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The Evening Post from New York, New York · Page 2

New York, New York
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Monday, July 20, 1818
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jtzjr.fORK efsnlnq post. - MONDAY, - JULY ?0 .' The Florida again The National Advocate of tab) norma j contain an editorial article on thn abject, Iron which the following b an ex ' Before we Centura the government or the ( - serai, we should tarter the conduct trf Spain for twenty year past; and Iter M trer ti au - guiew we should look at ber conduct during tke late war, turning the Florida into a British depot, and tending forth troop to haras our outbera frontier we should look at ner wnen capturing oar vessel and th rawing American teamen into the dangeon of Havana ine wrong w nare toiiercd from ner nave Jong demanded redress, and it i to be lamented, that the capture of Pentacola ba not been predicated, aponaa open declaration of war. At all events, whatever may be the ttta of thi affair, it should be d istinctly understood, that noleai the Florida! are the property of the government (which, by . right, policy, and spoliation on our commerce, lacy should be) we never (hall have peace with the Indian or Spaniards, our frontier will never be safe, and the rifle and tomahawk will continue to check emigration and keep that fertile region a wilderness. We must protect curseites and tr defenceless tnlmbUxnJi. We have in Spain, and Great Britain, enemies of long stand ing, ,uu fiw wuu uwn u uin m uuusj tuvci - inp. u not sleep, nor cast any reflection oa me aoi aoa active aeiendera oionr country." REMARK. No : We do not think it necessary to survey the conduct of 8pain lor SO yean back, in order to enable ut to decide whether the executive hat a right to make war Qpoo a foreign government, invade a foreign territory, take possession of it, and exercise jurisdiction over it, by his own sole ' prerogative, without the sanction of the const tuted authorities. We are willing to wait for further information ; we would not be precipi .tat in our censures, but if such shall turnout to be the facts, we have no term to keep with such conduct. Mr. Noah may well say u It i to be lamented that the capture of I no: ace la had not been predicated upon an open declaration of war." We think so too, and certainly, to adopt a vulgar phra, the odds makes all the difference in Use tcerld, Mr. Noah. - - ' , An opinion aeemtto prevail at the seat of gov erament thtee the president's return, that Uni ted States taoop will bold pottenioo of P enta - cola ontll the next tntioa of coogres. - Toasts, next to the ballot - box, art said to furnish the best evidence of public opinion. - ! Whether that is th case in thn present instance, we pretend not to know. ' toatl drank at C timber land, Pern.) ilh of July. u Henry Clay. However dexterous in managing HIS pack, may he prove lets successful in Humping the administration than be ha beta in stumping the dealer." Toast drank at a public dinner in Troy, at which the mayor of that city, col. Pawling, pre aided. D. D. Tompkins, tree - president of the United Stales. An unequivocal republican. In war, be sighed not for The golden days of our commercial pTttpcrily. Resting hit hopes in the triumph of republican principles, lie did not court the Hid of federalism lor his personal advancement, bu directed bis exertion to the p - osperi - ty and the glory ol his country. While he euid - ed the helm of (tate, then were " The golden cayttj our (repuoncan) prosperity." The era of good feeluirs. Worn republlcani feel the lots and federalists Jtcl the gain of half the oroces 40 the (tate. . 2 A federal troopt mi this state. Not disbanded, but separated for the purpose of plunder. At the first sound of the bugle, they will reorganize, heavy laden with the spoils of enemies. The state of New - York. She has a tjood constitution, but she hat been recently afflicted with the Vertigo. The Governor of .Yen - York. Too consistent rum to discriminate between the supporters of the war ana toe mends or Uie Hartford Con vention. Oppression undc tolor of late This is the worst of all oppressions, because it is beyond the reach of ordinary remedy, and we have an in stance of it in the following article from the last National Intelligencer : .Untie ef law W&r. Joseph Kerr, of Chilico the, Ohio, formerly a Senator in Congress, by , misfortune reduced in his circumstances, and now in the prison of Chilicothe for debt, has published a statement, taken from the record of the court, of judgments, cost of uit, &c. in suits on eleven of his notes, each with two endorser, amounting together to 16,703 dollar. My the process of suing all the parties, judgment are obtained to triple the amount of Uie note of course, and. the unfortunate UhWtASl. t auil, u ir mi Mil. I 111. at iiui. un ecuritie are (addled with triple fees of clerks, sheriff, Sec. In figures, the hardship of litis practice, which, it is believed, prevail, throughout the country, is glaring indeed. Mr. Kerr thus state the matter : The original debt only 16,702 Amount of judgments, 51,478 Attornies' fees, 275 Clerk's fee, 312 30 S her ill s fees (not including costs of collection,) 88 74," REMARK. This monstrous practice of lawyers of eom menciug half a dozen tuitt upon the same note al tie same time, that is, one against th maker and one against each of the indorsers,for the purpose of increasing the feet at a most unreasonable rate, hat been, very