The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa on March 18, 1937 · Page 25
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The Mason City Globe-Gazette from Mason City, Iowa · Page 25

Mason City, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 18, 1937
Page 25
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Page 25 article text (OCR)

MASON CITY GLOBE-GAZETTE, MARCH 18 · 1937 ROOM AND BOARD By GENE AHERN * i OH,PAP,AtABROSe!--THERE JSNT ^ MUCH WORK TO COMPLETE nr!-- i"v£ DONE THE PART THAT -REQUIRED SKILL! --ALL IT NEECS NOW IS A M6TA\- SHELL WITH WINDOWS AND tv DOOP,,THEM ITS READV TO FURNISH I-HAW. CANT "YOU SEE US BOUJNCb AUOM IN SNUG COMPORT TO THE GRAND CANYON OR ANVWHERE OUR FANCY CHOOSES? "fl "J \ HE EXPECTS ME TO SV. PIN1SH THIS,EH 1 ?. JS2 ^5.- SORRY, iUDE, BUT I CAtjTTAKfe TVf TRIP,' I'VE GOT AM OPTION ON A NICE PARK BENCH tiTOSUST NEEDS A BIT Of TOUCHING UP, MOOCH I -; THE OLD HOME TOWN By STANLEY VJHOA, JAKE,PULL OVER )M THE SI5ASS ANP SET UP SHOP RIGHT HERE II r_ COUNTY COG c TrtE OPPOKTUJgrrr OF MAKJN THE CATCH OF= THE -TEAR: VA/HM ACROSS THE. L//NIE TOD-A.Y ,»w - v s s \ \ X ^ """^ Doily Crossword Puzzle o 3 · ' · ·z\ . ·49 "30 -40 SZ. ·zz. 70 ACROSS 1--To rotate 35--Feet of rapidly as to animals cause to 37--What? an hum · expression 5--Ascend of Inquiry 11--A Hebrew 39--A narrow measure atrip of 13--A medley wood 14,--To wit 41--Encoun- 16--Two of a . tered kind 42--Slight tap IS--Law: aa 44--Frustrate . used In 46--Symbol for Latin radium phrases 47--Any open 10--Cleanse space 21--A clown 49--A'perambu- 23---Compass lator point (contr.) 21--One of the 51--An Irish Great Lakes poet and 26--Exhaust novelist 28-^Inform 52--A young 30--A nest hawk 33--Mourns DOWN 2--A call to 7--Unwell excite at- 8--Manner tention 9--A pugilist 3--A mlschlev- 10--Synony- ous child jnous 4--Fervor 12--Revel 6--Behold I 15--A kind 17--Destruction 20--A projecting wharf 22--A. short journey 25--A Jewish month 27--A town In Holland noted for a kind of cheese mouth water pitcher 32--Refund 34--Halt 36--To mark with an asterisk 38--A rodent with a cleft Up and long- ears 40--Employ 29--A single di- 43--A light, aft- viaion of a ernoon meal folded sheet 45--Place of paper 48--Near 31--A wide- 50--Mama Answer to jprevlous jpuz: The Want-Ad Page of the Globe-Gazette is read by thousands of people looking for bargains. If you have something to sell-try them today. PHONE 3800 and. ask for Classified Department. MUGGS and SKEETER ! VoU DoMf HAVE To Go To THE. POLICE By WALLY BISHOP! / WAIT 1- CoMT TeLL ME 11 x JUST GOT MVSEUF UOST'. 1 . X WAMTTo 5o Tt TUB PoLlCE: 3- |Q COPWtlGHT. 1937. CENTUM. PRESS ASSOCIATION LOOK! TWEYRE SWEUuTa T30WM -THERE". X OoT LOST LAS' WeeK U THEY LET ME WEAR A POLICE CAP..:N' BOUGHT ME ICE CREAM, · - GIMME -ffliS POLIC " ...BUT VbU WALK ARoUKiD \VfTT4 ME FOR. A UTTLe WHILE J 'Tll_ X GET LOST AKJD I'LL. HELP VA LOOK FOR IT !'. BRICK BRADFORD --Adrift In an Atom By William Ritt and Clarence Gray BIG SISTER Now"s the time to get the watch you've always wanted. Today yxz can buy a Hamilton for M Btrfe as $37.50. Or, if yo« wilL »« ranch as $1,500. Let w show you these fine watches today. LIVERGOOD BROS. · , ., ,,,,,-, THE PITCH DARKNESS BRICK LIES SILENTLY ON THE FLOOR, HIS · ONLY OfWNCE OF SURVIVING THE MAD SHOTS OF THE GUNMEN YOU RE COVERED FROM MANY POINTS.' DROP YOUR GUNS.' BRICK / ARE YOU ALL RIGHT? ALL RIGHT. McCAY-- THROW THE SWITCH.' I'M OX--UNLESS ONE OF THESE WILD MEN STUMBLES OVER ME By LES FORGRAVE VEH.eOT \MHERE VJEUE. VOU?VOHW KEPT vou oar OP ·K4E GAME r SO LOSJG ? COOT, I OOGHTNTT TELL, BOT YOU VOO CAKi'T HOD OlONVT A. MASiO v IT. CONAE COOT, HOD YJAS OP W. TO KEEP ME oar r \Mtvi VT . DOUBLE- CROSSING *. BUDDV, \Ne OUGHT TO UP Of^ THAT B\RD AMD- COOT 1 . OUSX IT TO ME ME.T UP! I PITY HOO \NUEM TUEV DO 1 - WAV TW ACT'LL MAKE ETTA KETT By PAUL ROBINSON YOUf2£ BAIEJCINS UP "WE TREE,OFFICER -THE CAR HASN'T f BEEN OUTOFTHE'QArzAGE.ANDMS J DAuGHTEiz HASN'T BEEN WHAT I CANT FIGURE OUT, is PHIL'S DAD YOU'RE CHAINED WITH RECKLESS DRIVING AND LEAVING THE SCENE OF AM ACCIDENT,--GET HftT AND COAT'" I ALWAYS I THOU6HT ME -^ HATED ME.* L --1 OOPS," THERE'S THE MISS KETT? JM WETIZACED VOUJZ. LICENCE", NUMBER. ."LETS KNOW MORE JOK6S A WAl^l2ANT fon. VOUI2. ABRE5TY 15 SO SVMEET, 7 I'M STILL LAUGHING, THE HOUSE ALL EMEN- HIGH PRESSURE PETE-And OFFICER 6% By GEORGE SWAN HOLUS,L. I. OICK MOB6RM MCOITT O'JTONWOIZ. INSPECTOR WADE Reiiilerei! V. 8. Fltnt O/!ic. By EDGAR WALLACE GOODIE/ FROM BEHIND/ WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING ? LOOK.' THEY'LL HAVE /~* THEY WILL THE PLANE -BEFORE J/«OT/ CtVE WE Cf\N GET THERE.'^/f THAT HORSE/

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