The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 21, 1818 · Page 1
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 1

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 21, 1818
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rr .. v - t - rc; JtV.vsA W Charter " m V 0 ' mWT . "JJ ' " "" ( ,J - Tbl'i?1,'1()M4S KELSON.just 'irtWl tVc New - Orleanaaba w .a VhJ1,7woo TWel well found, burthen fl'iniincd. Ft term, apply to el . , , ....r.S - ; rrrr - .Lnlrit old Keatuckv Tobaccts fi39dd Richmond " ' 5 X Z.7m U P. Medaira Wine . - " Sd. Madeira ' nroommoa nigh, flavor, Lai 3 years ib Jamaica . - . - , ' ,'ercask Sherry Wiat, year w J .. Slirr4ericfcibnrKFJMir.; .. . , " . Freight fw Rio tkJantw and Per T J ', Vcweltboand to eithepof th above TCT ROBT.'CILLtSPlE, - - ' m front - it: HAVRE. i'fv t Thq hip BELLE, Henry Leslie jjinuster, to tail W 10 days, fur a fc jTaffiwy freight or prtsenger, having ex A0i accommodations, pply to V JU.ES & MEGRTH, jt(9 i - 9! Aotith - itreet. - ' r LlWJil'OUL, f H ' Tb vrjr auiKflor coppered nrttish 1 DALMAKMXJK, V. W. ltoDeri - im, master i her cxijo bejug nearly engaped. or the remainder effreiglior' pwsage, Lav - tf elegant accommodation, applji board,, eat ilt FiTmufcet - whar( or to ' - ; S. UALCI.EISH k CO. . . y :. - - . 103 PearUtreet. ' fio offer .for ale, . said ? eiacl, from JllUgh, Ala, of auperior quality, in bot - ieotUe. kc. per grosa. je 26 tT5WZNKS au ' GILOCERlEg" fi. "Jraac (lAia laoim aoctioi koom.) TUhS'liTibtrlia :oii'it.trtlT)o hand a geu - cth Mtortment of tttc followMig article!, fjnv.r1 ijo dispptua oi aiawouenuaBuvaw:?. ,'Iut', Ltl quality .. - iSu5ii do do " M'.M'ji oJl Copiac Brandy K j tiia .V 'ru rod other Spiif i V j. - . - of the rariow ktnoT fu v' Shrub ; Lew fr., I i Lime and Orange Juice fei' - ... Ufl in txitwa auil boltlt ; L Hn.'a etaut Bet'ted Ale nod Cider ' ' lX'wMo Uloaretter' - . , . Holland and :4rcaa Cheese C'Jnlt5pifei,'Kifica Fper'ii and Tdllow Candles lio. Oil for l.aiupt C"fle, Rice Barle and Mustard ' A few bolt Sicily Lemont, in fine order Ralnint, Almonds, Prunei, figs ' Baikct salt, kc. fwiiltfy JAMES P.. AN DOE. Wanted to purchase, a quintiry ofsecondhand fiataaJ iKirter bi)ttU - s. J 1 JJJ keen London White Lead in oil ) barMs do Dry White Lead ttoss KedLead ' 30 barrel Bristol Jled Othre . tO do Venetian Aad 1 1 tons fine Lithargn , W ofhed.Whitinsf - . ; B0 tui Pain White ! S bhds. Verdiiris ,M hDKt t rencb c9 Ochn , . . ; a cktki Vn.uw Bine, 406h. .Crotoe Yotloirj Patent Yellow , ' r ' Spaaiih Brown, . . Veaetiao Red. I ' , Yellow UNOIL. Black, - , - Vffdisria, I - ' Lampblack ; Ivory Black : rorp'e Brown Spirits Tarpeotine ; LinUeed Oil lot) boTM WwiHotr ;Um. assorted fornle on the lowest terms, for cash or at I'lOffrrHiL by PETER (JHERMERHOR.N h SONS, Tl 243 water - street. WM. W. WOOLSEY tL CO. No. 227 Pearl - street, have just received by the JuKos Ccr, Courier, Ann Maria,' and other Vessels Irssi Liverpool and London, a very ettenaire aaortiasntof tU RDiVAREvA CUTLERY, wtuca lhy oner for sale by the package or from sbtWsssQthe lowest terms, for cash or credit ; avMlaffhtrh are particnlstrTy adapted to the swrtfcf sua; weAera) mar lists consisting of ; fr!mrpicos of different descriptions ' i, tkr'h, Vices, Trace chains ' ' MuMer beads ' " " . ton locks, Put 4i Tea trays : CnSu - cut, will and pit saws, of various quali - Urs Puis plat stock locks '. It, chest, truuk antJL pboard locks . Hind, tenant aod - sash raws ' '. . . ilesot all kinds ' " . Breail trays, Webbinr. Candlestick! . Hated castors, Padlocks, Screws 1 Tooth brushes, Screw pkUes . - i " Steelyards, Waffia and srafer irons Plated saddlery of all kinds Tea kettles, Rat traps, Pocket books knttona, Shovels, Tongs, Fliuts , Kaives.& forks, pen, pocket and other knives Scitson, Kaaors, Portable cases Caiscls, Plane irotis and gonges , rUut and common boas ' i' Togtiker uitk quantity f , .IsjlishOL steel, b&stered . - stiUingtoo Crowley ateaL drc tc. - jtLSO,rOR&iLE, . . ' IB bases window class : W casks whiUnnd red lead ' ' ' 10 cases white and colored cotton kose ' W casks spelter 00 boxes tobacco pipes " : . - " t cases long aod short Italian gloves - - uij 1 1 ZW jWlH ilEFFlt.NAN,34 bouth - sUttt, olfcrs - we i f i t. it cerootis Caraccat Flora Indieo bales London market Goat skin i it. small do. 1 1 skins date . bbh swet frth shelled alteoods Sccrooni bitter do. do. " - : - 78 do. eentsnia seed, 1 do fennel do. ' 1 aXrarrnway tUu ' nnei!) 1m KE - VltciCY TO B A Lc6. i74 bl.ds. Prtme Kenlocky Tobacco, landing this day ? up GrawJ Seisnor, from New Orleans for "fty CH A3. L. OGDEM, nod ARHIH1M fni - M UMaaAATEO BOLTKVG CLO I Me. - ' sirJ. AJ.'lrc assortment of evrry description, rV'itcn Boltinjj Cloths, warranted to be of the ijnality ever imnorUdrand at the tno.t re - if rices for sale by , - ' , J.NO.M'CRACKl. - il I'lUlu o k.1 ' Omto, cards, for tale by - Orttr .ic "M.'llKlO.l LOirAI, , I1S 148 Pearl street. OsjiwAmo.AUraio, Snyder, .Salrater U Gu"Pr Joosain, c. f Mt. ,'?nt bronsei ; a marble Crura, sis of'rcCanid. , ; fortalnHiane by l.i 11. .TH0MA3 GIMBREDEv . IW ...... 