properly, provided a - gainst by a late statute of thi state. B nt we ice from the above, what opportunities the laws oft the UoiUd States leave in the hand of the tr law officers to oppress and grind the people We hope the editors of the government paper w'dl think it their doty to bring the matter forward again and again until some redress i afforded. Ar, Kerr's is not theory case. If we are correctly informed, there is at thi moment 10 or 30 wits carrying on by the dutrict attorney tgaiust an individual in this city, iB bchalTof the United Slates, when a tin - le suit would an swer every valuable purpose just as well C,..i in tie latter case, th feet of Uie officer would xced somewhere about 4300 h.. fa the foroer, be calculate upon receiving from l.e VndiVdual upwards of Ten Thousand. I, w fc - tb tme H'h act of oppression should be l.osedsjooTpablicptiaU.' General Jackson and suite arrived at Nash - - Tl,e, tnfknJay theSSth u!t.' 74, he on the ed an it not for II.. HIS cal to to of of by ... Fromtfie Boston Palladium, JmeYt. .... ! On Wednetdav. hi excellency S. W. Camp - bell, appointed ambassador to the court of Kus - sia, arrived in town to embark for At. Petert - burgtw Yesterday, be visited lb Independence, and the Gurriere, 44, in th tatter of which, will take parage with bit taatiy. oaiuiw were fired, and the yards manned, on. hi goto; board and on bit leaving those vessels. IJe was accompanied by the secretary of th navy, boo. Mr. Oti, collector of th dutrict, and several other gentlemen. We believe the Gurriere will tail the first fair wind. On of the improved power loom, invented by Mr. June Stimpsoa, of this town, has been received on board the frigate, consigned to elevated officer in the Russian government. This loom is one of the most .perfect ever made - include th perpetual extenders, and several principle not embraced la any other and cau - fail to increase the high estimation in which American talent it held m Russia. From the Washington City Gaulle, July 17. An impression bat cone abroad, since the Pre sident'! return on Tuesday last, and the tobte - quent deliberation of the cabinet on teo. Jack - ton's despatches, that Peosacola will continue, the present, to be beU in the ocenpation of I'n.f..l Cli.S Shot (ha movemeutt to r londa were considered as jutli Cable by tlteexittine treaties at well as the criti It J LVU U.u uw'.f wt" - m circumttaDce which led him to attempt the extirpation of an inveterate enemy from oar nomert ; ana mat anairt in was quarter win pro - baMv remaia in statu quo till the tunject it laid before congress, if farti er provocation, in the meantime, doe not demand more energetic measure to tecure frontier tranquillity. From the Rational Luelligeiuer, Juiy 18. Mr. Rodney, one of the late Commissioner South America, and Mr. Brackenridge, the Secretary of that CommuMon, are botli at present in this city. the l'ublis. it has suirjestea itseit tout, wouH be much obliged to eilher of the gentlemen who have been engaged on that service, for a sketch of their observations and reflec tion during their absence. Such a sketch would communicate idea of those countries, their governments, parties, Lc. much more correct thanwe now have, and would perhaps very much change some oiour opinions respect ingthem. We are persuaded, from all that we have heard, that the actual Independence of the 1'rovince of La Plata, and their capacity maintain it, cannot be doubted ; and that their only just source of apprehension is their intestine division. frw the Pluladelphia Democrat 'c Press, July i 8. Mr. Burn An article m the Albany Register of the 8th July, has riven unintentional pain to the relative of major M,Pherton, one the aid of general Blontgomery. The ties aflection for those we love remain, after the object have ceased to exist and the heart feel a melancholy pleasure in honoring even their insensible remains. For the tame reason it it, that thetupposition of indignity, even an enemy in war, (with whatever coolness philosophy may view the matter,) keenly af feet the sensibility of the living, and Uie sensation is not the lew acute, because we know the object is bevond the reach of injury. The body of major M'Pherson was not, as stated, thrown into a hole, in the clothe in which he fell, but along with that of lug gallant general, was buried with the honors of war. l is presumed the remains of major Chessman shared the same attention. It is but justice to a gallant enemy, to say that as far as kindness and humanity consisted with duty, the conduct of sir titty uarieton was highly honorable, in publishing the subjoined letter of general actuiyier, you win oblige a trientl to major nvnui, i.uii.T, X. VI'lllLpcnr.'. t .mi'.r 1 1 My dear Sir Permit me to mingle mv tears with yours for the loss you have sustained, yen as a father, I as a friend. My dear young friend fell by the tide of his general, as much regretted as he wa beloved, and I assure you that wasin an eminent degree. That ha died possessed of that courage and bravery that were ucrcuiimrr 10 Him, iiiiDiwucuuuuim. vent ral Montgomery' remain and his were buried with the honors or war. 1 hit will compensate bis loss in tome measure to a father who set before him the example of fortitude, which the son had in a short military life, improved to advantage. With wishing you every consolation in your affliction, I remain, dear sir, your friend and humble servant, j PHILIP SCHUYLER. John M'Pherson, Eq. Mount Holly. From the Philadelphia Vniurx. COPY. Enos Bronson and 'I nomas') Before John Good - .Sinilh, tradiug uiidrlhe j man, ej. Demand firm of Urofeoa k smith, i uot exceeding oue ts. Hundred Dollars, Henry SnyUcr. I arums front coo - J tract, 4:c And now, June 20. 