The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on January 21, 1943 · Page 9
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 9

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 21, 1943
Page 9
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MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE THURSDAY, JANUARY 21, 1943 to Assist MRS. REEVES OFFERS NEW WARTIME RECIPES Bleat isn't Iho only source of protein, as housewives are bccomin" increasingly aware, and Mrs. Keevcs is helping along that awareness by supplyjng recipes which substitute for meat in every sense of the word. Amounts of poultry, milk, eggs, cheese, fish, oatmeal, peanuts and vegetables which equal one pound of red muscle meat in protein are given as well as recipes ior their use. Mrs. Reeves suggests rice mold nest egg supper plate, fish loaf de luxe, calico salad, chicken superb, Boston ripe olive sandwich, bran and oatmeal mush better than meat croquettes and split pea soup. - Cooking in wartime is undergoing a tremendous change from that of peace days, owing to the lact that food is being rationed or will be, all of which puts the kitchen in a serious mood. Our rations will be based on what is good for us instead of what looks pretty and "tastes fancy." Let's try to keep that in the back ot our heads when we feel like grumbling. The average American is still living better right now than the royal family of England. * *' * Such times as these are a challenge to all Americans: To the housewife whose dormant talents CAN'T KEEP GRANDMA IN HER CHAIR She'* as lively ac a Youngster-Now her Backache is better Many sufferers relieve anesins bnckaclie cjulL-kly. ouco Ibey discover tliat the rt'al cause of thoir trouble, may bo timl klilneya. The kidneys are Nature's chief way of taking tUc CXL-CM acids and waste out of tlje blood. Tliey help meet people paaa about ^1 piolft a day. \Vbcn disorder oE kidney function permits poLsonnus matter to remain in your blood, it may cause Dogging backache, rbe kimattc pai 09, ]!T5 pains, losa of pep and criercy, getting up nights, swelling pufBness under the eyes, brada.cbca qad dizziness. Frequent or Bcaoty passages with smarting and _ burning sometimes flhoKS there is gomHbhig wronjr with youc kidneys or bladder. Don't wait! Ask your drurclst for Ioan's Pills, used successfully by millions far over 40 years./They cive happy relief and will help the 15 miles of kidney tubes Hush out poiaon- oua waste from your blood. Get Doan n Pills. must be awakened and whose skill will be put to the test: To the man of the house who must use his genius in fixing the broken vacuum cleaner or making his young son a scooter. We are all getting smart with our hands again. That's a good sign, for this country was built by men's hands and women's thrift and energy. Good cooking thrives not on abundance but on care and resourcefulness--coupled with imagination. To make simple things taste good requires more inherent domestic science than slapping a choice fillet on a hot grill. * * * Voluntary meat rationing (2',;. pounds to a person, weekly) is under way, with governmental rationing to come soon and a list of substitutes has been sent out by the bureau of home economics ol the department of agriculture. The main value o£ meat in oui diet is muscle-building protein The following list gives the quantity of other types of food that supply the same amount of protein as one pound of red muscle meat (pork, veal, beef, lamb). The substitutes will not make up entirely for meat, however, because some of the proteins, particularly the vegetable, are of less value and the iron and vitamin cohten' vary, but are usually less. MEAT SUBSTITUTES SUPPLYING PROTEIN REPLACING the MEAT COURSE ¥ * * One Pound Red Muscle Meat (Protein) Poultry: Chicken IVt to l»,i Ibs duck 1=4 Ibs., turkey IVi Ibs. ggs: 1 dozen, cheese: American heddar, % lb., oatmeal: l ! /4 Ibs. peanuts: ',j to % Ibs. Milk: Fresh 2 1/3 qts., evapor- ited Vfi Ibs., condensed 2-2'A bs., dry skimmed ',- lb.; fish: Vhole dressed, I'A-lVi Ibs., steak lb.; crabmeat 1 lb., oysters 1% bs., scallops l/4 Ibs., shrimps. 