The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 30, 1939 · Page 12
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 12

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 30, 1939
Page 12
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Page 12 article text (OCR)

ns^^ 12 THURSDAY, MARCH '30, 1939 ANN Instruction in Cooking on Program Annual Homemakers Course to Be Ended Friday Afternoon With one more day of instruction remaining, Miss Ann Kingsley conducted the third lesson in her four-day cooking school Thursday afternoon in the high school auditorium, using "Menus in the Modern Manner" as her topic. Miss Kingsley gave recipes for preparing veal shoulder roast, sirloin pork roll, butterscotch cake, blade pot roast, cherry dumplings, lamb turnovers, chewy cocoanut macaroons, red flannel hash, stuffed lamb shoulder, ham stacks, French fried rice rolls, 5- minute steak sandwich, dried beef Chinese, strawberry chiffon pie, orange peanut cream, supper medley, pineapple sandwich, banana doughnuts, royal fruit ring, beef tongue piquant, sausage high hat, picnic salad and frosted pineapple Homemakers filled the auditorium for the event on Thursday as they had the first two da3's of the cooking school. Announce- inenls were posted on the entrances to the building when no more seats were available in the auditorium to save women the inconvenience of climbing the stairs. Announcement concerning t h e number of seats left was also made over KGLO from 1 to 1:15 o'clock Thursday. Veal Shoulder Roast G pound veal shoulder 8 strips bacon . Salt and pepper Have retailer bone and sew square cut veal shoulder, leaving one side open for stuffing. Wipe meat with damp cloth. Season inside and out, with salt and pepper. Fill the pocket with Peach Dressing. Sew or skewer the opening. Place strips of bacon over veal shoulder. Roast in an uncovered pan, without water, in a moderate oven (350 degrees F } allowing 30-35 minutes to the pound. Serves B to 10. PEACH DRESSING 1 can sliced peaches 12 slices bread 2 eggs 1 teaspoon salt Vi teaspoon pepper 1 teaspoon coriander 2 tablespoons chopped fresh mint Drain the peaches. Crumble the bread fine and combine all ingredients. " Sirloin Pork'RolI To- prepare a rolled sirloin of pork ask the meat retailer to bone two ham ends of: pork loin. The tenderloin and back bones may be used for two additional meals. Reverse the ends o£ the two remaining pieces of meat and place cut Surfaces together so that there is a layer of fat around outside of roast. Tie in several places Wipe meat with damp cloth. Rub thoroughly with salt and pepper Insert a roast meat thermometer into lean part of roast. Place on a rack in dripping pan . rj 0 not add ·water and do not cover. Set in a moderate oven (350 degrees F ) Hoast until done, allowing about 30 minutes per pound. THe roast will be done when the roast meat thermometer registers 185 degrees MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE F. A six-pound roast will serve 8 to 10. Butterscotch Cake. 1?4 cups flour / 2 teaspoons baking powder t 1 teaspoon salt \r Vi cup lard 1'i cups brown sugar J /i cup water 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 eggs Vi cup milk 12 marshmalows Sift the flour, measure and sift again with the baking powder and salt. Mix the lard, sugar and water and cook over low heat until the sugar is dissolved. Cool and add vanilla. Add eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition. Alternately add sifted dry ingredients with - the mills. Beat until smooth, being careful not to overbear. Pour into a 9-inch cake pan lined with paper. Place marshmallows at intervals on top of bat- ier. Bake in a moderate