18111, all causes are refer red to Thomas T. Miles, Simon Probascn, aud Joseph Kakestraw, who are to meet this af:cr ouon, at 4 o'clock, at the house of Mr. Knerr, iu Market - street, above Kourth - ttrcet, si;n ef the Waggon, and being sworn and affirmed, rc - pec lively, are to hear the parties, their proofs auil allegation, and to make out an award under their hand, or a majority of them, and trans mit the taino to me, at my office, on or beioro the Til mst Rule. If either of the parties refuse or neg lect to attend, the referee to proceed exparte t iloest my hind and seal, this SOlh (L.S.) June, 1813. JOHN GOODMAN, Justice of the Peace, We, the referee appointed in the above .ase, and having been sworn and aiHrmcd, ul'ter hear ing all the evidence produced, do award that Henry envder, the defendant, pay to Enos Hron son aud Thomas Smith, trading uader the firm of Bronson & Smith, the sum of tea dollars, for refusing to comply with his engngenieot, ia not serving The I'oion, on the morm igs of the 19:1) and 20th of June: and tt do further award, that if the raid Henry Snyder refuses to learn his round, so called, to tome o'.her persons to be named by the plain iff, or to serve the paper called 1 he tinoo, th;l he has been in the lii.bit of serving, (until the plaintillt can be suited, or without giving ten divs previous notice) thai he shall pay to the plaintiffs the additional turn of $C0. Witness our hands, this 50lh dr.v of June, 1C18. THOMAS T' STILES, SIMOM PROB1SCO. JOSEPH RAKEdTKAW. BOSTON, July 18. The brig Mary, capt. Howland, of New Bedford, wat cast away on Cape Bhnco in Africa, on her passage from New - Bedford to Pa tagonia, oo the 28th of May last. Two of the men were killed by tbt natives, and a third ta ken prisoner. Tne remainder, 12 in number, including tit captain and two mates, escaped by patting io sea in their botts, and after 7 days, arrived at the Isle of Sal. They afterward proceeded to Boeavfota, from which place they retained in the brig Gen. Gates, which arrived at tins place yesterday. 1 be fc'llowinr. caotninin; ome additional par ticulars, it copied from the New - Bedford paper, reenvea iat evening : ntianchoiy 'ipirrrrk.Ttc brig .Wanr, cant. Paul (lowland. taill frnm ihu . th. - th ot May Utt, on a whaling voyage to the toa of aiaconw,, and on the night of the 23th, wat ttnnded near Cape Blanco, coa of Af.ica. la the moroin". cant. Hnwtant v. . succeeded in yettmg oo shore, with a quantity of! .wnwinun necetsancj, but were tooa cd of 1 ly of of of a a discovered by the Arab, bd cum and loaded, their camels with the articles which had been saved, while at the same time the women divt capt. Uowlandl aten of auttost every ansae clothing they bad an, and attempted to rob aim also bat he resisted and etcapett from then. be Arab then departed with their plunoer, but toots returned with eeverat 'camels, apparently loaded with brash wood, wuder which se veral men, armed with muskets and spears, were concealed.. ' At toots a ther arrived oa (be beach they dis covered themselves, aadatte9ted to take capt. (lowland sod hit men prisoners, tvhoimmodiale - ran to their boat and pushed off, when the Arabs fired aud wooaded James Edwards, efKo - chetter, who died lure day after; Job Miller, Dartmouth, who was on the dock of the brig, was wounded in the thigli, and left there, Lemuel Gilford, of Fairhaven, being alone in a boat, wa driven ashore by the turf, and was taken by the Arabs. Capt. Howland and bit crew having a small quantity of provisions ia tbeir boats, cootinaad their course for the Cape de Verd Islands, and arrived at tho Isle of altb Janet and took passage in th ship Shakspcare, of London, capt Stephen Brirgt. tor t!onavita from thence he look passage in the brig Gen. Gate, White, of and for Machias, and arrived at. Tarpaulin Core, 11th instant. CHARLESTON, July 10. We coutinue to receive the most distressing account of the great drought which pervade throughout this and the ncigboring statu. The cotion crops are nearly one half deatrojed, and gram ol every description perishing for tie Want rain. The largest reservoirs in our low coun try are entirely exhausted, and it is with great dilGculty that a sufficiency of water is procured upon the most extensive plantation, to relieve the cattle which wander in search of it. In one the upper sections t,f the state of Georgia, not drop of ram hat Irstlen from Ut heavens for tbtrty - niue days, and the dews were to light and moderate at toanord but slight relief to the de jected hopct of Uie planter. - The high (trice of, cotton during the last year, unexampled we be lieve it the history of our commerce, has induced many rich aud opulent planters to devote themselves almost exclusively to the cultivation of so lucrative a crop and fears were entertained that even with the best of scasoui, the grain har vest would have fallen far short of the quautity necessary for our consunip(lnu. It it ptiul'ul to contemplate the distresses to which our oafavor able seasons will, in all probability, reduce ma ny poor but industrious families, who, wita but scanty resources, will be necessitated to pay th most exorbitant price for the amplest and most indispensable accessaries of life. 1 WINCHESTER. CVir. Julv H. Several wretches, whose heart must be as black at the