338 Broadwaj. liiiiiiiiiiiil : ' T ;. ? V . ; - - '"V - - vyy ': TUESDAY, JUPTkStas: ' V , j .vv;;..;;.; SV ; . , no. a WlLLIAM STKEEt. V - 1 ". , ill. JLNI ;V: TIN - PLATES, TRAC& - CUAIXS, . - 200 beiUn plate . . j . .ti Casks Traoes '. . ;,' - " v; . ". J3rass Wire No. 0 ' , : r v' ' 60 casks RAman Cement, now landine: and for sale by AJXDERfcON ft SHEARER, - - . 131 v &ier - sirte(. ' JPAJaorrsi(ore, - Paltnt and common Carolina inst Virginia Hoe '" . i - .' ' Sheet Br of all sir . - . . ; ' Bran and copper Wire - - ' : ' London made pocket Books tnd Wallet - Ladles' work Boxes sc. , my 25 ' HAKUWRj;, CUTLERY Aie. - casks ScolcJi spring Leeks - - . : 5 casks plate l - ocks, 1 do Steelyards I da chest bandlesi ic ', 1 J Krt - w plates, scale beams, Lc. . ' 1 h brass cocks, &c. i' - . , 1 dstieM metal kettles and skillets" 2 db tin'd pots and sauce - pan , sjo fine pndlocks , 4 do Banbury locks, hinges, &c. ' 2 do bammers, pincerslocks, Sic. ' . ,l 3 da ilL binge, tec. do iavil 1 do hummers and sledges do Alack b btiht vkes, 3 do Hie 4 do pocket, pen and double blade knive A do share buck and bone table knives 3. da buttons ... 100 do cut nails and brads, from 3d. to 20d, : Alto, a large and general assortment of goods opeuew the shelves, tor sale at the most reduced prices, by AOAM5& BLACK WELL, may 7 215 Pearl - st. lt :aks Bristol Pnrtrr, for sale LE ROV, BAYARO ft CO. Jyb3 ClUhXrtiCALS, COLORS, arc . Eixora Salts, iu casks of 2c wL , Lump Macnesit, in cast Do do small squares Calcined do io phials . Rochel - eSnlts, Acid Tartar' Citris Acid, Blue Verditer in firkins Patent yellow. Kings Yellow Regulus of Antimony Gil ft 8, BUTTON fee . Fowling Pieces, assorted, welljnnished ' Do do in waincoat cases, tiaelj finished with apparatus complete Duellmi; Pietols, iacnaos - Gold tpauleMes . , Naval and Military Sword Belt Gilt Coat and Vest - Buttons Copperplates for engravers Mathematical Instrument . , Rolling Paralei Rulers Mariner compasst s, telescope Opera glasses, microscopes 3 setts splendid chessmen carved in ivory Tortoise and turtle shell tea caddies Patent corkscrews, silver pencil cases, for sale by J. LAMBERT, je 18 3 Courtlandt - street FOR SALE, A LOT of ground on Broadway, between Walker street nnd Canal - street, 26 feet 10 inches wide and 175 feet lone;. Inquire of P. A. JAY, Jy 1 tf - No. 37 Pine - street. P V. LKDVARIJ i CO. 104 fearl - strert, . offer for sale, in addition to their former extensive assortment of Hardware, the following articles, rrrM by the Martha, from Liverpool Tracn Chains Clont Nails Spades and Shovels Brass Kettles do Candlesticks do Cock ' do Nails ft Hinge Gilt Coat Urti ms. 6 and a bart'J Carry Comb 6 bsrr'd Mnne do lronWire,No.4tolO , Btaelyank Fine Guns some of sap. Quality, saitante for merchant : Trunk Lftcks Drawinc Knives iofrsU4l car Japaonorf Candleticks Flemish Tacks J 3 tf rier Knives wnrranl ed equal to Cox's gen uine. Q DRY GOO US,. tic M. O Boxes mnslins 10 do. 4 - 4 ft 7 - 8 Irish linens 1 do. iuk gingham 1 do. shawls ,' 4 do. brown platillas , - v 6 do. Scotch osnaburs ' 7 bales imitation sheetings ' 4 do. brown linen A. 2 do. linen bed tick 1 do. 5 - 4 cotton cbscks - . 1 do. carpeting. . ALSO, Sail - cloth, ' Cotton baging Twilled sacking ' '. . ' Sein twine For sal by GEORGE JOHNSTON, July 2 No. 1 Sloat - lane. , - . COAL AFLOAT. 1 A l Chaldron Liverpool Nev.Pit Coal, M vl lof superior qualitv, now landinrfrom on board the ship Ganges at the east side of recx - siip. 60 chaldron Scotch Coal, of prime quality, discharging from oa board the ship Union, at pier no. s,t.K, 50 chaldron Liverpool New - Pit CoL equal tn the above, din barring irora on noara itie snip Othello, at the foot or Hector street, N. K. Application to be made on hoard, or at the subscriber's coal yard. No. 274 Front street, who bas on hand a large supply ol Liverpool, acoicn aod irriuia Coat, suitable for families and blacksmiths, wbic he will dispose of on ac commodating termi. ' For sale by " J 9 A - tnnsw.n. LliUfH, ytiLrKTs,k. AVERT handsom assort oisnt of Selessia Linens, consisting of Platillas, Royals, Brelagnes. EstopiUas, Dcwlas, Creas and L'ho - letts t case silk velvets 5000 muskets 2 boxs fowling piece 2 casks Eteuerark scy thes, double sword 150 keg Cbitch herrings 4 box assorted glassware Tb above ar ticles ectitbyl to debenture. 