Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 14, 1944 · Page 4
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Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 4

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 14, 1944
Page 4
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4 TuMday, March 14, 1914 KASON CITY GI/OBE-GAZETTg Society Miss Theima Rinden Weds Everett Trustem Joiee -- Miss Theima Rinden, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thor Rinden of Joice, became the bride of Everett Trustem, son of Mr. and Bin. John Trustem of Hanlontown Sunday at the Bethel Lutheran Brethren church. The Rev. E L. Beisem, pastor, officiated. The maid of honor was Helga Rinden of Mason City, sister of the bride. Bridesmaid was Dorothy Trustem, sister of the bridegroom Eugene Rodberg was best man and Arthur Rinden an attendant Karen Colby, daughter of Mr. ant Mrs. Eli Colby of Hanlontown was flower girl and Arlen Harang ring bearer. Eleanor Reisem was the pianist Mrs. Oscar Rinden sang 2 solos. Following the ceremony a re BABY'S COLDS Bcifere ml«iy fart -atenoay. Rub en ICKS VAPORUS eption was held in the church isrlors for relatives and friends, 'he bride is a graduate of Joice high school and has been em- iloyed at the Kaasa store at Han- ontown. The bridegroom is a graduate of the Hanlontown high ;chool. They Vill make their home it the John Trustem farm. MRS. EVA PEAKCE HONORED AT PARTY Mrs. Eva Pearce celebrated her 70th birthday with a party Monday at the home ot her daughter, Mrs. Art Page, ,742 12th N. E. There were 30 guests and gifts were presented to the honoree. HEUEB-BOWEB * Mitchell--Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bower announce the marriage of their daughter, Harriet, Chicago, 111., to Cpl. Bernard. Richard Heuer of Camp Hulen, Texas, son of Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Heuer of Kansas City, Mo., at Kansas City Feb. 8. Mrs. Heuer will continue her work in Chicago where she is employed in the offices of the Carson Pirie Scott store. KOPPEN-PETEHSON SEXTON--Mr. and Mrs. Everett Sexton attended the wedding of Lucille Peterson to Wayne Koppen at Titonka in the Methodist church Sunday. Mrs. Steven sang, accompanied by Miss Lucille Johnson. Miss Peterson was attended by her sister, Deloris, Following the ceremony a reception for 150 guests was held in the church basement. They will be at home on a farm near Woden. Given in Sermon by the Rev. G. 0. Marsh "The soul of man is so constructed that at least once in a life time he raises some question as to the answer to his deepest need," said the Rev. George O. Marsh, pastor of the First Christian church, at the church preaching mission Monday evening'. "In this hour of chaos I'rn sure the world as such, has had more diagnosis than ever before in history. One is reminded of a line in Marc Connolly's 'Green'Pastures,' which declares "Everything that's nailed down is coming loose.'" Mrs. A. M. Ikenberry, assisted by Miss Nancy Halsor at the piano and Mrs. Helen Dunn at the organ, led the gospel singing. Mrs. J. H. Marston in her interpretation of the picture of the "Rich Young Ruler" by Clementz traced the early beginning of religious art. \ A girls sextet composed of the Misses Doris LaGasse, Mildred Bailey,-Levon Garrison, Betty Lou Hampton and Mrs. Floyd Detra, sang "You Must Open the Door." "At Home" for Spring Everything at Eatons to :dress up your home for Spring . room . budget. 1 Fine quality furnishings for every and .ot prices that don't tax your A BIG, WARM, EXTRA LONG BLANKET 25% WOOL 50% RAYON 25% COTTON 72 x 84 INCHES A real value on Chatham's fine blanket. Luxuriously bound with 5 inch satin. Four lovely colors to choose from. BLEACHED DISH Excello brand fine muslin. washed, ready for use. 36 inch squares, each TOWELS Hemmed and 20C CHENILLE SPREADS A variety of beautiful patterns on white or colored ground. . *9 Twin bed size only y* OFF PRINTED Gay floral prints yellow. One -fourth TOWELING in red, blue, green or 59c yd STANLEY BLANKETS Chatham's famous medium weight blanket with striped border. 25% wool. Excellent for spring and ' summer use i it. i it $5 GIVE TO THE RED CROSS FANELLI BOUND TO GRAND JURY Release Minneapolis Man on Bonds of $1,500 Garner--Lewis Robert Fanelli 27, ot Minneapolis, was bouni over to the grand, jury on a chargi o£ transportation, of liquor. H was released on $1,500 bond. Th case was heard before Justice R J. Fritsch Monday afternoon. At torney Ray Harrison of Des Moines appeared for the defend ant and County Attorney Henr C. Meyer for the state. Fay Marie Schwartz of Minne apolis, who was riding wit Fanelli, was released withou bond. Fanelli was arrested Sunday af ternoon on a highway east of Gar ner by Hancock county Sheriff I 'M. Brower and Highway Patrol man P. Tometich. His automobi] contained a large amount of Min nesota liquor. H elping the omemaker By CHARLOTTE ADAMS Try Hot Mustard Bread (Rationed Items Are Starred) Rice Souffle Quick-frozen Green Beans Carrots Hot Mustard Bread Orange and Grapefruit Cup (Recipes Serve Four) · Rice Souffle 1 cup uncooked rice Vt cup light cream 1 cup milk *1 cup grated cheese V teaspoon salt, pepper 2 egg whites Cook rice in lots of rapidly boiling, salted water, putting it in by degrees so that water never stops boilding. When done, drain and rinse with cold water. Mix. cream and milk with cheese and season with salt and pepper. Mix with rice. Beat egg whites until stiff, aut not dry, and fold into mixture. Bake at 350 degrees one hour. Hot Mustard Bread 1 loaf French bread *% cup vitaminized margarine 1 tablespoon prepared mustard with horseradish Cut bread diagonally just to bottom crust and in slices about 1 inch thick. Cream vitaminzed