skint of the unfortunate beings who constitute their inhuman traffic, have for several days been impudently prowling about the ttreets ol tins place with labels in their hats, exhibiting in conspicuous character the words Cash for negroes Tfie execution Agreeably to the sentence of the court, negroes Randolph, London and Sarah, were yesterday executed on the common bear this place, for the murder of their master, Dr, Hobert Uerkeiey. tsarnaby and Robin, who were also under condemnation of death, but re commended to the mercy of th executive, were soma short time since removed to Richmond for transportation. " SAVANNAH. July 9. Strious skirmishing We hrve conversed with gentleman recently irons the south, who inform? as, that about the 20lh of last month, a party ol eleven men, residents on M. Mart's river, as cended up as far as the Saint Tatntdl river, near tho i enueseee pens, in pursuit of a cane of In. dian desperadoes, who have been annoying and committing serious depredations ocssevcral fami lies in tbat neighborhood. 1 nese suVaget, who were very numerous were overtaken hy them al toe above place about tunuowo, and a gene ral and destructive battle ensued. Only Ave the Indian were (bund ld, but it it tapueeed that many have been killed and wounded. Eieht out of the eleven that pursued and attacked' them, fell victims on the spot. The AIlowio! are the names of the unfortunate tu&rert : Henry Swarunge, Kztkiel Hull, Geo. Vanzant, (iar - ritt Vaoinl, Lewis Randall, Daniel Bullock, VY ilham Cooky aud Henry Troutman. GENEVA, July 15. Two men by the name ol William Orr. iunr. and Kif kiel Clark, have been takea up at WUit i thorougli, Oneida county, and counterfeit batik billt to (lib aioouut of $2,381 found In their possession. Unless counterfeiting it puuinhed with death it will no longer be ttfe to receive bank bills. The crime is great and rapidly extending :male the punultmuU terrible. Noitolk, July 15. The Pilot who carried the brig - Alknomaek to tea, bound fir J.irhuica, returned late on Monday, and informs that he left the bri, on Thursday lust, in a Day bout tlut shortly after, the boat fell in w ith a privateer brig under Uuenns Ayrein colours, which took him and the Hay pilot on Uuard to carry her up the Hay There were no officer rn board the brig except the Uo.aswa'r.i, who ofiicuted at ihc commander. The crew stated, that they had some time before, rioen upon their officers, confined tlicm, and given the command to the boatswain i that they then steered fur the West Indies and put the oflicers ashore on an Island, and took a certificate from them of their having been put on shore, which certificate they exhihiU d to the pilot, probably with a view to cmvmce them that they had not added mur der to mutiny. Having tliu disposed of the oHicers, they uext steered for the Chesapeake, where having taken a Bay pilot on board as before observed, they stated it to be their in tention to proceed up the Bay On tliex way up thev kept the brit? very close in shore on the western side, and landed at three different times 23 of their men. In the mouth ol Severn river they came to anchor, and smuggled a thore a number of articles, which they sold Amnng other thinzs. they sent ashore about 80 bbls. of Irish pork and beef, and told the former at $12 per bbl. The pilot is unable to say ho'.v long she remained at this anchorage, having left her while there; but understood li om the crew that they intended, after selling out every thing on board, to get up at near to tiaitimoi e at they could, and run the brie a. shore ; after which they would leave her nd disperse themselves 1 hey had a vast deal of money amongst them, which hd been accu mulated from various prues, and the men who were put on thore carried with tlinn at much specie as thev knew wlmt to do with. The pi - tut coifld find out the name of the brier, ami doet not recollect any of the name of those on board, or of Uie officer who were left tn the W - Indies The tloop f tiles and Jonathan Phelps, Rod man, from Philadelphia bound to MohiK sprunj her mast whi'e pitching the third day out ; two davs alter, ia a roueh spa, the n;iiu; only tup parting it, it went hy the iioard, Capt. IU Hi her on Monday morning aud proceeded to thit place for a sistunce to pet her in. Sue bat tioce oeen take io tow and brought into the Koadi hy a tUtr. BALTIMORE, July 18 Revenue cutter Active, capt Beard, can op this morning, having io cbsrje the Veoezulean brij India Libre, found laribog in the bay. It it reported tliat strong suspicion of piracy exists a - gaiust ber, at when the wat first tioarded by the piU in coming io the bay, ao officer higher than thr boatswain had (be command. She oat been into Kir ral harbor ia th btv. where atost of Ler crew left Uf It pUaroft, from tim to time, at with what they could take. She was finally sized n Paluxeot. . , - , - Tt myttery of thi vessel it fully developed, ia a letter from on officer on board Uie Uniteil Slate (hip Hornet, dated at Margaretta, the. 17 IL which ay. "A fine man of war brig, mounting 10 guilt, called the Indian Lxbru mutinied, cut her cablet, and pat to tea, having out put the olScert ashore. ALBANY, July 18. Jame Haney, a toMier who killed Malaki P. Vaiian. in a duel fought with niutkett tome time since at 6a Kelt't llaruor, wat cnnviciea oi manslaughter, at the late oyer and terminer in enerion county, ana teuiencca to leu years im prisonment. The seconds in the duel weie ac quitted. PoovmxKCE, July 17. Fire. Early on Wednesday morning