3 csrooos induro. 1 box toy and a lew pie ce Dutch clots For sal by C. ZIMMERMAN, Jnlyil 1m . 77 Washington - sL PRL KKjm'CKY TOBA CCO. CO hhd will be landed oa Monday from the J sh ip Grand Seignor, and brig John, trout New - Orlemn for sale by - ' ' KUBl'..bii4Li.aric4 . .,112 Front - st. tn ttor. 53 hkds old KsnUckv tobacco, aud - . ilA Virini An. .' Jv 11 GERMAN GOODS. RECEIVED by the ship Triton and the ship Elbe, from Usmhurs!. and other late import ations, an assortment of German Linens utD Platillas, wtute and brown , Bretagnes Creas ' Dowlas Brown Checks and Shirting Linen - Hempen Osnabsjrgs and Tkklenburgs tlesnars Bnrlsna, Brown Kolls Bg, Tapes, Hipetfine Broad Cfoths ' Napkis s"lt Galloons and Pound Ribbons ConVe Mills Slate Pencils Looking Glas flntes " " ' Pocket nnd Statin Glasses ; Lead Pencils , , . . . . And assortment of Card wire. Also on band, . " "A lew torn St PeU rsbura llemp ' First qsMlity Holland Sailcloth, and Sixty boxes rategrass Cheese, eoUlled lode - 1 .bentnr. . For sal oa reasonable terms by GEO. ft Til EO. MEYER, J 15 la " lie Wabiogtostmt. XY LLb 6M by public auction, on Thdr y V ' - day, the rid tint, sat 12 o'clock ainooo, al thfower side oWaUtnt street hnri, . ' - ? Th carso of the shro Pacific, lust arrived from Cantos, cunsistiox 01 very excellent 'i EA5, e iduows, viz 70 txe of fi catty, J . - , . ' - 100 chest, and ,uoT. ISO half cfcests i Ta. - . , - 15U0 chests rljsou Skid Tea 73 ball (bust,, - ; ! . 37 boxuf and ' ' I IsaperialTea . j, " 14 casesof eannistersj ', " . . ; 2615 eacknge of Cassia 17 boxes Kbuarb 1 0 do Veraiillion. ' JOHN HUMES ft J A W. LU'PINCOTTS, " Aoctiuneer. . f lilladelphift, uly ltt,IB18. ' J 17 6t GIN, kc.JU pipe Holland Gin, tiuidifi( at Steieut' - wharf, from the bnaoewell, from Antwerp, , . , ' In Store. , ' 197 pi pes very superior 2d proof Holland Gin, . hi lots io ami porcnasers 200 pieces Holland Duck, first quality 200 bales New Orleai Cotton 2 cases Freoch Cambrics : 45 kegs Harris' crooked brand Tobacco 25 do do straight do do 12 do Kentucky , do Dearboru's Balauces, 4rom SOOtoSOOO lbs. ittlebv. N. ft D. TALCOTT. for Jy 15' C46outh - street. L ICll embrouled iWuslin Dresses, just receiv Xl ed. and for sale by ' . MARCH ft LOW, J 18 ' - 210 Broadway 7RE.CH BRANDY. U piies first quality, 1? 4th nroof Kochelle Brnndv. Inndine and for sale by iiURD ft SEW ALL, J 16 65 Boutn - street. W U.i ITbttS, MlLLLSh.HH, J. c. U3T received by the Radios, from London, and lor sals by UtO. UHAINUfc, No. Chnrrh st, 1 door from Fulton - st, One case of Mar k willow squares for hats or boa nets, a new article, and being light, calculated for tlie present sensou Oue cas irlaxier's diamonds, well assorted Four hundred and fifty boxes of London crown glass, assorted, of tach sue from 6 ty 8 to M by 22. Jy 10 w NAMCfcENS. 7,50 ps blue and cumpauy Yellow, of tuperior quality, landing froin sloop Superior, for sale nf 67 Soutli - streel, by Jy lit CAMBRF.LENGM PEARSiiN. DO.ViES'fiU GOOCb. 10 cases sUipts 10 do doe ami coarse ginghams 5 d brow f shirtings ' 5 do bed t Uinjt 4 do 3 - 4 nnd 4 4 checks 1 d 4 - 4 and 5 - 4 sheeting t do lilearh'd shirtings, fine and coarse 1 do fine, Qiude. ol sea island cotton 2 dn cotton hulls Sattinetts. (.aosinelts. rasiimercs, broad eiotlis. counterpanes, diaper, drabetts, letter pajw - r, buttons, knitting cotton O.rend, Uc. tic. Tor sule oy i nr. vui.riiaonjii n J 16 i Ki Fenrl street. KNGLIsit & FRENCH GOODS. ' PETER KEM5EN ti CO. 26 outh - strres have for sale, English aud French Good, of the following descriptions Aes'd Cliiots and lc Ground Fnrairare . Do. Bombs sets 6 - 4 and 9 8 Cambric . rurmture lniits , Dam ns: Tntile Cloths. Huckback Towel . - Mnbw attd Mdra Hdkss - - v , Blue and red i'oeStt do. 4 - 4 Flirting Hair cord Oithity, plnin Tnffrta Ribbons Men's Waek and white Silk Gloves . Gresvi and changeable Levantines Parasols, common and figured borders fringed Satin Ribbons Garniture Taffeta do V Oiled flat Covers, aod ' - " Fancy Snuff Boxes Jy 15 THIP4 THE newly invented patent Box Trap, for Sale at irk) Water - street. Je 13 PITT sAvY. - , A small invoice ol Cast Steel Pitt Saws, just received and for sale by . ANDERSON &SUEARER, J25 131 Wnter - street. CLAUKT.40 dozen very superiour Claret, for sale at 13 the dozen, by GEORGE JOHNSTON, . ie30 tf No 1 slnat - lsne lAHITE LEAD. BLUi: VITRIOL. AL V V LDM, ac Received per Chauncey and Columbia, from Bristol, (Eng ) and for sale by Hie sunscnirer, on aavantageous terms, vis. 280 kegs genuine ground white Lead is zsm keas 20 casks best dry White Lead in casks 5 to 6 cwt. each 30 do Rtd Lead in casks from 1 to 3 cwt each 11 do Spanish Brown from 3 to 4cwt.ea:h 30 do Ivory Black from 2 to 3 cwt each 12 do Roman Vitriol from 5 to Scwt each 25 do Venetian Red from 2 to Scwt each 12 tierces Allum from 7 to 10 cwt each 11) hhds 5 tierces and 8 bhls Rotton Stone French Green, Lamp, Purple Brown Colrothar Vitriol, Bath Scouring Bricks Apply to A. CHURCH, J 15 184 Eowery. ' pOBACCO. 