued after tlie Canture of this nlace. evinces a detet - minution on tlie part of the government or iU aent 10 kcepposscssino. However irregular may have lieen theteizure of this place, ami we have no doubt tbe whole work! will consider it an act of open war tliongh we may attempt to excuse it, l'ensacola muat never be given up ; but Dt held forever as an indemnity tot uiju net. 1 he satcty of our Southern frontier re quire it. Hut while we rejoice at the prospect ofnb taining iiHlemnity from Spain and sreurity for n aim security ion of at r It the A 15. of of a . . . '.11 our bouthern irontier. let tw not t irgrt .Ihefb,,, Wenee which can be obuii priiKipies ut uur nun uiiaiivuiMJti. ill of declaring war it vested in Congress llieri - lit!.,. President has no right Without such declara tion to use 1L.6 troop of the Union ior anv other purpose than national defcnee. If it was found, that Spaa bad so conducted herself a to make the invasion and occupation of her territories or in other words on tpem war, necessary, it was tlie duty of the 17eUeitt to submit the facts to Con grew and let them judge what course it would be moat proper to pur sue. The constitution Ds maae inatnoaysuo - ect to the call of the President at any (non - tent when the public interest may require. The conclusion winch we draw from thee principle is, that tlie President had no right to rive orders for tbe occupation of Pawacola or any other place jn the possession of Spain without authority from txigre. I he reason alleged by Jack ton are prubably sufficivnt o justify Congress in autliorisiflg this act of ope - oar 1 but not sutlicient to justify the rrcsKient witliout such authriTy. However, the set may not have been authirited by tlie President for we repeat Jackson evident - iy unregarded Ins pubU orders. Bat tli? blow is utruck un act tf war has been committeil arut !. ,.. .j:... ... : nor tlie countrv fv,.. , , - w.v wi(llllljlMIl ' vw.. T - CT have a rizbt to rtrrct rrtr'ls and o tf1 In putotircclves in tbe lert toMble situatw" an approaching contest! ike nrsi smu most obsknis ttrp is tli ocetpatkm of all tlc Floridae. This would uot burewe tlie ctrrf of war and would put us hito 1 better itufc.Uon to meet it.; : , Frm tht Albany Doit Jdvjrtittr, Julj 17 - 1 have copied from a Petrdt paper, a Uw of the Michnran territory, wlnclltendywimcio (ed,requestirgyou to give I apiece in your paper. It it one of those itrtnge and rare things which Soloman orjpnottd waa never to he presented for inspection k in a new thing under tlie tun. It must, however, be gratify ing - to the cit item 01 our state to una tbeir law quoted and the spirit cf ilitm introduced and incorporated into the law of oher state. But I am so little conversant, Mesn. Editor with either statute or common uw,tfiat I am much at a loss to determine svhether'our f. tends of Michiesn have quoted corrects, and I wish to submit it to some of tbe learnoi gentlemen of your city lately appointed to lbs magistracy for their examination . and beg1 they will tur - n sh you with the result ofthttr investigation, as we justice in tlie country,' n - ho have not ao ready an acceta to books, nity be informed whether we have it in our tower to pardon larcenies and other crimes, omire convict pay log our fee and settling as well is he can with the constable. - j know tins i en great sa tisfaction to none man, - wljotr sometimes so unfortunate 'at to have taken tlieirneh - bor"s nrooertv wiibout leave. It will also be agreeable to many of us in thtcommission of the peace, a we snail receive our tee in rcauy py, and people of tlii chancier do not boggle much about the charge ' Yours, A JCSTTCC Off TBI