last. the gin distillery in Paw tux et, the property ol Colonel Ephraim Bowen, was destroyed by fire, which originated in consequence of the bursting of a hogshead of gin. IV e understand that between 40 and 50 hogshead ot gin were consumed with Uie distillery. Lots estunated $7000. POLICE - OFFICE, ) New - York, July 18, 1818. J Caution. Lewis Francis, alias Manuel An - toui, a pick pocket, about 30 yean of age, five feet live inches and a half high, square shoulders, well maJp, tallow complexion, uartc eyes, very black hair and whiskers, forehead somewhat higher than common, dresses woll, but on observation will be seen that he it a low unpolluted fellow, bora in Portugal, speaks English tolerably well wat brought up 12th June last, char ed with having stolen a pocket - book in an auc tion - room in this city, aud on this day at five o'clock, P. M. discharged for want of sufficient testimony to convict him for that offence : is an old offender, and most expert pick - pocket; was discharged uuder bonds of three thousand five hundred dollar to leave thit ttate forthwith, and not return within three yean ; was conduct ed out of the state by officers of the police, and immediately took the road for Philadelphia, having with him twelve hundred dollars good money. If Antoui hat made a tct on any particular olHect of plunder, he will endeavor to return to this city by night, to compensate himself for lost time, and the pocket book he was under the necessity of dropping on the floor of the auction room. The citizens are cautioned to beware ol him, aud, in the event of his return, whoever shall tee him, is requested to apprehend him, or give immediate information at this othec, first taking measures that he shall cot escape. A general publication of this notice throughout the cities of the United States, will, in all proba bdity, compel tins very dangerous fellow to a - bandon the couutry altogether. Had on him when sent out of thit state, a One new blue cloth coat, white pantaloon, and white vest ; had also black cloth coat, Mack silk panUlaons, and black tilk vest, both the latter new. From the Pennsuleania Mifflin Eaele. Distournsine to the IVtstern Liniarants. It wat with no small surprize we have beheld wii li ma few weekt patt. the return of several fami lies to our neighborhood, who moved from here last fall to the state of Ohio. J hey do not give at favorable an account of that cart of the countrv at we bave heretofore been accustomed to receive and they have determined to settle again where they have been accutomed to live at their ease, in preference to that land beretoioie called (he land of promise." They lay every thing they bave to purchase it dear, money tcarce, and train low. 1'hat part of the ccuntrv it not well calculated to tuit people who expect to pluck the roses without first clearing away Uie thorns. From Me SnrannaA Republican, July 9. It appears by e letter from biigadier general De La i'orre, to Don Pablo Mohllo (which for want of room we are compelled to omit to day) that be defeated on the 3d ol May, at Camoruco the van guard of the patriot arn.), un1er the command of eeneral Paet. The loss of the pat riots it ttated at 1000, and that of the royalists iuu suneu ana wounaen. Savannah, JuloB, 1818.. SIR Oa U poiat tri my Oi.)KHnVe from this city, I should not do justice to my feelings if I did sot publicly return you my heartfelt thank for the service yon hate rendered me and my friends concerned in the unfortunate capture of the Danish brig Nordlierg. The disinterested and unremitting teal you have thewn toterrc a just cause, must ol itsell produce those gratifying feeliugt in your b east, which are a tuffii ient reward to an honest man ; but, 1 believe, it cannot be quite indifferent to you to know, that a foreigner, who has been shamefuliv dealt with by men who are a disgrace . - . .. I. l : i. . u ineir leunw - ciiuens win, oa leaeuin ma rive shores think it a duty incumbent u himself, to tell hit countrymen, that public officer o( thit free and happy land did all in hit power to terve and cuable bun to bring tne disgraceful wreicn - et who robbed him, to public puuishment and execration, and thus tried to wipe olT, at far at it laid in his power, the itiguia which the shameful robbery might throw on hit country. You. tir, whom I may truly call the man who fears no frownt, and court on smiles, are, by your conduct in your public tittiatico, an oin.t - inent to your country ; and well may Columbia's tons be proud ol a governmeut whico teiectt such men at ycu to serve it. I tiiaii consider it my duty to mane vour boo - orihle conduct known wherever I mat come to, and therefore preferred this public way of acknowledging you my gratitude. ireiimin, sir, scry respectfully. Your most obedient servant. W. C. KAUSLER. To captain Jacksos. eon minding the I iieteiwe tvlicr Dallas, auiamwi. ) FROM OUR CORRESPONDED. Office of the Philadelphia Freeman's ) Journal, July 19 2 P. M. t The brig Free Ocean, capt. Bartholomew, ar rived at the Lazaretto this moming from Leghorn, which place the left the 30th April, and left there the V. S. tquadron, under the command of com. Stewart, (mm the Ray of Algiers, viz. Franklin '4, frigate Uuited States, aud Erie and Spark sloops of war ; brig biro, Lockyer, of Philadelphia, uucerta.ii. On Cape de Gat, fell ia with a Beet bound west. Spoke brig Joseph & Lcwh, .e.'moz, of Philadelphia, 22 days from Genoa, to touch at Gibraltar, and brig Arlidue, 43 days from Gallipots forGrbraltar and Russia. .May