1 b., clams 2 Ibs.; vegetables: Dried beans =4 lb., dried limas % lb., dried peas % lb. Rice Mold Hi cups cooked rice, 1 cup nilk, 2 tablespoons butter, \* clovo garlic (chopped), V-t cup parsley, 1 cup grated cheese, 3 eggs (whites and yolks beaten ;epavately). Mix all together except beaten whites which are folded in last. ?ut in a greased casserole and sake in a moderate oven 35 minutes. Sauce 1 pint white sauce, 1 small glass pimiento cheese, 1 small bottle jreen olives (sliced) and juice, 1 can tuna, salt, pepper and u dash of cayenne. Mix all other ingredients with white sauce and pour over rice after serving. * * * Nest Egg Supper Plate G slices bread, toasted on one side G slices American cheese 6 eggs, yolks and whites separated Vz teaspoon salt Pepper On the toasted side o£ each slice of bread place a slice of cheese. Beat the whites until stiff, add seasoning and heap in a fluffy mound on the cheese. Drop an unbroken egg yolk in the center of each mound of white. Place on a baking sheet, and bake in a moderate oven until the yolks are set, the cheese melted and the whites delicately browned. Pour some hot, melted butter over and serve at once. * * * Fish Loaf De Luxe Hi pounds boiled halibut, or other fish 6 eggs 1 pint cream or evaporated milk Salt and pepper to taste Remove all bones and put the fish through the food grinder three limes using the fine blade or if you prefer mash with a fork. Add 1 egg at a time and pound each thoroughly into the fish, f l f liked celery salt is a good addition.) Add cream or milk and seasonings and pour "into a well buttered loaf pan, set in a pan of hot water and bake slowly. 350 degrees for 1 hour. To serve turn out and slice. Serve with sauce. Lobster Sauce Blake a well seasoned white SALLY'S SALLIES WRAP US UP A UMCH, WERE. 40IM' fo A FIRE IK Blue Names 2 Appropriations and 2 Agriculture Groups Departs From Custom in Revelation of Iowa Senate Chairmanships All Winter Apparel Must Be Cleared Out Before We Take Inventory I sauce in the usual manner, and add to it as much canned lobster, chopped, as you care to use. Add a little chopped pimiento. * * * i Calico Salad 1 cup freshly boiled potatoes, diced 1 cup cooked new carrots, diced 1 cup yellow wax beans, cut 1 cup cooked peas French dressing Onion juice Mix the vegetables very carefully and blend with French dressing to which a little onion juice has been added. Let stand several hours in the refrigerator. Serve on crisp lettuce in a shallow bowl, garnish with olives and top with a spoonful of mayonnaise. * * * Chicken Superb 1 chicken, 2 or 3 pounds 1 large can mushroom soup 1 cup milk Salt and pepper Have tlie poultry dealer draw and quarter the chicken: Prepare and rinse in cold water and roll in flour seasoned with salt anc pepper. Arrange in a buttered casserole. Cover with the soup, diluted with 1 cup milk or cream Cover the casserole and bake slowly, 325 degrees, until tender adding more milk or some water if the liquid cooks down too much -About 15 minutes before serving remove the cover and allow to brown, slightly. Garnish with parsley. Boston Ripe-Olive Sandwich 1 cup cooked, seasoned navy beans 3 tablespoons horseradish 4 to 5 drops tabasco sauce ,i cup chopped ripe olives 2 tablespoons minced onion Butter 12 thin slices raisin bread Mash beans. Add other ingredients except butter. Spread bread This filling ol beans, rich in protein and olives rich in Int lias a good nutritional value and is recommended for those who carry lunch to work. Whole wheat and enriched bread are also recommended. Bran and Oatmeal Mush 1 cup quick cooking oatmeal 2-3 cup bran 3 cups cold water J ,4 teaspoon salt. Mix together in the top of th double boiler, let come to a boil place over boiling water and le cook 20 to 30 minutes or longe; if preferred. Serve hot for break fast with top milk. * ¥ ¥ "Bclfcr Than Meat" Croquettes Soak over n i g h t . 