The Evening Post from New York, New York on July 20, 1818 · Page 3
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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 3

New York, New York
Issue Date:
Monday, July 20, 1818
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1 i ; ."firoRGE bSidfort, - :' ARCHITECT Ana TCRSISHKR, : NorttWett corner ' Chesnut end Kvenito - f oTO" ..,..1.. Philade IdL ia. niHt: riblic are re.peetful'y informed, that at I the atove address, Ware - IUoins have been aed witb an extensive assortment of Carptts, 11 rmt HaaeingS, certain vuruiiure, scampi. lnr Ol tnr; description l sou ium me cci.u wT,.u iu the different branclie of Ud ' ury. Feper - Hangiog, and Cabinet - Making, " . I be under the immediate direction ofG. Hrid - r J, hoiri provisional pursuit for many year SsXiC b0 t!ie luperintendiug of the interior da - ol houses, and frora hit possessing also o extensive collec tion ofdttigns lor furniture of evert kind, WKn erawing tnuwjng me enure ue - coralioo of rooms, and his constant intercourse ' with the tiest sources of taite in Europe, will, he hope, enable him to meet the withes of those who he pleased to favour him with their eomnands ; and he begs to assure them that his roMtant endeavours will be to combine Taste, Novelty and Utility, with Economy to enable ' hiiB to effect this, he is provided with various Ornament in tironxe, Metal, composition, ecc selected when he was last in Europe, for the de eoralioo of Cabinet Furniture, Cornices for Cur tis Lookmg - Glau Frames, and other decora .... furniture. The above advantages, combined with being IU importer ol trie various articles ucu, to exe rate his orders, will enable him to offer the pub' ' he, goods of superior quality and fashion, on the BOtt mouerne iciuia. Southern and Western Merchants purchasing Facy Goods, may dud it to their advantage to visit Ifars establishment, eitiier to complete their ii - lectioD. or should they wish to have imported tariou fancy articles, not in the. usual routine of btiMnest ; to surn oraers, every aiienuon w hi ic ' paid,and from G.B' arrangement in Europe, he Will ie enameu vt meui uiuiu yiuuiyii) Gentlemen residing in any part of the United States, by forwarding the dimensions of their rooms, wiudow or recesses, to receive appro piiale furniture, cau be furnished with Carpets mid Faper - Uaogings, Curtains and Cornices, uade up complete for windows and beds, pier - tables, book rates and side - board?, &c. to suit recrsst, with a variety of other furniture, ni I Chairs. Sofas. Chiloners, Lad its Work fables, Pembroke and Dining do. Secretaries, be. Sic with all possible expedition. ooooouUoooooo The following articles are part of G. Bridport'i late importations, ami are for sate at the ware' room" as aiiove : UI HOLSTER Y FURNITURE. I CARfETIWC. French Tapestry of various designs and dirnen i sioes, ' . Enflish, Brussels, I Superfine and second Ingrain I Vnetian passage and stair fcoth Squares (or chambers letth ad toor Bug Cib quality Blankets tires and Blue Table Covers. CCRTAI.V FCRSIICB.E. frerh embroidered Silks Meoo lamik fuiiand watered Moreens Msrto Cloth, 2 yards wide JbdLondon Chintz, Lenocs, for medium cur mini Sill Fringes and Bindings Onlmental Hell Fulls Cil Cornice Ends and Curtain Pins fjiupet or r igure an'l Ornaments, in various olours and on differeot grounds, for djcora - tng, Sic. Anejtensive assortment of ssttin 4: plain Papers uo i do an ot uordert, &c .c j I - OOKIirC - CLASS PLATFS. Tor Vrnnd Mantles, to be gut up in frames to u uie pure hater i VAULT UHMTCRE Draving and Dining Room Lustre and Grecian KAinps Mantle and passage do Cacielahri and Brackets for Lamps, 4c. Lades' Work - Tahlo, and Pier do Htbct article of rich Cut Glass Ihtoer, Desert and Tea Porcelain fcjt Plated Wares, with silver edges A. - tiqne Butts and Go. Vases, iu I'liuter franca Porcelain Vases, for Chimney ornaments hid a variety of iiuftiler articles. ' kfent lui the Miliord marrjle lonpny, w ill re - ciive as early as possible, a number of ClilM - Jbl rlLCb?. now executinf in their green mat Me, fr mo riesigns fiiniished lT himself. Tin BiarMe eg tals in heautr and durnbtlit v, the Verd Antique, one of the marbles of the highest irice. aan u.ot in eMeein iu f.urope. i G.. B. alto expects to reeeive, by the earliest 1 arnrul from ti - tvre. n numhr.r of Chimney 1'ie - cei auvr execution in Paris, from designs lumi'li - fi I'jr hm.ielC Alony of these will be dccoiated with o - in.ilu or gilt omamenU. 1'be JriiMit and diiuen'iom of th! viriou osi,nt, may Le teen at bis ware - rnoms, in Che Cut !!!. J IJ Xl ttn IS CUM.Ui. Stair of Vifir - l'ori, it. N pursnance of aa order of this hfoo'able court louring date the firteenth day of Jur.e, 1316, will be sold at public auction, at the hov ot Vlows Uagg, Inn - keeper, in the village of l.'tira, Oneida couutv, on Uie XJ dny t Stptkitrr next, at li o'clock at noon, under (be direction of the tubscriber All tUat trart r pun cl of land, lying and being ntua - Ud ia the town of Home, county of Oneida, tale of Mew - York, beginning at a walnut stump ataadmgia the south side of the Mohawk riror, at ux uortbeatf comer of lot 4, in tbe U.ird a. Iototof the Oriskany patent, and runaing (heaee south 39de. rees 10 mutates, west along thsiottheast bounds of lot No - 4. 