PXACK. Saratoga County, July 10, 1 Sid. ' Tbe following i a copy of tlie hV tent to ut. A A act for pardoning .i ItXJtdtr Udtoa. Be it enacted by (he goreroor md judei ofllie territory of Michigan, that A (wander Oiiion. oow imprisoned in the county go4'of tlie counts Wayne, upon a conviction ftt larceny, be pardoned and released from goal tnon condition that be pay to the Sheriff of the tru rouniv. the cost and expenses which have occired from the time ofhis apprehension till bis dissharee. The same being adopted from thelnwtof one of tlie original state, to wit, the state of iVew - York. lar a necettary and tuitable to the circura - stance of the territory of Mirbitac maae, auoptcd and published tt tlie city of . :. J . 1 m 1 . . 1 . . . ueiruii. iu uie lerniorj 01 micimran tins vlh day ot August in the year of our Lurd one thousand eight hundred and seventeen. , LKWIS CAS.S . Governor of tlie territory of W icliigan. BOST(W.Ji,lv19. Fire.' LaM erenin a serious fire burst out from the bake - hou?e of Mr. Henry Gunnison. eituated between the Mill - food and Back - street. commenced at about 6 o'clock, and before it was extinguished, it consumed S wooden build - iojf. As the wells in the neighborhood were utarly dry, the tide wa low, ant as we have nad no rain lor a long time, it was fortunate thjat lire had not commenced at nigat t'' since the contiguity of numerous buildings of wood would have produced a very extensive conflagration. The following buildings were destroyed, viz : coppersmith's works, owned by Messrs. J. & 1 . wcues, with a large amount of stock a bake - house occupied by Mr. Gunnison, formerly Newbury port, and owned by the heirs of tlie late deacon Kettle 1 a two - story (roughcast) dwelling house, occupied by several families and owned by Mr. J. Cartwrigbt ; a Wooden carpenter' and masou's shop, and a barn occupied by Mr. John Fuller. Connected with these were several other buildings of the same materia If, which were consumed. The Rev'd. Dr. Bald - j win't meeting - house wat considerably injured, and was preserved with difficulty, as it Wat on fire in the roof several times. The lost it esti mated at 13,000 dollars of which the propor tion or JHtssrs. Welles, it supposed to be between 2 and 3000 dollars. On Tuesday last, CapL Hull gave aa elegant water excursion to ' His Excellency Governor Brooks and party of about twenty gentlemen this place. The day was fine, and the dinner, which was given in in pleasure boat, was serv ed up with great taste and elugance upon the return ol the party in the afternoon to the hnr bour, a salute was fired from the battery at the navy yard, as a compliment to His Excellency On cJurMay last, tbe atmosphere ot Boston was filled wilh smoke, caused by tbe burning of bruih at Lexuizton. come appreheosioiM were xiierienced that the fire would spread, but tt appears to have been completely extinguished. Intntitinz te bunk institution Anion the novel ingenious meant suggested for incre - .isin the diffirul lies of forgery in the case of Bank of upland Notes, is an invention which has been recently submitted to the consideration of the bank director!. The method is, to introduce by chemical process, into the substance of the uotes, and during tne mauuiacture 01 in paper, atnudl portion of a peculiar liquid gold, which shall have the appearance of what is termed art' ists dead mat gokl and which may be made to represent a variety of (small unmeri.rt figure. corresponding with the respective value of the teveral notes in which it may be inserted. The figure, it 19 maintained, cannot be immdetL cx cent by those who are potaesMd of the ict tutor's secret mode of chemical