margarine with prepared mustard ·with horseradish until soft enough to spread easily. Spread on slices without breaking them apart. Place in hot oven (400 degrees) for about 10 minutes or until spread is melted. Serve very hot. Crusty Ham Slice (Rationed Items Are Starred) Pineapple Ham Slice Mashed Turnips Creamed Carrots Hot French Bread ROTARIANS HEAR TALKS ON PEAT, MEAT, TRAINING Cadet Fraser, E. Colby G. Senn on Program of Talks and Music Cadet Don Fraser, student Ro- arian who attended Boys State in 940 and now on leave from V-5 raining, told Rotarians of his ex- eriences in the service when the lub met Monday noon at the Hotel Hanford. From his departure June 9, 943, for Minneapolis, where he ook his physical examination, hrough his flight preparedness .chooling at Northfield, war train- ng service at Le Mars, and the Iowa Pre-flight school at Iowa ity, to his present transfer to the tfaval Air Station at Minneapolis details of student training were presented in highly interesting :orm. Cadet Fraser said that for the next 3 months be would have have actual experience in flying and would probably be transferred ti Pensacola, Fla., or Corpus Christ For his final training. Following bis brief talk concerning his training to date, Cadet Fraser sang 'Invictus" and "God Bless Amerl:a." He was accompanied by his mother, Sirs. Irene Fraser and by Sidney Stott. Past President B. J. Drummond who presided at the meeting in the absence of Father C. Buniet Whitehead, said that Marvin Spencer, who was the other stu dent Rotarian who attended Boy State in 194D, has been reportei missing in action on the Euro pean continent. Mr. Drummoni was president of the club ir 1930-31. Two classification talks wer given, George Senn speaking o meat packing, and Eli Colby o peat fertilizer production. Colby' talk dealt with a subject compar atively new to many members-that of the location of the pea beds in Iowa and Minnesota. Moss peat deposits near Fertil and south of Lake Mills are amon the principal beds of this kind peat in this area, according t Mr. Colby and the uses are many chief of which are for poultr raisers, fertilizers and as a snb stance to loosen heavy soil fo better growth of vegetables. Mr. Colby presented the scop of the market for this product ove the country and told o£ his com pany's activities in supplyin chain stores throughout the coun try. Mr. Senn presented some of th problems faced by the meat pack ing industry, which he said wa "efficiently and economically operated." "Two-thirds of the animals ar j raised v/est of the Mississipp while two-thirds of the popula lion is east of the Mississippi, said Mr. Senn. "The meat packin industry bridges this big gap b placing the packing plants nei the source of supply. Abnormal conditions are bein faced in wartime, according t Mr. Senn, because the Unite States Is supplying its army wit an average of a pound a day pe man of fresh meat, has lend-leas commitments for from 7 to 8 hi lion pounds of meat, and the blac market is attempting to evad the rules of regulation set by the OPA. Mr. Senn told of special' rationing packages lor army use, explained the reason for de-hy- Brothers Who Fled nto Timber Receive )raft Evasion Terms Santa Fe, N. Mes., W--Four rothers who fled io timber lands, .eeping in caves and living most- y on venison to evade the draft ere sentenced to 5 years' impris- nment each by U. S. District TREMENDOUS MILITARY NEED FOR WASTE PAPER --In addition to being the finest equipped army in the world, our armed forces are as well fed as the best. Once Uncle Sam gets his fighting men overseas it takes 81 tons of supplies per month per man to keep them ( there, compared with 43 tons in the last war. This requires huge quantities of paper containers. At present a critical shortage of waste paper for reprocessing is threatening the war effort. It's your job to help overcome this shortage. Patriotic citizens must do their share by saving vitally-needed waste paper! drated meats, and some of the prospects of the meat indusry after the war. Guests of the club were the Rev. Joseph Morgan ot .Charles City; Francis Beck, the guest of Allan Beck; Pfc. Howard Butler and Cpl. Fred Patton, guests of Walter Walker; and J. W. Colby, the guest of Eli Colby. " 54TH ANNIVERSARY IS CELEBRATED Alexander--Mr. and Mrs. Ed Richards celebrated their 54th wedding anniversary Sunday at their home. CALAIAR COUPLE MARRIED 53 YEARS Calmar--Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Falness celebrated their 53rd vled- ding anniversary Sunday by entertaining their children and their families at a 12 o'clock din- Doctors Warn Folks Who Are Constipated- Ewr Fed Like TMs? NO KP--UPSET STOMACH MUMCHE-MEHTM1Y DUU. 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An excellent deodorant. Thousands of women depend on it for freedom from worry and embarrassment. Reasonable, too. Package of 10 inserts SI. Take this ad to Ford-Hopkins Drug Store tar your package of LIBERTIES Sears Quality Supplies For PLUMBING a n d H E A T I N G 2 Piece Type Baked Custard (Recipes Serve Four) Pineapple Ham Slice *1 slice pre-cooked ham, iy inches thick *1 can crushed pineapple 1 tablespoon prepared mustard *Vi cup brown sugar Mix pineapple, mustard and su- ;ar well. Spread half o£ the mixture on one side of the ham slice. Place, spread side up, in broiler pan, as far from flame as possible. Broil until the spread has formed a crust. Turn the ham slice and spread other half of mixture on the uncooked side. Broil this until crust forms, being careful not to let it burn. Wise men make proverbs, but fools repeat 'em.--Samuel Palmer (1710). Quintuplets Use Mi/ste/0/ehr Chest Colds! 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