1 cup clriec peas and 2 cups lentils. Coo, slowly until tender but not mushj and drain. When cold run tliroug food grinder with 1 onion and small bunch ot parsley. Mix wcl with 1 cup bread crumb.-;, 2 egg. 4 tablespoons cream and season ings to taste. 1C desired add a lit tic sage or savory. Shape into croquettes and place on a grease pan in the oven to brown. * * * Dorothy's Split Pea Soup 1 package split peas 1 cup celery, stalk and leaves chopped. HUGHES SAVE MEAT WITH TASTY ALL-BRAN MEAT PATTIES 3 SOUTH FEDERAL ---- - - a grand recipe for the times! Delicious, nourishing meat TO ties--made with KEIIOCG'S KLI-ER^ Makes meat go further. Gives thcs patties ,1 tempting, crunchy texture- plus all the nutritional benefits o AU.-BRAN: valuable proteins, carbohy dratcs, vitamins and minerals. Try it Kdlotfs Mi-Bran Meat Patties 1 * S K 1 tablespoon - tcaapooiu .tall chopped Barslcy i teaspoon pepper 1 cup mill; Z tablespoon.? ',4 cup eauup minced onion 1 cup Kelloeit's Atl-Bra 1 pound ground Txtt Beat egg add salt, pepper, onlor parsley, milk, catsup anrt All-Brar I*t soak until most of moisture Is take up Add beef and mix thoroughly.Bak in hot oven (450° F.) about 30 minute or broil about 15 minutes. Remove meat patties from pan. Add some milfc "« Jf*?" 11 " 8 ? to "rippings. Thlckci slightly to make gravy, yield: 5 »rv Ings, 2 patties each. 1 large onion, chopped 1 cup tomatoes, optional 4 cups water Soak peas overnight, put on to oil with other ingredients and ook until peas are tender. Mash nd season to taste with salt and epper. Add a generous "hunk" £ butter. * * * Deviled Goose 8 pound goose 1 large onion, cut up 1 thick slice lemon NEW DRAFTEES GET NUMBERS Board No. 1 Issues Order, Serial to 6th Group Order numbers have been assigned to the following men by local draft board No. 1. These men were registered in the sixth draft last week. They are: Order Name No. Robert William Bachaman 11,813 Calvin Kermit Johnson .. . 11,814 Claude Lester Modlin . . . . 11,815 Alan Ellsworth DeMerritt 11,816 Merle Lloyd Beaver 11,817 Gus Pappas 11,318 Gerald William Fisher 11,819 Harold Ashton Wiswell, Jr. 11,820 Lowell Francis Gactzke ... 11,821 Clay Almond Thomas 11^822 Wilford L. Ebert 11,823 Elbert Dale Djurcn 11,824 Wilbert Melvin Nuehring . 11,825 James Peter Preftakes ... 11,828 Robert Henry Sprau 11,827 Pelar Bueno 11,828 Clifford W. Overbeck 11,829 Donald Richard Svendal .. 11,830 Frank Samargin Louis Joseph Pion, Jr. ... Raymond Scott Harold Wayne Jasperson .. Philip Garman Peterson .. 1 cup coarsely diced celery Boiling water % cup vinegar 1 teaspoon pepper 2 tablespoons prepared mustard 1 tablespoon salt Clean the goose and put onion, emon and celery inside, cover vith boiling water and simmer !or one hour. Drain well and wipe ry. Remove onion, lemon and elery. Fill the body partly with luartered, unpeeled apples, sew up nd truss. Roast in a slow oven, 25 degrees, allowing about 20 minutes to the pound, placing sc breast down on a baking --k. Baste often with a sauce made from the vinegar, salt, pep- er and mustard. Serve with gib- et gravy made in the roaster. draining off part of the fat if necessary. (Be sure to save all the fat.) Dressing for Goose Using bacon fat and butter in- itead of fat from the goose make .·our favorite onion dressing, adct- ng one small ,can mushrooms, a ittle sage and salt and pepper as iccded. Place in a well greased making dish und baste occasionally with drippings in the roaster. --o-- riousewarming to Be jiven by Dimbaths The Rev. and Mrs. Merle 3imbath have invited'the members and friends of their eongre- jation to a housewarming at the church parsonage. 