preparation, and of the various mechanical apparatus hy which hit pro - are carried on, an J thr antiaratiit, it appear, ts so large, required 10 no worked oy a steam engine, that counterfeits of such a fabric could not be produce J, as under the preieat sys tem ia concealment or a corner, wbile tlie ex 1 of the preparation is so smalL thonih the most precious metal is employed in it. that. is asserted, not to add more than two pence to the cost of tbe manufacture of a note, if tli note be marked onlv with a tingle figure. Were tuch a plan adopted awl In correspond wilh it pretensions, it would enatilc the public to lorm their Judemeut ef a note, not as now, by poriug over water m.trk, au! perplexing graphic lines. but by node glance at a cmuinruons and slrik ing character, whiihtho nmt illiterate might quickl learn to read and nndcryUnd. PuTTsarmm, July It Vnfy'tnnate ccevrrtnce.'Vht following tiar ticula. e of tlie accident nliich occurred at one of the trims, in firings salute ut 1 o'clock, on tlie ult inst. is derived from tbe tweer under ..... .. , 1.. ..1..,. r. l ItlltC 1 1 IV NIUIC W MB 111 trsa. From tli ntJ tlie Mk j.j , : , ; icni ..iliu in 111c picvc, am. iron) ueiiij impeifectlv tpongcu, it went oil the rdbment tlie Carti n!ge was rammed to it chamber. Jblm wiliiamt who sponged, had both of his arras ta;rn off and one aide of his face. Phi neat U. Buckurn, who served the Cartridge, ui severely burnt in the face and was thrown from the piec. - Nathan Burk. a Cornbral who attended the vent, had tlie first joint of his right tiiumb taken oft at the same time. Williams died on the 5th tnst. Fiity or sixty recruits joined the CUi Regi ment at :ius post on tne nth instant. , The Itestian Fly hat made its appearance in this vicinity. We understand that IPrii wueat in many neios is materially injured. NEWARK. (N. J.) lulytl H ondrrful txrapt On the night of tha 13t intt. a Mrs. Limbert, a reipectable widow lady. in Ibis town, (hot late from Savaooah,) got op m the nigbt and went to tbe well to procure drink of water. - Strang as it may appear, the person woo had been fixing the platform the pre - m' - ag day, bad removed Uie curb from si usual place, and bad not repiaoa j a at night. Tne lady ia going to the well, at the tnpNwed, Ml " r " V - ri surecuj ui it ana km tarcaa. ay est at nta it to - boUom ia about si feet water ' Whea she fooad her perilous situation, and a the rose ia the water she providt - ntially got a foot, held, and with her cries of dittre noon alarmed the neighbors, who were enabled to extricate her from her dis - trsed tiroalioa. In tbe foil she experienced some ipjury iu one ofber feet but no bone were brcJceo. nor was sheotherwiseteriously affected. A solemn warning thit, not to leave wellt un covered. 1 ' - .'V ' SALEM. Jul 13. jr,re. - On Wednesday last, at about 10 0' eWlr A.M. a fir hndte out at Gloucester in a bouse in Back - etreet owned byMr.!iaCfough and nied bv him and Mr. John Close. The fire wa first ditcovered npon tbe roof, tapposed to bave prooeeaea irom a spars irom uib aey. ' The bouse wat completely dettrayed, to - tether with most of the furniture and severe! luodred dollars ia silver. The day, it will be recollected, was uncommonly Vy A windy, bat by the great exertion of all description of people the epread of the Am era prevented. - A large house opposite the one burnt and teveral otter baildingt in the vicinity, were teveral timet an fire. The Ladiet ta ntuiicelar are highly commended for their realoet efficient co - ope ration the general effort to extinguish m prv vent the progress of the flame. It 11 said that a Are ha not happened ia Gloucester before for half a