60 kes munulacturtd Kcntuc - L ky Tobacco, just received per a oeona, ana for sale by HUKD ft SEWALL. . j 17 o.J sonui - sireei. COTTO.s ft SOLE. LEATHER. i0 bales Upland Cotton, in lots to suit purchaser., - . 90 sides light sole lekther, for sale by - SAUL ALLEY, J 17 - ' 93 Pine - street. SAL. 1 . 130 tuns Liverpool coarae can, on hoard the ship Robert, capt. Thompson, at Murray's wharf, for sale by fl. S.U. 1lliVUI I, Jl - 64 South street. r,OK. SALE for oue hundred Dollars, a dark r crav PON Y. four years old, fust, sound and kind in harness, Inquire of . CHARLKa II. BELLOWS, J 15 tf 24 Leonard street. TO J'OVKti r BOOK MAKLRS. TWO men a ho understand their business my have constant employ in the above Business, by applying at 18 Wall - street July 15 . BUGS EFFECTUALLY DESTROYED, BY B. TIFFIN, from London, No. 330, Bowery, whether in rooms, bedsteads or other furnitare, without damage or smell. B. T. Icels confident in assurwe thos wtto may employ him, that he can have th first re commendation from many ladies and gentlemen in New - York, proprietors of boarding houses and schools who have experienced th efficacy of his mveution; and asnre those wbo may lavour nim with their commands that tbey xuay depend on their being executed with th greatest attention, having been upwardsof .fortyyears in constant practice. - . Orders let l wita Air. wiluh, nyior, to Jobn - st. will be punctually attended to. , s . july 18 IW COOK A.VU A UASEs rT WANTED, a woman, to do the cookmg, washinr and ironinr. also, a eirl to take care of a Cltilit and doth chamber work of a smalt araily. . "Enquire at 4$ Valker - streM. - J 14 NO TJCEihWjT given, that the assessors of i the secrid waid haw rotuDh - ted their as - sessroeoU, that copy thereof i tuft with ADratiam rtfftnline, Ko. 161 Front street. wbre he mr nif be seen aod examined by any of the - iohsbi miring len ass trom trus date, sors will meet at said place on and that tn rtis 27 ik Jul stanf, to review their said assess - mentseo tpphcation of any persoa cooctij - im himself Mievea. ... VALENTISE,) Assessors of the ADD .WM, .f DA, . 2d ward. J17 Hit i i ft n ft . pUBtIO SOTtCK is tWebv given, tliatthe IT arsessocSol the fifth ward hove comp'eted their assetiAodthat a copy tliereof is left with one enssors, at Liberty Hall, comer of Chart It (M ionard streets wlmre the same mST bsasi eiamined by nnv oitM inbabil - diiU during Vi days, from the 13th of July to Utc 34th, aadAtt the assessor wll meet an the t5iu, at th , place, t sevia their aassJ assessments, riitie spw Blioo ol any fro cos celvin2iunvJaKrirel. . . ' GEOlf.E SUT I ON, ) Assessors of the ' RlC'tARD KIDNEY, filth ward. TTr" ' WXT1P WARD. . - PIJM.ICastAe is hereby givea, that Ibeas - ' sowoif tt' sixth ward have completed their aswsMsnts, nnd tlmt n cony thereof i left with AlesaMrf Clark No. 2UB Broadway, corner of Reed fett, where the same may oa seen and esaoii by any of the inhabitants during tasi days irosi thisdnte j and, that the assessors will meet ntiae above pliice on Tuesday, the x 1st inst. to nvii their said assessments, on the np - plication of yy xrson conceiving hiinielf ag - El .C ,,i .. .. ADM. MUVUIAh ( ASSCTSOrS I IU ALEXAJpDtR CLARK, i sixth ward. J 10 Mvm Ward TiUBl.lfj NOnOEishrf:bvtiven. that the I Assessst's of the Ninth Ward hac coirple tedUieirAaiessaieots, att that a copy thereof is leit With on, of Urn AscMiors, at the house of Da rid Huestirv Harlami. tor live Mots, the other live at the house of David Turrey, Bowery - Hill, where tfa skme may be seen and esamined by a ny ol tlie'iiisbitants during fen duyi from the date hereof, and that the Assessors will meet on Friday, Ja.r 24, )8I8, at the home of David l urvty, pmsery - iiiM, io review ineir saiu os sessments. Vi 1im applicntioa of any person con. ccivins hiiWilf aczricved. Hours from 10 to 3 oneacbdav.. JOHN yBfANCE, I Assessors of the JOSEPK fVlLLOUGHBYJ Ninth Ward. Jtiy 14' TO BK LAM, ON fyxtyti 4lci h terms lor atoog larsaorrsan, (round os Broadway, 200 t leep, ex'eoJ to Crosbytrset, btwM iks - ter and Grsnd - rtreets. . 