412 Third street northwest, Friday evening at 7:30. Mr. Dimbalh assumed (he pas- orate of the Church of the Nazarene Jan. 1, coining from Cincinnati, ' O h i o . Mr. Dimbath is heard newscast every morninc KGLO. ' BITS ABOUT 'EM 11,831 11,832 11,833 11.834 11,835 Jay Vanosdal Richey 11.83G Marl Ranson Jackson 11,837 Conlan'Anson Monaghcn .. 11,838 Jerry Dean Fockler 11,839 Ward Owen Linder 11,840 Harold Lloyd Jolly 11,841 Richard Francis Wille 11,842 Calvin Glenn Huff 11,843 Harold Wayne Springer ... 11,844 Thomas Ruiz Gomez 11,845 Roily Ellsworth Pion ll,84fi Howard Carl Butler 11,847 James Robert Branley ... 11,848 Stenus Junior Harms . . . . 11,849 Henry Justine Mataloni .. 11,850 Charles Hazlctt, Jr. 11,851 Roger Noel Johnson 11,852 Herbert Kenneth Mestad .. 11,853 Harry Arthur Reynolds ... 11,854 Larry Lester Perkins 11,855 Luverne Lyle Aves 11,856 Rex Donald Marinis 21,857 John Howard Holt 11,858 Carl Luverne Humburg ... 11,859 John Adams Kunz 1],8GO Jim A. Lyons 11,861 Robert M. Carroll 11,862 Clayton A. Prestholt 11,863 Alvin Junior Medlin 11,864 DES MO1NES, If?)--Lt. Gov. Robert D. Blue departed from custom Wednesday and named a appropriations committees and two agriculture committees in announcing his standing committee in the senate for the 50th general assembly. Senator K. A. Evans (R-Emerson) was named chairman of appropriations committee 1 and Senator O. H. Henningsen (R-Clinton) was appointed chairman of appropriations committee 2. * * * In dividing the appropriations committees. Blue indicated he anticipated a revision of the act setting up the legislative interim committee under which the chairmen of the standing appropriations, ways and means, and judiciary committees during the session automatically become members ot the interim committee. * * * "The interim committee law is being rewritten and it has been suggested that the new bill would not confine the presiding officer to naming the chairman of any specific committee to the interim Alfred Christiansen 11,885 Andrew Castino Cabrera . Paul Sherman Bruns Gale Gordon Goranson ... Ralph Charles Perkins ... Charles Jackson Kennedy . Daniel Henry Phalen Laurence F. "Frederickson . Ivan Delbert Saylor William Austin Summers . in a over 11,866 11,867 11,8GB 11,869 11,870 J 1,871 11,872 11,873 11,874 11,875 11.87G 11,877 Gerald William Feeser ... 11^879 Forrest H. Abbott, Jr. ... 11,880 William Dale Linahon 11,881 Harold Alfred Ellis 11,882 Robert Leroy Burgess 11,883 John Raymond Gagnon ... 11,884 Robert Luverne Paulson .. 11,885 Larry Lester Lindsay ... 11.886 Thomas Leroy Woldmoc Allan Vincent Wind George LeRoy Koons , ,, . . Irwin G u n u n Groff 11,878 NEED MORE RED GROSS WORKERS Demands Increase for Surgical Dressings Mrs. Jay Lorenz, production chairman of the local chapter of the American Red Cross, stressed the need for workers in the surgical dressing rooms due to the greatly increased demand which has been made on the organization for the coming year. Her report was one of five made at the executive c o m m i t t e e meeting Wednesday night in (lie chapter rooms. Mrs. Lorenv. said 3(10 children's rompers ;uicl 400 women's sowns were completed during the month of December. She paid special tribute (o Mrs. L. S. Sanders, buyer of production committee for the past three years; Mrs. Filzpatrick. chairman 6f the packing committee, and Mrs. Paul Loomis, chairman of the kit committee. * * * Mrs. Harold Campbell, chairman of the nurses aide service, announced that the graduation exercises for this groun will be held at the Music hall Monday night. Lack of chlorine causing the Mason City pools to remain closed this season has created n slump in water safely activities, according to Larry Heeb. chairman of water safety and first aid. He snifl he hoped to increase such Activities at Clear Lake this summer. ·¥ * * He announced that two air raid wardens' first aid classes were held each week in each ward, and that miscellaneous classes had been established at Plymouth and Rockwell. Mrs. John Senneff made a report on camp and hospital service. She said two army truck loads of furniture had been collected here, and divided at Des Moines between Camp Dodge and the recreation rooms in the WAAC quarters. She said also that further calls for furniture had come from the pre-flight school at Iowa City. Mrs. Mabel Sondergnard. excc- commiUee," Blue said. Sen. Sanford Zcigler. Jr., (R.