century, excepting a bam belonging to the tame Mr. Ciough, which wat burnt by lightning about 12 year ago. .1 Jrthil Robber,. Confeationa. purportina to be those of Alexander and Hare, Convicted of Robbing tlie Mad, and sentenced to DeaUt. In Baltimore, have been for tome day bawkad throuirh the streets of Philadelphia in which the sentence i taid to have been inflicted oa tbe 11th inst Thin in base imposition on tlie public, the President not havintr vet deci ded on the case of these unfortunate men, owing it is said, to the Judges having omitted to nameaday fur their execution. '"it. BUFFALO, fW. Y.) July 14. Retptct la Uit memtrn tf tht firate Tne citi zen! of Detroit held a nseetiatr oa the d June, bit excellency Lewi' Cast, chairman, and an - pouueu pienrt. a. u. vvnitncy, wm. tsrewn, James M'Clasky, John Whipple and A. Dcouln - dre, a committee, for the purpose of removing that city, for interment, the remain of the American olbcera and soldiers who fell at the Ri ver Raisin, January S2, 1813, and to erect a suitable tuonumeut over them. This respect paid to the memory of those brave but unfoitu - nat men, must be consoling to their surviving friends, and reflect credit upon those who pro jected it. 1 he light - house buililinar ou tbe point of land at the coufluence of Buffalo creek with Lake Erie, near tbit village, bat just been completed. and will probably be lighted op immediately. BALTIMORE. July 13. A new and curiout kind of fraud was lately practised on a gentleman who retidet at Port Tobacco, in Charles County, in this state. . The gent'eman had directed the owner of a boat to purchase for him in Baltimore, a few barrel ofj ground piaiicr 01 pans, 11 oeiua; cuiiomary mode it apreart of putting up that article forth convenience of transportation. When the bar ren were opened at i'ort lt bacco, it wat as certained that only a few inches in depth at either end of each barrel contained platter, tlie reit of the barrel being filled up with land and dirt. The Knoxvilie (Ten.) Gaxette, of July 7th. states, that Dr. Jones, irom Kaleigh, North Ca rolina, a few dayt ago, at Joneborough in thit slate, restored vision to Mr. John Aiken, formerly a printer of Philadelphia, who had been many year blind, by couching the cataract in his eyes ; and alo extirpated a cancerous eye of Mr. Jonathan Young. Fnrm the Lurtrne Federalist. WleV turn OrindstontU - When I was a lit tle boy, I leinemher one cold winter' day, t wat accosted by a tmiling man, with au axe on bit shoulder, my pretty boy, taid be, baa your father a grindstone ? Yeseic,' said I. t ou are a boc nine iciiuw, - auu - win foe pel ute grain my axe no il ?' Pleased with the teajpliusent ol uiw nine teiiow, 1 uji.cicu, tir, 11 u down in the shop.' And will you saia He, patting me on the head, 'get a tittle hot water." How could 1 reiuie.' l ran, ana soon orougu a kettle lull. How old are you, and what's yout name,' continaed be, witliout waiting for a reply' ' I am sure vou are oue of the finest lads (bat ever I have seen, will you just turn a lew minute.'' t ickled witb Ibis Battery, like a tool 1 went to work, and bitterly did 1 rue the day. It wns a ue w axe, and I toiled and tued till 1 was almost tired lo death. The school bell meg, and I could not getaway, my hands n ere blistered, and it wat not hail ground. At length, Itowever, the axe was sharpened, and tbe man turned to me with '5ow you little rascal, you've played the truant send to school, or you'll buy it. Alas, thought I, it is hard enough to turn grindstone tint cold day, but now to be called 4 little rascal ' was too much, ft sunk deep imo my mind, and cltea have I II lotight of it since. When I