S4, ttopt at Gibraltar for water. Mav 26th, sailed again, and spoke going in brig Jos. S. Lewis, capt. Nejmoz, expected to proceed iu 8 days. Same day, saw the brig Elizabeth Stur - es. A Portuguese squadron were blockading two Tunisian cruizers, and boarding all vessels bound up or down. June 20, lat 30, Ion 62, ?poketch rortnnas, r itch, 7 days from ewbcrn for Guadaloupe, all well. In the Free Ocean tame? passengers. Brun Com. Carry, Kav, from St. Croix ; Ma ry tl Acha - h Ann, Smith, days from Port. 4 Kico ; rereveraoce, Armstrong, put back in distress. Schr Rampart, Wood, 20 - days from St. Eustatia ; Hero, Wads worth, 14 days from St. Andrews; Financier, Crowell, 1 - 1 days from Barnstable; Geo. Lincolo, Whittoo, ? days from Boton. loopt Caleb Strong, Stanwood, 14 days from St. Andrews ; Sally, fox, 5 dajt from Newport. FROMOURCORRESPOXDEXT. . Baltimore Patriot oface, ' July 181 P. M. Arrived, schr Elizabeth, Crosley, frost St Andrews, 30 passeogert. Schr Lawrence, Fitch, 14 days from Jacque - meL Lft,chr Hornet, for Baltimore in 3 days Patriot, for do. uncertain ; brig Com. Hull, tor Boston in 10 days. S tiled in co. with brig Volant, orntorkfor Port an Prince. Wednesday last, 10 leagues S. E. of Cape Henry. spoke ship Meridian, Bodd, frota Baltimore for Orleans. British brig Unify, Thompson, CO dap from Ltrerpotl, in J ii - . . : Th ship Clara, Parker,' hence, arrive J at Bremen the 16th of Jtfay.' ' : ' American vessels at St. I'terre, mart.. June 28 : - cbr Col. Ramsay, Coward, from Haiti - more, uncertain where bound, fcc ; brig Corporal Trim, Davis, Gloucester, Afass. in 5 day brig Elisabeth, Portsmouth MH ; schr Fanny, Hubbard, Salem, 4 days; James Monroe, lust arrived from St. Euttatia; Jackson, Savannah; Adams, from Para, to return in 4 or 5 days ; to - e ther with several other. - DIED. At Woodstock. fUlster Co.1 on the 17th inst. the 50th year ol hit age, the Itev'd. Jeremiah Komeyn, one of the ministers and honorary Hebrew professot in the reformed Dutr.h - Cliiirch. At WiIliamsburgD, tvir ) the iutn instant. Chancellor Nelson, professor of law in the Col lege ot Willmm ami Alary, and one ot the Chancellors of the state of Virginia. XVEMXG POST MARINE LIST. CLEARED. rHiip United States, Windaor, Havre Brig Stoughton, Turner, Giiadatonpe , JKliW Lynch La Virginie, Servantetu Nantz F Peltier & L Morel Laura Ann, Coflin, Cadiz N L ti C Griswold Schr. Huntress, Joy, Savannah Alexander, Williams, Richmond Lady Tompkins, Butler, Richmond Hiram, Simmons, West Indies E. Burrill Si W. Cahonne. Sloop Antoinette, Anderson, St. Domiiigo jHiilrKij mis rviiKAiHJjr. Brig Com. Porter, Dugan, 6 davs f. om St Marys, with live oak, to Henry Eckford. Scrt Menry Dennison, Uriggs, 11 day trom Choru, (Cuba,) with tobacco, sugar, molasses, &c. to G Clark & Co. and to order. Sloop Superb, Milton, S day from Edgar - ton, with plaster, to the captain. .1 HKlrl'.lt LJiSl A.KfcWAT,, Ship Niagara, Lombard, of Portsmouth, N. IK 1. days horn Urrciiork, Willi coals, bullies, ny goods, tie. to R. (iillespie U Co. A. Krvre, It. ii Ihoinpson, &: tv. steel, uunnam ai aucbiucioss, W. Todd tc Co. W. Whiu head, A Ihompson, J. Taylor li Sons, J. Graham Co. J F.irhree, P. 1. S. Crary, P. M. Jovie, & J. M. Musoii. Pas senger, Ihos. Ihoinpson, nnl loiu tne steerage. Staled June7tli. Left linir J woftlaiy, lor iev York "lt; ship Gospo.t, B'mker, for Philad. 15th brig William, Saunders, of ThoniHcton, for New York 17th ; brie Caroline, of New Y'ork, for New Oilenns SOih ; ship Mury Augusta, Becker, lor N. York S.nh ; ship tunny, honnaii, tar. in vj u.yvs) for do about 4ih Julv. " fenoke, J line "i, hi ie KelT - ni. tJolliii, irom cnarietiun, eoni lino me v - itoe. I'Jth, lat 49, 37, Ion 30, 30, bug Britauia, of Bus - Ion, 33 day t from N Ui leant fur Liverpool. Shin America. Heth.' 40 davs from Havre, with nlastir and 4 casks specie, lo A. Uracie (k Sons &t Frichnt ii Larhaize. Sailed June 2. ShipAsia, for .New York, tailed dav before. Lett lnp nm. Henrv, Blackwell, and Orvia, both for Baltimore ncxtdav; ships Iteuiiltance and Kelloiia, for New York, do. : Llizabeth. Adams, for Phdadel. do. ; William, Prady,!or do 10th ; Rubicon, Holdridgr; Maria Tlieresu, Skidlv, both for N. York, last of June : Cyrus, Curtis,' lor Boston lOlh ; Sophia, l'elt, for India, in 2 or 3 davs ; brie Edward, Man - kin, or Bath, for Port au Prince ; ship Elizabeth, Todd, for Charleston, iu 15; biigCoiuet. Bond. for the Ballic in a week. Ship Gen. Scott, Coffin, 40 days from Isle ol Miiv, Willi salt and skins, to Thus. Jenkins &: Co of Hudson. Left, June 8, ship Reroverv, king, for Philad. same day ; brig Pilgrim, Delano, fur Charleston, in 6 days. The blip Edw. bright, Colemnn.from Nantucket, for Brazil Banks touch ed at Sr. Jago a few days before. Spoke, Julv 1. lat. 29, long. 62, 3", schr. Maigarel, of Ball. 14 days from Havana fur St. Domingo. July 8, Int. 19, 54, long. G7, 37, spoke schr. Combine, Dagerd ol Boston, y days Irom Wilmington, 0r oi. unuiingo SbiiiNeoliine. Field, 53 davs from Dublin, with linen nnd ballast, to Ihonins S. Walsh, owner, jRmes M Bride, Kelly k M'Bride, L AC. buydam. Lambert Lo. and J. r ic it. fnttemrers, Messrs B. Smith, J. Fiald.. and 42 in the tteerase. In lal 4 - 1. jO.Ioii ii. snoke shin John Bulkley, of Philad 25 dnvs from Livernool. Julv 8. lat 40, Ion 6i, spoke brig Ebza, iiO days from Jamaica for Li verpool. chip t.clipte, rrice, 39 ctayt Irom campeacny, vannnhin 10: srb Gudgeon, Fnole,(lnte Andrews) fur Porto Bello iu 10 ; ship Coiled Slates, Lucet, of