oven\(350 degrees F.). for 50 minutes. Serves Blade Tot Roast 5 pounds blade pot roast 3 tablespoons lard or bacon drippings Salt and pepper 2 cups water Wipe meat with a damp cloth Brown in hot fat. Season to taste. Add small amount of water, cover tightly and simmer gently, adding water when necessary. Allow about 45 minutes to the pound, or until tender. Serve with steamed rice. Serves 8. i Cherry Dumplings 1 can red sour cherries l ^ s cups sugar 2 cups Homemade Biscuit Mixture Milk Place cherries and cherry juice with one-half cup of sugar in a covered sauce pan. Bring to simmering point. Combine biscuit mixture, remaining sugar and enough milk to make n soft dough Drop by tablespoons over the cherry sauce. Cover and allow to steam 2a minutes. Serve hot or cold with cream. Serves 5. lamb Turnovers Us pounds ground lamb 1U teaspoons salt Vt teaspoon pepper 1 tablespoon grated onion 3 cups Celery Dressing 6 peach halves Combine meat and seasonings Flatten out to about =j inch in thickness in individual pie plates leaving enough extending over the edge for crust effect. Fill centers with Celery Dressing and fold edges of meat over it. Invert a peach half over each pie and bake in-moderate oven (375 degrees F } lor 45 minutes. Serves 6. MENUS IN THE MODERN MANNER with the voices of the gWs'cCus from the nf ?,?' d ^the1r U o£ be ^""SS^^ b ' DIAMONDS and Ring Mountings Reuter Mfg. Jeweler 9!i East State. TJpslairs-- Save CELERY DRESSING 1 tablespoon butter 1 cup finely chopped celery 1 tablespoon minced onion 1 tablespoon parsley H cup seedless raisins 2 1 ,-: cups soft bread crumbs '.B teaspoon marjoram Ve teaspoon celery seed ',2 teaspoon salt Pcpper Meat stock Melt butter, add cclei-y and onions and cook until tender. Add remaining ingredients and enough meat stock to moisten. Chewy Cocoanut Macaroons i\-2 cups flour V-i teaspoon soda V\ teaspoon baking powder ',2 teaspoon salt 1 cup lard 2 cups brown sugar 2 eggs 2 cups cocoanut 3 cups oatmeal ^2 cup chopped nuts hilt flour, measure and sltt again with soda, baking powder and sail Cream lard and sugar thoroughly' Add eggs and beat vigorously ^dd cocoanut, oatmeal, n u t s and sifted dry ingredients. Combine. Drop by spoonful.; on a cookie sheet Bat m a hot oven (400 degrees F ) foi 10 to 12 iniutes. Yield: 4 dozen I Red Flannel Hash 2 tablespoons butler Vi cup milk 2 cups chopped coined beef 1 cup diced cooked beets j- cups diced cooked polaloes Salt and pepper Melt butter in skillet. Jlix together remaining ingredients and place in skillet Cover and allow to simmer for 30 minutes.'Serves 4 to 6. Stuffed Lamb Shanks B Iamb shanks 2 tablespoons lai'd 2 cups water 1 teaspoon salt ^4 teaspoon pepper '.i pound barley Water Wipe meat with a damp cloth. Brown in hot lard. Add water and seasonings. Cover and allow to simmer about Hi hours or until lender. Remove meat from broth W h e n cool enough to handle remove bones. Cook- barley in lamb broth adding water as necessary. Stuff boned shanks with cooked barley. Place in baking dish ^dd gravy made by thickenin" remaining lamb broth. Heat thoroughly in moderate oven (350-de- SO FtAVORV, SO FRAGRANTAND SATISFYING. A CUP OF UPTONS MAKES ME FEEL GRAND! , ^ VES, UPTON* IS DIFFERENT -- IT HAS SUCH WONDERFUL flAVOK. AND I GET MORE THAN 200 CUPS PER POUND 1 . "LTERE'S why Upton's Is Arocr- 1 - 1 - icas largcst-sclling tea: t. World. Farn OUI FJavor - smooth, full, rich, delicious. 2. T.nder Young l«ave» -- and lu\- c.ous flavorful buds-give cxira fragrance and bouquet. 3. Diitir.ctiv* Uniform Blend -- with choice teas selected bv Lipson's own specialists. 