2 lots in sVater - streetncar Catharine - market. 1 lot In .jVatr - itrct, between Fulton and Burb'ntr shV. Also, tevcrai otper lots in uio oin, bin, fin tnd 10th wards. For particulars, enquire at No. 30, Chatham street may 8 pA'FSxr trus uuiv reflkctor. n MIL subscriber hartnc completed this plea X sirm raid useful invention, invite the public to view it effect in Urn window of the looking glis and print slore, No. 153 Uroadway. tot tl exhibition df articles to public view, the splendor and thfc etident economy of tlie Window KtOector is sutb a need only io oe seen to product conviction. ... , y W exposure ot a very law nnicies " Ma? ol from lour to test feet diameter is produ cad, jtxUbvtmgaa endless and magical exteni n Hector to V - oMained, and, if req - itred, the whole nr u hi mmm inH wuuuw uia lurw i. .n. w AMBROSE CRA7iE. J15 1w x 135 Broadwy, WANTED,. A WHITE girl or woman to do the cooking, tut. in a small family, consisting1 of four grown persons, living in a pleasant p.n - tot the city , she will have the assistance ot a little girl and a boy. None need apply without good recommendation. Apply at tliuolhce. J 16 tf yiO LKT OR &ELL, And immediate possession ciren, that pleasant country seat, which ha been occupied tor several years by Mr. James Scott, situate on the turnpike, about five minute walk from Die village of Jamaica. Long Islund, where there are two famous academies fur young ladies and gentlemen. The house, is two stories hiph, and has five rooms on the giuund Hior, a good barn, a well of excellent water, ic. There is about thirty five acres of excellent land, with a great variety of fruit. For further particulars apply to Messrs. JOsEPH TITCOM B ft CO. No 162 I'earl street; KLIeHA PARKS, at present in said village, near the premises, or to bit. John n, !tiLs3.ftiui,n, mar uuu nuts. J 15 2w I IASEED OIL, Willi Kl.rAUK UlAsS. I . : u. u . . i. : l. - i A 1 ui icvcivcu a.i.ft ift,'. nidiinuji iiiitu London, and lor sale by VALENTLE& WAR NER, .AO. 37 broad street. 50 pipes Holland L. Oil, And, intttr. A quantity of White Lead dry and ground in ALSO, fod A quantity English Crown Glass, from C bv 8 toi..! by 14. ' J lOdtcSw ADVERTISEMENT.' PROPOSALS will b received at the Nary Agent's oilice, New York, for one week from this date, to supply a quantity of Jerrcy Oak Flank average length 45 feet, 10 to 16 broad, 9 to 4 1 - 2 thick pith of hart must he out, and clear of tap. Als a number of Jersey Oak Logs, irom 35 to 55 feel lone. 18 to iO inches square, and a uunilr of While Oak Knees to side from 8 1 - 2 to 12 inches arm 4 1 - 2 to 5 fyet long, bodies 5 to 6 I 2 long. The whole to be first quality, and suliioct to the inspection at the Navy Yard, and delivered Uiee. Toe proimsais arc required not to exceed mjw sect of Plank : not more than 10 Loss por more than 59 Knees as no contract will he givea to a - ny individual to exceed one of the above uamed quantities ; the shortest time, not exceeding 6 weeas must oe mentioned, money to ne paiu on delivery. Any explanation that may be required, will be obtained at the Navy Yark, where a bill will be given each individual after he has contracted, and hy which be is to be governed. j 10 uc iw , (y The fina new steam iv .ewsi inu.viL.iau v. nn 1 vnnvitpvii, r H 00 tons burthen, James " 1 - VI ... :n commence running oa th first day of May next, and will leave Kingston, for York and Niagara, on the 1st, 1 1 th and 21st day of each month, and am .'.aft. juisic, waici, vt... .Mag Bra, lor York and Kingston, the oih, 10tt and tti day of each month, during the season. where every attention will be paid to tb ease ana comion or ine passenger. . Applications for passage to be bad to (be cap tain on ooara. Kingston, 6th April, 1818. J7dftctOcl JEWELLERY. WATCHES, ftc. CASE f sundrv Jewvllerv. film CntlerV. l X. stiver Hunting and nam w niches uresNng iwaset nnd Ladies Work Boxes. 