Philad. lor Havana in 6 ; Br. shin Britannia, for Bristol T4ih July; ch Columbia, of Porltinouih N. H. for New York 12th July. The neighborhood had been infested 6r some time by t':e privateer Alice. Frank, master, under Venezurlran color. ho boarded moat vessels bound in and out, and stopping all the ruaitin; intercourse. A numer nuiuuerof small vrselifrotn Iheby pons and estates, had fallen into his hands. On the 21th June the Alice hoarded and treated politely, sloop Fly, nf Biii(l H. I. Ihen lyiiigat Cape Blanco, ready for the V. Slates. July O, tell in with sloop tly - Philips lor K. Lland ; Br. ship Nassau, from Jam, nira for Dublin ; Kr. ship Nile, from Campeachy for Liverool, and parted ro. offHavana. Spoke, Julv 13, lal 30, lou7'J, brig Mm ia, of Liverpool, lor'Savaiinali. The Br. ship Amelia, William, of and Imi ttreriiork, wat totally lost on the Jordan, in May last. Paeuger, Mr. J. Jones. Brig SN - edy Pence, Fosdick, 6 days from Savannah, wall cotton, tobacco, - rice, fcc. to Dund V Smith. ownrr.J. F.. Hyde ti Co. A Richards, Stories k. Sherman, J. Sturges, Pott &: M'Kinue, B. Desobry, J. J. lUanrhard, WilletUtiLawrencr, T. Poi t. i , and A. U. UulT. Pasn ngers, Mr. J. P. Henry and family, Mai Gray and family, Mr. P. Stmiion and family. Mist Minnit, Mrt. Pioelor, Miss Hoiislou, Maj. Fannin;, Mu Fanninc, H. IV Hills Ja. Re,vV.Jay, VV.Dovle.C. Camtield, F. Bliimhaid.Mr Grijs.A Blake, P, Duel, J. D - vis, Jin. Sci iun, and Mr. Buchanan. Left in the river, ship KUing Slates, aud brig Lrvant, "both from New - York. Brig Geoigia, and chr. Hul, from do. had not arrived. Brig Hero, Manson, C days from Savannah, with cotton, mgar, tic. to N. i D. Talcotl, Pott at M'Kinne, De Forest ii Son, and oilier. Passen gers, Mr. and Mrs. Clarke, Mr. and .Mrs. C Tucker and ehihl, Messrs. J. Wright, W. Ewart, J. Sie - veiiKou, S. Conklin, and Thos. Pickering. Mel at the Bar, an herm. brig bound in. Danish brig Nordberg, Akerman, from Savannah, and i days from Norfolk, in ballast, to Day, Downs li Easlhnrn. Br. brig Si. Domintro, Redmond, 63 days from Ross, Ireland, with ballast, and 114 passengers. Schr. Juliet, Johnson, Si hours Irom Norfolk, with 6our and tobacco, lo Robert on ii. Kelso, D. Bethuue 61 Co. and others. 9rhr Siminfrfon. Rinaldi. 48 bourt from retert - burp , with states and wood, to E. E. Smith. Sihr Azora, Skidinore, Sdays from Murt'reesbo - ro, with staves and naval stores, bound to Boston aichr Echo, Suazy, G days from Savannah, with cotton, to B. Desobry, and' P. Seienetle 4i Jennev. Passengers, J. K Harrison r.rq H.iHilertuiHi. i. IVilliams, S. IMilmms, r. uuuie, j. liiiey, Mr Mrs. Savage, L. Hendnck, J. Andrews, &. J.lldl. Left, schr Cheves, for pew l ora, ncxi aay. Scbr. Stamper, Nichols, 10 davs from Boston, with merchandize, to sundries. Schr. Uen. Jackson, Ives, 7 days Trom Lurri - tuck, with shingles, lo the tap). Sclir. Nancy - and - Lydia, Toler, 7 days from Currituck, wiib part of the cargo of ship William Carlton, wrecked some time since on thr coast. Schr. Lasiina, loler, 6 days Irom Plymouth, N. C with naval stores and staves, to Blount nnd Jackson. Schr. Sidney, 5 days from Windsor, N C. with naval ttoies, Ue. to T red ell ti Thorne. Sclir. Nancy, Walker, 4 days trom Plymouth, C. with shinties and turpentine, to blnutit ai Jackson. On Thursday, off the Capes of Virgin ia, passed a Carthageuian privateer, brig stand in? mi. Schr Southern Trader, of CaMine, 6 days from l.ntiec, wuh plaster and titli. Sloop Constitution, Slack, 50 hours fiom Nor folluwHh shinrles, to J. 1; C. Secuine. Sloop Union, Kenny, 30 hour Irom Sinnepnxenl, with shinrle,rorn and ttavrt, to the matter - Sloop Native, Riplev, 11 dayt from Boon, with sail. Sloop Henry, Francis, 2 dayt from Hartford, with wargons, plough! iic. to the matter. Booto, July 17. Arrived brig Atlantic, Young, 12 days from 'Quoddy was bound to Baltimore, but on Saturdv last, 4 3 mde S. C of Cape Cod, sprung aleak threw overboard 12 or 15 tons plaster, and steered for this port. Via Quarantine The brig General Gates, White, from Vtga and Itoravuta. Left at Bon - Willi lucwood,indieo, cum &:c. lo J. B. Lnfonta jr. Hi u, JU.uU, Z - r. m - r - v""n oe t uffa, with sugar, to E. Mahbran. l.rft schr. Alonio, Smilh. lor N. York, in : brit Lawrence, tor Sa - avisU,June 17tb, iloop SylpI), Brown, cfn.t timore, to sail next day for Africa ; brig GUm . t a on uaiic oiuiciLiiiii'ics) on the n i. of May 23th the native killed 2 of the men mauc one prisoner uie remainder, 1 m nUn; ber, took to their loats, and after being 7 divJ at sea, arrived at the Isle of Sal, from thence they proceeded to Uonavista, and came passe, ger in the Gen. Gates. Spoke, July J$t U 46, N long 43 30, W. ship Echo, Rowe day from Antigua for lAndoo. Juiy f tb lit 31. long 69, sen Lapwing, 6 days from Balti. more fur St. Jjgo, (Cuba ) Ung Alba, Gioce, 47 days from St. Salvadr. via Salem. NEW - HeTroD, July 10. Arrived bri tectkin, A Hen, 3D day from Lisbon. Left brl Fanny, El well, of Gloucester, to sail in3diyi. NOTICE. 