4. KonemUol-jrouuse less Lipion's per cup--11-5 50 rich in flavor; Liptoris Tea Ham Stacks 8 slices pineapple 2 cups mashed sweet potatoes 2 tablespoons brown sugar 2 tablespoons melted butter 3 teaspoons salt U teaspoon pepper 1 pound ground smoked ham 1 egg 16 sliced bacon Split each pineapple round In half to make two thin slices Season sweet potatoes with brown sugar, butter. 2 teaspoons salt and pepper. Shape into flat patties and fit pineapple round*. Mix ham with egg and remaining sail and form info '.', inch patties the same size a? the sweet potato pnt- · lies. Form cadi stack by plncir," ' , a ham patty on a half slice o f ! pineapple. Add i with ground beeC mixture, tnakin tiff f, d g« «'f well covered so m? i · J Wl11 not bum ber ° r e meat is done. Arrange on broiler lack allowing 3 inches between surface of meat and source of neat. Broil o minutes. Serves 6 Dried Beef Chinese _ 2 pound dried beef ·S tablespoons butter 6 tablespoons flour 3 cups milk I can chow mein noodles Shred beef. Melt butter and add pcef, stirring and cooking until H| V " e H a ^ Crisp - Add f Iour . mi " vvell and add milk gradually stirring constantly until thickened nn^? °"c " Ot CL ' iSP CllOW Win noodles. Sej-ves 6. Strawberry Chiffon Pi c I I . CU f, s homei "ade pie mix 1-3 tablespoons ice water Add water to pie mix, small amount at a time, mixing quickly and evenly through the flour and lard and until the dough j u n Vhf,'" a , ba -"- Ro11 to about one- eighth inch m thickness and line pie pan. Pick well and bake in for 15 3 packages Philadelphia style cream cheese Cream 1 can small sliced pineapple Mayonnaise 4 Maraschino cherries For each serving use three slices of bread. Cut into rounds with a biscuit cutter. Mix the cheese with enough craem so that it will spread smoothly. Spread first round of bread with cream cheese mixture Place pineapple ring on bread Cover with second round of bread which has been covered on both sides with cheese mixture. Add second slice di pineapple. Cover this with third round of bread having the cream cheese side turned toward the pineapple. Cover all with a mixture of mayonnaise and cream so t h a t it resembles an iced cake. Place a maraschino cherry on top of each sandwich, chill and serve in lettuce cups. Serves 4. Banana Doughnuts 5 cups flour 4 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon soda 2 teaspoons salt 1 teaspoon nutmeg \k cup lard 1 cup sugar I',' teaspoons vanilla extract 3,eggs, well beaten ^4 cup mashed ripe bananas ',4 cup buttermilk or thick sour milk. H cup flour for rolling Sift the 5 cups flour with the baking powder, soda, salt and nutmeg. Cream the lard with the sugar until well-blended. Add the flavoring, then the eggs beating until f l u f f y . Add the bananas and buttermilk and blend. Then acid the flour mixture, stirring until smooth. Turn a small amount at a time on to a board floured with some of the one-half cup flour knead very lightly, roll out with a floured rolling pin to three-eighths inch thickness. Cut with a 2', inch doughnut cutler dipped in flour Heat lard to 370 degrees F. Slip doughnuts into the fat using a spatula, and fry until the bottom is browned and the lop begins to crack open (about 1 minute), then turn and brown the other side. Drain on absorbent paper. Dough may be chilled if desired for greater ease in handling. Yield: Ste dozen. Royal Fruit Kin* 1 No. 2 can white grapes 1 No. 1 can crushed pineapple 1 cup grapefruit sections l.cup orange sections 2 tablespoons gelatin 2 cups fruit juice 3 packages Philadelphia style cream cheese 1 small bottle green cherries Drain grapes, pineapple, grapefruit and orange sections, reserving two cups of the mixed juices. Soak gelatin in n cup cold fruit juice and dissolve in remainder of 