tee a uerciiant orer - ponte to mi cus tomers, begging them to taste a little brandy, aod throwing half of hit goods oa the counter think l, nut man bat an axe to grwa. When I have teen a young man of doubtful character, patting a Ctrl on her check, praiiing her sparkling eye and ruby lip, and giving her a lv squeeze Beware my girt, timntht I, or you win Dnd to your sorrow, tiiai you nave been turn ing grindstone lor a villain. COMMUNICATION. Mr. Dvyr. This gentleman intends giving a recitation of tlie amusing lecture en f leads. (written by the celebrated Dr. Steven?,) at the Imigrooiu iu Bank Colfce - llnuse, on WeduesJay evening next. 1 he aJnuLted talen of Me. I). hit clajsical attainments, genteel manner and addrets peculiarly tifit him for Uic task he ha uadert jken. i o those of our allien who have never heard the clelirated recitation, I can tay, without fear of contradiction, that there is no perron in America, and perhaps not one in Europe, more capable of doing justice to the lec ture, or recitations generally, than Mr. iJwyer. . AI. The Cilr Inspector report! the death of 81 per son,, iioin me i un uay oi juiy, 10 ine win day ot July 1 B in, of tlie lollowing diseases. Apoplexy 1 ; cancer S; child bed I ; cholera morl'U 3 : consumption 1 1 ; convultiont 9 ; diarrhea 3 ; drinking cold water 3; dropsy 1 ; dropsy in the heart 3; drowned 1; ferer I t fever, iu - Hanmutory S; fever, typhut IS ; flux, infantile 2; hive or croup I ; jaundice 1 ; inflao,matioa of t!.eboeis I ; lofliiamutionol'tne brain 1; in - flaicmation oftlie chest 1; inflammation of the uver z ; inOanTmation of the stomach I : intern' perance S; killed or murdered 1 : old nee S: peripiieumony 1 ; noenntoniatyphodei 1 ; Spasms i s siiuiieu ueam j; lanes mesenttnea 1 ; teeth inS ; onknowa l ; wboopinj(congh3. Married. Last evening, by the Rev. fr. Spring, Rensselaer Havens, Esq. to Miss Catharine C. Webb, ait oi mis city. DIED, At New - Bedford, llth tnst. Mr. William P. Jones. He arrived there the day previous from Savannah, in tlie sloop Henry, and wat taken tick on the passage. His friends in New - York, or elsewhere, may obtain influ - mation respecting his effects, tec. by addi essiug a letter to air, itaac K. Udtonl, N B a I lord. trhVflXQ POST MARLYS LIST. CLEARED. Erig Jane Maria, , . Pacific Ocean Schr. Alert, IngertoU, Laguir Karthtui, Rinicke k Co. i ARRIVED Tilt fOftk.XOO'r. V. - n iirwwwwB, v. W wia. waeat, to au. NuJieo. ARRIVED LAST truaifG, Past aail'mf; schr. yVeyroouthv Benedict, 45 dsvt irom Kouen, anu i irom atvrw, wnn purr stones aod dry roods, tcJ M Lowry & Co and 8 Desobry. Left at Kosien, June 3d, brig Naa - ev. HsJT. of M York, and sea Little VYuliam. Hill, of Boston. - Sailed from Havre, June 7th, in co. with brig Edward, Mankin, of Baltimore, tor St Domingo. Left there, ship Cyrus, Curtis, for Boston, June 6th 1 brig Comet, Bond, for St Petersburgh the 7th ; ship Wil - liam, Brady, for N York, in 15; Rubicon, ItoW dridire. fur do. June 21 Sophia,' Felt, wir In. dia in 2 day j Medora, Rumherrer, of Phila - delpliia. dicbarrmr thin EUltbetn, Adams, sailed Juna 6th, fot Philadetpbis ; ship Maria Theresa. Skiddy, of N York, loading. June 10. lat 43 83, Ion 13 30, spoke ship General I land, of Baltimore, from Liverpool, tor If Orleans. 