139 chains nod W Wit to a beach tr. e, cornered and marked 3d 4 thence north 74 degree and 40oii utes, prtst alrxig the southerly bound of sail lot 4, 44 WiMni MJ Uuks to a auks standinr li links S. W. oliio iron wood tee. enraered and maiked r C. ll U. s thenc north thirty nine degrees 10 self, eait along a line of marked tieei to the rei land now unrd ly r redenck Standley, W aloog the east side of his farm, as the lence stands, Urthe rof road leadiug to the vil - ; ol Fort Stauwirk ; them e westerly a Hie ti toad rns, chains 54 links ; tlienre north xrees 10 minutes, east along th line of said city's farm 130 chains 24 link (no the whie '()tothe south hank of the Mohawk river; nee as the said river wind and run to the ce of beginning (except one atre, sold ami fd by Peter Coitlo Abel Burrows, - 'IUns'"ith side of the road ami lite laiids u! Ibting the firm lately owned by Peter Colt, sold bv him to the said Gfine Srnhj. Tr. Jpwr with ail and singular the hereditament to J "eiongmg or in any wie appcrtaininK lttdJ0iy20tii, 18ifl b M THOMAS BOI.TO.V, 10 lsw6w Maftt - r in t hnrerT. 7 Southern and. other lieiitit:i.en. J'O BE SOI. j a nsvrrr - . ful Bay llorte, 0 years old, 16 hai.ds liMtb, perfectly on!;d, unquestionably the fiuest Horse in tlie city lor a ingle Horse carriage of nny description, l'o a Gentleman wanting to eo a U. I. I MT1 i. ...u b . 1 t. . . ft..... he invtluiile,, bemg a firat rate mover Wd'ialtoaiy tv i - ht. seen i the Ueitoiitory. Walker - street, roadway. Jy 20 Iw PTRuniNG HORSE. DH ale, a remarkably f:t trolling hone. ' snuad, and kiud in all harness, and ssy r1'!! saddle Apply at Jones' Lirery ita - V'Sew - street. 4t Cliiruvm . - i. w - " , vJ J mi .MC . A AXT 'h from the Citv - Hotel. to WIvu, viut, iruMiiav9 Q'tors belnv I ik4.. - .i r - o I - - - - .j - m. , wild c VXIVAIC a de S h hH1ofler for ' ticket and Shares, i j, " "iycisoi me.sitdicu Science TuLi.' T '""mciice arawmjr oti the first "way in AuifusL next Tin Ln.. Phed "l" "J 'apidly drawn till eonv 1 . i T 1 10 - - . . J SO 3t 1 1 ESSON3. 1 obtained Letter for hit invention of teaching the art of Writing in six leasoo. He will enable any person, oT whatever age, and notwithstanding any bad Ualiits titer mav have contracted, to write well and with rapidity, af ter having received these lessons. - Persons of goo J capacity will be able, by a strict attention, to write well in four lessons, each lesson ol one hour. ' The (olid utility and merit of this system can be best seen in its particular results, in those heiutifulaiid various specimens it lias produced, and which can be examined at Mr. 'V. S' teach ing room, No. 43 Broad - street. Mr. u. s. bavinz tuet returned from Washing ton, where he has taught with great success, and where his method has been much approved by the heads of government, will remain only four or fire weeks in ew - York, after which time he must return to Washington, to fulul an en gageinent made at the solicitation of a number ol gentlemen ot that city. H. 15. Mr. D. 8. will sell a patent right, and Icjtq hi tyttem of teaching to those who wish to purchase it. J zueod4w Law rrguiutuig iht Uuaging and Inspecting of t ub. Oil. Passed. March 31, rCT Be it enacted by the people of the ttate of Jew - iork, represented tn striate and asstmU'v. 1 hat the person administering the government of this state, by and with the advice anil consent of the council of appointment, shall from time to tune appoint one person lor the city of New - York, whose powers shall extend, to, and include the village of Brooklyn ; one person for the city of Albany; and one person lor the city oflroy, whose powers shall exteud to, aud include Lan singbnrgh and Waterford, to be guagers and in spectorsof fish oil. Hndbeit furtter enacted, That it shall be the duty of each person appointed by virtue of this act, to provide himself with proper instruments for guagiug and insiKCtin? oil, and whenever cal led on to guage and inspect any parcel of fi - h oil, wiitun the place for which be was appointed, it shall also be bis duty to inquire diligently and seek out any parcel' of fiiho.l within liis district, and guage aud inspect the saine,od brand leri - tly on th head of each cask he may so guage and inspect, his own name and the name of tbe place for which he was appointed ; also the whole number of callous the same shall eruasre. and separately fioin each other the quantity of wa ter, the quantity of sediment, as well as the quantity of pure oil ho shall And therein, and nall make, subscribe and deliver to the owner or holder of such parrel ol oil so guaged and in spected, a certific ate, exhibiting in separate co lumns the quantity of each of the aforoeaid enu moratcd ingredients the who! parcrl shall con. tain ; for all of which guaging, inspecting, branding and certifying albresai J, he fhall receive from the owner or