3uice which has been heated Melt cheese in a double boiler and add half o£ tile gelatin mixture. Cool and add \± cup grapes. Pour into nold and chill in refrigerator until firm. Arrange grapefruit and orange sections on top of cheese mixture with green cherries to make a design. Combine reinain- ng gelatin mixture with remain- ng fruit and pour over grape- ruit and oranges. Return to re- rigerator to chill for several hours. Turn on to chilled platter and garnish with crisp lettuce Serves 12. Beef Tonsue Piquant 1 fresh beef tongue Water 2 teaspoons salt H cup flour 2 tablespoons lard or drippings 1 glass tart grape jelly 1 cup hot water Cover tongue with water and add salt. Cover. Allow to simmer about one hour to the pound or unlil tender. Cool in liquid. When cool enough to handle, peel off skin. Dust with seasoned flour and brown in hot drippings or lard Combine grape jelly and hot water. Mix thoroughly and pour over tongue. Cover and allow to simmer about 40 minutes. Turn occasionally. Serves 8 to 10. Sausage High Hat 2 pounds bulk pork sausage 2 cups homemade biscuit mix tui-e Milk Pat sausage into a medium-sized frying-pan. Cover, and cook slowly la minutes. Four off the execs* moisture and fat, reserving it for future use. Add milk to the biscuit mixture and stir until smooth and the consistency o£ drop batter Pour over top of sausage meat Cover closely and steam for 25 minutes, replenishing the liquid from time to time. Slide on to a round platter and entirely cover with Peach sauce. Serves 6 to 8. Peach Sauce 1 No. 2 can sliced peaches Juice and grated rind of 1 lemon 2 tablespoons -cornstarch 1-3 cup cold water 3 tablespoons butter Heat peaches. Add lemon juice and rind. Combine cornslarch with water and add to hot peach mixture. Cook until slightly thickened stirring constantly. Add butter and serve over biscuit mixture Picnic Salad 1 pound frankfurters 1 head lettuce 1 green pepper 2 pieces celery 2 tomatoes 2 cooked potatoes J j pound Swiss cheese 6 green onions Sail and pepper 1 tablespoon "Worcestershire sauce 1 tablespoon chili sauce French dressing Skin frankfurters and slice very thin. Shred lettuce, pepper, and celery. Cut tomatoes into small sections. Dice cheese and potatoes and chop onions. Season all ingredients with salt and pepper and toss together with Worcestershire, chili sauce and French dressing to taste. Serves 6 to 8. Frosted Pineapple .. 1 No. 21.2 can sliced pineapple Vj pound marshmallows H cup hot water or fruit juice 2 cups confectioners' sugar Place unopened can of pineapple in freezing compartment and allow to freeze to mushy stage. Turn can occasionally to freeze evenly. Allow to freeze about 12 hours. Make a marshmallow sauce by combining remaining ingredients in top of double boiler. Beat with a rotary beater until smooth. Chill and serve on slices of frosted pineapple. Serves 8. Have Music Project April promises to be a busy month for project women with music to study, stunts to be prepared and exhibits from each township to be made ready for achievement day, 'May 9. They've got the pension idea looking suspicious. If an idea is sensible, you never hear so many crack-pot schemes to make it work.