25th, lat 40 40, km 35 49, spoke brij Margaret, Harris, of N York, 3 dayo from Am. 1ordn, for Petershurg, Virg July 14, lat 4i u, ion 0.', epoxe bng auperior, 23 days from Greenock, for Philadelphia, having lost her maintop gallant mast, and 3 men overboard. Oft Nantucket, spoke - ship Samuel, irom tneuiast or Brazil, tor Nantucket, with 226t0A0f Oil. '. Kbra Mirror, Geer, 47 days from Kewry, witk Im6nt. and 4 steeare natserurers. to N L ft Q Criswold, owners. A Bell, and J M'Car - ty. Vune , lat 39 SO, Ion 69, ipoke ship, lobinson, from N York, fcr Liverpool.' ' - - Set Cirptnters' Son, ElheriJge, 3 days from Windtor, If.C. W to turpentine, to Waring b Kimbarly...v' - rv "v . .. Eloop Rapid, Waldan. t days from WevporL with rum, ta K Burrill h Vt Cahoont. Sloop Sheplicrde, Bliven, 2 drs from Newport, with rum, tc to Burrill' ft Cahoone. .Sloop Catherine, Harding'. 3 dsyf from Bristol, R. I. with rum and molasses. British (loop Martht - Byam, IS day from Ant igua, with fruit aed hailatr, to Ik Lenox Left kIi Pitt, for N York, in 10 days. Spoke Kb Kennebec Trader, from Bath, sar Baltimore. . Sloop Bridgeport, Woodward, rom Bait! more, wilh merchandize for Palmer U Hamilton. , '. ' . The Glasgow Chronicle of the 6th lune, sd - vertnes the ships Mary Augusts, for N York the 21st of June 1 Harmony, Spence, for do 9th Venus, Saunders, for do 20th 1 Two Marys, for do. 13th 1' and Gosport, for Philadelphia 14th. THEATftE. Cy The public is respectfully informed, that on Friday evening, July 84th, will be presented A GRAND CONCERT. PART L; . Overture", Full Orchestra. Ballet, Mrs. Buike, " I have Iov'd thee," Hook. Duet, Messrs. Incledon ft riiilippa, " Time basnet tbinn'd my flowing hair," Jackson. Bravura, Mrs. Holaoaa, 'Domestic Psace,' 6'torace. Ballad, Mr. Plulipps, M Fanny dearest,' ar - ranged by himself, Moore, Song, Mrs. Burke,. Echo Song," accompanied on the flute by Mr. Knslla, Bishop. Air, Mr. Incledon, " Encoaipau'd in aa Angel's Frame," Jacksoh. Duett, Mrs. Holman and Mr. Philippe, When thy bosom heave the sigh," Brabant. PART U. Sinfonis, Full Orchestra. Ballad, Mrs. llohwaa, w Ob no, my love, no." fcetly. Scen .Mr. Poilbpv,, William Tell." Itruham. Sunt Mrs. Buike, Hunting Snog at Momfng't Uawa." Hook. RerJintifw and Air, Mr.locleduu, M Afaauioaof leace." Webb. Bravura, Mrs. Holmxa, EoMier tired." Arnc Song, Mr. IncU - don, Scots wha ha wi Wallace bled." written bv Duma Duet, Afsnr't. Philippe and Incledon,' " AtlS well." lUttaaa Leader of tlie Band, GillingUm Grand Piano, Mr. John BiancLi Taylor, irom the iving'i 1 Dent re, bomion. Placet and Tickets may be bad at tbe box - of fice of lbs Theatre, from 10 till t. previous to use day of the concert, aod on that day from 10 in i, j,i,d irom atoao'ciorK. j zi BROADWAY C I It c u s oooeoOooooo THIS EVKJSING. JULY 21. The performance will commence with the Sport. - oHtifl Ring. Master Coty, tue celebrated American hero. will distinguish himself with many brilliant feats of horsemanship. Mr. Witbaais will display her ttooithing ecjiiiiiunumt on the tlsck wire. Thn elegant horse Othello will perform the part of a domestic, he will at command, bring n whip, hat, basket, handkerchief sad walking, trotting, M. nd concleile witb bringing a Hug, placed at the top of a fcovd IS fetthigh. Master M'CWo. the wonder of tbe ere. will. on one horse, perform manywooderful feats Tor ayoutn, only nine yean old, nmi conclude by riding on hit head, Lit borne iu lull speed. Mons. Cauetin wil) go through many tirrpri - ung teal wun a tr:cx, but recently introduced iato fl.ia coniitry. Slack Kof, by Tr. Mayhe. Mrs. Williams will, among other extraordina ry (rat, go tbroiijih the six divisions of the broad tword. Mr. Tatnrll, the flying horsemsn, will perform many wondirml feats, and leap over a board ol light. Koman ryraaatdt, oy ore pertont on two hor - tet. Tickets may he had at the cirrus, from 10 o'clock, A. M. to 1 P. M. ami from 3 to 5. Doors will le otien at 7 o'clock, and the ser - romance commence precisely at 8. So unoiikin allowed. Checks not traasfer - ahle. Gcnthunea