The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 30, 1939 · Page 13
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 13

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 30, 1939
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE ACHIEVEMENT DAY IS APRIL 4 Wright County Plans for Event Scheduled to Be Held in Church CLARION--The Wright county ! woman's home project achievement day will be held here April 4 at the Methodist Episcopal church commencing'at 10 a. ra. Mrs. Raymond Paine, county woman's project chairman, assisted by Miss Juliette Wylie, home demonstration agent, will he in charge of the program. Mrs. Sarah Porter Ellis of Ames, state home demonstration leader, svill judge the exhibits which will be presented by 10 townships. A special program will be presented in the afternoon by the township groups. Sub-District Rally of Epworth League Is Held at Popejoy POPEJOY--Members of the combined Popejoy and Lee Center leagues, under the supervision of the Rev. W. E. Morse, were hci^l- esses to the sub-district leagues : at the Methodist church Tuesday program opened with an TM- by the R e v - w - Baddeley of Williams, in the church. Other numbers followed, after which the group repaired to the dining room for a social period and lunch. There were over 100 in attendance including leaguers from Ellsworth, Radcliffe, Alden, Dows Morgan Center, Williams and Popejoy and Lee Center. The next rally is scheduled to meet at Ellsworth on Mav 1. .METHODIST AID .MEETS SHEFFIELD -- The Methodist Ladies Aid society was entertained at the home of Mrs. James Hawke, Jr., Wednesday afternoon Assisting hostess was Mrs. E W James. BRIDGE CLUB MEETS ALLISON--Mr. and Mrs. George Hesalroad entertained the Evening Bridge club at a dinner party Monday evening. CLUB POSTURE SCHOOL STAGED Ella Gardner, Mrs. Edith Barker Have Charge of Program CLARION--A 4-H club posture training school was held Wednesday at the I. O. O. F. hall in Clarion. Miss'Ella Gardner. Washington, D. C., of the United States department of agriculture, assisted by Mrs. Edith Barker of the Iowa Extension Service at Ames, was in charge of the program. Four-H club leaders and one county committee member from each club of the following counties attended: Webster. Humboldt, Hardin. Hancock, Franklin. Mitchell. Wright, Worth. Winneba«o, Hamilton, a n d Ccrro Gorrio. Luncheon was served at noon by the Past A'oble Grand organization. PULSE of the FARM jBook Review Given (for Belmond Group BELMOND--Mrs. Louis Fos= entertained the Century club at her home Tuesday evening. Mrs. R. T. Coe discussed the book, "We o e /~-i i Married an Englishman," b Secretary Of UUD Delos Ferris Named Ruth and Helen Hoffman. KENSINGTON CLUB MEETS BELMOND -- The Kensington club was entertained at the home of Mrs. Ben Tetrow Wednesday afternoon. [1MB ) HAMPTON-- Delos Ferris was named secretary of the Hampton Commercial club at a jneeting.of the club board held Tuesday evening. He will also superintend the organization of a county wide credit bureau sponsored by the club. It was voted at the meeting to close the business houses from 2 to 3 o'clock Good Friday during a union church service to be held at the Church of Christ. Belmond Missionary' Society in Session BELMOND--The Missionary society ot the Congregational church met Thursday afternoon at the home of the cresident, Mrs. J. E. Chapman. Mrs. Duxbury. the minister's wife, led the lesson on ACE OF CLUBS MEETS BELMOND--Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Hewlett entertained the members of the Ace of Clubs at their home Monday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Ted Townsan were co-hosts. How About It, Doc? There seems to be a tendency this year where twins are born "-· wno live h ior the