2 case Xadiec Corsets assorted. For sale by. .. ,. J. LAMBERT, Je24 3 CourSland stieat. WET JTUJtSE WAXTED. "NE with a (rood ripply of milk, and wbo J csn produce satisfactory testimonials of! character, tie. wul meet with encouragement, hy applying MRS. SAIDLERS, J10 tf No 56 Broa - lway. ' . - A KEE1 HARP JA. GUTTWALDTrespectluOj invites t the amatejirs of music so inspect'at hi Piano - Forte Manufactory, Nov5 Alaidea 3twt a musical instrument thnt oerlKtlv eoual the' harp in sound and far surpasses it iXnoiot of ea sy ireatmmt, as it js played bke trniano ry means oi keys, and consequently hat nn.the ad vantag'w.ot Willi ant modulatjo the Oolneiu the United States, Also, an elegant Piano Parte of fine tone, musical variety and workmanship wiinnnnuortmenxof ainereni Kino, wnose gooa qualities havceea testified by Uio tuidersigued eminent professors t . y 1 ' 44 We (he subscribers, rrofrseors of music, tloi certify, that webave'carefully esamined Mr. J. n. uiiuwsuoi'spiano - iones, svim'n, lor ingenuity nd excellence of workmanship and uniform brilliancy of tosw - , w iservetlly recommnd to public patronage. Messrs. Gilies Etienne, Kd. Meet, C. ThiOautt, Chat lei GiUert." . . . CLASSICAL, MATH EM ATICA L d MLR - , .' CANTILE ACADEM V. . . MESSRS. KELLY ft TUOMY reapVctfuDy inform the DuUic that thev hat lattlv comroeaced this stabhshment in the large asd vy rooms, no. - o rean strt a lew dcn frfm the corner of Chatham street, . t i Thi'ir course of education com prists - lb oreek, Latin, r rench, ud - English iasffiaees Compositino, History, Gerpphy,U,oi tn tjlobcsIfiook - Ktapius, Arittimetic With the oth er prartK - 1 brandies of the Mathematics. Yoang Ladies have a room appropriated to themselves, where they will betaoeht a rasular course of femnks edncalios), together With plain ana ornamental ixesme - worx.Lv a iiycr exem plary conduct and Kong s peris ac in that depart ment. ... 4 - Referencato Robert A drain, I. M. aad N. P Columbia College. ' ' . - PATENT GRAMMATICAL MlRROH. Mtn. Kelly tt Tuomy beg leave 'also tain - form Uie public, that tbeir Grammatical Mirror is now completed aud priranistd. ml that they sr prepared to undertake its application to the duties of instruction. Th Grammatical Mirror is a machine constructed on such principles' and actuated by such faws as to exhibit a manifcil representation of all the parts cf human speech, in all the variety of tbir inflection aud all the diversity of their combinations ; it is calculated to in.part information more expeditiously than words, whether conveyed by writing or py ut teranca ; letter and sounds are th arbitrary symbols, uot the resemblance of ideas ; but' th Grammatical Mirror presents an exact Imitation of th agent with its cases, of 4he object with its passions of their substitute with its grader and persons and of th action wfih Us manner, and its times. Th other part of speech, will make their respective spearanCrt 1st tb revolutions of this extraordinary' machine. It i an less useful to the tearber than to th pupil t and while it xpdite tb pntgros of th gu, it wdl facilitate the labor Mb other. ,. Should any rerson object to the practicability of its application, they challenge the investigation of opposition :' they cannot consent to an jnJiscri. minat inspection : but any persoa who shall be qualified to discuss its merits they are willing to admit, and prepared to answer his objections. Though duty forbids tbero to acknowledge their own inferiority - yet, they rely not on their diligende nnd xeul others may. hava as much i they rely not on their, erudition and talents, oilier mav not have less i but thev re. ly on the co - operation of their meant, which they contend to be superior to any that csn be employed to attain the object it contemplate. I i noiiEii tuey eotertain no uoiidi oi us superior .eeneral ui ilitv, il.rv conceive that fir such as conixjt "aftold much tinio for, ftjtiuly, or whose cblferent . employments mutt - confine them to interrupted ant desultory lectures, it must possess peculiar drairrags. - - . lit characUsw, who baveimpi. ted this machine, have been ecjuallv astonuth. cd nnd delighted, and doubt not that experi ence will realise Uie most sanguine expecta tions that are entertained of it advantage and success. Under these impressions the proprietors of the Grammatical Mrrtr recommend it to pub lic notice, and they are no, more desirous of acquiring, than they are confident of securing the patronage of the public. N. B. They have for general convenience determined to deliver evening lectures, from half past five till half past seven, on any of the abovementioned branches of literature. J 10 Im Futi &ALL, A farm on the Hudson, about a mile from Newbureh, containine I3J acre. 33 ot vt!u h are Woodland, the rest is divided hveood fence into u due proportion of meadow, arauk and pasture land. The buildings are partly new ; the house convenient for a small family : its situation is equalled in beauty by lew on the river j the advantages, from the, 'vicinity of a flourishing village, of public worship, society nnd good market, with the facility of communication with New York, render it a desirable residence for a gentleman. 