holder of the oil so guaged and in - peeled, twenty ceuu lor each cask, he the same small or large, the one half of which shall always thereafter be chargeable upon the purchaser ol the same. 1nd Le it further inacttd. That it shall be the duty of all persons owumg or holding fih nil, to put the same in a convenient position for puair and inspecting whenever thereto required by an authorised guager aud in - pector. if lid be it further enacted, I hat any prr.'oo or persons who shall counterfeit, alter orrhrmge any of the brands or marks akiruaid, on any cask of oil so branded or marked, or w ho shall mix or in any manner adulterate any cask of oil so brauded or marked, or v ho shall buy, sell or barter any oil within the di. - tricts or places af ore said, except the same shall have been guaged, nspec'.ed and branded according to law, or who shall ship, export, or otherwise coovty or cause to be conveyed any oil out of, or from the district or places aforesaid, except the tame shall nave been guaged, inspected nnd branded ac cording to law, such person or persona eo otfeud - uig, shall forfeit and pay the sum of twenty - five dollar for each cask, tbe brands or marks oi which abs.ll be so counterfeited, altered or chan ged, or which shall be to bought, told or barter ed, or which shall bt so shipped, exported or - nrw"S oc7rt C3Al - ry to the "tn: inUut aau tarennui j el hci : rrui tuea, mtcrilfff.'j, that nothing bcreiu contained thall be construed to prevent any person or person from buying or selling oil by measures legally sealed. Andbeti further enacted, T Lai it t halt be the duty of any person or persous who shall use or itherwisa cm(,.y the contents ol any ew k ol mh oil, immediately to efface the gnawer's and in spector's marks or brands from the same, under the penalty of twenty five dollars. .i nd be it further enacted, I hat any forfeitures arising by virtue of this act, may be sued for and recovered by action of debt, with costs of suit, j in any court having cognizance of the tam, to the cole use and behoof of any person who shall sue therefor. 1 NOTICE is hereby given, that the fuh'criber has been anuoinled bv the honourable the Conn ril of Appointment, fjnnger and Inspector of al r i'h Uilt in the ,ity of .ew - York Mid lirooslyn and ha opened his oihee at No. 37, Water - st where be will receive orders from A. M. to 8 P. M. every day, buodays excepted. JAMES MAURICE, X. B. Dealer in T - h Oil are hereby notifixd, bat any infr ingement of the above law wdl be lOeiutid. July 20 Im sEVV - VOltK jI AI E IA I KUY. ' PHEonly lottery iathe United States in wIim - 1. X Use payment ofpiietii ganruoted by tl. date. MEDICAL SCIENCE LOTTERY, No. 5. To commence drawing 4th ol August. SCHEME. 1 prire of lOO.iHIO DOLLARS. 1 do or 50,1 H) do 1 do of 2i),0tJ0 do 1 rit of 10,1X10 Hj 1 do cf j,l0i). dd 2 do of 2,llCi do 45 do of 1,000 do M do cf IiKI do 5 :o0 do of 50 do Tickets and Shares, win lesile and retail, at WAiri's. Truly Fortunate Lottery and Exchange Office, .o. 54 Jiaidin - lanc. G. k R. resm - ct :'u!lr inform the public that Tn. ki. - ts ui this or any other Lottery may alway oe otitaine j oi them at the very lowest price of fered by any broker or vender of Tickets m this rtly. J ill Prizrt t J'nzct .' 7'rur .' IN tli last c'.a Medical science LoUerj', the greatest number i f capital prizes were jld by KUlir.K 1 t All hi, Jun n - Kwithstanu ing he had not one tenth pirt of tlie number ot tickets as those who style themselves "tm !j lucky," and in IheMilford Si Owrgo Kod Lottery, just finished d. nwincr.hesold as many prices a they did, and l ad not one hlfthe number of tickets. I he Msrhest prite sold and already paid in a whole ticket in this Lob ;ery, wa the first drawn number R5000, pur chased of R. W A 1 1 E, Jan. by a gentleman in Liberty street. i higher prize has yet been paid, in a whole ticket. The public will there - lore know how to appreciate the golden sto ri s tliey so frequently tee published in the daily papers. ROBERT WAITE. Jun. lias ocen in b - isiness only 1 i month, and from the unparalleled success which has attended lick ets purchased of him, and consequent increase of customers at bis office, he anticipates the pleasure of s I ling most of the Cabiut Prizes in the 5to Medical Science Lottery, which will commence drawing 4th August next. Capital Prize $ lOO.OuO. 53,000, 20,000. 