second one to arrive sev- ! accustomed to se · A new fire truck is to be purchased by Lal-e Fremont township just across the line in Minnesota. It will be housed in Dunnell in exchange for the community's right to use it. It is to cost not to exceed S3.000. The vote was 81 for, to 25 againsl. Four year old Robert Troff son of Mr. and Sirs. Hemme Irpff. who live two and one- half miles north of Ledyard died recently as the result of an accident on the farm of Ills par- While Mr. Troff was tryin? to start a sasollne motor, the child was playinr in the vicinity. A tumhliiisr rod rau from an old tractor to the motor, and when thp machine started, the tum- 111111? rod, w h i c h had a holt {l-rriugh it, began to turn. The I'ttlc fellow was dressed in a sheepskin, and the coat caught on the bolt, ivindimr him around thn tumbling: rod. Dr. R. A. Evans, county coroner was called, and termed the mishap an unfortunate accident. There is nothing to be added to this sad event except the necessity of cultivating the habit of caution when working with machinery. especially when it is power driven. It is just possible that a team would stop if the person entangled cried "Whoa!" but that does no good to a gasoline engine or an electric motor. ·In a month it will be Arbor day April "22. ' In Nebraska, which originated the tree planting day, it is proposed to plant 25,000,000 trees during 1939. All Nebraska posts and Legionnaires arc being mobi- hzed for the big tree planting job fcvery community lias been asked to co-operate. The old Scotchman said- "Be aye sticking in a tree Jock to be growing while you're sleeping" If y? os l 1rees al 'e scattered among the homesteads of Nebraska they wi be of infinitely more good THURSDAY, MARCH 30, 1939 will e goo thaii that new deal project to plant a shelter belt 1,000 miles lon° running north through the dust bowl eral days later than the first one. and a Greenleaf man is wondering if it could be the WPA influence which causes the affair to be spread out over so much time,-Greenleaf, Kans., Sentinel Americanism: The m a j o r i t y urging one another to be tolerant and kind to litle groups; little groups trying to get control of the whole works. -- Dubuque Tele erahp-Herald. Earl May ·MAYWAY BABY CHICKS" SAYS _ VISIT MY BIG NURSERY AND SEED STORE NURSERY SPECIALS CHINESE ELMS (4 Foot Trees) (Special Friday and Saturday Only) ONLY 3C EACH (35 Trees for Sl.OO) Chinese Elms--18 inch t. -, A A ONLY $1.00 BRIDA1, WREATH HEDGE .« Yr., 12 to 18 Inch Size) ONLY DC EACH · Hardy Anywhere · Snow White Flowers SWEET PEA COLLECTION (Special Friday and Saturday) . 6 BIG Packets only 25c (Six Different Colors) CONCORD GRAPE VINES (Heavy ^ Yr. Size) ONLY ?C EACH Healthy « Hardy · Productive GARDEN SEED Everbloominq Tea Roses (Heavy 2 Year Size) 5 ROSES ONLY $1*00 · 1 Ami Quinard--Dark Red · 1 Joanna Hill--Yellow · 1 Briarcliffe--Pi«k · 1 Talisman--2 Tone · I G. A. Van Kosscm--Oranje Red ^\\ '«£,''^ v.vl/7 FREE Vour choice of 1 strong, 2 to 3 foot Anoka Apple Tree, or 1 Fiery Red Floivcrinjf Japanese Quince. FREE with each Nursery Order of S2.00 or more. LAWN GRASS SEED (Maypark Mixture) Pure Clean Seed . . . finest Blend 5 Pounds . . . . SI 15 io Lbs. ..'.'." " FREE 1 Ib. Early Alaska Peas FREE with Garden and Flowet Seed Onicrs of SI.50 or more. Limit of 1 Ib. to each order. FROST PROOF PLANTS Bermuda Onion Plants 300 P l a n t s . . 