4000 dollars of the purchase money may remain on mortgage ; the psyment of the rest will be made easy to the purchaser. Apply cn th premises, to Je rj ii I. VERPLANCK. I'll subscriber offer fur sale his resi druc in the town oi Fa:rficld, Stat ol Connecticut. II is pkasanlty sstuulcd, on the Uoston road, about Bail a mile irom Ixiig island Sound, 55 miles from New York, and XX) from V'sw Haven. The bouse nnd out - bouses are io excellent repair. The iruit yard is well stockdd with a variety of peaches apricots cherries, pears and strawberries. I here are in thrvieliu ly academics for the education of youth of both sexes. . From one to six acres of excellent land, at the option of the purchaser, cao he bad with thehowte, and the purchase money, if desired, ran remain on interest. For terms apply to ISAAC M. ELY. Esq. 76 John street, N. York, or to the Hon. JO.ATHAN STURGEo, Fair held, Connecticut, my 6dtl DAVID ELY. IX) LKT. 1'he eleeant 3 story hon No. 7 Hud - sou street, which commands a pleasant view of Uie t'ark and river. 1 ossessiou may be bad in a Tew days. .v . Also for sale, the furniture of said hpHse. It is of tlie best quality j well littixi, nnd suitable to a genteel ismiiy. Apply as abov. my II tf TVLki; A conntinx Room, in the most central p.irt or Fean - street. t or particulars enquire &i I S up stairs. . Q of wbic tVH HALE ijRTVLhAit, !.,! in the 5. 6. S. and 10 Wards: many a m jterf ar.d nsved rtreets. No money wdl be requirea utaer ten years, u sow, ,ntc,.t.xcpted.HousEg. Several two and three story bouses, on which a treat pall of the money rmtin on mortgsga, P P LA.DLGATKt.DHOOK. . . An excellent stand for business with tea acres of land, pleasantly situated, sriUi a wharf, store - . rwa nA hsrn. . - J..ll COTTON snd WOOLEN MANUFACTORY, Near Naw - Havea, with 46 seres of land, anda never failing stream, apnn which 20 mills nitiy b erected, with a ssitScieacy of water tor each. . Apply at . . ao. x wreeawica street. Jaii 13 tr ; , - - RUM.At bUUAli - liti pstnclMsois SLCrotx Kura. . a . v 43 iihdsSngTir of superior quality ad . , 4 do Svratx. now landinx froca brix Laotv rd, al Piet No. 18, for ae by O. ft II. LKW13, ' JH1 , 87 Satb sttMt. . 1 in er r ri Ui tic . CO" Tb aew FERRY BOATS from the foot . of vVnJont steers Nw York, to the Soot Li - ' tie street, Brook I ja, near the Navy Yard, wi'l " commence running on Sunday, the 17Uiiast. JerMimi crossing to Brooklyn from th oppet ' part of tb city, will find the distaac mnc r, v sliortrned by using this letry. - ' my 14 ' 4 NO'ilCE. (fcT - Th RUidg bun Sail Boats' Nonpar.., ' nnd Industry, ftoaithe Elisabeth town Point. ic New - York, sails I rem Markctbtld - strett, (whet. ,. the Stunm - boat Atalanta lormeiiy ceroe to,) at . IU oclck, oi each day. Passae IS 1 - 2 cents. Enqime at the Steam boat Hotel!, of : '. VANDERPOOL ft PHILLIPS. my 21 tf ; (IT JOHN f KOCTOK, Jca. 10o Liberty - st. oiTns liberal ftjnticipstions on propeitj' cuit.igiu ed ttr bis fneofbi - ui Uie.Meiiterraneaa. Jr'ur further particulaxs, apply a above, or to ABSl - tllAJl UC IX, Je 6 tf . i totne of Cbtf ft Fulton - st. AJDS. 'fcr STEPHENB. MUN, No. KB Tcarl street. Nw York, purchases Lsnds ta Um llim - treet, Cw - oiaTeiritory. which bas bea Ht apart for the lute Army, letters from the ceuiftry givirg a descriptioB ef the patent aiid th pries i ics nsaed tor tmcb lut, wtu bt aUeoded to, il rust paid my 15 tf . . f . . NOTICE, frr All'tMrsont bavine claims acsinsttb lute of John tainan. deceased, are lieMred to pre - senttbem lor settlement to tk suhsenbar, and thosa lndlUst to said estate ar requested . tb midtipymuistbimntiot)tdr.tsy. - ... JAifllJI 11,11 suut, . ' e Im ' '. Aolin; fcxecutor. . A CARD. . 05" At.the particular solicitations of th i La, t - dy subicriliess, th New - York Sail Water Float - y big Bath w ill b removed to her old station at ' th foot ef Marrny - street, this Hay, where it will continue open every day, frogr soaris in tin morning, until 10 o'clock at night, - during the bathing sensoa. Il is how - d lien the Ladies oi this city know that this V l bnildine, which will accommodat two or Lroc hundred persons at a time, is exclusively di" Jled to their enjoyment on Monday sand Wednesdays of each werk until 2 o'clock, that they will give that tucuui - . Bgement wticb such an appropriation deserves. On e'l other days they have tbeirownapartnients onlv. .The reatest possible attention will be ' The Bath at (be Battery is open every dny from sunrise to (0 o'clock at night, for. Gentte - mrnonly. - Je29 . ; ; Batik tf A merica, Jjim 26, 1U18. C5" A Dividend f three per cent lor sit oaths cvtliogoa tb30th inst.hathcmthilday declared payable to IU Stockholder on tk 6th hi jut next Vi ''Ut r m in noara oi uireci - . tors, i - ; s GEO. NEWBOLD, Cash'r. Juai! .MFORMAllON, WANTEIJ. ' A penoo fcy the tinme of Margaret Chad - ' Wick, who lormerly liMdin asmtui towa called Ormeskirk, io Eosiaud, aad came to th city oi " New - ork ahoal 30 years, ago, with her foimt - r husband, who was A shoemaker ; but since that ha is dead, .uid she is married agaia to a person by the name of Joseph Chudvrick, who is 1 '. trade a ship rigger: If the said Margaret Chad - wkh is living, "r uci cpiiuran, inej uu., or Bp - plying al this oflice, hear ol something giealiy tu their advantage.' 