- Fairfield) was named chairman of the ways and means committee. Sen. G. R. Hill (R.-Clarion) was appointed to head judiciary committee No. 1, replacing the veteran Sen. A. J. Shaw (R.-Pocahontas). If the present pattern for making up the membership of the interim committee is not altered. Senator Hill would be the only lold-ovor member ot the 1943-44 interim committee. He was on the interim committee in 1941-42 by virtue of having been chairman of t h e senate ways and means committee in the 1941 legislature. if if if Likewise, if the interim committee law is not changed this session, it will be the first time that Senator Shaw has not been 011 the committee for several years. ¥ ¥ * Blue said he was appointing 51 standing committees but the membership of one--the special committee on the reform ot civil court procedure--is yet to be selected. In setting up a second agricultural committee, Blue said he is combining the functions of the former farm tenancy drainage and horticulture committees under one head. Sen. Paul P. Stewart (R.-Maynard) was named chairman of agricultural committee 1 and Sen. Leo Ellfion (R.-Fer(ilc) is chairman of agricultural committee 2. * * * Chairman of other committees include: Boundary bridges, Robert W. Harvey (H.-Missowi Valley); cities and towns. Fred Cromwell. (R.-Burlington); c o n s t ! tutional amendments. Frank C. Byers (R.- Cedar Rapids); conservation, J. T. Dykhouse (R.-Rock R a p i d s ) ; dairying. .T. Kendall Lynes. (R.- Plainfield): highways. John R. Hnttery ['R.-Nevada): judiciary No. 2. E. K. Bekman (R.-Ot- lumwn): labor. Frank D. Martin, (R--Davenport). Manufacturing, commerce and fradc. F. J. Pino (R.-Columbus J u n c t i o n ) ; military affairs. B. C. Whitehill (R.-Marshalltnwn): motor vehicle?. Dcwey E. Goode (R.- Bloomfield): national defense coordination. John P. Berg (R.-Cedar Falls); posr-war. Devere Watson (R.-Council B l i i f f K ) ; printing. Lerov S. Mercer (D.-lowa Citv): ZADA NAUDAIN TO HEAD LODGE Algona Eastern Stars Install New Officers ALGONA--Mrs. Zada Naudain was installed Tuesday evening at the temple as worthy matron ot the Algona chapter No. 68 of the Order of Eastern Star in an impressive service. She succeeds Mrs Marvel McDowell. * * * Mrs. Bertha French, as installing matron, invited the installing officers into the chapter room and presented Mrs. Eva Willey as installing marshal. Other installing: officers presented were Mrs. Edith Taylor, installing chaplain, Mrs. C. A. Thlllips as installing organist. * * * Other new officers who will serve for the year are worthy patron, David n. Martin; associate matron, Mrs. Pearl Potter; associate patron, Hugh Raney; secretary, Mrs. Myrtle Lighter; treasurer, Mrs. H. W. Thompson; conductress, Mrs- Maxine Walker: associate conductress, Mrs. Opal Bourne; chaplain, Mrs. David R. Martin; marshal, Mrs. Lillian Wadleigh; organist, Mrs. Millie Klamp; Adah, Vclma Olson; Ruth, Kalherine Park; Esther, Laura Raney; Martha. Leola Zclgler; Electa. Irene Hutchins; warder, Mrs. Paul Willey, and sentinel, Hoy Richardson. The retiring worthy matron, Mrs. Marvel McDowell, was presented a basket of red roses by her young daughter, Margaret At the conclusion of the installation services Mrs. Naudain expressed appreciation a n d thanks for the courtesies shown her during the evening. Mrs. Velma Olson presented to Mrs. French, the installing matron, a gift from the officers and members of the Algona chapter. Mrs. A. A. Bishop spoke in appreciation to Mrs. McDowell ot her successfully completed year as presiding officer, and Margaret, Mrs. McDowell's young daughter, presented her the past matron's jewel. Quintuplets Use Musterole For Chest Colds! To Relieve Their Coughing and Make Breathing Easier Whenever the Dionne Quintuplets catch cold--their chests, thrats»nrS backs are immediately rubbed with Musterole _-.....