13,000, 5,000, 2 of 2,000, and 45 of 1000. Ticket and Charts, for sale by R. WAITE. Jun. 136 Broadway. J 20 St rt'.UA, ortheTreeof Heaitn, to Which . WlUT!5fi?ElXLI JtTn. DE fcPKAMGH has IV L Patent of the U. 8. for JiiiOuo i"n J1"l, P",c "re S'WWv)' stories, by Madame de Genlis, price 50 cenu, ItTV o - 0,000. la.OOJ. snm. 2,Vl ,n.t Alf .. ..i... v i vv.ti....... k - ,3'0Ch'' 5S00 and 4i 1 1 , t . . .... jjUMA, - - - v OK the Tree of Health, to which are added, the Fair Proline, Zeoeida, tbe Reeds of the Tiber, and the Widow of l.uzi, bv Madame De Genii, just received and for sale Iiy - A. T. GOODKICII V CO. ' Ifft 54 B road war, orntr of Cedar st. JySO - J ZUM A, or the Tree of liealrh ; to whicn are added the r air Pauline, the ReeU of the 1 iher, and the v id w of Luzi ; Tales by Mad. de Genlis Just published and for sale at the Minerva Circulating library and Book and Stationary Store, No. S65 Broadway, opposite the Museum, price 50 cents. J SO tOH HALE, A pilot boat built BRIG, now on the stocks at Middletown, (Conn.) and may be bought at a low price, if applied for soon This brig is built of the best materials, copper fastened, and locust trunnels, aud part of her upper frame cedar, and also part of her staun - chions. She is about 220 tons burthen, and is calculated to he a very fast sailer. She may be bought with cither the hull complete or with spars, sails and rigging ; and may be delivered in six weeks. Apply to GRISWOLDS & COATES, Jy 18 , 60 South - street. WA.VTKD ix) KH. iTV Two Briti8h SHIPS or BRIGS, of fT''f' r'"m "00 to 250 tons burthen, to load for Kiugston, Jam. Apply to POTT tt M'KTNNE, July 15 56 South - street. CIOT'ION, SUGAR, etc. 145 bales New Orleans Cotton, now landing 100 boxei Brown, 30 do. White Sugar, enti tied to drawback 75 hhds. N.E. Hum . 4 cases Uomcstic Goods, consisting of Shirtiiijj, Chambrays, Plaids and Striiies 40,000 lbs. German Steel, (entitled to debent - 15 tons clean Hemp ure 10 tihds rure Spirits, lor sate ny J AS. D'WOLF, Jun. 54 Soulli - itreet Wanted to Chat ter. A good VESSEL, of 1500 to 1300 bids burthen, for a voyage to the West - In dies. Apply a? above. Jy 16 Wanted to Freisnt, A good Schooner, of the burthen of six or seven hundred barrels, lor a voy age from this port to Bermuda, immediate dis patch will be civen. Apply tn l liCKEU At LAURIE, J 16 29 South - street. tor UkbHt'OOL, The elegant fast sailing coppered ship DRAPER, WUIiain Adams, master ; she is UO I tons burthen, only two years old, and will be dispatched immediately on discharging her inward cargo. 1 or freight or passage, ap ply to the matter, on board, east aide of Fly - market whan, or to B. W. ROGERS 4: Co. Jc 16 235 Pearl - strert. for J.tlii:, Thrfast sailing coppered ship 1)1110, George Maxwell, master ; expected to arrive Philadelphia about the 13tli inst. and to nail 19th inst. 100 bale of cottinnro - ther goods, will be taken on freight, ami a few passengers handsomely accommodated. Apply to 110YT & TOf, J 9 tf 45 Soutli Kt. tor C'H.i KL t'i 'A . V, The ship TELEGRAPH, Fanning, master, will sail nr.t fair wind ; can take a lew tons more light frti - lit, and accommo date ii more passengers in a superior stile Ap ply on board, a. - t side Bnrling - tbp, or to .iffSUJYU. 1'HKLfS, July 10 183 FronUt. W anttd 10 Charter, For a voyage to Bermuda, a good il SCHOONER, that will carry 6 or 700 barreta immediate dispatch will be given Ap ply to - & LA Ultltl.S, JiaW tr - " ?. Souta - al. t or CHJUVEii, Jk A British BRIG, burthen 218 tons lt, British, or 2100 barrel ; now at Phi - ladeijli:a ; will proceed to this, or a southern port, to load for F.ngland, or the West Indies. unj en be despatched wn'.iin three nays notice. Apply to KUGLlii & POST. J 6 51 foiith - strert FOK6ALE, v The brig JOIt., 1 11 tons, built in MassachutU, in the vear 1HO0, and rebuilt in Philadelphia, in Hi Id ; a staunch good verei, and wed louua in sails and ringing iies at Brooklyn. For terms, apply to JAMEa D'WOLr, Jr. J 17 54 S - Hith street. fur H'lSULYiTOX, ,". C. The schr. CARPEN TER'S SON. Hubhell, lyin? in I'eck - alip ; will nail on Sunday next. For freight or passage, apply on board, or to R. & C. W DAVENPORT CO. J 17 Si Peck - slip. tmllAt HE. Tk..k:.un'iv7i - . MMc"mb, will commence loading on Mon day iii - xt, and will be dispatched without delay. For Ireightor passage apply to Capt. Nvwcouib, onboard at Pier No. 10 E. ii. or to ARC HIBALD GRACIC Sc SON. IViit hie fu - ''ile, S00 bales of Heng..l C f .i 339 batrs of Salt Petre 31 casks ol hottle'd Porter 7 doen each 50 r aae of Claret onr do, e ach i Vintage of lb do do three dcr. card I 1810. J 17 Iw . for liELr.lSi The Philadelphia built ship JOHN DICKINSON, ILusli, master, cxn - wted train Philadelphia about the2M inst. ami u i I be immediately dispatched, having 2 3 Is of ner cargo reauy. tor freight or passage, ap' ptyto ABRAHAM BELL. corner of Fulton and CI ill - st A handome assortment of Irish. I in ens, re ceived a above, by the last arrivals frmj,ib - tin ana ueitast J 17 lw PASSAliE far A '. VIXCEXT, Th. fi. Rn,;.h crl. I'll.VII! V - , rnt Scott, intended to sail on Tues Jt iiw aa. s w I'll au bviii. a . a x . day next, can accommodate three passengers, if immediate application be made to captau Scott, on board, east side of Peck - slip, or to MILLS, PUKI1Y k CO. J 17 4t 26J Pearl - street. CO ft EE, fiRAjtOk', LOAf iU(, Kc, rjfnf Bbl aud 140 bags handsome St. Domm - 4 - 9 go cotTee, eotitled to debenture 40 pipes Gray's brandy, 4th proof 25 hhd and 150 lblsloaf and lump sugar 100 large lumps, at reduce J prices 300 bbl rve flour 100 boxes'Hdl't chocolate. No. 1, 2 & 3 100 do Joo. W jot's do la do 90 kegs pure ginger, 140 bags race, gingar 10 hhds inoUuuei rum, lor sale ou acccutmo - dating terms, by JACKSOJfSt n OOLLEY, July 9 75 Wall st. BUENl HA, UE.NOS A Kr,3 HIDES, IPtCACUAN - FURS, WOOL, tc. C?j( prime hide 10 casks icecscuacha 11 tCKi Wool C bale aod r 10 boxes Fm 24 bag Coffee; 15 Lion Skins. Being tbe entire cargo of the Portoguese br; Sophia. For le by U. 1. ti a. IIIIVVL.S.'VL', Je?4 67 Wa.i ini't. srvt. or by be as kc. ed, the . lo sale by oi cein r, iU'Oinas arnl GOODHUE S. CO. ,U, W ........ VV., :j J 2J C. WILEY H CO. Jj2 44 South - itreet STEVENS b MACT1ER, otter for sale at 157 bouth - sireet, . I 35 bag St. Domingo Coffet ' SO hhd Keatucky Tobacco ' . 49 bale iVw - Onean Cotton ?0 pipe Catalonia Wine - ,10 ppe L. P. Tenerilfe do d Inxe White Havana Sugar 3i0 'igadore Goat Skin 100 tot C'anipeachy Logwood . Jy Id ?t D L YNCH, r. lias received per Louisa Ce clia, a few pipes of Madeira, from the Parish of Cama de Labo, and St. An'unio, on which be invites the criticism of connai'seurs. V A LHO, From the Havana, 30 boxes of segar made at the king' factory, which are of very superior quality, and which he offers for sa.'e at No. 40 William - street. I). L. jr. receives orders for the above wine, rvV't 10 his approval on arr;val. J 11 2w SAJ.J..1 Jj Oil, and HAyAN.i isUUAli riW'RN & PENDLETON, bave just re JL Ceivcu a quantity of very superior sallad oil, in hack bodies and in basket of half dozen each. Also, wh'. Havana sugar. In It.xes ol one cwt. each, for family use ; which they o?r for sale at Jy I0 3t No. 58 Btone - street. - i - lABLEo, NAILS. HOOP 4 Sll:E T IKON Now landlns from the bri Senell. from Anttveip, for sale in lot to suit purch - uc - rs, by " s.vviL,. uuiir. wno has m STORK, Russia yellow Caudle Tallow and half bleached Sheetings British Gunpowder, entitled to drawback Fowling Pieces by the package, with the best tfun and pistol locks Hardwares and Cutlery ntsorted Blue printed China Dining Sets, superior pat terns White Wels - h plains for planters Yorkshire iin ihne Broad Cloths Light Horseoieu's Swords, entitled to draw back Kentucky Yarns, &c. fcc. &c. J 17 Iw r iOI' l ON. Korsale a few bales oi Cotton. suitable for manufacturing. Enquire at ! IVnrl street, up itaim. J 14 dried Ooru Meal, fresh from the Mills, fur sale oy TUCKER ii LAURIES, J 17 29 South - street IR1M1 LfNK.NS, SHEETINGS, DIAPER, &c. .4 LARGE assortment of the above Goods, LM. consisting of the following descriptions 4 - 4 & 5 4 Sheetings, 4 - 4, 7 - !l 3 - 4 LineuB, 4 - 4 Ac 7 - fl do. in uVmi pieces, 3 4 Brown and Black Liucus, 7 - 8 Duwhit, Linen Bed - Ticking, 7 - fl Coarse l.alf - hlcachcd Linen, 4 - 4 Cottnu Shirtings, 1 .inan Thread, assorted colours, First quality Iriili Sail Duck, For Sale, on reasonable terms, by THOMAS SUFFERS, No. 6, Depeyster - tt jutv 17 Iw INj Hj piece hiavy Duiidite Cotton Bagging ZD bales strelilx O'nahurg 3(H) ps. CohV and I'unento bagging Si sacking 13 hides 59 inch Stieetings 1 catK brown I'Utilla, No. 3 1 do Irish Linens. :o. 1 to 40 6 trunk Madras hdkf. entitled to drawb. 9 case London super and extra super Cloths, chiefly blue and tilacks C do do single and double Cassimeret chiefly blue nnd blncks 2 trunk assorted Poplins 12 bale 2 and 3 thread tail Twin 2 do Roping do. t do Seine do 1 do Seine ' ' 4 do thoe ttireari, superior quality 1 lo smarted cirth webtiinc 9 do Farmer's nnd Miller bags for tale L1 V IE OT, I lIUKf.K v,v. ei?Ccdf.;e4oiis - lin, - 1AVTON SILKS. - Ladie' col'd aud figured w nuifia. Hlark Sine hews Col'd LcvantinbS nrl Florence, and Sewing Silks, for ah by UURD & SEWALL, J 13 65 Soulh - trce(. R I'SSIA DUCK. - 8H4 bolts of various marks. landing Irom the Concord, for sale, at 67 Sotith - stteet. by CAMiiRELENG b TEARSON Jlfl . ' - M ADF.IRA, CLARET, Sic. hhds and IYJ. 20 ur. cask LP Madeira Wioe, warran 1. (i neoume lit) case Leovefle and viatageof 1812 Rauzaa Claret of the I 20 do still nnd sparkling Champagnefor salt! iiy Ilt - A ULHSU.s s C AIItAS, J lb" ,81 Pine - ttreet. LANDS FOR SALE AT PUBLIC AUCTION I t un CASH. rPHE following tractof Land, situated in the L District of M.dne and Commonwealth of Massachusetts, will he sold for Cash at Public Auction, on Weune'day, the second day of Sen - tembernext, at 12 o'clock at noon, at the! 011 - tincCnlu - e - House in the city of New - York, viz A tract ot Land being part of a certain town ertUl IJttA W'J great trait called Letter A. in the county ol Ot ford (formerly York) twelve fl.on. sand acres over and above State reservations and exceptions of certain lots. ouiiory invni in lowntniii oumoer lour, on j . . . . . . 1 r 3..K..l.rlr v St f'ri. M...; ' - w - " . I One tract denominated the C tract on the plat. containing seven hundred and tichteen acn - s imc other tract in the to it n ship denominated li. on the pm, containiox two thousand two hundred and eight v - two acres, exclusive of two hundred acres within fie limits thereof, be ae'inx to L'ivvnt borden. vii.. - other (. - act in said township denominated A, four thousand acre, exclusive of ninety - eight acres, sold to Aaron Phelps. Six kits ef Land in snid township, situated in Die second range of lot in the northern half of .ud township, to w it : numher 17, Sli, TJ, 3D, .11, and Ji. containing in the same five haodred and righty five acres. Ais.i, eiht lot or land, 10 the third range cf lots in the id Norton haif of the Icwtuhip 1 wit : number - S3, Sa, 38, 37. 