8 2w 'XT JOHN C. HAMILTON, Coaiuissiouer . for Uie acknowleilgflretnt of Deeds &c. La li . moved to the dfhec, corner .of Cedar and Nassau . streets. Law Biiilnioss' Na 1 Je29 1m . - , 'MAGLK P. IRK CO.VfPjAi,' Of NEW - YOUK. - , fj - Notic is hereby given, that a Dividend v of foul and a half per cent on the Capital StocU. of this company, has beea declared by the Boairt - of Directors 5 and will be paid to th lockbok! - JeS - nn or after "the I51h Inst. " ' ' J31m i)Om 1 b Padtk Insurauce Company oiew York, hava this day declared a slividcod W sr per cent, on th capita) stock, for the Inst i months, payable ai their office, No. 49 Wall - si. oa the lotb iiist. By order ofthn Board of Director. WALTER H. JOXEH, Sec'ry. J 6 Im nr' Notice is hereby given, that I have mad application according to law lor a patent for aiy improvement of the instrument or machine now commonly called Brewster's kaleidasrone. Jy 13 Iw G. 8 A UNDER? - NO 1 ICE. ftr The puhlic r caotioaed seainst trusting the crew of I he British brig Recompence, John Gaynr.s master, as no debts contracted by ilea, win ue paid ny uie captain or consignees. - 1 " - Ocean Insurant Oltice t .. . July o, IBIH. .TtJ The Board of Directors kav this day declared a dividend of thro and a half par cer.t uo their capital stock for the last six month. which will b payapU to (he stockholder or. their le2f representatives i5a the tenth k?t a! the office of the company, 45 Walllreet' '. ; . S.i.tIULL. el t.isuUUi, sec July 7. Im ; oil SALE. ryHE PEW No. 57, in the middle aisl of tho ' J. 1 res!)) lenao Church, Wall - street. ' '1'he above will be sold cJiesp. Enquire at the' printers. ? - . , I 18 fit - JEH.YOJiK LYMJHAACE COMPAN, rilllE. President and Directors have this day JL declared a dividend of five per cent oiv the capital stock of the company, for th last, six months, psysbla to the stockholders or their legal representatives, on anil after the 13th inst at the office. No. 84 Wall - street July 6 Im - C G. SMIPMAN, 5ecry FIFFY DOLLARS REWARD. R ANA WAY, from the subscriber io Georgetown, I listrict ol Columbia, about 4 years ago, a mulatto maa named Joshoa Lewder, a - bout five feet six or seven inches high, well made ' and bas a sear under his. left eyes and Is about forty yean of sge. I le was apprehended by sue on the 2d ulnnt in Brooklyn, Long - Island, in this Male, and brought before lie court in Brooklyn; but be for the decision of that court, could be obtained he made hisetcspe oat of the courtroom. Tli aboye reward will be given In ' any person or persons who will apprehend biur this stale, and secure him so that I caa get' him again, and on bsmdred dolhir if in any oil) - stale in th United State. He i by profcs sioa a black - soiilh, and ran do very exonlleai - srora. t KAvi;iaiujvi. .. - ' George - town, District of Columbia, '; J 15 Iw ' . . 'Htsubscriiitr. having permunently bled bt L residence io the Iowa of St Loihs. Misso - territory, offers his services ss scent either in . purchase or rale' of lands is (lw Missouri i l , Illinois territories :he will at act in the rapa city of agebt generally and execute such coo. - misooiis as may oeenirssiea to nun, - . , Persons bavinx sanded propertvin the Aflan - ' states aaay make (aserable exchange sc - f lamliaihe teinlorsr above - asanrsoned, py p - plication tothe subscriber, aad fartishin a ssat. ficulaf description of the property oCered tor e - change, with aa estimate of iu nail value. - lo the enquiries of sjeb as are desiroos ei eitH;ratingto either tf the territories b ctoeeriuily raak prompt answers wifboot any charge ; potag ol letters Ohim aeyig P"'. ,. t. w. ism tt. St! Loait Missouri Territory, 1st Jane, J8I& Messrs. Irving, Smith ft Holly. ' 1 ; Oiecsebortmpb Palteroa, sTafcrea - RatLbooeft Duwner, rmK ' ' JoheRathbc, V or OgrfewEdwrdvEr' . . , J 15 dStfawlax a: i, '1 . i . :

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