·_ u .i* b ,.I,7 i M U L f C U nil, 11 ,,.,, a product made especially to promptly relieve couching and tight sore achinz chest muscles due to colds--it actually relieve couching and tight sore achinz jclesdue' '· " »k up la jnchial d_, .,,, lusterole gives such s because it's whit so helps break up local congestion in the upper bronchial tract, nose and throat Musterole gives such wonderful results because it's whit so many Doctors and Nurses call a modern munler-irritant. bince its used on the famous "Quints" tTiroS C8 5 bo ,. sure '''« Jus' »bout the Hkbl coldrehefyou can buy' IN 3 STRENGTHS: Children's MM Musterole for children and people with tender fikin. Regular for ordinary cases and Extra Strength for stubborn caws. Air Cadet John C. Thomas of Roswell, N. Mex., and Sgt. David H. Thomas of Avon Park. Fla., arc visiting at the home of Mrs. Christina Thomas, IVlfi Taft avenue southwest. * * * Miss Marie Manusos of Philadelphia and Mrs. Douglas Tyler ot Riverton, N. J.. arc visiting their father, J. J. Manusos. who is a patient at the Mercy hospital. --o-ST. BARBARA'S CIRCLE MEETS St. Barbara's circle held its first meeting of the new year Wednesday at the home of Mrs. George Cahalan. 545 Fifth street southeast, with Mrs.,Harold Colloton assisting hostess. There was a business session, followed by cards and prizes went to Mrs. Ervin Vaughn and Mrs. Harry Arnold. Refreshments were served by the hostesses. --o-- "ON"PARIEL BRIDGE CLUB ENTERTAINED Nonpariel Bridge club met with Mrs. Harold Arvidson, 221 First street northwest, with Mrs. Clarence Mondt. Mrs. William Hart and Mrs. .Roland Keeler as guests. Prizes went to Mrs. Mondt, Mrs. J. K. Johnson and Mrp. Hart. Lunch was served. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Johnson, 19 Twenty- fifth street southwest, Feb. 2. --o-URGE TRAVEL IN ARGENTINA BUENOS AIRES. U.R-- Argentina has become the paradise of South American tourists, it was revealed at the annual conference of the National Tourist Commission, but not enough Argentines "see Argentina first." To stimulate interest in the scenic beauties of the nation, the commission . will award "travel scholarships" to outstanding employes of offices and factories ot Buenos Aires and | utive secretary o f the chanter other larcc cities. I made the home service report. ' miblic lands and building, S. Ray Emerson (R.-Creston). Public schools. Ross R. Mowry (R.-Newion): rules. Frank C. Byers (R.-Cedar Ranids): social se- curitv. Carol O. S.iulin fR.-Kam- burc); income tax reduction. Clarence L. Cbrlc. (R.-Cor"doni: stale accounting system. D. D. Fuller (R.-Maquoketa). NEW HAMPTON -- Air. nnd Mrs. Clarence Grove are the parents of a daughter born Jan. 13 NEW HAMPTON--Mr. and Mrs. Russell Underwood became the parents of a son, born Jan. 14. Buy War Savings Bonds and Stamps from your Globe-Gazette carrier boy. VlSIOn-'/ICTORV M A C E ' S Smith Opticol Co. BUY for LESS Dried PEACHES, « «_ 'aney, lb IjJC Bunte CHOCO- .ATES, Lb. Box... SWAN SOAP, -urge Size Micky DOG FOOD SARDINES in Mustard, Can. . . . Cellogg's PEP Sonny Lass PEACHES, No. 2'/ 2 Con White Royal, Fancy FLOUR, 24V 2 -lb. Bag California DATES, lb NUT CHOCOLATES, lb Red Bird MATCHES, 3 Boxes for MACARONI With Cheese, Can Amber Lake PEAS, No. 2 Can R1NSO, Giant Site Chiquira Crushed PINEAPPLE, No. 2'/2 Con Opal OATMEAL wj colored dish. Box We 4c Uc lie 23c 89c 37e 24c lie 12c lie 58c 31c th 23c in pay 34c a dozen trade for eggs. Low Price* -- Complete Stock -- Free Delivery PHONE 885 Morris Food Store 221--6th Street S. W.

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