39, 4b, and . - .nl.ilriinr ,tt th . 1 rv. o i,,.. fik.nrfefv.1 ftn1 1 " luriy - ore acres'. " 'J.r'f i "''J "'u scs ond other improvements which appertain tn are erected thereon, including 10 the said r tena'ton the one undivided half of a iw mill. ivitfi tbe land belrging to lhe tame.) Torefher with a nouhle saw - aoil, a ensr - mm, two tiwel line ami a store, all erected on lots nurn her seventeen and aamber one. in Trenton a - foresaid. The above real etale wa conveyed to Uie sweiscrilier. a assistant register of the court ol cnamrry or lhe state 01 nem - xon, in inni. Oiiver Lane and r.phraim Bo wen, Junior, Executors of the Inst will and tetament ol John Inne Clark, deceased by deed, bearing date the Ist day of February, 1810 Deeds will executed tn the purchaser by the subscriber sorb rimlee, in pursuance oi a decree 01 me Co'irt of I h.wucsry. For further particular a to bouudane, ut:, apply to th subscriber, at hi office, So. 4 Nas - aa - street. whtre lhe sam may ne examin aud alio will b ainde known at the Urn oil ale. Term of tale, twenty per cent csun w. time of rale, and the resiuu of th aaoney on the delivery of liie deeds. sin a a f T t7f D Pa.l7 .1 nu.nue.c.s,iH. u,ctuuii.,oi ri..icw., r'"::::l"':. Z , , iJ. a j . . ..1 j aid out tt settler., U. and reserving every sueh ot as mvy havebeen m any manner conveyed set lien ; and re?rung likewise the mills, boo - . I I" at on are and 31 will aud 1 it ,,,,, elpoW(l , ,aie al autlil)n on ,,e S'Ptember next, cm llie folio isV l. tvir. . Jj 18 Id 2iwlwft3awtd.'?t BROAD WAT C IRC US. ooeooOeuMO Entire charge of pertorm.mce. ' Monday, evening, jily 20. 1 The oeriormance will commence with ' the Grand Military Entry. Master i homas will on one horse ptriorra many wonderlul teat of hortemanitUp. Airs. William will display her astonishinjt equilibriums ou the slack wire. Drunken Soldier, by Mr. Tatnell. Master M'Carn, the wonder of the age, will, on one horse, perioral many wonderful leat for a youth, only nine year old, and conclude by ti ding nn hishead, m horse id nili t;ied. Mons. Causiii wii' go tnr'wgfi many surprising feats with a stick, but recently introduced into this country. , Miss Wheeland willmak her first appearnnciton one horde, and eu through many - teat of horsemanship. Strength of Hercules by Mr. Caussin. He will on his K - ct and hands support ight persons and form tnrlve difi'oreut groups, 'and conclude by uporting the whole tioopon hi haud and let I, loriniiig a Oeautnul group. The elegant Spamh horse Romeo will, after leaping ever boards ar - d bars .f a prodigious iwighth, conclude by lea ptsi over one horse, wittt master M'Carn as his nufr. Mr. Campbell, in character ol cMvn, will per - orramany trich of mirth and huflboncry. Ground and Lofty Tumbling, by the whole iroop. Mr. Bullen will on one horse perform many surprising teats, leap over 4 garters, with hit hands and n et tied, and conclude with a wonderful leap through two hogsheads. The whole toconclude with lite invincible hone Mentor, who is seen standing undaunted amidst fire woiki, and lor the 1st time the gi and Ciiar - uiille of Tivoli. Tickets may he had at the circus, from 10 o'clock, A. M. to 1 P. M. and from 3 to 5 Doors will be. open at 7 o'clock, and the per forniance coiiiiiiem - e precisely at 8. No smoaking allowed. Chi t Us not transferable. Gentlemen are requested not to enter the ring. iVIK. DVV YE K'S FIRST AFPE AKA.NCK THF.SK FOCR TEARS. At tbe Hank CoflVe House, WEDNESDAY EVENING. July St. 1R13. , R. DW Y Ell restiectfully inform' his Inemls i.V l and the pulwie that In: will deliver entne - ly Irom memory, i.eorge Alexander hteven' celebrated LECTURE ON HEADS, rendered suitable to an American nudience. 1 he exhi bition of the almve Ltrti'm in Britain gave independence to its ituthor,. and general satisfaction toils auditors ; it satirically la h es the vices and fllits of that countiy and form a source ol ratioiml and i legvil amusrrhent. I he lolloiving heads, painted liy an eminent ur (ist, will be displayed and personified or described. PART Ist. Prr.MorT Addrecs J - ir Taiulem Wlnille, Head of Foolishly Comical Ftllove lo Master Jfnckcy Mama's Darling do London blood going to keep it up do London Blood alter he has kept it up. do PART Sd. Ft. James' Lady - Head of St. Giles' do d Old Maid Old llat. helor Jonas thecard plnying conjuring Jew The Laughing Philosopher The Crying rio do do do do do I AIV1 Jd. The Aiiothecary Conoisseur Jvlaterialist Culinary Politician Head of do do do do Lawyer In the course of the evening the following reel - tatioiu. A head of GENERAL WASHING TON, and a (ketch of hi character, in which a enmparitou will be drawn hetweeu Cincinnatas and Lime, written by Mr. Dwyer. J ne soldiers' J ireaji, varapncll Tlie Bard, from tlie Lay of tbe last Minstrel. W. Sirott The Battle of Kohenlindcn. Camunell The whole to conclude with the burlesque law ce 01 - i aaiuyu.vitsut