07" The ttate of the weather, rompelsa pott - iiiement of the Fire - li'orlu, at Vauxhall Gar - none den, until further notice. Jyaou (Lr' Mtt. 1JWYER respectfully inform. iT - friends and the public, that, in consequence of the inclemency of the weather, hit Lectures are postponed 'till Wednesday eveuing next, the ts aut. juiy 20 3t for li L.IK ELI U MOlitLR 1 he superior last tailing tchr ANTE - LOPL, John IS. Clemcut, n.aiter. ha. iug nearly all her cargo engaged, will tail io a few days. For freight or passage, having good accommodations, apply on board, east tide o uuiunjr - tiip, or te KEADE e DE PEYSTER, Jy20 lw SlOldslin. The superior fast sailing coppered ship CAROLINE ANN, W.J. plmfr niaaier, will positively tail on Sunday next - . A few more passenger can be liandsomelvse. commodated, apply on board at Piue - street wharf, or to ROWLAND & BMINE, Ju1yS0 5t 83 South - street. T reTy uiA !'lin chr - ECHO, tS&6wascyf master, burden 107 tons, or aooul B00 bbls. can be teut to sea in a few days. Innl. In IVfl tr f.Vf 11' IVWrII 1 rv M. MfATi III ui i,V.J, Jv20 3t C0iouth - tt. . For KiUALiAL.UUPEt The fast tailing coppered brig STOUGHTON, Samuel Turner, mat ter, will tail to - morrow. For passage only, having very handsome accommodations, apply to J. K G. W. CliCH, Jv20 Ct 60 South - it. For CHAULESTOX, ifV) The fast sailing sloop PACKET, 32fkiiC:ipt. Votee ; having half her cargo on board, will sail on Tuesday, dLt inst. weather permitting. For remainder of freight or passage, apply on board, at Bui ling - slip, or to ANsU.t ii., J 20 183 Front - street. DOMES 1 IC t.lHJDS. IOSEPH 1IICOMB iiCO. No. 16 Pearl - l street, bave just received from different manufactories, 60 cases, which, with their former stock, comprises a very extensive assortment of Domestic Goods, tuitable for tbe present and ap proaching season ; which tbey offer for sale at ve ry low prices lor cash, viz : Bleached and Brown Shirting and Eheetiogs Giughamt, Stripts, Cbambtay Bed i n king, superior quality 3 - 4 and 4 - 4 Checks Diapers, Coarse Cloth for haging , Blue and black Broadclothi Mixed Canimeres, Sattinetts, Castinettt Pi iett Cloths, Beaverctlt, Wick Yarn . 3 cast a 'lute and col'd Cotton Threads, in huncliet, No. 14lo80 15 caiet white and col'd Cotton Ball, all tl - e and Not. , , ' ItOOO yd. Straw Braid ,, ,ti ta.pi:iKta - ' - - ,' . , ' A few hotel col'd Si i p ' . A constant toppiy or Cut Tack and craoter all tize 1 . 0 trunks men's Short Boott 10 do men's, women's aud children's leather and morocco slioet - 1 cast Straw Honnets ; Cloth Brushe letter Paper, Jtc. Countrv Trader and other, who porchate for rash, w ill Cnd it tor their intcrett to call before they make lliei' purchases. m rommisticn or tlurage. Csh adaMed oa c.onsigr.iuents. J zU aw THE GRAMMATICAL BAR. T MIE importance of a correct knowledge of Urammar. it too much ucunowieugeu io need coinrpent. T he tiutettltd and desultory manner, in whi h it it taught in common school, is highly exceptionable. To have arbitrary rule and definitions parrotlike committed to memory, leariu d and conned by rote withot comment or elucidation, is found to be generally void of utili ty ; for to long at the principle ot rule ar oi understood, they can never be applied to actual use. Under ttrcb imprersiuns and itfiuenced by a desire to promote to uteful a branch of education, - tbe subscriber proposes a remedial system, u the undertaking, they arc consciout oi no ouwr motive, than the promotion of a branch of knowl edge, which is an inditpentible pre requisites every other. The tubscribert anticipate many 1 obieclioi't to to complete a deviation from " i .... . . i ...... u..,.. t. . , nm nn. inn. inn. sanctioned at the most elicible : bet, to obviate them, tfiey ak a thwoiigh and caiiid investif t - lion of its principles. It it a dictum, that tritb - nut a knowledge of Uie reasons on wkich laws are made, no one can know the law. A coaviclioa of itt truth formed the mott powerful lnceutiveia the invention of the CraromaUcaf Bar, wnscucwi - veyt to the mind through the medio) ef the eye the re3ont, the whys, and th wnetefore. 1 o be thort, it employt the perceptive laculliei, the learner at qnirti a babit of aUentio, bit )uoge - ment it exercised, and be advances with ease and delight. The tnhtcrtoer have taken a convenient room in Fulton - ttreet, No. 129, where children, young ladiet and gentlemen y acquira nn,Mrl ! - n ir nt t . crlitK pMmnir IB tlXtT I l . I. - T . V .. p. V. U. fc p. - nourt. A coirect Knowledge oi parang ."""" . given to uew beginners; it not, no pay will "r, uuired. A new clat to Cf gin on weonsuj J. BROWN, Jon - E. D. CROSSFIELD. , N. B. Young gentlemen, who have beet) instructed in the thort term of sixty hour, presented for examination each day at So'cwcl, P. M. Scholars received and instructed t ajy . hour from 6 o'clock A. M. to 10 o'clock P - M I'ttnii nt tuition mailp tnuwn at the above I tinned room. J & M VVHUKLEAl:. G TON'S English White Lead, ground inu in 1 12, 56 and 1 15 lb. kegs. . 5 Ton dry do. do. for tale by ; TUCKER &LAUR1ES, julv 30 g9 South - street LINSEED 01L. - 5 hhdt. landing from tchf Maria, from Philadelphia, for sale by Jv20 4t CORNS. Pit BQ13 - fo.l.ti BO'lTLta. 150 tout ixol4't0,' 08 grow Wine Bottle, received by th'p( Niagara, from Greenock, for sale by ' , 8 RdlU'HT filLLESPId J20 112 rront stxeet S T. VINCfc - N V RUM. f PUNCHEONS fine flavoured and Hs XLr proof St. Vincent Rum, tor sale ky TUCKER Jc LALKltBs joly 20 J9 Sooth treet O I'. P. INDIA MAUttKA. EDWARD DUDLEY, SB5 Pearltt'J' W 2 pipet and 1 half Pipe old L. P . Madeira, of thclfcbratfd brands. IL M. which be offer tor tale. This Wine wat eHginalif fpKWV ttlrettd, od hat intt arrived ia the Essex J - from t:alcutta t thus beiag it tecoad Tyge connoisseur have adjudgej it hijalj uf' J'JOlw " - vw - o.ui, vi ncw - ocuiuru,iiiicii me clay lie, fi.r for Tatagonia the brig Mary, HowUn i of and from iVcw - Dedrbri, for Patironii j

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