--Lincoln Slar. PERSONAL Optical Service % tut 7/W Way. to. KRESGE'S HAT and COAT SETS! DIMS up yout "chicki" for Easter--in soft tll-uvol flannel com with hats 10 match! You «o clo ic aoui , at Kresge's--most inexpensively! Little girls' coats sre navy, royal blue, or red. Many come with fresh lace trims, like the princess style above. Great favorites ·with the boys we tailored, double-breasted coats like the one pictured. You can get this in navy or red -but you'd better set it soon to avoid the Easter tush! . e a hot oven (423 degrees fimnl"- , Chi11 - P ° Ur f i l i n g mto_ cooled pie shell a n d ! pldte in refrigerator to chill unlit ( f i r m Serve w i t h whipped cream if desired. Serves 6. Strawberry Fillinp ii stl ' awben "y favored 1 cup hot water 'i cup whipping cream 2 egg whites ·i tablespoons sugar 1 cup sweetened crushed straw- Derries. Dissolve gelatin in hot water and i! "S * n e a r l y E c t - W h i P U ""I otli. Beat cream until stiff. Beat egg whites until slilf. adding sugar, one tablespoon at a time, , oon a a time, beating _ . after each addition. Combine gelatin, cream and egg whites. rom m strawberries. Oranse Peanut Cream 1 cup orange sections '·i cup sugar 1 cup whipping cream cup crushed peanut brittle pineapple. Add a sweet' p o t a t o n ° U P crushed Peanut brittle patty and (op w i t h another halt i ;P ',f nmoVe ^ m)embrane froiT » orange slice of pineapple. Arrange t w o J «· j - SQctlons into small strips of bacon crosswise ovo,-l ?.'.C J: a . ai ?? add sugar. Stir u n t i l OR BLACK strips of bacon crosswise ovcr each stack. Place in a shallow baking p,i n and bake in a mod- crate oven (350 degrees F.) for one hour. Serves. 8. French Fried nice TColls 2 cups cold cooked rice 1 cup thick tart apple sauce 2 teaspoons lemon juice 2 teaspoons grated lemon rind 2 teaspoons melted butter 'i teaspoon sail 1 ogg 4 tablespoons milk Fi "i? 'l 01 '"" 3 ^ "I' cracker ^T i " - n Ilx V irst six ingredients well chill and shape into croquettes Beat egg and milk together. Roll croquettes in crumbs, then m egg mixture, and again in crumbs. Chill thoroughly. Fry in deep hot lard at at 375 degrees F Serves 6. 5-Minute Steak Sandwich 1 pound ground beet 2 tablespoons srrated onion T J 1 teaspoon salt '.k teaspoon pepper 5 slices bread or buns Butter Pieparcd mustard. , Combine beef, onion, salt and | Pepper and mix thoroughly. Toast oread or buns on one side. Butter unloasted side of bread and spread witli^mustard. Cover each slice , , , - , l " X | i' sugar is dissolved. Pour into freezing tray, freeze until consistency i of mush \Vhip cream and fold in i peanut brittle and frosted orange 1 mixture. Return to tray and continue freezing until firm. Serves O tO O. Supper TUedler 2 pounds link sausage 2 tablespoons water 1 No. 2 can tomatoes '2 cup grated onion 2 teaspoons salt 'i teaspoon pepper I No. 2 can peas J i package long spagiietti U pound sharp cheese Place sausages and water in cold nmng-pan. Cover and brown slowly. wi !en sausages a r e b TM w :"? 1 , re mo« from pan. Pour off all but a tablespoons of fat. Add tomatoes and onions and simmer until onions are tender. Put =au- sages into tomato mixture to reheat. Make a ring of peas around the edge of r,n ovemvare platter Arrange meat and tomato sauco in center. Cover peas with cooked spaghetti, sprinkle with m-ated cheese. Place under the broiler to broil slowly until cheese has melted and browned slightly Serves S. Pineapple Sandwich 12 slices bread SOUTH FEDERAL KRESGE'S25cio 5 li HEALTHY NORMAL EYES . . Afler the age of forty, Require glasses fee or close ^ KRESGE'S 2S Close f i t t i n g B r c c o n . b r i g h t with flowers ind veiling! Winsome pokes a n d o t h e r l i t t l e S'tlstyies in natural and colors. Tuscan braid. left-One of trie saucy straws specially designed 10 shon- oft" her fresh young features! Pediliac braid. Fine Bjby P«da!ine 1 s:ra«s for sophisti- / c a t c d j u n i o r s ! B r i g h t e n e d by brush and c u r l y leather ttirn. "Pcichbiskct'Vith beguiling veil and perky stiffened bow! V E I L I N G 10cyd.and25cyil. tsrst 9 SOUTH FEDERAL 25ct* 9 SOUTH FEDERAL

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