jin - t.ioii'' , Tickets at 75 cent each, to te ImT nf fit Hotel. Wnshinirton H.ilL sd at the Bank Colli: House. Doors toipe.n at and the perlorinuiice ti commence at 0 o'clock. J in 21 PAf'UOA' THEATRE Anthony street. l or the benefit ef Mrs. l' 'XT' Mrs. PARKER respectfully informs the public, that nor benefit is flxed lur MONDAY EVENING. Jult 20. when the performance will commence with Dr. Dwight's celebrated oda of Columbia, to he spoken by Miss M'Bnde, Alter which, (for the first time in tins theatre,) an entire uew ballet of action, called - LITTLE RED RIUt.YU IIOUD, Or, A Visit to my Grandmother. Farmer Giles, Mr. Jones Little Bed RiduifX Hood, Mrs. Parker Alter which, tbe melo - drnnat?c spectacle cf binsTEr U Ms doo. Or, The Treacherous Indian. Capt. Sidney, Mr. Parker vrai, .wrs. rarircr Jy 13 t LEVE.N VVOli'I'M; VlLt.E IS laid off, at the Horse Shoe Bend of the Ohio. 1 ia t)e county of Crawford, state of Indiana, on a high bottom, whieii is oever ov rllown at a ny stage 01 water. 1 his town possesses many tr7 . L, ;T ;.. .,.,.,. ',. ..,.,.:. .. .1 I . . .1....... . 1.. . . .... I " J " '..V " - ? - V nig the town, which, with very tittle expense by the rrwaa of aqueducts, will furnish tbe same with fine water : lis situation, on that point ol 11,.. nu; . ...i, - .. 11.. .:. ...... . ..1 ..i. lm w l - n tirami mc... furlor nnrtii. than at uliu - e twfwp - n tiiu Falls ami tlie Mittissippf, it a circiimMaiice that will not c:aptt the U'.lii'e of our industrious in.t enterprising citizens, This place will pronahly he the deposit for the exp irts 4ii(l import hr the counties or Craw lord, Urange, le renc. and p .tt ol llaruson Washinzton, .vionroe and Uu'ans, as it 1 the nearest point of tlie river lo ihecotiotry compie ,,p0led lhe above counfie whirh good roadscan be made. It will without doubt become the place rf deposit for the many mer chant mil! that will he erected on Big Blue Ri ver, which is one ol ll best mill streams in tint stiie. This town ha a convenient and safe har bor at all stages ol tbe water, (orvtsiels of eve ry description that navigate the Ohio. r,r2,nile.west. frora Louisville 39 west, from ,,, 1. fr, i.,., n .,1, ..a Uevenwortlisvitie it distant irom bfg Uiue ill J .. . " . " irom reoias? 'uth :iu.. ,in..r.iinn. rin. far nnt.i.v n - ;n h made. A nun.ber of lots in Leveuwoii hsti lie first wing brick, frame, or hewed log house 16 or 13 feet least, with a lator nint lnn"le roof, on for - rniturf! of hit bond ai.d the first imvmrot. Per sons wishing to prchte at private sale, wi.l d - v well to call 00 one of the subscribers, who will the ensuing week from this date, open a store iasaid town where be will constantly reside. &. M. Ai Z - Li.Vfc.VVUHIlI, Cnrydon, June 6. ,..., The nubli'liera of the Boston CenbneL New - York Kveninr Pt ar.d rhiladelplua Au'ora, req - iested to publish llie aloe three times,' forward their bills to tlie subscribers 00 the premise. J 16 31 Aary Agent's OJfttt Aete - Fork. LOCUST TIMBER WANTED. WANTED, a quantity of locust timber and tree - uailt. Apply to the Navy Agent, at Washington - street. rrv The publish srs of the Nw Brunswick Time. Newark Centioel, Long - Mand Mar. New - Haven J.Hjmal, and New - Ixadoa Gazette, please publish this advartiaement one moa'.b, send their bills p lit Nay j A;tat's CXLc. i;n luiiiiiiii 1 1 .Jim ure uu . ' ' . ... . v....v.w - - i in hle j I J,y 1: one eighth of tlie purchase m - ne. t0 Repaid in hand, the remaiuner in two J , in.tmtn,, VlX in 3 Bnd 4 eWt. lhe pur - j,, tt'lt ,lie ,trul of .h - V..... , ' r. .1.. .. . .inn Jf 13 IB MARBLE FOR BUJLD1XG, le. ; THEproprietorfthcouthern mwble qta'' rUs, oear KiagV Bridge, give notice, that they have on hand, and are receiving, at th JCmgU - Bridge Marble and Lir.e - iard, loot of Beach - street, on the Hu'lon tiver, aei tiu'is stock of tuarbl lor buildiug, of Um tlillowing da - scripuout, vii : A.hlar Copine; . ' Foundation Stona Chimuey - Piect, Facings Culumus I ' , Watertabla Steps . Platform Sil.i, Lintels Arches Also Lime cf the best quality. A ceustanl supply of the above material may be calculated upon; and thoso desirous cf purchadiug, or makio i;a;enients, w.ll apply to - EZRA LUDLOW, Fehll AliheYarrl. MO.hV JO LOsiA. , (7 tfl4SlW, - I - ' - Arla.tIoan, in rmto O C ,J)f suit, ttpi licants, ou Umd with mortgage opon jsiuiroved property. Enquire of WM. WILLIAMS, 1U7 WalerueeL - Where application may tie generally made through the year, and mortgage disponed of. Je gO tf J AUKS 1J. sYoUT, Enpraver aiid Seal Cutter, removtd to 90 l.tbertynitreet, near Gtcenwich - street. Jv8 3m TO THE PUBLIC. f7 Tlie Hegister of the oily and county of New - York. Informs the Public, that al! Deeds, Mortgages, tiff. be. which were in the office at the time of his taking possession, and which have been smccdeposi'edthete, (up to the first instant) are ready for ucl.verv i he contusion and dissulHiaciinn winch have resulted from omitting to legister satibfy.ctiun pieu s. have induced bun to devote seve - al week a. to the exmi"aiioii of tbe records with a view of putting those important voucher