are requested not to enter the ring. . - t'or AntHnrf, rio HaUfax. A'. S. (Kr LCTTt - RSforlliiBritannic Matty't Pacaet tjaeentberry, will be received at the Pot t OCce tin Wednesday afternoon the Slh day of Augurt. " ' '1 j J i i . v. muurtb. a genu ter Hale, trfglu tr charter, W afn,inr - K aKtn IfinROD tons burthen, it in complete ordrr to receive a cargo, and nmy be seut to tea wifh lit tle txpeoce. Apply oa board, west aide Barling tlip, or to ; - " i N. L'tG. ORI3W6LD, JySI ' ' C6&uth - tt PA SS.1 QtVw Y ll - ORL EAJfi, The fineft tsiliag new brig HH - SIGN, Capu Wheeler, will positively kail on Eunday next for New - Orleans. 4 or 5 cabin passenger can ba well accommodated, apply on board at pier No. 5, north river, or to JOSEPH JONES, J 21 5t No. 12 Greenwich - street. SCOTCH COAU BOTTLES, TOBACCO, 0150 tons Scotch Coal of irrror quality 98 grots Win Battles, bow landing from tbe thin Aidgara, Irom G retime k, fit iMe by ROBERT CHXKsllE, 1 12 Pront - ttrecl. .V STORK, 100 bhdt Kentucky and VirgioiaTobaccv ' 6 hhdt J amau a greea Cmt ' 7 hbdt white Port Wise - 7 qr. caskt L. P. Madeira Wine I end. Madeira, imported from Jamaica 1 qr. cask very old Sherry Wine . A chain cable Weighing 7 tons freigAf for Rit dt Janetrt and Pemtsmlntco. Vessels bound te either port snay hare wM5a few goJbyB;lyinj a above. - ' JySI 3t rr - , . Wtntti tt CUAR7XH e. A MMl rtf tsirwsn afMuVa I T I ipiy to.. (' MARCH ti Bes&ov JvXllw . - ayt.iTr''i - ar - - ' t FUR HALF. X V7h'lltaRRK:A. built ktW ., - ladelpliiaof live oak and cedar b is'l Copner faateued and fb "i'f aTa A "" carries 5500 bL of Hour, sails fast, and is one of the bettt?. tnipsia tha United States. For term. - T i J tl JwiRCI,,BALD & gosH CA?1X3I tJILXs - 'lbe foUowiDf arnvM (ir.iTjsi.1 at ilk. so aouth - tteet ' . Do b'Ue Assorted Curtc&Crape . . ' Do . Kankla do 4 - 4 black fringed and twilled Handkft. ' Assorted Sewing Hiliu, and , iiionura. r .... Iat PATLNT CLTl NA11.S. - 3U0 i - aikTT t Tnbig a compleui ewortment of ' - J l ou, on, iuo, ij and 2Ut A'aij. . SOd Brads Sheathing and Drawing Ifailt , yVarrauted of tuueriof quality por ti. ,., ...'JOAOSBORfc' J ' 8n - tl,,L,. 120 bhdt Richmond Leaf Tobacco, pritciosi Jrof sucenoroualitv frii 100 do Kentucky do ' " - 300 kegt Richmond manuPJ Tobacea. fcrntj edrite, Labby, Warwick, te - " ' 400 tibia, tuperlnt liicbmoud Flour - 00 do Fredericksburg do .200 do tins and Kuddlingi ' i5 caskt Claret ' S punt Rabbit Skin'' tO catlu London il ustard for salt h , . WALSH ei GALLAGHjtjL Jy 1 - .. te Eouta - etrtV SIFTERS and wheat riddles. Iron and Wf sifters, very fine, for taU by CEBRA tt CUMIXG. Jyl 3t. 76 Pearl - tt '.. : Ilnlll.ilpk - ' - ajiiui'i LBuruui ariin r ti. , a. s... m roils Sheet Lead, 3 to 4 1 - J lb. ' 40 ca kt i Spikes, 4 to inches SO reel Ktotuiky Yarn 4 ton Bale Rope, Kay ar Rope . And a Constant iainlv nf wnrnfa1 1mL. for tale by TUCKER & CARTER, 8. B. CABLES CORDAGE, oftheirot, raaiiufacturey made to order at the shortest uce, ana upou ue mou reasoaabie term. jyii lw" DtAKBORA'S BALLANCE'b. Assort) from 300 un to tOOO weieht test rereim lorsalouy . CEBRA A - CUMI.G, 8 fearl - strtet ARGOL , eVOOO lb. White Argot tnt quality, for ialu at 35 Peck - tlip, by . i SI R. & C. W. DAV;.M PORT Ctt nr, l.OUH W ROUGH l AAlLs - lOOcsib J2j assorted flat drawo fi'aim irom 4d to a y tne cass, ior tate ny Ci - BH.AKtU1INO, J SI ' ?d Petri stmt t v I. NbivbLttl, UZ rean - itreet, retiiect - vJ . fully fnformt the public aod those Udin and gentlemen who lately applied for DLTT - MEB?3 SUPER. PATENT PIANO rt)RTEi that he hat just received a new supply per Radius, precisely lb tame a the last, aiil - offen them for