2 5 c Oni " on Sets 2 Quarts.. I9c And what about Iowa,, where hardly a decent grove is to be seen in a day's drive? We who live here have become ' ' lalf ; TM ^^..i^ i«set:u, nail dead trees where once was a thrifty grove. An Iowa born lady who had hved for years in California returned to Iowa on a visit. Stic said "You don't know how de- is to mc to see -. " -~ *~ »"*- LU S^K diiTivsi all the groves half dead and most ol the orchards gone." Last year there was a great improvement in the appearance of farmsteads by the painting of biuldmgs. Much of it was done as a matter of good business to improve the sale value of a farm In like manner a good grove is the frame of the picture of a farmstead. MAYWORTH FARM SEED RED CLOVER (Exl. Fey.) Home Grown Per Bu. Earl May's Famous HAY PASTURE MIXTURE f » j m n (50% Clovers) Fer Bu. «p4.40 YEL. 1VHT. BLOS. SHT. A O CLOVER Salt Pepper. Per Bu. PJ. (Complete Line of Everything in Farm Seeds) MAYWAY BABY C H I C K S Select Grade IVhilc, Buff and Brown $r* n r Leghorns, Per 100 . 50./i,) N 'C" IED "EAVY VARIETIES · WMlc Rocks · Buff Rocks · Buff Orpingtons t/C TC · Rhode Island Reds P U . D red Kocks Per 100 Friday and Saturday Only ° ne of thc Most Complete Nursery and Seed Stocks in the Country $1.59 IS LABOR INCOME FOR HEN Iowa Calendar Flock Report Stresses Low Mortality Need AMES-- With figures E howin* o? f, V - enr ^f Jab ° r income a h =n of SI DD, the annual Iowa calendar flock report again emphasizes tnot a poultry enterprise will c- turn good interest and labor returns to the operator who successfully obtains low mortality and high production. W. R Whitfield, extension poultry husband- ·WednesdayTM S t B t C ^'^ ' aid iMo hitf ! eld J '" m a k i n K Public the 1938 ^ calendar report, pointed out that the 10 highest flocks produced nbor incomes averaging 52.20 a bird The 10 lowest flocks averaged only 34 cents. Labor income is the return left after all expenses including interest on investment are deducted from the gross income. The 10 high profit flocks averaged 160 eggs a hen at an expense og $1.23 a hen as compared to 134 eggs a hen in the 10 low flocks at an expense of $1.14. The average for all flocks was 14 eggs, five more than in 1937 Whitfield pointed out that the 10 low producing flocks accomplished an income of only S256 53 while the 10 high flocks secured S6IB.64 for the year's work. Since tins is for a period of 42 day's labor. approximately, in both cases the high flock owners obtained an hourly wage nf S1.59 as against 61 cents for the low flock owners. February Chicks Move ' Likely to Make Profit Than If Born in March EARL E . M A V Mason Cify 2 1 6 South Federal Co. Rhone 756 . , V P j - i ' a r m e r s w h o hatched their chicks in February are more likely to make a profit than fanners who hatch their TML C 3 '," March or A P ri '. W- M- Whitfield, Iowa State college Poultry Extension service expert believes, ' Records of Iowa poultry raiser* examined by Whitfield show that February-hatched chicks made an average profit of 4 cents a pound while clucks hatched in Starch averaged 2 cents and those in April made no profit. Whitfield explained this by -saving chicks hatched in February can be sold earlier when prices arc more apt to be higher on the general market. I PERFUMED WATER SOFTENER Tha Luxury prcd ucl iji lha insz pensive pacitge Softens tiia Jiardes water -- delight in!!-/- p e r f u m e d Use It a ih» fcalh and lor tha shampoo. Special at The 5 Ib. 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S 3 e L25c lc SALE A medium sixed cake of Lavo Soap for I c with purchase of * o I large siied pk 9 . of Oxydol at. . . l5C Knock About Soft Balls ,,. 9c ar 49c BATS ivi urn m THI m« «F i n«j: 50c Walko TABLETS . 33c NEW ELMO RALO LOTION That Protective Film for the Skin, £ « 1 A Special Price yl»!U Pre-Easfer Special, Toy- town Chocolate Easter Eggs, carton O«» of U ea.BC MINERAL OIL Russian, F u l l Pint IOC F R E E TRIPS WORLD'S FAIR NEW YORK or SAN FRANCISCO O F F E R E D B Y CASHMERE BOUQUET SOAP MOW 2H7* or any other COLGATE, PALMOUVE TOIIETKY or 'VASELINE' tTEM

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