into order. The result ot his labour enables him to say '.hat upwards of six hundred niortg - 'ges, a - mourning to eight hundred and two thousand eight hundred and tli.netn dollars, which hid been redeemed remain yet uncancelled. The sa'isfuctioii pieces tor these mortgage are now alphabetically arrangel,for the inspection of those concerned, i:i order to enable Uitm lo Uke lt - gul nie.iiis fur having them entered on recurd. Further particulars may be known during office hours, from 9 till 3. ' GARKir GILBERT, Jy 13 3t Register. Ane 0 .Wc Voik, Compti oiler'1!4. jffice, is, ()UBLIG NOTICE is Ureiiy given tiiat the State Treasury deposits in the city of Acw York, Were on the fust instant, removed Irom tlie Bank ol' New York to ti e Manhattan Bank, puisuanlto hiiatlol the Legislature ot - tlie Sltt April, II' 1(1; and that, therdfore, all Treasury payments to bo made in the city of Mew York, unit! hereafter he made at tho said Manhattan Bank. A RCH'D. M'lNTYRE, J 16 lw Comptroller. OA A CEJTT hhli'AKO. A BSCONDKD from the subscriber. Herry I f. Coles, j ears of nge, 6 feet 8 inchel h'gli, light chiiiu'lxioii ; un topmitice to the lioe - n.uking biHin - Sutd t.'o: - ' iissor - rasion - nllr bom employed i 'col rc'i'ij ir.tin - . v - n!! per son are ( harboring, trrs'ing, t paying him any hill lor me after this dute 1 he al. ova r. ward will be paid for returning Heury Coles, wiUiout any charge to No. II Hudson - street, by - , . JOHN Al l KIN. jy 1 1 iw (JT .Mlt.ytAlAU, .e. - d: EWEN, having" leen rar:ctrtly''appoirito by the corporation as a city - surveyor, re . spertlully informs lhe public, that he has opened an oUica iu r ranklorl - street, neat door lo I am many - Hall, for the purpose of land survey ;0 generally. 1 ownsliips, cities, estates, or any tract ol rand, accurately surveyed and drawn. Old plans, copied, reduced, or enlarged. 1 Trigonometrical surveys aud sectious of coast, furlioura, river, Jtc Sum - lira - sfarnfvssssaefkt vi uarigafiiiu,'oTt$llie.r purpose. '. levels taken, aud country explored for canals, ji)iicdurt, roads, &c. for engiiiecn. Jy 17 lw DEN 1 13 I'll V. DOCTOR 7EKA IIAvVLEY inform (he public hit ofTice not An. 91 asjai - iiei'l : liere he extracts teeth, cleans and sets ttelh, pc'lorum rvcry ojieration in destistry. The following (erti.1i.nte of skill, he thihk a sufucient ion. vvnoM IT MAV COSrCRRSf : 1 hit rt rtillui, that D - Z r a!i 1 1 I :r is n retru - lar bred phyiieian, nnd 10 l'"hI t noiling with hit brethren in thv place ; be bat paid parti) blar attention to the nit nf DentUtty, hat ttu - dieil tlie best Kuro e.oi wnrktonthe subject, and h i terv good utificlion in thi' hranch, to his ru.t JiieT. who are person of '.he Cut rc tM'ctability i.i this city. wo 'hcieiore, with entire cooBdenca recom - nend Dr. Ilawlev to the citizen of New - York a a Dcutiit. I Apneas Mnnson.1 Professors of New - Haven', 1 Nathan Suiilb, f the Med. Jan. itt,lUI8. IKIilves, f Institution, (Jona. Knight J Yale Col. J 17 1w COOA' AND AVRSE'. WANTED, a wom m to do the cooking1, washincr and iron inc. also, a fir! to lake care ol a child and do Lhe chamber work of A .. c. - . - n - small iamily. Enquire at 43 Walker - strcct. J li ' TU POVKE i' JJOOX MJIKLHU. TWO men who understand their business, may have constant employ in the above Business, by appl) ing at 18 Wall - btrect July 15 BUGS EFFECTUALLY DESTROYED, . Y B. TIFFIN, from London, No. MJ Bowery, whether in rooms, bedsteads, or ' other furniture, without damaecr smell. ' B. T. Iet! coniident in uricg those who may employ him, that he can hava the first re commendation from many ladies and gentlemen ew - York, proprietors ol huaruing oouetand schools, who bave experienced tha cificacy of hi invention 5 and tr those who may favour him with their commands that they fuay mpena on their being executed with the greatest atten. tion, having been upwards of forty years in coo lant practice. Orders left with Mr. VVILAON. taylor, 58 John si. will be punctually attended to. July 13 lw CLLRK WANILD. I TfAN TED In a store, a Young Mao, who it V V acquainted with business, and write a good hand. A bne directed to B. naming refer race, age, ami uie nusinets iney nave iieea in, hM he immeaiaiciy ansn'wn u 10 ji YUU.NG vVOvlAN, who uuderstuod U miiiinery business, and caa give respecta - refereoce, wislies lo atituatiou lo wait on Ldy, or attend 00 children ; has uo objection to. rr.veiling. A hue addressed to C b. at Ito. Cuiinr - stieet, win oe attended 10. - Jy v 1 8 2f ' : CLOIHS, b.MbAZtl ls, eic. fHL Mfwriber have jut received by the ships Julius Cv tar and Pacific, 14 bale Cloths, of A. Rhode aad Co'f ma - nafactura .15 do Bombaxcttt, 2 do RartmeUt, 2 do Wildboret. Of do. and Hunt, Smith & Co'. auaiMiactttfe. Which they offcr for Je at Ko 161 Pi srt - st. LAV.ERTY, SHELTERS St K1.G, J IS 2w jVTAILS, VICES, ANVILS, r. U task LN fine orawa Rose and Clasp Nail, arU ute casks bhek aad hriglit Vice ; , 3 do hand d liuuJ 20.1 do deckfpi;,"HB4urv:" " 10 ton Mil sq - 'ra Ir atoUUiie t t ' I i r - : - t: ft

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