sale oa very accommodating terms. At Piano Kortet of tbi excellent maker ban but lately been in trod need into thit country, for want or a corretooudtnt. o. n. leeit uim un bent to add, that their tone (by those whotrt acquainted with them) are allowed to be fall tad expressive, and have bitlierto given aaivsml satitiacuoo. Mteitei's Patent Metronome for tale. Alto, London selected collection aod speci men oi A7ineraioty,,c J tl rVriXAl'V, rilEif arrc of ground near the ButkGtjv JL den, - bounded 00 tbe e&4 by sista areaat and the teat of Thomas Aidit Emmet, esquiit, un the west by the lllootniugaple road. Ost third is in young wood. Tha land being lugst 'rakes it a desirable situation for a country rcti. dence,' and at it ill bs sold at a reduced arks, to cUe a concern, it it an obwet of sprculaliaa. For particulars, apply at 13s Chatlmas, corow of Mottrtrects.' rm " to let, ; ; XiJ A DISTILLERY, calculated for gran or moia - e, with dwelling house, wharf, still', worms, mn?li tubs, cisterns, niacliiutry, posn, iic. Apply as above. JySi' - lw FOR S.tLE, v fill - ! Acres of Land, situated about eat Mid hundred rodt Irom tbe town of Jamaica, on Long - kland, fronting the turnpike road; about 1 1 acres of which it covered whh ' wood - the remainder it in a high state of cultivation, aai hat a very ebfibl titualioa for budding. . .ffscs Tea Acres of salt meadow, distant abort three miles front taid land. The above will be sold oa reasonable terns, or exchanged; for property m tbit city. Fir further rtarticijlsrs, apply to Jama Ftter,j No. 73, South - tL or to the subscriber ia tat town of Jamaica. JAMES FOSTER. JySI 6t ' . ' A YOUNG MAS of respectabUity wishetb obtain Board in a' genteel private funih frees the lit of August. A titualioa wetr a Broadway, in the vicinity of llaJsou - strett, would ba preferred. ' Direct U A. B. C. at us office. jttlySl ! - .J A convenient two story brick House, narty opposite St. Mark's church, with coachhouse, stables, tie. together with a gardes aai yard of about two and a half acres of ground. . AltOf To Sell or Lease, a number of lot! on the 1st, Sd and 3d Avenues. Apply to KICHOLAS W.STUYYESANT, JySI 6t SdAyeaot. CAKAT Cl'RIOSlTtv' ' . MAMMOTH UO O. ' '. TIH3 animal is one of tbe most exiraordi - nary productions of nature, and hat beta brought her from Ireland, at a very coaeidert - ble expense. He is 4 feet 0 inches high I " of bis body feet inches j girth 7 feet lu, tad weiipir aooui 15W penndt l a most enpmawj' - edWeight lor any of the tpeciet. A further oe - . scrip Uon is unnecessary. very person of ctt rionty will be well tatitfied with the view. Tins wonderful animal will be exhibited Kr a few dayt at No. 01 Maidctvluae, woes will be taken to the country. ..'ui Price lor crown trtetiK 25 ceatt, thiMrta half price..! . JSl n UUIlKMl i, FUT THOUSAND. TWF.MTY THOUSAND, ' - TEN THOUSAND, - ' - FIVE THOUSAND, ,,.n FORTY - FIV E OF ONETHOUsASP. rpHE above are the great priaes the Me CM drawing ia this city , 4th of next mouth j. cat iXiriM uoncr , vtv. a, w"w - - ..... ... r . M.iii rn set guaranted I 60dyaf - WW wiii. J M - great demand for those Tkkets H Ml,. that there will be very few.Tickett f''' the cotameaceiaeot of the dram ing. Thwe wi for cnancet can be tupplied at V.1";1""" PIE'S, 114 Broadway, orposite Citj - Uowi - J8I 3t - LOST. ... . ' - y' - T FSTF.RDAY Morning, a Check draws by J. the subscriber oa the Manhattan Comp7., aumber'd 16S7. It can be ot no ate to any ptV"' ton, payment being Helped aod will be tbsax - luliy received by Mr. GeUton first teer of tbe Bank, or - WILLJAM BRUCE, j t! 5t - 133 Broadwsp..

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